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  1. Thank you Mike, That's exactly what I wanted to know for the colour. Yes they do seem to have worked quite well by accounts from captured German staff! You wouldn't have a source for the overhead pic would you? I'm sure it will be from a distance but there is no known photo of a Dorchesters roof! There is some debate as to how the top hatches worked. Most kits show them as hinged however there is a theory that they slid back including the perspex window. The sliding makes more sense to me as once open you would have to climb onto the roof to close it if hinged. There is virtually no photos of the interior either but I'm gradually building up a reference library which when pieced together is giving me a good indication of what went on inside. A
  2. Nah! I've had my Germanic phase back in the day thanks, strictly Brit these days
  3. Stonker of a model A
  4. Excellent work. Well done. Very dynamic. A
  5. Looking really really good there. Yes I suggest you leave lots of cable hanging out the back as it has a long way to go through the trailer. One point - I wouldn't paint the rollers and cogs shiny. Judging by modern stuff they would all be caked in thick grease including the cable. The big advantage of modelling lorries etc is there are plenty of civvy equivalents around as reference A
  6. That's interesting as I wouldn't have thought a transporter would have enough panel area to do a decent Caunter scheme. Should be fun doing that though and you can always add the roundel as I'm sure they did. Other options I was considering were a well used tractor in one scheme with a shinny new replacement trailer in another scheme. Bit like you see with Articulated lorries. A 'factory colour' with a contrasting 'field applied' coat just on the outside bits. Or it painted to look like an M3 Grant to fool the Germans..... oh wait! A
  7. No I thought that and double checked GBP 1520. Probably is Yen and a Web glitch. A
  8. I just clicked on the link and it said £1520 I hope you didn't pay that much!!!!! I might try and get it and the other one for my R100 ans SV2S builds in the future The instructions don't tell you a lot of things But that is where the main cable is wound. Oh and good luck feeding the cable from the winch blocks on the top of the trailer through and down then under and along all the rollers and bends back into that drum all in one piece A
  9. If your going to put cable on that reel I would do it now I packed it out to save on cable BTW A
  10. Good luck. I watched all the vids on Youtube for ages trying to get a good shot of the cab rear curtain. They always seem to cut away just before.... grrrr Those recovery vids are excellent to get detail. There is even a section in one where the Sargent Major is givng a walk through and pointing at bits with his stick. Can't get better than that! Asfor colour a good example would be the most famous Scammell Transporter of them all, "Snow White". There is a photo of her in Normandy on the way to being evacuated and then a few years later in North Africa! If it is the same snow white then she would have been repainted from SCC2 to Desert colours. There are quite a few threads on her if you dig around. Normandy North Africa BTW technically mine is wrong. It's painted in SCC2 and black but the trailer is a gooseneck which is late war when that scheme went. One mod I would suggest which is easy but I think adds a lot is drilling out the sections below the rear legs and adding mud guards. And finally there were a series of books published in conjunction with Thunder Models which has loads of detailing. Unfortunately they are out of print and very difficult to get hold of! But if you search for it you can get a few preview shots of the inside which can give some details A
  11. It is. There's an even uglier version Yep the innards is what it's about Thanks for watching A
  12. All good stuff When I did the research the engine was kept the stock factory colour i.e. either light blue or green as per the pic I posted. After all why bother repainting an engine. As for the base colour they were all painted in either SCC2 Brown or SCC15 Olive Drab then locally painted so your cab and under gear can be that colour then the outer bits and trailer can be the scheme of your choice. With yours being the earlier trailer I would go with SSC2 BUT Knowing the hornets nest of British colours I may be completely wrong as there always seems to be a caveat! A
  13. Day two and things are calming down a bit. I cut out all the major parts for the cabs and dry fitted them to see what I was dealing with. Plenty of cleaning up to do but I think this is a good way of doing things. Better to cut them off like this than from attachments on the sprue These are the only ejector marks that are visible (If your doing it out the box) and considering the large areas involved I reckon that not bad going. The only bit of poor moulding I found in this bit. Easily fixed. And here she is. Right thats this one ticked off what shall I build next? And the inside. 1/35th Royal Signals Squaddy's point of view Bit of a tight squeeze between the map table and cupboard! Speaking of which I measured the cupboard door and the table gap. I don't think it will open fully as is so I may have to adjust. These are the only interior photos that I can find of an actual Dorchester. I'm guessing these are what AFV Club used for their kit. It looks like a decommissioned one with all the kit stripped. That map table looks like it is made of solid planks rather than veneered so I will be either showing that in the kit one or scratch building my own. I know these things were very well built with little expense spared, hence the name, so I can imagine the table looking very nice. Looking at the pics above the floor looks nothing like the kit. I think the floorboards went traversely. Today has been a day of contemplation, chin scratching and planning. I think I'm going to be scratch building most of the internals including the floor. This may take some time! Comparing the cab element to the chassis yesterday they are very different. This bit is well laid out, well explained and the quality better. Definitely a tail of two kits. I've ordered a few bits to do the scratch building so things may go quite until then but hopefully not too long. A
  14. Really interesting. I like the working rear hinged engine cover. Great work as well. A
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