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  1. DWI Wellington conversion set for the Airfix 1/72 kit review coming here soon thanks to Ali supplying me one at Telford
  2. Julien

    Airfix 1/24 Hellcat F6F-5

    True. Plus also not why this thread is here. Pls keep to the topic in hand. We don't want wish lists or laments. julien
  3. Julien

    Airfix 1/24 Hellcat F6F-5

    Gents can I ask again this thread is kept to the subject in hand and not what we want, or what we suspect Airfix will do next. Thanks Julien
  4. I was given to understand the U-2A molds were re-cut to make the C so no more A models. I was hoping this release would be a good new A, but my hopes look dashed. Glad I kept my Hawk kit with all the CE resin now
  5. you might want to try that again but paste as plain text without copying over the formatting.
  6. Julien

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I was quite good at Telford this year, 1.72 Pioneer 1.72 Twin Pioneer 1/72 F-106 from kit swap 1/72 CL-215 From kit swap 1/48 F-15DJ from kit swap 1/48 Sabre 5 from a fellow site member.
  7. Julien


    If you removed yourself then you could be blocking yourself from the group so check your own settings. If they removed you then they will need to re-add you. Not sure if this can be done on a mobile device as I know fro using the BM facebook that there are certainly differences between what I can do on a computer and a mobile device. On iPad, iPhone etc you have to have a separate app to control a group so maybe they can re-add you from this? They would need to use your FB account name not your email address. Julien
  8. I'm pretty sure they will sell anyway.
  9. Julien

    Hi-Decal news and upcoming projects

    Some nice new releases there. julien
  10. Julien

    Freightdog Models and Combat Kits new items for Telford 2018

    @Colin @ Freightdog Models Pls pass on my best to the guys at Combat, I could not decide on the Pioneer or the twin at Telford so I ended up with both ! julien
  11. Julien

    Magna Models acquired by Combat Kits

    I must say having a look at a couple of kits at Telford I was impressed by what I saw. So much so I bought a couple of them, Nice job Combat Kits. Julien
  12. As people seem unable to read and follow instructions to keep this on topic its closed down. The moderation team have enough to do without constantly checking these types of threads. Julien
  13. There seems to be a great deal of thread drift in here, pls can we keep it to the original topic. Thx Julien
  14. Julien

    The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Good to see you at Telford. Ali has kindly let us have a sample of his new engine and cowl so watch the site for a review of these coming soon. Julien
  15. I must admit that while I will never do a 1/32 Lanc, the cockpit section could tempt me, I hope someone does a crew for it as well. Julien