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  1. Natter

    Revell P-47M in black

    I believe that the Revell Ju87-G is an original Revell from back in 1975 - according to Scalemates.com. I have it in the stash for a time when I feel brave. I do understand your frustration with Revell kits, sometimes they are decent reboxes of other manufacturers kits (Fw-189, Meteor Mk4 ex MPM) and sometimes they are plain awful (He-219 ex Frog). I am anti Revell, but have some of their nicer kits and a couple of ex Matchbox kits for fun builds. Don't dismiss them all, just do a little research before buying Revell, set yourself the challenge - or stick the rubbish ones on evilbay!
  2. Lovely Mercedes, thank you.
  3. Natter

    Tamiya Lotus 78

    What a finish, what a model. Gorgeous. I am thankful that F1 cars are so much safer now, but they'll never be as beautiful as they were back then.
  4. That looks really nice. Any more photos?
  5. Natter

    Nikki's Katana

    That's a really kool Kat.
  6. OMG - Damien! I have some seriously fond memories of that cab from Ballykelly days. Underslung and swinging under a Chinook so badly we thought they would have to cut it away, but they brought it back. 28 year flashbacks.
  7. Natter

    MiG-25PDS 1/48 Kitty Hawk

    Your Foxbat looks 'ard. Well 'ard, and loaded for bear.
  8. Natter

    Eduard 1/72 JRS-1 'The Boat'

    Like. Yes, like very much indeed.
  9. Natter

    Hasegawa 1:24 Willys Jeep MB

    This brings back memories of all those times i pushed a trolleyacc across a dispersal. Sometimes warm and sunny, most times lashing down and blowing a hooley.
  10. Natter

    Knocked Out Stug IV; Italy.

    The Stug is pretty good, but those figures are superb.
  11. Natter

    Dornier Do-X

    Good morning All, I am still working on this one and it will be done in time. Hopefully I will get some time this weekend to make a bit more progress. Fill, sand, fill, sand repeat doesn't make for interesting photos so I will post more when there is something worth seeing!
  12. For a 70's kit it scrubs up well in a pair of capable hands, even second time around.
  13. Your models are always worth a look or two. You do things with a hairy stick that make us amateur air brushers look like the poor relations. Great Liberator.
  14. Constructive criticsm? Are you kidding? It's lovely.