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  1. The Hobbycraft Caribou has also been sold by Academy and then by Kitech....and was it good ? Well they did manage to do nine cylinders in the engine front and that should have been fourteen cylinders in two rows... It never stopped me from buying a few (at one point i owned five of these) it looked like a Bou.. And i don’t think that we see it back soon but it would be welcome with these kits doing very silly prices.. cheers, Jan
  2. At least i know i won’t spit on this one...
  3. Same name and great quality casting 1+1 isn’t always 2 cheers
  4. Make that eight haha or are they going to appear in the aim72 range...Neil ? cheers, Jan
  5. For those interested in scenic flights at Caen AirPort! they have a few extra five flights planned on june the ninth and tenth.... Be quick as they are just up on the site and going fast.... cheers, Jan
  6. I have a Badger 100 a 200 and 150 and a sotar 20/20 wich is is a Badger brand.. Two of these are at least 25 years old and still work fine..i love those Badgers Did some parts renewal on the wear and tear bits but thats it.. cheers, Jan
  7. Brenden is trying to help Mikey mcBryan with trying to get some pics or history about C-FDTD... https://www.planesavers.com/ cheers, Jan
  8. No lack of those Sofia decals.. https://www.v1decals.com/decal/v1d0488/nasa/boeing-747sp i have the set myself and it looks pretty good... cheers, Jan
  9. British European Dart powered Dakota 1/72 Airfix kit and a Aim72 historic set... Build is not entirely finished but almost nearing the end and if not eligible for this section it can be removed!! Running up one engine for the start of it’s freight run.. Cheers, Jan
  10. Thank you gents for the compliments during this build...tonight i did some work on the props but these need some refinement..that black antoglareshield was done today as well.. . @Dansk i must confess that i am equally impressed by your build and the techniques you used .. Gladd you pressed on with the Airfix kit and didn’t regret it I had a small break to catch our own club DC-3 in the hangar and this one also gets the inspiration going and this one is going to fly scenic flights during the D-day event in Duxford and Caen in France and there are whopping 800 tickets sold.. This actual plane even flew over st.Mere Eglise over dropzone O during D-day.. Enjoy the weekend, Jan
  11. Sorry for not being able to finish this build in time, however i hope you all enjoyed it sofar! I am going to ask the mods to move this to the work in progress.. Still made a few pics to get the idea how it will be looking in the near end with the standard props fixed wich will be replaced in the end build... Though not finished in time i really have enjoyed the group build and it was certainly a good start for me doing this build after having the idea for twenty years... Also i would like to thank everybody who participated in the conversations and giving positive comments Cheers, Jan
  12. Hello Rob, that looks like a real heavy used skytruck great job on those decals as well.. cheers, Jan
  13. That is a color scheme that i would like to have in my collection cheers, Jan
  14. At least an a for effort and still some time left... cheers, Jan
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