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  1. janneman36

    Duxford airshow 2019 dates

    Regarding D-Day i can tell you that it will be busy but not especially on the RIAT..but there is a possibility that they want to do something for market garden the berlin airlift or normandie. The armada of Dakota's for Daks over Normandie will be arriving in the end of may between the 10th and 25th.. They will arrive in three waves during that period at Duxford.. Then they assemble at Duxford and practise the jumps over there, in the week before the 6th of june there is a full program regarding D-Day.. At this moment 37 Dakota's are confirmed for that event.. After that they fly the whole formation into Normandy in one big wave, and after that week in Normandy a lot of planes will stay in Europe at Weisbaden too venture into a Berlin airlift rememberance and do a big thing at the Netherlands in September for Market garden.. Cheers, Jan
  2. janneman36

    Checking in

    Welcome on board from the Netherlands neighbour!! Cheers, Jan
  3. janneman36

    Hello fellow modellers!

    A warm welcome from the Netherlands Nick!
  4. janneman36

    1/48 Alouette III gunship conversion

    Interesting stuff, nice to see a scaleworx kit being build!! You certainly have my interest.. Great detailing sofar. Cheers, Jan
  5. janneman36

    Airfix 1/72 DC3 Dakota Mk IV. BOAC G-AGKN

    Boac flew DC3's to Lisbon during the war, these where mostly Ex/KLM aircraft that fled to England in 1940 to escape the for the German invasion. These aircraft where pure right handside doors DC3's and had the same colors as the one in the Airfix offering. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BOAC_Flight_777 Nice build and color scheme though. Cheers, Jan
  6. janneman36

    C-130 Eggules from Freedom Kits

    Me think the nose is a little off......cargo bay is allso a little short!!
  7. janneman36

    Hello everyone

    Welcome Andrés, love to see one of your builds!! Jan
  8. janneman36

    Airfix 1/72 EE Lightning

    What a great clean build of a icon! Cheers, Jan
  9. That is a nice Cock, with very nice livery options... Cheers, Jan
  10. Hey they even look better in a civvy scheme, but you are right it is a neglected subject... I would love to build one in the true scale..should be looking fine next to my Skyvan... Cheers, Jan
  11. I am highly interested in how it compares to the rest!!
  12. I really love the result, what a great build this is and it perfectly matches the real thing.. Cheers, Jan
  13. janneman36

    Breitling DC3

    Same old mould but very good decals as the gold is gold and not something that is supposed to look gold.. Be quick with buyng a Italeri one with these decals as Breitling did stop supporting this airplane , she has now a different name on it.. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8995386 Cheers, Jan
  14. janneman36

    Dakota 4 ?

    At the moment i am busy with a conversion for this, i am doing the correct wheels as well.. If there is any interest i can duplicate these, the doors are vacformed and finished as i speak/write. I am almost finished with the wheels.. i will post some pics when finished... Cheers, Jan