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  1. I hope you're right! Meanwhile, I'm hoping my purchase of at least one of the 1/48 ones will help to bankroll that 1/72 Yak-9 righteousness! John
  2. "Spend" indeed - now listed as a future release at Modelimex, for about 35 Euros. Maybe the price will drop after it arrives in stock. Regardless, it is a Yak-9D with a stunning amount of detail - I'm helpless - "Shut up and take my money"... John
  3. At first glance, this seems like a Soviet kamikaze, intentional or not. A torpedo-carrying glider? I foresee problems. "Comrade - I have good news and bad news. The good news is that today you will be released from the gulag. The bad news is that you will be flying the PSN-2 into battle.". In reality, according to Gunston, it was meant to be radio controlled - the cockpit was only for monitoring the control system during prototype trials; in actual use, it would have been unpiloted. It could be launched from beneath a TB-3 or TB-7 ("Zveno"-style) or towed into the air. When released, it was intended to "glide" (probably quite steeply) at a speed of up to 435 kph, no doubt helped along significantly by the gravitational effect on that monster torpedo... Cooler heads prevailed before it entered service. John
  4. Considering how long it's been since I actually finished anything, I think I've already reached that point... But in response to the original question: Arma 1/72 Yak-1B, times 10! John
  5. Thanks, Mike - maybe I'll pull it out and have a more critical look at it. Heaven knows, as big as it is, it shouldn't be hard to find among all the little 1/72 stuff, even in my stash-nightmare... John
  6. True dat, which is why I ask: I bought the Revell kit ages ago, when it was on sale at Toys R Us for something like $7, and was very impressed when I opened the box. That said, it still looks impressive all these years later, remaining completely untouched by glue or paint! You say it's "accurate enough" - are there specific errors, or is it just the early-'70s level of detail that is in question? John
  7. Thanks, Piotr! I liked "hellish fenders" better, though. John
  8. I tried to post a link to the Google version of a translation, but something's not working, so you're on your own, I'm afraid. If you read a bit further on to the next page, it turns out that the reference to "hellish fenders" is how Google translates "(hellish) sink marks". It's not a reference to Ted Nugent's guitar playing. I definitely agree that sink marks are a problem with the Zvezda Yak-3's wings, as is mentioned on page 17, although I never thought of them as "hellish", but that is rather good. John
  9. Mighty fine! It seems not to be in stock at my favourite drug dens yet, but when it is... Spend... Spend... I hear and obey, my overlords... John
  10. I ordered the Begemot 1/72 La-9/La-11 decals from a source in Russia; the ebay notification tells me they're in transit. I was hoping to have something ready to apply them to by the time they arrive, but what? The various existing (again, if you can call kits that haven't been produced in decades, "existing") kits - MPM, Siga, Gran - are all crude and inaccurate in the same, difficult-to-correct ways - I wonder how that happened. I'm plodding along, when time permits, on the Siga version, but it needs a lot of work. I'm saving the kitbashed one "for later"... I keep hoping that there's going to be an announcement about a brand-new 1/72 La-9/La-11 kit, soon, so I can be spared any more of this! John
  11. Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?! John
  12. Nothing showing on Clear Prop's "catalog" page, either. I asked them a few days ago about the status of their future 1/72 Su-25 and LaGG-3 series 66 kits, but so far, no reply. John
  13. November has come early - I just received the shipping notification from Modelimex! John
  14. Thanks, LN - I've actually bought from Steelwork a couple of times - La-7 corrected fuselage, some LaGG-3 accessories, and so on. He really does a good product, so I'm sorry I didn't grab at least a La-9 when they were available. I'll check again - maybe he'll restock it. Thanks again! John
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