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  1. Anigrand 1/144 HP Victor K2 "Lusty Lindy" Seeb 1991
  2. ....and we're done. There are many issues with this kit to say the least, including: - no antenna - ridiculously thick undercarriage doors - limited decals with incorrect refuelling pod markings - odd shaped refuelling pods - odd shaped nose - overly simplified undercarriage (plus Anigrand gave me 3 nosewheels and 7 sets of mainwheels ) There will be far more than this list, and following Stefan Buysse's build the GWH kit is the way to go for accuracy and buildability in this scale. Having said all that I really enjoyed making the kit. It had to b
  3. No, the gear will be down and hopefully will all be completed tomorrow. There are various issues with accuracy throughout but it will look like a Victor on my shelf.
  4. There is always the Welsh Models resin and vacform kit, and the all resin Anigrand kit (which is virtually double the cost of the Airfix kit!) but nothing in IM. That said, the way MikroMir are going there may be one shortly
  5. That looks excellent, definitely inspired me to buy one!
  6. Things are plodding slowly on, and I have applied all the decals except for the underwing roundels (clarification is being sought - thank you Jabba!). As has been reported elsewhere the decals are not the best quality and there are hundreds of the blighters. The Klear and water trick seems to have worked as they have settled down in the main. I am glad we now have an extension as there is no way I will finish this by the weekend!
  7. Thank you buddy, that is greatly appreciated
  8. I am finishing a Nimrod for the Gulf War GB (XV244) and am struggling to ascertain whether they still had underwing roundels applied at that time or not (and the underwing serial). Does anyone have a definitive answer on this? Many thanks, Dave
  9. A bit of a jump as I hadn't realised that I haven't been uploading pictures . Most of the model has now been assembled and the Hemp and LAG have now been applied (same LAG issues as the Nimrod). Just the decals to apply, matt varnish, paint the metallic areas and undercarriage and she will be done.
  10. There have been a few other bits to address and a lot of masking but the Hemp and Light Aircraft Grey have now been applied. After a few attempts I have determined that Humbrol's LAG is hopeless and reverted back to Xtracolor which produced far better results. Now I need to turn my attention to all the aerials etc. before I can begin decalling.
  11. Count me in, I have a few in the stash. Dave
  12. Honestly I have no idea! That is how Matchbox set it up so I just went with it!
  13. Thank you for hosting it! As I say, it was good fun and there have been some excellent builds on here.
  14. This is one I wanted to build as a kid but it was quite expensive for my pocket money savings at the time and there were always more interesting combat aircraft which I ended up buying. I loved the displays they carried out in the 80's, basically flinging an airliner about the sky which seemed amazing at the time (the C-27 and "Super Hercules" displays have surpassed them now). Anyway, the kit is the old Airfix F27 which was re-released in 2006ish with civil markings but I have managed to get hold of the Troopship decals in order to do the RNAF version (hence the rather poor thread title). I k
  15. Matchbox A-4M VMA324 - old but good fun!
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