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  1. Hi guys, Please accept my apologies for the lack of progress. I screwed up the Airfix paint scheme so had to strip the paint off and start again. I have gone with the Xtradecals' scheme instead as it was easier to mask up! Pictures to follow in due course. It is the Special Hobby kit minus the resin etc. but seen as my modelling skills seem to be disappearing it has not been particularly straight forward to build. Still, it looks like a Pucara I guess. Dave
  2. Be my guest, although I think you may find out the best way not to build it by my efforts! All now assembled bar the undercarriage and prop assembly with a coat of primer. The canopy is narrower than the fuselage so the fit is not great and it looks like I need to apply a little more filler to blend the windscreen into the nose. Still, all in all it looks like a Pucara.
  3. A bit of progress made but considering there are only a few steps to build this model I have not progressed very far! There has been a lot of filling and rubbing down with most areas acceptable (it is not going to be great, my skills are rather rudimentary). The wings are attached and I now need to fill the rather huge gaps against the fuselage.
  4. Well I have made a start, and the fit so far has been interesting. As I have read, the lack of locating tabs makes things more difficult so I took my time joining the fuselage halves. The cockpit area attaches to the bottom of the front of the fuselage which then joins to the rest of the fuselage, and the fit is not great. Out with the filler and sanding stick....
  5. ....and finished. There are a couple of blemishes which I haven't addressed properly including one annoying one on it's belly, but it scrubs up pretty well. I quite like the finish of the Xtracolor Duraluminium for the natural metal, and there was no way I was going to attempt the different tones at this stage. It should look ok nestling on my shelf. Dave
  6. Hi guys, I couldn't miss this GB as I was 9 when all this kicked off and still have some strong memories of all the news updates etc. I am in with the Airfix reboxing of the Special Hobby kit, which apparently is not the easiest of builds so I will probably regret it! I also have the Xtradecals Falklands sheet so I may use those instead of the kit scheme. Cheers Dave
  7. Now painted and adorned with some of Modeldecal's finest. Just the wingtip tanks and undercarriage to be attached then a final coat to be applied.
  8. Thank you, this is the third time so I must be insane!
  9. Nor do I but it was easier than detailing the cockpit!
  10. ...and finished. Not particularly well done but it will look ok on my shelf. Thanks again to @rossmfor the decals, I would have been lost without them. The belly tank decals came from an old Revell set, and handling it for the photos I managed to remove some of them. I also forgot to add nose weight so it is a tail-sitter (hence the blu tack on the nosewheel). Still, it the first model I have managed to complete for a while so I am satisfied with that.
  11. My plan for the Matchbox Victor has gone out of the window as due to everything else going on at the moment (including getting married next week) time is somewhat scarce. I still want to participate but am looking to build something reasonably straight forward. Does a Mosquito qualify for this or is it not big enough? Dave
  12. A bit more progress in that all the filling is finally done and a coat of primer applied. I need to drill out the gun ports and add some barrels as it looks wrong without them. The twins have now been separated as the other F-5 will be finished in RNLAF colours at later date, whereas this one will be a Norwegian machine.
  13. Please accept my apologies for the terrible photo, but the decals and canopy are now on. Missiles and undercarriage to follow.
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