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  1. Thanks Col. It would have been time well spent....if I hadn't managed to break the second resin buckle off. Here is Mk.2: Both buckles now fusewire. After a lot of time-consuming mucking about I found that bending the wire over the corner of a hold-and-fold actually makes making the buckles quite easy. I have also added a brass pin to the wrist to hold it for painting and to secure it. The lever of the Martini-Henry broke before I even got it off its resin block. The new one is more, heavier, fuse wire flattened and bent with some pliers. Photographing things f
  2. Pat and Andy: I am here to tell you that they do not like it up 'em. You could be forgiven for asking why I'm posting the exact same image of this build as last time: Although there has been very little progress there has been a lot of time-spent. I've filled a bit of a defect in the right arm and carved up the pegs on his feet to start base-making. Mostly however, I've been making a strap for his Martini-Henry out of empty tomato puree tube. When I was a kid-modeller, I used to get very annoyed at older modellers writ
  3. That chopper looks lovely, missus. I think your spokes work really well. I hadn't seen AB figures before. Very interesting. I see that AB calls them 20mm. Are they really 20mm, i.e. 144cm tall, or 4'9", in 1/72? Not exactly Ubermenschen. Alan
  4. Put me down for this please, Pat. Would you now delete me from the Luft.'46 thing, for crying out loud? Alan
  5. Yes please, Col. Airfix MiG-17 with AZ Stolichnaya decals. Alan
  6. Ben, this is just looking fantastic. I am really looking forward to the painting-bit and I'm really looking forward to seeing the M/C. They are a bit tricky in 1/72. Alan
  7. Cliff and all, thanks. I'm not sure about "masterclass", Cliff. It can surely only qualify as a "class" if it gets finished, unlike every other previous attempt. He's "54mm" but actually a touch over 60mm. So, about 1/30. That
  8. The U-331 would be pleasantly outre. The FW-190 sand and blue colours are affy fine. Alan
  9. Long ago, when Col. suggested this GB I said I was glad that there wasn't a time limit...so, I'd better do this build/paint. The British occupied Egypt in 1882 and stayed until 1956. There were many objections to this state of affairs, one of the earliest being the Mahdist Rebellion which culminated in Gordon's death at Khartoum and the relief of Khartoum in1885. The battle of Tamaai in 1884 was a defeat for the Mahdists but only after they had broken into one of the British squares. They were repelled by the Black Watch and by the 1st Battalion of the York and Lancaster Regiment.
  10. I don't have much to add to that, Cliff. Top entry. Alan
  11. Please add me on to the list for this. 1/72 Mark II, El Alamein, please! Alan
  12. I feel your pain. The KUTA of KUTA is a genius idea. We should start a pressure-group. Alan
  13. I suppose if there is anything worse than not finishing a KUTA build, it must be not finishing two. Here is a contraption to get rid of the warp in the base: That is slow-drying epoxy splot to stick; perspex cover to guide, bit of pin vice and weights. I haven't got finished because of a problem with the acrylic gel for the water: After putting it on it sinks a bit and so, while the bow wave looks OK, further back it looks like the boat is sitting on and not in the water. It needs some more coats before I would start painting th
  14. Hello mateys, Did I say a couple of oil washes? Here's my reference. I didn't figure out a way to do the datum lines and numbers which would have looked quite whacky. This is the Lockheed-Martin website. Here it is varnished before washes Filter of Payne's Grey: Streaks of Davy's Grey with Zinc White: A few smudges and streaks of Payne's and Davy's Greys and white: And a final coat of varnish. That is 50:50 Mr.Color semi-gloss and matt. And it's
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