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  1. and now it has gone green... modulation of olive drab then Mr Color Russian Green 1 over the top. Going to leave it to cure for a few days then I hope Saturday I can get the dunkegelb camouflage started. Dont forget, this is a russian vehicle captured and then modified. i would expect in the field paint to be basic (which is why it will be 2 tone striped dunkelgelb I think
  2. all primered. Mig Ammo One-Shot black - really nice and easy to use. Think I will do as I thought - preshade with olive drab modulation before applying the russian green - should give it a slightly "dirtier" green (I hope)
  3. nice start to making a silk purse from a sow's ear... think I will have the same with an incoming M3A1 Scout Car (italeri)
  4. ok, so build is done, tracks will be glued in place once painted so slightly "gappy". quite pleased with how it looks. For paining I though the pre-shading would actully be the AK Interactive olive drab modulation (or a couple of tomes from it) and then russian green over the top - think that will give a good variation. Dunkelgelb from MIrror Models (first time I will have used that)... might get primer on tomorrow
  5. holy moly that good... great kit and great work. How do you mask your camo?
  6. You should look.up redcoats build. Takes it to the next level....
  7. Very neat masking and finish....
  8. Actually the are small but the fit is nice none have been fed to the carpet monster as yet. Might get more done tonight
  9. turret complete, upper hull done as much as i can at the moment, lower tracks (ling & length) done....
  10. more progress on the tracks. lower run complete on both sides... tops to follow... and one shot of relative size vs the TAS-44 I completed earlier in the year
  11. well the bottom half of the Matilda tracks are done so will take some photos later
  12. ok, not finished but this is where the first session leaves me.... more tomorrow I hope. Not sure how people paint track when mounted on wheels, these will be in 2 halves (top & bottom) and painted off chassis
  13. thats really good. Love the dashboard - love that this is straight out the box. wondering if there is a period-equivalent AA gun we could mount on the back of this (or kit bash it as a mobile rocket launcher) - tempting to get one and think of a way to what-if something (radar, rocket launcher, drone launcher)
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