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  1. Thanks a lot for the infos Dermot, I will make sure to add some weight in the front. I’ll definitely try some pink primer if I can get my hands on it. I’m hoping to go for a toys and hobby fair in Stuttgart mid November, will have a look to see if I can source the primer there.
  2. Cheap beer in Sweden, hmm ….. It’s always challeging getting the paint right isn’t it, just as you think you got the colour right, it will look different in the end depending on the choice og primer, varnish, etc. Anyways, it will take some time before I get to the painting stage so plenty of time to experiment. Btw Paramedic, your Mustang looks great in the gallery!
  3. Thanks Paul and yes there are quite a lot of alternative decals available for the EC145. If you are looking for something Nordic you could try Lima November Decals (https://lndecals.com/index.htm), or for Austria (https://www.brent-air-decals.at/Hubschrauber), or for Germany (https://www.peddinghaus-decals.de/1-72-Decals-for-Helicoptermodels/?language=en) and (https://www.sparks-scalemodelshop.de/en/). Try and do a search on scalemates for EC145, H145, BK-117 and look under decals and also check out aviationmegastore. Will you be building your EC145 for this GB?
  4. Hi Hewy, yes the molded parts are looking really good, only all the clear parts are of a rather poor quality and fit. If I knew how to and had the materials, I would polish the clear parts on both sides but that will have to be for next EC135. For anyone building this kit, I would suggest to separate the windows from each other for a better fit and as Toby said above, the fuselage sides need (quite a lot of) thinning out from the inside, for the windows to fit flush with the outer skin. For the paints, I did an experiment with about 2/3 of Revell 36112 gloss yellow and 1/3 of white, with a tint of green added (but no more than would stick to the tip of a cocktail stick) and got this, which is not to bad I think. Cheers Johnny b (and here I was looking for a good Star Wars quote but couldn't come up with anything ... )
  5. There is always extra work on a Revell kit isn't there, but you have done good work so far!
  6. Mange tak Toby for all the info! Good to know Ruben is away, I’m sure he will take care of it once his back. Hilsen Johnny
  7. Maybe you want to wait until you see how much trouble I am going to have with mine
  8. @neilg that for sure is a lot of decals. Unfortunately I can’t confirm on the black lines on the decals sheet, it’s difficult without having the instructions and the kit in the hand. With yours as well, hopefully there will be many more A380 builds to follow around here in the near future
  9. Thanks Col, just hoping I can match the right colour! Thanks Paramedic, if you live in Sweden it’s likely the ones from Svensk Luftambulans you are seeing? They are taking delivery of some brand new Airbus H145 with 5 rotorblades at the moment, beautiful yellow shiny thing Thanks Toby, I did see your RFI earlier and both the EC and the BO are looking fantastic May I ask please, which paint did you use? I ordered some paint from Vallejo sold as RAL 1016 which arrived today, but unfortunately it came no where close to the right colour! Unless I can find an alternative for the airbrush, I’ll see if I can find a rattle can with some auto paint in the right colour. Mine will differ slightly from yours, as I’m going for the variant flying in Denmark. Unfortunately I do not have a spare weather radar for the nose, so unless I can come up the something creative, it will have to do without the radar. As for the decals, I haven’t heard back from LN Decals yet but I hope he has received the order. Regarding the glareshield, it appears as if every EC135 kit from Revell is having the same issue: Cheers Johnny b
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