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  1. Angus Tura


    Hello. Here is a late entry. I hope it will fit the rules. The IS-3 was introduced in 1945 and while it only might have seen service in Europe by 8/5/45, it was certainly in service in Manchuria before 15/8/45. I was planning to build it as it appeared at a victory parade in Berlin on 7/9/45 but as it seems to have been unmarked and unweathered, I would hope that can be OK too. I was planning to build it entirely OOTB including the vinyl tracks. I have some new (to me) glue which will stick the vinyl I understand, and some plastic primer which, according to polythene plastic figure sites, should let me paint the tracks with acrylics. Alan
  2. Very good. That's a lot of stuff! Great result, however, Alan
  3. Sean, This looks great. I've seen a number of these painted and they've all been uniformly black and gold. I do like your colours. They're just muted enough not to be garish, while remaining colourful. Lovely. What are you painting with? Alan
  4. Hello again, finally. After evening upon evening of clean-up I got these to this stage: Huntin', and Fishin', To degrease them and, I hoped, get the last bits of old paint off, I tried this: This is my wife's ultrasound jewellery cleaner. I fairly nearly washed my wife's engagement ring down the sink when she gave it a quick blast after the Zinnfiguren. I loaded it up with considerable trepidation but it seems to work pretty well. It makes my wife's jewellery sparkle but, weirdly took the shine off the Zinnfiguren. It makes them look as if they've been anodised. Before: After: And here they are primed: The good book above and, I'm pretty sure, Military Modelling c.1976 both suggest Humbrol H34 to prime them but I thought it would be a bit stark for comparing shades and colours. So, I've primed with Tamiya Fine Grey. More tales from the riverbank for all you Paul Weller fans shortly, I hope. Alan
  5. Hi, I'm surprised that there aren't many more entries here. I'd like to add this: This is the Revell 1/72 T-34/85. The CMK figures include one leaning on a T-34 hatch, as you can see. The decals include a tank with some white stripes on the turret which will add a bit more vim. Here is an unstarted picture. I had thought about the Hauler etch detail set but it doesn't seem to add much. I had thought too about an Aber gun barrel but am just going to go for an OOTB build. I understand from online reviews that the tracks are a bit short. So I hope OOTB will be out-of-the-box, and not out-of-two-boxes. Alan
  6. Dennis, I'm on for this. Please sign me up. There's a large stash of unbuilt 1/72 scale British armour from which to pick! Are you sure it shouldn't be two GBs? Pre-1945 and Post-1945. Maybe that would be too ambitious vote-wise. Alan
  7. Marcin, Please put me down for this GB. Enjoying figure modelling right now, I wonder why you need a start date. Why not make it any time? That would take in many other interesting things, or at least people, and still exclude the Ottoman Empire, Soviet Union and Third Reich? Alan
  8. Pat, please add me in. I would say "All things Italian," rather than insisting on Italian kits, Alan
  9. I'm on for this. I wonder if I'll have finished this year's before next year's starts!.... Alan
  10. Hi. I thought I'd put up a tiny update. Whoever previously painted these flats wasn't too fussy about cleaning up the castings, and this has only become more obvious after stripping off the paint. So, I've been cleaning up the castings: On the left is un-cleaned-up and on the right is cleaned-up. I hope you can see the difference. If you can't, please don't let me know: I don't like people to see me crying. This is a bit of an English-language Flats-bible: In it Mike Taylor wrote: "figure cleaning is an exacting task...It...offers the painter time to dwell upon a single figure." I am here to tell you that he was not wrong! This is worse than a Zoukei-Moura piston block, previously my worst experience of clean-up. If I ever get to painting, I'll let you know. Alan
  11. I'm pretty new, but am very happy to chip-in. Money well spent I should say. I would say, Mike, that in looking for donations, I would remind members of how much they spend on kits and equipment/material. As a show organiser, I am constantly surprised how many complaints we get about the measly £4 entry fee from people who think nothing of spending hundreds on stuff when they have got in. Alan
  12. Enzo, Thanks very much for this GB. I hugely enjoyed it. I hadn't realised that the Gallery closed at midnight last night and I blew it! I finished on time but too close to midnight to get to the Gallery. Here is my finished build. I hope you don't mind my sticking it in here. I hope you like it. I am hugely looking forward to the next Blitzbuild. I don't think there is much chance of us getting a holiday this summer and so that should be August for me. Otherwise, Christmas. Alan
  13. Curses. I just failed to get them into the gallery! I hadn't realised there was a deadline. Not to worry. Here is my next planned BB. An alarming amount of etch! This will be August except in the unlikely event that we have a summer holiday, in which case it'll be Christmas. Alan
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