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  1. Yeah it's going to be a realy test. plan is 2mm x 1mm thick plasticard for the framework and .2mm strut for the horizontals. a LOT of hole drilling tho
  2. not putting seats in, there would be 0 room for any crew in the turret
  3. As I close on the end of the interior build, just the 2 seats for commander/gunner to add and some straps on the spent ammo box on the turret basket floor. Have no idea hoe accurate is but as you can see ~1% of the turret then I am happy with how it looks:
  4. Thinking ahead, this is the sort of thing I want to do for the slatted armour. Not sure if I will do front as well, turret with rocket pods doesn't lend itself to it...
  5. Great work, love the detail on the slatted armour, inspiration for my Type 89 which will have it added along sides & front
  6. OK, you can't see ANY of this but I want to do something. So turret basket is started. Seats are 100% in the wrong place but I think thats kit design not anything else. I plan to do a floor plate (and a ring on the floor of the hull). Basket will have some level of stowage. Need more "clutter" in the turret too, not sure what else would be in there (ammo racks but not sure what they would look like for this type of armamenet)
  7. Can't really see much through the turret hatches.. .but have commander & gunner screens, radio and turret turning mechanism (start). I don't know if I will do the turret basket & seats - it seems that the hole in the hull top is small, seats wouldn't line up with the screens/hatches...
  8. just seen this - your scratch work is amazing. Am I right you print some of it out and stick it to the plasti-card to work around?
  9. do like the primer stage... odd I know but its when everything starts to come together
  10. Both look very nice - and even with difficulties I am in awe of the PE louvres
  11. nice work on the figure, whats your process for figure painting?
  12. Cheers Lloyd - camo scheme is just a standard Caunter scheme from North Africa Thanks Nenad, yes I was worried it was too heavy on the weathering BUT it is growing on me. Yes I need to add more powders but that will be the very last step.
  13. Cheers Lloyd, did more on the Matilda & Type 16 than this one. Gunnery parts were Saturday afternoon & this afternoon
  14. Didn't get round to glossing but did finish the MG and also have a little play with the 2 figures
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