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  1. You are making good progress @Marklo, it will be a fearsome sight for Saddam !!
  2. Evening all, came across this post and was wandering if you guys have seen this old movie called Air Outpost? It's quite nice and is showing G-AAUD HANNO going through a night stop at the old Sharjah airport in the 1930's. The airport, build as a fort, is now a small aviation museum know as Al Mahatta Museum and certainly a visit worth should you find your self in the United Arab Emirates one day. Cheers Johnny b
  3. Very COOL !! Just like looking out of the window at the moment
  4. Parts are looking very good - happy you managed to find the chipped off part again
  5. Very nice with an Iraqi Hind as contrats to the coalition forces
  6. Thanks a lot Jabba! Think they must be referring to al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi then, as they are home to the UAE AF fighter squadrons. Yes, I know the kit is inaccurate in some areas but in 1/72 scale I can live with that. I'm not a Mirage expert anyway. Here ia a close up of the markings, they aren't perfect either (i.e. the red part of the fin flash doesn't align with the green and black) but will have to do. Thanks again!
  7. Thank you @Jabba, dstorm.eu is indeed a great resource but I was also looking for some more background info on the UAE involvement you know. Thanks for checking later!
  8. It's the 17th and we are allowed to start on the first GB of the year (for me at least) So here is my humble contribution, the ITALERI 1/72 GULF WAR 25th anniversary version of the Mirage 2000C. As per the title, I'll be doing it in the United Arab Emirates version. After a long debate I have almost settled on the colours, still subject for change once the paint hits the plastic. I can't seem to find much information about the United Arab Emirates involvement in the first Gulf War, other than they deployed some 4.000 pe
  9. It's not going on until September, so plenty of time to stock up if required! Maybe one from each of the Nordic countries
  10. Don't think I would ever wash my hands again Nice story, thanks for sharing!
  11. Great work Björn, that SAS DC-6 is just lovely Don't forget there is a Nordic II GB going on later this year
  12. Great work Bosse, hope you will have time to join the Nordic GB again
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