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  1. Modelling tools....Best sources in UK that I can think of Proops Shesto Squires Little Tools Eileens Emporium Hobbys Hobbies Euromodels Cornwall Model Boats All these carry big tool inventories. In the USA Micro Mark appears to be the largest model tool supplier that I know of. Footnote. Avoid PCB drill bits. They are made of tungsten carbide and very brittle. The smaller diameters break very easily. Carbon steel drills are more robust for model making.
  2. It would be nice if Tamiya did some older classic GP racing cars. In 1/20th or 1/12th. A Bugatti Type 35, 51 or 59. Alfa Romeo Alfetta 158/159. Vanwall. Delage, Mercedes W163, Auto Union. All hitherto neglected subjects by the mainstream plastic kit manufacturers in larger scales. MFH I know have some older classics available............but for modellers with very deep wallets!
  3. That is one very nice model you have built Chris. Especially in 1/43rd scale with that lovely paint job and the detailing. The 158 is one of those old GP cars that can truly be described as iconic in racing car design.
  4. Noel Smith

    The Interview.

    The Marckle, Winfrey interview. It was so boring I fell asleep half way through it. Missed Harry's contribution of there was one.
  5. Laurie, your seagull problem nicking the sparrows food. Have you thought about a bird feeder to keep squirrels out? Might be effective against seagulls too!
  6. I built and reviewed the Projekts Bugatti Racer kit way back in 1972 for Scale Models Magazine. It was developed and made by Matt Hargreaves in Seattle. It is the only injection moulded plastic kit of this aircraft, the rest being in resin. I remember it being a nice little kit to build at the time.
  7. Correction to my last post on this very old thread. I think that Scale Warship made their Cutty Sark photo etched parts for the Imai kit not the Airfix one. The Imai one is reckoned to be one of the very best Cutty Sark kits, but I am a bit surprised that Scale Warship did not make a set for the much more readily available Airfix kit.
  8. Go on to Artesania Latina's website and get the Vasa page up. The downloadable instructions and the painting guide can be found just below the picture on that page..
  9. I will have to have a look at the MFH 1/20th scale and 1/43rd scale Type 35 kits. Only thought that they did a 1/12 scale 35B up to now.
  10. I was looking at the Artesania Latina VASA kit on their website and came across free downloadable instructions, parts list and painting guide. Any would be Vasa modellers might like to look at the instructions download (nearly 400 pages worth) that gives very comprehensive rigging details. The other great bonus is their painting guide that shows how each individual figure and decoration on the ship is painted with a reference to all the appropriate paints with their RAL numbers. Useful reference sources for us builders of the Airfix and Revell kits albeit bearing in mind that th
  11. I forgot that Frog back in the really old days (60's I guess) and Matchbox a bit later on (70's ?) also made Gladiator kits. Going up a scale to 1/48th, how does the old 1960's Impact/Pyro kit compare with the Roden one?
  12. Will, Thanks for correcting my mistake regarding the Revell Kearsarge and Alabama kits. Noel
  13. Further to my last post, I have been looking at the Artesania Latina website at their big wooden Vasa kit instructions that can be downloaded. The main instructions have brilliant rigging details shown later in their build that plastic modellers could use as reference for our smaller scale builds. Also, and this is a big bonus, Artesania has a separate download of painting instructions for al! the figure work on the ship. An absolutely brilliant guide that I would recommend any Vasa modeller to download for reference
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