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  1. A fun build and nice conversion! Nice to do something 'off the wall' once in a while.
  2. Civil Aircraft have always been a bit of a Cinderella in the injection moulded kit world. Not really viable for mainstream manufacturers like Airfix to tool up for a less supported market unfortunately. Best left to the smaller specialist niche manufacturers. The Vickers Viscount would be a nice subject in 1/72nd as would be a Handley Page Dart Herald, both being relatively small.airliners compared to the jets. As for viability, questionable.
  3. Camwader, very impressed with your distressed vehicle modelling. Would like to see them in the flesh. I live in Shefford, just up the road from you. Please message me. Incidentally, are you in any local club like Bedford or Chiltern Scale Model Club?
  4. Paul, there have been some helpful replies on here with regard to UK suppliers. As you live in California I would think that Model Expo and Micro Marc might be easier for you to deal with on your side of the pond.
  5. Don't see many vacformx these days even being sold off under the tables at shows. Remember the box loads that someone always seemed to be selling off on the show circuit. There were some remarkable kits back in the day like Echelon's Lightning, and kits from Dynavector, Aero club and Rereplanes, but there were an awful lot of kits that to be honest it would have been easier to do a scratch build instead of all the rework involved. .
  6. Why not phone Barnwell the Badger distributors? They might be able to offer some advice directly.
  7. Who's spotty adolescent returns guy doesn't know what a VHS tape is!
  8. Paul. What you have probably been looking at are Tungsten Carbide drill bits that were developed to be used in machines for drilling printed circuit boards, hence the standard shank size to fit the machines in the trade. They are extreme!y hard and brittle so the smaller ones can break very easily if any side pressure is applied as they are really designed for vertical pressure only to be applied. But they are good if handled with care. However due to their nature I would not use them in a Dremel freehand, but it you are mounting the Dremel in their drill press accessory they should be ok as the pressure is vertical. I would think that the hobby drills you refer to is a multi size pack of small HSS (High Speed Steel) bits that are plenty good enough for drilling plastics, resin and wood. If you are using your Dremel free hand I would suggest that you push the bit as far back as it will go in your Dremel Chuck to increase the rigidity of the exposed part of the bit. Your oversize holes are probably due to your drill bit flexing and wandering slightly. Using a fine centre dot for on your workpiece in the desired position(s) before drilling will help the bit not to wander, especially on a curved surface. Hope my suggestions help. Incidentally, using a centre dot first applies to using the circuit board bits as well as HSS ones.
  9. I think that white decal sheet is available for home printers and should improve the look of lighter colours especially.
  10. There are numerous plastics suppliers to industry in most local areas that might be worth seeking out for larger size sheets. However, I have found from experience that it you store polystyrene sheet for years it gets brittle with age
  11. Well, we all have heard about the demise of Johnson's Klear by now, so let's look forward instead of back! How about those who have discovered current products almost identical just listing them on this thread. Don't want to hear about the EBay Klear racketeers, just what is new and available and from where please.
  12. Probably right Colin. Things move on in product development. We hear all the sob stories about the demise of Johnson's Klear and wish I had bought more at the time it was available. But we have to move on as favourite brands of ours get axed or replaced.
  13. Help preserve wildlife. Pickle the squirrel!
  14. Nay Lad! It be her sister happen!
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