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  1. My son and I flew in a Navion about 20 years ago. It was a demo flight at a local airport open house. pretty cool.
  2. If this the same kit I have in the stash (really old Hasegawa kit), you truly made a silk purse from a sows ear!
  3. I used CREO for many years before I retired. I am now learning FreeCAD and Fusion 360. FreeCad is closest to CREO. I don’t find Fusion very intuitive, but never used ACad products before.
  4. The Vallejo RAF paint set (BOB, I think) has both the PRU blue and Pink.
  5. It looks good. I started this several years ago and it ended up in my “shelf of doom”. I just could not get it together to my satisfaction. maybe this will inspire me to take another crack at it.
  6. Great work! that diorama base would make a “how to” article on it’s own!
  7. When I acquired my kit, I also acquired several sets of decals. Most are for Canadian aircraft. Decisions, decisions,…
  8. Th Möbius 1/48 Aries is on preorder now. https://www.culttvmanshop.com/2001-Aries-1B--148-scale-from-Moebius-Models--21499--PREORDER-RESERVATION-Early-bird-price_p_5046.html
  9. You’re welcome. I need a new work space. I’d love to have the new clipper, the 1/350 Discovery and the new 1/48 Aires 1B moon shuttle. I do have the moon bus to build and that will be it for 2001 kits. I can hope for a 1/72 Aires 1B!?
  10. I believe it is a new kit. At 1/72 scale, it should be quite large compared to the existing one, about 29” overall. But it does come with cockpit and cabin details…NO Pan Am decals. It’s up for preorder now, @$160 from https://www.culttvmanshop.com/2001-Space-Clipper--large-kit-172-scale--from-Moebius-Models--15999--PREORDER-RESERVATION-_p_6868.html I’ve done the existing one (1/160th ish) but I don’t have room for the new one! Here is mine The Pan Am decals are second sourced.
  11. Looks great! I have not had any issues with AK extreme metal paints curing (just finishing the Roden B-36B). I have had issues with tamiya tape on the dark aluminum and AK primer. I find that I have to mask (detack the tape by applying it to the inside of my wrist a couple of times first). Then paint immediately. The only real problem I’ve had with AK is the filler/primer. That stuff never seemed to cure. I stayed tacky for weeks. I ended up wiping it off with solvent and using mr surfacer.
  12. It’s popular, because the kit part isn’t even close to fitting. It’s so narrow…QC missed this one!
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