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  1. 5 years before me! Me too....!! Cracking little silver jet Ced! K
  2. Eh? They replaced Frightnings as air defenders - have you got a time machine then?! Get on with cutting those roundels out! K
  3. Yes, just noticed those - very nice indeed, you could give Xtradecal a run for their money with work like that Ced! Keith
  4. That stuff for the lights does look good Ced, and given the size difference between the real thing and your pic, looks near enough perfect to me! Very good, I see what you did there in respect to Nimblob! Phantom was my first choice - at least I wouldn't have gone in alone....!! K
  5. Haha, mine did too - for exactly the same reason! (I put Nimrod fairly high up because I like eating!) I just cut my thumb on a piece of kitchen foil - it's like a worse paper cut!! Keith
  6. Why not paint some yellow and blue stripes and stick some Rothmans decals on and be done with it - kill two birds with one stone...!! Seriously though, why not just repaint the turret in OD and leave it green - say it's as it was 5 minutes before the crew attacked it with buckets of whitewash? There would have been that moment in time.... K
  7. Nice work, I like that! Keith
  8. Are you watching Scale Modelling Channel's build of one on Youtube? Really does look a lovely kit. K
  9. And I look forward to seeing your end result M, always like seeing your builds! What I wish Tamiya would do is release more of their 1/10 RC cars as 1/24 statics - if only they'd downsize their MK2 Escort.... Keith
  10. I think you're actually right there Roy, from their blog.... "Separate parts for brake calipers and discs ensure that while the wheels (and brake discs) rotate, the caliper remains stationary for super realism." Keith
  11. Ah good, yet another ugly modern thing that I won't need to buy, glad Tamiya is being so thoughtful in saving me money! K
  12. That's a beauty Martin - seamless plastic engineering and a lovely paintjob! And that's a superb camo scheme! Top job! Keith
  13. Nice leg scratching Ced - I've got a 1/200 747 that's been 'stalled' for years as I've lost the nose leg and need to make a new one - I shall learn from your example and get on with it. One day... Keith
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