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  1. Modellers of a certain age may remember Harry Woodman's scratch built model that was on display in the old Seagull Model Shop in South Kensington. Apparently he used the Wilhelmshaven card model as a guide to build his from plastic card. I wonder if the model still exists? It was incredibly well detailed and I think Harry's build was featured way back in a Scale Models magazine back in the MAP publication days in the 70's I think.
  2. This model will be amazing once finished! Old kits like this really are a Labour of love to take the time and trouble to correct. It's the small details that make all the difference as we!l as the major reworking and filling etc.
  3. The Zero paints from Hiroboy are ready for air brushing. But however their finish is matt, so a clear gloss will have to be used as well. On the Hiroboy site under the Zero Paints colour lists they explain about the clear and suitable thinners.
  4. Some salient points there Paul. Some wishful thinking on my part!
  5. Last year I picked up a fantastic book that was devoted to the James Bond Aston Martin DB5. Loads of photos, drawings etc for any modeller wishing to replicate this iconic car.
  6. A newly tooled kit of an Austin Healey 3000 would be nice.
  7. Thanks six97 for the feedback about the old Monogram Land Rover kit. Being in 1/24th is good. At least it would compare in scale to the newer releases. Hopefully Atlantis might have the moulds and re pop it!
  8. Scale Warship make and sell two nice little frets of photo etched parts for the little Airfix Mary Rose Kit. A set of ratlines and a set of decks. These have been in production for about two years or so.
  9. With Revell's relatively new Land Rover kit it is unlikely that the old Monogram kit will be resurrected under their watch, but it would be nice if it was to add another kit to the LR releases. Not sure if it is 1/24th of 1/25th scale as it was released such a long time ago. Maybe someone who has it in their stash could enlighten us! The Spectre inspired transkits from C1 on their website look awesome. The engine would need to be changed for one of those. Cannot understand why C1 did not include one, but there are 3D printed ones around from other sources. Maybe C1 plan to do one as a separate kit for other Land Rovers etc. Incidentally their C1 Polishing Powder is brilliant for chrome on other models, and is more robust when handled after buffing than sprayed on chrome finishes.
  10. Getting back to the Land Rover kits. C1 Models do a number of conversion parts for the Revell Land Rover as do Motobitz. I think Motobitz do two types of recessed Land Rover bonnets.
  11. Thanks for the link to Harry Houdini models Ray. The Airfix St Louis really lends itself to the Acrylic Paint Pens. Not seen that kit around in a long while. I wish Airfix would release one of their classic ship kits once a year. I know that the Victory, Cutty Sark, Vasa and Golden Hind that they peddle year on year are good sellers for them, But it would be a nice change to see something else that they produced in years gone by. HMS Prince, Royal Sovereign (Sovereign of the Seas), Discovery, Royal Louis. Great Western to name a few. Or maybe even tool up brand new kits of HMS Warrior or the CSS Alabama.
  12. 19 bucks to place some decals in an envelope and post them to you letter post. Scandalous! The Pan Am was the version in 2001 I believe. Wasn't the kit originally issued by Airfix with said livery?
  13. The Haynes Manual is an excellent reference source. There is another book worth looking at published by Pen and Sword Books. Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix Car and its Variants in their Car Craft Series. Author Lance Cole. While I was at Telford on the Saturday I managed to get a look at the test shots for the 1/12th scale Italeri Bugatti Type 35B kit. They looked really impressive and am looking forward to getting this kit. I drooled over the MFH one when released last year but could not justify shelling out over £400 for it much as I would have liked that kit. This one should be around the £150 mark so I can go for it. Spoke to the guy who was about to repair the broken built up demo Italeri T35 kit and asked politely if I could pick it up and have a closer look at it before he got to work on it. Got quite a curt rude surly reply, 'No you can't. It's been damaged enough already!' It's as if he was expecting me to further break the model judging by his tone! I think that perhaps he needs further training in public relations and politeness.
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