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  1. My first flight was in a glider when in the scouts. My second flight was in a Cessna 172 which I jumped out of at 2500 feet. ......... with a parachute. Since then proper commercial flights, with some great bush flying in Kenya on Safari. Dick
  2. They used to say you can't see the wood for the trees...... this will be more like ........ you can't see the kit for the stencils. Oh.... the shear fun of putting all that lot on. Dick
  3. jenko

    The Weather,

    Meet you half way ....it's sleeting here in Broadstairs. 2.5 degrees. Not even enough for a trio. When will I see it again?? Update. It's stopped sleeting. Just blooming cold. Dick
  4. Been there ..tried them ..... forget it. Nice idea ..... might as well go back to the dry rub down. ( and the decals as well ) Dick Totally unimpressed.
  5. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. Very much appreciated. Dick
  6. Latest off the bench is the fantastic Tamiya 1/32 Mustang ... but the F-6D variant. I decided to do something a little different by doing French markings (GR 2/33 "Savoie" Colmar 1945. I used Berna Decals for the decals and a GWH set for the seat belts and dingy pack ...far better than the Tamiya offering. It's a real joy to build as you would expect and I feel, worth every penny. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  7. ^^^^ you can still see the carrier film on the stencil decals. TRHS. Bet they use a 45 gallon drum of Microsol... Dick
  8. First it was Nimrod now Hercules. The gods aren't with us any more.
  9. What will be interesting will be a direct comparison with the Zoukie-mura range of Phantoms at what is roughly a similar price. Dick
  10. If you don't want to go down the Tamiya root. AFV Club do a tiger that has got Zimmerit already moulded. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AF48001?result-token=nEsvO It's a nice kit. Dick
  11. Tamiya self adhesive Zimmerit https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TA12653?result-token=fkbeW Have used this and it works. HTH Dick
  12. Nice one. Didn't realise Zoukei-mura were doing full size models . Thanks for sharing Dick
  13. My mate George bought his wife a fur coat made from 4000 hamster pelts. He took her to Blackpool for a holiday. It took him 3 days to get her off the big wheel.
  14. Hi Brian, It's the Mk 10. (Square head box.) I just redid the top end and did seat belts from masking tape. If any one wants to look at the cockpit they need to be socially distanced ..... it looks better that way There are plenty of pictures out there. So please check your references Cheers Dick
  15. Brilliant...just Brilliant. Nice to see the F4's were doing their bit for the environment ................................... not. Dick Thanks
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