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  1. Always useful that one ! TBH though I can't see any difference from here and the body is looking very nice! Well that's my something new learnt today, I did not know that! Shall re-try some chrome parts that bleach wouldn't touch a couple of weeks ago, now that I do! Keith
  2. Thanks Chris, but despite the awful panel gaps I'll have the Mk1 Escort thanks....(or maybe that cracking Pontiac!!) Apart from not having a black bonnet, the Min looks almost the same colours as ours, that red looking very similar. On ours incidentally, the previous owner resprayed it in RAL3003 - would have been more appropriate on a VW I'd have thought....!! ) Keith Edit -sorry Chris I appear to have quoted your pic from Gary's reply....!!
  3. Nice update Rob, coming on well whatever the tribulations! I've never ridden a bike (apart from a pushbike!) but for some reason really like classic motorcycles and after having discovered it a few years back really enjoy watching 'The Motorbike Show' with Henry Cole on ITV. Managed to miss this years series so have just caught up on ITV hub. The last episode had a couple of nice items on Sammy Miller's museum and that's on my must visit list now! Keith
  4. I like the orange 'racecar'...!! Very interesting interview on Harry's Garage on Youtube with Mr. Murray explaining his design ethos behind the car. Genious designer... Keith
  5. Both stunning builds Tony, really excellent modelling. And your pics aren't half bad either! Top work all round! Keith
  6. It'll still look great Andy, no doubt about that!! I'm never precious about painting my road cars in 'factory' colours tbh, just paint them as I would if I had the money to own them in real life! I was going to say it makes life easier, but then I spent an hour or so this afternoon going through all my paint stocks trying to choose a colour for the Cayman - and still haven't decided! K
  7. I bet it actually cost more than my car....!!! Keith
  8. That looks stunning Ed, really superb paint and weathering ! Cracking job! Keith
  9. Fingers crossed! Being pearl shouldn't make any difference though as it's just the size of the mettalic flakes - maybe Zero thinned it too much? If you haven't done the spoon test yet, what about spraying one with grey primer and double the number of coats you've put on the body to see if that makes a difference, if it does you might get away with having to re-prime it in white? K
  10. Worth a try indeed, but personally I don't see it working (although I'd love to be proven wrong!) -I've sprayed quite a few blue metallic cars and always used grey primer. Only time I've used white under blue is under lighter ones like Gulf blue or Ford Olympic blue. Really hope Spiny has come up with a solution though! K
  11. Well I know you said you didn't want to decant again, but maybe decant that Tamiya blue & lightly blow it over. I know it won't be pearl but you could always use a pearl clearcoat? Or have you got a scrap body to spray in that madas blue and see if a gloss coat does darken it significantly? Last suggestion - to me the real car looks closer to Subaru Mica Blue than that Zero paint - got any of that? I know it won't be 'right', but I don't think it is now.... K
  12. This apparently is Blu Lagos Andy, looks much bluer to my old eyes..... K
  13. I agree with the colour tbh Andy - I think the blue Tamiya spray can looked closer.... Paintjob looks good as usual though! K
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