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  1. Is it too late to change your rotor brake? croppy A vague teardrop shape, it can be 'just made out' in one or two pictures I have in my Whirlystash but boy the photographers kept away from it like it was a plague year. I would carry on as you, brilliantly, are but on the 19th of August the date we should have been heading to Portsmouth for our ferry to Caen my son and I are going to visit Hendon instead. If there are any areas you would like me to photograph on their HAR10 put in a special order on the photo slip at the end of this missive. I will be attempting to release the secrets of the Whirlyrotorbrakedevice, for myself. And posterity, these things must be told. Other requests are also solicited folks.
  2. Well blimey. Somebody please remind me not to become a father* these days, much preferred the days when loving brutality didn't draw down the wrath of the United Nations Of Blamers And Associated Angry Folks. Spitfire looking like a Spitsfire should and sorry date night went askew PC (Bet it's your fault...)[tee shirts available] *to be honest that has already been covered
  3. Fabulous, then you can make the Sunday paper kiosks too. Will you be putting the bomb in the Market Hall?
  4. Mike maestro, what a wonderful project which has given me much pleasure and anticipation to read, when work on it becomes visible I will be alongside. The Golden Eagle, what a blooming ugly building but I remember it well, my owner Gwyn used to frequent their jazz nights in the sixties. Square black ceramic tile fascia all over, ugly but with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi possibly a slight sheen at this scale. A good job you decided to model the Swallow St, Hill St Navigation St section because if you had gone further into the tunnels on the bridge you might not have been able to stop 'til you reached the bottom of the Lickey Incline, down the left hole in the ground a few miles... Almost all of the brickwork was blue engineerings, with added soot. Inches of it. My dad would take me along Hill Street to the station side of the road on Sunday mornings where he could get his Scottish Sunday papers and I might get a comic from the magazine and newspaper kiosks that lined the road from Queens Drive to Navigation St, I know your spot quite well from a five year old's perspective. We lived nearby to Severn St.
  5. And so are we, telling you that you would still have had to go through these steps in order to make a master that you can vacuform from is entirely right. Personally I would just do it, I did on my little Airfix one. I love your elegant Elegoo adaptation of my "print the surrounds" suggestion, brilliant. There's me only going to print with paper. Pshaw! Nice door by the way.
  6. I don't suppose the retailer from whom this latest can of worms was obtained can be named here in a family show Tony, but if you can let me have the address off screen I would be in line to get a couple of cans in for my own nefariousnesses. The PX-7 might be readily found by spraying Tamiya Clear Red and Clear Orange over the metallic structure rather than just offering a straight body colour, it is after all a cludgy oversplash anyway. (If I hadn't recently discovered the clear Tamiya hues I would have been tempted to apply red felt tip pen ink over the actual model parts to get close to it. It is what I used for a similar substance on my Jaguar models a while back.) I wonder whether Ejection Seat triangles and other various service stencils were not actually transfers rather than painted on in BS-381C colours anyway, a perfect excuse to print your own as required.
  7. PS if you would like me to remove these images please say so but do not Quote them yourself or I won't be able to take them out. It's the way the software reacts, quotes stay as quoted, sorry. Bill
  8. Thank you kind sir, very useful information and accepted in good, high spirits. I have on occasion used that same technique but generally, whether for fun or serious posting I prefer using the site's own 'tools and equipment' As for posting images I have found postimg.cc to be an excellent photo site and it allows very fast linking from camera to site, often getting images out of my camera onto the post in a couple of minutes. And it is a free service at present. Welcome aboard, I am sure you are going to have fun and I reckon I will learn a lot about figure painting from your input. My own face painting is to put it mildy, lacking in skill, nay ability. Not a likeness huh? Jolyon here is probably the best face I have managed yet so I do want to see what you can show me Sorry if you thought I was to irreverent Psmith, maybe something I picked up from years of enjoying the works of Plum. Welcome
  9. Monkey learning to use tool I can use the pencil lines on the veteran (or is it vintage) Bud opener but I do need to find a way to use the tool to lay the slats from the same point. Doh!
  10. Oh oh............................................................................................................... . . .
  11. Toolmaking. Two workshop essentials combine to give me a construction jig for the seat slats. Pencil lines applied with an engineers square give me datum marks when needed, more seating is coming... Pass me that bottle.
  12. I wish, but... (Have you looked in to the Horse drawn hearse being built nearby to this thread, that is what I ought to be considering. I wonder how.)
  13. Youse guys says the sweetest things, but it is only finding the shapes and building them. Kids do it all day with Lego...
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