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  1. Some excellent points there @Mike Starmer and @Das Abteilung Particularly about not hanging stowage on the sides of vehicles in NWE while it was ok in NA. Funny how when you hear real accounts the logic really hits you. It's blummin obvious when you think about it. That does, however, make things a little awkward with my current build of the Riich models Universal Carrier as there will be a lot hanging from the sides. I did wonder why I never saw a pic of one with stowage on the sides. Now I know. Bit late to change all the bits on the build now but oh well Andrew
  2. Thanks LM Your welcome Zig Quick update as it's been a while That's the basic layout. Lots more to add. Just got the ammo boxes to finish and it's on to the final hurdle of weathering and assembly Huzzar!! Andrew
  3. Still really enjoying this build Really like the look of this kit to. Andrew
  4. Thanks all for your input and memoirs Makes sense to take as little as possible in to battle. Just a 24hr pack I suppose and tucked away safe. This is of use for my builds which have mostly been 'at rest' or of non combat subjects so plenty of room for stuff however I'm planning an in action build possibly next so wanted to know how much stuff to stick on the back etc. I'll keep it minimalist Tah Andrew
  5. We all like a bit of stowage on the back of our AFV's. We often see them piled high with all the crews worldly goods. After all it was their house (After a fashion) as well as their weapon. Most period pictures are of AFV's on the march so I would expect them to be carrying everything including literally the kitchen sink but any pics of them in battle show little on the rear. Makes sense. So the question is did they carry everything while on the move then leave the majority behind the lines before moving forward into battle and then go back to get it or wait for it all to be brought forward? Did they take anything specific into battle in terms of stowage other than amo? Hanging stuff on the outside of your tank is really asking for trouble as your personal kit bags etc could easily be destroyed, damaged, lost etc. You don't want that to happen surly? I'm sure it is different depending whether your in advance or retreat. I am asking specifically about British logistics but anything will be informative. Cheers Andrew
  6. Thanks MM. Just did a search and found some solder balls 0.06mm I'll try not to sneeze Andrew
  7. Quality start MM. Could tell me where you got what your tiny balls are called please? Andrew
  8. The British version is coming https://www.scalemates.com/kits/combat-armour-models-cv35a011-vickers-6-ton-light-tank--1360590 Andrew
  9. Thanks Echen. Much appreciated. SHe's going to disapear for a bit while I crack on with all the 'stuff' thats going to fit in her. Andrew
  10. This is a cracking build. Very well done indeed. I'm still waiting for the Brit version to come out. CAMS being a subdivision of Riich it looks just as good in terms of quality and detail as the Parent ones. Andrew
  11. Thanks Nik It will go on a plain black base like all my others. I like the effect which emphasises the model. Andrew
  12. Much appreciated @THEscaleSHOW Vallejo is fine for brushing it's just that plasticy feel you can get with it. Trick is to really thin it down to at least 50/50 for airbrush and very thin layers at a time. So shes starting to bet a bit of colour in her cheeks Did some more basic colours and added the pin wash. I don't do it 'properly'. Pin wash goes straight onto the matt base colour, no varnishes. I wash the surface with Odourless thinners then apply the Tamya black wash. The thinners provides the capillary action and allows the excess to be brushed off. The aim is to avoid as many paint layers as possible. She only has two but if I did it the proper way with varnishes etc she could end up with four! The wash does end up very subtle which I like but you can get a slight shadow in places but once the pigments are on it all gets broken up and disappears. Decals all went on well and appear to be nice and thin. The star is perfect but I think they may be a pit stiff as the front mudguard ones seem to be a bit proud. On to the detailing next but I may take a break from the main build and crack on with the accessories so that they can go straight on once shes finished. Cheers all Andrew
  13. That is a really cool build. Love all the detail, the netting is 1st class .he paint scheme is very interesting and well done and the extras break up things nicely. Well done. Andrew
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