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  1. I’ve got to ask....what do you use for a camera?
  2. Did you have an issue with the RIGHT wing going together? I am working this kit now. When I put the wings together, the RIGHT wing was somewhat thicker than the right. I removed the slat tracks, so when I line up the slat with the top, the bottom of the wing sits proud of the slat. it looks like the wing has a spacer/gap on the front edge. it is not there on the left. I don’t remember seeing anything there. It definitely doesn’t match the left wing. Looks like I will end up with a small shim. just completely read your comments looks like the left wing has other issues as well. I was looking at the wings from a different direction!
  3. Fun build right? I finished one a couple of months ago. Wanted something OOB and quick. Don’t have room for 1/72 version. Only thing non kit supplied, I got resin burner cans from shapeways.
  4. Obscureco or makes a resin Update kit for the A-6B “Ironhand” mod. It has the updated IP, a replacement console for the B/N (removes the radar joy stick) and a resin nose with the receiver buttons, etc. only problem is, the nose is much too narrow; would require a lot of filler to blend in. I have modified the kit nose to add the buttons using plastic rod.
  5. I finished one of these awhile ago. Would love to do another, but can’t find one at a reasonable price. i did replace the burner cans with resin ones from shapeways.
  6. Que Monty python please...”I’m a lumberjack...”
  7. I tried to build this with a resin cockpit Upgrade (off hand don’t remember the vendor). Typical problems I’ve had with other kits. Cockpit tub is too narrow, etc. don’t the vendors actually try to build up the kit? The kit fit is very good and looks like a good build. This Build looks great though. Inspiration to finish my kit.
  8. I find that micro sol will only work before you put on the final flat coat. The gloss coat before decaling has to be smooth. I just finished the academy 1/144 B-1B and thought the color coat was smooth. Turns out on some of the areas, my airbrush put down a couple of sandy textured coats. Even under a gloss coat the surface was rough. Should have gone heavier on the gloss coat. Lots of small “bubbles”. Didn’t see them until I had applied my flat coat and got the light just right. Eliminated what I could and will live the rest.
  9. That’s the “charm” of Airfix kits. Believe it or not, I think they’ve become better.
  10. They were/are. I think I have at least one of each that were offered. With a little effort, they build up quite well. Starfighter offers several PE rigging and internal resin sets as well as decals.
  11. It is a Moebious kit. I think the scale is about 1/144. Pan Am decals are from jtgraphics. both purchased from cultman tv.
  12. 4 for 4 for the year. Fujimi F7U-3M Academy 1/144 B-1B Orion Space Clipper Itelari Sea Harrier FSR.1
  13. I’ve got two in my stash. Should get one out.
  14. A cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. My sister has one. Weighs in at about 55 lbs (22kg).
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