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  1. The T4 XL629 didn't fly in the scheme that it's now displayed in, still looks good though and the only T4 to survive. The A&AEE was split up into squadrons, each with a specialism for testing - 'A' was the Fighter Test Squadron, 'B' Heavy (bombers), 'C' Naval, 'D' Rotary Wing, 'E' Transports - I think that's right but it's all just off the top of my head!. Over the years some of these were merged and the names changed due to the smaller numbers of new types to be tested. It's quite common to see the A&AEE or ETPS crests but the individual squadrons didn't often display their own identity - 'C' Squadron being the big exception, as seen on the Sea Balliol at Cosford and several Buccaneers. I've never seen a good image of the old 'A' Squadron badge but is likely to be on the Lightning as it was shared with ETPS as neither could really justify having their own aircraft. Steve
  2. I believe it's the old A&AEE Fighter Test Squadron badge - the later one had the Phantom vertically, over two crossed missiles. Not sure why Sooty is there, unless it was applied by the engine techies (known as Sootys). Steve
  3. https://nwimovements.blogspot.com/p/storage-listing.html Steve
  4. Hi Alan, I'd be interested in one of these. Steve
  5. Thanks for the kind comments. One of a long series of Meteor testbeds and prototypes...... The Nene was about an extra 8 inches diameter than the Derwent , but was mounted much further forward so part of the thrust could be deflected downwards, under the wing and a much longer than normal jetpipe fitted for the remainder of the thrust. Most of the normal nacelle would have been virtually empty. There was probably about twice the normal thrust with the Nenes but the most highly powered would have been the Sapphire Meteor. Cheers. Steve
  6. Cheers, the decal sheet was based on the ISOSHADO image but I re-drew everything in CoreDraw to get it all nice and sharp. Steve
  7. The Nene Meteor was one of the most highly modified of all the test and trials aircraft as it had an F4 style nose, F8 style tail and in addition to the PR10 style long span wings, an increase in the span inboard of the huge nacelles, giving it the longest span of all Meteors. The Nene engines were mounted forward of the wing and modified to enable some thrust to be diverted downwards through a separate jetpipe under the nacelle. It was used for trials into reducing the stalling speed., with only a 10 knot reduction being the best achieved. The model was produced using left over parts from some of my other Meteor conversions and consists of a Frog F4 fuselage, Matchbox NF11 fin/tailplane and wings, together with scratchbuilt nacelles and additional fins. The markings are home printed. Thanks for looking. Steve
  8. Cheers. A product of the Gerry Anderson world and the 1960/early 70s - would you expect anything else! Steve
  9. Hi Mike, It's Halfords Ford Stardust Silver with a matt varnish after decalling. Both of these are now finished with photos in the gallery. 50 degree wing and T-tail 60 degree wing and low-set tail Thanks for looking. Steve
  10. Short SB5 Whirlybird vacform 1/72, the build thread is here; The first of my double-build with the 50 degree wing and T-tail Followed by the second one with the 60 degree wing and low-set tail The family portrait - left to right SB5 50 degree wing, 60 degree win, 69 degree wing and an old conversion of an Airfix Lightning F1 into the prototype P1, completed long before the Aeroclub conversion was issued. Thanks for looking. Steve
  11. Cheers Mike, they were nice and easy, for a change! I got this finished today - photos in the gallery; Steve
  12. UFO SHADO Interceptor Musasiya resin kit, I replaced the vacform canopy and printed my own decals. The build thread is here; Thanks for looking. Steve
  13. Good to see one of these being built, I did the artwork for the decals and painting instructions. Glad the photos are useful, with your extra work on the cockpit I hope you're going to add the pinstripes on the seats as well.... Steve
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