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  1. I have no documentation to state it, but my understanding is that the cabin floor was wood.
  2. It’s not a Hart Patrik, but very close in line…..the Demon that I got up close and personal with recently at Old Warden airfield: I took a lot of detail pics which may possibly be of use to you should you need them, such as: and Max
  3. Congratulations JM, you took on a job that I had thought about but chickened out! But for “old soldiers” nothing is too daunting, and the end result is a cracker. Well done for your determination and problem solving skills, the final model is nothing short of marvellous.
  4. There are many, many "worse" ways to have spent your Saturday evening Patrik! Continuing to look fabulous but.....are you going to rig this one? It would be a shame not to.
  5. Fantastic detailed work Patrik! And what a great little kit that is, the rib taping and stitching is quite amazing!
  6. Wow, wow, wow!! It would be a Yes from me!! (but the rules say 1/32 or larger!)
  7. Simply beautiful Patrik! Congratulations on a very fine build.
  8. Just read through all of this Patrik, superb research and modelling as ever…..and in diminutive 1/72 scale to boot! I look forward to seeing the rest of your Hart-felt journey! By the way, did you finish your Gauntlet? I’ve looked but may have missed it. Loved the way that was developing. PS Just found it, beautiful! PPS I have two Silver Wings Hart kits but not yet the time to build either! This is how my Gauntlet turned out:
  9. Progress is progress Richie…..well done!
  10. Ok JM, I’ll put them in the post on Tuesday, and yes, you’re right that the photographer’s plane isn’t a Gauntlet….a two seater for sure!
  11. If you fancy Tiger Squadron JM (74 Squadron) I have a spare set of decals I could send you.
  12. Many congratulations JM, you have completed a build that I was thinking about knowing how difficult it was going to be before Silver Wings came to my rescue. She looks every millimetre a Gauntlet despite the squadron colours! By the way, most of the chequered ones in the photographs are actually 19 Squadron (blue and white), not 56 Squadron, (red and white).
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