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  1. Thank you very much mate. The 747 is one of my most favourite aircrafts.There are still 8-10 1/144 2 1/125 1 1/100 and approx. 12 Hasegawa 1/200 in all versions in my stash waiting for their day...
  2. Sorry for the late reply.Work and other issues kept me from modelling and attending this thread.I will try to explain the mods I did on my -400s and take some pics.I need to get one unbuild from my stash in the next days as I did not made a WIP on those 747 builds.
  3. Yes,I am using Chrome. But I switched to imgbb.com for my pics.Its far more easy and faster than PB.
  4. Here are the new pics of the Landor 747-400 as promised The engraved panellines are too heavy on the kit.I missed to correct it on this build.I have 3 more -400s in my stash which will be modified in that matter. And together with my Revell 747-200...
  5. Hi I am going to upload the pics agsin later. photobucket has blocked the old ones
  6. There are many options out there these days.Many aftermarket items to build up your model to your liking. As for the window options,you can either close them with putty and sand them flush,using window decals afterwards,or leave them open/clear.If you wish your windows clearI would suggest that you omit the kits transparencies and fill the windows after paint and decaling with Microscale Klear or other white glue that clears after drying.If you wish to use window decals,I would recommend the window decals from authentic airliners. www.authentic-airliners.de . They feature passengers in the windows and pilots,giving the model a really nice depth. For metallic painting,there are many options in colour brands.I use Testors and Gunze ,sometimes also Revell enamel paints.You can also use spray cans such as Tamyia or what there is available in your place Maybe some fellow modellers can give more advice/input. For best results use an airbrush or spraycans but as always,every modeller has his way on how to paint the model. If I remember correctly the Court Line aircrafts had white upper wings with natural metal leading edges and pink/yellow undersides (TriStar) with the front esges being natural metal.I guess Phil who built this wonderful TriStar csn give you more details to painting the aircraft. I hope my explanations are helpful to you and I wish you a happy build.
  7. You did a wonderful job in restoring this classic. Funny...I did the same thing with my Plasticart IL-18 about two months ago,although in Interflug colors. I have a soft spot for those Plasticart airliner kits and set up quite a collection,some built,some still waiting.They are surely not for starters but with TLC,they can be built up nicely.
  8. Coming in a bit late...work kept me too busy An awesome build.Flawless in every way.All the hard work surley paid off in full. If my workbench/space allows it,I guess a will have a go on one of my many 767s...
  9. Excellent work. Just in case,if you need this part or something else that is needed when build it with open doors,pm me. I have 2 Belugas in my stash and I am planning only one with open cargo door.
  10. Looks very neat Phil.I am sure it will come out well. The Britannia scheme is very difficult to apply but you did a great job. Are these cockpit windows from Authentic Airliners ? They should be very accurate i think.I noticed that you placed them a little too low,they should sit at the front right above the radome where the edge is. Alex
  11. Coming along nicely. Impressive work so far. i stay tuned for the roll-out....
  12. Alex1978

    C-160 Transall Revell 1:220

    Very impressive build of a very small kit
  13. A great build. having this kit in my stash along with the new Zvezda Version,I will take notice on your explanations for my Trumpeter build. Top work all around.The IL-76 is a very impressive aircraft.
  14. Thank you very much.Cats were enjoying themselves at the dinner... Thank you also for the further explanations on the CX TriStars and the linking to that superb site.Very interesting history there.