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  1. this is great news,and with the news that a probable Austrian aircraft is in development from wnw I hope we are on a new trend for ww1 kits.yay
  2. what a cracking job you have done sir.
  3. you have done a great job there and one of my fravorite schemes.
  4. hi tony,i wouldn't say reliable just to the best of my understanding but I was having a chat with a man who worked on the aviattic lozenge and I think he said about it(he had also made a couple of fokker dviis with streaked body with balkenkreuz but the lozenge wings had the older iron cross on)then if you go on wingnut wings web and have a look at the instruction book for there fokker dvii the also show bertholds fokker with the lozenge over painted in blue.very intresting subject thanks stu.
  5. now im no expert but I believe the the scheme in the box is the winged sword fokker of Rudolf berthold if you are planning to do that scheme his was an early fokker dvii which means the under wings lozenge was over painted light blue like the fokker dr1s of the time,so you could do that and do away with the hassle of lozenge, on the real aircraft it would still be seen through but only just,something to think about.
  6. thanks redcap I got two last year at telford and funnily enough I started the early n17 a couple of weeks ago got most of the cockpit ready,your right it is on par with wnw and log my it continue.
  7. as wingnut wings like to do things big my hope is for a caproni ca3 or just a little nieuport 11
  8. what a great model your hard work has really paid off.
  9. what a great build I love Italian aircraft,i have this kit in the stash but havent built it yet want to try and do it justice like you have.
  10. nice work there I never got round to building the kit but from what I heard only echoes your thoughts on the kit,well done chap.
  11. great work,i saw one of these kits on ebay only last night going for £80,a real collecters kit now.
  12. nieuport 11 please or spad or as been said a gunbus or 504 or be 2 type or austro albatross or lohner l the list is endless.
  13. I did it can only mean a nieuport 11 with French and Italian markings then followed up by a spad 7 with a hanriot for afters.what a time to be alive.
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