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  1. quality (fit) is really good... some of the thin pieces do snap so have to take it slowly... colour call outs for the interior seem ok - only 1 (gun breach) seems to be a touch vague but references show it as 4BO Green
  2. so this is how she stands now... just need to complete the second run of tracks then find to paint the interior.....
  3. stunning... would love this kit to land in my lap... not that my skill is anywhere good enough to do it justice
  4. lots of progress on this, just no photos. Turret, gun breach, hatches, fenders and one set of tracks done. Not much left before I need to paint the turret interior to allow more building - just not sure if I will get that far before my enforced modelling hiatus in December.... Will try to take some photos so you can see all the parts before paint
  5. oh wow... I wish I could get the base coat so subtle... mine always ends up as a block of colour.... know it is down to how badly I can use an airbrush but really must learn......
  6. back looking at this build.... am thinking a what-if where the add-on armour (mantlet/ears/front) fresh off a canibalised Panther still in German scheme (so could have various schemes from various tanks)... might make for something of an interesting finish with some US markings on as well.... still have a ways ot go on other kits before I start so will continue to ponder
  7. only just spotted this... thats a very neat bit of scratch-building. Seeing the Body cut down to just above the wheel arch had me wondering whether it would take an anti-aircraft gun (perhaps a german quad) or even a rear facing 6-pdr.... it's tempting if I could get the 2 kits needed really cheap
  8. lower hull progressing... just subtle weathering this time... and used Mr Metal Color brass to touch up the shells - really nice paint
  9. started weathering the fighting compartment. just the usual chipping to start...
  10. do you mean the bras sin: https://www.greatart.co.uk/talens-rembrandt-artists-oil-colour.html
  11. thanks - i used MiG Ammo bronze - VERY transparent... may have a look at the ones you mentioned as have 2 more full interior builds to do
  12. I officially hate bronze paint.... sitcky, doesn't cover well... hate it I tell you.... need to touch up & weather this - all major parts just placed for fit testing....
  13. no photos but primed up... hoe to get some painting tomorrow and then more on Monday - should have photos then
  14. havent forgotten this build. I might be able to prime it over the bank holiday weekend I will have to see. At the very least I have started marking up the priming scheme I need (combination of black for darker colours and grey for the white)
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