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  1. Ohh,just came to my mind .. Revell has the front wheels too small.About 2mm in diameter smaller than they should be. If you have spares from a -400 it should be an easy fix. If built as is,it just looks strange,so if its not gear up,better replace them
  2. I just love these old box arts. So tempting and just superb compared to todays box arts.
  3. Nice to see another 747 production line... Last year I managed to finish 12 747s,this year 3 are under construction currently. 747-200 in the old SAA livery,a 747-300 and a 747-400F in 1/144. As for the -800s Both the Revell and Zvezda offerings are superb kits. The Revell offering is a bit more detailed,landing lights,antennas etc. but suffers already from flash on some parts. Esp. the fan blades.Be aware of that . For me,I prefer the Zvezda kit,as its a bit simpler in construction. Once finished,its difficult to tell the difference between the
  4. Another stunning build. Never seen a built one before,comes in handy as I have one in my stash too.
  5. Very nice build. I love those Hasegawa airliners,easy and quick builds,although the 737 is really small in 1/200 but captures the look very well
  6. Great build with realistic finish. You mentioned fitting issues; is this the old Revell kit (Heller moulds) or the 2006 new tooling from Revell ?
  7. I got the same under construction at the time. I will finish mine as shown on the box just for the fun of it. Its wrong of course,but at the time of its release,it seemed to go look that way,when Airfix was releasing this kit. I am also trying to use the kits decals where possible and add the rest and some details from my spares. I guess the prototypes changed much during their testings,so my guess is,whatever you plan to do,will be right.You may just have to pick a timeframe of the aircraft you are building.The kits parts seem ok for early tests. Looking forwar
  8. Thats not what I meant. Its beautifully build and nicely detailed. I just tried to explain Abandon Project's impression on the SP itself. Due to the shorter fuselage,the SP looks a bit off in its proprtions,because the wingspan is the same as on the regular 747s but it also has increased hight and span of the fin and rudder. The standard 747s are approx. 70 meters in length and 59 meters wingspan compared to approx. 56 meters in length of the SP. Thats what gives it its very special look. Many love the SP just because of that,I am one of them. A
  9. It looks a bit off due to the proportions,but I always liked the stubby 747. Its like a "Baby Jumbo Jet"...
  10. Stunning build. Superb detail. Quite a number of SPs appeared recently here on BM Keep 'em coming...
  11. ...just scratching my head to figure out how I did miss your DC-8 build the first time around.... Awesome model with lots of details.Superbly build. You really did justice to her elegance
  12. You still not got them ? This is really unacceptable,at least he could explain the reason of the delay.Things can happen,but this is highly unprofessional and not a serious way to make business. I had received mine in the end,but this was the last time that I bought from him.I will avoid him from now on. I really hope you can sort this out
  13. Hi Ian, my Caledonian decals are from AHS,also with white and yellow stripes.I guess I have the almost 30+ years. Thank you for the hint for clear coating them first. Alex
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