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  1. It's a cracking scene you've managed to depict there Beefy, captures the little workhorse in it's element. Well done! Don't be too hard on yourself in these weird times, just completing anything can take an inordinate amount of effort, the fact you've completed this is a testament to your skill! (I've just noticed I've not completed anything since 2019, shows my skill/motivation level...) Geoff
  2. How about a soldering Iron? Good tool to burn yourself on make brass masts with? https://modelshop.co.uk/Shop/Tools/Soldering no idea if these ones are any good but it's a start? Something for picking up PE that works for moving small bits are these pen pickers for Diamond dot pictures, got a few free off my wife. https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/diamond-dotz-accessory-pack/646128-1000 Tamiya Diamond File For Photo Etch is something I'm looking at getting https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/diamond-file-for-photo-etched-parts-tamiya-74066/?utm_source=Google Shopping&utm_campaign=CSP Feed&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=13446&gclid=Cj0KCQiAv6yCBhCLARIsABqJTjYaVBn1ab3bI0uZVu2kxHlXHmL00CR476rGTBwT9FuDPSgJbxEzDI4aAuKjEALw_wcB I'm sure it was @robgizlu who was singing their praises? Getting to be quite a list now! Geoff
  3. Glad to hear you're home in one piece. Stay safe and get well soon (well, at your own pace). Wonder if they do stents in PE or resin these days? Geoff
  4. Always liked the look of the Leander class, will have to find a kit and make HMS Danae one of these days as my old man served on her. Don't think I'll be going for 1/72 tho, so I'll happily watch your build and see what happens! She's going to be a good old size! Best of Luck! Geoff
  5. Looking very dramatic there Beefy! Geoff
  6. Lovely work with the PE Mick, impressive finess, and vision! Geoff
  7. Very productive day! Excellent rigging, and another (can't have too many) tool to add on the shopping list. Looks a lot finer than the set of diamond files I got from Macro before they went bust. Geoff
  8. Best of luck with keeping the gateway clear, and with the big modelling project! Great information, as always, coming out about this class. Plenty of notes taken. These little IBG kits are great, but definitely can benefit from some upgrades. Haven't seen the Finemould Nano bits in the flesh before (orders in now!) they look good, and as for the Micromaster, well, be rude not to. Now whered I hide the HMS Badsworth kit? Geoff
  9. Thanks for that Rob. Is it me or do the Trumpeter parts look like upscale 1/700 parts? If I every get round to a 1/350 build I think Black Cats going to get a fortune off me.... Geoff
  10. Great work by both of you, really got the paint down well. They're looking just the part. Watch out for the stash, it can grow at a very alarming rate when you're not looking (or the other halfs not checking the bills). Geoff
  11. Those Niko guns have come out really well, nice work! Are you using superglue for the aft mast? I've never had luck getting plastic and brass to join properly on a mast, always had to go one way or t'other, to the point that I'm going to experiment with soldering soon. Geoff
  12. Going to enjoy watching this build! Those 4" guns look fantastic, what do Trumpeters efforts look like? I know they won't compare, just curious to see them. Geoff
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