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  1. Thats coming along very nice Some little advice.Mostly,the decals dont conform with the windows on the models. So its best,if you are using window decals,to close the model windows with putty and sand it flush. If there are no clear parts for the windows,I usually glue plasticstripes inside of the fuselage to give the putty some backing. Another way,if the windows can still be seen underneath the paint,if you like to have them as a decal guide,is to divide the window decal stripes in small sections. This way its easier to place the decals on the models
  2. I stay tuned for the Swissair 747... Your 747-400 looks good already. Not the easiest kit,I built a few of them,but it can be made to a nice -400. Dont be too worried about the quality. We all started our hobby with low quality.With each build,you learn and progress. The most important things are,that the hobby should make fun and that you are satisfied and happy with your model. When I built my first model back in 1990...ghee...how the time flies...,it was built in one evening,no paint,glue smeared all over and the decals not always there were they
  3. Great to see you on BM. I will follow this with interest.Many 747s are being built here recently... Greetings Alex
  4. Thank you Dave. I dont understand Heller's decision for this scale. Amongst themselves they make up for a nice collection,but thats it. I built the 727 a few years ago too.Its quite nice,only the nose is somewhat off.Took me some time to fix it.
  5. Very nice Comet and the comparison with the 747 shows the sheer size of the Jumbo. BTW great looking 747 demonstrator as well.
  6. Thank you very much. Yes,I realized that later as well.Maybe shes trying to hypnotize...
  7. Thank you very much Ian. Heller has still the 727,747,DC-10,Concorde and A320 in their catalogue. Just a pity that the 737,L-1011 and A300 are not getting a rerelease as it seems. They are really good kits. It took me quite a while to get hold of all those Heller airliners.The L-1011 and 737 are very hard to find.
  8. Thank you Jan. My cats like to have a look.But they are not trying to play with my models.
  9. Thank you My kitties are well trained...they know models are off limits
  10. My first completed airliners in 2021. I started them somewhere last year and worked on them on and off between other projects. The main problem was to get decals for them as Heller airliners come in the odd scale of 1/125 and their 737 kit is long out of production. I found some nice liveries on f-dcal,which even arrived in an acceptable time. I have now 3 of Heller's Boeing 737,the first one was built in Lufthansa colors,mostly airbrushed and completed with decals from my spares box. Its a pity that Heller never reissued this kit as they did with most of their other a
  11. Looks great already. As you mentioned,there is no response whatsoever from f-dcal still. No idea whats wrong over there.I also hope everything is well with Philippe. But I must also confess,that this is not the first time I experience this with him. On one occasion I had to wait 6 ! months for a replacement decal set,as he had sent me the wrong scale. For my -SP build though,Ray from 26decals offered his help and sent me one of his sets for my -SP.
  12. Very nice.Its starting to look like a DC-8. Great work so far.
  13. Thought it was almost too good to be true... Well,you solved the problem and thankfully noticed it before the finish. Looks a bit like the VEB Plasticart DC-8,I built some years ago. They also had the same problem with the stabs. Maybe you should also check the cabin windows on both fuselage sides if they are in the same hight ?
  14. Superb redo on the 777. Great video with lots of useful information too. Well done
  15. Great work. Seems to be a smooth build so far, considering that its a MACH2.
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