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  1. She looks stunning mate! Been wondering what you were doing. 1/48, does throw up it's own set of issues, but you've taken them in your stride! Think a good few people have come across the same issue with Alclad. It really is one of those that you have to do and use what it says on the label... Anyway, stunning finish there, great stuff! Geoff
  2. Many thanks getting there slowly. However I expect the fine detail toward the end will slow things up

  3. She's looking better and better all the time, worth a trip back to Marlborough just to see her in the flesh! Now to talk the missus and the boy into the 26hr flight... Geoff
  4. She's looking excellent there Stuart, lovely job! Geoff
  5. They are great paints, reminds me, I need to place another order fro Jamie soon... Geoff
  6. I've a soft spot for the gun Leanders, lovely looking ships. Really good job you've done on her, especially the pe extras, and the seascape is excellent! Geoff
  7. Very nice! Really good job on her and the seascape! What paints did you use on her, they look spot on. Geoff
  8. Love your work CC, really looks the part, especially with the bits you've added/scratched. Can't beat a good old FAA plane, unless there's two or more of course! Geoff
  9. Don't bet on that, I've done the straightforward bits so far. Not been near the PE yet! Or the small bits! Tamiya XF 55 should be Humbrol 28 on all conversion charts I've seen, not sure about the XF 78. Doesn't seem to be on any conversion charts I can see. Possibly 83 would do? A flat buff? Hope that's help mate. Geoff
  10. Hello mate, I'm using Tamiya paints, XF 78 Wooden Deck tan and XF 55 Deck tan with a dark brown enamel wash over the top. Bit more work done here, bridge and other dark decks painted, top of the funnels got black added, Nato black if my memorys right. I also gave the water a few washes of blue as it looked to black and stark white in natural light. Slowly, Slowly getting there. The camera seems to show up the Blue a lot more, it's nowhere near as prominent in real life (honest!). Possibly more tonight, if not then soon! Thanks for looking in and happy modelling all. Geoff
  11. Better to run out of paint, and still be able to build, than run out of time, and get nowt done! (He says creeping very quietly towards his Aurora hoping SWMBO doesn't hear and force me to start on the hideously long list of jobs she has for me this weekend...) Geoff
  12. She's looking good and busy now, like you say, they had a lot of stuff crammed onto them. Makes for a Cracking model! Geoff
  13. All going well I see, you'll be done in no time! Geoff
  14. Looking good! For the windows at 1/700 I think it's entirely up to you, scale effect makes most windows look dark. Maybe not black, dark grey possibly. The glass may still be taking on some of the colours around, sea sky etc? If your out to put her onto a sea base how about painting them a similar blue to the sea the giving them a dark or black wash? Could be effective? Or just a black wash over the grey base coat? Just my pennies worth. Geoff
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