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  1. keefr22

    Listening to the Solstice

    That's the best description of the stuff I've ever seen! Although drinking lemonade from a rusty tin through a dirty straw would still taste better... Just don't do a Fritag Tony....!! Keith
  2. keefr22

    The African Queen

    I'm surprised that didn't get at least a fnaar from Ced, especially after wine had been had....!! K
  3. keefr22

    A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    Me too.... (thought it was the beans at first....!!) Keith
  4. Cracking work Ian, she's really starting to look how a Battle should! Keith
  5. Another e-bay 'win' from the weekend arrived today, an old Airfix TR7! For some reason I never got one of these when they were new, and as the only other one listed on e-bay in the UK was £81.99 & £4.99 p&p, this one was another 'bargain' at £28 all in! The lister did state it was minus it's decals (which I wouldn't have used ) & instructions - it's a pretty simple kit so that shouldn't be a real problem, but if anyone does have the kit & could do me a scan of them, I'd be grateful! Keith
  6. Ooh, I like that! I follow with immediate e-mail notifications, and after a weekend away such as telford usually come back to 300 or more BM e-mails in my inbox! Thanks Ced! K
  7. Is that a Simpson's reference Bill....? Keith
  8. keefr22

    The African Queen

    This looks interesting Bill - BEA Red Square for me....!! Keith
  9. Glad Ced asked, I didn't have a clue either....!!
  10. Don't be too sure.....!! Ced, when she's at ceiling height of 500 ft with everything dangling on her slow flypast, how much of the crew will we be able to see.....??!! With no bonedooms and green growbags they'll do fine! K
  11. Ah, but maybe they'd just been hanging about in the dirty mess and just wandered over to the Blob for a piccie and weren't going flying that day. The plot thickens.... (seriously Ced, Bill's right, and apart from the intercom headsets that, I believe, was flying garb. Oh, and I forgot again - probably with Ray Bans for the drivers...!!) K
  12. Brilliant! I usually only give German armour a passing glance, but that deserves a much closer look - really excellent model! Keith
  13. Forgot to mention no ejector seat restraint gaiters half way up the legs either....!! K
  14. And a further issue being it's in the cabin, totally invisible on a Nimrod doing a low ceiling flypast....!! K
  15. From what I can remember, on normal ops they'd just wear the usual green growbags (flying suits!) with intercom type headsets, ankle type flying boots (tan or black) and intercom headsets (think headphones) with boom mics. The pilots would probably be wearing Nomex gloves, likely white in the early 'Blob era. Scroll down here, there's a pic of a R1 crew at work http://www.spyflight.co.uk/nim.htm Don't forget this was a converted airliner so they wouldn't normally need oxygen masks, lifejackets and fast jet flying boots like the guys Airfix give you. I'm 99.9 % sure it's a shadow Keith