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  1. Thank you for your concern, I'm absolutely fine but quite honestly had the feeling I was wasting my time with this GB. Max
  2. Progress on this build on Britmodeller is discontinued.
  3. The pilot's IP finished and fitted to the front coaming. The white plastic lump is there as additional support for the radio aerial; it's tall and has little to securely anchor it to the top panel, so I'll be drilling the mast and adding a length of brass wire which will then go through the "box" Max
  4. The centre wing assembly fits beautifully with the fuselage section: (the cowling is merely resting in place) Time to think about the IPs, again as supplied they are wrong for a WW2 RAF Harvard, so new ones have to be built: Still work in progress but coming along OK:
  5. The KH wheels (shown on the left) are completely wrong for a wartime Harvard. The NA Mustang and Texan/Harvard shared a lot of common features, including the wheels, so a set of Brassin Mustang wheels fit the bill:
  6. Very good Pabbi, well done. That second low three quarter shot is especially effective. Max
  7. Not a great deal of bench time today, though the rudder and elevators are nearing completion. I spent a while on the Silhouette cutter designing the code numbers this morning, maybe do the serials later, but in the meantime I've made a small start on the wings. The first job is to drill out those nasty fuel filler caps, I'll be making some of my own so that they more closely resemble the one shown below: Max
  8. It doesn't look like an easy kit at all Heather but you're making a pretty good job of it, Oxfords are such attractive aeroplanes I think though it's clearly fighting you all the way! Max
  9. What a beautiful little aircraft the Bestmann is, I wish someone would do a kit in 1/32 scale! I look forward to seeing how yours develops. Max
  10. Some delightful looking Moths Alan, but which comes first, the rigging or the interplane struts?! Does rigging include rudder and elevator control wires too? Max
  11. Good to see another KH T-6/Harvard in the GB Pabbi, you're obviously finishing yours as a T-6 and it looks very good. One issue that was picked up by the pundits when the kit was first released was the position of the undercarriage, it's too narrow and needs moving outboard on each leg by 2.5mm, though you may not be bothered by this - and it's probably too late even if you are!! I look forward to seeing how you progress, not far off finishing I guess? Cheers Max
  12. Not too much wrong with that in principle at least!
  13. Looks like we're singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to detail Peter! I hope this is the answer, had these for ages but never used them, but I hope they'll be just right once they get a coat of primer and paint on them. I use MRP paints, which are very thin so the raised rivets shouldn't be obliterated: Staying with the aft end, the rudder horns have been fitted: and a but of panelling added: Max
  14. Thank you Peter, you're quite right, cutting that panel in half may have been a better option (I'll do that on my next Harvard!!). The rib tape on the rudder looked a bit too obvious in my opinion, all a matter of scale appearance and to my eye it was too pronounced. I haven't given up on simulating the stitching completely but I need to have a re-think. Max
  15. The offending panel area after some serious filling and sanding. Fortunately KH's excellent riveting detail was preserved: Another rather "lazy" area from KH was the face of the engine compartment air intake, just a blank lump of plastic. I drilled and hollowed it out and took a piece of radiator grill from a Bf109, trimmed to shape and fitted.....looks much more like it: Planning to do a few fuselage refinements around the tail end today. Max
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