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  1. rod mcq

    desert pink paint

    6 Squadron had an exchange with Ala 46 of the Spanish Air Force in March 1989. One of the Jaguars, XZ104/EE, was painted in desert pink and photos appeared in the June and July 1989 issues of Aircraft Illustrated. It had full colour red/blue roundels with standard 6 Squadron markings on the intake and fin. The photo in the June issue of the magazine showed it carrying wing fuel tanks in the normal grey/green camouflage.
  2. While Hannnants are selling the re-released Italeri 1/72 Kfir C.2 for £19.99 they are also selling the Italeri Kfir C.2 kit in a Revell box at just £9.99 - this version only has one decal option. Revell (ex-Italeri ) Kfir C.2
  3. rod mcq

    Vampire and Meteor in Operation Firedog

    Meteor WG976 is listed a a T.7 in Steven Bond's book on the Meteor and is quoted as being on stength of 28 Sqn at Kai Tak, then 33/45 Sqn and 81 Sqn before being struck off charge in Singapore in 1960.
  4. rod mcq

    MB ejection seat UK displays & materials

    Two of the Newark seats are a 3 from a Vulcan and a 4 from a Lightning. There are also a few at Aeroventure Doncaster including a 6 from a Buccaneer.
  5. rod mcq

    Anyone seen the new Tamiya "LP" paints in the UK?

    The UK importer was expecting the lacquer paint range to arrive in the UK in February.
  6. rod mcq

    IAF colours

    RAL 8000 Grunbraun is available in the Xtracrylix armour colours range as XA1803 and X803 in the Xtracolour enamel range Hannants XA1803 Hannants X803
  7. rod mcq

    Paints for Revell Spitfire MKII

    The basic camouflague scheme for that Spitfire is Dark Green and Ocean Grey uppersurfaces with Medium Sea Grey undersides. Tamiya XF-81, XF-82 and XF-83 are the 3 colours you want Dark Green https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/tamiya-mini-xf-81-raf-dark-green-2/ Ocean Grey https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/tamiya-mini-xf-82-raf-ocean-grey-2/ Medium Sea Grey https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/tamiya-mini-xf-83-medium-sea-grey-2/
  8. rod mcq

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    Oops - one day I will learn to type
  9. rod mcq

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    The UK RRP for the Spitfire will be £34.99 with the kit currently due in mid-January 2019
  10. rod mcq

    Tiger Moth K-4288 /D colour questions

    I knew I had seen it somewhere. There is a 4 view colour drawing of K4288 in the Xtradecal scheme on page 29 of the AirFile book RAF trainers Volume 1 1918- 1945 although in the drawings the aircraft lacks the code letter "D". The AirFile book quotes its reference souce as Scale Aircraft Modelling Volume 15 No. 11 Spetember 1993 page 478. I have just checked that magazine and all page 478 has is the smaller of the 2 photos shown above and there is no description on the colour scheme.
  11. rod mcq

    Tiger Moth K-4288 /D colour questions

    There is a further photograph of K4288 on page 28 of the 2014 edition of Stuart McKay's book on the Tiger Moth and was probably taken at the same time as the photo above. The caption in the book states the aircraft is on the strength of 18 ERFTS at Fairoaks and is dated 1938 - a year after the scheme proposed in the Xtradecal sheet. The aircraft looks to be in overall Aluminium and has a code number "3" in the top decking just behind the rear cockpit. You can just see it in the photo above.
  12. The wing to fuselage transition was originally the same on B-52G and B-52H models. When the B-52Gs were modified to carry Air Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCM) the wing root fairing or strakelet was added. This was part of the SALT II agreement of 1979 so that ALCM-armed B-52Gs could be visually identifed by Soviet satellites. The B-52Hs were not modified as it was known that they could all carry ALCMs. The test shot would appear to be a pre-ALCM B-52G.
  13. rod mcq

    Airfix 2019

    It is dangerous to say something would never happen. The following is a quote from the Arthur Ward book " The Boys' Book of Airfix" ( page 133 in my copy). "Peter Allen ( a senior designer at Airfix) told me that, before their collapse, Airfix amortised the cost for their new 1/600 scale battleship King George V over a forecast 25 year period"
  14. rod mcq

    Tamiya Polycarbonate Paints

    The Polycarbonate paints are designed for use on the clear Lexan bodies found in Tamiya R/C car kits. These car bodies flex a lot when the cars are bumped around and the polycarbonate paint is designed not to flake or peel from the car body. It will etch/melt conventional polystyrene kit parts hence the warning on the Tamiya website.
  15. rod mcq

    Meteor NF engine nacelle size

    According to John's letter to SAM the NF.14 was the same length as the NF.12 at 49ft 11 in rather than the traditional quoted length of 51 ft 4 in so the error is 17 inches.