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  1. Not sure, the canopy was removable, so may have been a replacement, or just a pain to repaint. Turbinelite was a bit later on than this, these were experiments with single seat fighters because of the Blitz. If you can, thin the radiator edges From http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/mark_hayward/hurricane_mk1_l1592/ While fabric winged, lots of useful underside details. Probably not, it wasn't a common fitting in this era, from the few photos. And not much use at night. HTH, need to make dinner now
  2. Troy Smith

    Slovak WWII movie & two colour band on Letov 328

    A suggestion, I doubt yellow, as this was the axis identification colour, perhaps a red and blue band? Just thinking of the Tri Sesrty (three sisters, famous mountains in Slovakia) markings used on the Bf109's
  3. Troy Smith

    Best Hurricane MK1 reference book

    Erm, no. At some point the Hendon Mk.I (not 1) has had a load of of Grey Green paint slapped over by it brush, they even painted over the canvas map pocket! (photo in the booklet for the Italeri Hurricane kit) It might have been a done a long time ago, but authentic, no. This is borne out by it's recent move, when the panels were off and the original aluminium painted frames work was visible everywhere else. Bear in mind P2617 had a long career in Training command, and despite the paint job, retains the later fitted knuckle tailwheel and 'bullet' Rotol, whichb were not original fitments The only 3 authentic cockpits are the Finnish Hurricane, Z5252 pulled out of a Russian lake, and another IIa pulled out of a bog, the only intact original one is the Finnish one AFAIK, basically untouched since 1943. scratch building what? There is loads of info on here, and a lot of mis information or just plain wrong stuff in the books. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234980181-hawker-hurricane-propellers-and-spinners-a-modellers-guide/ is the best guide to this anywhere I know of, the books do not have this. There are plenty of other nuggets in the "All the Hurricane questions thread", again, many of which are not in any reference I know of. the work done by Hawker restoration is exemplary, and there is lot of detail shots available. Don't forget our own walkround section apart from a few details, this is a very authentic Mk.I, despite being a Sea Hurricane, the only additions are the hook, catapult spool and head rest, and there are masses of very clear pics for free! From memory, the Squadron Signal walkround is pretty good for detail, but as @ModellerUK you asked about 1/32nd kits, the fly kit needs very little adding to it in detail, and the 1/48th new tool Airfix is very good for detail, just has a few glitches see here for a corrected build Indeed Simon. Sorry I didn't call back, been very busy (we were discussing the Haynes book) HTH
  4. Troy Smith

    71Sqn RAF Brewster Buffalo

    for ease of reference whole profile here https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Modeling-References/Aircraft-Profiles/USA/World-War-Two/Brewster-Buffalo-217
  5. May not help, but here's a colour shot a TSS Beau, earlier than 1942 IIRC. Bristol Beaufighter. by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr From @Etiennedup Flickr. I'd suggest these are Medium Sea Grey, but this may have changed by the time of the Paris raid?
  6. Troy Smith

    Best reputation of a BOB bird

    The Pegasus kits are snap together, and are "based" on other manufacturers kits.... The Hurricane is based on the Hasegawa kit, so is ok, though it copies the Hasegawa faults. The Spitfire from online parts shots is based on the Revell Mk.II from 1978, Thus lacks the gull wing, though having got one of the recent Revell reissue of the 78 kit, it was pretty good for basic shapes. The Pegasus is one of the very few 1/48th Spitfires I don't have, so can't comment in detail. I note that @ModellerUK has not clarified what he means by "best" .... Best "kit" or best in accuracy, or kit inaccuracies, so I just gave a basic quick answer, there have been many threads on these subjects, though it's easier to find them if you know they exist, or in the Hurricane threads, posted in.... HTH
  7. Troy Smith

    1re escadrille du GR 2/33, F-5 lightning colors?

    Off topic, but note the paint worn off the brass sheathing on the prop blades in foreground, looks to be a Spitfire nose?
  8. Troy Smith

    71Sqn RAF Brewster Buffalo

    Well, Sky band and spinner not until 27 November 1940, so the envelope profile is ok for the date. Unless I'm being dim and have misread something... But a Buffalo and a Hurricane both in 71sq markings together would make an interesting display!
  9. Troy Smith

    P-39Q "Bella" / Eduard / 1:48

    the story and photos of this plane are here http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lendlease/p-39/misos/212giap-44/212giap-44.htm the other greys are here http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lendlease/p-39/misos/213giap-100/213giap-100.htm http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lendlease/p-39/misos/212giap-53/212giap-53.htm the profile artist, Michal Sekula, has done a load of profiles here, all with the photos the profiles are created from, along with the reasoning. All the schemes in this Eduard boxing are based on his work. @Massimo Tessitori is the site owner, and could maybe answer some specific questions, there are threads on the Soviet Warplanes site which disuss these schemes. Not seen the decal instructions, but given this was a VVS repaint, I presume the US stencilling got painted over, but a lovely model,
  10. Troy Smith

    Best reputation of a BOB bird

    Hurricane 32nd, Fly models, 48th, new tool Airfix or Hasegawa Spitfire, there isn't s a modern good Spitfire Mk.I in 32nd, 48th, new tool Airfix, though this maybe eclipsed by the forthcoming Tamiya Mk.I there are two 32nd Lancs due, (see threads) in the 48th there is the very old Tamiya kit, which has lots of issues...
  11. Troy Smith

    1/48 F.2B Decal Sets?

    Hmm, late war oddness.. https://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/BRISTOL-F-2B-FIGHTER-THE-CROCODILE-1-48.html You could ask Eduard if they have any mask and decal spares?
  12. The specified code colour was Sky Grey IIRC... The plane in question is discussed here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234944822-what-colour-is-night/&do=findComment&comment=1379184 Note comments on spinner and canopy frame. Also, a less modified pic Also, regarding roundels And codes Whole monograph here https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Modeling-References/Camoflage-Markings/03-Hawker-Hurricane HTH Ps lovely work on the cockpit!
  13. Troy Smith

    Hurricane Mk IID conversion

    Very impressive, especially lengthening the nose. Not sure about the bulges over the rear wing access doors, I've only seen this on the Mk.V prototypes, but full details of the wing panelling are not pinned down. Sweet have missed a trick by not doing Mk.II versions of these kits. Cheers T
  14. Troy Smith

    Did the Finnish AF fly recce Bf109Gs

    Hi Larry I know we have a few Finnish members here, but if you don't get a response, ask the Finnish Airforce Museum, http://airforcemuseum.fi/contact-information/ they have always been very helpful when I have asked questions HTH
  15. Troy Smith

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    A few interesting points, but if you have been studying the Hurricane for 40 years then you would know there is no "mkIa" which makes me wonder how much attention the author has paid. @StevSmar perhaps you can link the author with Ducimus scans? I don't do farcebook so can't do this. Its late, and I'm tired and crabby.... Good to see you back though Steve.