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  1. We have the D, A, V & E models in the walkaround section as well as the Mi-35 if you want to have a look at some? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/341-rotary-wing-aircraft-walkarounds/page/2/
  2. DHC-6 Twin Otter Update Sets 1:72 AeroCraft Models While the available kit is a good one, it leaves room for improvement which Ali has now addressed. New cockpit Set This is a complete new cockpit section with the windows cast in clear resin with correctly proportioned windows. As well as the lower part there is also a new cockpit bulkhead. Tail Planes Set Most of the versions of the kit suffer from sink/shrink marks in the tail planes and this is a quick drop in replacement for these parts. Engine Upgrade Set This is a new set of engine fronts for a more realistic look, with new spinners and new prop blades. These can now be properly set as feathered when the aircraft is shut down. The casting of the parts is upto Ali's usual high standards. Highly recommended to bring your Twotter up a notch. Review samples courtesy of
  3. I wish they could learn to print white! I have a nice 1/32 F-104 but the decals are usless as the white in the Italian roundels, and more of a deal breaker the large white code letters are unuseable as they are ivory and not white. I have a kits with white backing patches which are actually white then ivory in the roundel to go over the top why?
  4. Do you want your account freezing or removing?
  5. Not sure on a phone but on the computer there are in the font and size buttons a top option which says (Default) It might be in your settings on the phone you need to change this as I take it you changed it at some point to the unreadable one? If not @Mike is the person to ask as he is the techy among us. Julien
  6. Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 Intake, Exhaust & Air Brake Update Sets 1:72 AeroCraft Models There was little doubt that once the new Airfix Bucc was released that there would be plenty of options being produced for it. This is really a pair of backdate sets to make the earlier S.1 Intake Conversion Set There are new intakes for the S.1 These are hollow cast, with new fan blade faces. The intakes feature the section of wing which joins them. Comprehensive instructions are supplied online. Exhaust and Air Brake Set While you can modify the kit parts for this Ali has taken the hard work out of it by supplying these parts for the shorter exhausts, and the air brake with the heat shield removed (opened & Closed option provided). These can still be open or closed. As with all Aerocraft products the casting is first rate and the online instructions easy to follow. Highly recommended of you want a Buccaneer S.1 n your model line up. Review samples courtesy of
  7. Who ever he was thy left him behind on a Nuke run, good to know tho
  8. World wide pandemic? nothing shipping from China for months?
  9. This NATO photo from 1993 shows something on the centreline.
  10. Same way the RAF got around the two man rule with the Jaguar I suppose.
  11. Pilot only as was not able to carry the observer and the weapon. Also pretty sure they knew it would be a one way trip as the Wasp was not fast enough to escape the blast area!
  12. Any chance of you using a font whic is easier for people to read?
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