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  1. Sure, I will make a thread during weekend I think
  2. I can only assume he meant less saturated (lighter) and brighter (reflecting more light). In this case adding white to more saturated (stronger) and darker yellow could do the trick, but you still need to be mindful of color hue which I assume was the same as of FS13655. Hue shifts also happen when adding white, with saturated 'orangish' yellow you can expect hue to shift towards green more than it would suggest when drawing a straight line from yellow to white in a color space (the resulting color gradient is almost always a curve) FS13655 is a very saturated color.
  3. If you mean lighter, just add white. But if you want more saturated, then there is a maximum chromaticity (think: saturation) for each pigment that you cant go beyond since it is physical property of that pigment itself.
  4. Better to put gloss on whole surfaces, it is easier to apply the weathering and panel lines if you are up for that. But it is not strictly necessary since you can varnish the parts with decals with proper matt layer later. And some modellers here for example dip decals directly in Pledge or similar and use it as a decal softener and a gloss layer at once. Glossy layer by itself is not necessary to have decals without silvering, that's a myth. I do not use anything and apply decals on matt paint, I just make sure the matt paint has a smooth top layer (some paints are matt because of the scattering particles inside the layer, and are smooth outside, some are just matt because of being rough. That other kind wont do)
  5. I wonder if she was tetrachromatic (https://www.healthline.com/health/tetrachromacy#causes) and it was actually a very good business strategy.
  6. Possibly the best available match in available standard? Readily available, quite standardized, in hands of most military people working on colors. Second option would be Munsell which is actually a grandfather of modern color standards. Munsell to LAB and LAB to Munsell equations are known and I do it quite routinely, plus Munsell is having all possible existing colors.
  7. @Casey maybe able to clarify? I have original 595 and some further ones up to and including AMS which effectively replaced FS. They have some colors removed as well as replaced or added over time, some were moved to military only AMS deck which I also have. Once I am back on the US soil I have on my TODO list a "make FS over the ages" compilation which I plan to post. If you think of any special FS colors I should focus on, let me know.
  8. Casey

    Clear over oil?

    Sure you can, why not. Artists put varnish over oil paintings since forever But try to find one that is designed to work on oils too, pure water based varnish can be oleophobic and this can be difficult then.
  9. My hope is that by pure luck they will serendipitously match to something, like this: (matches <3.0 DE) Target: RAF05 - Extra Dark Sea Green | GU 2.9 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 1.24 - AK11801 - WWI German Fokker Grey | GU 0.1, 0.8, 3.2 Target: Dark Olive Drab 41 | GU 0.8 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 1.09 - AK11822 - RLM 71 | GU 0.1, 0.6, 4.0 Target: Maroon (A-N) | GU 28.4 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 2.62 - AK11810 - PC12 | GU 0.1, 0.8, 3.7 Target: Olive Drab 22 | GU 59.7 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 2.46 - AK11822 - RLM 71 | GU 0.1, 0.6, 4.0 Target: Rust Brown 34 | GU 0.7 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 1.83 - AK11805 - WWI German Red Brown | GU 0.0, 0.4, 3.0 Target: ANA504 | Olive Drab 504 | GU 60.5 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 2.52 - AK11822 - RLM 71 | GU 0.1, 0.6, 4.0 And a suspiciously lot in FS range: Target: Medium Green 34079 | GU 0.7 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 1.68 - AK11821 - RLM 70 | GU 0.1, 0.8, 4.0 Target: Orange Yellow 13538 | GU 68.5 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 1.48 - AK11813 - RLM 04 | GU 1.4, 2.6, 5.0 | Opacity 81.54% Target: Seaplane Gray 26081 | GU 86.8 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 1.97 - AK11826 - RLM 75 | GU 0.1, 0.9, 3.4 Target: 36375 | GU 1.7 Matches in: AK Interactive - 3G Acrylics (compared with 30 samples) DE00: 2.58 - AK11806 - WWI German Light Blue | GU 1.1, 7.4, 30.9 Once I measure them all, I'll publish my findings. It's great paint otherwise, just needs new labels
  10. Ok I'll show you an example. This is compared to Ullmann references. AK is on the RIGHT side RLM74: - DE 2.63, AK is DARKER RLM75: - DE 11.32 (!). AK is DARKER RLM76: - DE 1.2 I'll try to get some old Ullmann publications, I swear I had some somewhere...
