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  1. If you can see the photos above then it's working properly. The link is just to the Imgbox home page and not to my photos. Steve
  2. I've re-linked the photos to https://imgbox.com/ so hopefully they show up for you now. Steve
  3. Thanks. It's due to a problem with Village.Photos, I'm looking at an alternative photo hosting site at the moment as they don't seem to be fixing it anytime soon. I've still got an F-13 and the Ananlog to build and was hoping to get them done in this GB but the time got eaten up by work...... I've wanted to do another camo'd MiG-21 for a while and am happy with how it's turned out. Thanks for hosting the GB and all the encouragement! Steve
  4. Mir 1/72 MiG-21SMT Soviet Air Force PP Aeroparts ejection seat Decals from the spares box & home printed code numbers The MiG-21 family portrait (so far) Steve
  5. Thanks both. It's finished More photos in the gallery. Steve
  6. Thanks guys. The vacformed fin wasn't essential but it makes things easier in case I mess up! The Victor must have looked so futuristic when it first appeared and still looks pretty amazing 70 years later, @CliffB did this lovely build recently; New mouldings in 0.75mm plastic which are much sturdier but still vacform nicely. The two halves still need reinforcing with sprue and scrap plastic. I've extended the fin leading edge into the intake. Looking into the intake before the two halves are joined, needs more work but nearly there. The two halves joined together and some more sprue glued into the lower edge to fit into the fuselage for extra strength Cheers. Steve
  7. Thanks, it's a nice easy shape to vacform and I soon got it blended in. After a blast of primer I've airbrushed the camo and the glossed all over ready for some red star decals from the spares box with home printed numbers on the nose. I still need to paint the radome and fin tip panel as well as the natural metal rear fuselage. It's also on the undercarriage now although I haven't attached the main wheels yet. The brown looks very red in these photos for some reason. Thanks for looking. Steve
  8. I made the moulds for the under fuselage plug and pointed tailcone. Nice basic shapes so easily vacformed. After separating from the plastic sheet, glued in position and a bit of filler to blend it in. Same for the tailcone. First test of the fin mould with thin plastic (0.4mm), I need to drill some more holes to suck more air out in a few places but it's not too bad. I'll get some 0.75mm plastic sheet during the week as I think 1mm will be too thick to pull into the tailplane fairing Thanks for looking. Steve
  9. Thanks. I made the vacform mould and got a usable canopy on the second attempt. Soon trimmed, fitted and a bit of filler to blend it in at the rear. Steve
  10. The old Lincoln/Kader kits are crude by today's standard but are very appealing probably due to the subjects they covered. Looks like you're well on the way with the Valiant and the glider looks like a fun project too. Steve
  11. Looking good, you're definitely on the home straight with this now, it will really come to life once the grey is on. Steve
  12. Cheers. The conversion isn't difficult, there's just lots of things to do! I deliberately chose where to cut the fuselage so the two sections went back together again without lots of re-shaping to do. I drew parallel lines, above and below the fuselage and then found the two points where the slice to be removed resulted in the same (or close to) distance either side from each line back to the fuselage. Whilst a single cut would have been easier and quicker, the staggered joint is very strong now the fuselage is back together. I got all the filler sanded down - not my favourite job..... After a quick squirt of primer there were a few places that needed extra work but easily dealt with. The new fin is now complete so the next job will be to fill the hole under the rear fuselage where the refuelling equipment was - I've made a mould to vacform this, it's only a simple curved section but I want to make a B1 so it will help with that. I'm also going to make a vacform mould of the fin and pointed tailcone as I think this will be easier than using the scratchbuilt fin you can see above as it's a bit delicate. Gives me multiple opportunities to mess things up! I can then bring the major parts together, there will be some work to do around the wing root joint as the one resin part fits better than the other. The cockpit transparency needs to be modified as the window layout is a bit different. After that I need to remove the remaining raised panel lines and re-scribe the more prominent ones. I'm not going to try to do them all, most can't be seen on Victors anyway as it's a very smooth airframe. Also need to finalise the decal artwork and print them and I'll probably draw and cut some masks for the red stripe. Thanks for looking. Steve
  13. Cheers. No problems with building it, the plastic was ok. I sanded the filler down and sprayed some primer on but unfortunately dropped the model afterwards and the canopy has cracked into three. As I can't find a suitable replacement either for sale or in my spares box, I'll glue it back together, fill & sand the joins, make a mould from it and vac-form a new one over the weekend. Annoying but not a huge problem. Steve
  14. Thanks, I've never seen another one of these kits. Very quickly got the fuselage together after adding some nose weight. Wings and tailplanes added and some filler in the joints The fit isn't too bad so hopefully once it's rubbed down I can give it a squirt of primer. Thanks for looking. Steve
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