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  1. Circloy

    Model Shops UK

    Any chance of putting the links to the mapin thefirst post so it can be located easier?
  2. Ordered printer & 1 ltr of resin late monday evening and was advised 4 - 5 day delivery so expecting delivery from German warehouse. Recieved text this morning to advised shipment had been picked, at lunch further text to say expect delivery between 4:30 & 6:30 sure enough I'd received package @ 5:15. Looks to have been shipped fron Duunstable. No resin yet, I'm presuming this will ship seperately from Germany &that's where the 4 - 5 days comes in. Can anyone confirm?
  3. Some impresive sculpting on those figures, although one or two have cheesey grins & the prices don't feel 'over the top' for 1/6th scale.
  4. Unfortunately it's civil law not criminal law so it's down to the agrieved party to police. Thats why the big corporations make deal of it and the small players get shafted. Guess some people have morals and others poor excuses.
  5. the same section that buys knock of Gucci, Rolex, etc. Whilst you may feel the original sculptor has not been deprived what you've done is encourage the thief to steal more. What if someone was to take your work, copy it and then sell it as their own for a lesser price. Your customer, or employer, would soon start wondering why you're so expensive & dispense with your services. You then been totally deprived of your income.
  6. I wasn't but at that price ... I've a few projects in mind where this would pay for itself Thanks for the advice on resins relative toxicity
  7. Surely a modelling forum is exactly the platform for those that who know to warn the unwary of such plagiarsm & IP theft. More so as it helps the modeller avoid inferior rip offs and puts food on the plate of the original artist.
  8. Being the city of my birth, & life so far, all 3 HMS Sheffield's hold more than a passing interest & I've too have had a desire to build a model, not just of the cruiser but of all three and have built up a small reference library. I gave up on the WEM 1/350th a few years back due to the price they were fetching. l'Arsenal showed masters for their 1/350 version at Telford 10 (or more) years back but I've never seen one for sale. I did fall lucky at Bolton in 2019 when Starling had a 1/700 on their stand which after an exchange of modelling tokens found it's way into my bag. If you've not got them I can recommend the following books: ARMS & ARMOUR PRESS MAN O' WAR 5 - TOWN CLASS CRUISERS - RAVEN ROBERTS 1980 - Aimed towards the modeller this covers the whole class but Sheffield probably has a bigger dedicated section than any other. Contains drawing of the camoflague used at various times. (Cardback) Town Class Cruisers by Neil McCart - Good general history of the whole of the class. (Hardback) HMS SHEFFIELD: LIFE AND TIMES OF OLD SHINY By Ronald Bassett - Detailed history of the first Sheffield from construction, through war service to it's ultimate demise. The fact I bought a second copy after I loaned my original out says how much I recommend this book. (The first did eventually return) (Hardback) Shiny Sheff: The Story of the Three HMS Sheffields: Story of Sheffields Fighting Ships by Alistair Lofthouse - much condensed history of all three ships (Cardback) Additionally I've also a card kit/book available from eastern Europe that could be useful as plans (two scales 1/400 & 1/200) I think I've the 1/200 - there are a few available on the 'bay. Sheffield City Archives research guide with various links - downloads as pdf file
  9. Had a nightmare last night that it was December 31st & having gone to bed, woke the following morning to discover it was 2020 & we'd got to go through it all again.
  10. About 5 years ago a group of modellers working on Leamington Spa had a similar question regarding the apparent 'colour coding' of 40 gal oil drums at locomotive sheds believing the different drum & lid colour combinations was an indicator of the drums content. Turned out that the colours were more an indicator of the manufacturer than the content of the drums and that the grade of oil was amongst the details stencilled on the lid. Whilst this is/was the case in commercial supplies it may still apply to bulk supplies to military main bases & supply depots to ensure drums are returned to the supplier. Under conflict conditions the prority wwould probably be that of concealment with the drums being in an appropriate camoflagued colour overall with added stecil markings to indicate content. To my knowledge jerry cans in the main were in the appropriate camoflagued colour those used for water being specifically marked in an effort to prevent contamination with oil & other such fluids when refilled.
  11. South Yorkshire Police have just stopped a dozen amateur after dinner speakers going into a bank advising that whilst it is currently acceptable to walk into a bank wearing a mask 12 bore are definately out
  12. Have since located the entry for the Mack NO which puts it back into the frame however the photographs lack key features of the NO. Official (British) designation for the various models are: NM - 6 ton Heavy Artillery tractor (fitted with gun cylinder in British use) NO - 7.5 ton Artillery tractor NR - 10 ton General Service or Tank Transporter depending upon body style Both the NM & NO would be capable of handling the 155mm along with crew and amunition. As the NR lacked the same adaptation as the NR can be ruled out. As to why? Probably comes down to availability & expediency at time the guns were needed in theatre.
  13. No plans but if you head to the IWM website and search the objects you'll find 20-30 detailed photographs which can be downloaded.
  14. Bet that Rolls of the tongue.
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