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  1. I am trying to remember to use this for pictures, or it'll be a waste of time and dosh buying the fernickety thing wunnit? As you can see I didnt use it for that shot Oh well never mind huh. You might have wondered why I used this picture Showing the myriad of greeblies that lie beneath of course My problem, OCD driven of course, is to decide where to stop, there is so much on there. I do tend to wobble don't I when I hold items, especially with my left hand I have to help the fork sometimes with the tip of the knife during dinner, so a little fine blur here is like the warm burr on the tongue of a well aged whisky I tell meself You can see the unadded rearmost greeblies on the photo of the airframe A pair of rear mounted forward looking spotlamps in fairings and four little black square efforts These and the prominent antennae will be where I draw the line. Then we can have a nice white fuselage to play with.
  2. Slimmed down viciously Then a bit more Then fitted out for a camera of which I have no dimensions, only optically guessed work as so often This will probably, OK maybe, look OK when fettling is done. As the divine Marlene used to say, "Evening each".
  3. Bugger Hope it isnt my fault although the way medical things are going this year it may well be Stay quiet and follow nursey's admonitions We can catch you later when you have owt to tell us Get well soon mate
  4. I think the 'inside' dimension looks close enough but I do intend slimming the outsides to remove the excess bulkiness.
  5. It looked about right to me too, shame I wrote it off with a careless gesture And a Swann-Morton number 2 Anyway there is another blank in my toolbox, in this case a bent chunk of eighty thou plastic card heat curved round a double thickness of Solero stick Should allow me this outcome I hope But without the risk of injudicious cutting the legs off Basic building block, like reinventing Lego purrups All good fun Not Lego though obvs. File a bit, carve a bit... And run a creep test Still a trifle up on what I want but close enough now for a little S-M no2 fettling That's enough for now, laters cha guys...
  6. Er thanks. Shall we play a game? "Does The Team Think" for imminent lock-down maybe, anyway up. I need to make this, no not the big white thing for which we have dimensions presumably estimated by Italeri?Revell but the small black doo-hickey. A multittalented optical device for which the name camera is possibly misnomer of this week. Its optics and other talents make it a fabulous piece of search divinery. But I dont know how big it is, I wonder if Ben knows? (Just an aside, I am into a production essay as we speaks) This little nightmare, bless it, is expected to provide a rather bizarre, organic looking bracket I am reasonably OK with the basic shape but the size is a bugbear and we all know this is where "scale-creep" begins. What do you think? Sorry for blurry but this was the only way I could get the basic image across Can I get away with this? Don't give up on me. I hope to get the screen turned round and the tripod in action for assistance purposes after brekkie.
  7. Paint? You want paint? Ok just a little bit, it's still greeblie time on the fuselage but there is a drop or two of paint here Sticky tape kept moving so this isn't a lot different to that Just needs a shiny end cap on the round doohickey on the end Laters guys
  8. I remember how irate Debs got at seeing the Cosford Herk parked with the blades at 45° not 90° Obviously 'autre temps autre moeur'
  9. I get it, the psychology of it all HE WANTS TO COME BACK REJOICING FROM THE EDGE OF UTTER DISASTER A sad sick boy he is, I bet when he retired he decided to become one of those weird model makers. Like me and [insert name here]
  10. I agree about that but the rest just looks wrong and yes I did tell Andrew* I disliked it a couple of years ago. I did try carving out the 'lattices' for my Sea Vixen but as usual scale creep did it's usual buggerbillup job and I ended up codging the whole damned thing on the model although I sorely wanted to get it right Sadly it just didn't work *Andrew is my mate Andrew Deeley, son of Ed of ED Models who owned Airwaves back in the day
  11. We had that a good long while back above Thirlmere. We'd been pottering about Coniston Water and were driving up to Keswick past Helvellyn and I had a mad urge to pop up Helvellyn, as you do, so we parked up at a lay-by and began a bit of a scramble over a bobwire fence and up a small rill. About fifty yards up Gwyn convinced me this was a dumb idea, she was right of course so we turned round and just as i passed her (to be underneath should she slip on the wet pebbles) we heard the roar of engines down along a quite misty Thirlmere. We saw her fin first as she tracked North and broke out of a very light clag just where we were, a lovely RAF C-130 storming north and what a sight that was. In defence of the crew it had been a sunny day and we'd seen the water clearly all along but as we got further north a mist closed in presumably spoiling a low level training flight. He did climb (He? Who knows it could have been a lady driver, we know one of those ourselves huh?) up and into the sun, gave us a great memory. Like your Herk does Tony, well done.
  12. I haven't got any 1.5mm metal rod but I do have a bit of 1.6mm plastic, hope you dont mind me messing around in your thread Saves me working in my own. Wondering about your query, how about embossing the holes ON the rod? This was embossed by rolling a diamond cut riffler across it. The paint smears were added to help the 'holes' show up. The usual perdu quality photographic assistance - not much! No better without the flash but maybe you see what I am trying to suggest The other end tried out a diamond cut riffler and the ordinary flat needle file The red paint is not anything to do with oddball experimentation in Erin by the way, just a grade marker from the factory to tell the shop how much to rob me of. Red isn't cheap. I am.
  13. Sexperimentation huh Let me think… No, a little longer please. Water please nurse, yes over him, thanks So we will be seeing an etch sheet, yes? No? Fold mechanism lattice? Will that be the one in the middle on the fold 'folder' ram hinge or the ones left and right of that with the cast effect that operate the down locking mechanisms? I was almost driven to learn how to etch my own bits for that task, but getting that cast, ribbed look frightened me. I think I would have been prepared to sacrifice sev a few maybe one virgin(s) to have them available because the Airwaves set looked too stilted to me for that vital task. Loving how it is all coming back to principles of modelling. Not entirely loving' the other stuff'. I'm nowhere near Ireland to assist.
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