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  1. Latest of the bench is the Airfix Vb Spitfire in the markings of Squadron Leader S.C. Norris of 33 Squadron , Bersis, Libya, February 1943. OOTB but the markings are from the spares box. Why these markings??? Well ….. they are my initials …… the modelling version of a personalised number plate. On to the pic's . Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  2. jenko


    Watch out ……………. Spaddad is on a roll Keep ya heads down guys Let me know when it's safe to emerge Dick
  3. jenko


    It's good to hear someone speaking the Queen Vic's English
  4. jenko

    Have Haynes Manuals gone too far?

    This is the index
  5. jenko


    Litter...…………………….. It's every where. We do not see street cleaners in my part of the world any more. Public waste bins seem to be getting fewer. People do not even pick the stuff up from out side of their homes. All I see when I go on a car journey is...… LITTER.. Paper coffee cups that must Costa fortune. Beverage cans... all types of contents.... Mrs. Jenko and myself joined the local town team to help clear up in the local park...…… that was interesting ….found 4 pairs of Y fronts (with out the owners in them !!!) The whole place looks like a tip. What ever happened to Keep Britain Tidy ??? Dick Fed up with the state of the place
  6. jenko

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    I this a current trend ?? Power to the people...…………..
  7. jenko

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    And all he wants for Christmas is an Amper I think this line of jokes has got capacity...…. do not resist or else we might re fuse
  8. jenko


    Give the croutons a miss Pete...……………..
  9. jenko

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    But he is a bright spark. Did you work on the volted church ceiling??
  10. jenko

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    I've just bought a DeLorean car. I will only be using it from time to time.
  11. Hi Dave Thanks for the pic. See what you mean. I'll try and change them when I get a moment. Dick
  12. Hi Dave, The decals I used were the same style for the aircraft. Just saving the Xtra decals for a later date...………….. It's the Yorkshire man in me Dick
  13. Not really. I fixed one side at a time , then pulled both sides together Dick
  14. Another one bites the bench dust. This time the new Airfix Blenheim. Peach of a kit. Up to the usual standard of todays Airfix. One small gripe..... The rear turret is a work of art ...but ...why oh why did they not go the extra few feet and make a gun that looks like a gun. Decals are from Xtra decal. However I used the kits decals for the roundels...…….. they were fantastic, as good as after market ones. Well done Airfix. Anyway on to the pics. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  15. jenko

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    The prince was on a slippery slope . Her slippers were in a glass of their own. It's just like Romeo and Juliet. When at the balcony ….windowlean Dick