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  1. Magnificent job on her Rob, the attention to detail and the paint finish are cracking! Well, well done! Geoff
  2. All pictures seem to be back now Stew, and very nice they look too! Stencils look good, they draw everything together, great job! Geoff
  3. First bit of paint on last night. Colourcoats 507A for the hull. I could have masked and started spraying the boot top and hull red but I got distracted... All the bridge parts are now on, only the radar to finish and glue on. I’ll try to get the compass and the other upright part straight later, to the eye they’re not that lopsided, honest. Brass barrels. Well these were a first for me. Never fitted them before, and I had to try fitting the smallest caliber guns with them. Don’t think I did too
  4. Very nice work Stew, really like to Ammo Drums. Looks like a great little kit, and the speed your working at you'll be done by what, Sunday? Great stuff! Geoff
  5. Some seriously impressive masking there, excellent base for the fun stuff to go onto. Bring on the weathering! What are you going to be using on her? Geoff
  6. She's looking lovely Ray, and thanks for the walk through on masking. Will be borrowing that soon... Geoff
  7. Browns looking good there, good variation as well. The two colours look good together on the 72nd kit. I'm happy with the AK Brown im using but not sure about their Green. May grab a Tamiya one and compare. Keep up the good work! Geoff
  8. Bit of time on my hands this evening so on with the Sky. Happy with the subtle variation there, a nice oil leak and a touch of a panel Wash and it should be all good. I’m going to let that dry for a day then put a gloss coat on, mask, then onto the upper camo. Getting there... Geoff
  9. News nobody ever wants to hear Fingers and toes crossed for a speedy recovery Tony, all the best. Nurse, special treatment for that there man. Geoff
  10. Well, well done on this, the paintwork is great! But ohhhh the rigging! I'd have stuck everything together trying to do that! Great job. Geoff
  11. An incredible level of skill and attention to detail on display there. Great WIP, surpassed only by the end result! A fitting tribute. Well Done! Geoff
  12. That's a brilliant build, well done! Cotton wool for the bow wave is a possibility as well, toilet paper works well at this scale tho, just build it up as much as you like! Geoff
  13. Sound Plan, although knowing me I'd forget where I'd pinned it and be completely lost... All looking good there, bring on the paint! Geoff
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