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  1. That did the trick! Thanks Spiny! One to add to the never ending list of lessons learned. Nick
  2. Hi Andy Good job on that stripe and good thinking for doing the white stripe this way as opposed to painting it over another colour (yes I did the latter...) Will look good when finished. Cheers, Nick
  3. Hi John To stick the plug leads to the plugs could you brush some slightly diluted PVA? Big disclaimer: I've not tried this so this is just an idea not a tried and verified method! Thinking is as PVA dries clear hopefully it won't be seen. Nick
  4. Hi Spiny. Left it just under an hour... You're right I'll give it a go overnight and see what happens. Thanks! Nick
  5. Thanks for your comment Pouln! The previous blue was Tamiya light blue which was too blue so I resprayed the car! The colour in the latest photographs is Tamiya coral blue which is much lighter and has an almost turquoise feel to it. Cheers, Nick
  6. Hi all Started dechroming chrome parts. After two goes with mr muscle oven cleaner the bumpers especially are proving particularly awkward! Most of the other parts are pretty clean. Any ideas as to what I can do would be very much appreciated! I also tried bleach but that didn't work either. Is worth sanding down the chrome and trying again with the oven cleaner? The oven cleaner is a couple years old (at least ahem...) so not sure if that is part of the issue or not. Thanks! Nick
  7. Cheers John! I agree it is an unusual colour. I was trying to get close to the box art colour but the Tamiya coral blue is a bit lighter than that. I have to also say that my phone isn't great at colours depending on light conditions. And yes I'm also hoping that the chrome fittings will break up that mass of light blue! Nick
  8. Thanks for the likes. Much happier with result below. Just hadn't sanded first attempt enough. And the polished body with the bonnet on. Next steps are to carry on with the dashboard and start chrome detaling on the body and bonnet. Thanks for looking. Nick
  9. Désolé Olivier. That I don't know... Best refer that question to one of the admins. Nick
  10. Those extra details in the engine bay are very nice addition. Makes it look more realistic. Nick
  11. Evening all Not really an update more of an "in progress" post. Started sanding and polishing. Reasonably happy with the bonnet. Sanded whole body but just polished the roof. Looked like it was ok but under the merciless glare of the sun still not there yet some more sanding required... That glare is very unforgiving though. In most light conditions it looks ok! At least I've got the dashboard to distract me if I get bored from polishing! Thanks for looking, Nick
  12. Hi Olivier Very fine and impressive work! If you press the three dots to the top right of one of your posts you should the the edit option. Nick
  13. Thanks Spiny for your comment. I'm just pleased there are no brush marks on this one! And it certainly is a lot quicker too! Small update... one monster engine finished. I have applied a small amount of black wash to try and pick out details but I don't want to overdo it. May still have another go at it though... Next thing on the list is the dashboard which I am looking forward to. Thanks for looking, Nick
  14. Couldn't agree more. That number plate just makes it look like a real car. Nice touch! Nick
  15. Evening all New colour on And now with a TS-13 clear coat. As a reminder the look I am trying to achieve... Much happier with the colour. Clear went on ok, not great but ok. Not complete orange peel effect but not super smooth either. Hopefully nothing that a bit of careful light sanding and lots of polishing compounds won't fix! Looking forward to trying out the Tamiya finish compound in this! Need to leave the clear to cure for a couple of days first though. Thanks for looking.
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