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  1. My employers have just suggested I change my career path, apparently they are shocked at how bad an electrician I've turned out to be.
  2. Balsa is too open grained, if you've a model boat, dolls house, modelcraft or DIY store locally see what stripwood they have. You've nothing to loose with coffee stirrers though there may be a problem hiding the joint's. If you need several layers stagger them like brickwork it will make them much stronger and less likely to deform
  3. This link to track preserved at Auschwitz might help answer your questions LINK there's plenty of others available on the web
  4. Close match to UK sleepers which are around* 6in x 10in x 8ft 6in long (150mm x 250mm x 2.59m) *overall dimensions of sleepers did vary over time as speeds and weights of trains increased, with these dimensions 'standardising' in the mid 30's. That said as timber sleepers had a life of around 20 - 25 years there would be a variety around (although not usually at the same location). Longer sleepers were used where points & crossings were located.
  5. I'm not convinced this is anything other than a 'new' internet myth after all no evidence (video or photo) has been provided, 15 mins of fame anyone? Man rings the doctor to cancel his appointment, receptionist asks the reason. He replies he's been having trouble passing water recently & can't get out, how long has this been going on she asks. Since the bridge collapsed last Friday.
  6. Junk mail. I don't care how close your kitchen is, or how how far you will deliver your tripe. Your menu, produced from stock photo's, won't entice me to order salmonella & chips (or rice, or pizza) I don't want your leaflets - stop wasting resources.
  7. The Beeb for turning non-story into a mass frenzy. Where was the issue with a few filling stations receiving their regular delivery late and being out of fuel for a day or two? I doubt many had noticed before this mornings news. There is one guaranteed outome to the use of the words "There is no need to P...." A non-story becomes "You heard it here first" Yes, 'cause you started it. Wonder if we can we get them to start panic buying on Salt?
  8. Heard this said of Humbrol Matt Aerosol sprays which has a reputation for frosting. Testors, if it is still available, is far better after that I'm stumped. Never heard of that might be worth a try next time I'm aflicted with frosting.
  9. Fully aware who they are and why they set up the Ltd Co. - to isolate the club from potential losses just like the IPMS. Doesn't make the NEC event a club show, but has curtailed opportunites for other local MR clubs to put on events. Never claimed it to be new, or a result of the commercial interests getting involved. The organising club only loads the expenses into the table rents - something the traders on here may not have been aware of. Your point wasn't missed, I took your post to be a statement of intent to take this particular ball out of play and gave it one last kick to round the sub-topic up. You've got your ball, I got my coat. If the traders that have commented on here, @Duncan B@Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies@Mike McCabe, want to start that seperate thread I'll be watching with interest.
  10. I think the comments from traders about the funding of shows is very relevant to SMW & more importantly the future of this and other shows, moreso than the fog of Covid passports. 15 - 20 years ago similar rumblings started amongst traders at model railway shows. At that time it every town had it's model club, every club its model show. It was not uncommon during show season to be able to vist 2 or three shows in a weekend all within 1 hours travel. Now it possible to go a couple on months between accessible shows. The reason - increased stand rents. First the specialists found stand rents un-affordable and dropped out resulting in a decline in attendance (Hornby etc coulde be bought on every high street at the time). Box shifters replaced the specialists, traders competed in a race to the bottom (price wise), couldn't make a profit & dropped out. Falling trade support resulted in many clubs barely breaking even or actually making a loss. Those shows that were seen to be successful were soon in the sight of commercial interests of publishing companies and the Ilk who stepped on the clubs by hiring large venues & putting on their own shows using massive free publicity thus overshadowing & killing a source of income for the clubs. Even clubs in 'towns' like Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, can't hold a model railway show. Covid-19 has given model kit retailers both time and opportunity to re-assess their situation, especially with regards to online trading. Many have come to the same conclusion that traders @ model railway shows came to a decade or so ago. Shows, including SMW don't pay & if they don't pay we'll stop attending. The downward spiral has started and unless a solution can be found quickly SMW is unlikely to survive the decade. Traders I hope that an alternative funding method can be found that's ameanable to all parties. Pray to God that it doesn't head the way model railway shows operate commercially as not only are exhibition running costs covered but the attending clubs with their layouts are also paid expenses, usually at commercial 'hire' rates. @andy g - clarification regards comments in your post below Apologies forgot the Manchester show had restarted following a few years without a show after a disasterous spell. The 'new' show is not a patch on previous years & I understand from club members there are no year on year commitments. I am aware there is a show in Birmingham, but as I said "Even clubs in 'towns' like Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, can't hold a model railway show.", the show at the NEC is run by a limited Company (Warley MRC Exhibitions Ltd) not a club and is promoted as a National event not a Birmingham event, much as the IPMS promote Telford as an International event not a Telford event.
  11. There was an article in the Airfix magazine that covered just such a conversion I can't off the top of my head remember which edition though. February 1977 Thought I'd posted the information earlier so checked & found this !
  12. I seriously think some people have never understood the situation. Nipped into Glossop Aldi @ lunch to pick up a few bits, queueing at the till I didn't catch the start of the conversation between the couple in front & the member of staff but the staff member made it clear that he thought the screens at the till had been a waste of time & money & the couple agreed. Guess where I'm not shopping again
  13. As you say no sleep lost by the venue, but they're more likely to become a Covid hotspot on a Saturday afternoon than through a scale modelling event & I'll bet they don't deep clean after those events.
  14. Your 90 ohm resistor is running 9V @ 0.1A (100 mA) i.e. 0.9 W power and as the commonly available resistors are only 0.5 Watt or 1 Watt and may be being pushed beyond, or close to, it's limits. You may need a higher wattage resistor similar to these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133247111657?hash=item1f062591e9:g:BFYAAOSwCGVX98gB
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