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  2. Soviet Six Wheel Army Truck with Shelter (35002) 1:35 ICM Via H G Hannants Ltd Even though not mentioned the truck is a KamAZ-4310. This was an all wheel driver truck produced by Kamaz between 1981 and 1995. Following 1995 production switched to the similar looking but more powerful the KamAZ-43114. Trucks may not command the same attention as other Army vehicles such as Tanks but they are the life blood of any Army delivering personnel and supplies, as well as many specialised roles involving the fitting of specialised bodies to the standard chassis. The K4320D shelter body could serve a number of purposes from the installation of communications equipment though to mobile workshops. The Kit This is a re-boxing of ICM's 2016 kit with the addition of parts for the shelter body. Construction begins by building up the truck chassis. The two side rails are joined by cross members and mounting brackets for various components. The first of these are the rear is a chassis mounted winch. In the centre goes a transfer box. The front leaf springs are moulded to the rails but the rear ones need building up and fitting to the chassis. To the front of the chassis the bumper is added. Next up a full engine and gearbox is provided. This is a small model in itself. The Engine can then be fitted, and to the front of this the radiator assembly is added. The exhaust system is then fitted. Next up the rear axles are built up and added to the chassis. Transfer shafts join these to each other, and the main transfer box. Suspension dampers can then be fitted once the axles are in place. The same procedures are then followed for the single front axle, though with steering components being added as well. A bump plate it then fitted to the underside in front of this axle. Brackets are added to the outside of the chassis for the fuel tanks, air tanks; and battery box. The front mud guards are then also fitted. The wheels and their rubber tyres can now be assembled and fitted to the model. A spare is provided and a carrier for this needs to be built up and added to the chassis. Next up it time for the cab to be built up. The floor pan get the drivers foot controls and a hand brake. Three seats are then constructed and added to the floor pan, these are followed by the rear bulkhead and the cab sides. An underside part is then added containing the rest of the mud guard area. The dash is then assembled and added to the cab front. This is attached to the main body of the cab and then the steering column and wheel can be put in. The roof is then added along with the side doors. To finish of the cab windscreen wipers are added to the front and engine intake pipe to the rear. The rear mounted shelter body now needs to be built up. The two sides are added to the base, followed by the ends; then the roof is added. The rear and side doors are then put in place. Underneath the body the mounting rails are built up and added. Various openings are sealed with hatches and the mudguards are fitted to the body. External lockers, lights, stowage boxes and a rear mounted generator are added along with a ladder to access these. Now the completed cab and body units can be fixed to the chassis finishing the model off. The cab if wanted can be in the raised/tilted position. Markings Markings are provided for 2 generic Russian vehicles in overall green, and one in a later green/grey/black camo scheme. No information is given on these. Conclusion Trucks are often overlooked but this is a great model from ICM. Highly recommended. Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd. Review sample courtesy of
  3. Yes this is an English language forum, please remember that.
  4. Interesting to see how this stacks up against the HobbyBoss kit. The detail in some places is finer, but you get a lot more plastic in the HB kit including much more for the wings, and a couple of extra decal options. Julien
  5. Right two things here; 1. Lets keep potentially libelous comments and accusations out of the forum in total. 2. This is a Revell thread so lets keep Airfix out of it.
  6. Every kit is as good as you make it, I have built a couple of the HB Sabres and TBH they look alright when made up. Also dont forget the Fujimi RF-86F this is basically an F-40 kit with the RF bits in it.
  7. I to was hoping Academy would do a decent kit in 1.72 as their 1.48 kit is excellent. Sadly no
  8. Top notch Dennis as always. That has to be the grubbiest F-106 ive seen!
  9. I would have thought you would have a picture if it was! you certainly helped me out with a couple of 106 pictures Julien
  10. My postie said when he is off no one is covering his round. Before christmas they were told to make parcels a priority and other mail just sat. Hence why I was still getting cards after the holidays. Thye also did not hire any christmas temps locally.
  11. For the 9 probably a new release like Airfix did with the 1/48 kit. As I said I doubt you will see a 10. MPM already had the other marks toolded so was easier for them to do a 10. I would never say never but dont think we will see a Mark III or IV from Airfix any time soon. For the 8 and 9 a least they had the basic CAD data already from the 1.48 kits. Lets hope this one is a good seller.
  12. Julien


    This is not the buy and sell area so stop asking here then
  13. PR.9 quite easily, they did this with the 1/48 kit. The PR.10 was something of a hybrid aircraft. With the wings of the Mk.III, the tail of the Mk.IV, Fuselage of the Mk.8 and nose from the PR.9. So will take a great deal more work so cant see them doing that.
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