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  1. Great idea! I love IDF Sherman. I'll follow you with great interest, as usual . Ciao Filippo
  2. Thank you M3talpig, John and Robw-uk. Really apreciated. Simon Thank you, I know the conversion you are talking about. At first it was my first choice but after a study I realized that it was not what I need as imho it was based on post war Steyr. Ciao Filippo
  3. Hi All. Here my new project: Steyr 2000a with a 3cm Flak 103/38 on the deck. Unfortunately war time pictures are very rare (AFAIK only two). So I rebuilt the driving compartment and the whole rear area using two photos of Steyr 2000a from PzGren Regt 40, 17 Panzer Division, Silesia/Prague area 1945 + the pics gently posted this year on Missing Lynx by Paul Hocking (thank you, Paul!). Flak 3 cm 103/38 on deck is from Dragon kit no. 6353 (I hope to find a turned brass gun!). Tamiya Steyr 1500 is a perfect base for chassis and driving section but it needs some modifications to make a late Steyr 2000a: - dashboard (simplified + photo-etched from Aber kit no 35076); - front lights (from Tamiya Kubelwagen); - front doors (simplified); - frame for front tarpaulin. The cargo bed will be built using the WWP book as reference (no 9 Steyr 1500a + no R077 Steyr 1500a in details) even if, imho, there are some errors such as rear cargo bed too long (no war time Steyr 2000a had the extended rear deck) or wrong area over rear wheels (must be more rounded). Besides, Steyr 2000a had the reinforced rear spring but no double rear wheels. The Steyr is almost completed, it lacks some minor details. Three doubts: 1. The original pic from 17 PD show a rounded wooden panel that it seems the support for spare flak gun. Is it correct? 2. In the original pics posted by Paul I don’t understand how the hinges for lateral pivoting doors are hooked at the bottom. Any help? 3.Which camo? The original pic seems a two tone camo, maybe large green stripes over sand yellow. Is it correct? I hope a negative answer as I’d a three tone camo! Thanks Feel free to comment. Ciao F
  4. Very nice camo. Great! Ciao Filippo
  5. I have the same kit so I’ll follow you with great interest.
  6. Very nice. Here some pics I took some years ago at Saumur Museum. Ciao Filippo
  7. Simple but absolutely perfect! Great attention to minute details! best compliments. ciao filippo
  8. It's 1/72 but it's huge! Very nice . Ciao Filippo
  9. Great job! The gun barrell is superlative!. Fine weathering . I'm looking for to see the completed half track. Ciao Filippo
  10. Heavy Tiger, heavy weathering! Well done! Ciao Filippo
  11. Great Jagd. I have the Dragon kit so your work will be very useful. Can you tell me how you can obtain such good pics? Light, details and focus are perfect!. Thanks you. Ciao Filippo
  12. Good news Jabo! I’looking for plenty of pics ciao Filippo
  13. I love two tone Sherman Ciao Filippo
  14. Very nice, all well balanced. IMHO turn turret a little to the right (+/- 60°). It is more dramatic! Ciao Filippo
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