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  1. That's a great looking model. The paint job and finish look perfect.
  2. A few posts back, Homebee posted a promotional Youtube clip of a pre production / testfit example or whatever. At about 17 seconds in there's a closeup of the cockpit and canopy, and the finish is really rough. It looks like a frosted bathroom window. I assume for production they do something to the moulds or to the process to get the smooth surface we're all used to, and that the frosted glass at that particular stage in development shown in the video is entirely normal. Hence my joke about not being sure if I like the frosted glass. All in jest. I have complete faith in Airfix to not sell it like that. If the real aircraft were like that all Spitfire pilots would be experts at instrument flying.
  3. Yes that is a grand idea. I've also been shopping for half built Airwolfs with a similar idea in mind, but building a full on military variation from a different chopper is a brilliant idea. Can go full on camo or steam punk with it too. Maybe put a NOTAR or Fennestron rotor on the back, 4 blade rotor to match something I saw as a kid in a Bill Gunston book... or maybe add a pair of Alpha Jet wings... I might be getting overly ambitious now but I really like that idea! I've also considered using the clear fuselage halves, leaving one wall off the compartment and then leaving a part of the fuselage clear so that Dom and his cave can be seen. It will make the light redundant though, and while I think the room will be stable enough with one wall missing, I'm not 100% sure.
  4. Gosh, it was April when I kicked this one off! Well, there's been some progress at least. Interior is all painted and decalled. It is also assembled apart from the port wall, back wall and ceiling. The ceiling and top parts of the side panels are, according to the destructions, a 50/50 mix of white and yellow. The end result of that will pretry much be yellow, and would look way too bright and yellowy compared to what is shown on the TV series. There, it looks like a creamy white so I used Vallejo's aged white which I had lying around. I still think the result is a bit too creamy but it's not bad. The grey is Vallejo ocean grey, apart from the seats. I did those a couple of months earlier and I think they are aggressor grey. The floor is black and the instrument shroud is a mix of black and grey. The decals went on quite well - you can see I broke one on the side panel but other than that they settled well on very bumpy, detailed surfaces with some encouragement from Microsol. Instrument panel is dull aluminium and the computer screen is translucent blue brushed over the ocean grey. I didn't know what it would look like but I am quite pleased with the completely accidental texture that resulted. Not that it matters. The computer screen will be completely invisible once the fuselage is closed up. Speaking of which.... I wanted to light up the interior to see if I could make at least some of it visible once closed up. As standard it's a dark cave: I've never done any lighting before so I wanted to purchase a kit that was ready to go. I saw a company called Small Scale Lights recommended, found them online and got in touch. They were very helpful. I described what I wanted to do, sent some pictures, and they made up a kit for me. I know that with a bit of knowledge I could get the parts cheaper but I found the price more than reasonable for the service I got. As for the results, you can judge for yourself but I'm really happy. It's better than I was expecting. Can even see that decal I tore... Other than that, the rotor is also complete and ready to go. I put it on at a bit of an angle so that it leans forward when the helicopter is horizontal - that's the stance I recall from the real thing - but in hindsight that was a mistake and I should have just set it level. I'll see how it looks assembled and decide whether or not to separate it. It might be worth doing anyway because it will make the body easier to paint. If I'd realised beforrhand I could complete the rotor assembly after the fuselage is complete, I'd have done that! Anyway there's a tip for anyone else building this model. The base and shaft for the rotor needs to be complete before the fuselage halves are joined, because it sits in lugs inside the fuselage. However, the blades can be left off. It's worth waiting. In fact the shaft is also press fit into the base so that might also have been possible to leave for later. Here's the rotor assembly. All Vallejo colours except the yellow is an AK acrylic paint.
  5. I know what you mean! Whet was in my mind is, tan and red are the classic Ferrari colour. Red bodywork, tan interior. So I was thinking, how would it look if all the red part of the interior was tan, all the black bits in the interior stay black. Bodywork stays red. If the join lines between the bodywork and interior panels are smooth, it might look rather tasteful and might even break up the mass of car a little. And it's a concept car. The two or three they sold would be whatever colours the buyer wanted most likely, so it would have been a valid combination. Only problem is, at my skill level I think I'd find it easier to pull off a red interior than a tan one.
  6. As mentioned in my previous comment, the Tamiya kit has been ordered and arrived. And so has the reference material. Thanks again for all the replies and help. A WIP thread will follow... eventually! There's quite a queue ahead of the Ferrari. Box and reference images. I had this magazine when I was young. I am not sure this is where I first came across the Mythos...I think I was already aware of it when this came out, but this was certainly the most extensive writeup and image library I had of the car. I find myself wondering what it would look like with a tan interior and... no. Maybe I shouldn't
  7. A good looking build of a challenging looking car. I agree with you, it's probably the least attractive of the Koenig Specials models. I found a lot of his work wasn't sympathetic to the shape of the original car. This being one example, though its roundness did to some extent predict the 964. His 512BB and 308s being two others. Curvy cars covered in blocky additional panels. On the other hand, I thought his 928 was quite nice, and his Countach was unusually subtle... but then, it's a Countach. To my memory nobody ever figured out how to make a Countach look faster or wilder. I did like his Testarossa based Competition, though. That was a poster car for me as a kid.
  8. I was watching an update he did of an e-type Jaguar. Exquisite work and attention to detail and a really keen eye for how each component fits into the big picture. It's not just about how good each detail looks but how well it fits in with the whole car.
  9. Terrible result on the canopy there! Very unlucky to get that reaction. Hope Revell can supply a replacement, they were really quick when I asked them about some missing bits on my ADV. I guess at this point there's nothing to lose by re-dipping the canopy. Possibly can also try coating it in something else like one of those famous floor varnishes. I have no reason to think that will help apart from when I got white clouds all over my model from a satin varnish, putting a gloss varnish on top magically (to me) made the clouds vanish. So who knows? Maybe a gloss varnish will somehow fill in, mask, dilute, refract or dissolve whatever effect has made the canopy foggy. Or maybe it will just mean the canopy now has two messes to deal with instead of just one.
  10. Very nice build. Shocking how different the shapes of the two different kits are, but I guess back then they didn't have much to go on except some grainy photos
  11. Nice! I hope you'll be sharing that build on Britmodeller when it's done? I need to get another two because there are two more F.1 liveries I want to do. I considered going for them in 1/72 but one of them will be a SAAF aircraft and I already have a SAAF Impala in 1/48 so I'll stick with that. I bought these in 1/48 from FFSMC along with SAAF decals. If I get a Mirage III then I can do a SAAF jets of the 1980s collection (should add a Buccaneer too) and I will have enough F.1s to keep me happy. I think.
  12. That is a wonderful build and diorama. So much character in that scene and so much to take in. Absolutely lovely.
  13. Thanks for that. The Italeri instructions are very light on information about the three aircraft or why it calls this the "bye bye" edition. An easy enough guess that it is to do with retiring the F.1 but the kit gives no indication what made the three aircraft depicted significant for that event. I searched internet images of the aircraft I built while researching / verifying the colours but I didn't go into its history. So it's nice to have a little bit of background added for them as well. Thanks very much!
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