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  1. I have the book in the flesh and i do like it ..there are no actual paint chips in it so getting the right color from these samples can be doubtfull .. Nevertheless there are many new pictures and info in it that can help you achieve a good result espacially when using their paints.. I think it is worth the price and is certainly a most welcome addition in my Brooks of color and paints cabinet.. cheers, Jan
  2. As far as I can see there is no complete canopy on that pic... but i am really interested in what they make of it in the end... The monogram was allready outdated from the moment it came on the market!! So bring it on ICM and give us a K as well.... cheers, Jan
  3. janneman36

    Bobcat Hobby Model Kits 2019 - programme

    Well that small list does include my alltime favourite A26 counter invader, Dragon anounced one in the nineties but that never came into fruition .. So i am highly interested one ..
  4. janneman36

    Revell me262 1/72

    I have been building a Revell and Airfix single seater and the fit from the Revell is ok but i had some sinkholes on the nacelles.. It is buildable with the original cockpit but i recommend a replacement from Rob Taurus .. Detail is very nice on the nacelles but i had sinkholes on the inside of the intake which is difficult to fill and sand due to the single part setup and the intakecone was short shot.. The Airfix intake is in two parts and easyer to sand these had sinkholes as well.. My experience is that shapewise the Airfix is more appealing to my eyes (espacially on the nose area) than the Revell and it is an reasonoble easy build.. Revell has in some area’s like the outside of the engines a more accurate detail.. But in the end the have both some strong and week points. Regarding pricing the Revell is cheap with a lot of detail. The Airfix is in my experience a more easy build but i do miss the louvres on the backside of the nacelles.. They both can be build into some very nice 262’s.. cheers Jan
  5. janneman36

    2019 Humbrol a hundred years old!!

    I saw when i visited Airfix today that Humbrol turns 100 this year !! If the Hornby policy sips to Humbrol as well can we expect them too give us the old tins of Humbrol paint again as a vintage range!!! That should be worth a wait hahaha
  6. I would have loved the ju52 back in the range as it would forfill my needs as this one is doing silly prices at the moment....
  7. This will be a very welcome addition...nice scheme for the Belgian one..
  8. Very eagerly as well......nothing comes to fruitation right now!! Gonna hit the shower and after that get the popcorn ready and see what coupe we gett..and then there is the new tool C46 Commando....
  9. A Fokker F27 retool.....and they probably will do the Hercules since i bought four of the Airfix ones last year.... Maybe a C-47 GUNSHIP with the ten gun arrangement..
  10. janneman36

    Air Anglia DC-3

    Well about those doors i have some vacformed ones and made the master for it myself, still not have finished those distinctive wheels as i need a little more time to finish the master.... They fit the Airfix kit but they are also very thin so if you are interested please feel free to contact me! Cheers, Jan
  11. I love rivets most of the time but anyway i also love to smile once i a wile ... Love your diorama.. Cheers, Jan
  12. janneman36

    Sikorsky-Boeing Defiant first look

    Normally i say that if you shake a tamiya box with a tad of paint and glue in it you get a perfectly fine result to display on your shelf.. But i really don't know what they where trying to shake at Sikorsky-Boeing...but its fugly... If i where a pilot i would certainly do not tell my friends what i am flying if i flew this....
  13. I want a K Invader and i say please..... I once was allready happy when Dragon anounced a counter invader and suddenly the Monogram came around the corner and it never materialised.... What a missed chance that was!!! Dragon at that time was allready light years ahead... Looking forward to the though...
  14. janneman36

    Cartograf decals silvering.

    Honestly i love cartograf decals, if printed by them quality is assured..but that is my experience.. Maybe you should try Revell decalsoftener, i really get great results with this stuff... Good luck!!