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  1. Hi Roger really sorry for the lack of progress. The man cave has lost most of its flora and fauna however things are still not back in place. There are a few a little feminine touches though..... Every one of them lovingly dusted and placed neatly in rows. Unfortunately Mrs APA thought it was a good idea to dust the finished models as well!!!! Not too much damage. A door here, a cable there. They will survive Meanwhile the Mantis might be stuck in a box in the corner but we do now have a scratch built 1:1 scale 'his & hers' garage so the short answer is no. Probably in a couple of weeks but thanks for asking Roger Andrew
  2. Thanks for resurrecting this and thanks for the comments. Yes they are little beasts and you do wonder about how much more can fit into them. Glad you've had fun building yours. I think the detail Riich provide can be an inspiration for the builder to do thier bit in the build as well. Thanks Maginot. and thanks Providence Andrew
  3. Thats an absolutely lovely build! Well done indeed. Andrew
  4. Very nice work there Interesting build strategy, painting and weathering as you build. Probably the best option considering the layout. Andrew
  5. Excellent job especially considering the scale So how did you do the camo scheme? Andrew
  6. That's the guy who held out until the 70s still fighting ww2 isn't? Amazing story! Yes I'll leave some talc on the carpet to catch any trails Andrew
  7. Thanks MM, so good I can't find the bleedin' model Ironing board will make an excellent diorama base and the gravy boat is perfect for mixing paints and pouring into the airbrush Thanks RedCoat. Glad your interested. Hopefully back on it in a week or two Andrew
  8. Enjoying this build Roger. Steady as she goes Andrew
  9. This looks really cool. It's making me want to get mine to the top of the pile Andrew
  10. Just in case anyone was wondering why I'm not cracking on with this we're doing a bit of 1:1 scale domestic scratch building so all the green things have taken over in the man cave Anyone got a machete? Andrew
  11. Are you going to do 'year after the graffiti' version. More opertunity for weathering Andrew
  12. Go on count the rivets. You know you want to Andrew
  13. I really enjoyed making my tortoise. Stick some stowage over that knackered bit. No one will know Good luck and have fun. Oh and if you remove the prototype triangle you can do a 'what if' in all its full fighting set up Andrew
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