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  1. Looks lovely, very tiny and fiddly though. I've got one on the way. Not a Land Rover but I believe it's a Ford Thames ET6 flatbed. YouTube video of it at Farnborough Steve
  2. BritJet

    Obscure Vampire question

    I think it still had all the original stencils etc but there weren't any unit markings that I ever saw. I would doubt that HSA would have bothered to re-fabric any of the ATC pods/complete airframes as they were effectively the leftovers after the valuable engine etc had been removed and of no value to HSA. I would love to find a photo of WZ450 in service. Steve
  3. BritJet

    Obscure Vampire question

    Until they painted the 23 on the side it didn't have any visible markings and was silver, I remember seeing it from the early 70s like that. I don't remember it being white at any point but the last time I saw it would have been in the mid-80s so it may well have been re-painted. Steve
  4. BritJet

    Obscure Vampire question

    The pod of WZ450 was at an ATC unit near my old school and had 23 painted on it by the squadron. They were going to paint 2371 as this was the squadron number but ran out of space after the 23! As far as I remember this was only on the one side, left I think, could this be the number you found the remains of? Unfortunately I never bothered to take a photo of it and it seems nobody else ever did either. Steve
  5. That's a good idea, I've got a 3D printed Diamond Twinstar I want to do in this scheme. It'll be a lot of work as the surface is quite rough and there are a few changes needed to the engines Thanks, I really enjoyed doing them and the group encouragement definitely helped! Lord BritJet! I'll have to use that in future...... Steve
  6. BritJet

    Scanning and scaling up decal tips?

    I like to keep things simple, I can usually understand them then......
  7. BritJet

    Scanning and scaling up decal tips?

    If you draw lines 10cm long on a sheet of A4 at right angles to each other leaving space for the decal you want to scan. Place the decal sheet on your scanner and then the A4 sheet so the lines will be scanned as well. In your graphics software enlarge the image 150% (72/48) and print it onto normal paper, check the length of the lines is now 15cm. Adjust as necessary and then crop the artwork to remove the lines before printing on decal paper. Steve
  8. BritJet

    Korean War Ace Shkodin's MiG-15

    Soviet pilots were definitely flying Mig-15s in Chinese/North Korean markings as they were heard on the radio by US pilots. I've never seen any photos of Soviet AF Migs taking part in Korea, they seemed to prefer to use the conflict for combat testing of the aircraft and pilots. The July 1953 date would be right at the end of the war and suggests to me the scheme is probably USSR based.
  9. I managed to reduce the stash by 4 in the last non-injection build so I'd be up for a rematch. I've still got about 20 vacform, 30 resin and a couple of vinyl kits to choose from so plenty to have a go at. Good to see some of the same people on the list as last time, we kept each other going through the difficult bits which really helped. Definitely add me to the list. Steve
  10. BritJet

    Flybe purple

    Have you seen this? https://brandfolder.com/flybe#!fonts/tp6lln6r Steve
  11. BritJet

    White decals

    I can laser print white onto clear decal sheet. What do you need? Steve
  12. BritJet

    Printer cutter thingy...

    I've got a Silhouette Cameo for cutting masks and shapes out of plastic sheet. Not the cheapest 'tool' I've ever bought but it does a really good job cutting Tamiya masking sheet. It comes with basic software but they also sell a plug-in to make it work with CorelDraw and Illustrator which makes the whole thing far more capable. I've designed artwork for decals in CorelDraw and then used the same artwork to produce masks to perfect alignment. Cutting shapes out of plastic sheet is useful for adding detail or scratchbuilding but you have to be careful how deep it cuts as it will wear the blade out fairly quickly. Let me know if I can help with anything. Stev
  13. BritJet

    Supermarine Attacker FB1 & FB2

    The FB2 had an uprated engine, both the FB1 and FB2 could have rocket rails fitted. Steve
  14. BritJet

    Boeing 738 LOT,Zvezda 1:144.

    Looks good Just copy the photo url and paste into your post Steve
  15. BritJet

    Valiant prototype

    Thanks So many of the prototypes I'm planning to do need a shiny metal finish but the rest of them are smaller than this one! I used 2 bottles of Alclad on this and with producing the resin parts, it's not been a cheap model to produce compared with one built oob but I've always wanted to do it. Unfortunately because nearly every surface is curved the reflections don't show up as well in the photos as in real life, but I'm pleased with how it looks. Steve