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  1. My instructor was a Hercules driver, so it was usually a Khe Sahn approach, luckily without getting shot at.....!! Unless he felt like playing fighter pilot when it was short finals off a smart run and break (well it was smart when he had control!) K
  2. Nonsense! Couldn't agree more - and I wish I had even the faintest clue on how to build a brass O gauge locomotive kit - let alone then get it to work!! Keith
  3. Congrats on the gold Ian, and the way the Battle is shaping up you may well get another! Keith
  4. Thanks for the info, I also use MLT and generally stick to about 20psi. I'd actually watched that video and hadn't taken in his thinner/paint ratio, and tbh don't really know what I used - I'd guess around 50-50. I'll pay more attention to that in the future! Cheers Keith
  5. Ours were leather with nomex palms IIRC - but in fetching olive green. By that time white gloves were a status symbol coveted (i.e. guarded with their lives) by the old guard, more often than not those who had flown air defence fighters . So it would have been unusual for a Canberra nav to have them, unless he'd nicked a pair...(not unheard of... ) Where's @CedB with the fnaars..... K
  6. That's a real stunner, love the paintjob! Wierdly I've found just about the exact opposite with it on the Escort Cossie I'm slowly (very slowly) getting to the end of. I used to use Mr Super Clear out of a rattle can and was always happy with the results apart from the inherent thickness of coats you get out of a spray can. So I tried the GX100 instead but found it came out pretty rough and orange peely, and Ihaven't been able to polish out the fine scratch marks left after micromeshing down to 12000 grit. I've been considering blasting a couple of coats of Mr Clear from the can over it! Anyway, you've obviously shown a great finish can be got from it, so I guess I need to practice a bit more! Cracking Tyrell! Keith
  7. Aaaaarrrgh, my eyes!! It's true, what's been seen cannot be unseen..... Those things are truly hideous!!
  8. Hope the health issues get sorted quickly Andy and everyone is fit and healthy again very soon. All the best Keith
  9. I was watching the snooker on telly yesterday and the commentator mentioned that Steve Davis' prize for the first televised 147 break was a Lada....!! Keith
  10. Blue bands normally mean the things are inert....
  11. I have to admit I had to read that twice to understand what you meant.....!! What? Did something happen....?? Keith
  12. Yes, thanks. I can see it now and it's fantastic - stunning little model, beautifully painted and weathered - well worth waiting to see! Keith
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