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  1. hahaha yes... full interior - engine is about 30 parts I think.... looking forward to it
  2. Photos when I am next at home but I will build the IBG 1/35 Otter. Will be out the box, have a few references but none show them really heavily laden so going to hold off stowage (unless I find could images)
  3. due to personal reasons I do not know if I will get to start this build on time, however, I am confident I can get some work done on the Otter and join in, even if I don't get finished.... i will lurk anyway to watch the great builds unfold
  4. thanks Sttix... and thanks for letting me build with such illustrious company.... great builds all.... votes cast
  5. Hurry up July 1st.... Need this GB to start so I can break out the Otter
  6. looking forward to 2023 the year of the engineer vehicle 1) BergePanther 2) BergePanzer (Hezter) from Thunder Model 3) M60 Engineer tank from AFV Club Myshould be fun own mini GB
  7. Naughty day for me ... takom 1/35 Bergepanther Ausf D and thunder models 1/35 BeegePanzer Heater early..... Both full interiors... Think next year might be the year of 5he engineer vehicles as I also got the AFV M60 engineering tank ...
  8. Yep it is the Takom version.. biggest differences are no rear shovel and just a round cover over the winch without the large wooden box (apart from being a Panther D chassis not an A)
  9. stunning work... only just stumbled across this as I was looking for build reviews before I plunged in for the ausf D version.... (which I got at a very good price). I know it is not exactly the same kit but gives me an idea on what can be achieved.... any thoughts on whether the Ausf D would have zim?
  10. that was mentioned elsewhere BUT I have seen photos of the front really heavily loaded like this... maybe not quite as bad but close enough...
  11. Italeri 1/35 M7 Priest... some extras from Value Gear, Redog and home made stowage along with some scratch building...
  12. finished, finito, done.... really enjoyed this build, learning all about stowage, some extra detail and scratch building....
  13. very nice.... I am about to start to build this for the Canadian GB (so going Canadian markings) - not sure whether to get the Black Dog resin set (or just replace the wheels???) - what colour for a Canadian vehicle?
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