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  1. Yep..I thought mine was from a different kit Stock up on more filler ………………...…………. Dick I feel your pain
  2. Looking good Colin …. front screen was a bit iffy fit if I recall. This kit is never knowingly under filled. Dick
  3. Spot on. Nice and clean the way I like them. Dick
  4. It came out better than mine Joel. You did a good job on the yellow and the air intake. Why is it some colours are areal pain to spray?? Dick
  5. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. Much appreciated. Dick
  6. Brill. Good to see more 1/48 armour on here. Keep 'em coming. Dick
  7. For the record, I do not weather my models. I try to make them museum pieces. My personal taste. The yellow was a real pain to spray and the air intake was not well defined. I have put a wash on it (as suggested) and it now looks worse and have removed it. Dick
  8. Latest off the bench and into the cabinet is the venerable Eduard offering of the E-3. Markings are for 9 staffel, lll Gruppe, JG 3, September 1940. According to pictures it crashed on to the beach in France. The decals are from Montex as I wanted something a little different from the usual. The kit is still good but needs a little work in places.(filler) You can see how far Eduard have come over the years. anyway on to the pictures. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking. Dick
  9. The son was going flat out. Was he a squash player? Did he charge the flat rate? Is he now board stiff? Dick
  10. Hi Colin, As for the undercarriage … the olio joining the main legs … the nose is iffy as well . As regards to weight ….. I just filled every thing in the nose with lead and it still was a tail sitter.. The undercarriage was Ok with this amount of weight when pinned. I found a clear stand to put under the tail. I'm not sure if plastic removal will be enough... you can only try. Here is a link to mine if that helps. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235057689-britten-norman-islander-148/ Dick
  11. Colin, having made one of these..... 1. best of luck as fit is …. interesting to say the least. ,2. It is a tail sitter even when the nose area is filled with lead., 3. I would suggest you metal pin the undercarriage as it is a weak spot. If I can be of any more help just say. HTH Dick
  12. Seems ……. Just checking who was paying attention Ed. You get 10/10 and a gold star
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