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  1. It’s a nice thought, but I’m not sure the Sea Fury would end up with any parts in common with the Tempest kit, even the Tempest Mk. II.
  2. Special Hobby’s newsletter seems to indicate the He 177 is a new kit. The MPM tool dates from 2006 and, being a short run mould, is not close to Special Hobby’s current standards. It’s been 7 years since that kit was last re-released, what kind of shape must the mould be in by now anyway? Either way, I’m likely to get one; current prices for the MPM kit on the secondhand market are prohibitive. If this is a new tooling, expect to see a flood of MPM kits on eBay as that was never an easy kit to build.
  3. New 1/48th kits of the AH-1G Cobra AND He-177 Greif!!!!!
  4. Starling Models... but they appear to be sold out. The German shop at the link below seems to have some: https://www.nntmodell.com/en/Ships/HMS-Colossus-Aircraft-Carrier.html
  5. Nice! This means I won’t have to wait for Roden to do a short fuselage version of their C-141B kit.
  6. It’s an injection molded Westland Whirlwind in 1/32nd; it would have to be a lot more expensive before I consider not buying.
  7. The Bronco P-40 has a shallow cockpit with the cockpit floor being much higher in the fuselage than it should be. In fact, the cockpit floor in p-40s was the upper surface of the wing. This is the same inexplicable error that Trumpeter made. That said, in other respects, the Airfix kit is more accurate and straightforward to build though there is little exterior rivet detail. If you don’t care about the cockpit issue with the Bronco kit, then it can be made into a nice model that at least looks the part externally. For that matter, so can the Trumpeter kit.
  8. In case anyone was wondering why Spitfire wings jumped from c to e, there was actually a ‘d’ wing. This was found on PR Spitfires and had no armament but carried extra fuel tanks in the D-shaped box structure ahead of the main spar.
  9. I have to wonder how much Hasegawa’s lack of new product is related to the Hobbico bankruptcy in the US. Hobbico was Hasegawa’s US distributor and when they went under they owed Hasegawa over $1 million. As an unsecured creditor, Hasegawa would have gotten little or, most likely, none of the money that was owed. As people have noted , Hasegawa is not a big company so that would have been a major financial hit and would have constrained what they could do in terms of new kits.
  10. But it’s not at all accurate. It’s a slightly modified Esci F-86. The Kittyhawk 1/48 FJ-2 is far superior; and that’s really saying something.
  11. The Otaki 1/144 C-5A Galaxy must be down there as well. Al Trendle, who used to run Minicraft, told a story of scouring the planet looking for the C-5 moulds but could not locate them. They are well hidden if not in Tokyo Bay.
  12. Seriously? It seems unlikely that a company would entrust knowledge of the location of its main assets, which each likely required several hundred thousand dollars of investment to the mind of a single employee. There certainly will be records detailing the location and status of each set of mold tooling.
  13. This is exactly right. It would not take a lot of in-house expertise to start churning out copies of the kits that have already been released the existing molds and artwork for instructions, decals, boxes, etc. However, it’s difficult to see how they could do more than that without hiring design staff.
  14. The employees are definitely gone, but there have been no announcements about a change in ownership of the molds that were completed. The only one we know for sure is in different hands is the Fokker Dr.I since released by Meng. Since the company only went dormant and not bankrupt, there would be no liquidation sale unless the owner, i.e. Peter Jackson, wanted to sell them off.
  15. I'm thinking schedule some three or four hours, grab a good brush and practice frustration management! I’m thinking an initial light green coat then dark green chalk or oil pencil.
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