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  1. Not about prop tips, but I had always though the USAF skyraiders with dark undersides were black. As the top picture. The picture of 'Corn Fed' is clearly not. It looks more like neutral grey. Digging a bit I found an image of a bellied in single seater with the same underside colour. A thread on FSM forum had one post referencing grey undersides, but that seems to have been discounted. Anyone know anything about this?
  2. Yes. Add my vote for 1/72.
  3. DeHavilland Support Ltd at Duxford are the effective type cert holders in the UK. They deal with the civil DH types along with Bulldogs. http://www.dhsupport.com
  4. Dark Sea Grey is then. Many thanks
  5. I am looking to model an RAF rescue Sea King in the Grey scheme from the Falklands. Being Grey it has the problem of which one. References quote it variously as Dark Sea Grey (Model Decals), Extra Dark Sea Grey (Model Alliance) or Dark Admiralty Grey (Scale Aircraft Modelling). There are quite a few colour photos about and these show something lighter than Extra Dark Sea Grey. One photo shows a ZA105 with a darker engine cowl, possibly borrowed from the Navy which would have been RAF Blue Grey. Dark Sea Grey seems like a colour the RAF would have had plenty of at the t
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