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  1. Bugle07

    1:48 Tamiya Mk1 Supermarine Spitfire

    Less is more I tend to think with pre shading, a panel line wash can bring it out a lot. Excellent stuff so far, and those other two look great. Really good finish on the MK22/24 especially! Will be watching with interest! Geoff
  2. Bugle07

    ThinkTank! A toe in the muddy water.

    Ding ding, round two! So we get to see twice the paintwork in one thread! Excellent! Sorry it didn't go as planned but if we get to see your techniques twice I'm not complaining! Brilliant stuff so far, let's see what's next... Best of luck! Geoff
  3. So much detail ! Excellent stuff! Geoff
  4. Great model! That b/w shot with the lightning is superb! Geoff
  5. Bugle07

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Good start on the sea bed. The effects give a good impression of the sand and general gunk down there. Are you going to be giving the display any special lighting? Just thinking that if you used a blue light source or maybe a blue/green source it could make a lot of your work easier? Geoff
  6. Bugle07

    Questions about those 1/700 Atlantic Models RN destroyers

    Thanks Stuart, unfortunately, unlike the real Faulknor this ones been pretty much sunk, by my 6yr old boy. She may get new masts pe and rigging, or I'll just get another one... Geoff
  7. Bugle07

    Questions about those 1/700 Atlantic Models RN destroyers

    Sorry, can't help with a pic of an S class. But...... L Class HMS Legion, 1/700 Flyhawk HMS Faulknor. Niko 1/700 (HMS Hardy) Tamiya 1/700 V Class destroyer Tamiya 1/700 O Class destroyer And the IBG Hunt II I really need to crack on and get some of these done.... Geoff
  8. Bugle07

    Questions about those 1/700 Atlantic Models RN destroyers

    There's a review of the WEM S class 1/700 in the ship review section of this lovely site. I know it's not the V class, but it'll show the quality of the resin. There's also a couple of reviews of the Atlantic 1/350 kits including the S class HMS Scorpion, again I know it's nor the same scale but show the kit well. Geoff
  9. Bugle07

    HMS Eskimo

    Very nice, quick work as well. Flying along! Geoff
  10. Bugle07

    RN Destroyers of WW2...options please

    The IBG Hunts are good little kits, with pe added in, simple assembly and some good fine details, especially for the price. In fact, compare one against a Tamiya kit they're normally a good few quid cheaper, and they have their own pe fret. Not quite Flyhawk quality, some of the aa and secondary weapons look a bit chunky, but leaps and bounds ahead of the older 1/700 kits out ťhere. Couple of pre war classes on the way to go with the Hunt II they already have, G, H and I class out later this year. Well worth the money. Geoff
  11. Bugle07

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Like your ambition for this project! Can't see any easy way to do both aspects from one kit, she's resting upright on the sea bed. If she was on her side then possibly but.... Looking forward to seeing all the weathering go on, notebook at the ready for tips! Geoff
  12. Hope you enjoy the cake Jamie, as always fascinating stuff on the painting and paint used. Really good to see someone dispelling the myths around resin ships. A bit of care and common sense and they're just as easy/hard as injection moulded kits, but (normally) with the benefit of far crisper parts (Until I make them and then casually destroy all the good work that goes into them...) and almost always all the extras you can ask for already in the kit. Geoff
  13. Bugle07

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    Great project Jamie, really good WIP with lots of info. The end result is is bang on! Well done Sir! Geoff
  14. Bugle07

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    That's some fine rigging there Jamie (tis late couldn't resist, I'll get me ) and a good summary on Destroyers, doctrine and armaments. Geoff
  15. Bugle07

    HMS Eskimo

    Look away for two seconds and this appears! Good work on the bow correction, looks spot on now. I knew Trumpy had got a good few bits wrong with this kit (most things?)but those turrets are completely the wrong shape, before you even get into the scale difference. With all the goodies added this will be a great practice for Janus. Good luck! Geoff