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  1. Sorry Neil, I must have mis-heard you during our conversation, I was busy glueing things down. cheers, Mike
  2. just had a nice conversation with Neil where he confirmed that the Canadair Argus conversion has been taken over by Belcher Bits. A ready date of "the Fall" was also confirmed to him by Mike at Belcher Bits. As I understand it, Neil will be providing water slide transfers for the Argus. Mike
  3. The description says "the triangular junction on the Southern approach to Shrewsbury station. The third side of the triangle is just visible behind the signal box". Mike
  4. No thanks Pete, mine is complicated enough! I have been working on adding more track, plus I have started on a scratchbuild of the signal box. There doesn't appear to be much progress on the layout since my last update; however, I have managed to lay down more track and turnouts. I give the completed a section a coat of primer, mainly to show how much has been done; or, conversely, how much still needs to be done! The trackwork is quite complicated for me, especially as I knew nothing about it before I started this build for the GB. I did inves
  5. I am quite involved with a couple of builds on the Anything but plastic GB at the moment; however, I shall get something underway once I have those cleared . cheers, Mike
  6. This weekend I have been concentrating on some of the other buildings that are situated within the railway setting. This is the larger of two water towers that were to be found on the site. I am using bits from a card model to make up the tower. I have only been able to find one image that shows the construction of the building and am basing my model on that. The water tank itself, which sits on top of the building, has not been made yet; however, I couldn't resist a test fit on the layout. This view is from the opposite direction of the norma
  7. Try Amazon, could be delivered tomorrow. Mike
  8. Thanks again everyone. There's plenty of detail in the profile books that I ordered, included some very large pull-out drawings which are amazing. I was once told that for every up, there is a down; and vice-versa, and the downside of all this lovely data is that it is just too much for me. There's no way that I am going to identify and fit all that detail into CAD or even get a good 3D print with my amateur skills; so, I have plunged into loco kit building. I have bought an etch kit of a Black 5 which contains the chassis and lower body, which is a start. Later, I shall bu
  9. Thanks Paul, here is a closer view of the track laying in progress. I have turned the pub model around to show the work done so far. There's still lots (and lots) more to do, so I had better get a move on. cheers, Mike
  10. I have spent the last week measuring, cutting and laying a few hundred individual sleepers and now I am making up the rails. The pub is also progressing but it is a complex design and will need more research. cheers, Mike
  11. I had been waiting for the S&M kit but it may not get completed or released now. Mike
  12. As the theme has been expanded to include the Indonesian Confrontation, please add me to the list. Been there, done that, got the fridge magnet. Mike
  13. Hello all, I am still plodding on with the diorama and much of my time has been spent struggling between the design of the pub and the placing of the tracks. I have been told about a track laying program, called Templot, which helps me to position the tracks correctly and I am currently learning about this. I have also worked on dimensioning the pub, by using photo interpretation means, and think I have enough detail to start constructing it. Here is the layout, with some Templot templates pasted into position; plus, the start of the pub construction can be seen in th
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