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  1. Over the last couple of years or so, Model Cars Magazine, an American publication deliveries to subscribers appear to be getting worse. I heard that only about 2 or 3 copies have been going out per year since late 2016. Is the magazine about to fold? Perhaps American users of this forum may be able to enlighten us?
  2. Americanised, modernised versions of classic Jules Verne and H.G. Wells novels don't cut the mustard with me at all. Looking forward to the BBC's version that will actually be in period Victorian Edwardian era.
  3. Noel Smith


    If anyone has to belittle themselves by swearing on an open forum, it unfortunately indicates that they do not have sufficient command of the English language to express themselves without resorting to it.
  4. Well said Stever. Goldings were very good to the local model making community. I can remember Gascoignes in Tavistock Street who closed a few years ago now. Also a brilliant model shop in its day. Perhaps Hobbycraft does not satisfy every need for us model makers but let's be thankful that they do carry some kits and sundries for our hobby. Paul Fitzmaurice who runs Little Tools has a really good range of tools, adhesives, paints etc. Available by his mail order business, and he does many of the shows as we!l! These days we have to rely more on show traders and mail order for specialist stuff. Remember Beatties who bought out shed loads of local model shops and then promptly went belly up leaving a gaping void of local model shops as a result. Also Model Zone a few years later had multiple outlets and went the way of Beatties. It is a shame that local model shops are getting few and far between these days as the old pocket money market for youngsters had given way to computer games instead. Tried to get my grandson interested in model making. Zero response unfortunately as he prefers instant gratification playing Fortnite or whatever!
  5. For your information Circloy, I have been a regular customer of Goldings for over 30 years, both for modelling and hardware, so I take exception to the diatribe aimed at me in your last post. The shop is closing down, so encouraging people to support their closing down sale is not insensitive. They need as much revenue as they can get in before having to dispose of all their stock.
  6. After 150 years of trading Goldings in Bedford High Street is closing its doors due to internet competition and declining footfall. Besides its core business as a good old styled hardware shop, at the rear of the store they sold plastic model kits (mainly Airfix), wooden ship kits and various model making accessories. They stocked all sorts of stuff like plastruct, plastic card, balsa wood, thin ply, bass wood, and metal tubes rod and sections besides numerous useful tools. I believe that they are closing at either end of July 2019 or August. Best phone and check when their closing down sale will take place.
  7. Contact the Cutty Sark Trust itself. A number of years ago I bought a set of very detailed plans that they probably still market. They are superb! There is a book by C Nepean Longbridge by Model and Allied Publications specifically about how he built his model for the Science Museum in London. There was also an Airfix special by Noel C L Hackney by Patrick Stephens Publishers. Both books long out of print. Sometimes the Airfix one shows up under the tables at model shows. The MAP book........Ebay or specialist second hand booksellers.
  8. Best check with the museum beforehand as the Wingrove Models are recent acquisitions. It could well be some time before they go on display.
  9. His latest creations the Falls Of Clyde ship model, associated tooling and some of the last car models he built were bequeathed to the Clyde Maritime Trust. They will be placing them on permanent display in Glasgow in their museum.
  10. And they did a Dennis Ambulance!
  11. Rich, you got the look of a garage find off to a T!
  12. Recently heard that Gerald Wingrove's wife Phyllis is alive and well and had .moved back to the uk.
  13. Interesting news....In my ignorance, I thought that they were still a part of a Humbrol / Airfix / Heller conglomerate. The new setup hopefully will bring out some totally new and unusual subject matter.
  14. Dancona, wonderful pictures.......Thanks for sharing. You may be interested to know of a fantastic modeller who like yourself lives in Barcelona. His name is Francisco Pulido. His engineered scratch built Bentley Blower in 1/10th scale is an incredibly detailed masterpiece. Have a look on his website. He has also built a Type 59 Bugatti as well. You may be able to arrange to meet him to see his models as you live close by.
  15. SteveJJ If you want a comprehensive photo treatise of the late Gerald and Phyllis Wingroves work seek out a book entitled The Art of the Automobile in Miniature by Gerald and Phyllis. You will do no better than this, although there was also a much earlier book by Gerald named The Model Cars of Gerald Wingrove. Both these books will have all the photos within that you could ask for. Both out of print now so check out Amazon and Ebay or specialist second hand book sellers.
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