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  1. I assume that the Demon's rigging was the same as the Hart, if so: This drawing is from the Silver Wings kit, which shows the main flying wires as being two sets of parallel wires, but the upper set actually runs from a "single" point by the aft cabane strut thence to the lower interplane struts as shown. Hope this is clear! 😄 and helpful.
  2. My interpretation Colin is that the CMK tank is a faithful scaled model of the real thing: but on the Tiger Moth the wings don’t actually meet with the sides of the tank, there really is a gap! So you need to cut a couple of fairing strips from lead foil or similar: Hope this helps Max
  3. I think 1/48 scale might be a challenge for you beyond, let’s say, 100 years old Tomas! So I’s sell the smaller scale ones, especially any 1/72, and make a “slow” transition to 1/32! The Old Man’s scale!! 😃
  4. The Revell Hurricane is a lovely kit; very well engineered and an absolute pleasure to build but not perfect. It benefits for instance to my mind by the CMK weighted wheels and (in my case) the AIMS spinner and prop blades. The fish tail exhausts are also a bit basic, I used the Grey Matters ones but I'm sure others are available. I finished mine a a Hurribomber of 175 Squadron (though the bombs and racks are AM not supplied as part of the kit) but I'm planning to do another of BE505 of 174 Squadron lost on the Dieppe raid.
  5. I like the “Zen” philosophy Tomas, anything that is good for your (mental) health is definitely worthwhile in my book. I’m doing the MDC Typhoon at the moment, getting quite stressed a couple of weeks ago about joining the fuselage halves together with so many internal elements to align accurately, so procrastination was the order of the day! I went off on holiday for a week, forgot about all the modelling “problems” and when I came back home had the fuselage join done within minutes! Bench time is important; a time to focus on an activity which (despite its occasional stresses) gives pleasure and fulfilment, and when it can be shared and discussed it’s even better. Try the new Revell Hurricane in 1/32, it’s very good but not perfect….room for improvement and detailing! 😁
  6. Exhausting, demanding but amazing work Tomas! I’m a patient man but…..wow….not in your league (and I only work in 1/32!).
  7. Wonderful attention to detail as ever Tomas. This certainly is a looonngg build!
  8. They are truly wonderful photos and such valuable references, are they genuine period colour shots or “colourised” ones?
  9. Thank you all for your kind comments, I can assure you they are very much appreciated. Derek Stevenson’s book “Six Crashes Later” is highly recommended, a great read. I live in the area where many of his adventures were set so it’s particularly poignant for me. Cedric, I’m very jealous, I would have loved to have met him too. In his book he comes across as being very modest and self-deprecating; he describes his nervousness and sleeplessness prior to his first op., not letting himself and the side down was paramount. He went on to fly Typhoons…..another chapter of his career full of excitement and incidents.
  10. This is Hurribomber BE687 of 175 Squadron based at Warmwell in Dorset in 1942. She was flown on the ill-fated attack at Dieppe in August, her pilot was D L Stevenson, “Steve”. He was hit by flak, baled out and rescued by a Polish destroyer….back flying the next day! The Revell Hurricane IIB is an excellent kit; well designed and accurate, a real pleasure to build. I have used though CMK weighted wheels, an AIMS prop ans Air Master gun barrels. The 250lb bombs and carriers don’t come with the kit but were supplied by a clever 3D printing friend. More pics:
  11. Thank you, the pilot’s notes for the Mk II Hurricane are so interesting! Max
  12. You seem to have that all thoroughly worked out Tomas, and planning ahead is always wise policy!
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