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  1. I am up for this one, I have an old Airfix P-38 F/H that needs building. Dave
  2. Hi guys, forgive me for jumping to the end but she is now complete. I used a bit of the Airwaves PE, Airwaves resin wheels, Falcon clear vax parts, spare Revell Lanc propellors and Blackbird decals as the kit ones were basically u/s. I also used old Tamiya decals for the large "do not walk" areas. The Blackbird decals settled well, the Tamiya ones really did not. I could have done a better job with fixing the canopy but I think it still looks better than the kit parts. There are still inaccuracies all round but it looks like a Mossie and it was good fun to build. Definitely a mojo restorer!
  3. Hi guys, I guess I should be building a Spitfire in homage to my old squadron but will console myself with the fact that they are portrayed on the box. Instead I am in with this old girl, and I must admit that I am looking forward to it. I bought the kit in Glasgow when it was first released (hence the price) and it has been sitting in the stash ever since. I know the subsequent Eduard release is better, but from the pictures I have seen of built models this one still looks pretty good, and as a lover of Matchbox kits I can cope with the panel lines! Dave
  4. Count me in for this one, it was the first conflict that I was fully aware of the events etc. Dave
  5. So, after Sunday's fashion faux pas she is looking fetching in her new dress. I need to touch up the cockpit area and engine (due to poor masking on my part) before applying her make-up and accessories.
  6. Yup, that is what I thought. Serves me right for following the instructions! Oh well, back to the spray booth...
  7. Right, I need help from you F4U experts. As per the instructions, I have painted the old girl in Blue Angels Blue fs15050, but it seems very bright (almost "purpley"). Is this correct?
  8. Yup. I sprayed the grey and masked it before realising it should be the other way around. As it will be sitting on my shelf and not going for any competitions I thought sod it!
  9. You beat me to it! She is all cammed up, awaiting decalling. I was going to apply decals for a different airframe on the squadron, but due to laziness I will be using the kit decals.
  10. I do love Matchbox so am looking forward to this!
  11. A bit more work done and she is looking more Corsair-esque. The fit has continued to be good, and I think it is more down to my cack-handedness that I have needed to use filler in places.
  12. Go on, count me in... Dave (I have a problem - I can't say no!)
  13. Thanks for your comments guys, I will be building this from the box, inaccuracies and all! Col, I think you are correct, the only thing that I can see may be different (apart from the decals) is a few more aerials in the -7. I may be wrong about this! Other than that, the plastic seems to be the same.- nope, totally wrong! Well, I have made a start. Cockpit assembled and fuselage closed up. I need to sort the seam etc. before attaching the wings but the fit seems generally good. I was quite impressed with the cockpit detail: I have no idea how accurate it is or how much will be seen but I am generally impressed. Right, onwards....
  14. On the first anniversary of my father's death, I have finally finished the last model he bought for me (bar the fuel tanks - still drying).
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