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  1. Ive still got my Airfix and Italeri kits tho. oh and this one!
  2. This and the G are really good looking kits.
  3. German Sabres fitted with MB seats had a similar system. Its a shame the RAAF Sabre is grounded for such a reason. Te RAAF say it must have a working seat as it was designed for one, but MB wont support it?
  4. Also we have a walkaround of the Trojan
  5. That looks nice, I wish I had not looked as the Chieftain Willich AVRE will look good next to my Bridging one
  6. Sounds like what I need, thx
  7. I once tried buying direct from him and never got the goods, had to use paypal to claw my money back.
  8. Problem is the coastal bases are 3mm thick, I just need card
  9. Hi, Anyone any idea where I can get some card bases in 1/72 WWII style airfield runway and dispersal? Thx JUlien
  10. China: An unknown number of B-26/RB-26 purchased. CIA backed Citizens of the Republic of China Provided manpower to fly low-altitude nocturnal reconnaissance missions over mainland China. Fin serial no's were 862, 888 and 844.
  11. Thanks, I might just go with something the same shape and use the cover as per the first picture.
  12. Does anyone make a 1/35 20mm HSS.804 cannon, looking to add one to an M8 Greyhound as used by the Bundesgrenzschutz
  13. In truth ive seen F-8s parked with the wing up, wings up folded, wing down, straight, wing down folded, basically all combos. Even with the wing up and slats / flaps raised which was possible for maintenance.,
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