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  1. Now that is nice. I've always liked the Canberra. Pity you missed the deadline Julien. Mike
  2. Hi Willie, I've googled all over the place and can only find are images of the bodywork, as in the photo in the first post, but no diagrams or plans. Could you please provide some links for me to go to? My googling isn't so accurate. Thanks Mike
  3. I am scratchbuilding an airfield fire engine, like the one below, but can't find any info on the chassis shape, size or the axle and leaf springs arrangement. Does anyone have plans or schematics for this vehicle's chassis that they can scan for me please? Thanks. Mike
  4. I've only just started building airliners; well, one actually but I want to get up to your standard one day. Excellent build and finish Martijn, thank you for providing the inspiration. Mike
  5. bootneck

    laptop cleaning

    Probably more like Ind Coope or Ansells!
  6. bootneck

    laptop cleaning

    Also, you need to use the stuff sparingly and only on the keys. Use a cotton bud (Q-tip) as you don't want any to spill down between the keys onto the contacts below. Some substances can have a layering effect, thereby isolating the contacts. It was fine 'in the old days' because the keys could be removed, given a good scrubbing and then dried before re-attaching. Mike
  7. bootneck

    1/48 Fleet Air Arm Figure

    Royal Marines had pilots who flew FAA aircraft. Mike
  8. bootneck

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    I've wanted a 1:48 Gloster Javelin kit for quite a while as I've always liked the real thing, ever since my days in Borneo and Singapore where they were active. Now I am the happy owner of a Dynavector 1:48 Javelin kit thanks to Stringbag. It's time to do some research as I don't actually know much about them! Mike
  9. bootneck

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    Arrival at the show.......
  10. bootneck

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    There's a BM'er, not a million miles away, who could possibly go to this show @azureglo ; if they can get enough funds by then.
  11. bootneck

    DeHavilland Sea Vixen FAW2. 1:48

    Thanks for this interesting review Dave. I had been planning to get this kit later this year and the information on the accuracy leaves me to reconsider this. I would think that those points you mention might not be so prominent in my normal scale, of 1:144 but at 1:48 they must be glaring. An informative and honest review which I appreciate, rather than only extol the good points and skim over the less so. Mike
  12. bootneck

    A question about Kiev class carriers

    The Kiev/Minsk class is one of my all-time favourite Soviet warships, along with the Kirov class battlecruisers, and yet no-one has produced the Kiev in 1:350 scale. Thanks for posting the link to your walkaround images. Mike
  13. bootneck

    Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    Thanks everyone. I think a model tends to look good (not necessarily very good) at the end if you enjoyed doing the build and I certainly enjoyed this. It seems silly to say, at my age, but I'm still learning; because I've normally done grey; either naval ships or military jets. All my builds for 2018 have been either NMF; Orange & red; red, yellow & blue, or white & blue and I'm getting to enjoy building things with these bright colours Mike
  14. bootneck

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Thanks for this info. I paid £30 for mine so no point in putting it in the sale thread. Mike Edit: decided to put it into the sale and it sold in less than 10 minutes.
  15. bootneck

    10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Voted. I don't like tanks...... but I do like that tank!! Thanks for all your efforts to keep us in line and on track BK. Mike