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  1. Snap!. Not keen on varifocals So I've a pair of distance glasses, A pair for 'computer use' and eyeball mk1 for close up. The computer use ones are not normal readers which are optimised for around 300/500 mm but are set for around 1000 mm which allows screens to be placed in a better position.
  2. Theres an old adage - 'Red and Green should ne'er be seen' the reason being they clash too much to produce good balance. The wording's not bad, probably because of the expanse of white, but the logo's unbalanced. Try turning the red 'sun' white and turn the green phoenix red, may prove enough. If not then consider one of the three colour options under the split complement in the linked chart. However at the end of the day it's your Whif to do with as you please. https://jhesseaarcy.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/295434-color-wheel-poster-by-girts-avotins-freelance-graphic-designer.jpg
  3. Circloy

    "Famous" ancestors

    Only histories first recorded scrumper - Eve OK I'll get my Fig Leaf
  4. Fail to see how the inclusion of a machinery body is a mistake. ICM obviously set out to produce a model of a British lorry they had been able to measure and by all account appear to have succeeded, even down to the tyre pattern. Not all lorries were fitted with general service bodies & the modelling world would be poorer if we only had models of 'GS' types. ICM don't claim this to be a general service truck so whilst it may be an odd choice it doesn't make it a mistake. The inclusion of WW2 census numbers and post war tyres appears to be the only mistake of note. Coupled with the equipment frorm Resicast's own machinery truck, available separately, this could be used in a much more interesting diorama than yet another 'GS' type loaded with boxes & drums.
  5. There's a mass of information, advice and questions over on the RMweb forum along with some inspiring model railway projects. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/79025-a-guide-to-using-the-silhouette-cameo-cutter/ Its a lengthy discussion (currently 95 pages) and includes discussion on software options including links to the silhouette software Centre in the USA. Considering getting one myself.
  6. Circloy

    B-17F camoflague

    Anyone shed any light on this - got more of a German look to it rather than US http://www.americanairmuseum.com/media/11539 https://b17flyingfortress.de/en/b17/42-5053-bloody-tangier-show/
  7. Radpoe Out of respect for the crew can you correct the title and use the planes correct name "Mi Amigo"
  8. Tony, Hate to be a pedant but out of respect for the crew can you correct the title? The aircraft was named Mi Amigo !
  9. Whilst the loss of any aircrew on the 22 Feb 1944 should never be forgotten. The self sacrifice by the crew of Mi Amigo on that day deserves the special remembrance that it was afforded by the USAAF & RAF this year. Badly damaged following the raid possibly by flak and certainly by the Luftwaffe on its return leg Mi Amigo was lost some 80 miles from its Northamptonshire base. Emerging from bad weather and with engines failing they found themselves looking over a heavily populated area, probably never knowing it was Sheffield, with little options for landing they spotted an open grassed area and headed for Endcliffe Park. As they did their last engine began to splutter and fail, the park was their last hope! To their horror a group of kids were playing in the park with no power the options were stark. Endcliffe Park sits at a low altitude and by now the aircraft would have been below the surrounding hills without engines so climbing away was not an option. The park is small crash and landing beyond the kids was not possible. A crash was now inevitable but where? Other than the small wood that borders the park anywhere else would have meant crashing into housing with the loss of civilian life. The crew chose to sacrifice their only chance of life and it is for that reason that Mi Amigo hold a very special place in the hearts and memories of Sheffield people. This was not just another crash it was a unique sacrifice on the day and a rare event in the whole war. The flypast was a fitting tribute to their self sacrifice. First Lieutenant John Glennon Krieghauser, pilot. Second Lieutenant Lyle J Curtis, co-pilot Second Lieutenant John W Humphrey, navigator Second Lieutenant Melchor Hernandez, bombardier Staff Sergeant Robert E Mayfield, radio operator Staff Sergeant Harry W Estabrooks, engineer / top turret gunner Sergeant Charles H Tuttle, ball-turret gunner Sergeant Maurice O Robbins, tail gunner Sergeant Vito R Ambrosio, right waist gunner Muster Sergeant George U Williams, left waist gunner All aircrew lost that day
  10. He's obviously looking for something but I'll lay odds he can't put his finger on it
  11. details on smoke floats found here https://ww2data.blogspot.com/2017/02/british-explosive-ordnance-aircraft_13.html & parachute flares (British about 1/4 way down page) https://ww2data.blogspot.com/search?q=parachute+flare
  12. The cover's right - no man's ever owned one that's for sure, those that have desire's to do so are deluded, and those that think they do will find the truth sometime later
  13. Every-time I've tried fixing one I got a warm feeling all over and a terrific tan
  14. Circloy

    1/72 B-17

    Having been in the news recently I'd looked to do 'Mi Amigo', an early 'G' type, lost with all aboard killed when it crash landed into woods in Sheffield after avoiding kids playing in the park. Whilst Airfix was reputed to produce a more accurate model it represented a late model 'G' - shame as the the main squadron markings were included in the bomber supply set. Reviews of the Revell kit highlighted issues that put me off using that as a start point. Think I'll be waiting to see if Airfix do an early 'G'
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