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  1. Seems the prop is from a Seafire XV see https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047794-spitfire-mk-xii/page/6/#elControls_3226995_menu "I started to collect a Mk XII kit together some years back. Starting with a dedicated Mk XII firewall frame five with data plate, auxiliary gearbox pick up points and short Griffon engine mount lugs I grafted on a A-A Mk V/IX fuselage kit. The lower carry through spars are Mk V with the four equal diameter bolts. Mk VIII wings will not fit due to the increased width of the spar booms and the increased diameter of the two inner bolts on the lower spar and boom. I selected a pair of Mk IX wings although Mk V would have serviced the requirement. For these wings I gathered a Mk Vc Trop radiator set. The Trop main radiator is correct and one inch deeper than the temperate Mk V. Oleos are from Mk V or early Mk IX…the spline type. Wheels & Brakes are late Mk V four spoke. Beggars cannot be choosers and a Mk IX tail unit is fitted although strictly speaking it should not have the extended horn on the elevator. Rudder is pointed Mk VIII/IX/XVI type and is correct. Engine and bearer assembly are from a Seafire XVII and the four blade propeller from a Seafire XV…a perfect fit. Top cowling will be a cut down Mk XIV item with a dummy bulge between the cam cover profiles to simulate the clearance on the early magneto. Fuel and oil tanks will be Seafire XVII which is a bit of a compromise. All cockpit furniture, front windscreen and canopy are late Mk V/IX. A bit of fun, scale 1:1, Serial number EN224, Code EB-L, Registration G-FXII. Could be flying by next year with a following wind." No, sorry, I can't. @gingerbob maybe able too, I suspect the answer to this would require some digging at Hendon museum library. It's the sort of detail the late Edgar Brooks may have had some information on. cheers T
  2. One point, having been thinking about prop blades, in reply to @Antti_K I think SH use the Seafire XV blades, and the Spitfire XII blades are not as wide at the base.. maybe the Airfix blades are not as bad as i thought, though, IIRC, they did then use them in their Seafire XVII kitA quick reveals them to be still too slim and the wrong shape. I used the blades in the Aeroclub XII conversion as guide when I tried to reshape them, it a lot easier removing some excess than it is to build up a too slim blade.... You can see the lean to port from the reduced gear leg pressure as well Both from here that has a load of Mk.XII photos https://www.destinationsjourney.com/historical-military-photographs/supermarine-spitfire-mk-xii/ HTH
  3. yes. The colour of the disc indicates what the blade is made of and covered with. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234918219-propeller-markings-on-spitfires-and-seafires/ "Regarding the markings within the coloured disc I can add that the Horden-Richmond Aircraft one shown in my first response above with the green disc and HRA text was made of Hydulignum with a Rotoloid covering and Armoured Sheath as identified by the disc and letters HRA. Jablo Propellors Ltd blades had pink discs while Horden-Richmond Aircraft Ltd blades had green ones, Rotol Airscrew Ltd blades had white while Yellow ones were seen on The Airscrew Company Ltd blades. The lettering within the disc would vary which would indicate the Material , Covering and Sheath of the blade so marked." the linked Key forum thread is broken, but I know I had posted the images here on occasion. OK, found it https://www.key.aero/forum/historic-aviation/103145-propeller-markings and https://www.key.aero/forum/historic-aviation/79363-questions-on-spitfire-propellers-merged Ah, OK. Now... believe it or not I'm not that interested in Spitfires, but you end up absorbing info on here by osmosis.... But, there are different spinner makers, and they used different locking systems. a Key type with one slot, and one with usually two screw between each blade. The only ones I have made a bit of a study are Hurricane spinners, https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235078582-hurricane-rotol-spinners-the-cm1-vs-es9-quest/ there did not seem to be any logic to what was fitted, except one type was used initially, and the other became more common. I'm not about to go on an image hunt, but I suspect you may find the same applies to Spitfires, this goes for blade types as well. It does on Hurricanes. I honestly don't know. I suspect neither do Airfix, and some of these are just 'generic' items, or appropriate to maybe the XIV of "XVIII" kit... Airfix - research. I raise you the wing stripes I mention above. The 2nd part may reveal some of these, especially regarding the two Mk.XII batches, EN*** and MB*** IIRC. Some of it maybe just that in reality it didn't matter particularly, say the type of blade or spinner used, and it was what was available. It's late, and I really don't want to go down the rabbit warren of image hunting and detail checking, say the above points, but the above may give you a few pointers as to how far you want test your sanity, I mean research facilities and abilities.... pidä hauskaa! (I honestly hope auto translate is working) T
  4. this sprue tree has been added. Good question. I think this has been discussed before, @gingerbob maybe able to help. ah, https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234923992-spitfire-xviii-camera-configuration/ depends in an F.XVIII or an FR.XVIII "It was 200 FR and 100 F for the XVIII." Note, as predicted, Airfix have just added a weapons sprue. What they have not done is changed the wing. The XVIII had a stronger spar (not visible) but also finally eliminated the redundant outer gun bays, and made space for survival equipment in a new upper wing panel, which previously had been the lower wing as ammo box access. see here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235014550-spitfire-mkxviii-mk18-photos-of-wing-panelling-differences-confirmed/ Not really difficult to fill in the gun doors and rescribe one rectangular panel, and I can't see Airfix/Hornby spring for an entire new wing sprue for a few panel lines when they won't do a new sprue with a highback fuselage and associated parts. Maybe a little trickier for the under fuselage cameras in the FR.XVIII. HTH
