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  1. Revell have done the Cutty Sark in various scales over the years. The 1/96th scale one is BIG! Back in the early days Revell did a lot of 'fit the box' scale kits, hence all the variation.
  2. Welcome to the forum John. Have visited Gaydon about 3 times now. A couple of times to visit the Truck Modelllers Annual Show. On another to have a close up look at the 6R4 Clubman on display there. As a volunteer there you are certainly not going to be short of reference material! Had a good look at the B type bus on display, the Lara Croft Land Rover from the first movie and the cutaway MG Midget upstairs. Some really interesting cars on display especially some of the types that I have owned over the years. Made me feel really old to see an example of the first Vauxhall (box) Viva on display that I passed my driving test in.
  3. Built up plastic kits unfortunately will never attract the sort of money that top end limited run resins or white metal models will fetch. There are some really good suggestions already posted on this thread that just about sums up the options. IPMS has a Models For Heroes activity whereby made up models are sold on for military veterans charities.
  4. Thanks for the paint information. Often real auto paint is much better than the usual model paints. I have often used proprietary rattle can auto paints on a number of my models quite successfully.
  5. A truly lovely build! The Duesenbergs have it all as far as beautiful American coach work goes. What a superb finish! What colour did you use on the model?
  6. Nice strap work Andy. I have built the Airfix Bugatti before. It is a nice kit....but if you look at yours you will find a fully detailed firewall under the bonnet, but no engine in the kit. It was as though Airfix intended to add an engine but decided not to.
  7. I was not referring the current Mk2 kit. Pretty sure that there was a Mk 1 kit issued many years ago. I think that it was done as a promo at the time. Only aware of 1 issue of the kit.
  8. That Bentley was one of Airfix's very VERY early kits released way back in the late 50's. I can remember it being sold in Woolworths as a bagged kit for 2 shillings (10P) in the old money. Funny thing is that Airfix got the radiator badge in the right place on this old kit, but cocked up badly on the 1/12th scale one despite having access to the real vehicle to research. Fairly recently they changed the number plate moulding in the 1/12th scale kit but did not sort out the badge that looks glaringly wrong. I have thought about making this old 1/32 scale kit again and using the 1.24th scale photo etched wires from South Eastern Finecast to simulate the larger diameter wheels of the Bentley.
  9. I can remember there being a plastic kit available of the Mk 1 Transit back in the 80's. I think maybe ESCI or Italeri may have made this kit as a Ford Promo.
  10. I used Zero paints French Blue on a Bugatti Model that come out in a matte finish. I simply used a proprietary rattle can gloss clear that I bought from Halfords and it worked ok for me as a topcoat.
  11. Fabric Seat Belt Material always troublesome! Try using Aluminium Foil instead cut into strips.....and form it into shape after fitting buckles etc. The leaden foil from wine bottles is better still but not used so much these days.
  12. Way back in the seventies the company I worked for bad two pool cars, a Marina and a Maxi. I went for the Mazi every time. Hated driving the Marina. I can remember a BL tv advert for the Marina where it comes tearing out of a garage at breakneck speed probably by one of their works really drivers! If Joe Schmoe had been driving one like that they probably would have broken their neck!
  13. I have an old Airfix Lotus Cortina that I tried to customise way back in the Sixties when easily available. Am now desperately putting right all the stupid things I did to it all those years ago now that the kit is a bit of a rarity. Fortunately I still had all the original bits to put back when I sort out the car body back to its original shape again.
  14. Peter, the two books I recommended have both been out of print for many years. EBay and second-hand specialist booksellers may be your best bet to obtain either. I managed to obtain a rare car modelling book from a company named Simon Lewis Transport Books via their website. Failing the internet, the McGregor plans from the Cutty Sark society are by far the best that you will be able to obtain. I have a set and can vouch for now well detailed they are, and probably the cost will be reasonable too
  15. I have seen the longboat and the crew kits in either Hobbys or Hobbies catalogues......Look on their websites.
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