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  1. Thank you for the explanation regarding the black lines and corogard panels.I should have some left in my spares,so this can be solved easely. Regarding the rengines. Maybe you want to check also on ebay the ones from Druz. His resin engines he offers for quite a selection of airliners seem IMHO much better than the Braz parts. The are a bit more expensive but also include an extensive detail decalset
  2. Will follow with interest as I have the Chelsea Rose 767 in my stash as well and 6 Zvezda and Revell kits on the go currently. The Revell kit is nice and simple but I think the Zvezda kit is more accurate,but lacks the RR engine option. One question I have; The Chelsea Rose version does not have the black wing walk lines on the decal sheet but the older releases do. Did BA omit those in time or were they still on the wings and Revell/Daco did just forget to add them on the sheet ?
  3. A stunning looking A380. That livery suits it perfectly and gives it a very nice touch. Superb build again. Looking forward to upcoming models from you Alex
  4. Another top quality build from you Einar. Truely elegant,and the cockpit photo is the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing
  5. Great looking,beautifully done those engines. Interesting registration on the A380 wing...rearrange "X" and "A" and there is my name...
  6. Very neat work on those engines. Compared to the other 2 airliners there,they are enormous
  7. Very nice model,superbly build. Looks stunning in that livery
  8. Wonderful build and presentation of one of the most elegant airliners ever. I am sure your friend will be delighted. About 3 years ago I was able to be up close to the Super Constellation owned by the Swiss Super Constellation Flyers Association when she was on display in Zurich for fund raising. I was surprised how big she is.Too bad that the association had to close down later on and the Connie was sold. I miss seeing and hearing her when she was frequently flying over my place...what a sight and sound
  9. Superb build all around on a quite difficult kit and livery. I saw those decals too on the 8a website and was very fond of this livery. It must have been probably the most colorful IL-18 ever to grace the skies.
  10. Well...at least you know they are there But I know how that feels,all that work and in the end its barely visible or in the worst case,not at all. Anyway,its coming along very nice and I am looking forward to see her in full glory. Alex
  11. A wonderfully build model. The Superjet is also very nice. I enjoyed the flights from Basel to London LHR on the Crossair BAe146 very much back on the 90s. Crossair called them "Jumbolinos" Incredibly comfortable and superb service on board.
  12. Absolutely fabulous. I always liked the Transamerica scheme. Wonderful build
  13. Very neat wheels. Thats something I always try to avoid as long as possible,esp. on a multy-wheeler like the A380...
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