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  1. Circloy

    PRU Beaufighters

    The second one (from airliners.net) will cause issues, if you change it to a link then all shoulde be fine with it see this post
  2. Although I own a qualifying vehicle I agree entirely with the sentiment. The damage is not to the owners but the enviroment & government coffers, owners have probably benefitted by paying less on the road licence fee. Hope that the judges see through the scam and the no win-no fee merchants get clobbered heavily for costs. The dirty reputation comes from the badly maintained busses & HGV's of the 70's & 80's. As a driver of a diesel passat estate myself I can regularly acheive over 55 mpg and up to 65 mpg over the hilly pennine roads which I'd struggle to get with petrol. I cringe every time I see a diesel vehicle leaving a trail of black eshaust behind it - usually means one of two things bad/no maintenance or the DPF has been removed and the driver doesn't give a ...
  3. Prefer the way I've seen some Germans use.. "all e-mails received during this time will be deleted/ignored"
  4. or use the correct metric units i.e. 2.02 meters
  5. Usually the switch from RHD to LHD models the wiper sweep is changed to the opposite hand so that the swept area in front of the driver is maximised. Wear i would imagine is influenced by the changes in curvature of the screen the blade is clearing.
  6. Dropping back to the OP the Scan-kit, later Kiel Kraft, now Knightwing kits are currently available direct from Knightwing and probably at a more favourable price (£9.75 ea post free over £10) than from E-bay or S/H dealers. http://www.knightwing.co.uk/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?product=OO-HO_Road_Transport_Kits Note there are three pages with tractor units on pages 2 & 3. Despite the page saying OO-HO I can confirm these were originally marketed as 1/72 and look substantially larger when placed alongside true OO/HO items such as EFE. http://www.hollandplasticmodelkits.nl/Invoegen/KeilKraft.htm Whilst there is no Scania available it may be possible to use the cab from the Foden (ex-Davric) kit to produce something similar to the UK military Fodens of the era. Usual disclaimer - i.e. no connection with any mentioned company, past or present.
  7. Never mind the shop what's going on next door?
  8. Circloy


    Not sure weather to post in WW11 aircraft, real aviation but as it made me chuckle it's ended up here. https://imgur.com/gallery/YLrFv96
  9. Subtlty done & all the better for it too often weathering is overdone. Nice observation on the diagonal ines on the mineral wagons these and the data panels were the ony areas here paint was thick enough not to rust through. Just one small niggle, in my mind, the data panels, even when repainted, always had a black background. Other than that shear perfection.
  10. If you're talking about polishing plastic the high speed of the Dremel is more likely to destroy the surface than polish it. The heat generated does not conduct away and can result in locallised melting.
  11. Topping up an EE PAYG mobile. Used to be so easy when you could do it at a cash machine - found out late last year that was no longer possible. Go on line to the ee website - select the top up option - should be easy... Enter the number, twice for confirmation, go through the Captcha, four or five times, only for the web to respond with 'unfortunately we are unable to credit to this number' repeat in-case I'd messed up with my own number, same problem. Look for FAQ's on the website - advised to log in / register to My-EE. Try to log in & to my surprice I have an account, don't recall setting it up but it's a password I would have used. No help as there's no suitable links in my account but go to the help & support There is a Link with instructions on how to top up - read it and there's a hidden link follow that and the screen starts to look familiar retry entering phone number in belief that when signed in it will work 'Unfortunately...' After looping again search the forum for help - only to be told to do what i'd already found out didn't work There's instructions on how to top up by text try it fail as there's no card registered to my phone, try to re-log in & I'm now blocked Forum advises to call 150 from the mobile & talk to customer services. Dial 150, '... press 1 for mobile phones press 2...' Press 1, Customer services working hours are 8 am to 8 pm call back during these hours. Give up, have 40 winks & go to work & call 150 during lunch expecting to have to wait in a queue. Automated system kicks in press 1 for phone, press 1 for top up, what seems like a billion key presses later top up is successful. Why can't the automated system be operational 24/7?
  12. Link linked picture shows one set aside after use in a similar situation, but mid-way along this time. Jack would need to be used at a substantial point so most probably under the vertical plates of the chassis ot the towing brackets make sense to me.
  13. Isn't this forum a form of social media? Only frequented by like minded, restrained an sociable people. Don't want one - won't have one unless it becomes only choice.
  14. Circloy


    Having the Item in hand I wouldn't make a claim as that would be dishonest. What I actually said was: However next time I may not have opportunity to visit the delivery office or, if the item was lost/stolen, then I will file the non-delivery claim.
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