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  1. I’ve never seen one of these built up so thanks for showing this, looks wonderful btw! Nice smart scheme too
  2. Hi, here's one that I have recently put together. Nice kit, but not as easy to put together as their Hurricane so take your time! It also didn't help if you drop it when giving a coat of matt varnish snapping a wing off...... Anyway it's from the Expert set so you get everything needed for a detailed kit from the box. Thanks 20201201_064624 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201201_064634 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201201_064659 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201201_064718 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201201_064729 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201201_064737 by
  3. Very nicely done, looks like a hard working airframe!
  4. Superbly built and finished
  5. My oh my that’s wonderful. What a thing that is! Can u imagine seeing that and being told to strap in and test it?!
  6. Here's a few pics of what's in the box/how the box is packed, it's a big box filled to the brim! Apologies for the pics by the way, I don't have a photo booth and the lights in the den generate shadow that's hard to avoid 20201123_183253 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201123_183318 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201123_183334 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201123_183353 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201123_183406 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201123_183418 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201123_183503 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20201123_183611 by bryn robins
  7. Thanks Hewy, must admit I'd love to get both the Tamiya F-14A and an AMK F-14D but with this kit and the Eduard "Danger Zone" boxing already in the stash it's a little hard to justify....Regarding this build, I think for simplicity and storage space it will be a wings swept back build. Cheers
  8. Sorry Col no, it was just intended as a quick build....
  9. Thanks Col, I’m looking forward to cracking on with it. Re the Iskra, it’s not as nice as their Hurricane! Nice detail but not as great fit wise (plus I’ve rushed it a bit so that doesn’t help). It will be in the paint shop later this week I hope....
  10. Hi all, here is my entry. I've had this in the stash for a good few years now, might as well build it! When released this new kid on the block just about usurped the Hasegawa kit as the kit to build in 1/48. Of course it has now been bettered by the Tamiya kit. It's been a while since I built a 48 scale jet so be gentle.... Anyway the intention is straight from the box but with aftermarket decals for an Iranian bird in the greyish/blue camo (I've already done the Fujimi kit in 1/72 in the original classic scheme. Will try and post a few more pics of the contents later - work first!
  11. Ok I'm in if that's ok with a Hobby Boss 1/14 F-14A Tomcat, will post a thread in the main section cheers
  12. Excellent subject choice. I built Sword's T-33 earlier this year, and although the lower wing to fuselage needed care it wasn't half as bad a build as I thought it may be. Good luck with the build.
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