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  1. Neil, I suggest first, we are talking 1/48th here? Second, pin down what model the Zvezda kit represents. third, pin down what models the Finns actually had. As Graham suggests, and as they were captured, they are different series and models. fourth, work out the differences. If you are lucky, someone will already know this, and pitch in. From memory, the HiPm kit is 'not great' in both buildabilty and accuracy, I think the MPM was a bit better. I did spend a while a few years ago going through all the online reviews. I do have examples of all 3 kits, but never sat down and compared them, side by side (and worrying I think I have 7 different kits....4 MPM, HiPm, Zvezda and the Eduard rebox) The Zvezda has had glowing reviews, but IIRC it represents a reasonably late series. I've not seen an AM decals for the Zvezda kit in Finnish markings, so I doubt it's as simple as that. There is a similar thread here which may help. @Antti_K has posted some useful info, and maybe able to give you a better answer. Since the Pe-2 were captured models sold on by the Germans, they are going to be early versions. The Pe-3 captured is later. Sorry, not really one of my best answers, I suspect the most accurate model will be a conversion of the Zvezda kit, using the HiPm as donor for bit, but how feasible that is I don't know.
  2. Now you mention it...that makes sense, I knew I'd seen later Spitfires with white bands. Must have got missed in last post, where did the 136 Sq woodpecker logo decal come from? cheers T
  3. Troy Smith

    A good mitchell

    I have heard complaints about the AM kit about the odd accuracy problem, but not about assembly/fit issues. Builder may have had a poor kit, or just didn't pay attention, and then blames the kit (I've not watched the videos) I'd have a further search of builds, and see what comes up. then that's the 1/32nd kit. From what I understand the old Monogram is decent, and may older kits just need a bit of care attention, but, as do many new kits, which have CAD type very fine tolerances. The old Monogram/Revell rebox is also likely to be available reasonably cheaply in Europe, so maybe worth picking one up, and doing some dryfitting of it to see how fits. Again, search up some builds, I have a part done one I got really cheap and it seems to fit OK when I dry fitted parts. this is what the OP is asking about, Academy ended up with the moulds, and they supplied bagged kits to Italeri, and it has been recently been reboxed by Revell.
  4. White initially, and the too much visibility problems occured with these, so they went to 'india white' as seen on these Hurricanes Mk.IV I think this is the same time, about long enough for the photographer to move Note, the only 'match' for the plane above is LF502, a Mk.IV sent to Far East. The slightly crude stencil of the serial likely from when Dark Earth added in theatre. I wonder if there are more from this photo session? Great models @tonyot, I really like the faded upperwing roundels detail on BM913 /N of 136 Sq, flown by Eric Brown (photo is in Hurricanes Over The Arakan for anyone wondering) where did you get the woodpecker decal? cheers T
  5. I find that there is often an option to 'restore previous content' if i have a browser crash. Indeed, Not the same, as a much more modern kit, but one often noted for poor fit, here is a very elegant WIP for working on this https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235077259-a-twin-that-did-not-get-away-eduard-148-bf-110c-finished/#elControls_3789423_menu Which I post up the link to as it shows exactly what I mean, I know the Airfix Vulcan is , erm, a bit more agricultural, but from your previous posts I think , erm, holistic approach may bring better results. I'm also a fan of using plastic strip/card to fill gaps, with superglue, fast, and same material. But whatever works is the 'right' way.... Always worth knowing what is spare, in this case i saw the sheet had two options, so it would be in spares. I'm very independent, but we also have a neat little community here, folks help if they can. As for UV bleaching, it works, but may not be a permanent fix, there was a thread saying it was a chemical breakdown and would reoccur. Also, you do get sellers on ebay of old kit decal sheets, Always worth a search. well, I enjoy hearing about machines by people who worked on them, and as you are doing one, it adds a personal dimension to it, I have read and greatly enjoyed threads on here about subjects of little or no direct interest as they have made for interesting stories and creative modelling. I know we have members who were or are in the forces, @Ex-FAAWAFU, one I have no memories of posting, but perhaps would find of interest is @Ex Vulcan Armourer,(came up when using the 'at' tag but hasn't visited in a while) @Fritag who I think still flies, some of these thing, a very good chap for armament details is @Selwyn , a member from my club is @Glen flew transports, and many more I have seen mention service who I can't recall right now... @Pete in Lincs has already posted I look forward to further instalments, but I now need to hang our some washing as it is forecast to be dry with a breeze... cheers T
  6. Not totally clear, but they look to be Print Scale? If so, they do not have one of the better reputations for 'research' I remember this coming out to a great fanfare, as previously it had only been a vacform. Also, I suspect like many kits, much of the wailing and gnashing of teeth about fit come from sticking it together, and the trying to sort out the problems later with filler. I speak from personal experience from the stage in my early teens when I was aware of filler and a neat finish, but not of actually spending some time dryfitting/scraping/adjusting/shimming art, which I only learned from a extensive DIY building jobs.... after that model kits are easy to get to fit... still having some of these filler queens to examine now, I can see areas where I could have made so much of neater job. And sort of thing which is also far more elegant. I thought @Vulcanicity suggestion of making an upper and lower wing assembly a rather good idea... I'm sure you'll find other tweaks, I suggest asking in our wanted section, as someone will have the relevant half in the decal stash. Been enjoying your stories of the real thing, and look forward to seeing how you get on with the old beast. cheers T
