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  1. Excellent job Iain, you’ve nailed those IPs, just a pity that the lower one is barely visible in the cockpit! Max
  2. Thanks Daniele, the kit was a good “canvas” to work on, I look forward to future releases from ICM. Their support team is excellent too, I ruined one of the tailplanes by knocking over some Alclad airbrush cleaner which took off all the ribbing, basically melting the plastic! I had a new sprue B without any charge, question or delay. Great company!
  3. Thank you both, glad you like her. I'm waiting with bated breath Chris for the Silver Wings Tiger Moth VERY shortly.....I've ordered two! With John Adams onboard + the experienced SW team I'm sure it's going to be a beauty. (but I have an Echelon Lightning to do first!!) Max
  4. Thank you, pre-war schemes are so attractive especially from a modeller's point of view: Max
  5. Thanks Rog, I hope you get as much enjoyment from yours as I did, not too much of an exaggeration to say it was the most pleasant model that I've made for a while and of course plenty of opportunities for super detailing. ICM have got it just right in the design of the kit, as I mentioned earlier on I'm going to buy another and make a Gauntlet from it.....should be interesting! The turnbuckles are, you're right, Bob's Buckles - just the 0.3mm micro tubing and the rigging is Prym, a neat fit in the tubes. Between the fore and aft interplane struts I used stretched sprue. Glad you liked the Gladiator, thank you for your kind comments. Max
  6. You should, it’s a real pleasure to build. Mine was completed, including my own masks and painted insignia rather than decals in about a month.
  7. Gentlemen, thank you all for your kind comments, they are very much appreciated. CR, you won't be stealing my ideas at all, we all learn from these forums and share knowledge, ideas and experience, it is the raison d'être to my mind.
  8. Thanks Malcolm, I’m building a “history of 56 squadron” aircraft. Their Gauntlets certainly had the chequers so there’s a reasonable chance at least one Gladiator did but no known photos exist. The kit is a delight to build, just a bit of extra care is needed with the tailplanes, I used extra brass rod to strengthen the join. Well I’m pleased the plane is satisfactory. Thank you, Yes indeed, 1/32nd. ICM are bringing out a Mk II and Sea Gladiator too. Very easy to build and pretty straightforward rigging. I’m sure the kit will do well for ICM, I’m quite surprised none has appeared here before. Lots of alternative decal options are becoming available. The seated and standing pilots are both also ICM, produced with the Gladiator in mind, though the seated pilot’s head is a Hornet replacement. The sergeant fitter is a Wings Cockpit figure. Thank you, I enjoyed every minute of the build, it was trouble-free apart from one moment of incompetence from me! The exhaust collector is such an obvious feature which I spent quite a lot of time trying to get right. After a silver base coat I lightly sprayed patches of thinned blue, purple and brown in fairly random areas then overpainted with a very watery acrylic paint, with frequent references to some pictures I took of the Duxford Gladiator. Well Hans, I’m planning a 56 squadron Gauntlet using this kit as a basis so those wishes will come true then! Thank you.
  9. ICM's new and excellent 1/32nd scale Gladiator Mk 1: Please note, K8000 certainly was a 56 squadron Gladiator but there is no documentary evidence that she, nor any other 56 squadron Gladiator sported the famous chequerboard scheme. This is wishful thinking on my behalf. Max
  10. Loctite control gel is the way to go Greg. A drop on the end of a pin etc can be placed exactly where you want it to go. Max
  11. Oh you lucky people! For me, the SW kits are the best in the world for all the reasons: right scale (1/32), material and detail (resin quality mouldings) and subject matter (for me, biplanes of the 1930s).
  12. Love your colourful Stieglitz J-W, I feel honoured that my Silver Wings Fw44 helped you to start your build. It’s so refreshing to see something different, though how you made that fine model and rigged it in 1/72 scale is way beyond me, far too small for my eyesight and capabilities! Well done and congratulations.
  13. Thanks Andy.....I used to be 1/48th scale too but find 1/32nd so much more satisfying! Amongst others within the Silver Wings stable I also have the He51 to build, seeing as your interest lies with the Luftwaffe 1935-45.
  14. It’s produced by Silver Wings Michael, they are based in Poland and all are resin kits, very high quality castings. The assembly instructions need careful reading at times but such fun to build. Most are 1/32 scale (my preferred scale with tired old eyes) but I think they do a few 1/72 and 1/48. Highly recommended. Thanks Luiz. It’s similar to the Bucker in that it’s a pre-war German trainer I guess, but the similarities end there.
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