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  1. Its just a feature of the forum software, you can choose to ignore it if you want. Julien
  2. Julien

    Zvezda 1/35 Boomerang

    IBG seem to be able to manage injection tyres on the 1.35 Rossomak kits.
  3. Well spotted, just checked mine and thankfully its OK
  4. For all you Canadians; BTW Had a chance to chat to Mike Belcher at SMW and he is a true Gent Julien
  5. Is it a case that was doped silver fabric? I know thats a museum example but the rotor head is almost identical to the helo boom behind it and the fabric will always be slightly duller than the metal if painted with the same colour. Given the time frame I think some kind of silver could be realistic. Good close up pictures here; http://aircraft-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/helicopter-avro-rota-mk1-cierva-autogiro-c30a-ww2.html Julien
  6. Considering this is a new tool and will sell no where near the numbers of a P-51/Spitfire/109 etc I think the cost is reasonable. Julien
  7. Its not trying very hard !
  8. I have the KASL set and its very nice.
  9. Julien


    Direct product placement is not something we do unless its in the correct area. I have lost track of the number of people who have tried to join up just to do this. As BM has grown so have the operating costs and this is why we look to give manufacturers their own area, they can choose this, or provide review samples to the site. We find this works for us and the site is free from adverts. Julien
  10. Julien


    Im no expert buy having photographed the one at Cosford for the walkaround section the nose and front door looked well off on the model. Julien
  11. Are you asking about the BN or ML/MF. I saw this on the BN from the DN model Blog;
  12. Description: Gloster Gladiator Mk.I WWII British Fighter (100% new moulds) (next release. expected early December) Manufacturer: ICM Code Number: ICM32040 Scale: 1:32 Item type: Aircraft kits (injection) Price: £43.99 £39.59 (Put this on Backorder and save 10%!)
  13. Looking good. I know how much this fought you. The big Voodoo will be easy now
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