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  1. Humbrol 250 is no longer in production. Xtracolour X032 RAF Desert Pink is still available but Hannants are currently out of stock of the Xtracrylix version XA1032.
  2. There is also this paint remover which is supposed to be designed specifically to remove Tamiya paint Carson Paint Killer
  3. LP was the code for Lee-on-Solent
  4. There is Yefim Gordon's book of Soviet/Russian aircraft weaopns - published about 2005 Soviet/Russian Aircraft Weapons: Since World War Two
  5. Alclad make a further satin finish varnish which has a slightly glossier finish than Alclad 312 Semi-Matte. It is Alclad 311 Light Sheen. Is this close to what you want? ALC311 Light Sheen
  6. There were 2 Russian 2-seat Su-30s at the 1997 show coded 52 and 54 blue along with 2 Ukrainian Su-27s coded 48 and 57. The same Ukrainian Su-27s had also been present at the 1996 show.
  7. Troy asked "were the German markings reinstated for some reason post war?" and I think the answer is yes the German markings were repainted on the aircraft but during the war. In his book "The Captive Luftwaffe" Kenneth West states "Soon after its capture (in July 1944) this Ju 88 was repainted with German markings and the code 3K-MH and used in the making of an AI.Mk.10 radar training film. It was later transferred to the Enemy Aircraft Flight, Tangmere on 17th May 1945.
  8. Photos show that this Ju 88 landed in the UK in the Luftwaffe colours but it was later repainted in RAF colours. This link shows it in RAF colours with a Swastika on the tail with a small RAF roundel superimposed on the centre of the Swastika JU 88 G-1 TP190 Does the in-flight photo above show the aircraft in faded RAF colours with the Swastike painted out in fresh paint?
  9. The Spitfire kits are currently in stock at the Hornby warehouse in Kent and are being despatched to retailers at the moment. They should be in Uk shops in the coming week
  10. What Revell have announced in the newletter is that they are selling Hobby Boss kits via their online shop. Hobby Boss kits/ Revell online shop They are also selling Eduard accessories for their own and Hobby Boss kits Eduard Accessories/Revell online shop All the prices are there e.g. the 1/72 F-5E is €7.99 compared with a UK RRP of £6.25
  11. 6 Squadron had an exchange with Ala 46 of the Spanish Air Force in March 1989. One of the Jaguars, XZ104/EE, was painted in desert pink and photos appeared in the June and July 1989 issues of Aircraft Illustrated. It had full colour red/blue roundels with standard 6 Squadron markings on the intake and fin. The photo in the June issue of the magazine showed it carrying wing fuel tanks in the normal grey/green camouflage.
  12. While Hannnants are selling the re-released Italeri 1/72 Kfir C.2 for £19.99 they are also selling the Italeri Kfir C.2 kit in a Revell box at just £9.99 - this version only has one decal option. Revell (ex-Italeri ) Kfir C.2
  13. Meteor WG976 is listed a a T.7 in Steven Bond's book on the Meteor and is quoted as being on stength of 28 Sqn at Kai Tak, then 33/45 Sqn and 81 Sqn before being struck off charge in Singapore in 1960.
  14. Two of the Newark seats are a 3 from a Vulcan and a 4 from a Lightning. There are also a few at Aeroventure Doncaster including a 6 from a Buccaneer.
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