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  1. Just wait till you retire and think of ALL the time you have for modelling Dick Retired teacher. Anyway, brilliant as ever. I really cannot get over the size of it. Should be interesting displaying it at shows. Mind you the old venue for Southern Expo did have a pond out side...... Dick Enjoy the break
  2. Really nicely executed. The kit is probably one of the best out there. Wish they would scale it up. Dick
  3. Welcome to the group. How many kits were you on a month? Have you ever been kit free? Do you regularly get stashed ? Congratulations in our eyes you are a normal person......carry on. Dick
  4. Take the advise of your school teachers from all those years ago John.................. Must try harder. If anyone asks you are training for the 10K Dick
  5. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. Very much appreciated. Dick
  6. Just had a look at my profile on here and I'm 5/8 (insert comment of your own choice) and I need just under 2000 points to reach the next level. As Bruce used to say.... what do points make?? Points make prizes ................... Good game good game Dick Ps seriously this update is really naff and the amount of pain I'm in due to my roundels being squashed I just can not say.
  7. Latest off the bench......... without an upgrade in progress Eduard Profipack P51 D Mustang Iwo Jima. This kit gets all the thumbs up for quality and fit. So it must be me as I give it the thumbs down. Where do I start .... Flaps can only be in the down position. The undercarriage location is worse than the Airfix Mk5, decals are Ok apart from the excessive carrier film that curls when you take it off the backing paper. I wo's not a happy bunny with this kit so much I did the Airfix version along side. Airfix won by a mile. I do question the profipacks as the basic kit needs very little added. The weekend edition is better value. Any way it all turned out OK On to the photos. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Cheers Dick
  8. Lets also not forget Shitterton in Devon, Dick
  9. Now that is different. Nice one. Dick PS can we have some more pictures please and not so tidy workbench.
  10. Not one that you do a collection of models of because of the markings. Teleport me back to the sixties and seventies please it was colourful then. Dick
  11. Funnily No. It's in the middle of the dual carriage way and the speed limit is 70MPH. Too dangerous even for the local morons. Dick
  12. Also the road that joins the M2 with the M20 called Detling Hill has a village off it called Hucking, and there is a u- turn for it. Yes and a sign that says Hucking U- Turn. Dick
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