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  1. Just as a point of interest, the Yak-1b is currently in the number 2 spot on Hannants' "Top Selling New Items for Last 7 Days" list! John
  2. Those seem like excellent suggestions, especially the Mustang, considering how often it comes up on wish lists here and elsewhere. Seems like a guaranteed success, as much as anything can be "guaranteed". John
  3. Could be, although when I asked Andrey Kotkov about it a year or so ago when the Brengun Yak-1b first appeared at Spielwarenmesse, he said, "Maybe, but not soon". But that was a year ago; maybe the time has arrived! John
  4. I've received the Brengun Yak-1b (four of them, to be honest). It's a beautiful, well-detailed kit, very accurate in appearance! On opening the box, my first thought was Tamiya quality regarding the very fine detail on the small parts like landing gear. Panel lines are finely done. I like the way the wing is assembled - it's designed in such a way that you don't have to do anything to get very sharp trailing edges, since they're molded that way. You don't have to sandwich the upper and lower surfaces together, so there's no need for bothersome sanding to get the edge thinned down. The canopy is three parts, but with a bit of care and some clear adhesive, it can be assembled quite neatly, and almost looks like a vacuform. Speaking of which, word has it that Brengun will probably be releasing their own vac. canopy and photoetch, as they did on the earlier Yak-1 kit. All in all, I love it! I fully intend to order at least two more, as soon as the AMT-11/AMT-12 camouflage version is released. it was mentioned elsewhere (72nd Aircraft forum) that someone as yet unidentified is working on a new Yak-1/-1b decal sheet to go with the new kit. John
  5. From today's Arma e-mail: "In the following week, 24-31 August we are taking preorders on forthcoming Yak-1b Expert Set. The model will be released at the end of September. Preorder now and benefit from one free overtrees included in each preordered Yak kit. Decals included in the set contains six marking options: 2 Polish, 2 Soviet, 1 German and 1 French. Two sets of control panels, seatbelts and stencils are included in the decals." John
  6. Pricing is now up on Arma's e-shop, although the kits are still not available for ordering - the Expert set (September release) is priced at 14.50 Euros; the regular kit (October) is 9.50. The latest from Arma is that the Expert version will be available by late September; there will be a one-week window sometime soon during which preorders will be eligible for some unspecified bonuses. John
  7. I wondered the same thing. I can think of a couple of things that might be differences, but are these accurate? (1) Yak-1-style intake in the left wing root - this is shown in the Brengun Yak-1b box art, but were there any production Yak-1b's that had this feature, or was it just on the prototype? Regardless, the kit seems to include only the rounded intake typically associated with the Yak-1b. (2) Exhaust stacks lacking the shield strips above and below the stacks, as shown in what I believe is a prototype photo. In this, the stacks simply exit through individual holes in the cowling, like the Yak-1. (3) Oil cooler housing shape? This was revised several times during Yak-1/-1b production, so this also may be a difference. There was a feature on the IPMS Stockholm site years ago, titled "The Confusion about Yak-1"; here it is, FWIW: https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/the-confusion-about-yak-1-2/ There were sketches which help illustrate this article, which I think was based on Luranc's book which did include the sketches, but for whatever reason, I don't see them on IPMS Stockholm. Those with a serious interest in this subject might want to check out the Scalemodels.ru forum occasionally, or one of the Czech forums - I'm sure these new kits will provoke some analytical commentary there. John
  8. I like the way the windscreen portion of the canopy mates with a recess in the upper surface of the cowling, following a panel line. That looks like it will work quite well. Yak-1b walkaround - this is the only remaining Yak-1b in existence: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A//scalemodels.ru/modules/photo/viewcat_cid_198.html&langpair=ru|en&hl=en&ie=UTF8 This aircraft was "restored" many years ago, part of which was the installation of the wing roots and intakes from a Yak-3, so just be aware of that inaccuracy. The best paper reference available is issue 2/91 of the Polish aviation magazine Skrzydla w Miniaturze, by Zbigniew Luranc; this includes drawings based on actual measurements of that Yak-1b (or Yak-1M, as it was designated in Poland). The wing roots are correct in these drawings, BTW. Well worth tracking down in print or as a download! John
  9. Well, my condolences to all those who seem disappointed by this news, since I've been the Yak-1b fanboy all over the Internet for so long (not that that carried any weight with Arma, but regardless); please let me encourage you all to broaden you horizons a bit (did I begrudge you your Hurricanes? No! In fact, I almost bought one myself...) - the Yak-1b was a beautiful aircraft with lots of markings and camouflage variations, and well deserves this sudden eruption of interest from Brengun and Arma after decades of neglect. I'm sure I'll buy more than one of the Arma kit, depending on price. Good times, good times... John
  10. Poland is on Central European Summer Time (GMT + 2 hours). So as of my posting time, it's approximately 7:00 PM. Fake news? Could be... I'm on tenterhooks too - but it's better than being caught in the hookertents... John
  11. Ah, but money was taken, Tommo me lad. That said, you seem to have read in "angst" where none was intended. John
  12. Same story with the Yak-9T project, I'm afraid. I contacted OOB Models 2 or 3 times in the interim, but it was always "My programmer went mad and ran away screaming" or "The well went dry" or "The mule died". Lots of good intentions, but there's a road somewhere paved with those... John
  13. Decent drawings here: http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw2/be4aiv.html These are from a Russian-language magazine, Aviatsiya i Vremya; if you track down which issue, there will probably be a few photos, at least. Chances are, any other references will probably be in Russian, too. This is a common problem for enthusiasts of Russian aircraft who can't read Russian! I'm assuming you've Googled it already. John
  14. It's an interesting point and you may be right; if so, my mistake for over-enthusiasm! I could blame the lack of detailed English-language references, although maybe I just haven't dug hard enough. The sprue images appear to show only one intake (the round one) although I suppose the earlier triangular one could be part of the resin that might accompany the kit; so far. all I've seen is the styrene parts. John
  15. Header image from Brengun's Facebook home page, which implies that the Yak-1b kit will debut in finished form at this weekend's Modellbrno show: It appears that the aircraft in the illustration has the triangular air intake in the port wing root, so the illustration shows a very early Yak-1b. John
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