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  1. progress...all still dry fitted. So far so good, just a couple of breaks but they are OK once in situ.... really need to start painting - going to prime all grey, airbursh the large parts (sides/bulkheads/engine/floor) an dthen brush paint the detail...
  2. very nice work.. hope my T-54 gets close to your finish
  3. the modular nature is taking shape. I am adding parts with same colour to main bits, then will paint other parts on the sprue before attaching... so need to work out how to pay 8,345 shells (or however many).... the air pump(?) pipes broke in to multiple parts but are attached and hopefully wont be too visible
  4. need to check the white balance.... but nothing difficult to correct in post... as for which one, went with: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384226984259
  5. nothing new on the tank but now have a photographic light box which should improve my images (need to play around with it more of course).....
  6. thanks for the encouragement guys... broke it out tonight and started with the engine.... first page done (21 left)
  7. all marked up ready to go (apart from the 10 sprues of tracks, 8 of wheels and 6 of shells)....
  8. I may do.... the AM ones keep falling apart and beginning to annoy me
  9. unfortunately Miniart are not "most" manufacturers. they tend to spread there stuff around sprues!!
  10. cheers Roger... will have to wait as next weekend my son is coming home from his first year at Uni, but hopefully the following weekend I can prime it....
  11. the more the merrier Roger... can't officially start until July 1st as it is for a campaign elsewhere but do need to label everything otherwise I will spend hours looking for sprues...
  12. stunning work.... am about to start the T-54-2 from Miniart with interior so will be looking at this (and others) interior buiilds (thats you@edjbartos) for inspiration
  13. if I thought I was mad doing the Wespe with a load of add-on PE and tracks, I am now starting this.... full interior T54-2 1949... I hope to be able to do it justice, some of the other interior builds I have seen is what are driving me on.... so far I have just opened the box and panicked... need to label all the sprues I guess before starting
  14. with the addition of the spare wheel mount as seen in a 1944 photo, building is finished... off to paint (plain Dunkelgelb I think)....
  15. nearly finished, need to do the tyres and the guns then add a little dust.....
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