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  1. perdu

    Listening to the Solstice

    "Inspiring of awe" Might not be a quote but dammit it ought to be How bad am I to want to watch you build that nacelle floor with the undercarriage bracket built in
  2. perdu

    C Scale - have they been and gone?

    Indeed they did Selwyn When Andrew heard I was going to do my Wasp he offered to search his bits and pieces box to find one for me, good blokes those Deeleys I must say I do miss my trips to Stratford Rd for a long drawn out natter
  3. Ah me... I regret that today, being dry Saturday you will have to drink without me However please arrange for your drinks to go on my tab, I'll settle up laters Lanc Tommo, how goes it?
  4. perdu

    C Scale - have they been and gone?

    As far as I know he sold the 'rights' when he sold the business. I'm sure there must be mileage in some of those, Big H keeps up a steady flow of Airwaves stuff after all (Must be worth their while too, I've just bought one of their new stock Whirlwind interior set)
  5. perdu

    C Scale - have they been and gone?

    I've just been looking at that list Category A Look and weep
  6. perdu

    C Scale - have they been and gone?

    It was a product supplied by Ed Deeley from ED Models back in the eighties I remember building his Black Buck set to allow him to hang the Airfix Vulcan up in the shop with the latest gear It had the Shrike missiles and the special carriers for underwing loads I recall talk too of a Vulcan refuelling gear set, all those glories gone now I wish I could talk him into restarting some of those items although many of his stock items are now sold by Hannants Might be worth asking the Big Yellow H if they have a line on the C scale stuff
  7. And what do you think I think? Haven't you done it yet? Dohhhh....
  8. Nicely fitting fusehullage Doh I see what you mean I have the pilot's notes cockpit pictures somewhere but I suppose you wont need 'em now Should have thunk about that before, sorry The boundary layer fence looks the bizz in there, very effective
  9. perdu


    Well that is it, way too late now but no worries We've got your back Hi and welcome
  10. That is good enough for me Crisp, we waited long enough to get you into suitable employment I think we can hang fire whilst you tackle the day job's needs Sounds as if the sensible way is the way of the ----WAFU As for the etch as legs, in miniscular scale it should be OK with perhaps a skin of cyano to add 'stiff', I am well prepared to trust the man who knows about these things
  11. I would consider using a pin or better still a piece of Albion Alloys thinnest rod or tube from their slide fit set to make the diagonal shock absorbers instead of chancing it with etch But if as you say Peter is an ex Wasp man I would expect he's already got that taped Looking superb as she is already By the (possibly very boring) way, any date for resumption of the Queen of the skies build? Cake? Eat it? Natch baby, natch...
  12. Phew Alan its a good job you didn't put that link anywhere @CedB could get his hands on it, we'd never get him out of there Tool heaven huh So does all this mean I need to find Windex now? Best get scouring the 'bay then for the ammonia d version... But that'll be after painting this morn' after breakfast As far as I can tell H the Mr paint I have is the water sollyble acrylic, we'll have to see Laters guys
  13. A mate of mine owns one of those Accuracy Arms thingys and keeps asking me to join him on a Sunday trip to the range I had my first prescription glasses last Friday and now I can actually see things, over there, I might take him up on his invitation I didnt like to even think about it before Hmm...
  14. Ill tell you what, for tinyscale that little Wopse is a marvel Mind you I think it would be a candidate for me trying out casting a copy from clear resin, it would be an ideal candidate for a see through look Love seeing Dido develop Crisp Oh yes the pictures do seem a lot clearer, the resin kinda hid its detail with the old camera here it shows up the subtle colour and shape changes nicely Lucky fall skipper