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  1. Airfix and Heller were both owned by Humbrol some time ago. The Golden Hind by both might be the same kit under different banners. I have an Airfiix Bugatti T50 car kit that was a Heller release originally.
  2. Forgot to mention that the Heller Purquoi Pas moulds were sold on to an Eastern European company and re released under their own brand name.
  3. The sail steam era is a nice one to model. Besides the Discovery, there was the Great Western kitted by Airfix, and the Great Eastern by Revell. Funny thing is that the two ships built by Brunel that no longer exist have both been kitted, but the Great Britain preserved in Bristol has not in plastic. Other steam sail kits that come to mind are Heller's Purquoi Pas (Why Not), a very similar exploration vessel to the Discovery, and of course Revell's big Alabama and Kearsarge kits.
  4. The Discovery was a nice kit. Airfix only repop some of the classic ship kits very rarely these days. The original as bad been mentioned is now in Dundee. It was moored by the Thames Embankment for many years then moved to St Catherine's Dock in London along with other historic ships. It went to Dundee when the collection was dispersed.
  5. A decent Bugatti Veyron and Chiron would not go amiss as proper 1/24 scale plastic kits. Airfix already have licences but choose to do simplified Lego like versions in 1/24th scale for 'younger' modellers to throw together in half an hour, It is a great pity that they have not gone with the click together methods like other manufacturers such as Revell and Lindberg that have proper interior detail that is not compromised by the Lego method of building. The proper car kits that they make are still done in 1/32nd scale. Cannot understand why unless the bodies double up for slot racers.
  6. I picked up on a few comments about the wheel inners and agree that hey do look a bit odd. Maybe the best thing to do is carefully and evenly shave the inner rims of the wheels back so that they become flush with the tyre wall by constant test fitting the tyres before any painting. Once satisfied that the inner wheel rim and tyre wall are flush take off the tyre and paint the inner wheel rims matt black. The low profile tyre effect as per kit will not be noticeable so much when viewed from the rear of the car. From what I have seen the Belkits 6R4 looks to be a very nice kit generally an
  7. I have that book by Cecil Gibson. Got it way back in sixties. Very nice illustrations within. That Ebay one was a bit over the top price wise...Ridiculous!
  8. The one at Gaydon is a Clubman version in Computervision livery. Had a good look all over it when I visited a few years ago. The works cars are a bit different, especially inside.
  9. Superb Model Gary! Sod's law isn't it. I built a 6R4 by cutting off and grafting all the useable bits from the horrible old MRM Resin Kit to a Burago Metro Die Cast, and then this kit gets released just as I finished mine! The MRM and Burago models are supposed to be 1/24th scale but look nearer to 1/20th when built.
  10. The new Lotus 72D priced at 'only' £599? I would expect it to be top notch if I were shelling out that sort of cash! Interesting subject though. Personally I would have liked to see a classic racer like the Bugatti Type 59 or Type 35B done, but realistically I would guess that the F1 car would have wider appeal. If Pocher were to look at road going classics again, a Duesenberg SJ Phaeton or the Bugatti Type 41 Royale with the Weinberger Body would be fantastic. Ahh! Wishful thinking!
  11. The Merit Alfa Romeo and the Talbot Lago moulds have done the rounds a bit over the years. SMER issued them both for a while and I heard that they went to Atlantis Models and now have gone to someone else so here are plenty of them about. There was a special build article of the Alfa featured in one of Airfix Modelworld's Specials devoted to Car Modelling a year or two back. If anyone wants to know what happened to the rest of the Merit Car Kit moulds, I have a letter dated 30th sept 1975 from J and L Randall Ltd of Potters Bar who actually made the Merit 1/24th scale car kit
  12. Next time I am in Poundland or Wilko I will look out that product. Sounds like a good extra to add to my adhesives armoury. Kleer or Future......Same stuff different name. I have some Kleer that I used to dip coat a clear resin canopy recently and it works brilliantly. Dipped the whole thing in and wicked off the excess by touching the edges onto kitchen roll tissue. Left for 24 hours to harden Crystal clear!
  13. The model looks like a small promo commissioned by Bristol Aviation perhaps or maybe by the airline. Travel agents promos tended to be much bigger. I can remember many years ago repairing and making an RAF VC10 from a travel agents promo as a commission that was quite a big model I have a feeling that Frog may have kitted a Britannia way back in the sixties. Do not know what scale but probably bigger than the promo model featured.
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