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  1. Vallejo 70.973 light sea grey and for variance Vallejo 70.907 pale grey blue hth
  2. The cowling rings could be red, like the centre spot in the roundel. I'm not ready to sit in judgement of the groundcrewmen tho'...
  3. Looks brilliant on her legs Tony, outstanding. It's been a while since Wopsie made her entrance but it looks like Light Admiralty Grey to me. No mixing colours help I am afraid but I do use Vallejo light blue grey for it, I think I mentioned the colours I used on my Sea Vixen thread but not easy to find on this pedestrian tablet.
  4. This. You forget, so easily forget, to feed the heart. So true Tony. Fabulous catch with the tail fins, oh yeah!
  5. Eastbourne wins, so do we because Fozzy will now be available for desperate detailing dashes in the night when our scratchbuilds fall apart, no doubt. The Spitfire looks as damned wonderful as I expected, with a damaged compressor mind you! Welcome home mate.
  6. Italeri really should have done better Beware the windows, the kit has huge architectural framing but Merlin doesn't. Depends how deeply you want to go, I usually go too far with this kit, there's another on the shelf next door ready to make into a Cormorant one day this or next year. This picture depicts some of the window work I did for my Norwegian Merlin, the ,real windows are flush fitting with thin neoprene seals which I used a decal to depict. Yes it did clean up better than this, phew.
  7. Speedey is probably right, I just opened the gazelle in my cupboard and this thing's seriously little. Anyway how about a down and dirty quick fix for the door? (Mine's canopy has not got yours's hole) I popped my errant door, yes it has a humungeous ejector mark, onto a blob of BluTak on top of an Airfix paint bottle And using a spare sliver of acetate from some old packaging or other and a penny tea light for warmth gently pull moulded a new door panel. This is only a quick pull for demonstration, a little more care will result in all the rivets and openable windows showing up as on the original. It has to be worth a try, no? Everybody must have discarded acetate packaging lying around, huh? Use thin stuff and you will be able to avoid hurting the kit moulding, don't get it too hot.
  8. St Malo yes? How was the ferry? Next year I am doing Poole Cherbourg again but I do fancy arriving in France in a different place for '24. 24 for the 24, sounds almost lyrical no? Ced I am one who hates, detests and sincerely dislikes masking, how about if I get my models for masking over to you so you can have more fun? The trip to France you undertook sounded marvellous, I hope to get Mrs P to travel there with me, I'd forgo the 24hrs if she did. Now, where was I? Oh yes packing a Hurricane and Hunter for a trip to Bathshire...
  9. Sausages High on my list of hateful tasks You have to turn chunks of Blu-tak* into smooth round sausage shaped roll things to us for camouflage masking and I hate the task Does anyone make masking rolls we can just pop to the shop or e-emporium and buy a batch? If not why not? Just thinking whilst I put off making sausages... *Other stuff is available in white
  10. I do use the "bored with this for a minute, where's another one?" technique but frankly I ought to grow up and concentrate. One at a time in future. For now.
  11. Aha, there they are awaiting sausages almost. A few paint corrections away from the dreaded sausages it seems. I went mad and bought a fresh bottle of Mr Colour Dark Earth, so that will cover* the Hurri and I must have a jar of Dark Sea Grey somewhere. *OK part cover the Hurricane, I know the rest needs green... Everyone's a cricket, critique, critic... I had a nidea for the wheel painting mechano-jig, How's this? Rotates in line and the Hart type wheel sits nicely in the bottom. One of the bubble packs from these. Try out later after my next non-coved jab today, B12 time.
  12. He does know, you know Johnny mate. Trouble I'm having learning basic CAD which he's having to sort out for me. Oh yes, he knows. Any road up I had a bit more of a think and came up with this. The green light suggests strongly that the wheel device was rotating, it was. The little platform mounted on top of the valve cap is centred on the hole in the middle, now I need to make location blanks for different sized wheels and then it's "hi unca Bob!" Side view of the platform in place. The device was rotating slowly (at record/playback speed) whilst I took the piccies. Seems to be viable once the position mark is followed up. Now, where's them blooming airyplanes?
  13. A low concentration chap in Streetly wouldn't mind knowing this either Johnny. A clue at least, please. It does look as if there is another for the camo 'plane, logical of course. Both look amazing. And I concur about multi-builds, I am taking a sabbatical from them when my poly-Hawkers build is done. I have eyes on a nother hellocopter.
  14. Make it seventeen and I might buy four left sided and three right sided ones off you
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