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  1. Hi Mike, Missed that you'd posted it here too - same as I said before, despite the trials and tribulations you've turened out a superb brick...!! Keith
  2. That's another reason why such people should never be allowed to have any animal....
  3. Well this one looks more than half scratchbuilt, so I'd say you don't need to try, you can just build whatever takes your fancy.....!! Keith
  4. It makes my eyes go funny.... Really though I think it looks pretty cool.... Keith
  5. Another cracking build off your bench Ian - with your signature superb paint and weathering! Top job!! Keith
  6. I actually remember you buying that one....!! I do also have the same problem of finding things I've forgotten I had - sometimes shortly after buying another one the same! K
  7. I know that problem very well my friend. Although I don't have 15 airbrushes.....!!! (I do have FAR too many kits though!!) K
  8. It's already a very beautiful model! Keith
  9. It's pants....!! Just kidding, Paul Bretlland did a build series on his ISM YouTube channel on one a few weeks back - it turned out really well, worth a watch. Just don't paint it blue with white stripes....!! K
  10. Sounds like an endurance battle worthy of Le Mans Trevor - but at least you emerged victorious!! That's another little gem of a model, really lovely build and finish - top modelling!! Keith
  11. This arrived this morning; Lovely looking kit and it took me all my willpower not to start it straight away!! Shame it's the first kit I've had for ages with bits missing!! Not the end of the world though - GWH give open and closed cowl flaps parts - they give one of each in a plastic bag - or should be two plastic bags but I only got one! I've contacted the seller to see if they've got the other bag as they'd opened the box to put a receipt in! If they haven't it doesn't look too difficult to modify the closed flaps part to open. But if anyone should happened to have built the kit with closed cowl flaps and has the open part spare I'd be very happy to give it a new home....!! Keith
  12. Not every car modeller has such bad taste as you sunshine....!!! And where did you find a 1/16 Ford Anglia kit....??!! K
  13. Nice work! What did you use this time Andy, the Zero metals or the Valejo ones? K
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