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  1. I really like the look of the C1 models 'Spectre Inspired' Landie conversions! K
  2. Indeed! Makes the 6 point bolt in cage in our Mini (& every rally Escort I had) look positively puny (& a bit fragile....!! ) Keith
  3. Me three! (or is it me four?) Anyway, I wish I hadn't mentioned you having to 3D print replacement u/c bits - didn't mean to put a hex on the nose gear, honest....!! And that Hawk? SImply lovely and extremely difficult to believe it started life in an Airfix box! Keith
  4. Watto, it depends on what model it is and how old tbh. I bought my Hi Line HP-CH before they fitted them with solvent resistent needle seals - but they now sell those separately so there's no problem. I think most if not all are now fitted with solvent proof seals, and if they aren't you should be able to buy them as replacements. You need to check whether your brush has a "Solvent resistant Teflon needle seal" Tamiya Spray 100ml TS-102 Cobalt Green is apparently meant specifically for the Vaillant Porsche - and TS sprays are great for decanting and airbrushing! HTH & enjoy the build! Keith
  5. Nice work Gary, excellent interior detailing! Keith
  6. That's lovely! I do wish that instead of models of the latest 'ultracars' a manufacturer would start giving us 1/24 models of machines like this. (and yes, I know why they don't !! ) Keith
  7. So do you only wear one non-intermediate blend sock in the summer then? Saves on washing I suppose..... K
  8. That's a really tough looking truck! Great progress Nick, cab interior looks cosy! Keith
  9. Although this in the description puts me off a bit; "Since 3D printing is modeled by lamination, the lamination level difference like contour lines will appear on the surface. If you are concerned about it, apply a sponge file (about 320) and treat it with a coarse surfacer." I've built a couple of 3D printed kits with such layers and tbh it was a right pain filling, sanding and priming a goodly number of times to get an acceptable finish. And those kits didn't need to be stuck onto a perfectly smooth plastic kit body, so the transkit's surface finish will need to be equally smooth. I know next to nothing about 3D printing but thought the better, higher resolution printers now don't show laminations in their prints? And the wheels and tyres would be no use to me, ours runs on 13 inch 100+ or Minilite wheels. So I'm thinking I'll likely pass on this one. Keith
  10. Tried the link Mark and there's a few things that suggest I won't be able to get one from there - mainly "Japan only" but also "For top level users" - the latter obviously puts me out!! Seriously though they refer you to a store called Kidbox (luckily there was a link as I wouldn't fancy googling that!!) and I couldn't see that they offer international shipping. So I'll just have to hope that a manufacturer closer to home that does really good transkits and accessories might produce one....!! Keith
  11. Cool. I want one! No idea of the price or where to get one though? Gurgle just comes up with the scalemates entry. There used to be a resin clubbie shell (maybe transkit) listed on ebay from a pproducer in Portugal IIRC. Not seen that for many years though. Keith
  12. That's some cracking work there Ced, v.nice indeed! Keith
  13. Nope. Seeing as how you're so good at those big scale kits, what you need is to start scratchbuilding a 1:1 scale Tiggie. to stick it on. Is your garage big enough...?! It does look tremendous up on the wall though! K
  14. But so far this is merely a moment in time compared to the geological epoch that resulted in the best two model Sea Vixens. Ever...!! Keith
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