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  1. The Monogram GR.I/AV-8A is quite nice for it's age if you can find one. I think it's an AV-8A out of the box, but I'm sure the changes to make a proper GR.I can't be that extensive.
  2. The Hobbycraft kit is quite buildable and certainly a better effort in terms of accuracy than the early P-40s that Hobbycraft did. Also, the Eduard kit is vapourware at the moment, who knows how long it will be before we see it in the plastic.
  3. The link below has a comparison of the FROG/Novo kit and the Monogram F-82. The kit pictured above certainly looks to have its origins in the Monogram kit and not the FROG version. https://webkits.hoop.la/topic/twin-mustang-f-82
  4. But not the -3 version, which was overweight, underpowered, and got decimated at Midway. The earlier, lighter version that the Finns had was undeniably better.
  5. Orange Hobby also has a pre-cut masking set to make painting the RAM panels easier.
  6. So it's like the paint-by-numbers paintings we used to do as children - at least I did.
  7. I'm sure you're joking but, if not, here are some US lemons (granted none are recent): F7U Cutlass F3H Demon A-12 Avenger F-111B SB2C Helldiver (at least initially) TBD-1 Devastator F2A-3 Buffalo There is something of a US Navy theme here although I'm reminded that the prototype F-102 couldn't go supersonic until they area-ruled the fuselage.
  8. Of course, the Japan trade deal is with the EU ... Get your orders in while it lasts ...
  9. I suppose that's one good thing about HLJ's private warehouse feature. Just wait until you have a large number of items and then ship them all at once. You'll pay the VAT on the total value of goods plus shipping, which will be less than if you had the items shipped individually, but only one charge to PF.
  10. HLJ has them available to order for $24.77, or roughly 19.90 of your English Pounds + shipping of course! https://hlj.com/1-48-scale-ta-4j-skyhawk-hsgpt43
  11. If there has to be a Polish connection, then my bets would be on the Mustang III and the Spitfire Vb/c Otherwise, Hawker Tempest.
  12. How are the canopies in the RoG boxings. The last RoG single seater I bought had clear parts that were unusable.
  13. I wouldn't count on it, it would probably be cheaper just to get the AModel Jetstream kit in the version you want.
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