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  1. Impressive list Cudos on the Matilda caunter scheme Andrew
  2. Your PE work is astounding! Not a drop of CA to be seen anywhere! Well done. Andrew
  3. Finally got all the accessories done and painted. Fishing rod was remade, I used Molotow for the first time. Nice and shiny!! I used Micro Kristal Clear in the cups and the purple didn't quit go to plan as it didn't go clear when I mixed some purple with it but it sort of worked in the end. The 'cut off' are a pair of gloves and a random document to stick in the door pockets to try and hide the fact they are not hollow. The red tipped black tube is the rod case. The notebook is a ring binder which I did check and they were introduced in the early 30's so period correct The fly box is based on a period example and the flys are shreds of tissue soaked in various bright colours. I did ponder making the hooks but I value my sanity I'm really liking using foil and lead sheet (From yoghurt pots and wine bottle necks) The only down side is it doesn't take paint well but if you take care it's ok. Next stop RFI Cheers all Andrew
  4. That's a really nice looking kit. Making a great job of it as well. CSM are bring some great kits out. Must get one Andrew
  5. So someone has done it before! Drat!! So someone has done it before again!! Double drat! Thanks GRK. This was a one off. Thought it would be fun and it was. The shading was relatively easy as every photo out there is an accurate reference . The trick was to use only blacks and whites as any greys had a colour tint since there is no such thing as true black or white. All paints are either a very very very dark or very very very pale colour. I have a couple of figures I want to add to both this and the Whippet when I pluck up courage to try a figure! Andrew
  6. Really great work. Those modern stowage really add to it. I'm sure previous periods would be just as colourful. Makes you think. Andrew
  7. You could always play it safe with a B&W version Andrew
  8. Just to stir it up a bit, the colour not the....... Anyway there is a school of thought that suggests grey as in naval grey, battle ship grey also known in our family as what the bath water ended up like on a Sunday night. Tell the kids today and they won't belive you, gravel for breakfast, jumpers for goal posts and all that. BTW I need a signature and I was thinking; "Be warned my modelling tips have the ability to reduce grown men to tears" What do you think? Andrew
  9. Hi Bertie Phew! That was emotional. You have a good cry, we all do it if we admit or not. Get it all off your chest if it's right for you. Enjoy your sarnnies and keep building like an eight year old or a fifty something year old. What ever works init All the best Andrew
  10. This is a wondekit to build. I really enjoyed mine Good call on the filler cap hole. It was too late when I found out they used the Bovington example and no one told them they welded a slab on as a replacement for the real thing! Another tip or two 1. The solid long strips on the fron right and left sides of the 'cab' are actually brackets for the grousers to hang from. Along with the additional kit ones I scratch built them from copper sheet. 2. They tended to hang the grousers from rope / wire on the back. 3. These were all issued with canvas fenders which hung from 3 springs each end from those angle brackets sticking out over the tracks front and back. Most didn't use them but for extra realism drill 3 small holes in each 3. Most of these seem to be pretty bespoke with small variations in each. For example the positioning of the tools on the rear cab was different on each with some not having any. 4. A common field addition were wooden storage boxes over the tracks at the rear and hand rails in the same place. Forgive me if I'm demonstrating the art of sucking eggs BTW but a quick Google will show all of the above and is a great excuse for scratch build additions. Oh and I feel your pain with the great cassum of doom as mine rattles with half a machine gun inside Quick question....... Are you going green or brown? Not a loaded question at all Andrew P. S. The exhaust silencers were commonly covered with white asbestos rope (I assume) most threads are too hairy and thick so I used thin copper wire. But late for you though A
  11. I think we're on the home stretch now. Been whittling away quietly a few hours a night and I think apart from one bag and a few cloths draped here and there this is done bar the painting and fixing. I've redone the waders to be a bit more in scale. Remember the razor foils....... They're now the outer filter cases I also redid the rod. It's a three parter so that the sections are thinner. I'm going to put it all on this base (Minus the nasty scratch!). Dioramas are not really my thing and I intend to do this with all my builds. I think it frames and shows of the build nicely. I challenged myself to make the eyes for the rod Well chuffed So probably the next step will be RFI but if I do anything else interesting I will post here. Have to leave things for a week or so as I'm away and 1:1 scale will be taking priority Cheers all Andrew
  12. Good grief! That's a stunner. I can feel the humidity from here. First class all round Fabrice Andrew
  13. Really good build. Better than my effort Figures are superb Andrew
  14. Quality work there and great fix on the gap It's a nice looking kit Andrew
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