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  1. I believe Mike asked people to PM these details to him.
  2. A school mate lived on Stratford Road, Sparkbrook and we used to play there. In later years my wife and I would travel back to look at the wonderfully coloured clothes that could be bought there nowadays. Mike
  3. Mine came from their German supply depot in Frankfurt and only took a couple of weeks so, you may be lucky if they have any in stock there. Any delay from China is not Anycubic's fault, they ship quite quickly but getting loaded onto the next ship to Germany, and then on to Norway could take time. Mike
  4. Don't worry Rob, over time you will learn all the methods needed to get models past your girlfriend/wife and "into the system". Mike
  5. I've just received an email, allegedly from DPD and with a tracking number, saying that my parcel is delayed due to lack of address details. The email asked me to open a link and provide my address details. When I hovered my mouse over their email address it didn't look like it came from DPD. I deleted the email and then went to the official DPD site and typed in the tracking number, of course it didn't exist. Then this came up whilst I was checking on Spams: "Police are warning shoppers to be careful of circulating scam messages that claim to be from Royal Mail or DPD. Severa
  6. Hi Tim, Yes, I do have plans and dimensions. I shall send you a pm in the morning. cheers, Mike
  7. My take is that unless the 'Bristol' component is completely visible then it shouldn't be included. Models and their themes should be displayed, in context with the GB title. Mike
  8. Hello everyone, I have been scratchbuilding model ships for a number of years now, mostly aircraft carriers, but I have problems trying to make the ship's boats and launches. I have bought myself a 3D printer, in order to produce the smaller items on a model, but my CAD skills are very basic at the moment. Does anyone know of a CAD designer who has produced RN ship's boats and who may be able to sell the files for home production? I know Shapeways do them but I am going to need a lot and couldn't afford to go down that route. Here is a view of my feeble effort at mak
  9. Hi Sam, it wasn't so much the Navy as the civilian shipbuilding companies designers, draughtsmen and the methods employed to forge and cut metal etc. that decided how a ship was constructed. There could be two or more ships built as sister ships and, to all intents and purposes, were identical; however, being built in different shipyards meant that different working practices were employed. Each company usually had a long history of shipbuilding, dating back to wooden ships, and their methods of design and construction eminated from that. They could also be constrained by those m
  10. Hello Gareth, this is a copy of the formal plan of the flight deck during the carrier's first commission in 1981. The markings would have been the same for the deployment to the Falklands; however, I haven't been able to confirm whether she still had the helo circles by then. If anyone can confirm whether the helo circles were retained during 1982 then I would be very grateful for any information or evidence to support that. This plan was held in HQ1 and depicted the fire and access points for any emergencies. A good modelling
  11. I've had a look through various resources and found the following text: "In cruisers and larger ships the spacing of the transverse frames varies from 4ft. to 6ft., in destroyers from 1ft. 9 ins. to 2ft. 6 ins., and in frigates from 2ft. 6ins. to 4ft. 6 ins." Those dimensions for cruisers and larger ships wasn't always true though, I mentioned that HMS Ark Royal IV (laid down 1943) had varying transverse frame spacings. Checking my records I have found the spacing on her to vary between 2ft 0in; 3ft 0in; 3ft 6in and 4ft 0in. These variances are also backed up wit
  12. Hi Sam, Those numbers would be the frame numbers and they would start at the forward perpendicular (FP) which is Frame 0. Unlike U.S. warships, which tended to keep frames at equal distances (at least in the one's that I have researched), British built warships were framed differently. As an example, HMS Ark Royal IV had varying distances between frames. I haven't got the details to hand but I seem to remember that Frame 0 to Frame 25 was 3ft apart and then there were a few frames at 4ft, with some being 6ft apart. I shall have a look through my research stuff in the mo
  13. I did, but I got the supports placement all wrong and the mudguards and steering wheel didn't form correctly. I haven't done another print since as it has been too cold in the shed. That's also possibly why the print didn't do as well as expected. I think it would print quite well once I've got all the setting correct. It doesn't look much here, but that is because I've printed this at 1:144 scale and it is only 12mm long.
  14. Thanks Mark, I have just ordered three 1Kg bottles of their ECO plant-based resin with that offer. I remember the saying "you cannot teach an old dog new tricks" and thought what a load of tosh! You are never too old to learn! Trying to prove by example, I am working at learning this CAD milarky and have been making up drawings for my Ark Royal build. Whilst thinking about what to draw next, I remember an early build I did of Dragon's 1:144 scale "CVN deck" and wondered if I could do something like that for a British aircraft carrier. I'm still very muc
  15. bootneck

    1/144 B52

    If anyone has a Revell, or even a Crown B-52H kit and is interested in doing a conversion to a B-52B/C/D or E then Domi at Retrokit does a resin conversion set for this. He also does a set of HSAB & MER Pylons. Mike
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