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  1. Congratulations. Your persistence has left you with a lovely model. Not the finish you had hoped for? I'd say it's a finish most of us would be proud of.
  2. The bane of Blitzbuilds! That's a great Mirage, and the colours look great. Who's to say they're not 'exact' anyway, colours look different dependent on light conditions anyway and your camouflage looks spot on to me. I'd say that's a result.
  3. Cheap reading glasses, the type you get in discount stores, 1.5 to 3.0 strength. I can't model without them.
  4. Have you ever turned out a bad model? Maybe so, but this one isn't it. Another lovely build.
  5. That's quite the silk purse you have there mon frere, very impressive.
  6. Metal flake and flames scream 70's. The CD player, the floor mat logo and the magazine not having a picture of a scantily clad young lady on the front mean otherwise.
  7. You summed it all up very nicely in your preamble - what's not to like.
  8. Ooooooh.... I tried to build one back in the seventies and messed it up completely (hand brushed Humbrol gloss white anyone?). Your gorgeous build makes me want to hunt around the auction sites for another try. Brilliant.
  9. That's a really nice model. Lots of little details that make it look 'just right'.
  10. I remember the 'fit issues' from when I built the Italeri '109" 4x4', which is the same Land Rover as this model. I think you have done an excellent job with getting the roof, doors and windscreen to align so well. You have built a great looking truck.
  11. Stunning photos there Shaun. That's a heck of a drive to Old Warden and back. I thought it was far enough when I lived in Suffolk.
  12. A question if I may? How did you get the RLM79 to look like that with a brush? It looks as though it has been very neatly airbrushed as it is so effective. The Heller kit is very nice, but there is a lot of your own work in that model - struts, fuel level indicators, oil cooler intake, that superb engine detail too as well as other details like the open cockpit door. It has to be one of the nicest Storch models I have seen, and as Bell209 notes it would easily pass for 1/48th. For 1/72nd it is very impressive indeed.
  13. A really lovely model. The Xtracolor looks 'just right', really setting off the shape. Many two seaters look bloated when compared with their single seat counterparts (eg the Typhoon) but the Draken looks sleek even with the long canopy.
  14. The MGB - agricultural, slow and uncomfortable, but great fun! Nice model.
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