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  1. Great stuff and quick! I really like this And. These Japanese camouflage schemes are just very cool. Alan
  2. Hi. This is the BPK 1/72 Bayraktar TB-2 drone prototype. Started in Christmas Blitz-build but only just finished. Painted with Mr.Color and humbrol enamel touch-ins. Kit decals. I've liked this kit a lot. Thanks for loking, Alan
  3. This has got there, albeit about 6/52 late. Here are the airframe and bits and pieces waiting for final varnish. The propeller is White Mr.Surfacer 1500 and the grey hand painted with Humbrol H106. I couldn't figure out, or be bothered with, masking the spinner and the hand painting makes that unnecessary. The sensor dome has just had its details painted in with payne's grey oil paint. The tyres are Vallejo tyre colour also brush painted. The varnish is Mr.Color semi-gloss but sprayed at quite a high pressure from about 6". It goes on slightly granularly on the black but it looks smooth on the lighter colours. I was aiming for a glossier look but have really liked the slightly grain egg-shell. I haven't see any photos of this drone and I wonder is it's really unpainted carbon fibre. Getting the bits on was OK but time consuming, especially getting it flat on its undercarriage. The chrome pitots and oleo are painted-on Molotow chrome ink protected with AK Gauzy. The wing-tip lights are Molotov ink and Tamiya clear colours. A bit of a relief. It's a nice kit but finnicky. Thanks for looking, Alan
  4. Vikings in Scarborough ~ 800 AD three years late and via two(!) Scandinavia GBs. They are both FeR figures in resin and about 65mm (ostensibly 54mm). All painted in enamels and oils except Vallejo Natural Steel and Humbrol brass and gold enamel. The base is by the now defunct Hydra with Das plaster, Treemendus fun fur, El Viejo posidonia, chinchilla dust on PVA and Mr.Surfacer for the sand. The nameplate is Old Norse on the front and Modern English on the back. Vikings seemingly didn't have a list of years like us and dated things to memorable events. So the date is the same on both. Thanks for looking and all the help going-along. Alan
  5. Hello. They made it. Here is the same view as previously with the epoxy matt varnished, and the dogs-teeth on the Karl repaired. I've added a tiny bit more shadow to the Hersir's shield. Nameplate and done. Alan
  6. Entry to competition and strict application of the rules to wee ones will also be discretionary. Alan
  7. Agree also with @Dave Swindell above. I might say that we haven't done this before. It maybe that next time we have a middle class ( I'm a very middle class person) but we'll see. alan
  8. It isn't a typo. It means everything up to 1/72 (so 1/700, 1/350, 1/200, 1/100 and 1/72) go in one class) and everything 1/71 or larger (1/56, 1/50, 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24 and so on) goes in another. Alan
  9. Good evening. The Leeds show is this Sunday. I hope you'll come, spend money and enter the competition. Alan
  10. Terry, Sorry I did not come back to you on this. I have made a fair few drones, but this is the first target-drone I've completed. Hence my not springing to the SIG. You don't accept any old drone I imagine? Anyway, I have got various drone plans for GBs this year and will keep you posted if any of them get to the finish line before Telford. Regards, Alan
  11. @Terry1954 That is lovely. I have that same microscale sheet and was thinking about it for the forthcoming F-86 GB. I'm further inspired by your lovely finish on this, Alan
  12. Hello. I have a matchbox/revell privateer which periodically whispers, "FS12197, actually" to me when walking past the stash. May I replace @Adrian Hills's first of two entries on the list @ 13? That's my lucky number. Alan
  13. Likewise with the wolfpack decals. I've got a few but haven't used any. I'm hoping to do an F-104A from their "100s" sheet in the babyboomer GB. That won't need to be weathered! Alan
  14. I love the seeming tattiness of these late AMI F-104s. I think its easy to over do it probably, but your one looks about dead-on. I need to investigate that book and the wolfpack decals. Loving it! Alan
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