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  1. Airfix has its own distinct tooling, two of them actually. Yes, they did briefly rebox the Italeri kit after their original 1960’s vintage DC-3/ AC-47 tooling wore out, but the current kit is an Airfix original from the wheels up.
  2. I have that and the Aeroclub kit, which can still be built into a nice replica. The Aeroclub comes with parts for all the single and two seat variants
  3. These are minor issues really. Nothing like the disaster that is the Trumpeter Vampire.
  4. I’ve been working on an AModel 1/144 C-130A, which is from the same basic molds as these kits and it’s been a bit of a slog, TBH. Probably more accurate than the ex-Minicraft C-130, but that is far easier to build. A new 1/144 C-130 series would be welcome.
  5. They have said that their January announcements are likely not the entirety of their 2024 release program and note that the announced releases are front-loaded to the first half of the year. It seems likely we can expect 2 or maybe three additional new tools.
  6. The Hasegawa kit is still relevant if you want a Sikorsky-built aircraft.
  7. The first boxing of the 1/72 Fw 190 was an A-8 in 2015. That’s hardly old in kit terms. The only newer kit is the 2016 Zvezda snap-together Fw 190A-4. More recently, of course, we’ve had the IBG Fw 190Ds but that’s a different aircraft, altogether.
  8. What’s wrong with the existing Fw 190A kits from Eduard? The existing kits are well-detailed and easy to build. The only obvious issue is they don’t cover the early A-1 thru A-4 variants
  9. They already have a very good 1/72 Fw 190A series unless you mean the A-1 thru A-4
  10. I see people repeat versions of this quote a lot. The days when a new model kit was “a license to print money” are long over, if they ever existed. Typical production runs from mainstream manufacturers are between 2500 and 10000 kits (I’m guessing Gundam kits are an exception). Is there evidence of a burgeoning model kit market in China now that there is a significant concentration of quality kit manufacturers there? I seem to recall the first issue of the Border Lancaster was produced in quantities under 2000 and they are not difficult to source new if you want one. The only bona fide license to print money kit I can recall was the Testors 1/48 F-19 which sold well over 1 million copies over the space of a couple of years.
  11. Mass produced “iconic” aircraft in 1/72? I’m not feeling a MiG-21bis or SMT and I think it will be too soon after the 1/48 P-40 for a 1/72nd series. So what’s left? F-86E/F MiG-17 Yak-3 Cessna 172 (jk nk) F-16 (wouldn’t that be something) Harrier (it’s certainly iconic) F4U Corsair (I’d guess the -1/-1A/-1D are most likely) SBD Dauntless TBF/TBM Avenger Hawker Typhoon DH Mosquito (in cooperation with Special Hobby) Ju 87 Stuka F-4 Phantom - they wouldn’t, would they? MiG-29 A-4 Skyhawk Mirage III (unlikely) F-104 Starfighter P-47 Thunderbolt P-38 Lightning I can argue that a new tool 1/72 kit would be welcome for most of these, the Mirage III being an exception.
  12. Well, Eduard are already doing a P-40 series in 1/48 so they certainly have the technical data to scale it down.
  13. D Model Mustangs? Probably none, the D wasn’t available until mid-1944. Even Bs and Cs wouldn’t have much opportunity to go against the F which ended production in 1942. Fs were used in North Africa, the Balkans, and on the Eastern Front so P-40Es, Hurricane IIs, Yak-1s, and Spitfire Vs would all be more credible opponents.
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