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  1. Polish text but there is a colour profile of 50-700 - https://combatace.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=139314 Steve
  2. Not sure the WWII section is the best place for this, you might want to ask one of the moderators to move it. You are better to search using Google and type something like site:www.britmodeller.com Il-102 I built the Il-102 earlier this year and it's a nice kit, lots of parts but they fit together really well. It is a lot bigger than expected! My advice would be to start building it soon, you'll enjoy it! Steve
  3. Cheers Mike, it was a lot of work but one that I've always wanted to do. Several coats of primer and lots of rubbing down before any silver paint was allowed near it! Steve
  4. Looks very nice in that scheme, it's not an easy kit to build and far smaller than it looks! This scheme was only applied after the aircraft had been grounded and was used to publicise the Bournemouth airshow in 2010, being positioned near to the airport entrance. I built both the first and second prototypes and both canopies had serious flaws in them as well as being too big so I vacformed replacements. Steve
  5. That's turned out very nicely, I'm building one at the moment (on and off!) so I can share your pain. Steve
  6. Decarli do it in 1/72, I don't have the kit but have built their Yak-18T which was very nice. http://decarli-model.cz/resin-kits/ Steve
  7. This scheme is correct, but there aren't many photos of it; Since re-registered as G-ETPL. Steve
  8. I've done a lot of A&AEE, ETPS, RAE, QinetiQ models and have printed many of the decals myself. Some of the artwork is here and you're welcome to use any of it if you are able to print your own. They are all to 1/72 but I can re-scale to 1/48 if it helps. A lot of the artwork is separated into the colours and the white areas as I've got a printer that can print white - unfortunately it can't print the colours at the same time so the decals need to be layered. Steve
  9. The T4 XL629 didn't fly in the scheme that it's now displayed in, still looks good though and the only T4 to survive. The A&AEE was split up into squadrons, each with a specialism for testing - 'A' was the Fighter Test Squadron, 'B' Heavy (bombers), 'C' Naval, 'D' Rotary Wing, 'E' Transports - I think that's right but it's all just off the top of my head!. Over the years some of these were merged and the names changed due to the smaller numbers of new types to be tested. It's quite common to see the A&AEE or ETPS crests but the individual squadrons didn't often display their own identity - 'C' Squadron being the big exception, as seen on the Sea Balliol at Cosford and several Buccaneers. I've never seen a good image of the old 'A' Squadron badge but is likely to be on the Lightning as it was shared with ETPS as neither could really justify having their own aircraft. Steve
  10. I believe it's the old A&AEE Fighter Test Squadron badge - the later one had the Phantom vertically, over two crossed missiles. Not sure why Sooty is there, unless it was applied by the engine techies (known as Sootys). Steve
  11. https://nwimovements.blogspot.com/p/storage-listing.html Steve
  12. Hi Alan, I'd be interested in one of these. Steve
  13. Thanks for the kind comments. One of a long series of Meteor testbeds and prototypes...... The Nene was about an extra 8 inches diameter than the Derwent , but was mounted much further forward so part of the thrust could be deflected downwards, under the wing and a much longer than normal jetpipe fitted for the remainder of the thrust. Most of the normal nacelle would have been virtually empty. There was probably about twice the normal thrust with the Nenes but the most highly powered would have been the Sapphire Meteor. Cheers. Steve
  14. Cheers, the decal sheet was based on the ISOSHADO image but I re-drew everything in CoreDraw to get it all nice and sharp. Steve
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