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  1. I use the Super-fine 1:72 for my 1:48 aircraft as I feel it is more to scale
  2. Very nice looking George. For antenna wire I am now using Uschi van der Rosten, Nice and stretchy and sticks to a small drop of CA almost instantly https://www.uschivdr.com/products-in-detail/rigging/
  3. Supermarine Spitfire MkIX EN199 https://www.maltaaviationmuseum.com/supermarine-spitfire-mk-ix
  4. Beautiful. I did the original Academy offering of the second option of that Airfix kit
  5. Snow is indeed coming Chris. The good side of the Rockies at the moment is -6°C and up to 25cm of the white stuff expected tonight
  6. The Italeri kit comes with the smoke rings as decals. I wish I could zoom in as they look like they were sprayed on
  7. Looks great and a very well done doing the smoke rings yourself. I also like the separate nose camo. I gives a certain "WTF" moment to the uninitiated. When I did my Italeri 1:48 C.205, I wimped out and used the decals
  8. Have you tried to contact Kittyhawk about a replacement?
  9. Looking good. When it came to joining the wings to the fuselage, I had to put some shims inside the wings to get everything lined up at the wing root. I don't recall other builds having this issue. I had a real problem getting the stabilizers to mount in the tail section. They interlock inside and I couldn't get mine to do it and in the end removed two tabs on one side which gave me a perfect fit. They would fit okay away from the fuselage which is very odd. Again....I could not find another build with this issue
  10. I was dealing with them in the last century so it is possible that they improved their customer service. The problem I had was that they wanted to sell me the part but the shipping on top of that was almost the cost of the kit itself
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