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  1. Hi,I have some spare parts from the A310 kit.I will check whats there and let you know later. Greetings,Alex
  2. Thank you very much. Yes,the cars and figures are 1/87
  3. Thank you very much. Thats some story there...I don't think this would work nowadays But it shows how reliable those Fokker planes were/are. I flew once with a Lufthansa Cityline Fokker 50 from Basel to Munich,unfortunately my one and only flight with a Fokker,and it was a very pleasant flight. I remember,after landing in Munich,one businessman was scolding the stewardess,complaining why they use such a crappy aircraft with propellers instead of a jet... Everyone probably thought,he should rather buy his own businessjet,so he won't need to fly prop-driven aircrafts anymore...
  4. Thank you very much. I still have 2 more of the Minicraft kits along with a MD-81 and a MD-90 from Eastern Express. I allready finished the Boeing 717 (MD-95) from Eastern Express,its a great kit,so I expect the same quality from the other EE kits
  5. Thank you very much Ian, Yes,I thought something was not right when I worked on the landing gear.Didn't realize what exactly the issue was. I had to correct the gear doors ,as they seemed to be too long and would not sit properly I will keep that in mind on the other Minicraft MD-80s
  6. Thank you very much. Not exactly...the machine is me As I always work on 4-5 kits and some others allready pre-started,there are times when a bigger number gets finished within some weeks.Usually 2 models are getting finished at once. As those two 747's sat around mostly built,this was a somewhat quicker process in getting them over the finishing line
  7. Thank you very much. Yes,I asked myself the same question a few times.I remember seeing those big travel agent airliner models in the windows.Always wanted one of those. I once asked if its possible to buy one but they refused.Told me they belong to the airlines and need to be given back after a while.Wonder what they did with them afterwards....
  8. Thank you very much for the kind words,also about my country. You've seen quite a lot of Switzerland I assume
  9. Thank you very much. WOW...I wish I could have experienced those days.Would have been great to see those planes for real and walk around them
  10. Thank you very much John. I hope to see your Dan Air A300 here on BM ? Ohh... I hope Mr Stringbag will build it earlier than that.There are too few Airfix A300s here on BM I have another unbuild in my stash,the US-Airfix issue with Eastern Airlines decals
  11. Unfortunately only one... But I still have display space in my cellar,which I changed into a hobbyroom.
  12. Thank you very much.I had absolutely no trouble with this one.The plastic held through the whole process.I had other experiences however with other kits though.This went well and the repaint was,apart from the masking process,nice n' easy.Too bad you didnt pick this kit up back then.But they show up sometimes on ebay and DACO has it still available on their website together with Garuda and TNT decals.Well worth a catch
  13. Thank you very much.I too like those Colombian airlines.They have/had such great schemes and also aircraft in service.Some of them still do.I wish I could visit that country once to take pics of those classics still flying
  14. Thank you very much Dave.Yes,I experienced the same problems with the Revell paint remover with other kits i had stripped.Some parts were not affected,some had become brittle as well or ,as you said,the glue didnt hold anymore.Apart from that,its ok and after a good wash,the pieces can ve glued together again. The cats are fine and happy,thank you.I just cant get them interested anymore to take part in the photoshoots I guess.
  15. Thank you very much Ian. I find a redo is much more work than building a kit from start.But I enjoy the process and see a worn out kit coming back to life. I hope to see your redos on BM soon as well.
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