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  1. That's a pretty jazzy colour scheme. Should look nice once weathered Andrew
  2. If I didn't know better I would swear this was 1:16 or bigger. Amazing work of the first order Andrew
  3. Really nice build. Lots of intricate stuff on the bofors and appropriate subtle weathering all round. Nice subject as well. Andrew
  4. Excellent work there Paul. Jigs is what I should be doing and I'm pondering one for the rear frame on my Bedford. I would imagine those little lines are to mark where the bend should be. No other way of showing it I suppose. Two lines for the beginning and end of the bend would be logical but counterintuitive with the rest of the lines on the PE which represent a sharp angle bend. Just a thought. Andrew And yes it is a cute beetle
  5. Really nice little set there. Nice and neat particularly considering the scale! Andrew
  6. Ooh I like this. Rust is first class and your tyres! That colour is perfect. That brown tint works really well. That's something I've been thinking a lot about recently and notices on real lorries. Andrew
  7. Nice and not over done. A clean vehicle that's got muddy I've got a soft spot for scorpions. Might do one when the current pile goes down a bit. Andrew
  8. Really great, moody and gritty build. Your canvas is excellent Andrew
  9. 'alf a pound to you Squire Andrew
  10. It actually does! I'll weigh it tonight for you Andrew
  11. Very nice work. Can we see what's in the back? Andrew
  12. Fantastic work on both. Those tyres on the second one are absolutely spot on. Difficult getting that colour right but you've nailed it Andrew
  13. Cracking job around. As others say those figures are excellent. Your storage rolls are great to. Love it Andrew
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