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  1. the next beaver is progressing well Has had the same vacform treatment as NZ6001
  2. looks good with my NAC F.27...Domestic NZ airliners 1940s through to the end of the 1980s (though the Friendship was in Air New Zealand livery from 1978 ) Untitled by Harry Follas, on Flickr
  3. Actually I’ve got somebody who’s managed to vacuform some more beaver windscreens if you or anyone else might be interested in acquiring one or some? Would be interesting to perhaps see a ‘show of hands’
  4. the Ferraro Rocher container souled like a good option. Yes, single strip of plastic? Might work, ‘many ways to skin a cat’ I guess, however there might be issues with the DC-3 fuse as too many compound curves
  5. another DC-3 model has just been completed (sorry it looks the same as the previous ) IMG_8261 by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_8232 by Harry Follas, on Flickr
  6. Yes …pretty basic really was using the straight edge (uncut) of 1.5mm plastic card strip…it’s quite easy to gauge though as the panel lines also provide a good reference
  7. As luck would have it...I'm building another one of these on commission (for the airline CEO). I just uploaded these new pics (of the new model under construction) from my phone. The Airfix kit has oversize cutout for the cabin windows anyway, I just enlarged them (raised the cutouts). The extra window was measured and aligned with a straight edge on both sides of the forward fuselage. I cut out and shape new window inserts made from CD case plastic. super glue these it and be prepared to wet sand everything flush with 180, 400, 800 grade sandpaper. I then used polishing compound to get the best finish. There is a trick to the actual windows, I cut out a template from plastic card and then traced the outline of the window onto tamiya masking tape. When positioning the tape on the inserts they need to be properly aligned. The next step is to prime the window area with grey primer (to get internal framing showing inside cabin, then the upper fuselage is sprayed with white primer and then finishing coats prior to removal of the masks thumbnail_IMG_7664 by Harry Follas, on Flickr thumbnail_IMG_7665 by Harry Follas, on Flickr thumbnail_IMG_7669 by Harry Follas, on Flickr thumbnail_IMG_7736 by Harry Follas, on Flickr
  8. Yes I had to from the front ‘lip’ off the wing to accommodate the vacform (which was also trimmed down). The rear roof also had 2mm shaved off to move whole assembly aft. The resin pattern I presume is a male mould…it’s quite long as the glazed forward section on the turbo beaver is somewhat longer (I’ll see if I can attach some photos at some stage). I could lend it to you if you’d like to have a go…providing you might be able to do a few spares for me
  9. here is the model prior to painting Steve...you can see how much I needed to remove to fit the vacform windscreen beav by Harry Follas, on Flickr
  10. I think you'd struggle with the original screen parts...they barely fit the unmodified model. If you have vac-forming skills I have the resin pattern provided by Lift Here to make additional vac-form canopies
  11. I've had a go at the 're-popped' Airfix DHC Beaver. I decided to use some vac bits left over from several Czech "Lift Here DHC Turbo-Beaver (long story). In the process of fitting the windshield I found an error in the original kit...it would seem that the wings are about 2mm too far forward on the model...I checked this detail first with the Hobbycraft Beaver and then a few drawings and photos of the aircraft...oh well the changes appear to have improved the look some, while still 'festooned' with some rivets I sanded them back some to try and reduce the effect (I didn't feel like re-scribing) Heres the finished model in RNZAF Antarctic Flight markings as NZ6001. I'm also working on a floatplane Beaver in local "Flying Dolphin Services" markings carrying out the same mods. IMG_8194 by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_8212 by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_8202 by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_8174 by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_8176 by Harry Follas, on Flickr
  12. by request...have managed to find some old photos taken during my first DC-3 Skyliner conversion... The window cutouts needed to be raised by 1mm to accommodate 6mm square (17" full scale) windows. One existing cutout needed to be filled on the starboard side and an extra window cutout forward on both sides. Full interior was scratch built with the cabin being lined with tissue and painted. IMG_3145_resize_zps0efchhle by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_3143_resize_zpsmfdemh6j by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_3147_resize_zpsa3xfxvqn by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_3152_resize_zpscbtyrurm by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_3157_resize_zpsyfmxrhn4 by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_3158_resize_zpsr7ubi02k by Harry Follas, on Flickr 95d2075b719f0a5c7bf783096f2ddf16_zps1hgbaycw by Harry Follas, on Flickr 9d33e3b115e9d61402feea131c669c0f_zpsnrpxs8gf by Harry Follas, on Flickr IMG_4734_zpsxe6b6noz by Harry Follas, on Flickr
  13. Thanks, The decals are actually all my own . Takes LOTS of mucking around with photoshop to get those window aperture’s to line up with the model
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