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  1. M40 Nimrod Tank Destroyer & Armoured AA Gun Armour Of The Royal Hungarian Army ISBN : 9786155583148 Peko Publishing Hungary was caught at the end of WWI on the wrong side and was treated harshly by the Allies. Under the 1920 treaty of Trianon they lost nearly half their population and more than 60% of their territory to hostile boarding nations. Which is the reason the joined the Axis forces in WWII, however it would seem they chose the wrong side again! The Hungarian Army knew they had to modernise and they needed a vehicle which could act as a tank destroyer and a mobile armoured AA gun. The solution to this actually lay in Sweden; Hungary was already producing the L-60 tank under licence as the 38M, and they were producing the 40mm Bofors gun under license as well. The L-60 chassis was modified to accept a large open topped turret for a single 40mm gun. As well as firing the standard ammunition types the Hungarians developed their own anti tank round for the gun. This could penetrate 46mm of armour at 100m and 30mm at 1000m. Internally the Nimrod carried 640 rounds. Later as it was found the 40mm gun was not effective against Soviet tanks the guns were all re-designated as anti aircraft units. They would still act in support of troop movements though, and late into the war they were fitted with a rocket grenade round that fitted over the barrel in a similar way to that of a rifle grenade. 135 Nimrods were built. A prototype LEHEL Armoured Ambulance was made from one chassis by removing the turret. The book is A4 hardcover in landscape format and 120 pages long, It is illustrated throughout with large black and white photos on every page showing all aspects o the vehicles operation. Conclusion This book will give the reader a very good look at this unusual vehicle. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Well the club had asked people to keep to two boxes under the table, some tables had many more. Julien
  3. As there is a new thread for MK going forward I will close this one down and point you all to the new one; Go MK Julien
  4. Good news for 2020, and the money for a good cause. Julien
  5. Julien

    Mosquito markings

    The owner has marked the picture not for reproduction and disabled hot linking which is why it wont link. No one should use pictures in threads where they are marked as such, or subject to copyright. They should only use links. Julien
  6. Julien

    Mosquito markings

    it was not embedded correctly, plus it says not allowed to be reproduced so a link is the only way it should be on BM anyway.
  7. Hi, You cant change it, just message one of the moderators and we will sort it out. JUlien
  8. U-2/Po-2VS with Soviet Pilots and GP (48254) 1:48 ICM The Polikarpov Po-2 or U-2 in the training role, was a standard training bi-plane developed to replace the U-1 which was a copy of the Avro 504. The prototype first flew in 1928. The aircraft would also later find roles in crop dusting, light attack, reconnaissance, liaison and even psychological warfare, The Russian forces used the aircraft very successfully in the night bomber role where the Germans nicknamed it the Sewing Machine due to the note from its engine. The aircraft would also go on to fire some of the first shots in the Korean War. American forces would nickname the aircraft "Bedcheck Charlie" due to its nocturnal raids. Due to its low radar signature the aircraft was very hard to detect by allied forces in Korea. In what was fast becoming the Jet age the Po-2 was credited with a kill on an F-94 when it stalled trying to shoot down the Po-2, and a USMC would score the Skyraiders only Air-2-Air victory against a Po-2. It is estimated that upto 30,000 aircraft were built and it was in production longer than any other soviet era aircraft. The Albanian Air Force only retired the type in 1985! The Kit This is now the forth boxing since 2014 from ICM of the Po-2VS/U-2. This issue features the same plastic but with the addition of a sprue containing pilot figures and ground personnel. The kit arrives on three main sprues, two smaller sprues of armaments, and a small clear sprue. Construction starts in the fairly basic cockpits. Instrument panels are built up and installed into the fuselage as well a some flight controls. The fuselage is then closed up and the front added on to mount the engine. Once this is finished work can start on the wings. For the lower wing holes are opened up then the seats and their frames can be installed in the centre section which also forms the cockpit floor. one on this can then be added to the main fuselage. Next up the engine is made up and installed on the front of the fuselage. The tail planes and the rudder are then added. Underneath the main wing now the undercarriage is built up and added as are the bomb racks and bombs if using them. The struts are then added and the upper wing can be added. The observers rear mounted machine gun can then be made up and fitted. A basic rigging diagram is provided to rig the bi-plane. Markings There are three decal options included in the box. From the box you can build one of the following: U-2VS from 213rd Night Bomber Air Division, Soviet Air Force Summer 1943. Po-2CV from 46th Tamansky GvNBAP, Spring 1945. Po-2VS from 2nd Polish NBAP, Lubin Area, Summer 1944. Decals are printed by ICM, with good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin gloss carrier film cut close to the printed areas. Figures The kit comes with a set of 7 figures which are all well moulded. There are two what look like pilots, a senior office figure, 3 ground crew, and female figure. Conclusion It is good to see an important historical aircraft like this kitted, and its good to see the ICM kit on release again. The inclusion of a figure set makes for a ready made airfield diorama. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  9. yes it should be. @fubar57 I will move it there, for your next one please post in the appropriate section. Thx Julien
  10. A very nice model. However please remember that Britmodeller is an English Language forum and please post your comments etc in English. Thx JUlien
  11. Are there any pics of the SEA one from Iceland? Julien
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