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  1. I know it is 1/48, but Pe-2 models have come quite a way since Airfix's ancient offering. Excellent paint job; weathered but subtle.
  2. Wow. He looks so real any reasonable person would turn and run if they saw him.
  3. Natter

    Once more unto the breach

    Coming from you Oz that's high praise indeed - your builds aren't exactly shabby! Oh yeah - feel the pain. And the love ...
  4. Natter


    Just a quick update - I have completed the diorama; found here in RFI - Dioramas.
  5. Hello All, finally the Jagdpanther can take its place in the cabinet now it is part of a small diorama, or is it small enough to be a vignette? The Jagdpanther was completed earlier and shown in RFI - Armour here where I mentioned I was hoping to make it the centrepiece in a small diorama; well now I have done just that. The base is one of a pile I picked up from Just Bases' odds bin for 10p each at Telford. It is just MDF with a little bit of Teak stain to give it colour. The cobbles are thinly rolled paperclay with the cobbles added using a 1/48 stamp tool my (much) better half uses for her dolls' house stuff. The pavement is just scribed plasticard and the walls are adapted from the Matchbox kit base that came with the French tanks kit. I picked those bits up for pennies from a well known auction site. The rubble is, once again, from my (much) better half's collection of dolls' house stuff. Her stash is bigger than mine! The infantry are an SS machine gun team from Millicast I painted with Wermacht uniforms, the jackets being my attempt to replicate the late war splinter camo. Most of the paint on the figures are vallejo model colours with an oil wash, all matted down with a couple of misted coats of Windsor and Newton Galleria matt varnish. The last photograph just to give an idea of its actual size, and I apologise for my poor photographic skills. Thank you for stopping by to look.
  6. I have the Vallejo Rust and Chipping book which features one of these, so I googled 'Hasegawa Vanship' for more information and found this. Words fail me (quite an unusual occurrence!) so insert as many superlatives as you wish. That much scratch detail 1/72 scale? Double wow.
  7. Being a cat person this would get my vote no matter what the rest of the model was like, but it really is quite lovely. Good photography would tend to highlight every tiny little fault, but there's nothing to fault there. I didn't even notice the engine covers until I read the commets; successful subtlety which is hard to achieve. Between this and your Phantom I'd say you have not lost your skills and I look forward to your future builds. Good luck getting your work photography back up and running too.
  8. Natter

    Tamiya Kawasaki H2R Trickstar

    Agreed; I get where you're coming from.
  9. A very nice build elevated further by the markings. Your son made a great choice.
  10. Natter


    Thank you all for the kind comments. Oh yes Lloyd - 20mm figures are something of a challenge, especially if you're daft enough to attempt something like the late war German comouflage uniforms. These days I have to use the thickest, most magnifying lenses on my optivisor but that's my own fault for building in braille scale.
  11. If that were mine I'd be 100% happy with it.
  12. Hi All, Revell's '1/72 Jagdpanther' is much more like 1/76 scale, but still builds quite nicely. Here is my interpretation of a late 1944 Jagdpanther, the crew waiting for a refuel before re-entering the fray. Hopefully it will become the centrepiece of a small diorama in the not too distant future - hopefully. Paints are a mix of Tamiya, Vallejo and Games Workshop. The figures are from Millicast I think, and I mixed up the uniforms a little. I seriously disliked the Revell link and length tracks, and I replaced the kit schurzen with thin plasticard plates. The towing cables are the kit eyes with the cables made from twisted copper wire, and I removed the tools from their kit frames and moved them to the rear deck as per the late model or field modified Jagdpanthers. While hunting the internet I found a photograph of a Jagdpanther which, although it was black and white, clearly showed one of the plates had a different camouflage pattern; presumably from another tank. I replicated this on the model. Just a quick update - the diorama can be found here in RFI - Dioramas 0001-JP front right 0002-JP rear right 0004-JP rear left 0002-JP left 0005-JP front left 0006-JP up front right 0006-JP up rear left Thank you for stopping to look.
  13. Natter

    Julien's 2018

    Nice builds as always Julien.
  14. Natter

    Libor's 1/72 scale flies...

    I was hoping you would post in the Yearbook - the usual collection of inspirational models in the one true scale.
  15. Errrr..... Wow?! Just insert a list of your favourite superlatives here, that is really quite special.