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  1. Lovely. I built an ICM here...https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/done-1-48-bf-109f-2-winter-war-eastern-front-wwii.41706/ and used this as a reference...https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/done-1-48-bf109f-4-j-steinhoff-your-favorite-aircraft-of-all-time-gb.31793/
  2. I second the above. It is a bit more fragile than other acrylics but if left to harden for 24 hours or more I had no problems masking it and having paint lift or bleed under. Its not up to Alclad or other non acrylic types but gives a very close second
  3. Be careful of Airfix's rendering, it seems a bit off. Mine might not be totally correct but a bit closer
  4. Interesting test @Troy Smith. I'm 63 and scored a "0". I'm using an HP laptop. Looking at your bottom two photos, the Spitfire green looks green and the Hurricane green looks a darker shade of grey. I just finished this last night using Tamiya XF-81 Dk. Green 2 (RAF) and Mr. Hobby Aqueous H72 Dk. Earth. I'll say straight up that the lighting is off but the colours are close to what I really see, a wee bit darker but not by much
  5. When you factor in scale colour, weathering, real time manufacturing and everything else mentioned above, at the end of the day, if the colour is close....close to what I want, I'm happy. If it looks off on someones computer screen, that's OK by me too. I live with it
  6. Anyone know how accurate these are? http://www.iliad-design.com/charts.html
  7. I built the Hobbycraft 1:48 A-4B. Break out your favourite mud, you'll need it......lots of it!!!!!
  8. fubar57

    Bomb carriers

    This is from "Westland Whirlwind" 4+ Publications..."...By incorporating Mod. No.154 provision was made for carrying a total of 500lb or 1000lb bombload under the outer planes. A Mk.III Universal bomb carrier with side stays could be attached to the mounting cradle under the wing main spar wing joints. Either a pair of 250lb GP or SAP bombs, or 500lb GP, MC or SAP bombs or Small Bomb Containers (SBCs) with up to 250lb bombload could be carried...". Hope this helps somewhat Jerry. George
  9. Good stuff for a 4th and lots of good info to sort through. I'm building its bigger brothers at the moment and the topside roundels are a struggle as well. I started with Mr. Mark Setter & Softer and have since started to apply the artillery....Polly Scale Softener. This stuff is so old that it doesn't show up in Google Images for me. The only thing I can add is, for a more realistic antenna, get this.... https://www.uschivdr.com/products-in-detail/rigging/ A very small dab of CA where you want to place it and it will stick like a frightened limpet to a rock plus its very stretch
  10. Just my .02¢.....you could file/sand down the existing fences or, if you have any P.E. frames left over, use the fences as a template
  11. Hard to find a photo online that isn't from a model: Spitfire... https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images2/360/0914/28/ww2-raf-spitfire-pitot-head_360_8b8186ad741feddc8193ebba54a6caa8.jpg
  12. Just me but I've read that they were heated so I paint my tips with Tamiya Dark Iron or Gunze Burnt Iron
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