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  1. Angus Tura

    Avro Lancaster STGB II

    I'd be on for this: Hasegawa Mk.I/III as a DC-10 with drones. Alan
  2. Angus Tura

    North American Aviation - just 5 to go

    I was looking at my unbuilt Sharkit/Muroc models X-10 last night and wondering if there might ever be a North American GB...and here you are! So please include me in. Alan
  3. Angus Tura


    'Evening. I'd like to add this Global Hawk. I think it is less than 25% done. I've cleaned up various bits and stuck the fuselage and wing halves together and I've mounted various bits on bits of sprue to paint them. I hope that's OK. Please let me know. Alan.
  4. Evening. Having missed the Blitzbuild last weekend, and having a bit of time-off coming up, I'd like to enter this as a quickish build: by my very slow standards anyway. Here is the gift set and Freightdog Mustang IV conversion set: I am planning to do this as KH655 QV-P of 19 Sqn RAF in 1945 at Peterhead, the first option on the Xtradecal RAF Mustangs sheet. I had thought to use the Freightdog bits but according to the Xtradecal notes this was a IV and not a IVa and so it should have the cuffed propeller, I think. According to the Freightdog notes, not all IVs had the cowling louvres. I can't find any picture of this Mustang and so it seems more sensible to do this OOTB and keep the freightdog bits for later. Maybe for a "Dooleybird". Alan
  5. Angus Tura

    2019 Huddersfield Show

    Mike, Thanks. My colleague Geoff Milnes does the great majority of the paperwork. However, the plan was to get the invites out next month, September. Alan
  6. Angus Tura

    Blitzbuild 2018 Chat

    Excellently marvellous Enzo! I had meant as-well-as, and not instead-of, but very good. I suppose you'd better count me in too. What to build? Alan
  7. Angus Tura

    Blitzbuild 2018 Chat

    I'm on holiday for this years Blitz and I'm as sick as the proverbial parrot. I haven't finished anything since last year's blitzbuild. I have enjoyed watching this year's from afar. I love the Cutlass. Steve, I feel your varnish-related pain. And so on. I am often on holiday at this time of year and I'm sure I'm not alone. Would anyone be interested in a UK Spring bank holiday Blitzbuild in the future? Alan
  8. Angus Tura

    The Specialist GB - 16Mar - 7Jul

    This is so wide as to be impossible not to like. Maybe a drone (recon) or F-2A or beaufighter (anti-ship) or ki-15 (recon)…. So, please put me down for this. Alan
  9. Like David, I too have not done very well with group builds...to put it mildly. But I'm still game. Please put me down for one, Alan
  10. Angus Tura

    Motorbikes, Cars and Trucks (inc. AFV)

    I've bought a couple of motorbike kits in he last couple of years to sublimate the mid-life need to buy an actual bike. Please put me down for one Kawasaki Ninja. Alan
  11. Angus Tura

    Reaper Drone

    Curses! I really want to get this done on time and find.....I don't have the right paint! Looking in that model-room I couldn't have conceived that there could be any shade of grey that I don't have! I've got a day off this week and had hoped to get well ahead then. New paint ordered on-line... We'll see, Alan
  12. Please put me down for this. RQ-3? U-2? P-80? Alan
  13. Col, Definitely up for this. ...late mark spitfire...vampire... You'll have to watch the title, I think, because, I think, the Warsaw pact was signed in 1955. I would prefer 1945-50 to be separate because there is so much great stuff there, but maybe its better to have one bigger do like this with a better chance in the vote. Alan
  14. Angus Tura

    Reaper Drone

    Thanks for looking, Dave. I've got the splitter plate in and am pretty happy with it: The NACA scoop is OK. Needs a few more blobs of Mr.Surfacer to smooth it out. Might actually finish this one! Alan