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  1. If you want the diagram, send me your email and I'll send it to you. I don't have the means to post images here or in PMs
  2. White stripes are 18" and the black stripes are 12"
  3. Thanks all. Got a text last night that said “airplane broke”. I’ll probably use CA on it and make it less breakable
  4. Got a belated Xmas gift from Grandkid Ezra yesterday. It a kinda non-official Lego kit and good for ages 5+. The decals are stickers and as I later found out, they have the sticking power of a frightened limpet to a rock. A quick check shows the kit is a tad bigger than 1:48 and the serial number is for a Mk.IIa built by Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. P7350 served with 266Sq, 603Sq and 616Sq and is now with BBMF with markings for 41(F) Sqn. EB⦾G From this.... ....to this in about 15 minutes. Sorry about the lack of finished photos but he flew it home rig
  5. TO 1-1-4 for the F-4/RF-4 camouflage which doesn't seem to be in the copy I posted so here it is
  6. The Warpaint books shows the larger rack as per your lower photo. I'm thinking if you are mounting smaller than 1000lb bombs on your model, you are good to go.
  7. One of the books I have show the racks in the same location as your top photo. The lower photo shows 1000lb bombs and these used similar but larger racks.
  8. Re: RF-4C. In the Detail & Scale book, "Colors & Markings of the Recon Phantoms"; "Shortly after the hostilities commenced in Southeast Asia, the Air Force developed what became known as the Standard camouflage scheme. Technical Order 1-1-4 directed that two greens (FS 34079 and 34102) and a tan (FS 30219) be appled in a specific pattern to the upper surfaces and sides of the aircraft. A very light grey (FS 36622) was to be painted on the undersurfaces. As was the case with most combat aircraft in the Air Force's inventory, a pattern using these colors was designed specifically for the
  9. This one is dated 1968...https://daveplattmodels.com/Links/US Military Markings/USAF & USN Markings MIL-M-25047C.pdf
  10. This might help....a bit. Its dated 1964. Title: "Exterior Finishes, Insignia and Applicable to Aircraft and Missiles" MarkingsLooking for a later date. https://www.f-106deltadart.com/manuals/T.O. 1-1-4 (1964).pdf
  11. Very nice and great finish. I have these in the decal stash
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