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  1. And 'Night' was I believe a very 'chalky' paint that would rub off very easily, so aircraft painted in the stuff got very grotty looking very quickly. That left one looks much better! Odd that the paint pot lids for that and their version of 'sky' look the same!! K
  2. Very nice Ian. very nice indeed! Keith
  3. I accept that Tony, but I can't help but point out that, IIRC, I ''think'' XF-71 Cockpit green is intended as an interior colour for certain Japanese aircraft. If, as I suspect, Annie had an RAF grey-green interior, then it's rather too light and not 'olive' enough. With regard to the Spitfire cockpit colour thread, I haven't read it all, but from memory some early Spits were painted 'Eau de Nil' which I believe is rather like 'Sky' and thus XF-71. Only posting this as you're taking such pains to get this model as right as can be, I'm not 100%certain, but I believe that interior to be the wrong colour and you might want to check? (Or you might not!!) Can't help with the underside colour, but if it were my model and I had to 'guess', given it's mission I'd go for black... Keith
  4. Yeh right, as simple as that....!! Looks wonderful with a bit of paint splashed on it Tony (not that it didn't naked of course!) And talking of which.... ...I love the looks on the faces of the boys in the band!! K
  5. Today in Mumbles a very tidy, rather large Cadillac sedan and an early 5 series Beemer driving through our village minus bonnet!
  6. That's lovely! Pics are very nice too, the last but one is superb! Keith
  7. That Jag's not something you see everyday! K
  8. Another very nice little dio, I really like it all, but think the tree is excellent! Top work again! Keith
  9. What a beast!! Lovely paintjob, and I agree with Jeroen, cracking engine detail ! Keith
  10. That's a real beuty M, love the engine detail and those wheels make a world of difference! Are they the kit tyres? I've got one of these lanquishing in a cupboard of doom somewhere as I've lost a wheel and tyre and I seemed to recall the kit tyres were hard plastic like the old Airfix 1/32nds ? Lovely job again! Keith
  11. I love that pic! I love that pic even more! how gorgeous are they?! Proved yesterday that Facebook is actually useful for something as we managed to find the owner of a lost cat that had taken up residence in our back garden over the last few days, so that was a result! I enjoyed the new Das Boot, even if it's a bit more 'Hollywood' than the grittier original. Particularly like the opening scene of the first episode! Anson looks abfab...! Keith
  12. The body on that really needs to be painted yellow (& the driver given a hat with a bell!)
  13. Not in the slightest Giorgio, 'tis why I said there were no copyright issues so you could do what you like with it! Looks like it shouldn't be too bad a fix. It does look like the kit radome could do with having a sharper point to it. The Xtrakit Sea Vixen has a similar problem so I 'fixed' that by drilling a hole through from the inside and sticking a cut down sewing needle through. Filling and sanding around the tip of the needle to blend it in made the radome look a lot better. I thought your description of the kit's nose droop as being like a tapir was spot on! K
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