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  1. With a few mods to look like the prototype, not perfect of course, nothing I build ever will be. The nastiness between the upper and lower cowl is Miro Crystal Clear used to hold the cowl on for painting and not yet cut away (I detailed the engine as well) As usual, striving to mediocrity. Thanks for looking
  2. The old Monogram kit, A completely imaginary S.E.A. (mid 70's ish) turbo prop attack version of the A-26 Invader. My own home made engines, droop wing tips and other odds and ends here and there. On the shelf beside the P-61 that had the same treatment (images of that posted a couple of months ago...or so) Thanks for looking Comments welcome...I already know I'm crazy
  3. I built this fairly quickly, a better man could do a much better job on it but I'm happy with what I got...not sure where I'll put it now it's done but, here it is pictured on the walkway in front of my house A great model, excellent fit, good fun Thanks for looking
  4. Glad you stuck with it, very nice result! loooooots of work but good feeling to cross the finish line I bet. Looking at mine a few moths after completion realized I’d put the main gear doors on backwards, live n learn…I hope
  5. Nicely done! built the Roden 1/32 kit, realized early on there was no way the main gear was going to cary the weight so made my own from brass bar stock, great idea for your fix!
  6. Thanks you all for stopping to look and the encouraging comments! very appreciated
  7. Done entirely for fun from my twisted imagination... STOL wing tips, fences, turboprop engines. Ooops, that's a crappy picture! The old hard black plastic Revell/ Monogram 1/48 kit. Re-engined, up-gunned new avionics and ready to go fight in South Est Asia Circa 1970 (ish) Also did an A-26. Thanks for looking
  8. Thanks all! I think the hardest part of the build was the week of applying masks to the kit, 20 minutes of painting and another half day removing masks! I do used, but can’t remember the maker, a 3D printed tailpipe which was a lot nicer than the kit component and a perfect fit.
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