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  1. I'm not sure that I understand that comment as it is a view of New Street Station in the 1960's. Here is a similar view in the 1950's, showing Queen's Drive (which went from the junc. under the Chetwyn sign in the first photo) down between the platforms. and similar view as it is today. The Chetwyns building stood where the red/brown building now stands. Another current view, from the opposite side of the junction. The Chetwyns building stood where the red/brown building is on the right. Mike
  2. I was thinking about attempting a 3D print for another GB But perhaps I could do it here? I like to build diorama settings and static locomotives would be ideal for them. I'm wondering if I could get enough detail together to show a train entering New Street Station from the tunnels under Brum? Mike
  3. Thanks guys but I already have three Hawk kits so I don't want to be buying any more. The idea was to convert one of them to a T.2; however, Giorgio explained that would be an exercise too far for me. cheers, Mike
  4. Did I? Ah, I see what you mean now that I have looked at the plan; you mean that the roof is rounded. Right, got that. Mike
  5. Hello Alvaro, that explanation is fine, especially about the support tips. I might not have my contact tip deep enough and that could be why some supports are detaching during the print. thanks again, Mike
  6. Perhaps not the 72xx but I thought I would do some more dabbling with this CAD milarky and so I tried the 81xx. I'm not sure whether I would actually go with this one for the GB; however, it does give me the opportunity to try different shapes in CAD. Mike
  7. bootneck

    Covid Jab

    Man Bola is worserer
  8. Hello Alvaro, can I ask what print settings you are using for those? Also, what top support settings are you using? Sphere size and depth? I realise that yours are for a 1:72 piece but it might just help me with getting my settings better. cheers, Mike
  9. Those sets look to be very comprehensive indeed Julien. From what I can see of the P.E. sheets, the most important items for me would be the detailed Mirror Landing System, masts, outriggers and an actual British deck crane! Highly recommended indeed! Mike
  10. I have just done a comparison check with the other producers, to make sure that I have a 500 series, and the EE kit is indeed the 500 series version. EE (grey) and Revell fuselages: EE (grey) and Airfix wings Happy now. Mike
  11. Hi Giorgio, I already have a 1:144 scale Hawk T.2 but I also have the Airfix 1:72 scale T.1 and the Italeri 1:48 scale T.1. It is (was) one of those larger kits that I would have wanted to convert; however as you say, that is just too much work. cheers, Mike
  12. Hello all, I have a BAE Hawk T.1 kit that I would like to convert to a T.2 (long-nosed two-seat) version. Can anyone advise me of what else would be needed apart from a new scratchbuilt nose? Are there any detailed plans available, showing where I would need to cut and transplant etc? cheers, Mike
  13. Same here, I think I have about 30 drawings/projects now. I just keep the active ones as "editable" and archive the others to "read only". If I want to redo something on the archived file, I just swap one of the active files, by making that read only, so that I can activate the archived one. Mike
  14. I have just unearthed this from the inner depths of my stash. I may just do this one instead. Mike
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