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  1. That's a little cracker. The weathering is very nice, no heavy pre or post shading, just the right amount of 'used'.
  2. Great build. Twas a sad day indeed when the UK Harrier fleet was withdrawn.
  3. No doubt one of the best looking aeroplanes full stop. Modelled the same way, gorgeous.
  4. Loving this WiP. I have been dithering about whether or not to get one of these kits, I must have twenty or so unbuilt bike models in the stash already, and your build is chipping away at resolve not to buy one. Resistance... is... futile.......
  5. Not sure what I like the best, the model, the stand or the handwriting. They're all perfect.
  6. A brave soul indeed for building this model, and even more so for building a 'collectable' edition - and rather nicely at that.
  7. Magilligan, now there's a name from my past. One of the few places where you can look North and see South. The amazing beach and Benevenagh overlooking it all. Great model, amazing memories.
  8. A lovely build and in a scheme and vital role not often modelled.
  9. Unoved by the Western Allies, beloved by the Soviets, and brilliantly modelled by you.
  10. Alaways nice to see your builds, they're excellent as is the photography.
  11. Very nice. The two seat F-5s always look a bit out of proportion, but that three greys scheme is the dog's.
  12. Most kits may suffer the slings and arrows of criticism, the earlier 'new' Airfix kits perhaps gave critics more reason that they should, but your model looks every whatever scale inch a Mig 15. The 'metallic' colour looks very nice for a well used aircraft; what did you use for the paint? As an aside there are lots of products available which can be used for aerial wire, and of course there is good old stretched sprue. Your aerial could, perhaps, be a little thinner.
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