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  1. Now, why does that sound familiar...??!! I have exactly the same ambition! Thanks Keith
  2. Coming on nicely Gary! I don't know how many times I saw the actual car, or looked at pics of it, and never noticed the stripe between the red and blue was silver - I thought they were both white....!! I think that pic shows the yellow shade really well. Keith
  3. No not yet, I'm really poor at pulling my finger out and taking pics of my models, and I mainly build aircraft and cars.... This one is just waiting for its base to be finished and I'll put it in rfi. It's a Plastic Soldier Company Tiger 1 and I completely messed up putting the (simple!) tracks together - hence my comment agreeing with you about using mud to cover up gaps (and other horrors!) Keith
  4. Cracking diorama, really enjoyed seeing it all coming together! Keith
  5. Hmmm, I'm liking the look of that AE86 - but a nice haul all round! Keith
  6. Really like that rear seat, very neat work! Have you thought about trying to do a four door conversion in the future, I've thought about giving it a go with a spare shell I have, but so many more things to get to first! Keith
  7. Watched an ERC event on TV last year - he left his glasses on the roof of the car at the start and didn't have a spare pair so had to drive the first few stages without any until someone could get him another pair. He was still about 5 times faster than I ever was....!! Some good videos on the net too showing the amazing car control skills he has! Keith
  8. Most definetly, yes please Mark - especially if they're black! Looking forward to the happy news! Keith
  9. Good morning Pascal, I have to admit this isn't from my favourrite era of cars, but I do like seeing beautiful models being built, so I'll be following along if I may... Lovely shiine on the radiator cowl, and that's a pretty impressive engine! Keith
  10. Get in line - that's mine...!! (oh wait, I didn't win Euromillions again on Friday. Rats...!!) After the sad news yesterday of Hannu's passing, I bet it'll go for twice the price now. From what I remember there were two 'standard' colours - the green or orange (could well be wrong on that though!) - both of which are my all time favourite car colours - Le mans green on a Mk1 Escort and Vista Orange on a Mk2!! K
  11. Me too - but would need to have a big lottery win! I didn't know anything about the cars at the time (and I'm still no expert on them) so it may not have been true, but he told me it had BMW Motorsport body panels on it that were even lighter than standard - I do remember you could ''dent''' the aluminium bonnet with one finger - push it without much force and it would flex inwards and then spring back out! He'd also had work done on the engine - it was a rapid car! Keith
  12. Had a summer job in uni working in a pub - owner had a red V8 3500 (and a lime green BMW 3.0 CSL 'Batmobile'!) Keith
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