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  1. Dave, agreed1 There has to be a breach of contract by the supplier. But that does not stop them being flexible under very unusual circumstances and relaxing a bit on the T&C's.
  2. Heard that it will be a pre painted snap kit. But In 1/12th?
  3. Best use a credit card not a debit card when booking hotels etc. Considering that Travelodge at Telford get a full room booking due to the show each year, you would think under the circumstances they would be a bit more flexible and allow booking for the following year it they have already been paid up front. Using a credit card I believe allows you to claim back against the credit card company unless the supplier is in breach of contract, and in any case it there is a dispute, the credit card company has more clout than the individual in getting recompense. Travelodge decisions are probably h
  4. Paints you will have to experiment with to find a medium that suits you best. Brushes.....go to a good art shop for the best.
  5. Preiser also manufacture naked anatomical figure sets where you can mix and match arms legs etc to get the pose you want and then scratch build clothing on them. Have looked at these for one or two projects. Prohibitively expensive though, considering the moulds are now many, many years old!
  6. This is a really interesting thread. The old Monogram E Type is actually quite an under detailed kit considering its size. Great fodder for adding extra detailing as being demonstrated in this thread. The lathe techniques shown will be most useful to many modellers. I have a Unimat 4 that was made in Taiwan. Actually not a bad little machine as it happens. I would imagine accessories for this machine would be compatible with the Austrian made Unimat 3. Plenty of spares available new and second hand too. Chronos in Dunstable is where I get spare drive belts from. The most useful thing I made fo
  7. Been using Halfords acrylic primers for years and they seem to work well with numerous manufacturers top coats.
  8. Niche magazines is a fickle business. I fear that there will be more falling by the wayside.
  9. Mini Art's 1/35th scale looks interesting. I built the old Airfix 1/32 scale B type many years ago and did not like all the adverts printed on paper to stick on the model. Decals or vinyl stickers would have looked better. There is a Spanish company named OCCRE that make a 1/24th scale B type, multi medium laser cut wood and cast white metal parts. They also make a London open top tram kit in 1/24th as well.
  10. Frank, the Humbrol products should have been OK. You shook the cans thoroughly, so the only thing that can think of is what were the conditions like when spraying.? If the atmosphere is a bit on the damp or humid side paint can go a bit flat as it atmospheric moisture can make it bloom. Other than that, if the cans were a bit cold it could affect the viscosity of the paint being sprayed. An old trick is to partially immerse the aerosol in warm (not boiling) water for a few minutes and this helps to thin the viscosity an allow it to spray easier. HTH.
  11. The newer Revell Germany car kits are very good generally and at a fraction of the price of the Tamiya car kits. Your wheel painting problem. Did you spray acrylic over enamel/ lacquer? It is ok to spray on enamel over acrylics acrylic dried out fast. Enamel paints take a long time even when touch dry. They will try to bleed out of acrylic is applied over them.
  12. As far as I know there is only one dedicated car modelling magazine now in print. It is Model Car Builder, an American magazine run and edited by Roy Sorenson and is subscription only. The other american magazine Model Cars Magazine seems to have just fallen by the wayside over the last 3 or 4 years, although their forum is lively. Not sure if it is hanging in or not.
  13. I have recently learnt that Scale Auto Magazine is to cease production this year October 2020. Kalmbach who publish it will probably integrate more car modelling articles into Fine Scale Modeler Magazineis FSM is a general modelling magazine like Airfix and Tamiya so we will have to see how it goes with Auto related articles.
  14. Roy, you are not being an OTT fusspot. Considering what those kits cost it should be expected not to have to make corrections on them. Your model is absolutely superb, and full credit to you for ensuring it has been built as accurately as possible. I have an old Pocher Mercedes kit to build, but even though folk wax lyrical about them, I understand that they do have their faults as well. Over the last few years I have been having a go at scratch building, so I will probably end up selling the kit on anyway!
  15. Looking at this thread reminded me that just recently I was looking at Amati the wooden boat kit makers website and came across a new kit for a Venice Simplon Orient Express Sleeper Car.
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