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  1. Missed the start of this epic Ced, but I'll stay for the duration. Shouldn't take long...!! I've got some Aeroclub white metal pilots squirrelled away somewher - unfortunately they're all jet drivers! I've got a few dozen 1/144 kits in the stash, really used to enjoy building them, but have even had to give up my beloved 1/72nds now as my arthritic fingers mean I keep dropping them all the time - have had to defect to fumble thumbs 1/48 scale....!! That's even worse to see being so stealthy... Keith
  2. The world is your lobster now Matt!! Who needs aftermarket decals when you can print your own like that?! Great stuff! Keith
  3. Uh-oh..... Someone tell the Martian to get the decorating stuff ready! Have a Kit-Kat Tony.... Keith
  4. Nah, left those for people with Cortinas....!! K
  5. That's looking very nice indeed! Keith
  6. This morning going the other way on the M4 a very nice looking Mazda RX-7 in red with a black bonnet - can't remember the last time I saw one of those! Keith
  7. Many club rally cars back then had matt black bonnets Gary - couple of mine did and they certainly didn't see any African sun. Just a lot of Welsh rain! I've always wondered if it was a fashion copied from aircraft anti-glare panels, as you say they'd be useful in Africa, on most over here they were just to look cool - they certainly weren't much use on night road rallies....!! Keith
  8. Lovely start Andy, looking really good already! K
  9. Glad those decals worked for you Mike - and they show how bad the xtradecals are... K
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