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  1. Troy Smith

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Hi Ian There are famous photos of Hurricane's on trailers in the desert, though this shows the packing very well There is this as well I took some photos of P2617 with the wings off, including one with flash into the stub, let me know if you want me to dig them out? You may find clearer details in restoration shots with the skinning off, the basic structure details are the same for all variants BTW. HTH T
  2. Troy Smith

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    It should be obvious,but this restoration shot has the fairings removed Here's P2617 at Hendon being moved I presume you are asking to model this? Note that there are no bulkheads, and you can see the bottom of the cockpit structure from the wing stubs. As an aside, this open structure was the cause of "Hurricane burns" as the fuel tank is the pale area visible in the stub, the fire if this were ignited blowing into the bottom of the cockpit, which I only found from a book on Mc Indoe's "guinea pigs" having thought it was from the gravity tank behind the instrument panel.
  3. Troy Smith

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    do you mean how a Hurricane is broken down for transport? ROYAL AIR FORCE: WEST AFRICA COMMAND, 1941-1945.. © IWM (CM 3021) IWM Non Commercial License or something else?
  4. Troy Smith

    Color help

    Hi Randy if you still like enamels, I'd ask where Sovereign paints can be obtained in the US, ah, here https://www.hbhobbies.com/ here's the USN set https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/products/us-navy-wwii-pacific-colourset note, what used to be simple, that GSB was GSB, is not the case, there is a wartime color, Glossy Sea Blue ANA623, and the the late 40's this changed, still being called GSB, but this matches FS 15402 . and If you want to carry on with acylics, I don't know if there are good matches available. IIRC @David Hhas posted up mixes for GSB in acrylics somewhere. HTH?
  5. Troy Smith

    Westland Whirlwind

    which version? the 50's one, or the late 70's new tool? IIRC the 70's one is decent for it's time. The 50's can be upgraded, there is an early 70's Scale models with an article on this. @brewerjerry would a a good chap to advise on the kit, and you may well find more up to date references available as well. HTH
  6. Troy Smith

    Hurricane Ragwing

    in a rush, but been discussed before, 85 sq seems to have used flight coloured spinners in the may to july 1940 period, see the photos from castle camps in july 1940 for other examples, see the link I posted above, but I think I did a specific thread on this.
  7. Not my build Mike! I have both the Silver Cloud Spiteful and the Falcon Vac Spiteful/Seafang. I did finally rescale and print the Spiteful cockpit layout plans I was sent by the chap who did the 1/32 resin kit, and try to make a cockpit, the scratching a wheel well has put me off. The Silver Cloud kit fits where is touches... I did talk to @Colin @ Freightdog Models about the Silver Cloud kits, he got the rights to them, and kindly sent me some leftover white metal bits for my Falcon kit. He was talking about how the mould got made, seems the master parts were laid out on a board and sprayed with molten aluminium. (IIRC) There was a size limit in the moulding machine, hence the models being made with separate noses, they'd have been too big otherwise. he might be able to add some more information on the kits background or correct my mis remembered details (it was a few years ago we talked)
  8. Troy Smith

    Canadian spitfires

    You notified @corsaircorp probably Sky see https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/52782-spitfire-hfvii-code-colours-high-altitude-scheme/ note standard wing tip as well in above pic Also, in Spitfire at War 3 there is a close up of some damage to a 131 Sq Spitfire VII, which clearly shows a very thin dark (black?) outline to the codes, as well as them not being white. I did email Roy Sutherland and mention this as well. here's a pic, on blinkin Photobucket, so visibilty depends on having the right browser with a embed fix installed HTH
  9. MB5 build https://modelingmadness.com/scott/allies/gb/mb5.htm Spiteful https://modelingmadness.com/review/allies/gb/bertospiteful.htm Sort of challenge you like @Artie
  10. Troy Smith

