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  1. Add the late Corsairs (F4U-4, -5, -7, AU-1) to the still-lengthy list of aircraft popular among 1/72 modelbuilders which lack an accurate, modern-quality kit. I could name several others (mostly with red stars), but I don't want to turn this into yet another wishlist thread! John
  2. With some careful adjustment, these might work; they're very thin metal, so...: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/rexx-72023-bell-p-39-airacobra-fishtail-exhaust-pipes--1107789 REXx seem not to make a set of fishtails specifically for the P-40B, nor do they seem to make one for the Allison Mustangs, which would be another candidate. Good luck! John
  3. I never said anything about Vallejo, since I've never tried them. I have tried AJ Interactive, and they don't match what I consider to be credible standards. So you needn't apologize, at least not to me. What I "think" can possibly be accurate are actual Russian paint specification samples from 1948, which include the colours under discussion. This document is called Albom Nakrasok. It was used as a reference by the creator of Akan paints in order to achieve as accurate a representation as possible. So it's not a matter of what I "think", thank you very much, nor i
  4. FWIW, the darker of the two VVS greys is AMT-12, not AMT-11. And AK's colour matches aren't great. Sorry... John
  5. I'm sorry to sound like the proverbial broken record (unless I've broken a record of a different kind for asking about this kit again and again), but is the release of the 1/72 version happening soon, I hope? I'd probably buy the 1/144 one, too, but I haven't noticed anyone selling it. Thanks in advance! John
  6. Arma does well off us obsessives - I have that many of their 1/72 Yak-1B whispering, "Build me... build me...". Maybe we need to start a support group? Naaaahh... John
  7. Hello Jan! Will the new molds be HQT, and will the spinner diameter with the new molds be increased, as suggested elsewhere? Cheers; John
  8. Apparently the current set of molds is starting to show excessive wear and will be replaced (per Jan Polc in the AZ/KP manufacturers' forum thread). So, maybe there's hope for the new molds to be HQT, and for the correction you've identified to be incorporated. Perhaps AZ made the short-run decision based on a too-conservative estimate of the popularity of this kit. John
  9. Excellent suggestion - I agree, 100%! An accurate, well-detailed series of "Flagons" would be very welcome indeed! John
  10. It's been a while - maybe 10 years - so things could have changed, but I had to request replacement transparencies for a couple of ICM's 1/72 I-16 kits. The transaction took maybe 2 months and one or two reminder emails, but eventually I got what I wanted. Good luck; all I can suggest (especially now) is to be patient. John
  11. If "long-awaited" is one of their product criteria, maybe it's time they broke into the planes market with a nice, accurate 1/72 Yak-9 series. There - now we're on-topic for an aircraft modelling forum. John
  12. Does anyone know any news about this topic? Pre-pandemic, the release was expected for the second half of 2020, but now...? I tried to contact Clear Prop via their web site (I also asked about other versions of La-5), but got no reply. John
  13. Maybe yes, maybe no - some ebay sellers have been known to jump the gun, accept orders, and then let their customers dangle until the seller actually gets product in hand. FWIW, AZ's own e-shop still shows it as "coming soon", but OTOH, maybe they're letting their distributors have the first slice of the pie. John
  14. My sentiments exactly; I keep checking the AZ e-shop while waving my own fistful of dollars, but as of 9 September it still says "coming soon"... John
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