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  1. Good luck with the Lightning Joe, it's a fantastic "kit" and great fun to do but trying to introduce "foreign" resin bits to the Echelon "base kit" is far from easy! I had to do a lot of butchery to the Aires cockpit set to get it shoehorned in, then getting it in place along with the trunking etc was another nightmare......do-able but far from easy. I didn't have the intake ring but fortunately a friend had a resin replacement which fitted perfectly.
  2. Beautiful work Glijn, great attention to detail. Max
  3. Excellent Glijn, well done! You’re the expert to turn to for advice then. Max
  4. You’ve made an excellent job of the cockpit area Lightpainter, very detailed and realistic. I also have the Nimrod to do but I’ve recently started the Montex/AlleyCat Fury, sadly the instructions are rather vague so your pictures plus Lukas’ wonderful booklet will be my guide since the Nimrod and Fury are pretty similar. Max https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/87501-hawker-fury/
  5. Thank you! Just the ticket. Max
  6. Does anybody know what size Watts prop was used on the Gloster Gauntlet prior to the three-blade Fairey-Reed? Same as the Gladiator (10 feet?) perchance? TIA Max
  7. You're absolutely right Dave, my memory was playing tricks on me! In fact there's a clear picture in "On Silver Wings" of 56 Squadron pilots doing a "scramble" which clearly shows the fuselage chequers but not upper wings. And yes, K4090 was 19 Squadron.
  8. Simon’s most recent post says January issue, in December when posted they were still working on the cockpit.
  9. Yes Keith, I have some from a Flight article, look on the first page of this thread: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/86884-gloster-stable/ Max
  10. Me too, I've just ordered Lukgraph's new 1/32 Hawker Nimrod as well. Happy days!!
  11. Silver Wings have recently confirmed that the next kit in their Interwar series of aircraft will be a Gloster Gauntlet. Anticipated December release date. Happy Christmas!
  12. Great to see a RATG Hurricane modelled (I have a 1/32 one planned), she looks gorgeous in the silver livery, though in truth it was a quick re-spray over the previous camo. Lovely build CC, many congratulations!
  13. Agree 100% with previous comments, ICM’s Gladiator was one of the most enjoyable kits that I’ve built in a long while. I’m contemplating getting another and converting it to a Gauntlet, an interesting challenge. You’ve made a very good job of yours Dave, many congratulations. Max
  14. There are some builds of the Dragon Bf110 on Large Scale Planes that are worth looking at and will help avoid some of the potential pitfalls in the terrible instructions! Beautiful kit, as Carl said it goes together pretty well.
  15. Most definitely of interest Chris, you're doing a stellar job in my opinion. I get the impression that this forum is more about 1/72 and 1/48 models so 1/32 is a poor relation....others may think differently of course.
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