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  1. Andy, I can see the funny side to your Flowery Twats sign idea, but not surprised that a commercial sign maker refused to make it. I guess from their point of view they considered it was a question of their reputation being at stake making something that could be considered by many to be in bed taste. However, it was a bit harsh of them to refuse the other things you wanted made that were not questionable. On another tack, there was someone I believe that started to make spoof blue plaques stating that no one of any significance ever lived here, parodying the ones we see around. I think a dim view of it was taken by the powers that be and put a stop to it.
  2. The original aircraft when found was not painted. It is only since being restored that it was painted blue and with a very unlikely red interior. All the colour schemes shown are pure speculation. Forget the about Bugatti/De Monge developing a fighter aircraft from it. It was designed as a pure racer to attain the outright air speed record aircraft. as it never ever flew we will never know. The original aircraft had two Bugatti Car engines. The replica had a very different power plant altogether.
  3. The old Airfix big Bentley has come in for some criticism on here as well as the £99 rrp price tag Considering the kit saw light of day 50 odd years ago using old development drafting and production technology, is it all that bad? Considering that some 1/24 scale plastic car kits knock the £50 Mark these days the 1/12 scale Bentley does not seem so badly priced. At least it gives Nick something basic to improve on, and offering different levels of trans kits is a good way to go that will suit many pockets. Not all of us can afford a full trans kit or a full kit approaching MFH prices so it looks as though Nick will be doing many model builders a good service with the different trans kit options that it looks likely that he will be offering. Apart from Shapeways 3D printed shock absorbers, I am surprised that in all these years, no one else has bothered with upgrade kits for this Bentley before. I wish him well with this venture!
  4. Look forward to seeing Nick's further developments on this site.
  5. Malc, try and ask the BDC to forward on your details to an owner geographically nearest to you so they can get back to you. That will be the best way to access a car if the owner gets back to you. Alternatively try the VSCC and find out about their meetings as a likely place for a Blower Bentley to be found. There are also of course specialist restorers like Elmdown that might be worth contacting. Nick's developments for the old Airfix Bentley will be of great benefit in drastically upgrading that elderly kit. Depending on cost to the buyer, if different aspects can be bought separately like wheels, engine details, Hartford Shocks and so on might suit different pockets as well as supplying a full transkit. I understand that he is developing a full kit too that should prove very interesting.
  6. Lovely model Matthew! Certainly looks good and those wire wheel inserts set it off a treat. Shows just what can be done with those older Airfix car kits and some modern modelling materials like the Molotow Chrome. Some of the Airfix original car kits were better than others and the TR4 to my mind is in the better group. The TR4 is one of the nicest looking sports cars that Triumph ever made. It would be really nice if one were to be kitted in1/24th scale.
  7. So are the Airfix click together Bugattis regarded as toys rather than model kits as far a licencing is concerned? I guess they must be from Matt's comments. The big Lego Bugatti is a brilliant bit of technical innovation but to my eyes is not really meant to be a scale model but more of a caricature of the car where the emphasis is a fun build with lots of working features.
  8. Lovely model Renek. In these uncertain times going out into my workshop keeps me sane!
  9. Has anyone built any of the wooden skeletal WW1 aircraft kits from either Model Airways or Artesania Latina?
  10. It has been a while since I responded to this. Ian, if you have not committed to a kit already there is plenty of choice by way of plastic kits in different scales, plus plenty of after market items. It really depends on what size model you want and whether you want to make it straight out of the box as a reasonable representation or spend a bit more on after market items to super detail it. There is a big card model of the Titanic too. I also believe that there are one of two wood kits available. Might be worth having a look at both Hobbies and Hobbys websites. HTH.
  11. I can remember the DB6 that Airfix made shortly after their JB Aston DB5. Not sure if they modified the JB car tooling or made another kit altogether for the DB6 as they would have had to remove and change a lot of the Bond car stuff like the ejector seat and roof aperture to suit, the bullet proof rear windscreen shield and add a boot spoiler. I built the JB one back in the 60's when it was released, but never bought the DB6. Maybe Airfix still have the tools somewhere, who knows?
  12. Superb piece of scale model engineering. I like the idea of showing the inner pieces by the half body build. Driver Figure is good too!
  13. Sam with a bit of luck Telford may be back on this year. Keep checking out the IPMS UK website. L'Arsenal may be able to do mail order if they do what you are looking for. I have also thought about another company that does photo etched ships rails etc. They are named ABER.
  14. Really interested in finding out how Model Airways DR1 went together. Picked up what I could from the text in John's build, but kept getting redirected to Photobucket to subscribe to them every time I tried to open a picture. It got annoying not being able to access the pictures. It is nice of John to share his thoughts on this kit however.
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