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  1. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc 1:72 Airfix A02108 The Spitfire hardly needs an introduction, an iconic war machine and graceful lines satisfying the technical theory that ‘If it looks right, it flies right’! With around 6000 aircraft produced across the various sites, the Mk.V was the most produced version of the 20,000+ built. Coming in to service in 1941, it incorporated many of the improvements developed in the Mk.III, however instead of using the planned Mk.XX Merlin which was in short supply, the Mk.45 with a single stage single supercharger was used as it
  2. Hawker Hurricane Mk.I 1:48 Airfix A05127A If one was to asked to give the name of a British fighter that took part in the Battle of Britain, the Spitfire would undoubtedly be the most common answer. However, the aircraft that provided the backbone of the defence in that infamous battle was the Hawker Hurricane. Designed in 1935, it was quite a step forwards to the existing front line RAF fighters of that era, key features being a fully enclosed cockpit, retractable undercarriage, 8 guns, powerful V12 engine and most notably, a single cantilever wing as oppo
  3. Fiat CR.42 Falco WWII Italian Fighter (32020) 1:32 ICM The Fiat CR.42 Falco (Falcon) was developed in the late 1930s at a time when the more modern monoplane fighters were starting to outstrip bi-planes in performance but it was felt they still had a place. The CR.42 was a development of the CR.32 which were used with success in the Spanish Civil War. The new aircraft would feature a supercharged radial engine and be of simple clean strong construction offering good manoeuvrability. The CR.42 was considered to be the best bi-plane available at the star
  4. Bristol Beaufighter TF.X 1:72 Airfix A04019A The Beaufighter was originally developed as a fighter variant of the Beaufort, aiming to utilise as many components from the light bomber as possible to speed development, construction and minimise tooling costs. It didn't quite work out that simply, as it needed additional power that could only be provided by the new Hercules engines that was in development, as even a Merlin engine would leave it underpowered as they later found out. This meant a mid-wing mount had to be created so that the props had sufficien
  5. To add another spanner into the work for UK importers of kits from the far east container freight rates have gone through the roof due to demand from China now their economy is back up and running, with reduced capcity from shipping lines. Rates for a 40' have gone from around £2800/3000 to over £14000. Airfreight is also expensive due to the lack of commercial airliners and manufacturers fighting over freighter space. Julien
  6. Did you look in the walkaround section?
  7. Tiger I 1:72 Airfix A02342 Everyone that’s even a little bit interested in tanks will know the name of the dreaded Tiger tank from WWII, which was at the forefront of German armoured might, and if it wasn’t for the limited numbers on the battlefield coupled with their unreliability, plus Hitler’s meddling with his General’s decisions, the invasion in 1944 might have been much harder fought than it already was. Designed to replace the Panzer IV but often fighting alongside it, the Tiger added extra armour and a larger 88mm gun similar to that of the succes
  8. Nice, but getting hold of them is not easy
  9. A-10A Thunderbolt II Interior 3D Decal (QD32008 - For Trumpeter Kit) 1:32 Qunita Studio When Quinta’s innovative products first came to our attention a few months ago they caused quite a stir, as well they should. The replacement Instrument Panels and internal details are mind-boggling to look at, because we’re used to seeing simplified styrene instrument panels, or Photo-Etch Brass panels with either two layers of etch, or laminated parts that can be tricky to glue together, even though they are pre-painted for your ease. But decals? These aren’t your run-of-t
  10. Sherman Firefly VC 1:72 Airfix A02341 The Sherman was one of the most widely used Allied tanks during WWII, named after an American Civil War general when it entered service in the early part of the war. It was the mainstay of Allied armour, and was a reliable and rugged vehicle, but initially suffered from weak points and thin side armour that allowed a carefully placed shot to penetrate it an set the tank afire. Once identified appliqué armour was added to the vulnerable spots to improve survivability. It became one of the most produced tanks of WWII, wit
  11. F-104 Early & Late type wheels 1:48 CMK by Special Hobby - For Kinetic kits These wheels are for the new Kinetic Kits, and are a drop in replacement for the kit parts. F-104G/S Wheels late type (Q48381) F-104G/J Wheels Early type (Q48380) Review sample courtesy of
  12. not exactly WWI aviation is it? moved.
  13. Thanks, the decals were super thin and a real challenge. The original MB decals on the skyservant worked great tho!
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