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  1. And we are done. As @PhantomBigStu said on the single seater build, the fit at times was less than ideal, with a lot of trimming, filing and filling to get a reasonable finish. That said, it is a twin seater and there are not many alternatives available so I am happy enough with the result. Here she is in all her glory. Dave
  2. These really are just plodding in the background at the moment due to the two Typhoons for the NATO GB taking up most of my time (nearly done!). Hopefully I will be able to start properly focussing on them next week. That said, the fuselages have been assembled but I still need to address the seams.
  3. As with the twin-seater, the undercarriage has been attached, underwing stores added and a flat coat applied. I still need to paint the canopy (and add the head up display screen) and add the nozzles to finish it off. Again the decals have been a pain; some shattered, including the formation lights and the missile decals were hopeless. I managed to repair some of the formation lights and stole some from a 2 Bobs F-15E sheet. The instruction sheet also had the incorrect location for the asraam stripes, a fact I discovered too late. Again, such is life!
  4. A bit more progress, undercarriage attached, missiles and tanks added and a flat coat has been applied. Just the nozzles to attach, the canopy mask to remove and I am pretty much there. The decals have been something of a pain as there is a lot of them and most did not want to adhere well, even with the help of Microset/sol and Klear. Even though they are 20 years old I am a little surprised by this. Such is life.
  5. This is sort of plodding away in the background but it has now been painted, pretty much ready for decalling. I quite like the blue, it is distinctly different to any other model I have so will stand out on the shelf. Bombs, propeller and undercarriage to be applied afterwards.
  6. The twin seater has also been decalled up, again carried out over several days due to the number of decals needing to be applied. Like the single seater, it is now awaiting the undercarriage and armament prior to being finished with a matt coat.
  7. All decalled up, carried out over several days as I kept losing the will to live due to the sheer number of decals to apply. Now awaiting undercarriage and ammunition prior to applying a matt coat. The canopy will be the final crowning.
  8. The amount of work you have put in is totally stunning, and it has paid dividends. That is a thing of beauty! Dave
  9. This is progressing slowly, in part due to all the other builds in progress, but also due to the disappointing fit. There was a step all the way around the fuselage join and yet another on the front wing join (visible on the photo). Some of it could be due to warping I guess but I have read online that others have had similar issues. I must admit, I haven't built many Hasegawa kits but considering how many people swear by them, I am not impressed so far. Anyway, it will still look like a Skywarrior when finished so on we toil...
  10. As there are only a few parts to this kit, the classic Spitfire shape has emerged quite quickly. A few gaps have been filled, now on with the painting.
  11. Making a very slow start to these in between the other builds. Very typical of Airfix to stamp the date somewhere on the kit, confirming the mould is 2 years younger than me.
  12. They have been posting Tigercat videos.....🤣
  13. Right, the paint has been stripped, all cleaned and repainted with Mr Hobby Barley Grey which definitely looks the part. I painted the radome and various panels in Mr Hobby MSG as it seems a bit lighter than most I have used and seems to match various photos online. Anyway, a couple more metallic areas to paint then on with the decals.
  14. The msin assembly has now been completed and painted, the metallic areas and stores are next. The multitude of decals to follow... (please excuse the incredibly dark photo).
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