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  1. Some lovely work as always Mick, great paint job. There's sooo much PE with this kit, what are you using to stik it all down with? Geoff
  2. Always thought the class was designed to run away? Strange old look to her. Will be good to see how she comes together, good luck with the rigging! Geoff
  3. Looks very nice there Rob, good work with the Scuttles. Always enjoy seeing a kit of the interwar destroyers being built, will be watching with a lot of interest (and taking a lot of notes...). Geoff
  4. Cracking build there Beefy. The aerials may have been a pita but you've got them looking . Another wonderful seascape as well, well done! Geoff
  5. Stunning finish! A pleasure to look at and enjoy all the little details on display. BZ Sir! Geoff
  6. Those trained Spiders really earned their pay on this kit! That's another great build Beefy, of a very interesting ship. Well done! Geoff
  7. That looks fantastic there Beefy! The rigging is bloody impressive, and the sea base ain't bad either... Geoff
  8. Really good work! So much great detail to take in, and really like the review of all the components you used. I do like the figures, they add so much life to the kit. Although some of the poses are a bit suspect, most look realistic and animated. The erk behind the portside crane looks spot on for someone trying to grab a quick smoke to my eyes.... Well done! Geoff
  9. Great work on the funnel stays. Do they have connection points on the deck, or did you attach straight to the deck? Careful of the PE Radar on top of the HACS, it thin, fiddly and enjoys pinging off into your coffee. Everything else is looking the part, great stuff! Geoff
  10. Looks excellent Dennis, really good finish! 1/700 PE is testing, to say the least, not something I ever look forward to doing... Geoff
  11. Hasegawa did a 1/350 kit of USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73), another Casablanca Class ship, about ten years ago according to Scalemates https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-40027-uss-gambier-bay-cve-73--151783 Tamiya do the USS Bouge in 1/700, different class, not sure how similar they are but it would be a cheaper option. Don't know about the LSM (R), the 501 class look very different to all the other LSM types, I don't know if you could even convert a LSM into one? There are a few LSM kits about, Revell do the 1/144 kit, Skywave/Pit Road do a 1/7
  12. Just joining in with the above, thanks to @Procopius @Stew Dapple @Enzo Matrix great work on a cracking GB gents. And well done to all who joined in, some stunning builds on display! Now onto the next one... Stay safe all Geoff
  13. Close but no cigars.... 4 mins over, ah well. If only I’d remembered to paint the inside of the door before I’d closed it up to protect the cockpit, and then painted it in interior green instead of sky... Was a great GB, fully enjoyed it and it’s had some inspirational builds, well done to all who entered, and to those who completed! Stay safe all Geoff
  14. Cheers Stew! Day off today, although I'm doing a Halloween party for my boy this afternoon which is going to eat into my time... Tick tock tick tock....
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