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  1. Hi again Mel, A model of a sister ship to the Rhyl as just been added on Kingkit. Not cheap though for what it is. Mike
  2. Ditto! except my birthday is next August. Also, the Ford Escort was my first car back in 1970. Here's to you for a good move, a great mancave and a stunning birthday next month Pat. Cheers, Mike
  3. Hi Mel, as Mike said, it would be useful to change the heading, from wanted to something like "Where can I get kits of the following ships?" Go to your original post, select the three little buttons on the top right, then select edit. Once you are in edit mode, place your cursor in the header section and remove wanted then input another question. A good starting point would be Scalemates, ship models. You can filter your requirements down the right hand dialogue sections. cheers, Mike
  4. Hi Mel, you posted this question in the wrong section. Try posting your question in the Maritime section here - note that there are subsections, and it would be best if you could select the relevant one. I presume Cold War or Modern? When you ask, let people know what ships you served on and, possibly, what scale you would like to build them in. cheers, Mike
  5. Miniart does a Mercedes truck in 1:35 scale with a similar front grill to the bus. I could get that and take an impression for casting. The motif should be easy enough to sand down. cheers, Mike
  6. bootneck


    I got married on New Year's Eve, it was the only way I could get invited to a party! It has also helped when I need to get the anniversary present. Billy Nomates
  7. Hi Petet It does look similar. Now you've given me another theme that I'll probably want to have a go at!! cheers, Mike
  8. Hi Dave, the chassis is fine, it is the bodywork that is different. As can be seen here, the Roden kit has a squared off windscreen whereas the Mercedes bus has a rounded windscreen area with curved side windows. I think my plan will have to be: seal the kit's front side panel, the one with the jerrycan; build up that area with Milliput and then sculpt the curve around to the bonnet. After that, cut out the corner and make up and insert some curved glazing. cheers, Mike
  9. Searching around doesn't seem to be showing any Mercedes O 3500 with the same windscreen and front window configuration, as that in the film version. I was hoping to find a few images, or even a plan, in order to work out where to make cuts or add filler etc. Another query, would those 1940s buses have planked or carpeted floors in the passenger section? cheers, Mike
  10. Thanks for the correction John, I've looked again at the image and can just make out the vertical bar on the radiator; the Opel doesn't have that. My model is a 1:35 scale Graham, so probably won't need to go to the expense of a 1:72 radiator. I shall have a go at converting the kit one or scratchbuilding a new one. Thanks again all, Mike
  11. I have made enquiries into which type of bus is shown in the film "The Great Escape" and learned that it is an Opel Blitz. Further to my enquiries, I am trying to find out which specific version this Opel Blitz bus is, so that I can do a conversion of the front to match the film version. I have bought a Roden Opel Blitz bus but the cab front looks to be an older version, without the rounded and split windscreen. Also, the front door is an internal slide back version. The nearest that I have found is this one; however, even this is different from the bus in the film. Does anyone here know what the actual version that the bus in the film is? I am trying to find a plan of it but without knowing its actual type, I can't seem to find anything. cheers, Mike
  12. I have learned a lot about modelling aircraft in 3D from Terrance at RC CAD 2vR. He presents a series of tutorials on how to draw and build and aircraft that are easy to understand. I can pause the tutorial to have a practice myself and then continue watching. cheers, Mike
  13. Hi Ed, private people are not necesserilly unfriendly. When I bought my house, I had the old 3ft fences removed and put new 6ft fences up on all sides of the garden. That was just because my wife and I enjoy to sit out there in quiet relaxation. We are very friendly with our neighbours, we just don't want to share their lifestyles. Cheers, Mike
  14. I've just been reading the response, by @Kingsman in the WW2 British Home Guard Improvised Vehicles thread, where there is a photo of a Ford 917 in British service. I would be interested to learn how many types of this vehicle, either military or civilian, could have been in use in Britain? I have the ICM Ford 917T kit and have been looking to use in a British setting. If there were both military and civilian types then I may get another kit and do both. cheers, Mike
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