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  1. Tamiya did a great job with the phantom model. For me, this is their best model in 48. The decals are Bullseye Model Aviation Decals and they are excellent. I used 3D decals for the cockpit and belts from Quinta Studio and it's a great thing. Eduard F-4B F-4J Academy
  2. Tamiya hasn't released the B version yet, so I used the D version and parts from the A late version. The decals are also Fightertown this time. I added a couple of wires to the Wheel Bay. My F-14
  3. The model is assembled straight out of the box. The model is similar to Hasegawa's, but in some parts it is much better, such as for example wheel bay and cockpit. AMG-65 is Eduard's resin, and GBU-12 are from Tamiya's f-14d.. The super hornet collection is slowly growing
  4. I didn't put the markings (star), because they were the same color as the color of the plane's wing (36081). I think the markings should be darker or even black.
  5. Thank You. Thank You. I used a sticker from the shampoo.
  6. Thank You , I used Gunze mr.color 301, 302,303.
  7. The first Meng model I worked on is much simpler than Hasegawa's and the details are much better, especially the wheel housing, which is at the resin level. Cartograf decals, but they messed up a bit because the marks should be the same size. GBU-32 and GBU-54 are Eduard resin, and GBU-38 are AMK. The F version is also in the final stages of Meng and of course the Eduard (Hasegawa) version E
  8. It's the first time I'm making an A-10 in any scale and I was really impressed by this Hobby Boss model, of course with a few flaws, but overall a great model. The biggest drawback is the inner frame of the cockpit cover, where the LAU-105 rocket carrier and the AIM-9 rocket itself are missing details, so I intend to order the ResKit LAU-105. I didn't lighten the colors but I should have because this US markings (star) code is fs 36081 or even black and that's why I didn't even put it on the wings because they're not noticeable, so I'll put black ones when I get them. I had bad luck with a windshield that cracked in half, so I put this florescent film on to make it less noticeable until I replace it.
  9. I am adding two more models to my collection. I haven't finished the B version yet. I still need to paint and install the nozzles and pitot tube. F-14A VF-32 Tamiya 1/48 F-14B VF-102 Tamiya 1/48, Fighter Town Decals
  10. I built the model straight out of the box. I only added a couple of wires to the landing gear and wheel bay. F-14b vf-102 I made th model by combining a late and d versions. I haven't finished the model yet. I need to paint and install the nozzles. Fighter Town Decals are fantastic.
  11. Thanks. I don't have any pictures of camouflage tanks. Fuel tanks should be gray because they used Tornado F3 tanks during the Gulf War
  12. The GWH Su-35 is the best and most detailed model I’ve done on a 1/48 scale. I made the model directly from the box except that I added a few wires to the wheels. I painted the model with great MRP colors.
  13. Eduard's (Revell's) Tornado is great. It's a little complicated to assemble, but in the end you can get a great Tornado model. I haven't used Eduard's great decals, I'll probably use them on some future Tornado models. I use Revel’s decals because I liked this scheme.
  14. Revell’s Tornado is an old but still relatively good model. The wheel bays is shallow, but I added a few wires. Panel lines do not exist on the rear and lower side of the model. I replaced the cockpit with an excellent Aires cockpit.
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