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  1. I used Revell blue 54 with a few drops of Revell gloss white 4 to match the blue on the decal
  2. Thank you very much Mike. I had the opportunity too to fly on the DC-8. Both times with the sadly defunct African Safari Airways. First ride ever was on their DC-8-55 and years later on the DC-8-63. Great and unforgettable flights on a supperb airliner and airline
  3. Thank you very much Ian. No idea what the yellow boxes are.I only saw those on japanese airliners.The 787 Dreamliner of ANA has them too but I dont know what they are for.
  4. Thank you very much. Yes,it would be nice to see the Revell DC-8s turning up again.Except for the landing gear ,they are very nicely done.The shorter DC-8-10 kits of Revell even had the possibility of showing the engine as the cowlings could be removed.They were simple but I liked that option.
  5. Thank you very much. Yes,thats probably right,but I didn't manage to bin it,even there is a re-issue of the Revell 727. I enjoy sometimes the refurbishing of old builds and see them come back to life.Its interesting to see the improvements one made in modelling between now and 25-30 years ago...
  6. Thank you very much. I would go for it and get some.They may be a bit harder to build than the Otaki kits but they are available and probably a lot cheaper to purchase
  7. Thank you very much John. I hope to see your TriStar on FB soon too. Great background story with the Air Transat L-1011s.I would love to have some original parts myself.Sadly I was never lucky enough to fly in one but my grand parents flew with a BWIA TriStar back in 1991 and they were very satisfied with the ride. That Lufthansa kit is an ancient Airfix A300 that I am currently redo.I built this kit around 1993 and it was quite worn out by now. Paintjob is under way and it should turn up here in the next couple weeks.
  8. Thank you very much Ian. The decals on the new EE kits are very well done.They actually come from PAS decals.Just the fact that they printed the cabin windows together with the billboard titles is a bit disappointing.Application of aftermarket windows will probably a bit tricky as I am not sure if the spacing is identical.I actually planned to use AA windows but decided to go with the kit one first.
  9. Thank you very much. They are a little challenging but with careful cleaning of all parts and preparation,they are nice to build.EE just likes to overdo it with detailing esp. on the landing gear but otherwise they have improved a great deal
  10. Thank you Ian. Yes its a shame.It would be nice if Revell would consider a re-issue despite the Minicraft kits.I really like them and I pick them up every time I see one at an affordable price.Another one is currently under repair and renovation,but it will probably take some time to finish it. I received it part started and in a terrible state
  11. Another one for my collection of special liveries. The All Nippon Airways "Fly Panda" scheme I found very eye catching when I first saw pictures of the real aircraft. Hasegawa is always a safe bet when it comes to special liveries from japanese airlines and the Fly Panda scheme was no exception. The decals are nicely printed but a bit tricky to apply on the model. They do not fit perfectly and some careful trimming and spacing is required to get everything in place. The cockpit window comes from an old AHS 767 detail set as Hasegawas window decal is way off in shape and the wing coroguard panels are from Liveries Unlimited. It was a joyful build for in between and is a very catchy sight on my shelf Cheers
  12. The DC-8 is among my favourite airliners and I built up quite a collection of thos old Revell kits,both the short 10-50 series as well as the longer -61. I always wanted to do a Flying Tiger DC-8-63 and Revell released a kit with those decals some decades ago. It was labeled as DC-8-61/63 althoug Revell never included the engines for a -63,so you always ended up with a -61. I bought this kit from a fellow modeller,but the African Safari Airways boxing,and then searched a long time for an original Revell decal set for the Flying Tger DC-8. After almost one year of search,I managed to track one set down on Ebay that was in pristine condition. The only thing missing were the correct engines for the -63 and after some more months I finally got a resin set from contrails and the build was on. To fit the engines on the wings,its nesessary to sand away the remaing mounts on the upper wing and extend the leading edges. The rest of the build is straight forward and the kit fits quite well given its age. Painted with Revell metallics using different shades and some silver decal stripes to slightly highlight the fuselage sections gives some added details. The rest is done with a DC-8 detail set from Avigraphics,which is sadly no longer available. As I built most of my DC-8s gear down,I wanted this one gear up as it shows more the elegant lines of this classic Douglas airliner. Hope you like it. And with something else...Eastern Airlines DC-8-53 in "formation flight"
