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  1. Wonderful VC-10 Ray. Never saw the real thing but it is,a very impressive and elegant aircraft. Well done Alex
  2. Hi John, Wonderful build of a classic Douglas airliner. Looks splendid in Lufthansa livery. I have the same decals in my stash since years, together with an AA DC-8 kit...still waiting for its turn on my very long production line...πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š Thanks for sharing Alex
  3. Thank you very much Eng. Indeed,the 757 is probably the most elegant airliner Boeing ever designed
  4. I never saw the Welsh kit,would be nice to see a pic or two of your build ?😊 Thank you very much John My pleasure to have enjoyed the trip. I stay tuned for your BA 757... I have currently a few more 757s that I am working on,amongst them is also the BA Landor version Cheers Alex
  5. Thank you very much Ian. Thats very true. I had a lot of joy building this model and recall all those nice memories. I saw your build of the AA kit,and its a very nice one,despite the old AHS decals but I will stay tuned for your secondπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š Alex
  6. Thank you very much. Pleasure that you enjoyed it. Thank you very much
  7. Thank you very much Vince Thank you very much Michael
  8. Thank you very much Thank you very much. Always glad to bring back memories
  9. Thank you very much Mike. Yes,its always nice to build something as a reminder of fond memories Thank you very much Dave
  10. As a 12 year old,my grand parents took me with them to Kenya for hollidays. That was back in september 1990...how the time flies... We should have had a flight from Zurich to Mombasa on the Balair DC-10-30,but for some reasons this was changed,and instead Caledonian Airways took us to our destination on a Boeing 757-200. Due to the limited range of the 757,we had to make a tank stop in Athens. I always had a latent interest in airplanes but this flight actually started it all,my passion for airliners and modelling. In fact,my very first kit that I bought was a Hasegawa 747 in 1/200 soon after our return. But I always wanted to build the aircraft that started it all. Unfortunately back then,no 757 kit was available or none that I was aware of nor could I find decals for the Caledonian version,no internet back then,so tracing such items was rather difficult and one had to rely on the local hobbyshops to stock the latest kits. Anyone remember ? Some good 25 years ago I came across the AHS decal set but was still missing a 757 kit... Some years later Minicraft released a 757 kit that was average at least. I bought some of them but for some reason I never actually built one with the Caledonian decals that I had.Maybe the reason was that the AHS sheet had white parts that needed to be applied first before the yellow decals and also a lack of detail on it. Many years later,in 2021 Zvezda released a bew 757 kit which beats the Minicraft version in every aspect. 26decals released also many decals for the new kit,offering countless airlines,amongst them British Airways/Caledonian. So finally this year I came around building the very 757 that I had flown on back in 1990. The Zvezda kit is superb with almost perfect fit and only a minimum of filler needed. I built it straight out of the box The windows are open,no decals used,so also a bit of the cockpit can be seen. To get the correct windows/doors layout,I had to close 4 windows as Caledonian,as well as many other airlines,have/had an additional door aft of the wings. The last row of windows consists of 13 windows,so just need to count from the back forward and then close 4 windows in a row. The additional door is provided with the decals. The emergency exits on the wings need to be filled and sanded and one window between the former exits added. Yep,I still have the onboard magazine from that flight... Paints used,Tamyia Royal blue with a few drops black for the belly and engines,Gunze light grey 315 for the upper fuselage,Testors Voodoo grey on the wings,the corogard is a mix of dark grey mixed with aluminium. Othe metallic parts are painted with Gunze metallics. As mentioned,the decals are from 26 and are absolutely wonderful. The fit is perfect and the carrier film is almost invisible. The window frames are from the kit decal sheet Caledonian Airways was founded in 1988,emerging from British Airtours In 1999 it merged with Flying Colours Airlines to become JMC,which went to become Thomas Cook Airlines in 2003. Unfortunately,this company went into bankruptcy in 2019. The Boeing 757 G-BPEA was delivered factory new in march 1989 to British Airways and came to Caledonian in april 1989. It was frequently leased out during its service with Caledonian and after being sold in 2001 it remained in service with different airlines until its retirement in may 2018,aged 29. Sadly it was scrapped in 2019. I have still vivid and fond memories of that flight and those wonderful hollidays in Kenya and because of that,this model has a special meaning in my collection. Hence the slighly longer than usual thread... Here some pics from my grand parents photo album,of the 757 upon our arrival in Mombasa I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane cheers Alex
  11. Superb build John. The AA decals sure look great and those pilots give it something extra. The Zvezda Airbus is a great kit. I did an A320 a while ago and was very pleased with the quality. The Revell NEO kit has some flaws,I still think the cockpit windows are too narrow,so I keep to Zvezda for my future A320/321 builds Alex
  12. Wonderful build Dave. The Viscount is a really nice looking aircraft and the GB Airways livery suits it wonderfully.πŸ‘ I have a FROG and a Glencoe Viscount in my stash,I hope they will turn out as nice as yours...should I ever come around building them...πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰
  13. Superb build and in one of the most outstanding liveries too. I built a Revell DC-8-33 about 12 years ago in these colours. The black stripes hand painted on as no decal set was available back then. As of yet,I managed to build almost every ASA aircraft in every livery,except the DC-8-63 in their last livery.No one makes the decals for it😳 I have many fond memories on African Safari Airways as I had a few flights with them when going on holliday in Kenya with my grand parents. My first trip was on the DC-8-53,in the same livery,the next was on the DC-8-63 in 1992 and the last was in 1995 on the DC-10-30 with extensive visits to the cockpit on the DC-8 and DC-10. I really miss those days. Thanks for sharing and bringing back many happy memories. Alex
  14. Hell, The modelshop is in Basel. Here the link,there you can also find the adress https://www.modellshop.ch/home.aspx
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