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  1. rafalbert

    Airfix Alpha Jet

    Camo of course! It brings back memories of sitting in the tower at Cranwell and watching one cruise down the runway at approx 100ft for an aircrew graduation flypast. I used to enjoy those.
  2. rafalbert

    Airfix Alpha Jet

    In for a penny...... A friend gave me this one too, having started on the cockpit but given up. If the decals survive I will finish it in the ex-Luftwaffe Qinetiq scheme.
  3. rafalbert

    Italeri Mig-29UB

    As promised, here is the pic:
  4. rafalbert

    KP 1/72 Mig-15 Uti

    As promised, here is the pic:
  5. rafalbert

    Airfix F-86D

    Now sadly home (and back to work) but there has been progress. The Dog has been sprayed with Halfords Aluminium, and both the anti-glare panel and radome have been painted. I still need to touch up the olive on the panel and paint the odd panel with a different metallic hue but it doesn't look too bad.
  6. rafalbert

    Airfix F-86D

    Col, being lazy I am using Halfords Aluminium rattle can, pics to follow. Slight delay at tge moment due to being in Bruges drinking this stuff with my missus:
  7. rafalbert

    KP 1/72 Mig-15 Uti

    Hi guys, My second entry will be the old KP kit which I believe is accurate in shape. The decals are shot, so I am stealing the DDR ones from the Mig-29 as replacements. Again, pics to follow. Dave
  8. rafalbert

    Italeri Mig-29UB

    Hi guys, I am in with a Luftwaffe machine (post re-unification). Pics to follow. Dave
  9. rafalbert

    Tornado warning

    I have a few in the stash too, count me in. Dave
  10. rafalbert

    Airfix F-84F

    Thanks for the advice Brad, I haven't even tried it yet! This could prove a major oversight......
  11. Beautifully done sir!
  12. rafalbert

    Airfix F-86D

    Again, like the F-84F, I have given the Dog a coat of white primer to highlight dodgy areas. Annoyingly, again there are a few to sort prior to painting.
  13. Excellent Col., bring on the 602 Sqn machines, it is always good to see them!
  14. rafalbert

    Airfix F-84F

    Now pretty much fully assembled, I have given it a quick coat of white primer to highlight any problem areas. A few things to touch up prior to painting properly.
  15. rafalbert

    Frog/Airfix Bristol Beaufort

    Simply stunning. Your hard work definitely paid off! Dave