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  1. Great build of an attractive aircraft. I have the EE kit in my stash,good to know that it can be made into a nice model. Great "airport scene"...i miss those days when these aircrafts were frequent visitors
  2. Great to see some more progress. The wings look impressive
  3. Revell never released the A330 kit with RR engines,so fingers crossed that they will include a new sprue with those engines Being Revell,I somehow doubt it though....
  4. You are welcome. My A340s are still under construction,so there are no topics in my profile yet about this. I havent realized the pointed spinner,so thanks for giving this hint.Not much will be visible inside the engines but I will try to fix that. If you have questions about my corrections,feel free to ask.
  5. I will watch this with interest. The Air Portugal livery of that time was very nice. I was looking a long time for decals for this livery to do an A340 with them,but i was unable to find one. As my 4 A340 kits i have under construction are already having their respective decals,this plan has to be cancelled,as i dont have another A340 in my stash. Some hints on the A340 kit; The engines would need a bit of corrections. This of course,if you mind these issues on the kit.Interestingly,I never read that the inner engies are a bit off on the kit in that area This might be because Revell released the A340 kit before the real thing actually rolled out,so some details may be based on drawings rather than the original. Apart from that,the A340 kit still holds up well. The inner engine's mounts are too high,they should be about the same as the outer engines. The small fairings on the inner cowlings are also missing.Check photos for references. On my A340 builds,I tried to correct these aspects by cutting off the engine mounts from the nacelles.Shorten the mount around 1mm and then reattach the mount to the cowling.I did this with liquid plastic,made from sprues drenched in glue. After enough drying time,you can trim the excess plastic with a sharp blade. To do this,use one of the outer engine part as a template. Alex
  6. Thats a superb looking TU-134. Your collection is impressive...looks like back in time when those thunderbirds were frequent visitors on airports around Europe. I can almost hear their distinctive sound
  7. Another winner here Dave. The modifications really make a difference. I really love Airfix's 737 kit.Its old but a very nice basemodel to work from. I still have several in my stash with all kinds of liveries. I wish Airfix would rerelease them again in their Classic Airliners range again,together with their DC-9 and A300. And I must check out the LACI website Thanks for sharing Alex
  8. Great Airbus in a not so often seen livery.Top work all around. The last issue of the Revell A320 kit was really a sorry looking pile of plastic,so my hat's off to you for beating it into shape. I am more on the Zvezda side as A320 types are concerned,one A319 is left to do from my large stock of Revell kits,the others to do are now all Zvezda. I had a line up of Airbuses on my bench too this summer.Mostly finished but didnt yet find the time to put them here on BM . I hope to add them soon. Thanks for sharing Alex
  9. Great pics of this classic Trijet. Can't have enough DC-10s Thanks for sharing
  10. Superb build and a neat looking 737. It so happens that I work on this kit as well at the moment,among others though. I did not buy aftermarket engines as I tried to correct the kit provided ones. Quite a lot of work but I get there eventually Thanks for sharing Alex
  11. I read a while ago on another site that Revell's A330/A340 winglets are not correctly shaped. As for me,I couldn't make out the difference between the original and the kits winglets,so for my current builds I use the kits parts. The differences seem not very obvious,so its the builders choice to use aftermarket or kits parts. The A340 was the first one that got released by Revell in 1991,before the prototypes first flight,so there are some inaccuracies as the kit is based on earlier drawings. The A330 kit came out in 1992,it seems though that Revell altered/corrected some parts on those kits over the years. I have from both types multiple kits and some of the newer releases have a more detailed underbelly (wingbox plate) and APU for example.
  12. Very very nice Neil. The DC-10 is an awesome aircraft and its rare to see one in BA livery. Very well done. I was fortunate to fly on a DC-10 in 1995 from Zurich to Mombasa.An unforgettable flight,on the returnflight I had the pleasure of a 2 hour visit to the cockpit,the most spaceous cockpit with the largest windows I ever saw. The view was breathtaking. I also remember seeing a BA DC-10 flying past on my BA flight to LHR. We were on approach over the channel when the DC-10 flew a bit lower past us,I dont know if it had departed from LHR or Gatwick. Those were the days Thanks for sharing Alex
  13. Nothing wrong with the Scoot livery. It gives a certain holliday feel when boarding... Very nicely built. Thanks for sharing Alex
  14. Great looking 737. Despite the troubles,you turned it into a beautiful model. I also like the KLM livery,not an easy one to get it symetrical,so from me Thanks for sharing Alex
  15. Thats definitely one for my collection. How to get it is another question at the moment though...
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