  13. Some ancient Airfix Boeing 727-100s... These kits have become rare items by now and getting sold sometimes at silly prices. I was lucky to get a collection of Airfix 727s from a modeller who cleared his stash,and among those were 2 of the 727-100 kits. Interestingly the fuselage offers separate doors and cargo doors compared to the later -200 version of Airfx and also the nose is better rendered on the -100. The rest of the parts are the same as in the -200 kit,which means also the wing fences are in the wrong spot and need to be relocated. Another interesting,yet annoying issue with all the Airfix 727s are the wings...they start to warp and bend after glueing the halves together...some more than others but they always do.No idea why this is...? Anyone has a solution to avoid this ? The TWA decals are a mix of the original Airfix decals (red window line) and a set for a -200 from 26decals that I had in my stash but never used it for a 727-200. All windows come from a 707 detail set but I am not very happy with the cockpit window and I am planning to replace it with a Authentic Airliners set. The same goes for the Delta Airlines version.This set comes from Pointerdog 7 and is very nicely printed exept the cockpit window looks a little off,but it will have to do for now. I really like these old classic liveries of TWA and esp. Delta,and I am planning to do some other airliners in those respective liveries in future. Although I like the Revell 727-100 kit better,I am still happy to have 2 of those Airfix -100s in my collection. Hope you like 'em
  14. This particular model was done by me somewhere back between 1991-1993.I cant remember exactly. Back in those days I brushpainted all my models,sometimes more successful...sometimes less... This one belonged somwhere in the middle. It was first built as Wardair Canada but over the years it had badly yellowed and also the seams were visible in some places and the overall paint was not correct compared to the real one. Last year I decided to redo the model,and give it a fresh paint and a nice new livery. I searched on Ebay and found an originial vintage Revell/Lodela decal set for Cruzeiro of Brasil. The set was bought and the renovation was on...strp off the old paint with Revell's paint remover,clean up all blemishes fill the cracks and also the cabin and cockpit windows. The main problem of the Revell 727 are the recessed cabin windows,which just look unnatural and the cockpit has no clear part,just holes. After everything was cleaned and repaired,it was time for the new paint. The decals worked well despite their age,but it was quite troublesome to get the blue sections around the front.A lot of cutting,patching (and cursing) later,it was all set and done. The Revell 727 kit is in my opinion the better option compared to the Airfix kits as it captures the lines of the 727 pretty well. Cheers First 2 pictures as she was before the redo (sorry for the quality of the pics,the ligting was unfortunately not very good)
  15. The first real 737-100 injection molded kit also comes from Eastern Express. Their quality improvement compared to their earlier kits is outstanding,although their kits are usually in short run quality but they are much more accurate and better to build than most of their older models. The 737-100 belongs already to the newer offerings,recessed panellines and fine details are there although still a bit rough in some spots but the overall quality is fine. The build itself is a bit tricky in some parts and filler is needed frequently,but careful preparation can be a great help. I compared the fuselage of the EE kit with an Airfix and its really almost 1cm shorter than the latter,so you end up with a real -100. The only mistake EE did,are the engines.They are too long and clearly belong to the -200. As the Airfix 737 has the shorter engines,I just switched them and smacked the Airfix engines on the EE kit. The EE engines will also fit on the Airfix kit with some slight modifications. Eastern express overdid the detailing on the landing gear with far too many tiny parts,so I decided to use the front gear and al the wheels from a Revell 737-800. With some adjustments these parts fitted quite well. The Singapore Airlines decals are from MACH 1,they seem to be very old but they still worked perfectly. The instructions show where to trim the stripes on the shorter fuselage.They were designed to fit on the Airfix 737 kit,but the instruction has a 1:1 stripe replica wich outlines the spots for the cuts to be made. The windows are from a 707 and 727 detail set,but I will probably replace them with AA realistic windows in some time. All paints are Revell and Testors enamels and the wings are slightly weathered with HUmbrol graphite powder. Hope you like the Baby Boeing