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  1. Bugle07

    Pass the Jug will ya

    Haven't mucked around with the Vallejo ma white yet, but the greys can be temperamental in the heat. The black is always great I find tho. Wonder if it's the pigments they use for white that muck it up? Good finish there, almost time for decals and dirt! Geoff
  2. Bugle07

    Malta 'Blue' Spitfire

    Thanks KM, there was a little bit of fettling to get the Yahu pannel in, nothing major tho. May actually get to do some painting tomorrow, will see. Geoff
  3. This is Brilliant stuff, well done so far! Geoff
  4. Bugle07

    Pass the Jug will ya

    Link as requested! I end up working the same hours as you it seems, no modelling till after 9 but that's work dependent most days. And I don't like using the airbrush too late at night or else SWMBO or the boy get all cranky... Geoff
  5. Bugle07

    Pass the Jug will ya

    Slowly dabbling along with a Tamiya VB Spitfire on here somewhere, and I've got Flyhawks 1/700 HMS Aurora on the go but I'm only getting a hour or two a week at most... There's a dirty great big 1/24 Spit giving me evils from the shelf of doom as well but I'm hiding as much as possible from that beast! Must try harder, as my school report always seemed to say.
  6. Bugle07

    Pass the Jug will ya

    I think with weathering you'll have an excellent model at the end of this! 'Tis all looking good! I like the idea of other colours for tonal variations, blues, reds, on the black base. Great tip that. Still resisting temptation... Geoff
  7. Bugle07

    Pass the Jug will ya

    Great effect there, like that a lot. Will give that a go on something soon I think (shameless stealing of ideas after watching someone else putting in the hard work...). Think you've got the balance just right, and the settings on the 'brush. I really can feel my resistance weakening every time I look at this build. Mebbie just a quick look on Hannant's. See what SEAC decals they have. Obviously wouldn't dream of buying a Razorback, just for curiositys sake... Geoff
  8. Bugle07

    BPBC 466-MTB

    Looking really good Beefy! Geoff
  9. Bugle07

    Pass the Jug will ya

    Very smooth! Like the finish, and seams are looking great, or not looking, as they're not there. Looking forward to the black basing effect on this, something I've never tried. may just take a few notes...
  10. Bugle07

    Pass the Jug will ya

    How did you find the 190? Just had a quick look on scalemates and Tamiya seem to have two, one that's a re box of a 70's Italaerei kit and one that they did themselves in 2000. Now you've got me thinking of doing an RAF Jug... Must resist the temptation, too many other kits on the go/stalled/have no time to work on
  11. Bugle07

    Landing Ship Medium

    Really well done Beefy, great result for your hard work! The figures just bring it to life. Geoff
  12. Bugle07

    Tsi Yuen, S-Model, 1:700

    Excellent water and wake, really well done. And I agree the smoke should disappear, not really sure if there's an alternative to create the effect? Geoff
  13. Bugle07

    Pass the Jug will ya

    Flying along with this build! Same as the guys above, sorry to have missed the start of this. Great work with the pit, detail looks good, cracking scheme, and we're just about ready for paint! Never done one of the 1/72 Tamiya kits but this looks up to the excellent standards they've set in all the other ranges. Can't wait to see more! Geoff
  14. All looking good there, really impressive work so far. Bring on the paint! What brand are you going to be using? Colourcoats? Geoff