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  1. bootneck

    Hullo from Peoples Democratic Republic of Somerset

    Are you sure it's the Wellingtons and not the string??
  2. bootneck

    Hullo from Peoples Democratic Republic of Somerset

    And you would be right!
  3. Thanks Ian, even I managed to understand those guidelines and I shall store those details for future projects. Funds are the issue at the moment so I won't be able to get a Zvesda yet, however I can attempt your techniques on my Minicraft kit. Mike
  4. I have been using Master Models aircraft aftermarket, such as their refuelling probes & pitot tubes, and find that they enhance my models considerably. This venture into ships masts should be welcomed by the maritime fraternity. I have the Revell RMS Titanic and the kit masts certainly need improving so I shall be ordering this set. Thanks for the heads up Dave. Mike
  5. Hello Colin, I might be able to help you. I will send you a pm later today. Mike
  6. bootneck

    Reverse Parking Sensors for Mercedes Benz

    Excellent! I just asked my wife if she wanted to know how the reversing system worked, she said yes so I sat her in front of the PC and played this. Nice one. Mike
  7. bootneck

    HMS Invincible R05, 1981

    That area had both safety nets and guard rails; however, as Crisp as already confirmed, the rails were usually removed due to being at constant flying stations, so nets were the main feature at that time period. Here is an official layout plan and this shows the safety net location ahead of the bridge. Close in view As can be seen in this view, the guard rails are vertical stanchions with horizontal chains running between them. These rails were removable, for flying stations, but the safety nets were a fixed fitting. This post-1982 view shows the guard rails to good effect. HTH Mike
  8. Ian, I was just looking at the pilot and I'm sure I saw him move!! A truly beautiful model, expertly built and presented. I would also be interested in a tutorial on how to get that effect with the landing gear. I've recently acquired the Minicraft B777-200 kit and could use it as practice, if I can get some tutorial advice. cheers Mike
  9. It's too hot to do any modelling so I am currently planning and preparing for a future/winter project, which will be a large scale US aircraft carrier. Does anyone know of a source for a set of plans for a Nimitz class, or Enterprise, carrier? There are plenty of photographs and details of the flightdeck but I need to get fairly accurate dimensions for the decks between the waterline and the flightdeck; especially the frame stations as in the example below: I would be grateful for any help on this. cheers Mike
  10. bootneck

    Helicopter museum North Somerset show 8th July

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your day with us. It was even hotter, or so it felt, when we had to strip down all the tables and chairs afterwards. Then we had to push these great brutes back into the hangar! It isn't often that we can get a wider view of the exhibits due to cramped space inside, so here's a broadside view of the Super Puma whilst it was parked outside. Mike
  11. bootneck

    Dakota 4 ?

    Thanks again. Mike
  12. bootneck

    Dakota 4 ?

    That Air-Britain book certainly does sound like a tome. There's some good info coming out about the DC3/C-47 family and I'm very appreciative, to everyone who has contributed something here; no matter how small. Please keep the data and images coming, if there is any more. Thanks again. Mike
  13. bootneck

    Plunge Moulding Tutorial: cowlings

    Yes, step by step guidance please, and definitely with photo's... otherwise it didn't happen! I've always wanted to be able to do this type of mould making but never known how; however, for those of us that don't comprehend so well nowadays, could you type slowly? Thanks. Mike
  14. bootneck

    Dakota 4 ?

    It will be when it is finished.
  15. bootneck

    Dakota 4 ?

    It's still work in progress, however not much has been done for the last couple of weeks as it has been too hot in the mancave. Herewith views of the build so far: