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  1. Agree with all the above (and making me want to build mine) great job! very nicely done!
  2. Whooooooo verrrrry nice! as usual for you, a beautiful job!
  3. Wow! Thank you sir! I did cheat and use Amodel Beechcraft 1900-C wings on it, I bought the wrong kit, it had baggage nacelles. Thanks for looking and the kind words
  4. Back to work, scratched up and added some Tronair towbars to the rack on the tug and one to pull the plane...now to finish (get to work on) that "ramp" display area... Thanks for looking
  5. Nicely done! You’re making jewelry from plastic models!
  6. It takes a master to make an Aurora kit shine like this one! Well done
  7. Thanks, an Amodel 1900 supplied the wings (I bought the wrong kit) so a "bash" was in order. Plastic and resin=multi media? Thank you very much sir Tamiya Lacquers, my new favorite paint for gloss coats
  8. Thank you very much! most of the hard work was done by Arctic Decals
  9. Thank you very much! I do like building civil and general aviation subjects. The decals perform flawlessly, that's saying a lot because I have NO luck with decals! some decals (the ones on the blue) have to be layered with a white stripe before a color stripe, lining one up on top of another can be a bit tough for my tired eyes. The tender is an Eagle TT-8 made by F 4MODELS and is (was when I bought mine) available from Hannants. I bought 4 planning on doing an airport scene. The mule is a resin kit which includes photo etch components and "Eagle Tug" decals. I added some WestWi
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