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  1. And it is available at the Aviationmegastore https://www.aviationmegastore.com/lockheed-c130j-30-hercules-zvezda-7324-vliegtuig-modelbouw/product/?action=prodinfo&art=182283 cheers, Jan
  2. Bring on that long overdue F27 new tool Friendship....
  3. The aviationmegastore in the Netherlands does have three kinds of westwinds from broplan in stock in a pricerange of a little more then 40 euro's...could not paste a link via my phone Cheers, Jan
  4. Great stuff and lucky that it all fits together nicely Cheers, Jan
  5. @Phew7410 sorry for my late reaction i don't seem to get the response alerts lately! The build isn't dead but it froze for a while other projects got in the way as well. Ik hope to restart this one soon.. Nice catch on that Arctic bird by the way and thank you for checkin in @LDSModeller thank you Allan for your story and thuis information is much appreciated. It is a very interesting part of polar aviation. I do have a weaknes for ski equipped birds. Cheers, Jan
  6. Great job on that one and I love the camouflage. cheers, Jan
  7. What a very fine build this is, nice and clean.. Great paint job as well cheers, Jan
  8. I just read through your build Dennis and the Texan does look very good. I love the colors cheers, Jan
  9. Maybe the wrong thread Homebee as this link is for the Border Lancaster! cheers, Jan
  10. This is looking good and I love the finish, again a great Chippie The more I see these kits in the RFI the more I want one cheers, Jan
  11. Your story makes sense on a kit that they don’t want to alter too much but in this case they made the new fuselage, wings and cockpit parts and props and they still made them wrong ! The did wanted to do a right one as more than half the kit was redone compared to the B and C variants and that is a lot of effort to produce a particular variant. So in this case it isn’t an easy calculation of leaving parts off to cut costs they just did not want to redo them after they discovered that these parts wich they newly designed were wrong and just send it out as is as it was going to cost them a lot more to correct the mistakes. I won’t say it is a bad kit and it is still is a nice basis too start one if you do not have an counter invader and you are also right that people would not mind the errors. cheers, Jan
  12. https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.php?aircraft_id=406 To me it looks like these props are too narrow and they are tapering too early .. In real life these were cut down DC6 blades. picture from the inbox review of Julien.
  13. Here with you as well..did gave em enough info regarding the cockpit and they thanked me for it! Didn’t do a thing with it So despite al things missing( like the padded cockpit walls, extra jumpseat, still a wrong propellor shape and yoke, it also is missing the armor plating on the sides which has been discussed on the earlyer variant) it can be a nice base. Still can’t understand why so much details are still wrong on this kit when they had a lot of things redone! Still mis a glass recce nose as they did flew with them in the Canal Zone . I was always waiting for an up to date Counter Invader and this comes close but still not close enough to let me throw away my conversions I have and go on with that B variant from them and scratch the cockpit. But this of course is my two cents from a K lunatic cheers, Jan
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