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  1. Thank you for the kind comments ! Glad you like my pair... of cars... Nick
  2. This is where I got them from https://www.umpretail.com/collections/micro-mesh-abrasives/products/micro-mesh-multi-pack-2-x-sheets-of-each-6-000-8-000-12-000-grit Hope this helps. Nick
  3. Great conversion on the dash. Like the red interior. What body colour are you going for? Nick
  4. Found the pics! This is what I started with And here you can see the various stages of sanding and polishing Nick
  5. I've had similar issues with glass. Start sanding with 2000grit and work your way up to 12000. Micromesh is really good as mentioned above. Then use polishing compounds ( I personally recommend the tamiya ones) to get back to clear plastic. Ive got a picture somewhere where you can see the various stages. I'll see if I can dig it out. Good luck! Nick
  6. I'll tag along if you don't mind. I have this kit in the stash! Looking forward to picking up some useful tips along the way! Nick
  7. Absolutely amazing finish on the paintwork! And I completely agree with Keith. That engine is a beauty! Nick
  8. Thank you all! You're too kind. I'm interested by the comments about the colour. Yes it is an unusual colour for an e type but they do exist! Here's a photo of a real one courtesy of Hendon way motors. Nick
  9. Couldn't help yourself could you... There you are Spiny... Just for you... Oh and thanks very much for your comments. Always appreciated (yes I do mean that!). I hadn't even realised I'd only shown one side... Nick
  10. Thank you all for your very kind comments. Noel the wheels 3D file can be found here (thanks to @CrazyCrank for the link) Nick
  11. Morning all It's finished! Here's a taster. More pics in the RFI Cheers, Nick
  12. Morning all Finished! . Apart from the bonnet which does not close properly on both sides at once... I'm happy with how it's come out. I didn't have too much time to take photos as I did it during my lunch break and didn't get any decent ones of the interior. Main colours used in this build were tamiya TS gun metal, greenstuffworld airbrush chrome for all chrome parts and my own mix for the interior tan colour. Oh yeah and the wheels are 3D printed. I did use the kit tyres though. I'll stop rambling... And as promised a couple with the baby one! And one last one with a black background under artificial lighting. Thanks for looking, Nick
  13. Great work Andy. That last picture is awesome! Nick
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