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  1. janneman36

    Yellow nosed B.......

    I have one in the stash and it is a normal Buchon edition except for those decals!! Cheers, Jan
  2. janneman36

    Convair 340 crash

    A Convair 340 destined for the Aviodrome aviation museum at Lelystad crashed during takeoff during a testflight at Wonderboom Pretoria in South africa today! One confirmed dead and 19 others injured.. This is a very sad end for something that would have been very special... Aircraft involved is ZS-BRV of Rovos Air. http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20180710-0 My feelings go out to all involved, Jan
  3. janneman36

    IPMS Canary Islands weekly meeting.....

    Cutting yourself under influence.....
  4. What is sane..... That fonderie thing is getting a own life.... As for the group build, who makes the lest worse Fonderie model gets one of his/her choice for free ( a Fonderie that is)
  5. janneman36

    Airfix 1/72nd Messerschmitt Bf110C-1

    Very well done Heather, it looks clean enough for me... Cheers, Jan
  6. janneman36

    de Havilland charity fly-in at Old Warden.

    Very nice report and great pics Mark, can't wait to go the next weekend... The atmosphere is really great at Old Warden. Cheers, Jan
  7. janneman36

    IPMS Canary Islands weekly meeting.....

    I almost would move to Tenerife, but at least i know a place to go to when our plane breaks down or falls apart.... Cheers, Jan
  8. I don't know about the other kits as i was just talking about the Hampden.. At least they tryed and gave us a basis to work from but a torpedo Hampden would be very welcome out of the hands of Airfix in this scale and the other one TRUE scale!! This only to avoid that not only the Belgians and Dutch go into the padding...maybe some Brits too!!! I am going to do some breakfast now.. Cheers and enjoy the day, Jan P.S. Should we start a Fonderie group build as it is Fonderie season!!!
  9. You are a brave men for starting this built.. I happened to have the same kit and a vacvorm .. The Contrail one was exactly the same, so i am convinced Fonderie did a copy of the contrail one and added more detail (read flash, annoyance and much more that didn't help) Cheers, Jan
  10. Looks pretty decent to me, i like it
  11. janneman36

    Douglas DC 7C Revel + corrections

    @Eugenio Revell is pretty correct about the outer nacelle fairing.. The last part of the fairing is in two parts, there is still some fairing on the flap itself. Not always good to see but the 1/100 drawing shows this and when you look at the picture of N6000V you can see it as well.. I am familiar with your build and i found you a brave man for doing it!! Cheers, Jan
  12. janneman36

    Douglas DC 7C Revel + corrections

    And this exactly how it should be, Douglas just made a pretty simple insert for the wing of this plane in order to get it fly further. Nice project and you are going the long mile on building it.. By the way the flaps on the DC7c are double slotted ones!! https://www.deviantart.com/roaklin/art/DC-7-flaps-676302294 The pic is one of DC7b...but it stayed the same on the Seven.. They where allready in use on the A26 invader which was allready far ahead of the competition.. https://hiveminer.com/Tags/dc7%2Cdc7c/Recent For me a good plane is a Douglas, sad that they lost the battle as they made very good planes... Good luck, Jan
  13. janneman36

    Best boot sale or other bargain model?

    One euro and fifty cents for 1/144 BMI Airbus 319 complete and in perfect conditon!! Or my Original Blue Thunder chopper for 15 euro's in i very good condition.... Cheers, Jan
  14. janneman36

    Minicraft kit price lunacy!!!

    It is not the blame of the importers, the prices on thier own website are pretty ludicrous.... https://minicraftmodels.com Cheers, Jan
  15. janneman36

    Old Warden Again! Military Pageant Day

    Great set, a wonderfull place it is that lovely little aerodrome... I am going to a evening show on the 14th of July and i can't wait to be there again Cheers, Jan