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  1. bootneck

    984 Radars in 1/700....

    Hi there, could you please re-read and re-write your post. It looks interesting but the puncuation and spurious letters make it unclear in places. I am presuming HMAS Hermes is HMS Hermes R12 (1959) and sold to Australia? cheers Mike
  2. bootneck

    Sculthorpe Skulker

    I have a B-45 in 1:144 scale that is waiting to be built, so I shall also tag along as I may pick up some ideas here. Mike
  3. bootneck

    Another Couple of hours at Perth Airport YPPH (PER)

    Excellent underside views there Wally, thanks for posting. Just look at that weathering under the BAe 146! Mike
  4. bootneck

    Hobby room upgrade

    my money is on the first item he needs will be at the bottom of that deep drawer in photo 6, underneath loads of other itty-bitty none-essential items that will have to come out first!
  5. Hello Don, Thank you for this alert, I cannot believe that it is almost a year since I did anything on this. I wanted to get more information, by trying to obtain an affordable copy of the Naval Fighter series #93 PB4Y-2 Privateer, and so I set this aside until I had that. I didn't manage to find a copy and the build stayed on the shelf. Thanks for this reminder, I must dust it off and try to do more with the data I do have. All the best Mike
  6. I have been waiting on a re-stock of styrene sheets to build more frames, in the meantime I have been working on populating the lower hangar area. I haven't been able to find any details of the manual handlers, seen down the centre aisle in previous photo's, so I've added trolleys instead. The two WM Buccaneers are placed there just for positioning. These are low-priority and will be completed and painted at a later stage. At the moment they look as if they should be on a Death Star rather than a carrier! This section has been inserted into the space in the model and is ready for the next frame, which will close that section up. As can be seen, or rather not, there isn't much to see once it is in position. As before, this is all that will be seen when everything is closed and the Flight Deck added. I can now concentrate on the upper hangar, as well as construct more frames now that I have the plastic. Thanks for looking. Mike
  7. bootneck

    Rare Model Plane...

    Ah, the old "Rare" model plane ploy!
  8. bootneck

    Auster AOP 6 - fuselage dimensions, width

    Thanks David, that's really helpful. Mike
  9. Hopefully someone can assist here. I am trying to find out the width of the fuselage, at the doors, of the Auster AOP 6, as in the Airfix kit. I've Googled but the diagrams I've seen are either low-res or semi-scale so probably not accurate. I don't have a kit so don't have anything to reference by. cheers Mike
  10. Shining wit...... now where have I heard that before? Can't think, perhaps it rhymes with something or other
  11. bootneck

    Those other Wessex.

    I don't know if this is of any interest but our Wessex 60 finally emerged from long-term (8-10 year) refurb today. She is G-AVNE (ex VH-BHC Bristows Australia) She was rolled out from the work area this morning, into a temporary location for final tidy up of the nose area. She will remain her for a few weeks and then will get relocated into the main display hangar. Mike
  12. bootneck

    Buccaneer - Mk 20 145-gallon buddy pod dimensions?

    Cheers Jack. Mike what's this queue for Jack?
  13. I've only recently had a dabble at 1:72 ( apart from my childhood of course when everything was 1:72) and I treated myself to the Airfix Phantom FG.1; so the Buccaneer will be a definite for me. Mike
  14. Hi Roy, it sounds like your father's memory might be playing a few little tricks on him, as the Bucc served continually on carriers for 15 years; being operational on all the fixed-wing carriers from 1963 to 1978 Victorious, Eagle, Ark Royal and Hermes. Mike
  15. I'd like to scratchbuild a buddy-tanker pod in 1:144 scale for my Buccaneer S.2 but don't have any details. Can anyone please supply me with dimensions and/or drawings of these? cheers Mike