  5. worth a bump, as Airfix have in included MB854 EB-Z, - No.41 Sqn RAF, Tangmere June 1944 (invasion stripes provided as decals) AFAIK, the only photo of EB-Z is this one, which isn't very helpful regarding the wing stripes, but given the lack of stripes on the upper side, this is sometime later than June 1944. Airfix supply wings stripes as decals, My point is regarding the wing stripes, 10 Group Spitfires had a unusual quirk in that the applied narrow AEAF stripes, both to the fuselage AND wings The narrow wings stripes can just be seen here Not a big problem, just leave the wing stripes off, but a missed chance to get the right stripe width, which would look quite striking. this is one of the BBMF flight planes with the 10 group narrow stripes which shows them better. I'm not turning up other 10 Group images, anyone know of any others with the narrow stripes? Hope of interest/use
  6. IMO, as someone who prefers accuracy and detail over ease of construction, the SH XII is my pick. Note, I've not dry fitted the SH kit, and the SH kits are noted for requiring care and adjustment to assemble. The Airfix kit builds well from one I have seen and general comments, along with dry fitting. But, the SH kit AFAIK only has the length and wing position fault, the Airfix kit has shape flaws that are noticeable IMO, but that is because I was looking for them. Both the Airfix XIV and 22/24 are better kits in overal finesse. The SH kit is better detailed, finer panel lines, better cockpit, some basic etch, IP/seat straps. My Airfix XII is planned to be DP485, the Mk.IV/XII prototype, as I can replace the entire prop. I actually know where both are at the moment, so Inbox of the SH XII https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235077217-spitfire-mkxii-against-v-1-flying-bomb-sh48192-148/ The XII wing above will need the outer cannon slot and bulge filling/removing. Has provision for both types of tailwheel Inbox of the Airfix XII https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235110116-supermarine-spitfire-mkxii-148-airfix a05117a/ you can see the deeper fuselage, and lower position of exhaust slots Note prop blades and taller rudder. The Airfix also dates from when the still had their Spitfire dropped flaps obsession.... the slightly broader wing chord is also visible. HTH
  7. DK333 was one of 50 Mosquitos built between April and September 1942. Day Fight Scheme/Ocean Grey was introduced in August 1941, so I'd be very surprised if was painted in anything other than Ocean Grey at the factory. These are Mk.IV's from the DZ*** batch, Sep 42 to July 43, Mosquito's by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr Mosquito B mk V's 1943. by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr Mosquito line-up by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr Note the Ocean Grey spinners, and burnt off paint on the exhaust shrouds, Ocean Grey next to Dark Green tends to mask the subtle green tint in Ocean Grey. Sadly there are plenty of 'Ocean Grey' and other basic RAF colour model paints that are not very good, especially in acrylics. @VolkerR. you may want to say what paints you like using or can get. Are you interested in any tweaks for the Revell kit? sticking DK333 into google got this, so it had been painted black on the underside, and so it seem had the spinners a slightly bigger shot answered a question as if the nose glazing was overpainted from https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235050505-mosquito-mkiv-dz319-painted-over-canopy/
  8. FS15042 GSB is NOT the same color as wartime ANA623 GSB. ANA623 changed color in 1947, as the wartime faded too quickly. AFAIK, the post 1947 ANA623 was then incorporated into FS595 as FS15042 this is from @Dana Bell note this regarding the other Sea Blues, ANA606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue ANA607 Non-Specular Sea Blue this is to do with the USN tri colur scheme.... "The scheme is actually four colors - white, Intermediate Blue, Semi-gloss Sea Blue (atop the wings and horizontal tail), and Non-Specular Sea Blue (atop the fuselage and on leading edges of the wings and stabs). The last two colors differ in more than the gloss factor - non-spec is distinctly grayer and lighter than the semi-gloss. I generally refer to the scheme as 4-color to clarify the differences." It's not uncommon too see these being matched to FS25042 and FS35042... see https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235049797-us-navy-sea-blues/ the book is this https://www.abebooks.co.uk/Official-Monogram-Navy-Marine-Corps-Aircraft/31009870271 there are scans of the chips here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235041933-us-intermediate-blue/page/2/#elControls_3319460_menu More so you can see what colors are in the book. This also has multiple chips, at least 30. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0914144464 They can go for a lot, I got copies reasonably cheaply, so they do turn up. HTH
  9. This would greatly help. I have said before that I have some Tamiya paints that are massively different despite the same number, though some are old eg XF-17 in 23ml jar is a deep blue green, a recent XF-17 10Ml much darker blue. .... which is blinkin' annoying as the old XF-17 plus X-16 purple made a really simple mix for USN ANA623 Gloss Sea Blue. Note these USN Sea Blues are poorly represented by most model paints. personally I'd really like a mix for RAF Dark Earth. The best I have got so far is Black:1, XF-10 Flat Brown :2, XF-3 Yellow :3, XF-59 Dark Yellow :3, though I think XF-3:4 to XF-59:2 maybe closer. I need to do another mix, and I know what you mean about time. Mixes for Japanese WW2 paints would be handy as well. RLM mixes are OK, but they are, unsurprisingly, reasonably well served in paint. cheers T
