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  1. Lovely to see three bricks. In youre garden,. Nice lowlevel as well and great schemes.. cheers, Jan
  2. Wow that is a real scam ....something to watch out for and thank you for the haeds up... Good luck with your case at the bay.. cheers, Jan
  3. That looks lovely Ian, I do love the light on these pictures! Great build and paint finish cheers, Jan
  4. This is a very good representation of the doors and interior for a Norseman, great stuff cheers, jan
  5. Coverage of MRP is pretty good cheers, Jan
  6. It looks very good and the color looks correct to me Well built and thank you for sharing! cheers, Jan
  7. No easy way for that part , I had to fiddle it in as well....same experience as you had dryfitting it cheers, Jan
  8. Love your build and like the subtle wheathering.. One question though, are the anti dazzle shades on the side in front of the cockpit not fitted in the period of your build? cheers, Jan
  9. I don’t know what paints you are using Paul but I suspect acrylics! If so you can also use alcolhol for mishaps on canopy’s, my experience is that you rub it off in a jiffy. I use it on all sorts acrylics..anyway it is saved and it looks A okay cheers, Jan
  10. The fedex dude just brought in a package from Eduard shipping took just four days! In the box are two 1/48 MK IX.Ic kits and pe and resin wheels for them and I ordered two extra wings for these as wel! The wings are a special request in order to build two dutch spitfires with the wing that is normally included in the profibox bubbletop XVI . These wings are at the moment only available in that boxing and I was not planning to buy two profiboxings just for the wings. Eduard was willing to sell these seperately for a very reasonable price and I must say that their after sales is topnotch! cheers, Jan
  11. The kit is expected to be released in the beginning of autumn and from what I know I expect the kit to be twice the price of their smaller (He114) kits...can’t give an exact pricing as there is something as import taxes and other variables.. cheers, Jan
  12. I don’t know if it is a real short run kit but nevertheless the discussion about the price is a little early as we don’t have a price yet for this kit. The discussion is based on what the retail price did for other kits they produced! cheers, Jan
  13. If I am correct it is replaced by Humbrol 226 interior green as Humbrol 151 is interior green... Hope it helps! cheers, Jan
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