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  1. Decals were from the spares box and Modeldecal serial number sheets. Here you go @JOCKNEY Steve
  2. I built that when it was an ID Models kit (later Formaplane) about 35 years ago and it goes together nicely. It needs the intake ducting and beaching gear to be scratchbuilt. Steve
  3. I've still got vacform, resin and vinyl kits in the stash so please keep my name on the list. Steve
  4. Very nicely done and an uncommon squadron as well. I've built 7 or 8 of these and each one has had its own fit issues so you must have been lucky with yours. The decal film is probably only visible due to the shallow angle Looks good with the sisters - Frog F4 and MPM F8? Steve
  5. Cheers John, I hope your build goes well
  6. It is a lovely kit and goes together really easily. I did mine in QinetiQ ETPS markings photos about 3/4 down the page. Steve
  7. Thanks again2mR57qP.jpg

    1. BritJet


      No problem, only took a few minutes to find the kit in the stash. Looks really good, you've done a great job on it.  I'll have to get round to building mine at some point!


      All the best



  8. Thanks, yes the unusual ones do appeal to me. Cheers Steve
  9. Happy New Year everyone. Not a bad year for me with 15 completed. Airfix Tornado F3 converted to an F2 with Modeldecal ETPS markings AModel Jetstream 31 with home made Birmingham Executive decals - built for a friend who used to work for them AModel Jetstream T2 with home made DERA markings First Meteor to fly, CyberHobby with scratchbuilt large nacelles and home made decals With the second Meteor to fly to show the different engine nacelle sizes Special Hobby speed record Meteor 'Yellow Peril' Matchbox/Xtrakit Metoer NF14 with home made decals Matchbox/Xtrakit Metoer NF14 with home made decals Hobby Boss Sea Hawk OOB apart from painted Suez stripes Zvezda A321 with decals from @RICHW for Monarch Revell A320 with decals from @RICHW for Monarch Amodel CMC Leopard 1 with home made canopy and decals Amodel CMC Leopard 2 with home made canopy 3D Blitz Pilatus PC-21 with home made decals for QinetiQ/ETPS A&A Models AA-60 Kiev airport aircraft rescue and firefighting truck Combat Kits BAe 146 QinetiQ ETPS Thanks for looking Steve
  10. I didn't think you would be looking for financial compensation but it was mentioned in the thread and I just wanted to make the point it was unlikely to happen! Perhaps I shouldn't have used the capital letters on Public Domain in my post as that may have been taken as something different legally from my intention. All I wanted to get across was that once an image (or anything else) is made freely available then the copyright holder loses control of it and any future attempts to restrict the use will be very difficult to enforce. I think most of us posting photos aren't bothered if someone else finds it useful, such as a completed model or the walk round section on BM, but their use for other purposes should at least get an acknowledgement. Ideally consent for use should be obtained in advance, but that isn't always possible. Most social media sites make you agree that any and all content you upload belongs to them, several professional photographers have run into problems trying to sell their own photos after showing them on a social media site as they find that they no longer own the copyright for them. At least one has been threatened with legal action for trying to sell a photo they took...... Steve
  11. Unfortunately you have placed the image into the Public Domain (the Internet) without any usage restrictions and what people choose to do with it is out of your control. This is why a lot of photos that are for sale are only shown as low-res or watermarked versions on websites. From a courtesy point of view it would be good to get credited for the photo but I doubt you will be able to get any financial compensation for it's use. I work in a school and part of my role is helping teachers understand what they can and can't do with things they find on the Interwebby. Hope this helps. Steve
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