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  1. The 917 has a following for sure and if the Pocher model is better detailed than the Agora one and less expensive it should do well. It is about to hit the shelves so it is a done deal subject wise this time around. The after market will no doubt be eying this one up with regard to upgrade sets etc. Now we know it's a 917 this thread is about speculating what the next kit will be, so keep the wish list rolling guys.
  2. There may well be a dedicated Titanic photo etched set out there in 1/400th scale. But there is a company named Aber who makes generic photo etched rail sets in 1/400th scale. Marcle Models a well known supplier of card models of ships in that scale stocks them.
  3. Francois. Very glad to hear that you made contact with John, and that he was able to help you with information for your Pocher Rolls Royce restoratjon. Noel
  4. Things certainly appear to have been turned around at Model Cars Magazine so long may it continue. Particularly as Model Car Builder stopped production when Roy Sorenson decided to call it a day and Scale Auto was axed by Kalmbach Publishers who have very recently sold off some of their magazines including Fine Scale Modeler.
  5. A very nice model taking shape here. This thread has certainly attracted a lot of interest looking at the number of posts.
  6. You live and learn. I was unaware that slicks were actually used under certain rally conditions. Just goes to show that you never stop learning something every day. So thanks guys for the feed back on that one! Getting back to the model being featured, the build and detailing so far is outstanding and really interesting to follow. Real justice is being done to this kit, and I can see that the end result will be a superb model and real credit to the builder.
  7. Screw together part series car models unfortunately have to come with some compromises to enable construction by just about anyone. It's a different market altogether to the proficient experienced car modeller that MFH aims at with the new Pocher kits probably falling somewhere in between the two. Serious modellers however will take any kit as a basic starting point for what they want to achieve and try to get over any visual shortcomings by adding missing details etc.
  8. This model is really taking shape well. Surprised to learn that the tyres have no tread patterns? Maybe an after market supplier has an opportunity here?
  9. A number of you guys recommend silver as a barrier against colour bleed through. Something I would never have thought of so I will certainly keep that one in mind for future reference. There must be something in the pigmentation of a metallic compared to other finishes that acts as a total block. Just shows how valuable forums like this are for bouncing ideas off each other.
  10. Lovely AC Matt. It was well worth the graft to make such a fine model.
  11. Nice to see a very good model of an original vintage Ford Model T that has not been rodded.
  12. There are a number of automotive paint specialist suppliers who can mix the exact colour for you and offer it in an aerosol. A look on the internet should yield further information. Not as expensive as you might think. However, if Zero Paints can give you a proper match, as Rob suggested it you are an airbrusher then the Zero Paint is probably your best option. You didn't mention the scale of your die cast XJ6, but there is a white metal kit in 1/24th scale that a company named Abingdon Classics makes if anyone else is looking for one. Not sure what Mk their kit is though.
  13. What colour primer(s) did you use? Was the adhesion promoter and primer white? Normally you would get bleed through from a previous paint colour, red being notorious for this. Only thing I can suggest and a bit drastic, Adhesion promoter, Halfords Flat Black, Halfords Grey Primer followed by Halfords White Primer ensuring the white is a solid white. May take two of three light coats to achieve this, then go for it with your yellows finishes. If that doesn't work, I don't know what else to suggest.
  14. Have you thought about getting some touch up paint from a Land Rover dealer and thinning it for airbrush use? They might even have aerosols in LR colours.
  15. Looks like you will soon be raiding the piggy bank Sabrejat!
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