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  1. Looks very good Chris, well done. Are you going to add the "dampers" in the "V" of the rigging, I just used a piece of thin plastic rod roughly rounded at each end when I did my Gladiator. Each one just rests on the rigging.
  2. I admire your tenacity Chris, the old British bulldog spirit! I still have my (uncompleted) Tiger Moth too but with the Silver Wings kits and rumours of ones from Special Hobby and ICM all in 1/32 scale in the pipeline I don’t think it’ll see the light of day again other than as a practice mule. Keep going with yours, it looks splendid!
  3. Yes Paul, my canopy is yellowed too. I've been given a spare Trumpeter one which I may use if I have to, opened up the difference in width shouldn't be too obvious, though I'm hoping a friend may mould a new one for me, watch this space - I'll keep you informed if he's open to doing a couple. I've used the Aires wheel wells (they don't fit without lots of work), cockpit (ok but needs lots of fiddling) and exhausts (easy fit). Max
  4. I’m building the Echelon Lightning F6 right now, just got her on her wheels, a really fun and splendid “kit”. At pretty much the same stage is an Airfix 1/48 F2A, very simple but effective.
  5. Thank you both. I know it doesn’t suit everybody but I find 1/32 scale perfect for my love of detailing and my old eyes! My future project is to turn one of these into a Gauntlet.
  6. Here Michael https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/82902-gloster-gladiatorfinished/
  7. Let's hope Dora Wings do a 1/32 scale version of the kit now that John has helped them so much. Their Dewoitine D500 looks very tasty in that scale.
  8. Are you going to "upgrade" the lower fuselage area Duncan?
  9. Thanks for that John, very interesting indeed. DXT was a beautiful Tiger Moth, I've got some good pictures of her up at Compton Abbas. Terrible shame about her loss and very hard to understand exactly what happened.
  10. A lesson indeed, never assume. DXT of course is sadly no more, used to see her quite often flying over my house. Max
  11. Before you go too much further Duncan, have a look at a real Tiger Moth and compare the fuselage diagonal line on the rear cockpit from door hinge to the aft fuselage. Revell show it as a straight line, there’s actually a “notch” at the top which lines up with the upper door edge.
  12. Yes, the Rapide, or Dominie in my case, will be marvellous. I’ve pre-ordered mine already. Keep up the good work.
  13. Glad to see this one resurrected Duncan, it’s looking pretty damned good. I’m expecting 2 Silver Wings Tiger Moth kits before too long, I know they’ll be accurate because John Adams advised SW in the design phase so the Revell TM is in the past for me now! Good luck with the rest of your build, I’ll keep an eye on it. Max
  14. Excellent job Iain, you’ve nailed those IPs, just a pity that the lower one is barely visible in the cockpit! Max
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