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  1. jenko

    What's your avatar?

    More than probable. 3 males together is sooooo unusual. Lewa is one of the places they use for documentaries, like Governor's Camp that the Big Cat Diary used.
  2. jenko

    What's your avatar?

    Mine is of a male cheetah (one of 3 brothers) who hunted together in Lewa National Park Kenya. I was 10 feet away when i took the photo. Dick That was one hell of a holiday !!!! And Jenko ....my nick name the kids gave me when I was teaching (my surname is Jenkinson)
  3. Also forthcoming kits do not show what scale they are initially when viewed.
  4. Having just bought several Revell/Hasegawa FGR2's....................... you just know Dick
  5. A quick build. Tamiya Crusader Mk 1. Easy peasy ...take your brain out sort of build. Decaling took me ages Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  6. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. Much appreciated. Dick
  7. Make that 2 of us. Tamiya have the balance about right. What ever it is Tamiya will be richer and we will be poorer. Roll on the 25th. Dick
  8. Found this kit at the back of the stash. Never done a dual combo before and I must say that I'm impressed. One of Eduard's earlier offerings. You can see the leaps they have made in the quality of moulding (I'm also doing a Tempest at the moment). Now regarding paint colours......... I know there has been "some" discussion regarding this.... BUT.... this is my take working with what I have in stock during a lockdown. Markings are for Col. Anton D. Yakimenko commander of 151GIAP (red nose) and Maj.Sergei S. Shthirow 267 IAP Please feel free to comment etc
  9. jenko

    The Weather,

    You can really go off people Wall to wall rain and wind (out side that is) here in Broadstairs ..... stash gradually being reduced ................................. could start panic buying Dick
  10. I'm sure I'm not imagining things but did they not say last year they were releasing a range of F4 Wildcats. or is old age getting to grips with me??? Dick Age is defiantly a concern
  11. On the down side think of the prices................................. ouch springs to mind. Dick
  12. jenko

    The Weather,

    Freezing fog ...rolling in from the sea. Visibility 200 yds. (do your own conversion to meters ) Roads icy and you would never guess there was a lockdown with the trafic volume. Took me 20 minutes to get the car clear of ice and internal mist to go to Tesco at 7am.this morning. ( I do that to try and miss the moron factor....... you know what I mean ) Dick Used to be sunny Broadstairs
  13. Do get the impression they are aiming at the home market??? Dick
  14. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. much appreciated. Dick
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