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  1. I found it very easy, after all I had nothing to do but lie there young and handsome. Of course, I didn't manage that being, at the time, young but not. Take it easy, you will soon be fine. Possibly fine-r than before.
  2. Hmmm Very interesting, am I seeing the right things here as it is fascinating me? You seem to have built and finished the i.c. motor to use in here even though there aren't wheels, wouldn't it be better improvising an anti grav unit instead of having belts and pulleys, maybe tucked in behind the Gundam intake area using the sump area of the power unit. Obviously a coppery device behind a honeycomb mesh screen is screaming out to be inserted... Kidding - a bit, but with all the excellent outside paint I just don't see belt driven cams. I am loving the concept, planning on the hoof and brilliant painting. Expect me hanging around at the back, I expect Alain has a few lovely beers to sample there.
  3. You missed the Bear Grylls style, long distance forced yomping dragging poor Fiona behind him.
  4. But, but wouldn't it be incumbent upon such freebie recipients to help reimburse him for raw materials processed, energy charges and sundries consumed? Oh and personal time lost from one's invaluable available modelling time...
  5. I don't blame you, not wanting to get commercial with its occasional pitfalls. I suppose I will have to make one of my own to mould in plasticine with clear resin. I love that stuff, even if it does dry slightly sticky.
  6. I dont know why I miss looking in RFI but I really have to apologise for missing this delightful Aston, Dave. As always with your models the finish is immaculate, it's lovely.
  7. D'ye know what Steve? These could be part of your "It's For Sale" range. As far as I can make out every modern (ish maybe) RAF machine needs these top and bottom and fettling them alike in pairs is an awkward, fiddly job. What we'd need is a sprure* of these waiting to be lifted off their supports and Gator Gripped to the spot, so you should sell them, four at a time maybe. I'd buy a bunch for the GR5 Harrier for example, two bits of vaguely tri angular sticky out bits on the fuselage could swiftly lobbed off with a No11A. It would make cleaning of after sticking together if I could just wipe the joins clear... *portmanteau for Sprue and Resin
  8. Terry was asking This isn't going to be a big deal build within the Hawker set but I am doing a little bit on the GR5. Just using the kit's I.P And a gismo'd cockpit tub. Throttle and nozzle control. The lower auxiliary intake flaps are normally shut unless some air movement pushes them against their springs, the Airfix intakes need modifying to close them and I might put a little emphasis on the upper, open ones with my little whiffling chisels. That's tomorrow's game, tonight is Germany v Costa Rica. Adios
  9. Me, I do. Loving these resin-ny bits coming out of the Fusion jungle If you find you do need Airfix Hawk bits I seem to have a profusion of early versions if you need any.
  10. Kids are designed to have cuts, knocks and occasional batterings. Please try not to dwell on that.
  11. Fiddling these figures I have had a play this afternoon Some of the painting done, more to do. The image from the box. There aren't any instructions inside, you have to work out how to make the bits go to the right places, all you get is this on the box. Parts call out, where they go and what paints can do the job all on the box. Any road up, I've got a second half to watch!
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