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  1. I wish the modelling surgery took the 30 seconds that digital surgery took! Looks like you've got it well on the way now, after watching the video you posted I totally agree with you about the slightly further forward wing position. Steve
  2. PRU blue is a very strange shade and looks very different depending on the lighting. My feeling is the true shade for the 707B is closer to that seen in the photo of the three 707's as posted by Whirly. Cheers, I've wanted to do the 707 family for a very long time. Pretty sure I am going to use a shade close to the Canberra prototype and Midge. Only 4 vacforms at a time! - Good job I'm doing 5 then..... Vacforms aren't difficult only different, often the only way of getting a kit of so many types. The quality of the colour in the first photo is so poor I wouldn't trust it at all. The second photo seems much closer to me to the true colours of all three 707s - trouble is the only one we can still compare with the real thing is the orange one and that looks different depending on the light conditions! Progress - the first 707 And the 707B (with a sneak preview of the first 707A nose) Steve
  3. Thanks for the details, I've just had a look on their website but they don't have one in stock. I'll keep looking! Cheers
  4. You've done a lovely job on that, I've got one in the stash and agree the instructions are basic! My plan is also to pair it with the ZIS-150 but I've not been able to find one so far, where did you get your -164 from? I've also done the Fairey Ultralight on the back of a lorry so they'd go well together. Perhaps the officer is trying to give the pilot enough vodka to overcome his reluctance to fly it! Steve
  5. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. There don't seem to be many colour photos of the B and the shade of blue varies a lot in them probably due to the old film. I think the actual shade lies between these two. Unfortunately no plans for the diorama! I'm glad it survived the 30 years in the garden before being preserved, unlikely to happen over here due to the weather and locals objecting..... Lots more triangles to go yet! I suppose I'll have to get around to the big white one to go with them as well! Luckily there's not many parts to each one so the builds should be quick. I've certainly built more difficult kits than these. I decided to start with the first 707 and then the 707B as they need more work than the other three due to the dorsal intakes. Progress has been pretty swift so far. The first one almost ready to be glued together. The second one at the same stage - didn't need so much weight in this one due to the longer fuselage. I've since cut out and rubbed down the first 707A so it won't be far behind these two. I'll need to cut out the wing root intakes and fit the resin parts but this should be easier than fitting the dorsal intakes. Thanks for looking. Steve
  6. The Avro 707 was designed as a one-third scale research aircraft to test the delta planform of the Avro Vulcan bomber. It first flew in September 1949 and commenced low-speed stability and control trials after being on static display at the Farnborough Air Display. After only a few flights, the prototype crashed on the 30th September. The longer fuselage 707B was next to fly followed by the 707A (two built) and then the two-seat 707C. Today both of the 707As and the 707C survive in museums. The Avro 707 family were originally produced as part of the Project-X range of vacforms in the 1990s and were subsequently re-issued with some additional parts by Whirlybird. In both cases the decals were mostly the Press-Fix type which have caused me many problems in the past as they tend to shrink and crack after a couple of years on the model. For this build I'll be doing all five of the 707s - one of the two 707As tested the extended/kinked wing as used on the Vulcan. I only managed to get one 707A kit but did get a second 707C which has the same vacform parts, except for the canopy, so will be using that. Some of the canopies have yellowed so I'll need to do something about them. The parts for the short-lived 707 prototype, The 707B The 707A with extra parts for the later wing The 707C The new decals I've drawn and printed with the kit decals below Cutting the vacform parts out shouldn't take very long and then I can get on with building. Steve
  7. Cheers, a single thread will help me to keep track of all five of them as well without the duplication single threads would produce. I'll get some photos of the kits and start a thread tomorrow. Steve
  8. Simian Stuff was a brand used by Heritage/Kits For Cash, but much better casting than their earlier efforts. I did the decal artwork and instructions for this kit. Steve
  9. I'd like to do all 5 of the Avro 707s that were built to develop the delta wing for the Vulcan. My thinking is to do them all in one thread but will happily split them into indivudual threads if this would be better. Any preference? Stev e
  10. Hi Mike, The Jay Miller X-Planes book is the one I was talking about earlier After looking at your photo of the fuselage and following on from our chat today, could you make the front cut just in front of the wing where the under fuselage fairing starts to change angle and then add the section removed from behind the wing to the front. That way the work to fair in the fuselage contours should be reduced as there is less taper than further foward. Might be easier to add and blend in the section at the front before replacing the wing. From this, To this Still going to need filling & sanding but doesn't look too bad. Good luck with it. Steve
  11. Does this help? Unfortunately not everything I do is for free! Small jobs I can do on the above basis but the more complicated artwork or full sheets take a lot of time. @Terry1954 PM me the quantity of the Star & Bars and the sizes you want (either the diameter or if it's easier to work out, the overall width) and if you need them to go on a non-white background. I can print white backing for them if you do, otherwise the star and white stripes will just be clear decal so the white background shows through. Also the quantity and sizes of the NAVY and U.S.AIR FORCE lettering. Steve
  12. The list Zephyr posted is the one I've got - the rest of the article doesn't add anyhting useful from a modelling point of view. Steve
  13. Pretty sure I've got a list of the entrants and their colours but I'm away from home this week. Unless anyone else comes up with what you need I'll have a look for you next weekend. Steve
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