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  1. There is absolutely nothing 'plain Jane' about that little stunner! What a totally beautiful model, the build, those scratch made screens and the stunning paint finish really do bely the scale - it's simply an excellent Excellence....!! Keith
  2. Russ, please don't stop bothering us with pics of your lovely models, they are all really worth seeing! This is a lovely 'Oscar' with your usual excellent paint and finishing work! Top job again! Keith
  3. That's a beautiful Porsche, really good paint and decals and just a lovely model all round! The Blaupunkt car is a beauty too! Top work on both Porkers! Keith
  4. Three lovely little models Chris, all really nicely built and finished. Just to be awkward #16 is my favourite, I really like the shape of cars from that era and it has a great colour scheme! Great work on them all! Keith
  5. That is definitely most excellent!! Beautiful finish in my all time favourite BA scheme - love it! And that is some great lateral thinking - brilliant idea! Top work all round Neil! Keith
  6. Looks much better than a 4/10 to me, I think that's a very nice looking bike! I like your colour choice and the build all looks really tidy. I didn't, so I'm glad you found out and let me know....!! Keith
  7. I think it needs a bit more than those.....!! 🤣 Keith
  8. Tamiya did a 'white box' release of the Escort Cosworth a few years back, no box art and no decals. Keith
  9. Cracking looking engine Chris and some neat work on the prop! And talking of neat work, the car is looking great too! (don't fancy coming and sorting out our Mini do you....?! ) Keith
  10. That's all looking very nice! I do admire your finger control to be able to apply mist coats from rattle cans - I have enough trouble with the airbrush. From a rattle can my mist coats equate to a flood....!! Keith
  11. Isn't that a Sunbeam Chris? Wasn't the Horizon the 5 door thing...? Keith
  12. Thanks! That Maize yellow Mex must have been fairly close in production to mine - but mine never looked that good and is unfortunately long gone to the great scrapyard in the sky! Some lovely pics there Spiny, the 914 is gorgeous! Keith
  13. That's another cracker Chris, beautifully applied very complicated looking paintjob! Lovely job! Keith
  14. That's what I thought when typing my reply, so just did a bit of ''research'' and there was a thread on Pistonheads about buying and repairing a crashed one. Obviously don't know how accurate the replies are, but I think this is what I was remembering; "...if the tub is damaged it will need to be replaced. It cannot be repaired." The only reason I vaguely 'remembered' something was I also had a passing thought of buying one many years ago, but reading up on them soon put me off (apparently, in 2010 just a new headlight for one cost £920!!) Keith
  15. It's in a damn sight better condition than me, also made in 1957....!! 🤣 Guy 2 doors opposite us has one the same, and a light blue Moggie1000 too - I've never even thought to take pics of them! Keith
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