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  1. Lovely bit of work there vytautas. Thats a model in itself! If it scratch or a kit? The leather and buckle strap is excellent. A
  2. Cheers del boy Not too much information there but always useful. That last pic is the one AFV Club used for the Dorchester box art! A
  3. Thanks. It is a very interesting vehicle especially what went in it. Military radios now that's one hell of a rabbit hole A
  4. Glad you like it it's a bit of an epic but I'm enjoying it. I seem to be doing everything twice. Oh and sorry to disappoint but the light show isn't happening A
  5. Thanks for the honesty I might get it for future reference as i am developing a bit of a soft spot for all things AEC. I am tempted by the deacon and the demolition vehicle which is based on the Dorchester. Lots of potential with a matador A
  6. Cool pose and like the cargo area weathering A
  7. Hi Here's my WIP Yes that hole is a bit bizarre. Yes mine is the command vehicle and the instructions can be a bit vague, see my WIP. Moulding is good but does have some annoying flaws. Check your leaf springs I think I bought the wheels direct from DEF but Fields of Glory and others sell them. Never been to frome models. I get all my stuff on line. How's that book? Worth purchasing? Does it have all the varients? A
  8. Very nice work. Quite fancy doing a Landy. I did the now no longer available Tamya LWB ambulance back in the day. A
  9. Thanks Mike. I didn't think silver was correct. A
  10. Hi del boy I have this in my pile and am currently doing the Dorchester which has the same running gear. Couple of things: 1. I would not attach I44 until your ready to put the exhaust on. Its very delicate and sticks out. 2. The mystery part in the pic below is L7 (it's 7 anyway) don't glue this bit until your ready to attach the part it supports as it will mean a very tight squeeze and some nasty bending! 3. There is a hole in the gearbox. I plugged it! 4. I would highly recommend these after market whe
  11. There are 3 things that spoil this kit; 1. The wheels - they just don't look good and are a very rare pattern. 2. The radiator - that's fixed in the kit now 3. The 'Wendy house' rear cab curtains. For the wheels the after markets are way better and the rear curtain can be scratch built.
  12. This exact one is on my to do so will be watching with interest. Isn't the Berlin scheme one of those modelling rights of passage? A
  13. Ah thanks for that. I'll probably end up getting both A
  14. Very nice and sharp with lots of clutter. Can't beat a busy model. Those aber straps look good. Might invest in a set. Is it the 'buckles and straps' set? A
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