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  1. I did that about an hour ago and the reply was........... "and your point is?"
  2. The images I used were pre-production views, as Brian was trying to get them ready for Telford. I've checked my kits and the two different bomb bays are there and look to be good. I can't post any images as swmbo has already packed them up. I'm sure others, who bought them at SMW, will come along at some stage and post images. Mike
  3. A couple of the new 1:144 scale Buccaneer S.2's from 144th.co.uk. One is the FAA/early RAF version and the other is the late RAF version with the bulged bomb bay doors. These are stock photo's from the 144th.co.uk site as swmbo has taken the kits off me, to be wrapped up until crimbo!! Mike
  4. If we hadn't taken it then it would probably already have gone to scrap. There is some 'very tenuous' speculation that it might be getting a new home in the future. Don't have enough details to know if anything will come of it yet. Mike
  5. I wonder (hope) if they will arrive in UK soon, in time for swmbo to get me one as a crimbo pressie. Mike
  6. Hi Brad, you mention notes as well as coins in your heading. I have an out-of-circulation Norwegian 100 kroner (NOK) note which you can have if you collect notes. Send me a pm with your details if you want it. cheers, Mike
  7. Hi Laurie, nothing changed from the standard pattern for this conflict, with the exception of any darkening of markings etc., so look for images of these vehicles pre-conflict and you shouldn't be far out. cheers, Mike
  8. Doesn't load for me, just get a revolving timer
  9. Do you use Yahoo Groups? Yahoo has announced that, from 21st Oct 2019, users will no longer be able to upload content to their hosting site. we will be able to download any images that are currently on there, I use the Space Modellers plus the Small scale modellers groups, but new stuff won't be allowed after that date. What features will go away? Files Polls Links Photos Folders Calendar Database Attachments Conversations Email Updates Message Digest Message History Yet another hosting site is removing the 'free content' facility, similar to Photobucket and others, and I think this will be the way forward many more sites soon. Mike
  10. Green camo for junglie is the way to go. Have you ever seen yellow trees??
  11. I've found another set of drawings, from an A.P. which shows dimensions: the views have been enlarged to show the profile: plan view, and front view. Mike
  12. Hi Selwyn, yes, the Scout did have blade-fold capability for the main rotor blades. Here is a cropped view (not my photo) of three Scouts from 3BAS onboard HMS Hermes in the 1970's. The second Scout is just about to have the rotor blades ranged (unfolded) ready for flying. The third Scout, behind Victor Oscar, shows the blades have just been ranged. Here is a profile diagram of the folded arrangement of a Scout. Mike
  13. Thanks everyone for your contributions. cheers, Mike
  14. Hello all, I have some images, shown below, with various stencil markings that are in Russian. Some wording looks obvious, others I've done a machine-translation etc., however I could do with some expert advice on what their actual translation is please: image #1 image #3 image #4 image #5 image #8 apologies for bad focus. image #10 image #11 cheers Mike
  15. You haven't finished it yet?
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