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  1. It’s the pizza thing I’m afraid of It’s the newer Revell 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupé, I’m doing a WIP thread on it but work is slow (this summer has been too good to sit inside doing modelling).
  2. Interesting subject for sure! I’ve never done a white metal kit, so I’ll be tagging along
  3. Great progress Rob and a very nice detail with the oil cooler
  4. Another master piece from your side Jörgen
  5. Looking great, your hard work has certainly paid off (though I would have loved to see beer commercials and SAUDIA on the same car )
  6. Lovely 635 and a great video too Maybe I can borrow these industrious little fellows, as I have a 911 Carrera build which could use a hand or two
  7. Hi @Mike N Sorry I can‘t help you with your specific question, but I have some photos of a RAF A400M in a relatively high resolution, taken during the 2019 Dubai Airshow By interest I can post them here, or I can forward you the photos in full resolution if send me a PM with your email address. If it helps, I can also take a photo of the decal sheets for the Luftwaffe A400M, as I have this kit in my stash? Cheers Johnny b
  8. The 20 year old slim blonde sitting next to you will help you
  9. Very nice, the lighting is definitely the icing on the cake Oh and a very nice colour scheme too !!
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