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  1. It's coming along very well David, I just love Ansons! The two most challenging parts of this kit are still ahead of you; 1. the location and fit of the undercarriage, and 2. the resin engine cowlings which have no fixing points other than the tops of the cylinders! Max
  2. galgos

    Listening to the Solstice

    A little more titillation.........I said....A LITTLE MORE TITILLATION!!! (Don't worry, I've worn hearing aids for years....wouldn't be without them....but then I am over 70!) Max
  3. galgos

    Listening to the Solstice

    You may find these some help Tony, dimensions on some - these from a chap restoring an Anson in Canada:
  4. Fascinating footage! I think any of us finishing a Hurricane as tatty and filthy as those would draw a criticism of it being over-weathered! Max
  5. galgos

    Listening to the Solstice

    Really quite astonishing work Tony, something about silk purses and sows' ears seems appropriate here. Max
  6. Many congratulations on completing this behemoth, in both size and build complexity Neil, she truly does look every inch a Stirling in all her beautiful ugliness! I saw her at Telford on her "temporary legs" but your struggles with that incredible undercarriage (always going to be a challenge for any Stirling of any scale) and the elegant solution epitomises the "press on regardless" attitude necessary for vac building. The paint finish is of course well up to your usual high standard, but please don't touch the engine staining, it looks very realistic to my eye! Bravo, brilliant build. Max
  7. galgos

    Listening to the Solstice

    Tony, for what it's worth, this is the brass frame arrangement that I've made for my 1/32 vacuform Anson, not yet soldered but using Albion Alloys "Connecto" I think it's called, bit of a cheat but soldering shortly: It lines up quite nicely with scaled up drawings: and Classic Airframes resin side walls were a useful check too, this in 1/48th and will be used as a reference for detailing starting soon: Max
  8. I bought this kit early last year and have been itching to build it ever since but I've been pre-occupied with a Bf110G4 conversion in 1/32 scale: The Fw44 Stieglitz (goldfinch) was one of the main training aircraft for the Luftwaffe in the 30s and 40s and was flown by Peter Spoden, a former Nachtjager and gentleman who I've been privileged to meet: It's the first full resin kit that I've built, so bit of a learning curve there, but it will be OOB apart from a few bits of wire in the cockpit. It comes with all the bits in plastic bags: packed by Celine! but as Geoff Coughlin noted in one of his reviews of a SW kit in Scale Modelling Now, the bits are randomly packaged. The instructions are a series of drawings: but there are no identifying numbers or sprues to give you a clue about what is what and where it goes. So my first evening was spent emptying everything out onto a table and basically trying to identify bits and sorting them into bags: It was a worthwhile exercise because I feel that I've got a bit of a handle on what's going to be needed. No decals provided but masks, which I prefer anyway so that's a plus. I hope to start the build very shortly. This is a rather good photograph, very clear around the engine, which is where I'm going to start! Max
  9. galgos

    All the HK Lancaster questions you want to ask: just here . . .

    But did the pilot's seat actually have an engraved ring for the enigmatic yellow circle, or was the latter simply painted on as I suspect. If the latter, why would HK engrave a circle? And the $64000 question that to my knowledge has never produced an authoritative (ie supported by facts not supposition) answer is of course, what's the yellow circle for anyway? Max
  10. Excellent! In his post-war interrogation he said that most of his attacks were carried out using the Schrage-Muzik cannons rather than the forward guns. Max
  11. Good thinking, and let's face it there's nobody to tell you you're wrong either! Max
  12. I'm glad that's worked out for you Elger, I remember I had to thin my Aires set to almost transparency to get it into my Revell-Monogram fuselage. Just out of interest, why is an "E" nose taped to your fuselage? Max
  13. galgos

    Avro Anson

    Two lovely looking Ansons, having also built 2 of these Classic Airframes kits (and one still unbuilt) I know how much skill and attention you've put into these. A super kit though as you say, suitable only for experienced modellers. Max
  14. Good luck with your build Elger, the Eduard G4 is over-engineered in my opinion and far from perfect in many areas, especially the wing-fuselage joins. I too am a great fan of the Bf110 family, I've nearly finished a 1/32 scale G4, Schnaufer's favourite G9+EF also using an AIMS conversion. I'll be following your progress with interest. i think you'll find the excellent Aires cockpit conversion a tight fit!! Max
  15. galgos

    Dragon Rapide model back on line...probably...

    Bring it on! The sooner the better, been a loooonnng time in the production. Having a 1/32nd Rapide (Dominie for me) is a bigger wish than a Lancaster - 1/32nd is the only scale for some of us.