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  1. Don't think anyone would disagree with clubs & SIGs that are displaying at a show to have a number of free passes however the number needs to be reasonable after all how many seats can you fit, comfortably behind a six foot table? On the point of insurance wasn't one of the reasons IPMS gave for the kitswap is that it reduced their liability in case of accident & injury?
  2. I doubt anyone on here would know that without them contacting KFS, why not drop them an e-mail?
  3. Hendo's - the subject of a Parliametary scandal, once desribed by a MP as an imitation of Worc... sauce when in fact it's the other way around, and for those of that ilk Vegan to boot. It is, as its name states, a relish who's recipie is know to only 3 people. Security is so tight neither the Russians or Chinese have managed to copy it. But Throw!, you never throw Hendo's. A splash or liberal sprinkling please.
  4. Another vote for Poundland's especially if a thin glue is needed. If I need a medium or high viscosity version I turn more to 'trade' pack versions such as those available through toolfix, https://www.toolstation.com/search?q=super glue. Similar might be available at your LMS, if you stll have one, branded a Javis. Don't forget the accelerator too, although use with care as it can 'bloom' during evaporation & need a gentle polish to remove.
  5. On the other hand carbon tet in the presence of heat in air will produce phosgene whose effects are well recorded.
  6. That's nice - accuracy aside you've shown it can be made to scrub up well
  7. How accurate is it? Asking as I have one in the stash.
  8. Definition: Market share is the percent of total sales in an industry generated by a particular company. Do Eduard really believe they sold 41% of ALL kits sold in 2021? or should that be 41% of Eduard's sales were model kits.
  9. Can't wear these when wearing prescription glasses so of no use to a large proportion of the population. Not familiar with the JML cool cube but Aldi/Lidl sold something similar sounding last year. Essentially a low voltage PC fan, blowing across filter paper kept damp by a reservoir of water. As the water evaporates cools the air, much more efective than just a fan.
  10. I've a firefox addon installed called "Cookie Quick Manager" and what it reports is frightening, take supermarkets for instance, where you would think a few are needed for tracking yir shopping basket. Sainsbury's - 1 cookie Asda - 51 cookies why? Some of the detail given is perhaps telling: monetization, Covid, Dedupe? Then there are the most insidious cookies - the trackers. these follow you around the net building a picture of where you've been, what you've bought etc. It's not the culprits you would have thought that are the worst, Google - 2, the local newspaper - 17, Why? so it can be sold to maximise 'targetted' advertising revenue. i'm off to delete a few
  11. Spin the picture through 180 & the three digits on what is currently the bottom right magically turn into J73 https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/Museum-Exhibits/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/197629/general-electric-j73-turbojet/ Burrs by the E & the closeness of it to the edge suggest this is only part depth
  12. Hobbycraft haven't stocked Airfix for 2+ years.
  13. It's similar to how Hornby (& Bachmann) work i.e. Limit the discount on new items for a short period after which larger discounts are then permitted - theory being it allows the smaller trader a fairer cut of the initial rush. Bargains still come later.
  14. I heard on monday that April's OFGEM price cap was set when gas was £0.65 per therm, the same day Gas was trading @ £6.00 per therm.
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