  10. Not heard this one before. I'll @iang as he'd be a good chap to ask.
  11. Yes there are. It depends on when/where it was built. I linked you at an extensive post where this is explained in as much detail as I know., with photos. To the best of my knowledge, grey green was used internally on there very very early L serials, ones that are L15**, and after the 8th Hawker built batch, serial beginning KW*** Everything else used aluminium paint. You want to model a Canadian built airframe, all available evidence says it was painted with internally with aluminium paint, except for the upper cockpit walls and rear bulkhead. The photos posted above by @dogsbody is exactly that, a Mk.I built by CC&F, with internal aluminium paint.
  12. There have been thread on this, It's OK dimensionally, but is mis shaped. I spent a load of time comparing various kits and various decent plans, as well as using checking some know dimensions. (the fuselage is the same length from firewall to rudder post on all Spitfires) It shares the same problems the Academy XIV kit has, except for an oversized nose ring, the fuselage is too deep, making the exhaust and rocker cover bulges too low, and the fin and rudder too high, and the wing is too broad, and slightly too far back. Not so bad on it;'s own, places next to accurate model it's noticeable. Fixable "with some modelling skill" though the prop blades are the wrong shape and fixing those is hard work, so a replacement is easier, except there isn't one. I think you can use blades for a later 5 blade prop. It's also has pretty deep panel lines. If this kind of thing bugs you, fixing the SH XII is easier as it has less problems... HTH
  13. Well my Dutch mate said a Dutch joke is to refer to the Belgians as "the spare Dutch"... though Charles de Gaulle said that "Belgium is a country invented by the British to annoy the French" https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Charles-de-Gaulle-think-that-Belgium-is-a-country-invented-by-the-British-to-annoy-the-French Apologies to any of a Belgian members, no insult intended. I don't know what the definition was, maybe it it was east or west of Australia. Map of the area in 1939
  14. No photos with the marking, but they had Hurricanes, in Java, the markings are best guess. You are thinking of Belgium. It's not the SWPA Kitsworld are not noted for their research. HTH
  15. Do not use the insert image box from Flickr look at bottom right of flickr, there are 4 icons, star, box with +, left facing arrow click left facing arrow, pick "BB Code" click the box, it will copy the code you can see, you can select image size, "large 1024 x700 or so" is good" paste that code here directly, do not use insert image like this Beau 1 by Ron Stearns, on Flickr Hmm, we have had threads on Aussie Beaufighters before. This has a few colour pics, I'll @Ed Russell @Sydhuey @Magpie22 IIRC you can, but you need to do some minor modifications, also helps to list which sheet so yon want A8-186 stick in into google https://pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/beaufighter/A8-186.html and http://www.adf-serials.com.au/2a8.htm interesting... "A8-186 05/04/45 5 AD. 21/05/45 5 RSU. 23/07/45 Allotted 22 Sqn. 21/09/45 Along with A8-12 and A8-183 took part in last recorded 22 Sqn operation which was to Ambon. Pilot: FLGOFF C.G.Williams Nav Woodford (Parnell p.63). 15/10/45 5 AD. 13/11/45 stored. Category C 20/01/47 Approved for conversion to Instructional Airframe No. 8. 15/03/50 sold by DAP to W. Strong Borree Creek near Forest Hill for his children (Parnell p.78). 1965 Camden Museum of Aviation, Camden NSW. Extant and coded as DU-I. Currently located at Camden Museum of Aviation This is a private collection and not open to the public" I'll @NAVY870 as he works there, and would probably know more, and whats is needed for the Tamiya kit ..... he took the photos.... http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/index.php?/category/beaufighter-a8-186 HTH T
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