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  1. From the words in the book Rotodyne was quite an easy bird to fly, captain in the right seat like any whizzydoofer. I'm really thinking seriously about it, the book is truly inspirational.
  2. Neil you asked if it was worth having the book. Not half mate I've been reading it since it arrived, is a great read, if a little sad when reading of the demise of the Rotodyne. Great coverage of the Z type planned for the thwarted future too
  3. Well we all saw that no? Well it kinda confirmed a memory from a while back. Das don't work, for me the way I work... It fell off, hit the floor and shattered So now let's try plasticene... Who knows? I'm only doing to cast from it, which worked for my Wessex HAS3 Another type of modelling clay ordered, just in case...
  4. Neil to get the .png it is simple, just right click over the image and copy and save to your hard drive. You already have the .png as a file. If you open a new message in Word and enter an image from your files, when it's in you can select a size to print it.
  5. My Rotodyne book arrived yesterday, a read before club today beckons. Oh the life of the retired gent huh? The LMS has the Rotodyne at £18.99, still pondering
  6. Hi Neil, just a thought (very rare, let's cherish them!) when I deeply into my S-61N build @Timmas helped me with the search for the actual BA font in use on the Red Tail scheme. He kindly produced its name (Plantin) then gave me a .png image that I could then open in MS Word and make to the size I needed but importing it as an image file and resizing it, it was invaluable to my then efforts and as it's for the scheme here why don't I give it on to you. Yertez. Obviously import this image into a drawing package if you need to make either the red or the blue match the colours you use on the 'dyne. I adjusted the blue to be a bit darker when I matched it to the Tamiya X-3 Blue I was painting the upper works in, it looks as if I could have gone even darker but I was happy enough with the effect. Apologies for the shifted pitot on the photo.
  7. Well thats a fiver I wont see again, now to work out how to use it. Doesnt seem willing to be added to in service so I might have to fit a big block then carve it back to shape. Lots to learn.
  8. The book, ordered... Do I detect the long, slippery slope to inevitability? And if so where did you source the railway carriage interior which will surely become the staple diet for future 1/72 scale airline seating?
  9. It was quite intense working on the busted nose Lynx but in the background there is still this one But problems rear their interesting little heads here too I own three Airfix Lynx kits, one of which is the designated repair patch baby since the Army And Navy ones I'm working have been severely 'tested' by their previous owner, needing at least a complete rotor head to make up a pair of workable (no silly, not working. I'm not that good a modeller) units, the original ones being mass disaster zones. But I have lost the green plastic engine efflux panel at the rear of the upper housing. "OK no worries use the spare grey one. OK but wait, where is the efflux piece for that one? I dont know didn't you see it in that bag? I thought I did but stay, where is that bag?" Turns out that the missing piece has now become two missing identical pieces, thank assorted deities I managed to fit the piece to the Falklands baby before I was burglarised... So there I was considering making a resin one from UV resin when this happened Something Missing? Yes I managed to destroy the port U/C skid, two nasty pieces.... Does anyone make an upperdeck part for a SuperLynx? Wheeled U/C might be an answer https://i.postimg.cc/tCwG17v5/17080137759375976281901452144381.jpg Kinda cool huh? thinking cap on
  10. Oh well done JN (JN Junior Nicho..) I'm liking the new judging plan, seems to reward effort better than "Mine's better than yours 1... 2... 3..." And what Ali says, very deserving indeed.
  11. Time flies Neil... Those were Preiser figures for 'turn of the last century' Lovely things.
  12. No, that is how I felt once I got these for my project Made the job viable for me.
  13. This has to be one of my favourite aircraft, I built a Frog one as a COD4 a long time ago Do you mind if I sit at the back and reminisce please Colin
  14. I really , really wanted a GRRRR! emblem, but a grin, sickly, will have to suffice. Skyvan looks good in the red tail scheme. https://imgproc.airliners.net/photos/airliners/1/4/3/0579341.jpg?v=v40 Pic courtesy Airliners.net thanks
  15. Neil I would base my working on Dave's Flight picture that he entered before I'd see that as a valid way into modelling the ducts. There seems to be a faired in lip around the hole and, from the diagram then a slightly curved rectangular tube to the compressor Smoothed and contoured you wont get much trouble from it at the wing surface. I can almost see a thin lip of wine/[prosecco foil at the wing surface to make the job better. Hmm, to make the job better drink the wine too. (sitting next to a Sherpa, I can do that) I can see them together thanks, dammitt, Adrian. (Thinks) If leave it a week they might have sold it. 🤞
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