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  1. bootneck

    Career ending maneouvre?

    Thanks for the recommendations on kits, although I should have mentioned that I build to 1:350 scale. Apologies for that and I've amended the post. cheers Mike
  2. bootneck

    No TV for a week!

    I am now in agreement as the last few evenings have been quite relaxing. I haven't bothered with getting the programs on a PC or such and am enjoying the peace and freedom. This is however, the third event in recent weeks: -a flood, back in June, which meant I had to box all my builds up and store whilst repairs were done. -my laptop failing, which meant a new purchase so couldn't afford to go to Telford -the TV problem. None insurmountable but my modelling mojo got hit badly, especially after the flood and I still haven't unboxed any of my ongoing builds. I'm trying to get back into it but just don't seem to have any interest in my previous work. Getting back to the lack of TV, I am using this quiet period to try and get my modelling mojo back, by trying something new, which is to scratch build a large ship model frame-by-frame. I was impressed by Kevin Aris' large-scale SD-14 card model and thought that I would like to have a go at something like that. The SD-14 kit is too expensive and so I am going to have a go at doing my own. Initial drawings have been done and the first cut outs can be seen here. I hope to start a WiP in the Maritime section later and eventually post some progress, although this will be a fairly long-term project. Thanks to all who commented or advised against the TV. It has been sound advice and I feel much more relaxed of an evening, even after only a few days. cheers Mike
  3. bootneck

    Career ending maneouvre?

    Need a kit first though
  4. bootneck

    Career ending maneouvre?

    The Norwegian cruiser that collided with a tanker a couple of days ago has sunk. Reports state the ship was earlier warned of the risk of collision. Anyone know if there is a 1:350 scale model kit of this class of ship? Mike
  5. bootneck

    Livarno Display Cabinets at LIDL.. 'Heads Up' requested

    I believe these are the type being discussed here. Both of my cabinets are fitted side by side. Each cabinet measures: 66.5cm wide x 110cm high x 20cm deep. The internal dimensions are: 63cm wide x 15cm deep. The shelf heights are adjustable so that you can display mixed scale, taller/shorter, kits. HTH Mike
  6. bootneck

    Possible daft question...

    If you are going to sit the model in a sea diorama then I would suggest adding a few millimetres of extra plastic. The model would need to sit a shaped hole in the sea, plus it would allow for peaks and troughs that are naturally seen when a ship is underway; unless you are doing it as a static at anchor/alongside setting. To me, nothing detracts more from a waterline ship model than a dead-flat table top model. Mike
  7. bootneck


    I spent much of my early modelling years in the Far East and bought and built many Tamiya kits whilst out there. Whether buying from Chinese, Japanese, Malay or Singaporean shops, the phonetic was always Tameeya and so I've kept with that. Mike
  8. bootneck

    No TV for a week!

    Thanks Russ, actually we are finding the lack of TV quite therapeutic. I am managing to get more reading done, mostly research stuff for my model builds etc. It has been nice and quiet without the TV being on in the evening, plus I've had a couple of restful nights sleep. My mind doesn't seem to be active all night now, so we may just have more no-TV evenings when it gets returned. cheers Mike
  9. bootneck

    No TV for a week!

    Thanks everyone. I think you might be right there Paul, especially as we can't all huddle around a little laptop. Last night swmbo and I played Scrabble. I lost 2:1 but it was a very enjoyable evening. I will get my own back tonight though as I will challenge her to Monopoly................ The US Air Force edition!! Mike
  10. bootneck

    No TV for a week!

    Can I do that? Isn't it for watching stuff that's finished? I was hoping to watch live TV.
  11. bootneck

    No TV for a week!

    Thanks both, I shall check those out. cheers Mike
  12. bootneck

    No TV for a week!

    My UHD TV has what looks to be a screen-burn on it and it is being collected tomorrow for a repair under guarantee. Problem is that it won't be returned for a week. I have broadband, via a BT hub, so is there any way I can get normal TV on my desktop while the TV is away? I don't have any premium services so I just want to get BBC and ITV etc. Mike
  13. bootneck

    Telford 2018

    Too small for a 1:350 scale HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier
  14. bootneck

    Buying and selling

    Fully agree with you there Julien. I'm sure there are many modellers here that don't have the funds to go for the latest, and therefore, expensive kits and often rely on the BM sale to obtain kits to build. My pension isn't the best and it has to cover quite a few outgoings, therefore I always trawl the BM sale thread; just in case there is something I want and can afford. I do hope that incidents like this do not impact the way people sell their stuff on here. cheers Mike
  15. bootneck

    Bfpo advice

    Hi Neil, the BFPO number is very important and is the main reference for sorting mail for military units and ships. The BFPO is its own postal sorting office, it is not under the durisdiction of the Royal Mail; although they do have very close working relationship and guidelines. It is based at RAF Northolt and the system, and personnel there, will know exactly where to onward despatch your lad's mail to. This is especially important when the unit or ship gets an urgent task which may take them away from their normal base or theatre of ops. A letter from home was sometimes the only sanity, when spending many weeks at sea, and we all would look forward to a mail drop when the shore was within helo range. Mike