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  2. thanks Roman! There are always glitches, almost no model really turns out as intended. But we can live with it

    Mitsubishi A6M2b 'Zero'

    Very nice, tastefully weathered. Well done
  4. More Thud-workings? I'll follow along, taking notes on the way...
  5. Magic pics Adey, thanks for sharing
  6. stevehnz

    MIG-21MF 1/72 Mistercraft

    HI Jovac, nice build, great scheme. I've long thought of a couple of Somali birds, were these kit decals or an after market sheet? Steve.
  7. Thanks mate; yes the newer Tamiya kits are justifiably held up as exemplars of good fit and clever engineering and I can only concur Thank you very much Håkan Thanks mate - I think it is one of the best looking Japanese single-engined fighters and that in itself is a pretty crowded field, but with the inline engine I can see why it was originally reported as a Macchi 202 (and apparently hence the reporting name "Tony" for its Italian connotation). The only thing I would say - I will not suggest that you are a masochist but you do seem to enjoy the struggle to produce a great model from a less-than-optimal kit so you might find this one a bit 'vanilla' Indeed it does - I found this Japanese walkaround of an aircraft restored by Kawasaki; I would not use it as a guide for painting a natural metal finish as it was painted post-war and has now had the paint stripped off, but it has some interesting details and it seems to bear out my confidence in our paint and that the interior colour was indeed more a pale buff green than a desert yellow - also that the Colourcoats ACJ23 Propeller Colour is correctly a very dark brown with a hint of red rather than the brick-red colour often used on models. Cheers, Stew
  8. Simon382

    Help wanted re Tamiya F15 decals

    That's very kind of you but it's the old 1/48 scale kit
  9. Reggiane Re.2006 was built in a single copy and did not have time to be released in series. It's just Re.2005 with a different engine Daimler Benz DB603.
  10. thanks, my Collect-Aire Demon had a slightly banana shaped fuselage as well, but I didn't notice this until I had block sanded the fuselage sides flat! Had a big job to get it back in shape, currently it's sitting in the naughty corner as the wings are covered in billions of small air bubbles! I'm going through a stage of just building 1/48th resin at the moment. Next up will be another Collect-Aire beast (I have 8 or 9 all up), their F-86D,K,L Sabre Dog, it looks to be a fairly straight forward build....hopefully.
  11. IrishKiwi

    Wingnut Wings Original LVG & Hannover

    I have a orginal LVG with some PE, and a Hannover for sale. Both kits are in mint condition with sealed bags. Please advise if interested.
  12. Today
  13. Pink spitfire!? I must resist temptation to start a PR1G.... No no no no no no
  14. Reds and yellows are difficult to get right as there colour is influenced greatly by the base colour. I always put a white base down for my red & yellows. Some say that pink is the best base for red... Back to the Furies, looking good, even if it is 'one step forward, two steps back' with the paint. Stuart
  15. Absolutely stunning level of detail on a 1/72nd Crusader and weathering just right, got to be the best and most convincing Crusaders I have seen in that scale. The ordnance on that Crusader is very impressive, I never realised they could carry all that. Love the dioramas that you have presented them on too. regards, adey
  16. I´d hate to assemble those national markings from all the bits and pieces! Luckily there´s a very good aftermarket option available. DN-57 was a real warrior, the sole Dornier that was active through the whole Summer War from June to September -44. The lucky one, too? Thanks for the review! V-P
  17. Christer A

    Harrier GR3 - Airfix 1/24

    Serial Kit-starter, that's me! Even though i have 3-4 active builds an at least 20 on the shelf of doom (or is it the cupboard of shame?) I'm still thinking in starting a little summer project. Just a little Valom kit. What could possibly go wrong?
  18. Absolutely superb Phil, I had to check the scale, cannot believe you have achieved so much amazing detail on a 1/72nd kit that stands up so well to such close scrutiny. Fantastic jobs on what are one of my favourite carrier borne fighters regards, adey
  19. tempestfan

    DH16 Interior details

    Do you have the Granger drawings that were contained in one of the Wingspan mags ca. 1988/9? I think there may have been a short article accompanying the drawings, possibly with a shot of the interior.
  20. Corsairfoxfouruncle


    Now if they did decals for this one id definitely consider it.
  21. Fantastic idea and execution, I like the finish on the model and the representation of the water and the height finding lights- very effective . I may be wrong but I think you brass plate should say coup de grace with an inverted v or circumflex over the a not gras as in the picture.
  22. Hi, I have recently picked up the ICM Ju 88A-4 (48233) and the He 111H-6. Now my question is related to the color callouts for the cockpit interior. For the Ju 88A-4 ICM suggests RLM66. For the He 111H-6 ICM suggest RLM02. Would anyone be able to advice if this is correct? Also, advice on any specific issues I should be aware of would be much appreciated! Best Regards Johan
  23. RidgeRunner

    Airco DH.9 Aviación Militar

    Very nice. The Spanish Civil War produced some great machines in great schemes. Martin
  24. Roger Newsome

    A-10 Thunderbolt II

    Thanks Håkan. The gun might be better displayed on it's own but I think I'll put it in the aircraft. Thanks very much Frank.
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