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  1. They might be able to reuse the clear parts, but almost everything else would have to be new. British Spey-powered Phantoms had a wider fuselage than the US GE J79 powered aircraft because the Speys had a higher bypass ratio and needed bigger intakes to compensate. As a result, they had more thrust, but top speed was lower due to higher drag.
  2. I suspect the box art is wrong and one of the wings gets fin flashes instead of roundels; otherwise how would you know when it’s rightside up? The decal sheet has the fin flashes, but the box art does not.
  3. They are still re-releasing other versions of the 1/48 A-4 so it’s more likely they don’t see there being enough demand to do a reboxing. Personally, I would like another A-4L boxing. There was only ever one of those.
  4. Not necessarily! Assuming you sold it in some kind of auction format, all you need are two people willing to spend at least $399 on that kit because $400 was too much for one of them.
  5. You could make a copy of the A&A cockpit in resin and it should be a drop fit into the Roden 141B.
  6. Fairey built three different aircraft types called Firefly: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairey_Firefly_I https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairey_Firefly_IIM https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairey_Firefly
  7. Assuming they have in-house design staff and others who would not be needed just to sell off stock, what would those people do in the interim. The company isn’t going to pay them to do nothing. Look at what happened to the WnW staff. The company isn’t technically dead, but it’s a zombie. Sounds like KH is going the same way.
  8. This will be followed by a price collapse when the kits are, inevitably, reissued by another company. The one exception to that rule seems to be Wingnut Wings, which has an owner with enough money to do whatever the heck he wants with the molds, apparently.
  9. In a business liquidation, the price is set by what people will offer not what the seller wants. In the Hobbico bankruptcy that led to the sale of Revell, the entire tooling bank and all the companies IP was sold for about $3 million. That must be a tiny fraction of the amount invested over the 60+ years Revell was in operation. The big question you are really posing is whether the tooling is worth more as scrap than to produce more kits. I think it’s likely that the tooling gets bought by another kit manufacturer, time will tell.
  10. The brand is Idea from S Korea. They made a lot of Hobbycraft’s molds. However, I did not realise that they had released the Caribou kit under their own label.
  11. I was reading this thinking something is wrong because there are 16 fl oz in a US pint and 20 fl oz in an Imperial pint. Then I found out that the fl oz is based of the respective gallon so that a US fl oz is 4% larger than an Imperial fl oz. I’ve been doing volume conversions wrong for decades!
  12. It’s a nice thought, but I’m not sure the Sea Fury would end up with any parts in common with the Tempest kit, even the Tempest Mk. II.
  13. Special Hobby’s newsletter seems to indicate the He 177 is a new kit. The MPM tool dates from 2006 and, being a short run mould, is not close to Special Hobby’s current standards. It’s been 7 years since that kit was last re-released, what kind of shape must the mould be in by now anyway? Either way, I’m likely to get one; current prices for the MPM kit on the secondhand market are prohibitive. If this is a new tooling, expect to see a flood of MPM kits on eBay as that was never an easy kit to build.
  14. New 1/48th kits of the AH-1G Cobra AND He-177 Greif!!!!!
  15. Starling Models... but they appear to be sold out. The German shop at the link below seems to have some: https://www.nntmodell.com/en/Ships/HMS-Colossus-Aircraft-Carrier.html
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