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  1. Aha - my mistake! I should have hung in on those Japanese as a Second Language lessons. Or even the English as a First Language lessons. So there's still hope for the P-38, then? Or the Yak-9 series, around about the time climate change in Hell allows them to bid on the Winter Olympics? John
  2. So the new releases everyone has awaited so eagerly are a 1/12 Ducati Superleggera V4 bike, a 1/35 A34 Comet tank, and a 1/24 Nissan Z sports coupe? No 1/72 P-38, or Yak-9/VK-105 series either? Dang... The bike looks pretty amazing, though! John
  3. Yep, like I said, this needs a separate sub-forum where people who are so inclined can bicker back and forth about kit pricing, so the rest of us don't have to look at it! John
  4. And it's only one of many threads to have made that swerve - I keep thinking there should be a separate thread, or even a whole subforum, titled "Insane Kit Prices are Killing the Hobby!!!". Or maybe a subforum in the Buy and Sell area for the sale of redundant body organs to raise kit purchase funds. "Brain for sale - hardly ever used!!!" John
  5. It's worth considering the REXx Yak-9 metal ones (p/n 72008) if you can't get the resin replacements shown earlier in this thread. The ones for the LaGG-3 series 66 (p/n 72032) are the same and will also work just as well. I noticed that while looking at the instruction sheet pdf from Zvezda's web site. The underside looks very odd - it'll be interesting to see how much filling needs to be done there. Re the sink marks, images from the appropriate thread on scalemodels.ru seem to show that they're still there: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_72822_start_180.html (And yes, the Yak-3 was brutal for sink marks on the wings!) Maybe so, if it ever becomes available outside Russia; thanks for the recognition! Wait and see, I suppose - it seems the 3D-printed source is still sorting out his technology. After all he's been through, and how good-natured he's been, I'll be hesitant to say anything critical when the kits finally arrive at my door! John
  6. You're much too kind, but I hope you're right! John
  7. My first one is about ready for a final sanding and then paint. Comparing it to the earlier 1/72 kits by Amodel and ICM, I like it that Clear Prop captured correctly the taper of the fuselage and cowling in plan view, as the others did not. I found that the joint between the fuselage and wings requires care in order to minimize the amount of filler needed. I hope that someday CP will add other "types" to their product line, especially the type 10. John
  8. O...M...G!!! That is stunning! Arma just go from strength to strength, don't they? I'm glad I ordered two instead of one, but now I wish it was five. Wow!!! John
  9. I started doing that 20 years ago; now I have enough for the next century! John
  10. Nice! I like it, even if it isn't 1/43 scale. I'll have to buy at least one, just because it's by Arma. Props to those who predicted a P-39! John
  11. First! Well!!! Why on earth did they ever think anyone would want that!? Financial suicide, I say. And of course it's the wrong scale - I wanted 1/43 to go with my collection of die-cast model cars. No market research, again. I give up!!! There - now we have pre-release condemnation, before anyone even knows what it is. John
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