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  1. Nice job on what looks like a lovely kit. As always I’m very impressed by your skill with the hairy stick!
  2. Excellent work, love the ungainly look of the thing!
  3. A shame. For all the negative comments in some cases the kits are the only ones available of the subject. Whether or not they reappear in another boxing may be a waiting game I guess, the Wingnut Wings kits haven’t reappeared yet........
  4. It’s a good kit, no major build issues so long as you take time. Just a bit of filler needed on the radar dome to fuselage joint. Thanks
  5. Hi all, latest completion. SFTB plus Avalon decals for the markings. Hataka orange line for the gloss sea blue. Thanks for looking 20210530_183532 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183525 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183512 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183505 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183043 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210530_183006 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
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