    Hurricane Ragwing

    no. Despite much being written about re winging, from what I can see, this only happened if a plane was damaged and went for major repairs, there was not a policy of replacement wings AFAIK. @Dave Fleming posted as I was typing this, one damaged wing need either a replace fabric, or two new metal wings, you could not use 1 fabric, 1 metal.Personally I suspect that very few planes had their wings replaced, there were lost of new Hurricanes being built, why upgrade what was then probably a weary airframe. Bear in mind 600 Hurricanes had fabric wings, and many of these were lost from service use and in the Battle of France, survivors ending up in 2nd line Squadrons and Training Units. L1952 in the Science museum never got rewinged,. neither did L1926, which ended up in Training Command, and was in 3 sq pre war, then 312 Czech in Sep 1940, then 55 OTU (rare example of a plane with photos of all 3 stages, the 55 OTU pics are nose over and clearly show fabric wings . see here for photos https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235039712-is-there-anything-wrong-with-the-fly-132-hurricane-i/&do=findComment&comment=3076228 Pretty certain that VY-G is fabric winged, other airframes still have fabric, the photo is maybe G maybe C https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234907653-hurricane-i-vy-cg-of-85-sqn-lille-seclin-around-apr-1940/ this is the markings for G from the Airfix kit note the Spitfire type DH prop, it's hard to tell, but one of the fabric wing identifiers is the landing light is a bay further inboard. now, bear in mind the above is late 39 or early 40, and the phoney war era, so planes usually survived until May 1940 this is VY-G or C in May 1940, the small details match the plane above though note the fabric wings, it seems the fabric paint faded, or photographed differently. but shows a clear transition on the wing. this is either G or C HTH
  11. Troy Smith

    Best ju87

    That depends what kind or version of Stuka you want. there are 3 main types Ju87A, Spanish Civil War and training are main uses Ju 87B/R, with the B-1 vs B-2 having different radiator and prop blades, use SCW, early to mid war. Ju87 D/G major redesign, new nose, new canopy, samller UC leg spats, later D and G version have a longer wing, the G-2 being the one with the 37mm cannons. use, mid war on. I don't know enough about 72nd to says what is good or not, but if you say what version you are interested in, or era, this may get you a better answer(s) Best also can be subjective, the most accurate kit maybe fiddly or over engineered, or expensive, an older kit maybe be simple and have raised panel lines, but be well shaped. The late 70's Airfix B-2 kit I believe is decent, benefiting from the research done for the 1/24th Superkit version for example. HTH
  12. Troy Smith

    Revell 1/72 Spitfire VB worth buying or not ?

    If the 72nd kit is the same as the 48th, they can, but it does require some work, though the 72nd maybe harder as the plastic will be about the same thickness. I had a go at the 1/48th fuselage here the pics are photobucketed. but should be viewable with a PB embed fix on Chrome or Firefox. the wings are not hard to fix, though that's not dealt with here. It does mean the tmiya kit is no longer shake n bake tho...
  13. Troy Smith

    Hello from Sweden

    Hi Lennart We have had some great diorama work on here, @Badder has posted some fascinating Work in Progress builds, with very detailed notes, including what didn't work. @PlaStix has done some lovely vignettes, and has a some videos on YouTube As a non railway modeller I was very impressed at this These are two members who came to mind, but there are many more. Cheers T
  14. Troy Smith

    Hello from Argentina

    Hi Alejandro Welcome, Despite the site name we have a healthy selection of members from all over the world, We have at least two other members from Argentina, @Uncle Uncool, whose been here for years, and @Sturmovik there maybe more! Whats the red Argentine jet in the photo link? Some interesting modelling on a quick look The FMA Nancu looks a lot like a Hornet. This a project? Look forward to seeing more from you Cheers T
  15. Troy Smith

    Red Stripe Hampden a build too far ?

    Not yellow Pat, but buff. It was a common colour for weapons, there is a thread on this, and them being part painted black to disguise them in bomb dumps once the got going and the UK got bombed. Note bomb tails half buff half black I'll try to find the thread.. PS @Selwyn is the chap for weapons colours, I found this with "Britmodeller Selwyn buff" in Google The colour bands on bombs indicate different fillings as well.