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  1. I think you will get a better result vacforming that canopy if you use something like modelling clay to fill the void at the rear, make it more rounded (similar to the front) and the plastic sheet will form the desired shape much more easily. Hope this helps and keep up the good fight with the Machmonster. Steve
  2. Try this Microsoft help article Steve
  3. Thanks for the kind comments, with the new interest in this I've scanned my prints of the real aircraft after it had been repainted by the ATC unit and there are some close-ups of the towing gear. Luckily that day the Alsatian must have been out for a walk as it was nowhere to be seen, but I didn't hang around too long! Photos here Every time I went to to the Cardiff Aircraft Museum it looked closed, even when it was open! They got a bad reputation and most of the aircraft had to be scrapped when it folded because they were in such poor condition. Steve
  4. Thanks, you're right about it being difficult to get information about the equipment. I got some photos of the partial towing gear on this Meteor, despite the snarly Alsatian! I can scan them if they're of use. Have you got "The Long Drag"? Steve
  5. Please add me to the list, I've still got a few Sukhois in the stash but fancy building the Amodel T-4 Sotka..... Steve
  6. I would like to see you get back to this and finish it as it would be a shame to have got this far and not see it through to the end. Steve
  7. Have you seen my photos in the walkaround section? Steve
  8. That is very nicely done and a lot of work from the base kit. Under the wing was just blue with G-VTOL in Light Aircraft Grey - pretty sure the badges on the nose weren't applied before it has it's accident. This might help you; Steve
  9. I draw the artwork in CorelDraw but InkScape is good (and free) then print the white parts using a laser printer that has a white toner instead of the black, the colours are better printed on an inkjet (I use a Canon MX340) set for glossy photo paper. The decal paper I use is by Experts Choice and they do clear and white for lasers and inkjets. The white paper can be used if you need white text etc by printing the colour around the outside, but it can be difficult to get a good enough colour match. The inkjet printed decals need to be coated with a non-water based clear lacquer to seal the ink as otherwise it will wash off in the water. The laser printed decals don't need to have a clear coat but it protects the toner from being scratched off the paper. The varnish is all over the sheet so each individual decal has to be cut out, it's important not to cut too close to the inkjet printed ones as the ink can bleed out from under the clear coat. It's not difficult to do and opens up lots of possibilities. Hope this helps but let me know if you need any more details. Steve
  10. Thanks for the heads-up, not something I've come across before, what scale/size are they? They look fairly small and I'm not sure I'm up to painting them..... Very much "inspired by Capt. Scarlet" but careful not to use anything close to the name! I found two sets - with pistols and with rifles - that seem like a good price. Lots of other interesting stuff on that site. Steve
  11. Airfix went through a stage of heavily discounting their kits after they'd been on sale for a while which really annoyed the model shops. Whilst it was good for us to get a bargain, it really wasn't a good way to do business and they suffered for it. it does look simplified in the cockpit but to be fair most of what is there can't be seen anyway - I don't get the current trend of doing lots of interior parts, such as in the Shackleton or Wellington. I'd much rather they didn't bother with most of it and lowered the price. If it's visible then fair enough but I'd be likely to leave most of the parts out if you can't see them. It's not a bad kit and as you say it's the best we have - having built the old Contrail vacform I can say it is miles better than what used to be available even with the inaccuracies.
  12. Thanks, I left out all of the missile parts as I'd only get tempted to play with it....... I can vacform another canopy if it helps you to build yours - it does make a big difference to how it looks, that blue thing is just wrong! Steve
  13. For @FPDPenguin and anyone else building the old Matchbox/Xtrakit Meteor NF I've uploaded my modifications as outlined above which help ease the problems - Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3. The kit will still need filler though...... Steve
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