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  1. Bought it and like it ...it blows the Minicraft and Eastern Express out of the water........ A man can’t really complain about the price ..
  2. Thank you Ray, still these cockpits gave me some fit problems with the canopy’s in the end. Due to the instrument panels the fuselage were a little wider on some kits than they should be .(It is something I underestimated) Nevertheles there is a lot of plastic so I could sand it down untill everything settled as it should I had some inspiration during the build .. cheers, Jan
  3. His decals (vintageflyerdecals) are great by the way, highly recommended!! cheers, Jan
  4. Great job you did there, just went through the topic and it was indeed a lot of work on this kit! But the result is very nice sofar cheers, Jan
  5. http://silverhawkauthor.com/canadian-warplanes-4-douglas-cc129-dakota_748.html and scroll a little... cheers, Jan
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, I really love what you have done to it The wheatering is just perfect cheers, Jan
  7. Thank you they are quite nice and the fit is really good. I certainly do like the offset of the vertical stabiliser and the shape of it to counter the torque... Having build the Tamiya one this year I can say that both have thier downsides and upsides but they equal in build fun! cheers, Jan
  8. It has been a productive week as the cockpits are fitted and the fuselages are buttoned up.. The cockpit parts are drybrushed as well with a light pastel color to give it more depth before being put in.. Tried this for the first time this way and I like it! A gaggle of one o nine’s.. I certainly do like the overall fit as you almost don’t need any filler in the wing and fuselage.. Also kept the seams on the aft fuselage half’s as it should be. on the E4 and E7 One o Nine’s I had a bomb or tank selector panel installed . Not the best picture but it gives an idea.. cheers, Jan
  9. Same here regarding the workspace... cheers, Jan
  10. Well as long as it looks a little busy you should be fine..and for what it’s worth I also have a love hate relationship with PE... And you can get away with the color...look at this https://www.aviationclassics.co.uk/messerschmitt-bf-109e-cockpit/ If I am correct this is the Duxford 109E. cheers, Jan
  11. Again some work done on the pits.. Walls and floors recieved a subtle wash of matt clear varnish mixed with black waterpaint. Seatbelts from Eduard set FE812 used and the first two sets were installed wrongly..lets say bottom up In the end they look good I think as these are quite nicely painted by Eduard. I managed to get them corrected quite easily, gunsights installed but two were missing their sighting glass... Still more work to be done but I think it is worth the effort.. Wrong way up And corrected in the end I think no one probably wouldn’t noticed it ! Radiators installed ... cheers, Jan
  12. Today some progress has been made on the wheelwells .. These wells do have an inconvenient split in the middle! I have glued these firmly together and scraped the walls with a surgical swann-morton and then I sanded these with a glasfiber pencil. I did remove some ejector marks as well as they were quite visible in the middle of the wheelwell... Thankfully no putty needed in here! cheers, Jan
  13. Thank you very much They are now in a base color of Humbrol 67 ...as I have seen Bf109E’s with a interior color of RLM66 during the BOB period some will stay in this color and the others in RLM02... All the seats will be done in RLM02 cheers, Jan
  14. For a first you did an outstanding job and it got the looks of an 1/48 model Love the exhaust staining.. cheers, Jan
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