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  1. That looks fantastic, and then to hear it is scratchbuilt? Incredible.
  2. I flew to South Africa from England on one of those when I was very young. This was in the days of sanctions on South Africa and SAA had to fly the whole route over sea, around the bulge of Africa instead of over land. It had an engine problem and landed on some island halfway through the flight. My parents have a photo of the aircraft. I think it was Tafelberg but I'm not completely sure. I always liked that colour scheme too, esp. with the black mask around the cockpit glass.
  3. That is fabulous! Great work, looks really nice especially considering it was originally built 45 years ago!
  4. The detail is fantastic and then the model is so tiny! Brilliant job, beautiful model and presentation.
  5. The ship looks lovely, but I particularly like the name plate on the display stand. that looks brilliant and sets the whole display off perfectly! Did that come with the model?
  6. Very nice build. I agree, the French do have a pleasant history for making good looking fast jets. The Rafale is much prettier than its contemporary Typhoon and Gripen, from two generations ago the Mirage F.1 just looks perfect from any angle, and then there's Concorde.... a joint venture of course but from what I've seen of the original proposals from both countries, Concorde inherited most of its good looks from its French parents.
  7. I love that build, with the cockpit and badge it makes a brilliant presentation! Nice job!
  8. I completely agree with that! MiG 25 isn't a pretty plane but your model looks lovely.
  9. One of my favourite planes and I like the backstory. That's a good looking build!
  10. That is a lovely piece of work. Well done!
  11. I love the Mosquito. That's a great build!
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