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  1. Wiki suggests that Inkscape can export as a .cdr file but it does not look easy Maybe as a .pdf? Would that work for you I wonder or even .svg?
  2. perdu

    RAF Dragonfly HC.2

    So Your aunt and sailors huh Surely a Dragonfly of any ilk is grist, for chatter
  3. perdu

    RAF Dragonfly HC.2

    Never happen Said old git is far too old to mess with subjects that are screaming out loud for an etchy solution. Hence never going to happen
  4. perdu

    RAF Dragonfly HC.2

    I was about six or maybe seven Or eight FW Woolworth had a silver plastic run along helicopter on the toy counter, I wanted desperately but "Its too dear, dear" "Oh mommmmmm" was the standard SOP for that tactic but... Then in October it was a birthday present I hadn't expected Big silver plastic Dragonfly on wheels that you could wind up, get main rotors turning and run along the floor It was wonderful and I was oh so proud of it and mom and dad for getting it for me I pestered them to let me take it to school... Some big boys broke it and ran away. And that was where my passion for glueing plastic began Dad did a fine job of welding the broken plastic together because Mend-it glue wouldn't touch it My life has been spent in pursuit of the perfect Dragonfly glue ever since
  5. perdu

    The Revamped London RAF Museum

    I wish I hadn't started to read this because I also went to the shambles that is Hendon expecting at least something amazing for the 100 year's worth I got forced to walk a long way from the revamped car park to get in by the shop, no entry from car park to main hall unless you can sneak in through a staff gate I have new knees that have almost become time-expired and a 'bit of a bad back' Ouch A disorganised first hall, yes why no entrance to the (American Air Force) Hercules fuselage? Kids would love it But no Then into the Belfast truss hangars and excitedly awaiting the new stuff Where? Still an Army Auster hanging from the roof, then assorted American machines still Then after I made my way into the shadow of the Vulcan all I could see at the other end of the hall was Luftwaffe aircraft This is supposed to be a museum of Royal Air Force machines not half the Luftwaffe. You may guess I was very disappointed, doubt if I'll go again for quite a long time I'm not upset about paying for parking, get used to that at Cosford as a frequent user. ☺
  6. perdu

    RAF Dragonfly HC.2

    I'll have you know these are my finest reading specs But it still took IWM five minutes to decide to let me see it, clunky has it in my book My interpretations suggests the roundel is on the Dark Green area, anyone concur? Almost certain to be the emulsions used back then as Terry alludes Thanks James
  7. perdu

    RAF Dragonfly HC.2

    Who's complaining? Only modellers hoping to catch that result in miniature
  8. perdu

    RAF Dragonfly HC.2

    Is it just me or is the linking from IWM the clunkiest, least user friendly set up in Christldom? Not only does the camouflage in the above picture merge into the background... It successfully merges into the foreground too. The Dragonfly was my helicopter's first love as a kid, it still moves me back in time sixty years when I see one. Thinks: a new target for Telford! Hope you can get this sorted out Julien, needs doing proud it does.
  9. Neither of them is perfect but both are in the right condition to be tidied up nicely Just a couple of run ripples and the tailpipe junctions on the Matchbox one to tackle gently Cheers guys
  10. perdu

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Nah just being dumb I was thinking (wrongly of course) of the 'Lancaster engined nose' ones Big ungainly intake stuck way out into the wind unlike the smooth and handsome later ones, the V came to mind when I wrote wot I writ
  11. If it was only me, no contest
  12. I tried Appliance White Bubbly paint and fillers all over the shop I tried Tamiya White Ditto And ditto other brands so in the end I went for the Humbrol, it will be white for a while and after settling it will live in the display exhibits box with oh so many others If it yellows but stays shiny it'll do A model isn't JUST for Christmas tha knows
  13. *'ineck she is soooooo shiny If they needed somewhere to park it for a bit I would offer my garden, except it is bigger than my garden *Flipp...
  14. perdu

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Hmm Looks a bit pale to me Except, of course the little sharp bit at the bottom of THAT aerial which will be forever the residence of the blood of perdu Soddit!