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  1. VMA131Marine

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    I didn't realise that there is a shortage of BoB era Spitfire decal sheets. I seem to have a veritable plethora in my decal stash already.
  2. VMA131Marine

    New 1/72nd Airfix Phantom FGR.2

    You should have a chat with Eduard about wasted plastic. In some of there Fw 190 kits, but for a few small parts, there is enough in the box to build two models.
  3. VMA131Marine

    What to do with a Frog DH Mosquito

    You could do something like this:
  4. Be grateful that it's not a Combat Models kit! By the same token, treat it like a basic vacform kit; scratchbuild to add structure and detail wherever necessary. These kits were meant to be sold as pre-painted, partially assembled display models so they have to be easy and quick to build on a production line. They are a starting point for a detailed model, nothing more.
  5. VMA131Marine

    The New Doctor Who - NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    I'm having trouble finding an episode of Star Trek TOS or TNG that ISN'T political. I mean what do you think this was: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirk_and_Uhura's_kiss
  6. So that would make converting the Airfix dash-5 to a late dash-3 Hellcat all the easier, would it not. It sounds like all the major differences would be internal.
  7. This looks like a Hellcat II in TSS: What's the purpose of the markings on the spine and the footprint like marks above the squadron codes? Here's a profile of a different aircraft:
  8. VMA131Marine

    An exploritory question about the D.H. Comet

    Engine intakes are quite different and I would suspect differences in the fairings over the engines and jetpipes. Comet Is had dehavilland Ghost engines versus RR Avons on the later versions. Comet Is also had the square windows.
  9. Obviously, this kit will be followed up with an F6F-3/Hellcat I, but will they also include parts for the nightfighter -3N and -5N versions. I'd guess those would be relatively simple conversions for the aftermarket to do. Personally, I'm pretty excited about this release; will definitely get two to do USN and FAA versions.
  10. VMA131Marine

    Another Airfix typhoon 1:72

    Your other choices in 1/72 would be: Matchbox (Mk.II, VI) Heller (Mk.V) Revell (Mk.V) Frog (Mk.V) Special Hobby (Mk.II ) CzechMaster Resin (Mk.II ) The Heller kit is probably the best of the other Mk.Vs Matchbox is the only VI, but the panel lines are rather trench-like.
  11. If it's sitting on the ground, won't that make it a Meteor-ite?
  12. VMA131Marine

    Telford 2018

    So, same size as last year then....
  13. Airfix! It will replace all the Mach 2 kit parts and even come with decals.