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  1. The joys of 1/48 figures. Remember the Airfix RAF ground crew set ?? I compared them with Tamiya figures ...the Tamiya looked anorexic in comparison. Airfix scaling out to over 7 feet tall... and the best part of 20 stone plus .... Size matters. Dick
  2. As an aside. Are there any pictures out there of her being beached ??? Or in the process of being reincarnated into razor blades ??? Dick
  3. OK spelling not my best thing..................... that's why I make models
  4. Tamiya do do a Beatle and a Citro├źn in 1/48... they are belters also a Tilly that could be seen after the war in civvies. Hasegawa did a pre-war BMW. HTH for starters Dick
  5. Model engineering at it's best. Just brilliant, Dick
  6. Perfection ...............................
  7. Telling them you live in Sunderland might help. ..... Sort of true,
  8. Is this model classified as a second home?? Great work as always, Dick
  9. It did cross my mind , knowing what the bomb was designed for, how much damage has it done to the canal ?? Dick
  10. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. Much appreciated. Dick
  11. Just found the sprues with the Storm Shadows on so will be updating the model. Dick
  12. Modern fighters are not really in my comfort zone. Did try and find what should go on those pylons but the internet was not clear. We live and learn. Thanks for your comments and help. Dick
  13. This is the the Revell kit. No real problems except for the cockpit glazing I think was for another aircraft, and construction was a bit hit and miss. But it might be me. They supply 3 fuel tanks but only markings for 2...hey ho. One of Revell's better kits. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking. Dick
  14. This is the Dora Wings kit. A bit basic in the cockpit but goes together well. I normally try and do FAA aircraft and was surprised to see the version for Duxford did actually serve in the FAA. so just added Royal Navy to the registration. Many thanks for looking please feel free to comment etc. Dick
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