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  1. I have the Vallejo flow improver and the bottle says clearly that it is also intended to prevent clogging due to tip dry...used it even this evening and checked that statement on the bottle.. Used it on the Revell Aqua paint..and it showed improvement on the performance of this particular paint regarding clogging and tip dry No fan of Vallejo either cheers, Jan
  2. Certainly a different looking 109 and very a nice build so far cheers, Jan
  3. @keithjs found a pic with the the two cannons though it is a small pic I think I see the missing inner barrels.. cheers, Jan
  4. Having seen this flying in the flesh in a mock combat in the Netherlands it certainly brings back memory’s I certainly like the choice from Airfix ... Great build as well and a good companion for a Sea Fury perhaps! I like it that you kept it clean, just looking spiffy... cheers, Jan
  5. Great option to have them both masked for use she is coming along nicely.. cheers, Jan
  6. I thought exactly the same haha , totally insane build and too realistic Magnificent build and well done cheers, Jan
  7. Looking good and that you have em all is very nice They all look great cheers, Jan
  8. @gavingav thanks for the heads up...I could use a good acrylic... I hear good things about that new Humbrol so if this is the same in behavior it would be a good second. I use various paints and they are good but boy that mr paint I used this evening kills you... cheers, Jan
  9. Hi Graig , I looked up those specs for the Sparmax and that one is oilfree so we can rule that out! Do you empty the the moisture filter on the compressor on a regular basis by pressing the valve on the underside of the filter? This is important when you want to keep moisture out of the air as it tends come in your air when not properly emptied..it can give you these problems.. Good luck , Jan
  10. Hello Graig that is not okay... what kind of setup do you have for providing the air? I still think that contamination is your problem...sometimes it happens when you use different sorts of paint like oil based and then use waterbased/ acrylic ones! And sometimes polluted air...with oil that is.. I use mostly cellulose thinner to clean out my airbrush and that is only recommended when you have Teflon seals in your airbrush. cheers , Jan
  11. And the instructions at the Zvezda site.... https://en.zvezda.org.ru/upload/iblock/b41/7321_web.pdf https://en.zvezda.org.ru/upload/iblock/bb1/7321_color_web.pdf cheers, Jan
  12. Lovely to see such a kit being build cheers, Jan
  13. A sort of Mr Jekyll an Hyde...nice clean build and something different cheers, Jan
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