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  1. Even Woodcocks have the capability to scare you to death if you flush one unexpectedly. John
  2. How creatively bankrupt or disinterested do you have to be to name a warplane "Bagshot"? Yes, yes, alliteration seems to have been vitally important in the between-wars aviation industry (look how Gloster managed it for so long), and I know that Bagshot is a lovely town in Surrey, but it's hardly in the same league for striking fear into the heart of an enemy as "Spitfire", or "Avenger", or "Hellcat", is it? John
  3. Right - all this back-and-forth about over-engineering makes me happy to wait for my LHS to receive a stock of the under-engineered Airfix 1/72 starter kit, which will suit my under-skilled building talents perfectly. John
  4. Some of the burden can be eased if you have an Academy Spitfire XIV available to be cannibalized. The Academy kit looks "nice", but it's not as accurate in shape as the Ventura/Jay's kits. The Academy cockpit and landing gear, and maybe some other minor pieces, are much neater and more detailed than the corresponding Ventura/Jay's parts. John
  5. Yeah, me too, except in my case, it was three - one for now, one for later when I would become a really skillful modelbuilder, and the third for some remote time in the future, in case the kit was no longer available. Or some "logic" like that. In reality, I was just greedy. And today I still have those batches of three of the same kit, all still unbuilt, inflating my stash... John
  6. Mine arrived today, 13 days after shipment date. Very good! The kit itself is somewhat complicated, but the instruction manual is highly detailed and printed in very large format, so I don't foresee any disasters. One thing that bothers me a bit is that there's no identification of colours for the various parts of the highly-detailed cockpit, but that information can be found elsewhere. A reassuring note among the various cautions printed on the back page of the instruction manual, for those who have large stashes and may not get around to building this kit for a while: "Shelf life unlimited". John
  7. I was wrong - my parcel was only shipped yesterday (18 April), according to today's email which actually includes the tracking number. I can hardly guess what Armory and other Ukrainian suppliers are going through, trying to fill orders under the current circumstances. You have "supply chain" problems, buddy? Ha - try keeping your business running while you're being bombed and shot at! Slava Ukraini!!! John
  8. Hmmm - no; good point. I got the "finished processing" email, but nothing specifically about shipment. That was on March 27. I remain optimistic... John
  9. Mine has been shipped; I'm hoping to receive it this week or next week. Fingers crossed, of course... John
  10. Interesting, and thank you for the link, but it seems just a bit primitive that you can't click on the images to enlarge them in order to get a better look at the kit parts and instructions. Are they available elsewhere? Sounds like cannibalizing the control stick for substitution into a "big boys and girls" kit with a warped/damaged one isn't an option; I wonder if the landing gear will fit, since so many have complained about defective ones in Airfix's standard P-51D kit. John
  11. 1965, a monstrous-big (by today's standards) 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne 4-door sedan, on loan from the local Chevy dealer to my high school for drivers' ed. But I had an advantage which I think wasn't allowed in the UK - automatic transmission! I still remember how I nailed the parallel parking part of the test - it was like an invisible hand guided that land yacht into a parking space on the main street of Bracebridge, Ontario, and I was all set! Bought my first set of wheels not long after - a rusted-out 1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan for $200. John
  12. Excellent, but where are the floats?! A Norseman without floats is like, well, a Norseman without floats. No doubt there'll be a subsequent Canadian bushplane reboxing with them included; if necessary, the ones from the Matchbox kit should keep me happy for now. I wonder if other, earlier marks are planned. I seem to recall reading (maybe even in this same thread) that the differences were enough to make that financially impractical. But a brand-new kit of any version from such a high-quality manufacturer as Dora Wings? Believe me, I'm grateful! Now let's see some aftermarket bushplane decal sheets! John
  13. Maybe Eduard will branch out into producing aftermarket decal sheets for their kits. They already make every other kind of A/M accessory. John
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