  7. well, SEAC photos are not that common, but there are examples eg 155 Sqn Mohawks at the time the standard C/C1 Type markings were converted I have been hunting for Hurricane images, IIRC there is a photo of BE198, with converted roundels, with white.. I think. I'll try to remember what book it was in. I have memories of @tonyot doing models like this, the Mohawk photo is from one of his builds, this one https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072165-az-model-curtiss-mohawk-mkiv-sqn-ldr-porky-jeffries-155-sqn-agartala-india-1943/
  8. Date? And is there a reference photo? IF so, you will see the difference between white and 'india white', the pale blue was a mix. But seems the initial removal of red was wet season in 1943, May to October. This thread has some dates, but the images have gone. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235000370-seac-roundels-chronology/ this may have some info https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234976366-india-white-seac-roundels-on-miscellaneous-types/ It's not to hand, but Eyes For The Phoenix https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eyes-Phoenix-Photo-reconnaissance-Operations-South-East/dp/0951989944 While it may sound rather limited in scope, actually has a great deal of colour information about SEAC types, RAF and RN, including lead-lease types, mine is not to hand to check, I think it has some information of roundel changes. It is available online if you want to check, but it is a really useful reference book overall. I'll also @tonyot as he may know,. he'd done a load of SEAC models HTH
  9. I remembered a thread on this recently, turns out it was yours! Anyway, this is probably worth cross linking I don't know if this will add anything, but the Monogram close up on the Ar234 is here https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Monogram-Close-up/Arado-Ar-234-B-Blitz
  10. use natural light. Just take them out side, a day with light cloud is good, as it gives a soft light and no hard shadows. here's my WIP on the Para officer https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072084-132-airfix-paratrooper-officer/ HTH
  11. For Finnish, no. they were early planes that had the DH Spitfire type (some 72nd Airfix kits have 3 supplied) Mk.I Hurricane at the time had 5 different prop/spinners, 2 blade, DH Spitfire, and the 3 in Arma kit. Which are, DH Hurricane (early Mk.I, and all tropical and Sea Hurricanes) Spitfire Rotol, tghe classic BoB unit, and then the Hurricane Rotol (of which there are two types) which are similar in appearance, and when the Arma kit was tooled that was not known. These started appearing late on in the BoB on V**** serial Hurricanes. see here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234980181-hawker-hurricane-propellers-and-spinners-a-modellers-guide/ Mk.I Hurricanes are a lot more complex in detail than usually realised.... One other detail the Finnish planes lack that 2nd fabric access hatch on the starboard side. Minor detail and not sure how easy it is to fill the lines neatly. HTH
  12. And it works, just enough to add a bit of shadow and add a little depth. A lot of weathering is now vastly overdone, or done with no reference to reality, month old BoB planes looking like the have done 6 months in the tropics.... A subtle panel line wash, and some appropriate stains, (and these did get cleaned off as well) are all that's really needed, and I'm with @AdrianMF, the hemp looks really good, from the Aviation of Japan links, and other reading it look to have caught that subtle olive-grey. cheers T
  13. Should that not be 35 inch? from Ducimus here https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Camouflage-Markings/Supermarine-Spitfire
  14. If Xtracolor are anything like Xtracrylix, in their 'matches' then no, I wouldn't. Xtracrylix MSG is an olive grey, MSG has subtle purple-blue to it. I just rechecked this. BTW Xtracrlix Ocean Grey is a lot closer, though a bit darker. it's not a good Ocean Grey though. It was a depressing and sobering experience when I started checking Xtracrylix RAF paints against the MAP chips, as I had frequently read how good they were. If Xtracrylix are different to Xtracolor, which would seem odd as they are the same company/research, then that's another stuff up by the Xtra folks, by this I mean the fairly common comments on here about Xtradecals "research" The only model paint I'd trust unseen is Colourcoats.
  15. Look great, but the background is unflattering, there is this thread up But has some basic photography ideas, daylight is good, and even a bit of pastel paper curved can work. Paint splattered tissue and background clutter is not, in the way a high class meal on paper plate distracts from however good it might be. Presentation counts. Despite years of wittering on here my build completion rate is abysmal, but I do like doing a few pics. I only mention this as my "technique" involves a basic point shoot digital camera (a basic mode 15 years ago...) and whatever outside space that might work for light/background, I found a chucked out baize topped card table, the top is faded and stained, I plonk this on a storage box outside, means I can get low to the subject, and snap away. I do aim to pick a time with a bit of light cloud, as this softens the light https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235071488-airfix-cromwell-72nd-pretty-much-oob/ A bit more creative cropping here, looking at the Cromwell pics now I think some cropping would really help. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235095700-matchbox-176-morris-c8-mk-ii-17pdr-gun-willys-jeep-set/page/2/&tab=comments#elControls_4151264_menu Posted just as I know how they are done, and while I have certainly seen better models on here, Perhaps if your son has a sandpit, try some pics there, have a think what natural backdrops you have about, and where the light might be good and have a play. I'm guessing this is the current 1/35th Grant, which is a reboxed Academy kit I think ? (note Airfix did a 1/32nd Grant back in the late 70's is all.) Good chaps for Sherman and related vehicles are @Das Abteilung and @Bullbasket, and could confirm this, and maybe able to give you some pointers and possible pitfalls. HTH T
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