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  1. "This is how I see my future..." You could be out on the moors It could be blowing a storm Hurricanes and blizzards And you bemoan the chance to perform the miracles induced by our mutual hobby? Tsssk
  2. perdu

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    If/when I send you the kit this might make a perfect opportunity to do alchemy You would only need one to make two.......... Many PM your postal medeario
  3. perdu


    I must admit, after we were discussing the "Postimage.org" affair I couldn't find a donate button whereas I was sure I used to see one Then a casual glance along 'that line' gave me a little glimpse of a kinda PayPal logo So I found my way in and gave already Keep up the great work Mike and co
  4. No comment That will work Simples... Beginning to interest me strangely BL+++y russkis
  5. perdu

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    By an odd (very odd) coincidence I have the dual Spitfire and V1 kit available for new ownership You just found one
  6. Ah me That clicky feeling oh yes,I remember it well But seriously, it does look rather good so dont kid yourself aint much YOU need to learn thumbsup2:
  7. OK, this afternoon this arrived A question for Crisp Is it OK if I separate each section to make the casts? Another Do you want any copies too? Yet againly Do you need the 'e!evator?' cast too? I'll get on with this !ater, once the answer is in.
  8. You're getting the hang of this nicely I also commend Bill's advice on tube glue, he has to be right on that Wobbly wriggle room advised Also clips clamps and grippy things It is looking very much a top jolly jobby
  9. What's doing what against who? That tip on the fin is great fun isnt it
  10. A great explanation again Crisp, we are all learning so much in here thanks And a great picture of Hermes trying to take off too Most of those Buccaneers on Ark seem to be ready to top up the others, one slipper tank and a buddy pack on at least three of them The red FRBs on Wasp have those ring latches too, there must have been a kind of shop-window blind latch to unlatch them and get it dismantled Thanks for the explanations
  11. Well they obviously didn't mould the struts in Russia Ced I get the impression there's nothing on a Hind that could possibly bend under stress Your strut looks good to me, yup Ced welcome to the merry world of wobblechoptery Go get 'em cowboy... Ah Well, you know what I mean...
  12. Ah another thought, that yellow tag Tail wheel position lock? Stop it wobbling about when deck handling? Where is it stowed normally? On the cab or in a store room near the flight deck?
  13. I often saw the 'Apocryphal Forth Road Bridge' pieces thrown inside the centre fuselage of XR525 when I was doing the research for my HC2 Wessex It was in a partially assembled condition, prior to its becoming part of the Cosford's Museum display This leads me to ask, for reference you understand, how partially disassembled would these FRB pieces be at sea? Did it come as a part assembled set of bits? I'm imagining a diorama scenario here with little sailor chaps pushing, pulling and plugging in How many men to each cab's framing?
  14. Thanks for clarifying PA, makes so much more sense to me now, I use stuporgoo for line filling too these days although I took ages to give it a crack For that I like it very much, just used on the wing joints on my Frogski Buccaneer Jackman I am quite crude when attacking it at first, often within half an hour if it has activated itself Usually using a flat faced needle file to crack the outer layer, then I find that car bodywork repairs 'Production Paper' abrasive work nicely You do need to get the residual dust off the model later as it contains silicones which are a bad thing, for paint PA I really love the way you are insisting on accuracy taking over the Matchbox plastic, really classic model making I'm really loving this