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  1. Yes Mark (some fine modelling there by the way!), as with most aspects of the CA/SH kits, it's all a bit vague in places, but this is where my IP went: Hope this helps give an approximate position for you! Max
  2. Agreed with Dennis, Airscale all the way. Max
  3. Quality well-researched and detailed work Craig, really marvellous! Your scenario is prior to take off, so no reason why that map couldn’t be on the nav’s table. After the op. the maps had no value, they had served their purpose and were usually torn up though I’ve seen one genuine Chastise map that was saved. Max
  4. Stick at it Mark, you’re doing a good job. However, I’m definitely looking forward to this!
  5. I like it a lot, but there’s something wrong to my eyes with that starboard inner exhaust, the underwing one. It looks far too low, but I could easily be mistaken!! Should the one that you have on the port inner be the underwing one? Max
  6. I’ve always thought Montex masks were a waste of money especially in your scale, they’re too thick and don’t conform easily to tight or complex curves.
  7. Some "progress"....I think that's what you'd call it I've taken out the plastic wingtip inserts which had developed splits and replaced them with resin ones then filled in the other cracks in the fuselage. I wasn't happy either with the roll bar: a) it was off centre when viewed from the front and b) it's over scale, so a new improved version will be built. I'm going to redo most of the camouflage....never been satisfied with it so this "makeover" is a good opportunity to tart it all up a bit. Two lovely colour pics of RATG (Rhodesian Air Training Group) Harvard I's. If you're at all interested in aircrew training in WW2 or the RATG, take a look at my website (under development) here
  8. No worries Chris, it was in a GB but as so often the build fell by the wayside!
  9. I wouldn't trust drawings Mark, I always go by looks from reference photos. Just look how different those bulges are in the drawing's position to accommodate the engine cylinders, much further forward than the kit’s. But which is right.....and how much does it matter!? But here's a fine looking build in 1/48 scale which is spoiled by those cowls not being opened up enough: I think yours looks ok though so I'd be happy with it!
  10. For what it's worth, my 1/48 build from 7 years ago: and a couple of clearer pictures:
  11. July 2022! See new intro!! I'll be working on this delightful Harvard as time permits, but in the meantime some cracking pictures from Rhodesia and a matching map section:
  12. That's looking better Mark, back-tracking will pay dividends downstream! I agree entirely about the ridiculous casting block on the front of the cowling, but it's also worth checking reference pictures closely to see just how much you should open up the front of the cowling.....I believe it's more than it seems.
  13. The ICM Gladiator is pretty easy to rig, as biplanes go: I always use Prym elastic, supplied as white but can be coloured to whatever you wish. Max
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