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  1. moving forward... some fiddly bits but so far parts go where they are supposed to. Chassis painted black primer then a light coat of dunkelgrau to give it a bit of definition, green in the cab is MiG 4BO... bit of dark tracks for the rust.... this is building up really nicely I must say - may have to look at some of the other AA/AAA kits (some of the anti-air or the refueler for example)
  2. small and grey.... needs to be glossed up then the 3 decals added then can look at some oils
  3. yeah that has me a touch worried... will have to see how flimsy it is
  4. thanks both... more progress - cab assembly "done" (need to add glass, upper part of windshield, dashboard and build doors. Started on the truck bed (just to get some bigger parts done) - all sits nice & square after a bit of a battle with the front mudguards.... at the moment all cab parts & truck bed are loose for ease of painting - hope to be able to start painting (well doing a black chassis) this weekend
  5. and she is uncovered.... sadly pleased with how this turned out (photos are a little browner than the actual thing) - only 1 part needs to be touched up and that is a small part where the paint lifted off the PE grill. Next up I will do the red/white markings on the side skirt (a la Matilda).
  6. patience..... but should be tomorrow
  7. progress... wheels done, chassis done, now on to cab sub assemblies... a lot of this needs to be painted black so aiming to get all that built up first....
  8. Silver grey now added.... all masked up for final Portland Stone and reveal tomorrow... thinking of masking white & red stripes on the front (a la Matilda) and using one of the name decals from the Tamiya kit to give it that "what if the British Army had Terminators and a war in the desert)...
  9. all set... finishing off the Terminator and Pz 35(t) as well as progressing the LAP-7. May even get round to maskiing and priming the scammell
  10. it seems that this is based on 1 line drawing and perhaps a description somewhere rather than any "real evidence" - the only source I found as via Armorama which linked to https://missilery.info/article/iz-istorii-sozdaniya-i-razvitiya-polevoy-reaktivnoy-artillerii-v-sssr-v-period-velikoy am assuming MiniArt had the same if not better intel
  11. cheers Roger, will do more masking & painting tomorrow - am hoping I will get it finished on Sunday but have to tidy up the paint space then so my wife can setup for work.....
  12. ok so second colour on - Slate and again a lightening of it with light grey... next up silver grey
  13. holy ^&*$^%*&^$$ thats good - and that PE - I thought I was good being able to solder 2 bits of PE in 1/35! Nice paint scheme too - personally I prefer the pixelated Caunter scheme as used by the "alternative reality" British Army in the desert in 2020 (thats the back story for my 1/35 build - I may even use some Matilda decals to add to the story)
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