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  1. Certain to have been one-way. But we had the men who would have done it. Respect to them, all of them.
  2. Best canopy a la Ced yet methinks. Clean and very sharp edges, job's a good 'un fellow me lad. Beautifully moulded Ced, you should make more and prepare a merchandising campaign.
  3. I love that Tele. I could never justify owning a Tele because I am just to arthritic to play it but when I was a kid my mates would zero in on a Strat or Gibson but for me I always headed straight for a 'caster in Jack Woodroffe's music shop in Brum.
  4. OK OK already, I have gotten over being Hendied so life will carry on in here but a new thread almost got started... In a few weeks or so. A Revell S-61N (or L) is in the pipeline someplace but back a ways I need a better t.d. first, Alan's drawing shows the transmission deck area as moulded by Airfix but Revell mould it far smaller than Airfix on both versions I am reluctant to sacrifice my HC4 moulding for another S-61N too so for now a search for drawings will be first to deal with. So masking the Airfix canopy is today's little task Ciao
  5. You are doing very well here and in decent time considering you have so many time wasting projects to manage too May I suggest you look at how long mine took. Sep 17 2016 to Nov 22 2017 You really are doing very well considering all those parasite projects that creep up on us unexpectedly I like the tail rotor gearbox, blooming super You may want to set it a little closer to the tail fairing, there isn't a generous amount of space for it back there Anyway, looking good
  6. Is it another way of spelling Olive Green, shortened?
  7. Scuttles? We love scuttles a la Crisp, bring 'em on.
  8. They will be easy of course Ish ish ish Now we have the method of art imitating mesh Ish
  9. I think I see the grill where posited by the destructions on this one too But my real reason for posting it is as a statement of intent I love this one, obviously having had a radar nose removed but not going to the wasted expense of fitting a new front window Having hugely bulgy windows all over it, another photo shows a pair of bulges up front and another pair back down the cabin plus magnificently ungainly legs This S-61N (whatever) needs making soon...
  10. All good stuff, but inconclusive, I do have pictures of the grill in the background of shots but for some reason nobody seems interested in picturing the working bits at the back I am seeking decent references for the tail hinges and stiffeners I am unhappy with many of the grills for the engine ends of the model and might just decide to use grill decals for them instead of excavating the thickest plastic Airfix ever put on a model in my own personal experience, to fit on mostly wrong shaped grills anyway
  11. I kinda beg to differ Andy mate All my very meagre references to the tail area show the grill there vis: This is the much and unnecessarily reviled Airwaves set for the Sea Kings from which it is possible to make disclaiming notions because S-61N is not a Sea king as defined on the bag but I offer reference two: This is my other/only other reference to the tail end and was found during an internet search which may be from someone's pride and joy model I believe this was a set of instructions for a S-61N and willingly acknowledge to whoever owns it their rights Whichever it is it clearly discusses the grill under the tailplane Colin as long as you are happy with what is coming out of my cack-handed efforts I am happy sir Does this mean that the collective wants me hacking holes in the front of the engine housing for grills to be attached? Therefore I will begin (Andy I do still have other grills for the other side, not yet decided if it's worth bothering)
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