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  2. Lovely work on a great subject, bravo!
  3. P.1127

    BAE Harrier Gr.1

    Looks good from here! Thanks for sharing, P.
  4. I'm not familiar with the P.166 but it's an impressive start. The landing gear arrangement looks like it's going to be fun to get to grips with?! Thanks for sharing, P. (... 1127... not 166)
  5. For normal day to day Flying/Training Lightning's carried no Ammo but two 30mm Cannons. As for missiles The port station carried a drill missile (had DRILL stenciled on the missile body and a blue band) No seeker head was fitted just a steel or some other material in its place. Why? the ladder was on the port side and the missile could be hit with the ladder so to preserve the stock of seeker head glass this was the same for both missile types. The Stbd station carried and Acquisition missile this had a seeker head and all the associated equipment to allow the missile track and cool the seeker head this had AQUI stencilled on the body and a pinkish band around the missile . The Firestreak Missile was Green all over. The Redtop however was light grey/sliverish with green steering fins and rear tail cone Redtops also didn't carry the main wings on these two types of missiles. Live missiles were carried on QRA ,Station generation exercises and transit flight to RAF Valley prior to MPC (missile practice camp) on both station. Again the Firestreak was green all over but with a Yellow and brown band around the missile these denoted High explosive and rocket motor, also visible on was the two rows of proximity fuse windows (in the new Airfix kit there are decals). As for the Redtop it carried the same yellow and brown markings. The triangular steering fins and tail cone were the same green but and also in green the main wings were fitted. Proximity fuse's were a little harder to spot on the Redtop there was only 4 on the missile body. Live Firestreak bellow you can see the proximity windows in the FWD section of the missile ( note the red covers on the windows on the jet behind. Of couse the photo of the missile is inert they wouldn't put a live missile in a museum. This link might help as to the meaning of the banding and colour's used http://www.fast-air.co.uk/raf-nato-weapons-markings/
  6. A modest bit of progress today - two more panels on the port side: The one round the wing root I found to be a bit tricky, not helped by my impetuously ripping the foil in my attempts to peel off the excess. Patience, one of the many virtues I seem not to have.
  7. Thanks to all who've "liked" my build, I'm very surprised. Thanks for the kudos Kitchen it's one of my fave versions of the '190, after the 'D' and Ta 152 that is. Kitchen I'm not sure what you mean by your comments, "considering the scale", the model has been detailed for a normal scale viewing distance of 20 to 30 feet. Getting details appropriate for your particular build right in any scale is a "struggle". When a build is finished whether it's 1/24th, 1/32nd, 1/72nd or smaller it should look as 1:1 as appropriate and possible. I'm pleased I could help Dogsbody, I actually got the germ of an idea when I read a particular build article for a new tool Airfix Wellington, I think General Melchert on this forum used the Tamiya XF-56 Metallic Grey for his collector rings, but I needed a tonal quality that sorta matched the feel of the B and W images of the real V-18, so I started with XF-79 and added XF-56. Almost forgot I also had a bit of XF-72, can't remember why.

    NAKAJIMA G8N1 Renzan "Rita" Bomber

    I am going to build this kit is the forthcoming Frog Squad GB (you are very welcome to join this by the way ) Has anyone built one before ? Is there a masking set for it ? Mine is the AMT rebox, the decals look decidedly iffy so does anyone make replacements ? Any help greatly appreciated cheers Pat
  9. Primed now with Badger Stynylrez black: 20190421_152645 by J Hooper, on Flickr The plan is to shoot the very dark grey of the chevrons, mask and paint the camouflage colors. Cheers for now! Hoops
  10. Looking so good. As @Bigdave22014 has already observed, a good dose of EDSG over Sky is just so the way things should be! Terry
  11. elger

    Stirling Mk.III from Italeri ?

    one thing I forgot: the mk IV fuselage front section is molded slightly different than the mk 1 - it doesn't have the front turret "housing". This is a photo of the Italeri mk 1 fuselage next to the old Airfix kit: and there's a close up of the IV front fuselage here: http://www.hyperscale.com/2015/reviews/kits/italeri1350reviewbg_1.htm
  12. bentwaters81tfw

    Revell 1/48 F-89 Scorpion

    It scrubs up OK. No real issues. No aftermarket. I did customise the decal sheet to get the result I wanted. 132 Sqn Maine ANG.
  13. Terry1954

    1/72 Airfix Marshall MA4 ( well, 20% of it is!)

