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  1. That was the conclusion I came to as well Ian so... I employed the old sellotape lift technique and began rectification Only the black wobblies to sort next the the MS Word produced serial block will go on Namely the middle strip, left end of the serial.
  2. Hi Stuart I set the paper to Epson photo, to take up the extra thickness of the decal paper Normally I set narrow margins at the top but haven't bothered this time round I let my Epson XP-21 summatorother set its own parameters normally and let the WP program loose, as is This time though on the set on top I asked Word to do a higher grade print on its first page of settings which automatically set photograph as its 'type' This made the black slightly denser and judging by the photos Andy gave us on pages two through fiveish might just be slightly over deep in tone Printing decals in Word I use insert to put in photos like the squirrels I modify any picture colours or additions in either Wordpro or MS Paint Give it a go I never do a first print on decal paper either, use A4 copy paper to check out the look of it and sizings Check first then spend the money next
  3. And in the Print Shop maturing The serials were prepared using RAF-PF-ATH font in MS Word and for comparison using OpenOffice Both look good and a decent 'blackness' is achieved in both using non-epson ink The other sheets carries a few squirrels colour backgrounded to assist laying on the camouflaged colour backgrounds Now for paint again, time to blow over the overspray
  4. These mysteries will of course be injection moulded and surface finished to a moderately reasonable degree too of course...
  5. They are aren't they I am dealing with that though, just printed ZA714 in a couple of sample sizes on clear dec film and when varnish coat two is dry I will be able to drop it on in perfect register Printer's heaven, perfect register Kerned proper too, proper job
  6. Contain away. Frequently Crisp's rheumy old eye misread that wonder of aeronautical rotarianship, the Belvedere for an as yet to my recollection unavailable 1/72 scale Beverley I fear that a Beverley in the gentleman's scale is to remain unforthcoming Unless I decide upon a new scratch built project Hmm, give me a year or so to think about it, did I read that the wings were common to another British icon? Or was that only the Belfast borrowing wings from the delightful Bristle Britannica? Who knows? Not I but I repeat, B E L V E D E R E . You saw it here first
  7. Always use Utterly Butterly whereupon no possible smearage of butter can contaminate painty surfaces (Thinks: is this a potential slogan for DairyCrest? Should I write to them offering my offering for a commercially viable fee?) ((I'll stop this here, it has echoes of the voice-over from my favourite tv show Soap))
  8. Thought this was OK More bl=== overspray and a distorted Z* *or 7... Back to the garage
  9. Undercarriage? Don't talk to me about undercarriage... A good job I have two Chinooks to cannibalise Say no more
  10. Ah well, as I do have the need there is nothing lost this time however thanks for looking Next time maybe huh I do actualy have a pair of (two pairs) the right diameter ones sitting here but they are Fujimi ones for a Harrrier GR3 and the red centres are Bright/ Post Office Red not the darker colour I want for MY model They look daft alongside the model
  11. Thanks Andy, not a worry Hannants will provide. I have been concerned(?) Yes concerned, at the absence of lo-viz roundels in my collection so I took advantage and ordered some as well as a refill of the black post war serials set On their way as soon as...
  12. It is going to have to come off anyway, there is an unwanted 'artifact' caught under the top arc Can you see it? So another search ensues Buggerit! Millennium shrimp! Fortytwo...
  13. Oh my we get a tough crowd in here lately don't we? OK off it came And its brother And a Walter from either 18 or 28 squadron lost his chance for life Modeldecals 95 gave up its red/blue tacticals Hmm not convinced the sacrifice was worth it, how about you? This is a best as it is going to get now though Daco later to dewrinkle the Sol surface things/artifacts
  14. They look a bit thin in the flash, not so bad in normal light If I can find some 'proper' ones these can come off but that won't help when it comes to the Seven Stars logo for 7 squadron which are in the kit decals
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