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  1. nieuport 11 please or spad or as been said a gunbus or 504 or be 2 type or austro albatross or lohner l the list is endless.
  2. I did it can only mean a nieuport 11 with French and Italian markings then followed up by a spad 7 with a hanriot for afters.what a time to be alive.
  3. gutted to say the least I hoped they would stay with the ww1 subjects,i love the lanc but in that scale no thanks thankfully we still have copper state models nieuports to look forward too.
  4. aicz yes they are and yes they look great I was thinking more nieuport 4/10/11/27.hopefully copper states nieuport will be here in time for telford hopeing to get 1/2 or 3.
  5. I would love it to be the start of the nieuport series of fighters but as already said above a 504 would just dandy too.
  6. brilliant heard about this kit a few months ago great to see it coming along.
  7. posh boy

    SE5a 1/48 Eduard

    what a great model nice weathering.
  8. posh boy

    A Bit of WNW speculation

    for my two pennys worth I too would like to see a nieuport 11 or spad but also a austro Hungarian albatross theres loads of schemes there on failing that just a caproni ca3 will do.
  9. posh boy

    Macchi 202 Tenente Solaroli

    fantastic model of a great plane well done chap hats off too you
  10. posh boy

    Sopwith Pup, HR Models, 1:72

    great little model and I mean little.brilliant
  11. posh boy

    Eduard Albatros DIII

    what a great model you have there,i really like the Austrian albatros and have built a couple myself its a shame more Austrian aircraft are not given the same modern make over.well done chap
  12. well that's made my mind up as soon as I get the funds a pup it will be.here in England we have starling models they were doing the pup for £65 which I didn't think was too bad a price.i was looking on ebay and wnw kits are fetching stupid money.thanks again jeff k.
  13. hi jeff k that answers a question I had,can you build a rnas pup from the rfc pup,is the only difference in dunnings machine if you choose that option.i have aviattics Italian pilot figure to go with a models nieuport 11 when I get round to it.fun times ahead.