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  1. It looks very realistic, very well done And indeed the weathering looks very convincing. cheers, Jan
  2. Maybe this can be an option if you can find them… @Skymonster https://www.scalemates.com/nl/kits/sbs-model-72036-c-54-skymaster-propeller-set--1117273 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114591552365?hash=item1aae30536d:g:uBMAAOSwRoNf4827 cheers and good luck, Jan
  3. Maybe it was misprint and was it missing the clear layer… you probably get a new one from them, they have a great service.. cheers, Jan
  4. Never had it long enough on the model to get a conclusive result
  5. I had a clear epoxy once and I needed a UV stabilizer in order from turning it yellow or brown and also to prevent crazing in the future.. Good luck Rob with your efforts and keep us posted! cheers, Jan
  6. Still great stuff!! I always say when I walk away from a day a of photography with one perfect shot it has been a perfect day You had that perfect day in many ways…thank you for sharing.. cheers, Jan
  7. That is a very nice and clean build! I like it a lot cheers, Jan
  8. Great build and paint job. I particularly like the mottling.. cheers, Jan
  9. Hard to say what it is but I can use water to dilute it ..other water based thinners work well but it is a course paint type.. cheers, Jan
  10. I have used these last year and they work but they strongly smell like wall paint….they are usable though but use a good primer to get adhesion Not all paints and I had 32 off them were consistent in color nor the same match as Humbrol . Contacted the producer and he told me that that was a thing he would work on.. cheers, Jan
  11. A lovely build that is, I like the lights as well.. A job well done and especially given the age of the kit! cheers, Jan
  12. If I am correct it was all about the fact that there is no complete and finished aircraft available for measurements……at the moment so this can change! This was recently asked at Airfix and this was their answer! cheers, Jan
  13. Very nicely done and I like the photoshop additions as well.. Did once a Matchbox 1/72 rendition of 2nd Patches and your build brings back memories..Yours is way better off course…. cheers, Jan
  14. You have steel nerves….. But well done! cheers, Jan
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