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  1. Hi guys, Slow progress due to us adopting a new hound who has taken up most of my spare time whilst she is settling in. That said, the distinctive Draken shape is definitely there and I just need to do a bit of fettling on the nose and intake joints to smooth things off. I am on leave next week so should make a lot more progress.
  2. Well, I haven't quite finished the VC10 but I can't wait any longer so have made a start. I discovered that the previous owner had assembled the cockpit already so simply painted it and assembled the fuselage halves. I also discovered they had attached the spine a little haphazardly so will need to address that in due course.
  3. ....and I plod slowly on.... I finally bought some Camouflage Grey and sprayed her accordingly. I normally use Humbrol or Xtracolor as I have had extremely limited success with acrylics, but as Humbrol seem to have stopped producing 167 I ended up buying Mr Hobby Barley Grey (the same colour). I had no idea what thinners to use but with a bit of research I discovered that this is a lacquer-based acrylic rather than water-based, so thinned with some thinners I had for other uses. I have to say I am sold! The colour looks good and sprayed beautifully, just marred by my shoddy building. Anyway, on with the decals which was an interesting task as the location diagrams are limited at best, and half of the decal numbers are incorrect. So, after yet more google research I have done my best to locate the more ambiguous ones and to try to use Set and Sol to reduce the carrier film and she doesn't look too bad. I now need to re attach the aerials I knocked off along with the wheels, give her a coat of matt varnish then paint the metallic areas. Hopefully not too long
  4. True, but if I am honest I actually like the dull grey schemes (I know I am in the minority). The pretty schemes are eye-catching but to me the grey ones make them look like combat aircraft. If anyone wants the box scheme decals they are welcome to them!
  5. Hi Guys, I will be in with this as soon as I have finished my VC10 (KUTA GB). I bought it on ebay a few years ago with the intention of doing the Swedish grey scheme, but I discovered the previous owner had used those decals . Anyway, my glorious missus bought me the appropriate decal sheet (and a lot of other stuff) for Xmas 2018 so the time has come to build it! Dave
  6. Well, I was all ready to spray the old girl only to discover that I have 7 tins of Light Aircraft Grey and 0 tins of Camouflage Grey . I will have to wait until I go to the shop next week.
  7. Well, the en-suite is finally done and Christmas is over so I can crack on again. I have given her a coat of primer which has highlighted a few areas to address but she is looking like a VC10 so will be fine on the shelf. As we are at the end of the year I can safely say I will glad to see the back of it, with many many issues now behind me. 2020 will be a glorious year for my modelling, starting with finishing this old girl! Merry New Year!
  8. As usual I am wanting to join most of the GBs, but as it stands here is the current list (all 1/72 unless stated): Scandinavian - Revell (Hasegawa) Draken In the Navy - Airfix Sea Fury 1/48 Lancaster - Revell Dambusters Lanc Kit you Built as a Kid - Matchbox Mosquito Buccaneer - CMR S2A Corsair - Italeri F4U-4B BoB - TBD He111 - Airfix P2 Tornado - Hasegawa (Desert Storm) Heller - Mirage III Interceptor - Zvezda Mig-31 I didn't expect all if these to be in one year so some may have to fall by the wayside, but hopefully I will not have a repeat of this year in my personal circumstances. Whatever happens i should make a dent in my stash
  9. I thought I had already signed up for this, a massive oversight to say the least! . Count me in, I am not sure which side to build at the moment. Dave
  10. Ok, I am in if I may. It will definitely be something Russian, the favourite at the moment being a Mig-31. Dave
  11. Go on then, I have a Revell (Hasegawa) Draken that needs building, and decals for the late grey scheme. Count me in. Dave
  12. Valiant: Mikromir 1/144 Welsh Models 1/144 Airfix 1/72 Victor: Anigrand 1/144 Airfix 1/72 Matchbox 1/72 (with the Flightpath intakes etc.) Vulcan: Airfix 1/72 Considering the Vulcan is my favourite aeroplane I have woefully few kits of it. I will no doubt buy the new Airfix one but I need to get hold of a 1/144 kit too.
  13. Put me down for this one, I have quite a few of all three in both 1/72 and 1/144 so no idea which one I would do yet! Dave
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