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  1. Is it possible the photo was not taken at Portsmouth, based on the awnings, dress of the figures in the foreground and shadows? Looks like somewhere warm, maybe Malta? I thought it might be Pelican post war with awnings. There are photos online of her post war with one mast and the black funnel band. However I think the photo of Derby Haven is more convincing. The proportions of the superstructure (unusual solid block running most of the length of the ship) and funnel seems right. Also the furthest aft part of the deckhouse on the quarterdeck is wider than the rest which creates a very distinctive shadowed area just in front of it, which is present in both photos.
  2. Lovely model! My grandad was on Kenya so great to see a Colony class cruiser. Great camouflage pattern too! James
  3. Wow those quad & octuple mountings 2pdr are tiny! Another good reference for the whole class is 'Arctic Destroyers' by G. G. Connell. Some details of my build are here: https://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,65010.0.html This is a long term project in 1/96, based on plans from the National Maritime Museum. It is based on a Deans Marine hull, but I'm now trying to scratch-build as much of the rest as I can. Things have stalled a bit with family & work commitments at the moment though. Hopefully the photos will help with your build! James
  4. Looks great Jeff - I'm also building Onslow at the moment. Good to see interest in her - always think the O's and P's are a bit under-rated, built with whatever was available but all the O's survived the war, the P's also involved in some great actions eg. HMS Petard capturing an enigma machine. Onslow was also involved on the raid on Vaagso earlier in the war, there is video footage of her passing through the straits during the attack available online. As you say the Tribals had more rake in the bow (clipper bow), the sheer also seems to start later on the O's (by the breakwater) and rise more sharply - more like the J class on which they were based. Looking forward to the build! James
  5. Thanks Richard that makes sense - I guess in 1938 there would have been much less chance to visit the ship than a model maker would do now. They may have been using black & white photos for reference!
  6. Could I ask what people's thoughts are on the 'builders model' of Hood in the Glasgow Museum, with the red antifouling? The HMS Hood website notes that it may have been built for an exhibition later. Also spotted these photos of HMS Jervis, which looks to be black, particularly on the undamaged side: https://imgur.com/gallery/89G9r (Maybe a separate thread is needed for collecting these examples, rather than hijacking the Hood one though) James
  7. Thanks Richard & Jamie for all this work! Apologies if this has been posted before but I noticed this model whilst looking for something else, showing Hood with a dark grey/black antifouling https://collections.museumsvictoria.com.au/items/393666 Built pre-1943 if the website is correct, I guess in Australia but the builder may have seen Hood when she visited? (though I don't think / know if she was ever drydocked there?) James
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