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  1. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    Hi Dan! With major thanks to Sergey Kosachev for his guidance, I've forwarded a new set of drawings to you; please let me know when (or if!!) you receive them. I had some problems on my end, probably due to file size. John
  2. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    I realize it's still very early in the development, but please pay attention to fuselage cross-sections - the rear part of the fuselage from the cockpit back was more-or-less flat-sided, with a flat bottom and curved upper surface. The image you've posted looks kind of oval-shaped in this area. Also the wing root fillet is indistinct in the image. Maybe I expect too much, too soon? John
  3. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    That's terrible - I assume someone (embassy, consulate, whatever) is working hard to get you home as quickly and efficiently as possible? I'm very sorry to hear that you're stuck like this! It sounds like you're an experienced traveller, but under the circumstances, I'm sure you really just want, and need, to get home. Thanks for the further information on the Yak-9 survivors. Considering how many were built, I suspected there must be more than just one. Also interesting to know the background on the Yakovlev OKB collection and its new owner - another oligarch enjoying his wealth? Best regards; John
  4. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    Interesting information - thank you, KE! So with this (very early, still having some features of a Yak-7) Yak-9 as close as Moscow and in a publicly accessible collection, it certainly supports your point about accurate Yak-9 drawings. I didn't know that Archangelskoye was a district in Moscow - I was confusing it with Arkhangelsk... I'm sorry to hear about your health problems; I hope you're soon back to full strength! John
  5. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    Hi KE! I'm sorry to contradict you, but the several preserved Yak-9 aircraft you've identified are all later aircraft, either Yak-9U or Yak-9P. These aircraft had the VK-107A engine, and a substantially different fuselage and other details from the earlier, VK-105-powered versions of the Yak-9. The aircraft discussed in this thread is the Yak-9T which had the VK-105 engine. The only remaining VK-105 Yak-9 that I'm aware of is located in Archangelskoye (spelling?), in Russia. Here's one of several walkarounds posted on the Internet for this aircraft: http://walkarounds.scalemodels.ru/v/walkarounds/avia/before_1950/yak-9_mos/ The issue with the drawings for which I posted the link is not that the original drawings are inaccurate (as far as I know), but that the drawings have been distorted during the processes (scanning, photocopying) leading up to them being posted on the Internet. John
  6. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    One more thing - the sheet for the Yak-9DD (file name 06-Jak-9 Roman.tif) includes the key in English for the numbered detail notations on the drawings - this may be helpful in identifying specific details of the Yak-9T and -9D relative to each other and to the other variants. John
  7. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    (1) The dimensions you quoted are correct for the Yak-9T according to credible published references. (2) The wingspan of the Yak-9D was also 9740 mm, but its length was only 8500 mm, which implies that the length of 8660 mm given for the -9T includes the longer 37 mm cannon barrel tip (length of the 45-mm-cannon-armed Yak-9K was even longer, at 8870 mm). Unfortunately we have no knowledge of how the drawings may accidentally have been distorted by photocopying or scanning before they were posted online. How bad is the variation? I'd suggest you have your engineer apply some kind of digital wizardry to make a corrective distortion to reconfigure the drawings to the correct dimensions for both length and span, in 1/72. Is that possible? I haven't a clue what I'm talking about, but it seems feasible to me. The drawings under discussion are posted here: http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/yak9-1.html John
  8. Out of the Box Models are proposing another crowdfunded project; this time it's a Boeing 737-100, possibly with multiple markings options: https://outoftheboxmodels.com/collections/crowdfunding-projects/products/crowdfunding-1-72-737-100 Again, this would be a 3-D-printed kit, not a traditional injection-molded one. John
  9. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    Same here - $18 US express shipping cost from US to Canada, refunded to my PayPal account. John
  10. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    Posting this for Dan at Out of the Box because he doesn't (yet) have an account here: "Just FYI to anyone who has ordered a Crowdfunding unit, your shipping has been refunded, and there will be no shipping costs any new orders. Even international." So, free shipping on any and all orders for at least this Yak-9 project - c'mon, guys, let's get those orders happening! A further comment from Dan: "I don't have an account at Britmodeller, so if you be so kind as to let them all know about the policy change, that would be great! I really want to make this project, and any future projects a reality...Anyone up for a Boeing T-43?" (And no, I have no personal stake in this, except to help in whatever way I can in order to get that Yak-9T in my mucky little paws...) John
  11. John Thompson

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    Yeah, strap in, Goose - we're heading for the Slightly Risky Zone! Actually I'm thinking of bumping my order up to maybe three units, if the postage cost is negotiable for a larger order, but that's just me being psychotic... John
  12. Hah - that's quite funny! Well, it does sound like the new lend-lease sheet you're working on will be a good source for stars of different styles and sizes for use on models of other aircraft, so I'll be interested to see this one when it is released. John
  13. Out of the Box Models is crowdfunding a 1/72 3D-printed Yak-9T project; see here if interested: https://outoftheboxmodels.com/collections/crowdfunding-projects/products/crowdfunding-1-72-scale-yakovlev-yak-9t The goal is 20 preorders before the project goes ahead. John
  14. Thanks, Andrey - at least you thought about it! John
  15. Good stuff - thanks, Andrey! Now, how about a sheet or sheets of stars for Great Patriotic War aircraft, especially Victory and Kremlin stars, in 1/72 scale, plus a sheet for the Yak-1 family in 1/72 to go with the Brengun Yak-1 kit? Thank you for at least thinking about these suggestions! John