  11. I did first 30 paints (AK11801 till AK11830) which covers German WWI and RLM's till RLM78 and they are matches to nothing in particular... I cant even pin point the single reference they use. It is not Lufwaffe Colours 1945-1945 - Michael Ullmann. It is not Official Luftwaffe Color Chart - Eagle Editions Ltd. 1998. It is not Merrick and Kiroff neither. I have some ancient publications or some coming from japaneese sources, I can to compare with that too but in reality RLM's, especially up to 74,75,76 don't differ that much between publications, those are pretty well known colors after all since actual color standard samples exist so there is no reason to reinvent them. I don't even know how to present it, they colors match quite randomly to nothing in particular.
  12. I do, actually. Targets set: BSI 381C Target: 105 Oxford Blue Matches in: Revell (compared with 86 samples) DE00: 1.70 - 36350 | Lufthansa blue | RAL 5013 | GU 19.6 Matches in: Vallejo Air (compared with 254 samples) DE00: 2.51 - 71.090 | Deep Sky | Azul Oscuro | FS35056 | GU 1.9 Vallejo Air is too intense. but Revell is not tragic. If you are okay with mixing, here are much more accurate mixes for some paint ranges: Tamiya Acrylics (by VOLUME) 105 Oxford Blue XF-1 Flat Black: 2 parts XF-8 Flat Blue: 15 parts D65 (daylight) DE00: 0.83 Tamiya Lacquers (by VOLUME) 105 Oxford Blue LP-82 Mixing Red: 6 parts LP-51 Pure Orange: 1 part LP-68 Clear Blue: 36 parts D65 (daylight) DE00: 0.27 Golden Fluid Acrylics (by MASS) 105 Oxford Blue Carbon Black: 2 parts Ultramarine Blue: 40 parts Titanium White: 3 parts D65 (daylight) DE00: 0.23 Liquitex Basic Fluid (by MASS) 105 Oxford Blue Mars Black: 4 parts Phthalocyanine Blue: 12 parts Quinacridone Magenta: 11 parts Titanium White: 3 parts D65 (daylight) DE00: 0.53
  13. It might be relevant: I observed that some acrylic paints are more likely to stick to non smooth stainless steel surface. One of the worst ones are Humbrols but AK's are quite stubborn in that. I can see it on my drawdown equipment (especially Mayer rods). They are basically a rod with thin wire around to make thousands of grooves to push the paint through. AK needs some cloth scrubbing to get it away even when I do it immediately after performing drawdown, Humbrol needs a brush cleaning. That suggests those paints absolutely need a retarder or it will be just clogging the airbrush.
  14. Working on removing the lottery part. The drawdowns are drying: I used 100 micron wet film for those, most of them cover pretty nicely, yellow is the usual exception but that is normal. RLM's look suspicious to me.
  15. Target: BS640 Extra Dark Sea Grey Matches in: Humbrol (compared with 170 samples) DE00: 1.41 - DB0123 | No 123 | Extra Dark Sea Grey - Satin | GU 18.4 Matches in: Revell (compared with 86 samples) DE00: 2.21 - 36174 | Gunship grey | GU 3.1 Matches in: Vallejo Air (compared with 254 samples) DE00: 1.64 - 71.097 | Medium Gunship Gray | Gris Medio USAF | FS36118 | ANA603 | GU 3.1 Matches in: Tamiya (compared with 40 samples) DE00: 2.21 - XF-24 | Dark Grey | GU 5.8 Here you go. Nothing crazy good (from what I had measured). I am working on AK Interactive 3G, that will come in a separate thread in a couple of weeks (thats a lot of paints to measure).
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