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  1. I like that a lot Terry. Yet more inspiration to finish mine. Alan
  2. Thanks for coming, and thanks for your comments. I spent most of the day in the competition hall. I am here to tell you that models are getting bigger! We're going to need more tables in future. I'm told by other club members that the footfall was a bit down, probably because of the weather, but it was OK. So, we'll see you next year, hopefully, Alan
  3. 'Morning all. Final pre-show post. The car-boot sale is not happening this morning, so there is lots of parking. Don't go to Sainsbury's to park. Do go to Sainsbury's if you want a bacon roll. The weather is blowy but a lot drier than last night. Alan
  4. 'Evening all. So we are all set: We hear muttering have happened on-line to say that the Halifax show is off because of the weather. This is not so! I don't have another parking update: the weather is pretty poor frankly and I think the car boot show is off and we all can park anywhere, but do please respect the signs...except the ones that say no parking 5am till 5pm, that is. Please do note that we have NO CATERING. We think that the food-van of the car boot sale is unlikely to be here tomorrow. So, it's down to Sainsbury's across the car park. The previously recommended Lentil Dhal is no longer available in their café but I can recommend their breakfast, and the coffee is pretty good, Manana Amigos, Angus
  5. Roy, Thanks. I was just getting on line to post just that. I hope that means we can just park anywhere, but we'll see. I'll keep posting should we learn more at the set-up tomorrow Alan
  6. PARKING UPDATE! The council staff this morning have confirmed with me that the 5am till 5pm thing is indeed incorrect. The large carpark, where the car boot sale goes on is indeed open from 1300 and free. Given the weather forecast, they tell me that there is likely to be practically no car boot sale, but I still wouldn't count on parking there before 1300. See you Sunday I hope. Alan
  7. Hello. Thanks for the interest. We will have a parking space for each trader and club/SIG. If you are coming independently, I should plan not to get there before 10.30. If you arrive any time after 10.30, you can park in Sainsbury's for 2.5 hours and move your car into the carpark vacated by the car boot sale any time after 1300. All parking if free in Halifax on Sunday. RG: the leisure centre staff assured us last year that the signs saying no parking 5am till 5pm are simply wrong. I see the website link, but can say that the car boot sale ends at 1300 and the parking guys from the council go then too. I'll check this out again and post here I wouldn't say you're wrong, Mr.Filler. We have thought about moving the show but its not so simple: see the EMMC/Hinckley website. The Bolton show has grown a lot. It is good. Currently we're about where we were four or five years ago. As of today we're a little bigger. We have a late addition to the traders list above: Mitch's Military Models: www.mitchesmilitarymodels.co.uk I hope I haven't spoken too soon about the weather! Currently we've got "Gusty Winds and Heavy Rain" first thing, according to the beeb. "Light Rain Showers and a Fresh Breeze," from 0900. Alan
  8. Good very early morning. How is the weather with you all? It was god awful here in Halifax on Sunday morning. We were upset to miss the booking for yesterday, being our usual 2nd Sunday in February but looking out the window, yesterday morning, I was pretty glad! That's water pouring upwards into the stormy blast. We did once have the show in the snow, and it did not go well. Next Sunday, "gusty winds and light rain showers", it says here. So, that must be good. Here is a list of traders: HALIFAX 2020 TRADE ARTISTS BRUSHES 4U KITS KITS AVIATION ANTIQUES CHRIS BYFORS KLASSIC KITS SK MINIATURES S&M MODELS AFFINITY MODELS AVIATION BOOK CENTRE AVID READER ANDY SWINDLEHURST MJR MODELS HALIFAX MODELLERS WORLD KIT KRAZY MODEL DISP PRODUCTS MAINLY MILITARY OAKWOOD STUDIOS ROGER DICKSON PLASTIC HOBBIES PAULTUDOR COSMIC SCALE MODELS LITTLE CARS ADRIAN HOPWOOD LEIGH MODELS TREEMENDOUS NORTH STAR MODELS TONY BOLDEN BOOKS FRIENDSHIP MODELS So, we're a bit smaller than in recent years, but still plenty of retail opportunities. I do hope you'll come. If you do, please come and say hello in the competition room. Alan
  9. That's looking good Giorgio. I think that's going to be natural metal fuselage and painted wings? I'm looking forward to seeing that effect, which I want to try on my next outing with this good but frustrating kit! Alan
  10. Hello Pat! I failed again. I wouldn't have thought it possible to fail in so many group builds with just one model. I had thought I would get this done this weekend but..."events, dear boy". Too much family and too much work. I thought even this morning that it would be finished tonight, but yet more domestic nonsense has intervened. Any way, it will shortly be available in RFI. It has been the model that keeps on giving. I have wanted to start some more Airfix Mustangs but am determined to finish this one first. The final, probably, things learnt have been not to handle the windscreen masking this way, not to use the canopy as a cockpit mask, not to paint the wheels and undercarriage legs separately and assemble them afterwards. The biggest lastest (?) thing has been: "DON'T SPRAY ON THE EXHAUST STAINS". I was particularly hacked off with that one! I have equipped myself with some weathering pencils to try better not to mess up next time. Next time with the Airfix Mustang is liable to be the VE day/VJ day build in May. I will be glad to have the next three months off! Thanks, Alan
  11. Angus Tura


    Hello. I need a little break from Mustangs and am going to go with these chaps: They're labelled as 54mm but in truth they're nearer to 65mm: Here are the, very welcome, very small number of bits: , and an idea how to pose them: As if appearing over a sand dune somewhere in East Yorkshire in about 795 AD. The sand dune might be the trickiest bit. Alan
  12. Hello Mr.Lemur. Thanks for a great show. It was a bit chilly, but otherwise spot-on, Alan
  13. That is a truly beautiful build and a truly beautiful thing. Alan
  14. Ach! I was just thinking about it. I had planned a couple of these:
  15. I was thinking about a couple of FeR Vikings who have been in the other stash for a bit: They'd make a nice pair. However, they would clearly interfere with already-woeful Mustang-productivity! Alan
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