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  1. That has to be the best way to describe that shade, at least, the one the mods would let us post. Thanks for the comments gents, must get the Dragon kit going at some point, see how much I can improve on this effort. Geoff
  2. Great build to follow and a great finish Jeff, lovely stuff! Geoff
  3. Good choice there Beefy, kit looks like it's got some good detail on it, and a good selection of PE. Great stuff so far, I'm sure I saw something about Nelson and Agamemnon initially being Dark Grey, but both changed during their service with a lighter (507c ish) in the Med? Think it's up to you as to when you portray her? Now where's that discounted Agamemnon gone? Think you've just pushed me over the edge to getting her oh the missus won't be happy with me... Again... Geoff
  4. That is one beautiful build there Stuart, Well, Well done! Geoff
  5. Will be very interested to see how this goes. Good stuff so far! Geoff
  6. Perfect description! An no, please don't include them! Geoff
  7. Hi Beefy, that's a fantastic finish on her! You've brought the old kit to life there, Well done! Geoff
  8. Spot on! Although I'm not sure if the poerty is better than the scene? Both thought provoking. The poetry for the nature of time and possibilities. The scene for making you wonder, what's happened to the seagulls? Great work! Geoff
  9. Thanks for the kind words gents, much appreciated! Geoff
  10. Room for one more in this GB? Sure I can think of something appropriate as it's the 80th anniversary. Geoff
  11. I think everything I could say has already been said as I'm late to the party! Brilliant stuff (and I'm going to shamelessly steal as much as possible for a Lightning build starting very soon) pure class. Geoff
  12. That's bloody stunning mate! Great job on the metal paint job, and the photos aren't half bad either! Going to have me a nosey at the who now, sorry I missed it, work an all that! Geoff
  13. Hi All, Just finished this in the 'Year I was Born' GB and thought I'd put a couple of pics up here as well. If your interested then the wip can be found here. I'll be building the Dragon moulding of the same kit soon as I intended to build both in the GB but ran out of time... I'll be starting a wip for that soon. Geoff
  14. Good work with the pe, it's a pain aint it? But it does improve the final look, worth the swearing... Just had a look in the John Roberts book with the builders plans fo RN WW2 ships, well worth getting if you have a chance. There's 'as built' plans for Indefatigable which shows 3 bar railing around all the boat stowage areas, and around the 4.5s. I know it's not the same ship, and different sub class as well, but surely something as basic as this would be universal. Why did I say that? It's the RN we're talking about! Happy to take some pics and send them over, pm me if you're interested. Geoff
  15. What they all said! Excellent build and great result. The WIP was such a good read I think I'll be going back again soon. Geoff
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