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  1. janneman36

    F-101 B Voodoo 1/72 - Revell

    Nice build! I've not seen these build often... Cheers, Jan
  2. janneman36

    “500 Server Extistensial Crisis”

    So we are not supposed to post anything with the word "bom" in it....boy have we been noughty then the last 10 years..... But hey i think it is just as clever as the NSA , i got the same message and i wasn't planning to take a view at that show
  3. Love your build and very nice photo opportunity Cheers, Jan
  4. janneman36

    The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Just for my own Sea Fury builds and my Baghdad Fury(the one build that stalled here on BM) Cheers, Jan
  5. janneman36

    The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    And do you allready have the some pics of the plate and beam construction? Cheers, Jan
  6. janneman36

    Red Flag 1977 Vulcans

    Thank you for that James, i had found the same info as well and there is not much out there... Thanks Seahawk, i had the same idea. Below a linky to XM648 in July 1977 http://www.airliners.net/photo/UK-Air-Force/Avro-698-Vulcan-B2/632319/L?qsp=eJwtjLEKwkAQBf9laxtRgqTTXrSwsF12HxqM3rG3oEfIv2dz2A0zMBNJ%2Bjh%2BfqsZ1FMBmzxpQ5mN34X6iV6o32QaTPdztz9ELMn8VEMoO44iyA79%2B4spbE0o0j6P%2BG4DYNfGtOvC61DyyO0B52GkeV4A57st4g%3D%3D But you never know what's going to pop up.. At the moment i am collecting enough material for my Airfix Vulcan project and i want it to be a little different ... Thank you guys for chiming in!! Cheers, Jan
  7. janneman36

    Red Flag 1977 Vulcans

    Dear all, Is there someone out there who can shed a light on wich aircraft was the second Vulcan B2 at Red flag 1977? The first one is the wellknown XM607 and there are two pictures out on the net of that particular aircraft. And the second one is supposed to be XM648 according to the source that made the wellknown pictures of XM607 with the desert camo. According to him the second one had the same colors. The only thing is that at the time of the Red Flag timeframe 607 was in hands of 44 squadron and according to a lot of pictures and databases 648 was at 101 squadron in august the month of Red Flag while it was at 44 squadron in march. So what i want to know if these two aircraft where from two different squadrons during the exercise and thus bearing the 101 crest on the tail on 648 and the 44 crest on 607 or 648 wasn't even there and the 648 serial is a typo... Many thanks in advance, Jan
  8. janneman36

    Op Wyvern Tor 2018

    Superb, you get the idea that they are made air to air.. At least the gamble payed off!! Cheers, Jan
  9. janneman36

    1/72 Hasegawa A-10A - finished!

    I love your build Jon, i think you nailed it Cheers, Jan
  10. That is very nice color scheme and really something different!! Was it a subsidiary of Pan Am? Well done i really love it.. Cheers, Jan
  11. janneman36

    Aichi B7A2 Grace 1/72 Fujimi

    What a Gracefull build this is , the black and white pics do the trick!! Cheers, Jan
  12. janneman36

    Airfix Shackleton MR3...

    As far as i know Airfix never promised one.... Cheers, Jan
  13. janneman36


    A few weeks ago on 26th of April this beauty came into Amsterdam, it is the last Tu154 ever built ... Cheers, Jan
  14. janneman36

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Well yesterday on our monthly ipms club evening one of our fellow modellers had the V-bombers from Airfix for sale.. As i allready had the Vulcan i only bought the Valiant and Victor for a very friendly 35 euro's and the Valiant even had the photo/refuelling set in it! I never felt so lucky and so i have to built the big three... Cheers, Jan
  15. janneman36

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Really sorry to hear about your parents Tim, the loss of one or both of your parents is a really strange thing. My mom went three years ago and only just for about half a year now i can give it a place.. I hope for you that you can give it a place sooner or later! My sincere regards, Jan