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  1. And a correspondingly lower price, hopefully!
  2. VMA131Marine

    Airfix Club?

    I’m not sure why it should be taking so long other than to prepare whatever club exclusives they will be releasing.
  3. Interesting that both Revell and Airfix are now rereleasing Academy 1/35th scale armour in their own boxes. I haven’t noticed if there’s been any overlap though. Also notable is the rebox of the ICM He 111H-6 rather than the ex-Monogram kit they already own.
  4. Also: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/earth-and-planetary-sciences/biomarker
  5. Oil formation is incredibly well understood; that’s why we’ve found so much of it. We use knowledge of how it was formed to predict the best places to look. No oil company prospects for oil using anything but the theory of biological origin (theory in this case being the correct scientific usage).
  6. Nobody knows enough about Titan to be able to credibly make this claim.
  7. In general, oil wells do not refill from below. There have been a couple of cases were a higher reservoir has been connected to and refilled from a deeper one. Moreover, oil contains biological markers that are unique enough you can tell what reservoir a sample came from by testing for them. Oil was not formed from dead forests, but from an ocean phytoplankton bloom that occurred millions of years ago due to a spike in atmospheric CO2. This is further confirmed because oil and natural gas are found in sedimentary rock. The abiogenesis oil hypothesis is mostly attributed to Thomas Gold and has been thoroughly discredited.
  8. Simple q * CL-max * wing area where q is the dynamic pressure = 0.5 * density * (true airspeed)^2
  9. If you do a H.S. Trident (1, 2, or 3) I’d buy one of those too
  10. Tooling scale more directly with the number of parts not the size of those parts. The development costs of a 1/700 kit are therefore going to be more than 1/2 of the costs of a 1/350 kit most likely.
  11. Academy also did a 1:600 Titanic. It is not the same kit as the Revell.
  12. Look at how much shorter the outline of the door is on the kit compared to the real thing too. I’m starting to question if the whole windscreen itself is too low on the fuselage.
  13. What’s wrong with the new 1/48th Airfix Hunter kit? I have not heard of any major accuracy problems, though I assume there will be the usual gripes about Airfix’s panel lines. It’s certainly better than the Academy kit.
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