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  1. Looks like Sellotape being used to reduce the changes in width potentially likely whilst scribing. Steve do tell all please.
  2. If I could spell stupendous, believe me Tony I would be spelling it out loud at this beautiful model Sea Vixen. I could never find any pictures of the fin-top lights with coloured lenses either... Marvellous mate, blimming marvellous.
  3. Oh by the way, remember discussing the roof colour? Try this one for an accurate picture of wotitlookslike Not dark blue huh?
  4. I did just that a couple of years ago, then had endless fun driving around just missing people with myopia. I understand the rules are 'the closer you get without crushing the Lancaster they just bought, the more points are attributed' Hours of fun and no driving test.
  5. To return to the topic of Nimbus colouring may I add that when I was building the Wasp I was told in no uncertain manner that Naval Helicopters would NOT have dirty burnt engines like 'other operator's' engines. And indeed from looking at scores of photos it looks as if my correspondent is right. I made my Wasp Nimbus with burnt on exhaust staining, but lo' naval ones have definitely been under the pusser's eye and usually have metal coloured jetpipes.
  6. Looks great and the result of good proper research. I like it.
  7. Not THIS time Mike, I prefer letting 'the lad who knows about these things' do it.
  8. Borneo Boys is one of those "Ooh I didnt know THAT!" books. As a kid I grew up knowing about Sukharno and the Confrontation but it was never more than an over the horizon business, hardly even heard of in the general news of the day a kid might see and contend with. The book told me so much more than I'd realised, and fancy reading that RAF officers were off in the ulu with little oversight. Classy, they must have thought they'd joined the Regiment un-noticed. Anyway the book has me thinking in terms of modelling some of the Confrontation Air Force and this is it, number two. Belvedere done already see. Anyway, I digressed sorry, here is where I am. I have to get on with closing up the fuselage, so seats to be built. This is the start of the starboard seats that even a contortionist will not get inside. Silver frame with a paper seat strip, blue but in real life away from flash photography, darker. The cockpit centre console is begun but not yet finished. But the rear wall is close enough now Port wall fittings for possibly tomorrow but having had a biopsy today sitting still modelling is an issue too far for a day or so. When all is done I can close up and begin sticking other exciting stuff on...
  9. I can't see why not, it is a fine scenic route to Telford along the A road up to Swindon, then an easy meander along the plethora of high class Highways England tended superroutes. Up over Birdlip for one, teetering along a Malvern or two then a dash along-a-Mynd up towards Telfordshire. Fabulous ride in a rented goof buggy. hur hur
  10. Fingers crossed Crisp, you know it is possible to rent a buggy for the day, don't you? Looking forward to seeing you there.
  11. Gently sanding between each ribtape will remove some of the 'inyerface' of those lines A good basis for the job done successfully finish Johnty
  12. The pitfalls in building as Airfix's redesign crew remade it huh. Personally I am with Ian on the topic, yes some evidence of ribs is there but when standing I only see a touch of troughing. here is an Auster wing recovered and about to be nailed back onto the fuselage, some faint troughing but mostly just evidence of the rib tapes And redoping and covering the lower surface I am showing the Auster because I took a lot of care to get mine as 'right' as could be. Oops I think I am crossing the streams here...
  13. Don't forget the Italeri kit is a different kettle of bananas Tony, if you have the H-19B you have found the holy grail and basically will get a different set of tasks to mine. And a more accurate place from which to begin. I kept being gazumped on eBay before I gave in to the inevitable and used the Airfixerupper.
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