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  1. Where I live, that works out to almost $1000. Now I don't feel so bad about spending that much, just this morning, on a new set of all-weather tires for the Libbie before winter sets in. John
  2. Good luck, you all; there are plenty of reasons I'd love to live in Britain, but this mess isn't one of them. John
  3. I remember being somewhat puzzled (and impressed - such fine detail!) when I noticed the Dunlop logo on the tire sidewalls of the Dragon 1/72 Do-335. My first thought was that Dragon had simply copied what they might have seen on the restored Do-335 at the NASM, but then I realized that Dunlop is an international company with the same name regardless of location, so German-made, Dunlop-branded tires, even at the height of WWII, started to make more sense. John
  4. Niiiice! Between this and the typical Eduard 1/72 Spitfire kit, I predict many hours of harmless fun for Spitfire addicts. I still have not yielded to the temptation of the Eduard kit, but this KP one sure has me thinking! John
  5. Whatever. I really think you've taken my comments more seriously than they were intended. Most people just roll their eyes and ignore me, knowing I'll try anything to bend the topic towards Yak-9's (Ha! Did it again!), and I'm okay with that. My day will come. John
  6. That explains why the reaction to Eduard's announcement of a new 1/72 Zero series has been tepid, to say the least, while in 1/48, the excitement almost "broke the Internet". I was quite surprised at the lack of interest in the 1/72 release, but then I don't pay much attention to non-VVS subjects, so I'm really not aware of what's available. I understand the whole "a Tamiya Zero makes no money for Eduard" argument, but, once again, the pie is only so big. Is it better to have a small slice of the Zero pie, or all of, oh, I don't know - just a crazy example off the top of my head - the 1/72 Yak-9 pie? Sorry... John
  7. I'm expecting to get access to some 3D files by way of a site called Thingiverse. This seems to be strictly a file-sharing service, so my intention, if the cost of farming out the actual printing isn't crazy, is to have someone do it for me. One such site offering this service is called Craftcloud (I know about them only because they have an ad banner on Thingiverse). Has anyone here ever used them? How did they perform? Are there other sites which will do the printing for you? Thank you in advance for any advice! John
  8. Seeing these aircraft "rendered" in red takes me back ~65 years, to the Twizzlers-coloured Aurora Famous Fighters of All Nations "ME-109". John
  9. Nicely done - beautiful model! (Although it would be very hard to make a Yak-3 look anything but beautiful...) Jason has pretty much summed up the VVS colours situation. In my opinion, it's only a problem if someone wants it to be a problem; there's a word for those people - hmmmm, what is it? Ah yes - they're called "trolls". I gave up worrying about it a long time ago. I use Akan paints and the well-researched guidance on Massimo Tessitori's Sovietwarplanes site, and I have no reservations at all about the results. https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/index.html John
  10. Very nice - I'll probably buy one or two of these. I've had a soft spot for the version with the flat-topped canopy and the two-bladed prop ever since I was a kid, when my father gave me a copy of a WWII spotters' guide, published by Penguin, which included a photo of this one. But is there something wrong with the spinner in this photo, or is that gap supposed to be there? It's not a deal-breaker - a blob of magical putty will make it vanish if it's wrong... John
  11. Strange - I got both of my kits, ordered at different times from two different Russian ebay vendors, in one month each. John
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