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  1. Later on, after dinner be OK Johnny? Today it was playtime, can you see what it is yet... ? Yup an attempt at pulling a blown window out of thin acetate Put a former hole into a closed box and add a small syringe to supply 'suck' Get a sheet of acetate hot and floppy (ooer Ced, where the heck are thee lad?) and drop onto the box's hole and pull air out via the syringe. And get these as the product Unfortunately I left air passages round the cut out (Because the idea was to reuse the cut out the other way round for the other side) so I ended up helping the syringe with a gentle finger over the hole as I pulled the syringe plunger out. I won't pretend to be upset because the job got done. I trimmed the sheets and ended up with a few (always prey for the floor monster, mine's a phoney plank floor but things still vanish) cut outs for the cockpit window/door devices. Mesh, mesh round the rotor gear shaft and wobblybludgering bits. Not quite as pretty yet as the actual mesh but I think we'll be OK with this. Not so OK the undercarriage. I am very unhappy with this droopy set up and new brass versions are under consideration thank yew! Yuck horrid. Now pi = a bendy bit of brass toobing, minus a dianogal wibble wotsit and add twenty degrees for luck. No of course you are absolutely correct, I am bebuggered with working out mathematics so I will just try, try and try again. 'Raging against the dying of the legs' as the Welsh Wordy Wizzard put it a while back. Where's my tube of brassy offcuts from the spark eroding factory works? Ah yes, got it...
  2. Droop stops to stop Crisp nagging Well OK that does not show droop stops but does describe the almost hopeless and feeble attempts I made at the job. Poor but look up there on the evergreen packet, three little t shapes which will be my last attempt on this model. This is it. This will go down into the paint shop for its coats of Medium Sea Grey , Dark Green and Black then I will mask up the tail rotor and get on with the next stumbling block. Namely the main undercart rear legs which give Whirly a very squatassed stance. In the mean time here is today's lack of progress shot Cabin access now provided Colin. Minor tidying of the Light Aircraft Grey edges will ensue, shout if I forget please. SIHRSC scars, They have to go dont they? Doh, they hardly show in plein aire but on a photograph WHAMMMMMMY Better to find that before I waste very expensive decal sheets on the model. Droop stops look OK though, phew. I do have to evaluate whether the little counter stop doofers need to go in there, with their little dayglo warnings. Probably going to have to aren't I Crisp? Just spotted the location point for the rear starboard cable of the underslung load gear is missing, that can be attacked too. Oh well, busy day again...
  3. I put a little Xtracrylics on the rotors, looks better even though we are still awaiting droop stops But found that just 'cos you could be happy, you shouldn't. I might be prepared to blame this on the window cleaner* but in fact I am just b-ddiddy clumsy. I have had one or two minor 'not bad' moments today though, do you remember me photocopying some mesh grids from my elderly Mecanorma catalogue? I got the first of many decals on the Whirly, two pieces of one of my 'grid mesh' decals were put to the test. Here on the back of the doghouse where the oil cooler intake sits Supposed to look like holes in the metal of the casing, gets my appro. And also under the nose sits a triangular mesh opening, a bit like this. The fin is back on with the assistance of twenty year old 5 minute epoxy, I expect it will fall off if the 'poxy is as bad as I expect. Ho hum I still have to knock out three droop stops for this and carry on with the Dragginfly's bits... *The window cleaner uses a pole and pipe and I prefer having the window shut before he nudges it shut with his pole. I heard him come through the gate and rose to reach the window handle and my overlapping stomach filled shirt rolled the model out of the 'front of bench danger zone', straight to the floor.
  4. Glad you like her boys, on with the motley. More rotor gear done today in tiny increments. Blade incidence horns added carved from a triangular plastic extrusion I picked up at the LMS on a whim, when sliced at an angle by my Swann-Morton chisel blade it took a decent curve and looks just right for the horn's curved? angle? Oh heck its shape. Atop the hb pencil in the foreground is the spider getting its legs and being kept safe in the process. When that dried it was time to marry the parts. And trim the rods. Next I needed to find a donor for the stationary spider, I know, that old bomb-looking thing will do. Could be a bomb, could be an auxiliary tank, but now it is part of my rotor head gear. That will suffice. You think? I do NOT intend adding the control pushrods, in this scale I think they will detract although I may manage to find a mesh to fill the spaces between the pushrod places. Next will be build the rear undercarriage leg assembly, not quite what Airfix gave us though. And droop stops... There's stuff to do.
  5. I am very pleased with the 'looking through a mesh darkly' effect on the nose, seems near enough just what I was looking for. Some of my masking was askew there so that is in for correction too. Quite pleased with the overall look of the beastie.
  6. So, there's green There's mistakes And there's results. Much rectification to do, green to be added where the masking made it too faded or ripped away layers as at the windscreen but basically no more than getting lines right again, this time in colour. The eyebrow windows have a savage amount of bleed though but a dab with acetate should cure that. The pilot and his oppo can have their doorways opened out too and I can get on with making the sliders for them. Cabin door is sitting downstairs awaiting a dab of Blutack to mask the upper corner to suit then it can go on as can the newly made front undercarriage and the adapted rear legs. Time to get on with the rotor gear too Then make the 225 sqn nose badge, two sabres imposed on a fouled anchor and begin decalling a Whirly.
  7. Thanks Giorgio, lots more to do before my droops get stopped. That circular plate needs thinning at its edge and I still have to mock up the cyclic and collective levers at the mucky end, then make a mesh cover so you can't see anything. Not an easy contraption.
  8. Dragonfly in cockpit fitting out bay yesterday Getting some oddball etch from the kit, nice yaw pedals tho'. And as you can tell Whirly is in the paint shop after the riggers fitted the tail boom foot. All the rest of this post is to show a little (very little) progress with the rotor head detail. Although Colin said the rotor head detail should not have the circular plate I cannot find RAF HAR10s without it, even the returned to flight HAR10 has the system so I had to bow to photographic judgement and make up a suitable imitation. And from below A circle of polycard, a ring cut from Aeroclub tube and three radial spokes of Slaters plastic strip, glue and add copious cyano then when dry file the radiussed clearance groove which allows the swash plate to clear the stationary spiders on the rotor head gear. This is where I am heading Yes Crisp, full droop stop spring fitting is intended I am off to give myself another hendilesson in Fusion, I intend nailing that beast to the wall. Hmm thinks...better add green to the Whirly too. Busy day, much to do.
  9. I love these almost magical updates Tony. Now trying to understand whether you are advocating using an old fashioned 3D printer or not? Re-tracing my steps I see you have a good reason for that. Top man.
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