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  1. You were talking about Lonestar models and i couldn’t resist as he at the moment is only doing order shipments which are at least fifty dollars and ads a 10 dollar packing/shippingfee on those so it will be horrendously priced when you order something and import it .... Some weeks ago I saw that he had the Privateer 1/72 ex cobra molds conversion for the matchbox and it costed a whopping 110 dollar So about 81 pounds...I bought mine as a cobra release a few years ago in current currency for 48 pounds.....I am about to rename it in Looney models ... But I am drifting off....I ordere
  2. Nice job on the Camoflage...I like that scheme and your old Esci kit cheers, Jan
  3. I work for a so called Low budget airline with just one class and most of our country’s celebrities buy our tickets and we have loads of nice people as well And that is the main reason I still like my job we don’t have a lot of nasty people....though smoking in the lavatories is one of the highest scores amongst things not to do ...for 2020 I had zero drunk disruptive passengers... I had one disruptive one who tried to smoke in the lavatories who was already on coke for three days....... It is always a minority’s that spoils it...but sitting in that aluminium tube every situ
  4. Got my box in today and I like what i see I have some more detail shots!! The camouflage drawings do look a bit dark for the Uruguayan one so it will be difficult to check your scheme... And I do mis some instrument decals for it like Airfix does nowadays... cheers, Jan
  5. Not selling alcohol on flights will not help in my opinion, most of the people who are drunk and disruptive are the usual pain in the butt in real life! At our company people aren’t allowed to drink their own bought alcohol and therefore we are more able to control wat they use as a lot of passengers do listen and buy ours so we are able to regulate it.. I had a passenger once that wasn’t allow to drink by us as a crew ( I am a atendant) and he wouldn’t take no for an answer the whole flight...he was allready under influence when we saw him at the airport were they didn’t sold alcolhol.
  6. I have been looking at the Heller site for pricing and even in the shops but I really think the pricing is pretty normal....those old Heller civil planes are mostly between 30 and 40 euro...(DC6, Constellation or B707). But look for these on evilbay and the old boxing’s will cost you at least twice as much and mostly with unusable decals.. For the moment you still have decent kit for a decent price I think... Didn’t look at the rest of the range though cheers, Jan
  7. Given the price I suspect Airfix....but still curious which decals will be in the box... cheers, Jan
  8. It looks like a really nice and detailed kit I would have been tempted if I not had my kinetic on it’s way.... cheers, Jan
  9. Boy glad to see them back... Despite having some older kits which still are not superseded by others you have one big plus GREAT DECALS Their new range of decals supplied with the kits are just great..boy o boy I hated their old dreaded thought and mat decals which mostly were out of register....these days are gone now cheers, Jan
  10. @72modeler It sure can be an interesting hobby and a confusing one as well and about your “disparage“ no worries as it didn’t feld as such... And about mistakes I made one while telling that the Cutting Edge C135 wheels were to big well they aren’t....what I had in mind was that I tried to fit the AMT C135 wheels in the Italeri kit for the 1/72 version that didn’t fit which I tried once(long ago) So I checked the cutting edge ones after going through the stash and they fit I think that these wheels are the original ones that came once with their Counter Invader set which i
  11. @72modeler I think you didn’t follow the linky as you are referring to the first style wheels.. This is the later style wheelset which is also to be found on italeri’s AC-119 kit. If you read the rest of my post you can see that I still have my doubts about it not being C135 wheels..(rims) However the man whom I asked about the details is strongly convinced that they are not In my post you can also read that i think they used the same 135 rim (the metal part)but not the tires (the rubbery part) as the tires are not that bulged as on the C135 pic you
  12. About the details of the main wheels which are often referred to as C-135 wheels there seems to be a discrepancy! I wrote to the Special Kay organisation and they told me that these are not gonna fit as they are to big.. The partnumbers do correspondents with the wheelset for the late C-119G/K https://www.ipms.nl/walkarounds/walkaround-vliegtuigen-props/2558-walkaround-c119 I must confess that they look right and also the rim looks like a C135 rim . Sometimes rims can handle different sizes of tires...and those rims on the C119 are retrofits at later aircraft .. So
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