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  1. Does my Hamiltonian heritage help me see why I keep doing this dumb stuff?
  2. Aha, the hole in the bottom... (notes to self...) I like the winch connectors, wish I had room on the side of mine!
  3. I can't see much in the way of likely horrors Steve, looking good Airwaves mesh? Am I missing something or is it simply unused stuff from a 'normal' Airwaves set? I had one of those machines in the post a while back Been useful but I have had problems centring the spinning cone dooberry Barrel looks amazing
  4. Bingo Good analysing I hope to get 'him' looking reasonably like Tommy but Arthur will be an easier fall back if necessary Not posting any more on this, ' cos it's just a little fun project I want finished by Sunday night to comply with a self-imposed 1 week build criterion I discussed Peakys with Tomo at club last Sunday, need him done by next one
  5. I get similar problems, not so much grey boxes but my two tablets are running some archaic Android from prehistory and the firmware will not let me go for a more modern version Damned annoying huh, I go into the about page and find the Android is a screen like a KitKat and even with developer priveleges that is where it stops Oh well, at least my phone is more uptodaste WIth a new opening screen that no longer gives me snippets of updated stuff
  6. Dark Slate Grey is definitely of the greener side of grey Heather has a perfect example there, nice one Heather, very nice Well wont it be nice to see the stately Sunnerland aloft with the Mighty Hunter huh (I'm in, 'tain't brown is it)
  7. But before that A fun hurry-up for our club beermat challenge Almost done
  8. Cheers John, I am kinda pondering changing the canopy but on the whole I might just let it fly as is I just had a whole new pack of PETg that I'd considered using a piece for a modified canopy but I will probably use it for a Belvedere canopy instead Appreciate your praise mate, thank you
  9. Well I love this model, simply about to run out of superlatives And its anything but brown Or green As the boys say Ced, best Ceddery yet I loved Conky, admired to the ultimumlove the Nimmy and Wacky was a delight but this one is simply the best W O W !
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