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  1. Ceiling job Ali, he probably will finish in about ten minutes... Looks fabulous Ced, proper job.
  2. In for the fun Ced Should you get in trouble with the green house I may just be able to help out If someone doesnt take at least one of them off my hands I may need to start growing 1/72 scale orchids in there
  3. Nice lathe ta Tony Now we have a grimace inducing image or two Very basic additions, thanks GGThin for the safe plastic handling qualities No odour means no discontent from the gaffer later so here we have some minor additions to the interior, basic shapes for backrest cushions and the chassis structure for the 'platform'. Alight with care please... The seat backs have been marked foir the positions of the buttons. Yes it seems they need to be buttoned upholstery so now I have to work out whether it will be fa
  4. I think the thaw is setting in, weak snow cover now on the north facing patio steps
  5. Feel free to have some of ours This one was nine o'clock this morning an hour after it started, twenty to four and it hasnt stopped except to get its breath back.
  6. Mea culpa Ced, I thought that was something everybody knew. Topside camo runs underneath a few inches (6 I think, I'd have to check) and the yellow marks on British props are four inches from the tip. All this sits in the memory from aeons back in history. The leading edges being painted underneath stops the 'plane showing light against a dark background if it is attacking you. Or me.
  7. Shocked at that Ced, got Gremlins in @ chez CedB? A good catch and an excellent save mate.
  8. This surely is the absolute minimum requirement for any project, artistic such as scratch building models or sculpting and drawing artwork, or physical such as building a city or putting in drains. Every time I begin a build I am mentally building a framework or structure the finished item sits in from the beginning, so for instance I have a head full of three window horse buses and an absolute need to take in other stuff to avoid becoming fixated. Then all I have to do is fill in the framework with the results. I would love to have been born with the number
  9. Undeserved praise really Craig, this, as is usual in my builds has been a massive consultation exercise. From Colin providing the raw materials all the way from the Dark Continent (I almost wrote condiment there, it must be approaching feeding time) and others like Tomo and Timmas, Heather and Tony and well the list goes on. Timmas gave me the BA logo that sits proudly on her tail, really is a combined team effort. Luckily for me I was offered the chance to 'lead', glad that you are enjoying our work. Next up, Sponson painting and fitment.
  10. Yeah, me too G. Proper handsome machine, the real Queen Of The Skies in fact. Mind you the next S-61N I build will definitely be from the Revell mouldings. This Airfix nose has been 'doing me in'!
  11. Let's see how the starboard side looks huh? Think that counts as nuff's enough for the doors and windies. Tidying up the white framework and the red under nose area nextest.
  12. Good idea Fozzy, stay safe and trust amazoon for tools'n'stuff. I have a starter kit Jet Provost I keep meaning to look into, just a bit too busy for now
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