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  1. Thank you Echen. Adding bolts is my pleasure Ciao Filippo
  2. Hi, here some first improvements on drive sprockets. Ciao Filippo
  3. Hi All, here my new project: Schwerer Panzerjager Elefant Sd.Kfz. 184 in Italy during spring/summer 1944 from 1st company of 653rd Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion. The kit no 35325 is spectacular with great details and perfect fitting. My interest is no 113 as it had some interesting features: - Zimmerit coating on left side different from right side; - a white vertical stripe on front side of fighting compartment. I found some good pictures on Panzerwrews Volume 13 and some useful technical details on the following books:
  4. Great work Ed. And great pictures. Ciao Filippo
  5. Hi M3talpig Many thanks, I know Mike site but I cannot find an answer. Anyway I want to reproduce 113 some days before it was destroyed. So it could be nice add that stripe on. Ciao Filippo
  6. Hi All, I'm working on 1/35 Elefant from Tamiya. I'd like to built no. 113 from 1./s.Pz.Jg. Abt. 653 in Italy. In Panzerwrecks no 13 Italy 2 are some nice pictures of 113. In particular it can be seen a white (I think) vertical stripe on right side of fighting compartment . I was wondering if it was painted by crew or if it was added later by Americans after the destructive attack by Usaaf fighter bombers. Second question: the internal part of plug in rounded access doors on lateral sides of fighting compartment were painted in red primer? Many thanks for your kind help.
  7. Sorry for the double post! I bought the T34/85 from Miniart without interior as I would like to built one from 1956 Suez Crisis. Lovely kit with minute details but it seems to me that the plastic is in general very weak if compared with Tamiya or Dragon models. What do yuo think about? Ciao Filippo
  8. Nice work Werner! I have Tamiya Grant somewhere. I'll try to follow your example. Ciao F
  9. Very nice! Subtle weathering and realistic groundwork. I love the wooden box on rear deck! Ciao Filippo
  10. Outstanding job, Steve! Do you know the story behind the long exhaust pipes? Ciao Filippo
  11. Very nice. Great weathering and I love the accessories here and there. No diorama? Ciao Filippo
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