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  1. Top notch pe work there Beefy, great job! Geoff
  2. Another great build there. Very impressive, and lots of little details to enjoy. Well done! Geoff
  3. Exceptional work Nick, she looks outstanding! Thoroughly engrossing wip, a pleasure to watch it all come together. Geoff
  4. Really good work on the camo! Geoff
  5. And here we go! Waterline, so, seascape in the offering? Geoff
  6. That's a cracking build John! The detail and the weathering is spot on. Love the extras. The engine, gun bay and wheel wells look fantastic! Gonna have a mooch at your wip now, looking forward to this... Geoff
  7. Cracking work, and a great seascape! Great stuff! Geoff
  8. Happily going to steal that idea! Great masking there, the mast looks very impressive! Stay safe there. Geoff
  9. The canning looks awesome Beefy, great effect from all distances! Geoff
  10. Really good PE work there Beefy, those bridge wing shields bring that whole area to life. Geoff
  11. The information and the way you're presenting the process is great Richard. Clear and simple pics and text make it easy to understand and see what you're working on. I think the flow of a book is completely different to the flow of a wip or build log. Thinking about this from a book point of view as opposed to a build point of view, you could go into each process in detail each time it's first used. But you don't need to repeat yourself the next time you use the technique, you can just reference the reader back to page x. (Unlike a build log, please keep posting all the info and work your doing on here!) That would free up more time (for you, whilst writing it) and space for other things, like musings on camouflage or weathering products, and it would also keep the flow of the book moving forward. Just my tuppence worth, (maybe pennysworth). Keep it coming, loving the work. Geoff
  12. Brilliant work there Guy, and as for the speed you've built it at... Base sounds good idea tho... Pow, sounds like fun. needed methinks! Geoff
  13. Brilliant, what a great result you've got there! Well done! Geoff
  14. Speeding along there Beefy, looking good! Another vote for the kit part, all the other areas have raised rivets, it'd look wrong without them. Geoff
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