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  1. thanks all, pz ii has been suggested... doesnt have to be a tank (could do a t-60 in captured markings or tankette type vehicle)
  2. loooking for some inspiration before starting a few nice kits. looking to get a cheap & cheerful german grey vehicle (large enough to try weathering so not a anti-tank gun (88mm is on santa's list)... any thoughts of what to pick up
  3. finally a finished tank... and very nicely finished it is. I have a couple of german grey kits in the pipeline for next year so need to find a cheaper test bed for grey painting (I was another where grey was very flat in the past and now wants to look at it with modulation etc)...
  4. great looking engine... shame you wont be seeing it
  5. very nice, i do like the result of black & white pre-shading
  6. Progress... First run of tracks done, may lose 1 link...
  7. just noticed this thread and am havin the same issue, let me switch to my gmail account and see if that helps
  8. its a real nice kit to build. some fiddly parts but goes together well... there are a few build threads around for your delectation that highlight some small improvements
  9. cheers Roger... no base - don't have the room really (or skills)... if I get better at weathering & mud I may then risk a base for a future build
  10. ouch quite a break on this - matt coat on, added the more fragile detail and the rollers... need let the glue go off on the rollers, large hole + small pin not the best combination. oh yes, and don't let me us vinyl tyres ever again - paint flakes off when you try to get the tyres on the hubs. a few paint touch ups needed then will have to think on the weathering... piccies tomorrow
  11. thanks all.. primer is on the chassis and cab interior. Still thinking of doing hairspary chipping of the base brown over the wood but not 100% decided
  12. ok so some progress... workable suspension was a pain so thats fixed but the workable tracks are going together nicely...
  13. It was still wet then... Drying a bit paler then will look at fading some of it further
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