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  1. Great great and great again! My egyptian T 34/85 is still in the initial phases but your result may be stilmulating me. Hope you put it on a small vignette! Ciao Filippo
  2. Superlative weathering. Worn effect on stars is very realistic What happen to tracks on drive sprockets? It seems to me too distant from teeth. Ciao Filippo
  3. Thank you Vaoinas. Yu're right, metal tracks give the sense of weight no plastic tracks do the same and Model Kasten need cleaning work, too. I saw Pz Iv T-Rex resin tracks: they seem superlative but no ones for Elefant Ciao Filippo
  4. Great Panther! I love your attention to details. What do you think about Master Club tracks? I have those for Elefant but they have a lot of flash, every link must be clean enlarging the two holes for the resin pins . Ciao Filippo
  5. Good details. Ciao Filippo
  6. Too nice Apa! An unusual subject with a great story to tell! Superlative attention to details. Ciao Filippo
  7. Great model. I love metal wire in place of strap! Nice touch. Ciao Filippo
  8. Thank you Ade! I was afraid of a lot of scratch on cargo bed Maybe in a another life.. Ciao Filippo.
  9. Hi All. IDF used Diamond T 980/981 as tank transporter. In 1/35 scale is the nice Merit kit. I was wondering if you know of a 1/35 tank transporter for Magach 6 B Gal or any type of Merkava. Many thanks in advance. Ciao Filippo
  10. Thank you Vaoinas! In effect my first idea was to use Aber hooks but they seemed to me with a bad thick. Then I always have some problems to glue metal parts to plastic (between you and me, I hate photoetched parts!) Ciao F
  11. Hi John I loved Shep models and tips. More than 30 years ago no internet but he was (and he is, today) a light in the night for every modeller. Ciao F
  12. Great work John on spare wheel cover! Superlative and weld seams are simply perfect. Next step, the turret Ciao Filippo
  13. Thank you Darryl, Shep Paine is in my mind... Ciao Filippo
  14. Tamiya lateral hooks were to heavy so I made new ones with plastic stripes bending to shape in boiling water for 50/60 seconds. I glued them on Zimmerit forgetting that Zimmerit was put all around the hooks. So I digged a new space and re-glued
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