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  1. That is very impressive, with some nice personal improvements. Like many I remember hopping on and off the Routemasters going to and from the East End; the 5, the 15, the 23 or the 40 would take me where I wanted to be. Happy days.
  2. MRE - not quite 'Meal; Ready to Eat', rather 'Motor; Ready to Enjoy'.
  3. And I thought old Airfix kits were a challenge. Respect brother.
  4. Errr... Really? They're the 1/72 Airfix offerings? Wow. They're really good, with quite a bit of scratch work by the looks of it. How did you keep them from being tail-sitters?
  5. How to turn an older mould kit in to a modern masterpiece. Superb.
  6. The Wellesley looks great in the desert livery. Thank you for sharing the build.
  7. Hi All, Despite efforts to fight back with this one I have made little progress, allowing myself to be distracted by some rebuilding work on my Series 3 Landy. So far this is where I am at. The undercarriage doors are very thick on the model, some where in the region of six to seven inches thick if scaled up. I have done a bit of crash moulding before to produce small intake scoops, so gave it a go for the u/c doors. After a few botched attempts I had some reasonable success. The new doors' thickness is much better than the original now.
  8. Just slightly better than the venerable offering from Heller. As already noted, the 'black' finish is really good.
  9. Twenty for the year? Holy moly. If it were quantity over quality then that would be understandable, but their all great models. The '88 follows on with that excellent build quality.
  10. I know it's only dry fit, but the front brake linkage is below the front axle. You have the left and right front brake plates transposed in the photo above.
  11. And that is what modelling is supposed to be all about. Cracking result from your fun.
  12. Braille scale armour can be quite challenging, and you have a great model there.
  13. I have had some bits and pieces from them with no problems at all; though I must admit not in the last couple of years.
  14. P - reg. 1976? The Bedford box van, old Transit, Capri and - lord save us - a Metro in the background. Brilliant, brilliant model.
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