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  1. I use my own mix of Revel 374 with a few drops Revell Silver 90.
  2. Simply stunning DC-8 A piece of art. You are the first one,I read about, who said to have enjoyed the build of a MACH 2 kit... I actually cancelled my order for one of those,might have been a mistake ? Thanks for sharing and also for the very informative WIP.
  3. Very very nice Airbus. Always nice to see the old Revell A310,esp. when build to such a nice standard. Top marks
  4. Very nice photos.A wonderful reminder of the better times of flying.
  5. Wonderful Caravelle. I agree,cheatlines around the nose of an airliner are a pain to achieve.You did a great job on this. I remember seeing the last flying Caravelle in Europe in 1991-1992 in Zurich.It was the Swiss charter airline Air City who operated the last one.They eventually had to phase her out because the Swiss authoroties did not renew the Caravelles air worthiness certificate. It was always a nice and somehow unusual sight,seeing her at the gate side by side with the then quite new A320s
  6. Thats a great and also unusual build. Superbly executed. I never saw this livery before,its awesome and suits the mighty IL76. I have 2 of those kits in my stash but not got around to start them yet due to my overloaded bench... Thanks for sharing
  7. Holy...this is an absolutely stunning DC-8. I already started to worry,that the kit went to the shelf of doom after such a long time. Glad you could solve the problems,it was very much worth the wait. Superb superb
  8. Looks very nice,esp. with the lighting. Dont forget the characteristic "eyebrow windows"
  9. Wonderful builds of those Douglas classics. The MD-80 is together with the DC-8 the best airliner kit that Minicraft produced. You have done a superb job on both but the DC-9-14 is my favourite.
  10. Thank you very much. Yes,it seems that the Nitto kit is hard to find unfortunately Thank you very much
  11. Thank youvvery much Thank you very much
  12. Thank you very much Thank you very much
  13. Thank you very much You got my hint Thank you very much John
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