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  1. Helen Sharmen's most infamous moment happened less than two months later https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O2DlC_zxMs
  2. Agreed. Although even in 'chat' customs discussions quickly decend into politics and this one seems to have a head start.
  3. For a number of years I was the international sales contact for a large US metal company & handled orders from the rest of the world (i.e. anywhere except USA, Canada & Mexico) and had to translate English english, European english & Internatonal english to American english (via Yorkshire english) dates were a perenial problem - is 02/03 the 2nd March or 3rd Feb so now always name the month. When naming files including date to indicate the version the date is always included as yyyymmdd as it is the ony method that sorts correctly. Did the job for so long I used to find myself looking @ prices on supermarket shelves & going $2.95 that's expensive.
  4. Not just technically wrong - it's actually illeagal. As it's the importer's responsibity to ensure customs declarations are true and accurate, even if made by an agent on your behalf (RM, PF, etc), the importer, i.e. you, (unless the order is duty pre-paid) are responsile for any penaltes issued. If ordering from abroad don't ask for any false declarations either in value or type of goods.
  5. https://www.jewson.co.uk/building-materials/thermal-insulation/expanded-polystyrene-insulation/
  6. Check either your local DIY superstore or builders merchants for constructional insulation sheets. Usually comes in 2.4m x 1.2 m sheets of 25mm 50mm or 100 mm thick. Various 'densities' can be found.
  7. I'd always (mis)understood the triangle was a 'convoy' marker so diid some digging and came across the following on missng link that confirmed it is to indicate a trailer is being towed but also ponts out that it wasn't always used as intended. If you find it bothering why not include one of the small trailered AA guns parked at the side. Some interesting pics included at the end of the link . https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/opel-blitz-convoy-sign-t56092.html
  8. Perhaps a minimum word count should be required before it counts towards the post total. It would have to be automated though so it doesn't stop the Mods doing other things.
  9. Beware what you glue it in place with there are issues if you use PVA https://www.lner.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2737
  10. A failure's a failure whenever it's discovered. No one would claim the original windows on the Comet were a success would they?
  11. Failed practice either at design level or application. Failed Practice either at design, purchasing or manufacturing. Failed practice either at process design or during manufacture. That's why practices are in place to eliminate 'human factors' as much as possible. Good to see, hope they are relayed up to your customers. All escapes pose an increased risk they just need to be understood and managed We too experience escapes and due to the nature of our products report them direct to the Design Authorities (i.e. Engine Manufacturers) for a full and proper risk assessment.
  12. If only! The loose bolts are a symptom of failed practices either at Airbus or one of its suppliers and points to potentially more serious failures. The loose bolts have been found but what else has been missed? As pointed out above what's been left behind that shouldn't be there, is everything as it should be, have the correct & genuine components been used in it's construction. As Airbus's sytems have clearly failed It's all got to be in doubt. Military or Civil lives are at risk. I've just completed a three day course on pre-delivery inspection so am aware of the risks of not ensuring everything is done, done correctly and in the right order.
  13. Didn't one of the recent workbench articles reference a P45? Couldn't this 'announcement' be related?
  14. Many railway modelllers are using building insulation sheets upon which to build scenery. It's basically expanded polystyrene, denser than that used for packing, extruded into boards of various thicknesses, 10 & 25 mm being common sizes, and readily shaped using houshold tools. A downside is that it is readily attacked by solvent based glues & paints. This can be overcome by coating with PVA glue as a barrier. This is the type of thing https://www.diy.com/departments/jablite-insulation-board-1200mm-450mm-25mm/26817_BQ.prd (other DIY shops are available) have a look here to see what can be achieved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydPRLghjbnU
  15. Search for brick card on http://www.gaugemaster.com/ & look at the Slaters, Faller or Wills products There's also Southeast finecast https://www.railwayscenics.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=fbs&search_in_description=1&osCsid=h261tgj2alugj8i1eaks211ft5 Thinking about it is there anything in the Plastruct range - it may be more readily available in Canada https://plastruct.com
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