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  1. Edit: NVM - I should have read the thread more closely High Planes Models seem to offer a set of B-24 cowlings to fit the Minicraft kit. Price is reasonable too. https://www.hpmhobbies.com/products/High-Planes-Consolidated-B24-Liberator-engines-x-4-for-Academy-kit-(Accessories-1%3A72).html
  2. BraZ does improved resin intakes, exhaust, and windscreen for the Revell Concorde. I believe Hannants carries them. http://www.brazmodels.com/concorde.html
  3. This is interesting because the last financial report from Hornby said they had enough cash and credit facilities to run the business for the foreseeable future. Perhaps this means they have identified some new product opportunities which they did not have the capital to pursue without additional investment.
  4. The incidence appears to have been reduced by a couple of degrees after the fillet was introduced. This is from the August 2019 Eduard Info showing how they accommodated the change; you can see the panels are somewhat different as well:
  5. Strictly speaking, the incidence of the horizontal stabiliser needs to be changed for the filletless tail too. Eduard has accommodated for this with different fuselages in their 1/48th kit. One presumes that when they get around to tooling up the 1/72nd scale kits they will do the same.
  6. You'll need to cut into the leading edge of the upper wing as well, otherwise bending the wing up will distort the shape.
  7. Really nice Vulcan, but ... should it not have the IFR probe?
  8. The MiG-17 was LIDAR as well; that is the latest kit to be released that used LIDAR technology.
  9. Glad someone noticed! That was deliberate on my part. You’ll have noticed the two Spitfire Is are A and B schemes as well.
  10. TBH, I love Gunze Mr. Color too. I have a spray booth that exhausts outside so I mostly avoid the fumes, but it means opening a window to vent the booth and I hate to do that when it's really cold out, as New England winters often are (except this year).
  11. Call it artistic license! Although, I did find this example with a single patch over one barrel:
  12. Certainly not compared to the other available options it isn't!
  13. My point was that you cannot judge colour accuracy from an image on the web. There are too many variables involved: the lighting, the camera sensitivity, the image compression, the monitor colour rendition etc. Here’s the same model under more natural daylight. The Hurricane next to it and the Spit above were all painted with the same paints, whereas the early Mk.I was painted with Testors Model Master Dark Earth and Dark Green; there’s not a lot of difference, if any.
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