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  1. There were so many of these on the roads back in the day, 1.1s or 1.3s, Really, really good to see one modelled, and better in the pale blue than Ford's oh-so-70's beige. PS - love that Scirocco.
  2. Super model. Freehand mottle? Wow, and double wow.
  3. I see Roman Schilhart and think 'this will probably be a nice model', then I open the page to see the photos and it really is. Lovely build, lovely finish.
  4. This is a modelling site. It's no good putting up pictures of your well kept classic and trying to pass it off as a model, we can see through that trick.
  5. Mmmm... you have set the bar seriously high for those who have either the older or the newer release waiting to be built.
  6. You have the patience of a saint painting all those bombs the same-ish colours, and evertything else is spot on. As far as vignettes go that is brilliant. Sorry I have to say that again; that is brilliant.
  7. Hopefully my little Land Rover rebuild will be well on it's way by mid-May so I can start into this nice and early. Believe it or not I got this... from a well known auction site for only £2:41! The seller must have been spitting feathers for not starting at a higher price and for some reason no one was bidding. It's not quite a Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire for £4:50 but I don't think it is in the spirit of the GB, so... This is a small selection of the dozen or so kits I have picked up from the same auction site over the years for 99p, from back in the days whe
  8. There are lots of posts of well built Eduard models that don't look as good as yours, mega build.
  9. I look at completed Airfix Gladiators and think 'that's nice'. Then one like yours comes along and makes me stop and really look. Sweeet.
  10. 1/43? Seriously? It's not just the black that is gorgeous; the whole model is excellent.
  11. While the AMS modellers among us (we know who we are) reach for the resin, etch and aftermarket decals, you turn out a simply gorgeous Comet by simple good model building and painting. Wonderful.
  12. Great way of dealing with the mid-life crisis!
  13. You're a hard self-critic, that's a really good NMF on a really good looking model.
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