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  1. bootneck

    David Hannant RIP

    Such sad news. RIP David. Mike
  2. bootneck

    Geoffrey Futter Mulberry Harbour series of articles in Airfix magazine

    Hi Francis, would those magazines have plan no. 14 and 15? If so, I do have scans of those but not the whole magazines. Send me a pm with your details if you want me to send those scans. Mike
  3. bootneck

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    Well I hope you've had the ceiling joists checked for stress fractures Anil!! Also looking forward to seeing your progress on the build. Is that a gear stick in the cockpit? Mike
  4. bootneck

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    All that stuff you got off me fits in your cabinet? Who built it....... Pickfords? NASA? Mike
  5. bootneck

    Postage rates increase affecting books ?

    I seem to remember a time when books, sent on their own, were only charged at a 'paper' rate; as books were classed as educational material.
  6. bootneck

    SEA KING ALERT! Did you work on them?

    This could turn out to be quite a serious issue, with possible long term effects; so let's not turn this into a politically motivated, or monarchy bashing downward spiral. Mike
  7. bootneck

    1/144 F-4 Phantom?

    And a good selection of types Mike
  8. bootneck

    What have you purchased / been given

    assemble and paint it? Ssshhh! don't let my stash hear you talking like that! Mike
  9. bootneck

    What have you purchased / been given

    Today, I received the re-released Minicraft 1:144 DC-8 airliner as an 'overtrees' set (similar to Eduard overtrees) from Mel at S&M Models. Being an overtrees set, it doesn't have a box or decals but it does have both early and late type engines (JT3D-3B for the DC-8-63 and CFM-56 for the DC-8-71) included in the kit. The kit is £25 plus postage, which I ordered on Thursday and here it is. Mike
  10. We're currently having building work done in the house so not much motivation, especially for modelling at the moment, therefore I have been spending a little time repairing lost mage links in some older threads. This one is a scratchbuild of a Topol ICBM on a seven-axle MAZ-543 chassis. It was part of a group build in 2013 but I thought I would resurrect the link here in the armoured section. cheers Mike
  11. No diecast for me either
  12. bootneck

    Minicraft DC-8

    Mel at S&M will be selling the overtrees DC-8 in September. They haven't arrived in the UK yet, they are expected next week, but he cannot put a price on them until he's identified import/customs and delivery charges etc. Mike
  13. bootneck

    Typhoon FGR.4 kit or Tornado GR.4 in 1:144 scale?

    Thanks, I'll look for close-in views or diagrams and have a go at making the part. cheers Mike
  14. bootneck

    1/700 scale PBY Catalina

    Those props look over thick Excellent paintwork and finishing Tim! Mike
  15. bootneck

    HMS Manchester

    Aircraft carrier 1946, Battleship 1903 or Submarine 1991? if the carrier then there is the 1:400 scale Heller kit Arromanches/HMS Colossus. The submarine can be built, with some work, from the Airfix 1:350 HMS Trafalgar kit