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  2. Ok, will have a look. I did look at some weathering on the a while back. I think it was humbrols own videos. i have got a few different weathering products from humbrol.
  3. Spent a bit of time working on the base. The blur base is from a photo I took during a flight in one the helicopter I used to look after. I used Paintshop pro to blur it and then had it printed out on A3 card at the local printer. I then glued it to some core flute board. Probably could have made it a bit bigger but it'll do The model paintwork has been finished
  4. Not quite what I expected when I saw Vickers Delta! Superb work all round. Pete
  5. Fantastic work on that paint job. A masking masterpiece! Pete
  6. The stacks are way too wide for the cutouts in the cowling. Is this just me or a common problem with AM Yaks? Richard P.S.: this is the 3rd attempt to post this message. On the previous ones I got a "error 500" and can not access the message.
  7. Absolutely amazing class in master modelling, in both scale and sheer detail. Wonderful stuff. Terry
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  9. elger

    Luftwaffe Tires

    But that's Axis and Allies. The point of the Dornier 24 is that it includes neutral countries as well I'm not too hung up about this btw - if there is another example of an aircraft that was in active service during WWII on the side of the Axis, the Allies, as well as neutral countries I'll be glad to hear it.
  10. My better half and I will be doing a west coast roadtrip in late September of this year. We'll be starting in San Diego which reminded me that I hadn't posted the shots I took in 2013 at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. The museum itself is good, fairly small and dark with quite a few replicas rather than real airframes, but still well worth a visit and it's right next to the San Diego Automotive Museum. Here are a few shots, I hope you enjoy them. Convair YF2Y-1 Sea Dart & Lockheed A-12 Blackbird by tony_inkster, on Flickr Lockheed A-12 Blackbird by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_6368 copy#1 by tony_inkster, on Flickr Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 by tony_inkster, on Flickr McDonnell Douglas F-4J/S Phantom II by tony_inkster, on Flickr Ford Trimotor 5-AT by tony_inkster, on Flickr McDonnell Douglas F-4J/S Phantom II by tony_inkster, on Flickr Boeing P-26 Peashooter (reproduction) by tony_inkster, on Flickr NYP-3 Spirit of St. Louis (flying replica) by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  11. There's an email link at the bottom of the home page http://www.fundekals.com/
  12. If he's like ours that lasts about 10 seconds before the claws come out and a 'gotcha' grin appears on his face....!! K
  13. Believe it or not, this is still on the go! I'm at the stage now where I'm thinking about some colour and the machine I've decided to finish it as is J7124 of 30sqn based at Hinaidi in 1924. It's finished in overall silver with red/orange wing and tail tips. looking at pictures of similar machines there appears to be a colour difference on certain panels in namely the two on the fuselage sides behind the gunner and the start of the serial - is it a trick of the light or actually a different colour? would the silver be a dull doped silver and does anyone know of a close representation from a rattle can? Moving on to the red, I assume it's going to be a faded roundel red - is that a dangerous assumption and again is there a rattle can equivalent?
  14. The stacks are too wide for the openings, so it's sanding down the painted & weathered stacks. Is this a general problem with this kit (Accurate Miniatures), or did I goof somewhere? Richard P.S.: the "500" message is fun, too.
  15. And had to be done by the following Monday morning.
  16. Selwyn

    BAE Hawk XX154

    The seats were modified a long time ago. What you must realise that ejection seats are not tied to the airframe, when they are due servicing they are removed and replaced with a servicable set. the seats in this jet could have concevably been fitted to Half the hawks in the RAF fleet over the years. The original seats from 1974, suitably modified to current standards, might still be flying in another hawk! Selwyn
  17. I flew on 146s a few times. Not bad at all, IMO, and I do love their looks. Which is why I'm attempting to corner the worlds supply of the Revell kits, apparently (it's 'one of those kits' for me - you know, the ones that you'll buy every time you see them, even though you already have nearly as many kits of the type as were actually made. Or is that just me?) That video linked above- I hope that the crew were wearing their brown uniforms trousers...
  18. 12mm outside diameter (not including scoops). Duncan B
  19. Live and learn I did not know it. Thank you for your correction, EwenS. Cheers Jure
  20. @Space RangerThank you for posting Michael these as they are very helpfull for my Convair project in 1/72 I did ordered a few kits last year from Mike Herrill though hey isn’t in business anylonger.. He must be at age but he helped me getting some floats for a Dakota and also made a Grumman Mallard and postjager.. He is a fine man.. @Skodadriver i love to see what you make of it..... cheers Jan
  21. All true and good points. I like that the PLA is bio derived, compostable and low carbon footprint though. Makes me feel slightly better about the endless bits of scrap I make along the way. Maybe do more experimenting with materials a bit down the line Much appreciated. The Unicraft one seems to miss out the rockets next to the wing root and really simplify the shape of the inner fuselage. I wonder if they only used one of those drawings you sent me as one of those is similarly simplified. Will open up the cockpit and wheel wells and hopefully have your one printed and off to you by end of next week. Thanks again. That is a thought... I might come back round to this eventually and try and do the revised XP-92A as I’ve already done the wings etc. for this one *bonus picture since it is sunny this morning*
  22. Good update Christer, I'm looking forward to seeing the colour on this.
  23. Yes, I would agree about the rough stripes on Me262#2. The airframe with the mortar tubes has pretty neat stripes, but I don't think that its camera distortion on the other 262. Just a hurried paint job SD
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