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  1. Difficult call really, but do not forget these are being restored with longevity in mind. But a few yellow zinc chromate pieces would likely be under there anyway. Right to go for it.
  2. I bin studying the darned bits for many a month and neither does I... I began making the structure for the lower deck seating, more interesting bits Ced? As you can see an ill-advised foray into levelling with PPP has gone very awry, but. Getting there maybe. These crossbeams will all but vanish when the seat slats are in place, one side down. Clear Tamiya X-26 Oranging the white pieces and allowing oversplash to colour the under structure too. "There's Orangey"
  3. I do not think there is enough tonal difference on those inner parts to say one was yellow chromate and the other interior green judging from the photo. You may be pushing a non-existent envelope by pursuing the yellow bits. More wartime pictures are needed before you commit totally methinks. I love the concept for this one.
  4. Better than decent beginnings, I'm over by the bar, can I get you one?
  5. Oops. Tony I may have a few sixties style Britfigures if you want, I will search the boxes in the morning.
  6. I have said it before so... I wont. fabulous modelling Giorgio, a perfect example of all I just can never do Admiration overload Skills overload too Just astonishing model making G, thanks for the journey pal.
  7. Blimey. And zounds. And bless me soul. And don't they look very nice, too.
  8. Not, I suggest lost, more a fresh opportunity grasped and enjoyed. The models can wait and reality grasped, an enviable use of time Ced. Keep it up Nice wood too, by the way.
  9. Oh yes, now I think it really should be. As well as the usual infinitely brilliant General Melchett modelmakery and bunter. Er did I really say Bunter? Expecting a Baldrick to raise his bespotted little face over the parapet but Bunter has arrived out of left field whatever that means* Mind if I tuck in at the back and tidy up the inevitable spills when Darling remembers he was supposed to get the bus home from the Front, again? * As this is unchartable territory for me expect all sorts of cod-americanisms from ba
  10. Good innit? You know, open a box. Examine contents and begin sifting through the pieces, noting the nice bits and preparing to attack the baddies. And then begin making a model, adding sublime mods along the scented way, petals strewn around you, as we begin our customary slide into gob-smacked-ness. Good innit? This already is...
  11. SOP these days I regret to say W O W ! (Colour extra as befits this magnificent foray into future model making...)
  12. W O W ! I think I am using my entire annual allowance of WOWs round here Absolute mastery of the regime.
  13. I am not into German aeroplanes I am into your Picchiatello Have a wow with extra sprinkles Giorgio, she's lovely.
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