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  1. I did put my name down for a few GB's this year but family health issues curtailed all that. Hopefully everything is sorted now so I should be able to join this one. I work on the site of the wartime Shadow factory of The Bristol Aircraft Company, where they built Beauforts and Beaufighters etc. Post war they produced the Sycamore and the Belvedere, also. Britannias were upgraded and repaired there. BAC also produced the Bristol Bloodhound and even the Sea Wolf missile of Falklands fame. Plenty of choice there methinks. Mike
  2. mmm, that doesn't seem to work for me. I opened the link, did the reCaptcha (I am not a robot) then typed in the last four letters of an aircraft and hit search, but nothing. I closed the link, started again with a different serial and, again, nothing. The registrations I used, AOXL and ASPB, were from photo's of actual aircraft. Mike
  3. Those are very good links and I can see myself getting happily buried within the detail. I don't have FB so the Elmdon stuff will be missed I'm afraid. It might take me a while to surface from the Flightglobal site........... wish me luck, I'm going in!
  4. Banwell was the third factory building/hangar of the shadow factory concept for Bristol's. If their main factory at Filton got hit during a raid in the war then all production would have been affected. The shadow factories were built as back up sites. The Bristol Aircraft Company (BAC) had the main shadow complex at Oldmixon; however, Shed No.2 was deemed to be too close to the others and so was rebuilt across the airfield, beside the railway line at Hutton Park. It became the radar trials centre after the war and was occupied by MoD, Ferranti and other electronics establishments. The third shed was was built at Banwell but this site is now a housing estate. A fourth factory was built on the airport site, adjacent to where the museum is now. All of them factories were used to build or repair Beauforts, Beaufighters, Tempest II's and Ansons. After the war, the one next to museum was used to convert Anson I's to communications aircraft and for the production of Bristol Freighters. Later, it was used for conversion work on Britannia's and even HP Victors. Later again, Bristol Sycamores and the Belvedere were built there before production was centralised at Westlands main site at Yeovil. The WsM and the Aeroplane is a very good book, I got all the above information from it. It was written by two former BAC/Westlands Oldmixon, then Yeovil, employees who were also volunteers at the museum. Mike
  5. Thanks again. Most of the volunteers at the museum worked for Bristol's or Westlands, or both; with one of the chaps having worked on Concorde. I have this book and use it to research the history of Weston Airport and of the aircraft built and repaired at the shadow factories at Oldmixon and Banwell: I have also been loaned this book by a fellow volunteer ex-RAF; Bristol's and Westland's engineer: These books are very good but they don't tell me of any aircraft movements. The reason for my original post is that I am building a diorama of the old airport terminal at Elmdon, Birmingham; before operations transferred to the new Birmingham International terminal in 1984. Some arrivals and departures at Elmdon, that I have seen, give a date, type and registration but not always the owner or charter at that time. I don't want to assume that my airliner livery is going to be, for example: BOAC, BEA, Dan-Air, Derby Aviation or Silver City etc., as I know that aircraft got sold on, leased or merged and so I need to know when these happened. With reference to the VC10 build that I am doing, I will probably do that as Air Malawi as I have a confirmed date and ownership for that. cheers, Mike
  6. Apologies for going off topic here but John (Viking) has reminded me of his conversion of the S&M Viscount 800 to a 700 series. I've just ordered a few from Plastic Pastimes, at £2 each, and I'll do some converting. Mike
  7. Thanks Eric. If that is the case then, once I know of an aircraft's details, I could do a search on the MSN or C/N to find the full history; rather than just search on the registration letters. Mike
  8. Thanks, I have started a few kits but haven't decided their liveries yet; Viscount 700, Viscount 800, Superfreighter, DC-3 and VC10. I am especially interested in the Bristol 170 as that type was built on the site of the Helicopter Museum here, where work as a volunteer. Before I changed to building aircraft models, I used to build merchant ship models; both liners and cargo types, and some of these would change hands many times during their career. To keep an accurate check, on changes, movements, conversions and charters etc., I could refer to the current edition of Lloyds Register of Shipping, plus it also had a good glossary of terms. Is there such a publication for the airliner industry? Cheers, Mike
  9. I have recently taken up building airliner models and I have been using a couple of registration sites, to ensure correct owners and changes etc. I am somewhat out on a limb though when it comes to some of the abreviations used; a couple that I can't work out are rg and rrg, which are regulary mentioned in aircraft histories in rzjets when I type in a registration such as G-APAV etc. Is there a definitive listing available for these? There are many more that I am not familiar with and these are just an example. Mike
  10. EE are very expensive for what you get; however I do need three, possibly more Viscount 700's. F-RSIN also produces Viscount 700 series so I shall have to compare prices before committing pension to either. Mike
  11. Thanks all. Swmbo isn't decided yet, probably because my sister is here at the mo' and we can't seem to get a word into any conversation! We're just waiting for the rubber band to wind down. It sounds (or doesn't) like there isn't much at Budapest so, if I get any choice in this, hopefully it will be Prague. Mike
  12. Thanks Jabba, I shall give that site a looksee. I've always wanted to go to E-day but we can't go anywhere before October as my sister is over from South Africa. She only arrived yesterday and is here for the rest of the month. I'll discuss the rest of your suggestions with swmbo. cheers, Mike
  13. Swmbo has had a fairly tough year, with health issues, and wants to have a short break in either Prague or Budapest. I thought that I would check out any model shops in those places, just to make it worth her going. I know about MPM in Prague, but are there any others in either city? I especially like to find 1:144 scale aircraft if they are available; also, do any of these places sell second-hand kits? Thanks in advance for any helpful advice and information on this. Mike
  14. Whoops! it appears that they've put a Wessex HU.5 as the plane guard on the boxart. It should be a Wessex HAS.1. Mike
  15. bootneck

    PG Models

    PG Models are still going strong but he is quite busy getting his castings ready for the upcoming "International N Gauge Show" (TINGS) in a couple of weeks. It is a major event on Paul's show calendar. Try emailing Paul at paul.gandy(at)btinternet(dot)com Mike
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