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  1. Hello Chris such a lovely build, wich hataka paints did you use? The red or orange? cheers, Jan
  2. It looks great and really like the wheatering....it looks like a 1/48 aircraft.. cheers, Jan
  3. @Arniec i see you also had some fit problems with those rings.. I am building one at the moment and solved it by adjusting the holes in plates that are supposed to become the rings with the text on it.. In that way it gave less fus for me as those holes weren’t aligned in the right manner.. Love to see how this clean up in the end. cheers, Jan
  4. Wow that is a great RV...nice story and well executed... cheers, Jan
  5. Finally i can take my hobby with me on a holliday the SWMBO must be thrilled about that
  6. @Space RangerThank you for posting Michael these as they are very helpfull for my Convair project in 1/72 I did ordered a few kits last year from Mike Herrill though hey isn’t in business anylonger.. He must be at age but he helped me getting some floats for a Dakota and also made a Grumman Mallard and postjager.. He is a fine man.. @Skodadriver i love to see what you make of it..... cheers Jan
  7. You inspired me Moa with your fabulous builds in my eyes you are a true artist! Small update again on those engines as i had finally the courage to polish it all with the AK silver color paste ... I must say it is really easy to apply and to correct if needed and how do i know .. There is a small difference in shine on the pictures but that is because the end of the nacelles are aluminium and overpolished due to the trial and error ... I think that this will be less visible when they are being coated with a clear coat like the rest of the aircraft.. Thank you all for the great comments.. cheers , Jan
  8. Shouldn’t be that a Kaman Seaprite instead of a Sikorsky Nice clean build though, simply love the Seasprite ... cheers, Jan
  9. Gee Ed, i must confess that this is one of the most correct ones i have seen.. great job cheers, Jan
  10. You have read the post of Dave and i don’t have anthything to add as that is the only true story as they were just paving the way into a new era @Dave Swindell thank you for adding the full story .. @Deano353 i use Microscale metal foil adhesive and this can be thinned down by water as well. Cheers, Jan
  11. They just wan’t to affect as much of the internet as possible and destabilise the world somehow ...
  12. Thank you @Nikolay Polyakov ... A small update as the engines are primed again with allclad gloss black primer and i am happy with the result There are a few superficial dustspecs on the paint and i still have to remove them. I can buff it up a little and there is even a slight chance that am going to use the AK metalizer paste for this in order to avoid the bubbles under the the foil.. I allready used that paste to camouflage the damaged corners of the foil and was quite happy with the result .. Cheers, Jan
  13. Scratched it and put the engines in to the primer this afternoon haha and positive about it! Cheers, Jan
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