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  1. THe UK importer for HK models is Bachmann. Why not try their customer services department Bachmann Customer Support Contact
  2. The Buccaneers have been supplied to model shops by Hornby in individual boxes of the type you got. This is standard for larger items from Hornby such as Railway and Scalextric sets and now seems to happening with kits. It is all designed for the mailorder business, the retailer simply has to put on the address label and send it out.
  3. Humbrol will supply the Safety Data Sheeets for any of their products - just send them a request by e-mail. Humbrol have a series of"how to use" their product videos on their youtube channel - this is the Decalfix video and I have just had a quick look at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7Ywau87mo4&t=1s At about 1:50 they recommend wiping away any excess Decalfix immediately after the decal has been applied. At about 3:00 minutes there is an interesting comment about using Decalfix on top of their Clear Gloss Varnish. They say that as both the Clear the Decalfix are ammonia based then the Decalfix should be diluted with water to prevent it damaging the gloss finish.
  4. Denford, No problem. Alclad started in the UK in the 1990s but after a few years one of the owners moved to the USA and started a second production line there. The 2 businesses have operated independently ever since but there seems to have been some dispute between them recently. The UK business has now removed all references to Alclad from their website and the products which is probably why you couldn't find any link to Alclad. I spoke to one of the owners of HR Hobbies recently and the paints are made to the same specification as always it's just the brand name that's changed.
  5. No. 28 Camouflage Grey is in the Humbrol Acrylic range now and is listed on Humbrol's website Humbrol 28 Matt camouflageGrey
  6. The HR Hobbies website is hrhobbies.co.uk and this is the link to the Mil-Spec paints https://www.hrhobbies.co.uk/product-category/finishes/airbrush-enamels/
  7. The UK importerfor Takom is Bachmann and they are listing it as due in Jun/July https://www.bachmann.co.uk/product/british-apc-fv432-mk-2-1-with-interior/pktak02066
  8. There is this Wing Jig from EBMA which is capable of handling large 1/72 aircraft such as the BV222 so might meet your requirements EBMA Hobby Wing jig It was discussed in this thread https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235070894-wing-jig-released-021020/#comment-4256683
  9. A couple of points to note. They are listing 86 colours of which only 28 are actually in stock - it will be Autumn before the full range is available again. Those 86 colours represent the full enamel range that will be kept in production. Prior to the MEKO problem the enamel range was probably double that number but Humbrol have decided to severely reduce the range. Most of the discontinued enamel colours will be re-formulated as acrylics and be available later this summer in a much bigger Humbrol Acrylic range.
  10. There were 2 companies producing Alclad paint, one based in the USA and the other here in the UK. A few weeks ago the owners of the UK company, Howard and Robert decided to re-brand their products under the HR Hobbies name. The paint is the same, just different labels on the bottles. I spoke to Robert a few days ago and their new website hrhobbies will be up and running soon.
  11. According to the Squadron Signal Walkaround book on the F-105 the circle is an IFF antenna
  12. Casey has added a great technical explanation while I was typing this Alclad originally produced 5 varnishes coded ALC310 Gloss to ALC314 Matt giving a range of sheens from full gloss to full matt. ALC312 is the semi-Matt or Satin finish and ALC311 is intermediate between gloss and semi-Matt while ALC313 is intermediate between semi-Matt and Matt. A point to note is there are 2 businesses producing Alclad. It started in the UK but after a few years one of the owners moved to the USA and started a second business there. The 2 Alclads companies have operated independently since then. The owners of Alclad UK have recently renamed their operations as HR Hobbies. The products are exactly the same, they are simply re-branded as HR. Alclad UK/HR Hobbies stopped producing the ALC311 and ALC313 a few years ago and only make HR310 Gloss, HR312 Semi-Matt and HR314 Matt.
  13. Modelstrip has been out of production for some time following the death of the owner of the business. Revell produce a paint remover suitable for both enamel and acrylic paints Revell 39617 Paint Remover there is also Paint Magic from De Luxe Materials De Luxe Materials Strip Magic. There is a good video on you to use it here You Tube Strip Magic
  14. Alclad paint is produced by 2 businesses, one based in the USA and the other in the UK. They have a historic connection but have operated separately for several years. The UK business which is still based in Norfolk is about to be re-branded as H R Hobbies, I spoke to Robert, the "R "of H R Hobbies a couple of days ago and the paint will continue in production as before but under the H R Hobbies brand name. They expect their new website to be up and running in the next couple of weeks.
  15. Humbrol are currently re-formulating their enamel paints to remove the now-prohibited oxime but this has taken longer than expected so there will be some disruption to supplies - there are nearly 200 enamel paints in 14ml, 50ml and 125ml sizes. The information I was given suggested that the first re-formulated products will be available in a month or so.
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