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  1. I thought the same thing - come on, AMG, please make it soon! John
  2. So far, no one's mentioned the Merlin Spitfire XII - why is that, I wonder? Those who did remember it probably just ran away screaming, I suppose. I once tried to convert one to a Seafire XV, but I'm okay now. Or so my doctors say. Hahahahahahahahahhhaaaaa... John
  3. Tell me about it - Humbrol's quality is like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates! John
  4. Lindberg, perhaps? Their 1/48 kits of that era had lots of operating features, although I can't imagine the engine being as detailed as described. John
  5. Don't blame Zvezda for those - the La-5 originated with Italeri away back when it was still called "Italiaeri" and the MiG-3 came from a long-defunct outfit called Cap Croix du Sud, also via Italeri. The MiG-3 as you discovered is probably in the running for Worst Kit of All Time. When Italeri reboxed that one I was fool enough to buy three of them sight unseen, thinking it was an Italeri original, and sight unseen is the way they'll stay. More recent, real Zvezda kits (even try any of the 1/72 quick-assembly ones - Yak-3, Bf-109F, FW-190, etc., but it also applies to their general run of products) are among the best. John
  6. Interesting - how much longer? Port or starboard? John
  7. Thanks - I've got your Authentic Yak-1/Yak-1B sheet. Maybe even two of them! I've already used one of the options on an Amodel Yak-1 - it looks quite impressive on the green/black camouflage. John
  8. Yes, thank you - I have your La-5FN sheet, so I'm ready for that one when/if Clear Prop or KP releases a La-5FN. If you decide to make decals for the La-5 and La-5F, I'll buy those, too! Thanks for the reminder about Prop&Jet - do you mean new decals, or the ones Musa included with his kits? I have his vacuformed La-5, but the decals in it are slightly yellowed - maybe that will make them look weathered... I'll have to check to see if I have his resin La-5 (I do have the La-5F). How about some Foxbot decals for the Yak-1 and Yak-1B? John
  9. Word has it elsewhere on this forum that Modelsvit will produce a series of Yak-9's in 1/72 scale, just like they're doing in 1/48. Anyone have any idea regarding timing? Maybe they could slot in a few 1/72 ones (Yak-9D, Yak-9T for starters) among the thumb-scale releases for a change of pace? Just a suggestion - they can thank me later... John
  10. Okay, I was just reinforcing my wish for a Yak-9 series in 1/72 from Modelsvit, not trying to start a new religion or something. Actually I have little or no resistance for anything: (1) with red stars on it; (2) with a single piston engine and guns on it; (3) originally built/flown any time from about 1930 to about 1950; (4) in 1/72 scale; (5) regardless of OKB. Like the Good Lord Himself, I love 'em all... John
  11. That's very good news - thank you! I have no ability to resist anything with "Yak" on the box, so I already own the Modelsvit Yak-1B and Yak-9DD, and they're quite good, even if not the right scale for my preference. So, I'll be hoping eagerly that they start on 1/72 sooner rather than later!!! John
  12. I received a pair of KP La-5 kits this morning - hurray! I've only taken a very quick peek so far, but they look very good, IMHO. So good, in fact, that I think if I was asked, I'd choose the KP La-5 over the Clear Prop one - nicely detailed, and appears much easier to build. I'm just waiting for the La-5F to drop before I fire off an order to Martola, although a Czech source might be quicker. John
  13. Since this is the Rumourmonger forum, let me add that my sixth sense tells me that eventually we will be blessed with new decal sheets from Begemot, for the La-5/La-5F/La-5FN family, and also for the Yak-1/Yak-1B. You read it here first... (We need a tinfoil-hat emoji) John
  14. Or maybe I just hallucinated the whole thing - inhaling too much glue vapour. Well, the conversion isn't that difficult, so maybe I'll just convert a couple more, since there are so few markings options for the so-called early version. I checked my order with CP for La-5 early kit #3, but it was already shipped, so no chance of making a switch. Maybe if I ask nicely, they'll give me a couple of the late canopies... Are they going to start cranking out the rest of the La-5 family to compete with KP now? La-5F and La-5FN in the works? VVS modelbuilders go for years, decades, even, without a hope of a new kit, then suddenly the floodgates open and we're bombarded with Yak-1B's and La-5's. For which I'm very grateful, of course - now, who'll be the first to launch a new 1/72 Yak-9 series?! John
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