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  1. Definitely ask him, as he only lists a very small amount of items on eBay at a time. Steve
  2. Paul still trades on eBay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/space-cadet-2011?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754 Steve
  3. Thanks guys, it's not a bad kit considering the age but only represents the early JP3s due to the extended leading edge root fillet. Steve
  4. Hi, Welcome to Britmodeller! I was very tempted to do it in the Portuguese markings but decided against it in the end. I used http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Arts/Art14583.htm and http://www.aviationcollectablesworldwide.co.uk/products/aviation-collectables for help with the paint scheme. Hope this helps. Steve
  5. I was tempted to do it in the UK scheme but thought it would be better in Luftwaffe markings as there weren't many WW2 rotorcraft. Steve
  6. Thanks, I've got the Andover as well, hopefully it will be finished in the next couple of months. I don't think there's anything that doesn't look good in Raspberry Ripple. Steve
  7. Mike if you're using Chrome you can allow Flash Player for https://www.paint4models.com/ by clicking on the padlock to the left of the URL . Choose Site Settings and change Flash Player to Allow (it will only be allowed for that site) Hope this helps. Steve
  8. Cheers. Probably best not to Google S&M...... - http://sandmmodels.co.uk/ Steve
  9. I can see your photos on Chrome - nice to see these old kits again. It could be due to your photos not being hosted on a secure (https) site and Chrome blocks that by default. If you click on the address bar (URL) just to the left of britmodeller.com and choose Site Settings there is an option about 4 up from the bottom for Insecure Content - change this to Allow. You will need to Reload the page but the photos will appear. Obviously this is reducing the security level (only for Britmodeller.com) so please be aware that there is a potential risk = not my fault if there's a problem
  10. Very nicely done - I prefer the silver/black/red Victor prototype scheme but it looks good in the blue. I did a TSR2 in a later grey/green camo over light grey scheme but really like the look of yours. I worked all through 2020 but somehow managed to finish more models than normal, I think it was a distraction for me from all the bad things going on. I certainly remember trying to keep youngsters entertained, working and trying to get some modelling time! It's nice when they are old enough to be able to join in. A lot quieter now they've both moved out.... Steve
  11. Lovely builds. I think you're right about that Lancia Stratos originally being ESCI. Steve
  12. Very nice collection, well done. Steve
  13. Thanks both. It looked perfect after the primer coat but showed up lots of problem areas when the silver went on. Luckily they were soon sorted and everything hidden under a second coat! Steve
  14. Thanks to both of you. Yes it is 1/72 but I can re-scale the decals to 1/144 if you need them. The colour scheme took a while to mask but as always only a couple of minutes to spray. The 748 is pretty much the same size as a C-47 - sorry no photo with my C-47 as it is undergoing a major rebuild at the moment after taking a short vertical flight and in no fit state to be seen in public! I really hope S&M do the 748 as it was very widely used so there are plenty of colour schemes available. Everybody's plans have taken a big hit so it w
  15. Thank you, really appreciated. Steve
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