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  1. Thanks Willy, perfect (and the first in my collection) views of the defensive suite that attached to the ladder-like framing on the sides And a perfect example of the Colours Of Many Coats paintjobs. Acknowledgements to Dolly P for the new title
  2. As an ex-footslogger I will not comment further on excitable booty corporals I'm sure we've all known one or two...
  3. Just spotted this, after some subtle nudging Thanks Andy. Have you considered doing it again with a modern Airfix moulding, it's stunning
  4. Funny how my tablet threw out a yellow shade for the orange He did a wonderful job on that, pity about the execrable nose glazing It would be stunning with a realistic front end As it is it gets a WOW!
  5. Fabber than fab Jonny Love the mess of it all, cos its not a mess at all Fabbbbbuluss
  6. Did the Air Force know some beggar had been knicking bits of their jollychopter? Well now you've done it There's no way you can avoid making the Duck-billed Sea King now
  7. Joseph one plan rabbiting around in my head was to use the HC4 and add floats and things from the early 'mule' to complete a proper Sea King Then Airfix went and did it for me... Crisp, for shame Have you ever studied the Airfix SH-3 huh? S'not a proper one, the cockpit area was drawn by a clown back in the far and distant past Let her lie, being finally useful and relieved And yes, I do have the Junglie to play with in the paint shop one day
  8. Yep, noted and already in the paint plan from early on Jeff, straight demarcations along panel lines I have already prelightened the panel around the starboard door, I think we will be happy when she's done
  9. Rest assured Jeff, I may be out of my depth with this uber-weathering malarkey but I will do me bestest I just crazy fell for that patchwork effect Once I have finished plastering odd bits and bobs underneath it's hey-ho for the paint shop This afternoon I am entering into the scandalous art of masking over windscreen wipers I know I will be regretting not taking them off and polishing the screen flush... ohhh
  10. Yes looks identical Keith well tracked down it took mine a long time to float round the world, luckily I wasnt in a hurry I find it only marginally better than my trusty exacto razor saws which might be a thou or two thicker, depends what you need Fiver from London delivered next week, beats the slow boat if you really MUST have another set of delightful tools Ced
  11. Apart from the slight increase in price, what can we say B I N G O
  12. Sadly Crisp she had to donate her nose to a noble-r cause and on discussing it with the lady she agreed it was a worthwhile and noble deed to work towards a decent Naval Merlin And a good thing to add, if the missing nose ever turns up she can become a bagger as was her previous destiny
  13. On searching for that I can no longer access the supplier or the tool Sorry Ced, should have got it when I did I was building the Gannet at the time I believe Let you know if I find it again
  14. Thursday is always tools day Wanders off quietly whistling.........
  15. Nice Would you mind if i grabbed those please? I love them And look at the almost sky blue radome, classic