    Followed the WIP and witnessed the effort and skill you put in. Excellent result I would say. Love that blue finish! Terry
  14. RidgeRunner

    Vampire F.1 and other DH twin boomers

    A lovely collection, Chris. I'm very happy to praise Sussex modelling in 1/72 at its finest ;). Martin
  15. Terry1954

    1/72 8 Squadron Panthers T-4

    Very nice indeed. Almost picked up a double boxing of one of these at a good price in Kyoto in Japan recently, and now wish I had! Love the finish. Terry
  16. Today
  17. phildagreek

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    Excellent & in the finest paint scheme too.
  18. I have a sheet of Light Slate Grey codes and serials I got from an outfit called Flying High (I think) many years ago. I can send you a couple of J's in 48" which is the usual large aircraft size and FK186 in 8" if you PM me your address. A technique I have used where I can't get the right colour decals could be used for the S - if you can find something similar in a different colour cut closely round it and then paint it the correct shade and apply as a decal in the normal manner. Or scan it, change the colour in a photoediting or graphics package and print onto decal paper. I can't give you RGB values for Light Slate Grey but Medium Sea Grey is given as 137, 145, 148 here https://www.e-paint.co.uk/Lab_values.asp Edit - A quick Google reveals Light Slate Grey values here https://www.colorhexa.com/778899
  19. Basilisk

    Dora Wings 1/48 Vega Gull

    I am currently building the 1/72 scale version and the instrument panel/coaming is a near to perfect fit. The parts break down on the 1/48 scale model is very similar. Could it be that you fitted the fire wall in front of the cockpit at a too steep of an angle so that the upper part is now interfering with the panel/coaming assembly? Cheers, Peter
  20. Alan P

    Starting on the HPH IL-62 1/72

    What a monster! Amazing uniform shiny finish on such a huge model. I suspect the 'filler' is actually the two-part epoxy HpH recommend to build their resin kits. Did you use CA glue for your build? Anyway, great work on the build, it looks superb (and huge!) Alan
  21. Got a bit further with this build and the fuselage is now together. After seeing my pictures of the cockpit I noticed a few spots which could be enhanced. - Painted the right side box black. - Added some placards on either side of the IP. - Replaced the straight stick part with a 0.6 mm metal tube. - Added a trim wheel to the left side. This all created a nice busy look in the cockpit. Also got the wings together. Reducing the thickness of the trailing edge and fitting the ailerons needed a fair bit of work. I also had to scribe some missing panel lines where a flip-open part is located. Still a bit of tidy-up to do on the fuselage before I can fit the wings. Cheers, Peter
  22. Max Headroom

    Lockheed Twins civilian style

    The Hudson definitely has a single piece elevator. If you go to our Walkaround section you will see my photos of the Hendon example. Not only is the elevator one piece, but the fuselage fairing underneath is hinged too. Trevor
  23. Thanks for that AD-4N (Skyraider?), greatly appreciated I don't think 'plans' came into it, maybe some very poor drawings from a certain series of books maybe. These references were also used for horrors like the first 1/72 scale Airfix Fw 190D
  24. Very nice. For those of that era, this brings me back wonderful memories of these machines in and out of Gatwick, Heathrow and other UK airfields clad in Malev, LOT, Interflug, Tarom, Balkan and other schemes. :). That sound! Martin
  25. elger

    thoughts on Whitley V interior colours?

    Thanks for all those. Rear fuselage definitely looks like aluminium to me. Now to decide where it started - at the main wing spar or already at the w/o's position. And I'm leaning towards black for the wheel bays. Although the inside of the flap of DY-N above looks a little lighter than black? Elger
  26. John D.C. Masters

    A Tale of 2 Spitfires: the Bride meets the Son...

    More masks... ...and some more paint! and the results, with the tail feathers as well... --John
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