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  1. If you want to do something unusual then Finland took their marksman turrets of the old T-55 chassis and put them on Leopard 2 chassis.
  2. Leopard 1A5 1:35 Revell The Leopard project started back in the mid 1950s with the goal of producing a modern tank to replace the M47 and M48 tanks which where then in use by the recently reconstituted Bundesehr (German Army). The specification called for a tank weighing no more than 30 tonnes capable of surviving 20mm rapid fire cannon and having a power-to-weight ratio of 30hp per tonne. The tank had to be capable of surviving on a nuclear/chemical contaminated battlefield. Armament was to be the then standard NATO 105mm gun. For this design Mobility was the primary co
  3. Both of them have dropped in for review which is good.
  4. Yes loads of time to get another kit, you can never have enough Leopards.
  5. Westland Lysander Mk.III (SD) (72023) 1:72 Dora Wings via Albion Alloys The Lysander was developed by Westlands in response to an Air Ministry requirement form and Army Co-operation aircraft in the 1930s. After interviewing pilots it was decided that field of view, low speed handling and a Short Take Off/landing aircraft would be needed. To accomplish this the Lysander would feature a high mounted wing with a large glazed cabin. The wing would feature fully automatic slots and slotted flaps. These would be complemented with a variable incidence tailplane. These w
  6. Thanks for the colour info, I know about the RNAS I typed that as I was looking into RNAS Arbroath at the time!
  7. Looking at the new Dora Wings kit they give the colours used by RNAS & RAF SAR as Dark Green / EDSG over Sky? Are these correct? Thx Julien
  8. Yes the one I have is for the Leo 1
  9. Thats nothing, I have over 80 F-86 kits in 1/72, 1/48 and now 1/32. Its not an obsession...I can stop ay any time, honest
  10. Academy did a 1.48 Leo 2 a few years ago, and there are some older Leo 1 kits out there https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=Leopard+2+1%2F48* https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=Leopard+1+1%2F48* Not sure how good they are.......
  11. Count me in, just checked and I have; Leo 1 1A3/A4 C2 MEXAS 2A4 2A4M CAN 2A5 2A6 (Revell) 2A6 Tamiya 2A7 Bergepanzer 2 Gives me something to go at
  12. mmm pretty sure I have a Legend Danish conversion in the stash somewhere...........
  13. I you want some good stuff for any Leopard kit then have a look here; http://www.leopardclub.ca/workshop/ I have their gun barrels and other bits and they are well worth investing in Julien
  14. Kit in for review, for a 1/72 kit its very good.
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