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  1. Dunno if it's your lighting Andy, but the starboard fuselage side looks much shinier than the rest of the airframe? K
  2. You're gonna need a bigger boat kit....!! It is a great demonstration though of the immmmmmense difference between the one true scale and those humungous 32nd scale things!! Keith
  3. Looking very nice indeed Andy, looks just how a Spitfire should look to me too! Only other weathering I personally would at would be a bit of exhaust staining, some paint chipping and dirt around the port wing root and slight smudging around the gunports (I rarely bother weathering the undersides as I stick my models to a base and never turn them over!! ) K
  4. That looks fun - lovely snowy stages! Keith
  5. Lovely job, really like that scheme, very nice racecar! Keith
  6. Neat bit of work there Chris! I'm guessing spell check has changed under to yonder there Chris? Or, forsooth, are you going all Shakespearean on us? K
  7. Another cracking model Tony, lovely work again! The Hastings is in my all time top 5 favourite aeroplanes, mainly I think because of my late dad's stories of flying to Egypt in one during his R.A.F. days. And despite also rembering 'two bob' Airfix kits in Woolworths I don't actually remember ever seeing a real one fly. Really must get a kit before, as you say, they start fetching daft prices on a certain auction site! Keith
  8. Also available at Hannants in an xtrakit box. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/XK72005?result-token=A5oRI
  9. Beause you need things to be right - Advanced Modellers Syndrome strikes again...!! Good start Chris, you'll soon sort those pesky seat pads! K
  10. I don't know if it was particularly strange, but when I look back on where I bought kits, I do find the number of shops who's main business was selling cycles that also had good selections of models, was quite surprising. I can think of at least 5 in the local towns, whereas I can only remember 2 specialist model shops. Possibly stranger was a shop that sold domestic lighting downstairs and models upstairs! Keith
  11. Yep, and you're a quick builder too - you can see why my builds take so long...!!
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