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  1. Thanks Spiny. I'll try that one out (with caution!) Nick
  2. Well apart from the ones I forgot... Yeah apart from those they are all done...
  3. Trim painted. Lights chromed. Unfortunately a few places had paint bleed through... Hoping to be able to use acrylic thinner to clean it off unless anyone has a better suggestion? Here's the results. Next step after cleanup is to put the windows in... Thanks for looking, Nick
  4. I'm now suffering from dashboard envy. That is just superb! Nick
  5. Probably could have given the indicators a go freehand but preferred to play it safe. And to be honest masking them didn't take too long. The trim around the sun roof on the other hand...
  6. Well that took a while... This time around I remembered to mask off the lights and indicators as they also need to be painted black as well as the trim. Starting to see the finish line... Thanks for looking, Nick
  7. @johnlambert Thought you might! . I bought the fujimi prelude window masks thinking they might work on mine but they don't... Happy to pass them on to you if you're interested. Nick
  8. The seats look very realistic. Really tidy build. Bravo Nick
  9. Excellent! Good to know that is sorted.
  10. Thanks Keith. Not so much anymore as it's now covered in masking tape in preparation for painting the black trim! Nick
  11. Thanks a lot Spiny! Oh yeah forgot to say that I also used the Tamiya compounds after sanding too! A couple of rough spots remain but I was far more careful with sanding so although the paint job is not as good as the first the clear sanding/polishing is so I'm still pleased with it. At least I didn't burn through the paint this time... Well I did say I was going to display it on the good side! Ok just for you here's the other. Bottom of the door panel towards the front is where the hair was... Nick
  12. Evening all So back to having the body clear coated, sanded and polished. I used some micro mesh 6, 8, and 12K. Really impressed with the stuff! Next step is to (re...)do all the window surrounds,etc Thanks fo looking, Nick
  13. That's a pain in the proverbial...indeed. It doesn't appear to be too bad so like you say hopefully a light sanding and another clear coat should do the trick. Oh and tell your inner idiot to leave the premises at once! Feel free to be more direct! Nick
  14. That is a lovely colour and a stunning build. Your perseverance over 11 years paid off! Nick
  15. 1001hobbies stock all the Tamiya compounds. Despite the UK bit they are actually in France. They are pretty good at shipping straight away IF the stuff is in stock... Can't remember who they use for shipping though Nick
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