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  1. Not managed to get much done on this during the week but I have got a lot of the parts removed from the casting blocks and cleaned up the holes where the transparencies will be fitted. A lot of the small detail parts will need to be replaced with metal rod/tube as they probably won't survive being removed from the blocks. I would replace the resin undercarriage legs anyway as they look likely to bend under the weight. Hoping to get some time on this over the weekend. Steve
  2. Thanks Pat. I've got the fuselage together now and done a balance test with the wings/tail unit held in place with masking tape. Luckily there is enough weight up front to keep it on it's nose. The Aeroclub canopy that I thought was a spare turns out to belong to an Aeroclub Venom I want to build so I'll be making a mould off it so I can vacform one. Annoying but it won't take more than half an hour to make and drill the mould. All the joints have been filled and after a bit of rubbing down I should be able to get everything joined together over the weekend. Cheers.
  3. Cheers, yes it is the Omega tanker. Steve
  4. Thanks guys, it's an old kit but went together easily, the kit decals weren't usable though. Steve
  5. Rareplanes did so many subjects that, at the time, no one else was ever likely to do and they were always very nicely done. The Venom is a decent kit but the canopy is way off and needs to be replaced, decent decals are easily sorted from other sources. I was looking at your Savage build the other day and it's coming along really well, your kit must be a very late one as the 'Produced by Hannants' text wasn't around for long before production stopped. A fair bit of progress this afternoon/evening, I've got everything rubbed down, the wings, tailbooms, fuel tanks and tailplane halve
  6. Cheers Ray, I'm really looking forward to having this one in the collection. Steve
  7. Thanks, when it turned up at Fairford I knew I wanted to model it but didn't want to paint all those random shapes! Buying the decal sheet was just a reflex action and has sat with the kit for ages as I thought it was going to be difficult to apply them all. It certainly stands out from the crowd of the usual grey jets! Cheers. Steve
  8. Sorry I normally put that in the tags - it's 1/72. Thanks. Steve
  9. No problem, I know how difficult it is to keep up with everything that gets posted on BM each day. Cheers. Steve
  10. That's turned out really well and certainly shows all the extra work you've put into it. Very different to the normal 737s we all see so often. Well done. Steve
  11. Sorry if I've misunderstood how this works! I like to have a couple of builds on the go at the same time, quite often it speeds things up with using the same colour paint etc but mostly keeps me focussed while waiting for filler to harden or paint to dry. I've got the parts separated from the sheet and found a spare Aeroclub Venom canopy I can use which is the right size and clear so win-win. Most/all of the small parts will get replaced as it's easier to make them from scratch than clean these up. Steve
  12. Luckily they supply quite a few spares of different shapes so you're right I didn't put them all on.....
  13. Thanks guys. The hangar is a card kit from GPM and the Twinstar is from AModel with my own decals. I agree, 1/48 would make sense. The lack of a kit is probably due to it not being a military type. The transparencies in my kit were not very clear and I needed to change the door window layout so I made a mould from the kit parts and vacformed the new parts. G-ETPC is a Grob 120TP - my recently finished build is here The tarmac is just a large sheet of card, sprayed with Hafords Grey Primer with t
  14. Thanks everyone. I used Halfords Racking Grey overall, a lot of the splinter camo is in large pieces but it does take a fair bit of work to get some pieces in the right place to match up with the others. I did the decals in three sessions so they had time in between to dry properly and so I didn't go cross eyed. I enjoyed doing it but was glad to get it finished. Steve
  15. Raspberry Ripple is one of my major themes and the 748 had to be on the list, I've got the Andover nearly ready for painting but that will be for later in the year. I wonder if Valom might be tempted to do the 748/Andover family at some point? If you ever see the ID Models/Formaplane vacform 748 or Andover don't be even slightly tempted to buy them as they are both horrible! Steve
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