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  1. very nice, Blackcode! I never see the weathering process on hull bottom! Ciao Filippo
  2. First attempt: remove one link from the whole set of tracks. Second attempt: enlarge the diameter of front and rear wheel and move both to opposite direction till the tension desired. Third attempt: a combination of first and second! Hope this help you. Ciao filippo
  3. Nice! Imho had more tension to the tracks ciao Filippo
  4. Nice replica of Normandy bocage. Well done! ciao Filippo
  5. Thank you Toryu! Allow me to dedicate my 253 to a Pz.Rgt. 8 veteran. Ciao Filippo
  6. Hi Charlie and Darryl, many thanks for your kind work. I have to admit this 253 is one of my favourite models! Ciao Filippo
  7. Hi All. Here my Sd.Kfz 253 as a conversion from Tamiya Sd.Kfz. 250/3 (ref. kit n. 35113) using plastic cards and Evergreen stripes. Dragon 253 at that time was not on the market. I also used Model Kasten working tracks, photo-etched from Show Modelling set for Sd.Kfz. 250/10 and position devices from Show Mod­elling. The rear plate is from Aber. I scratchbuilt a lot of parts as those from the original kit were out of scale, missing or uncorrect. The construc­tion featuring: 1. Front squared mudguards as early version: Tamiya model had late version round ones 2. Double engine access hatchs (I remade as Tamiya were too "heavy") 3. Early hubs drive sprockets: Tamiya model had late version ones 4. New roof on the fighting compartment 5. New round split hatch 6. New hinged halves with their single small flaps (a very hard work!) 7. New rectangular flap hatch 8. Antenna protection and his guide on compartment roof to recover it when folded 9. Wire rope device on the rear deck 10. Bolt lines on the rear lower hull 11. The idler wheels were repositioned in order to obtain a better and more realistic tracks tension 12. The welding line on panels. I deleted front lights (as I assume they were damaged in African teather) and scratchbuild Notek ligth support and other tools supports. Then I added four bolts both on right side and rear access door vision slot. I removed the circular plate on frontal armour leaving visible the gap. At the end I added step for the rear access door, support for water tank and rings on front hooks. Camouflage and marking I’d like to represent a le.Beob.Pz.Wg belonged to 21^ Panzer Division during the 1941 Lybian campaign. In that period German vehicles were issued with overall european Dunkelgrau. This way made tanks and other vehicles in a strong contrast with the african surrounds even at long distance. On the other hand the so-called sand (or african) yellow was in a little shortage. So I applied a camoflaged scheme that in the crew intention saved sand yellow and concealed the ve­hicle from a frontal view. I sprayed the whole model with a dark blue from Humbrol (Humbrol panzer grau is, in my opinion, too dark and not very accurate). Then I added the camo scheme spraying a pale yellow from Humbrol only on frontal plate and sides. The “wear and tears” effect was achieved with the same dark blue and some different coloured (brown, rust and white) powders. The divisional and tactical insigna came from Verlinden range and were applied be­fore the camo scheme was sprayed using masking tape from Tamiya. The white identification stripes on water tank was masked off with Tamiya tape too (at that time Eduard accessories were not avalaible). Unfortunately I fogot to add some dust under mudguards annd tracks. One of these days I'll hope to add some Alpine figures References - Sturm und Drang, Sdkfz 250/251 (*) - The tank magazine, n. 02 German Armored Personal Carrier. - Militar’s Kits Hors Series, n. 01 Sd.Kfz. 250, MK Editions - Wydawnictwo Militaria, n. 19 Sd.Kfz 250 - Schutzenpanzer, Ryton Publications (*) - Tamiya Model Magazine, n. 53 April/May 1996 (*) (*) Highly recommended Sorry for bad pictures! Hope you like. Ciao Filippo
  8. Thanks for sharingIt would be great more F16 Netz pics! Ciao Filippo
  9. Absolute first class. Top hat! Ciao Filippo
  10. Very nice I prefer it with only one drum! Ciao Filippo
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