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  1. Prior to the war goods trains would include a mix of wagons from various owners LMS, LNER, GWR, SR & Private Owners regardless of who owned the line the train was on. During the war more mixing occured as general goods wagons, such as opens, were 'pooled' and the requirement for 'foreign' wagons to head for home territory when empty was replaced by a need to use the first available wagon for the next available load. So don't get fixated on all wagons being LNER wagons. Wagon liveries is a complex subject however if you bear in mind that the majority of wagons during the war were not fitted with automatic brakes then the livery become much simplified in that 3 of the 4 railway companies used grey with large white letters signifying ownership NE (LNER), GW(GWR) & LMS. SR wagons were brown and Private Owner wagons were more elaborate. Do a Bing image search to see the variations. Don't worry about depicting unfitted wagons it was a lot more common than you'd believe. Flat's - forget them a standard open could carry 5 or 6 of the 4000lb bombs you mention and flats were more useful carrying more specialised items. Box wagon, 1 or maybe two for the fuzes. Again in grey livery. Consider including a crane to assist in the unloading. Floor height of wagons would be around 3 ft to 3 ft 3 in above rail level, platform height about 3 ft. Difficult to advise on the possible loco type without knowing the whereabout of the airfield. Engines tended not to wander far from their origin, thinking GER (East Anglia), GNR (Lincs), GCR (north Lincs) or NER (east Yorks) types all possibilities along with LNER standards. A 0-6-0 (J##) would be more suitable for shunting than a large 2-8-0 (O##). Livery plain black, lettered most likely NE. Have a search on the net for "Soham rail disaster" some of the reports contain quite deatiled info on munition trains
  2. The owner of a caravan company in NW derbyshire has GLO 550 P or is it GL 05 SOP
  3. Bit more notice next time please. Saved a fortune.
  4. Regreatably our hobby is not immune from the low life's of this world. Helped a mate out for a fair few years with his trade stand and this was going on back in the 80's/90's. Both during the show and at set up & knock down times. With prices on the up and bugets getting tighter all you can realistically do is be on your guard.
  5. The flagpole at the local works was condemend as being usafe at the next board meeting the question of it's replacement came up. The safety director advised they could measure it's height after they had hired the scaffolding that would be required to prevent it falling and a risk assessment had been carried out. The purchasing director said he would search out the order for the prevoius post and issue a tender. Asking if anyone remembered how long ago it had been bought. The chief scientific officer said he'd have a technician walk a measured distance from the pole estimate the angle to the top of the pole and use triganometry to work out the height. He'd also get a lab technician to assess what metal it was made from. The debate began when the Chief Financial officer blurted out "This is going to cost a fortune, we've not buggeted for... contractor's... permits... At that point the Chief Engineer excused himself, walked to the maintenance department grabbed a spade, a tape measure and a couple of lads. Within 20 minutes he'd returned to the boardroom where the debate was still in full swing. He interupted announcing "100 foot above ground, with an additional 10 foot needed underground. It's safe for a team of three men to lower the flagpole to ground level. The timber merchant next door can have one delivered and erect it for us in 3 weeks. Cost will be less than hiring scafolding which, by the way, will not be required as the risk of it falling had been removed. The hole for the new pole was ready and there would be no need for contractors & permits. When adressing the Shareholders at the annual meeting the CEO cited this episode as an example of his 'Can do attitude' and awarded himself a amassive bonus
  6. My own RA11NUT Best seen BAD130Y Best pair PT1 PT2 Best Single word PET3R
  7. and 50 (thousand) shades of grey. That's not the real problem, the real problem is the description after all who goes to the supermarket and buys a packet of 5 057753 08207 > * Who cares if BS381c Brunswick green is Humbrol No.3 & Cherry paint No. 1768 as long as the name accurately refers to the relevant standard. AND, its a big and, the manufacturer(s) were all consistent with the stated standard with every batch, after all thats why the standard exists. Accuracy in naming removes any doubt about the colour. (Unless the've messed up) Consistency is not hard to achieve, after all I can walk into any automotive paint supplier and ask them to mix Ford Taunus blue & you'd be very pushed to tell any batch from any other regardless of the paint shop.
  8. Sorry but the OP plastered WW2 throughout the post !!
  9. Both Mini Art and Master Box offer sets of 1930's/40's civilian figure https://miniart-models.com/?s=civilian https://www.mbltd.info/figures/1-35-scale.html easy enough to find online
  10. Even in the UK it's better to check than assume. It's been a while but Manchester for instance have an official spotters park, allow spotting from car parks and have several unofficial areas, taking the view that enthusiasts act as extra eyes allowing airport security to concentrate where needed. Leeds/Bradford on the other hand would rather have security monitor spotters and move them on.
  11. Looking back it's amusing now, but at the time, not so much funny more downright annoying. Had taken one of my nephews out for his first trip behind a steam engine, he'd be about 5 or 6 at the time, and we were travelling to the preserved line by train and as we passed through a station he asked a refectly reasonable question for his age, along the lines of "What's that station?" I reply with the name. Then it started, "why is it called ...", - Because that's the name of the town, "Why is that the name of the town?", Because..., "Why" 3 - 4 times is reasonable 5 is usually sufficient to get the the root cause of any (quality) issues by 7 or 8 I think i'd run out of answers and was 'inventing' answers. However it continued to maybe 12 by which time, besides wishing I could hand him back to my sister, I'd no option but to resort to a coupe of rounds of "Because it is" before it ended.
  12. Not sure its down to bad memory but more of the hunter gatherer instinct how else could I justify knowingly buying a second 1/72 Concorde, even though it did only cost a fiver. Often seen collectors @ toy fairs picking items up and then looking at a long list in a book and thought 'if i get to that stage shoot me' however having just found I've at least 3 AEC Matadors & two Dorchesters. Now to find a book Who hasn't got a rammel drawer or two or three?
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