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  1. Looking good Tony despite being one from yesteryear...the Turfsport was a real scruffy aircraft by september 44... Great looking diorama together with that Horsa Cheers, Jan
  2. I believe you , didn’t thought a uv marker was included but just the light with a silly batteryholder Nevertheless do you know what the purpose is by now? cheers, Jan
  3. And i love it, curious about the looks... Just traded a new B25 for an old tool a month ago and i had this scenario in the back of my mind when i traded it.... cheers, Jan
  4. I have some fond memories about that trailer along the fence... did cought a WC-135 this summer over there.... Simply love that place and i think it is a pitty that there is some water between us, otherwise i would have been there more often... enjoy it ,... cheers, Jan
  5. The marker is a uv light to harden the glue ... cheers, Jan
  6. Maybe this is a teaser and we maybe see a Hercules in the lineup( yes i know svezda is doing one but hey)... cheers, Jan
  7. You are doing a fine job Jörgen! The frustrating thing is that the aftermarket parts most of the times are lacking in quality and accuracy.. At least this is what i am experiencing with my 1/96 Revell kit and what i can see in your build! I also keep following your thread with interest. cheers, Jan
  8. For those who missed out , the aviationmegastore in Amsterdam has these in stock now!! https://www.aviationmegastore.com/motrhead-heinkel-he111h-6-limited-edition-a0007a-airfix-5055286668890-vliegtuig-modelbouw/product/?action=prodinfo&art=166188 They are sold out now..... cheers, Jan
  9. They all look sweet you have some great modelling skills.. cheers, Jan
  10. Simply love the kitchen foil damage, well done cheers, Jan
  11. That is a very nice clean build youve got..love the color scheme and a very well done paint job cheers, Jan
  12. You can still order the decalset at Williams-Brothers ..http://www.wmbros.com/store/p174/Decal%2C_B-10_Bomber%2C_1%2F72_Scale%2C_2013%2C_1_Each.html cheers, Jan
  13. The Williams is still an nice kit but difficult to obtain. But still looking forward to this Cheers, Jan
  14. This i s a very nice build of this lovely kit, certainly love what you did with that fuselage striping..... Like the restraint wheatering as well And you are right about those aircraft color schemes as they all do seem diferently! Cheers, Jan
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