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  1. I'm very familiar with ITAR regulations. It's not entirely clear that the external shape of the F-35 would be covered. How else to explain Italeri's 1/32nd scale kit produced with explicit licensing authority from Lockheed-Martin.
  2. Oh, the parents should pay too! If your minor child goes out and destroys someone else's property because you didn't care enough to teach them properly or keep track of where they are then you are just as liable for the damages.
  3. Indeed! What kind of parents let their minor children roam around at 3 o'clock in the morning.
  4. If I were Airfix, I'd try to do a deal with Hasegawa or Fujimi to rebox one of their F-35B kits.
  5. The Kaman SH-2F Seasprite and Kamov Ka-25 Hormone were both really nice kits that could do with a re-release with updated decals.
  6. Even more impressive would be putting in a lighting system that works only randomly.
  7. I see there's a larger rudder included. Anybody know what else might be needed to do an FR.XVIII
  8. Not only Airfix with the FR.XIV, which has not been done well in any scale up to now, but Tamiya thought the world needed a new Mk.I as well, despite there being an Airfix kit not many years old. You know what, they weren't wrong. It's brilliant. It's true there are quite a few Spitfire kits. There were also a lot of different Spitfire variants, even more if you add in the Seafires. However, many of the available kits are quite poor in terms of detail and especially accuracy. Somehow we still don't have a mainstream Mk.Vc. The model kit market moves on and kits that were good enough 30, 20, 10, even 5 years ago no longer are. You might as well argue there are too many Bf 109G kits or Fw 190A-8 kits or P-51Ds; somehow, new kits of these subjects still seem to sell.
  9. The MiG-23 was an original Airfix tooling. It was Heller that re-posted the Airfix kit. The -29 was a joint project with Heller. Heller released the two-seat UB while Airfix got the single seater. same deal with the Su-27.
  10. Just FYI, the boat deck and promenade deck window frames were mostly a dark brown or black, as seen here: and here
  11. That certainly looks like a P-38 nose cone from head on, but I'm not sure why there would be that cutout on the left side of the image. I can't think what else it could be though. I'm thinking 1/48th scale, but 1/32nd would be awesome!
  12. Both kits are notoriously difficult to build, the Eduard kit does have a full engine, but this adds to the fit issues unless you open up all the cowling panels. The fit of the cowling on the Dragon/DML also leaves a lot to be desired and the kit itself just feels dated compared to the other options. There is of course the Tamiya A-8, which is the easiest to build of any 1/48 Fw 190 and should be obtainable fairly cheaply, or go for the new tool Eduard kit, which is what I would do if I didn't already have a stash of the earlier kits. https://www.eduard.com/eduard/fw-190a-8-1-48-1-10.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=fw 190
  13. As I noted earlier in this thread, Hornby have charged me for my pre-order, which they usually only do when they have the kits in stock.
  14. Can we start sending subliminal messages to them that they should like the P-40F/L?
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