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  1. Fantastic! please make another one in 1/32 scale. Ciao Filippo
  2. This is why Dak soldiers removed the mirror from their vehicles! Ciao Filippo
  3. Hi Steve, nice Kubel! I love the figure! Why did you use the 1SSPD symbol with a WH vehicle? Do you have some pictures about it? Ciao Filippo
  4. Nice work Greg! What did you use to make mud? ciao Filippo
  5. Nice built and realist weathering! IMHO the inner face of the hatches were in red primer not white. Ciao filippo
  6. Thank you John but frankly I'm not satisfied by my windscreen wipes. I used a pointed brush too large. Next project I'll try to improve. Ciao Filippo
  7. Hi Derek, many thanks for your kind work! To add the chipping effect I: 1. first sprayed Tamiya XF-63 waiting 24 hours to dry very well; 2. Sprayed several light coats of MIG chipping fluid (to fast drying process use the air flow from your S&H airbrush (do not use the hot flow from hair dryer as it changes the chemical fluid composition, be patience!); 3. Sprayed MIG acrilic color RAL 8020 over it; 4. Wait few minutes and prepare some water and a flat but gentle brush; 5. Selected the area where I want the chipped effect beginning from corners and gently gently
  8. Hi All here the almost completed model. It lacks some minor details. Dust tripes on windscreen doesn't convince me. Let me know. Ciao Filippo
  9. Thank you so much Das Abteilung I was wondering why all wheels lack a bolt on internal ring Ciao Filippo
  10. Thank you nuuuumannn for sharing. Do you have some more pics of Elefant as I'm working on Tamiya kit and sharp details will be very appreciated. Ciao Filippo
  11. White star on glacis is outstanding!!! Stencil or dry transfer? anyway fantastic job Ciao Filippo
  12. Exellent weathering process is perfect and non silvering on decals. Well done Ciao Filippo
  13. Thank you s.e.charles! I knew Primeportal and My Kubelwagen in detail | All you need about Kubelwagen (free.fr). The last is an absolute must with minute differences in production runs. Ciao F
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