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  1. @45DegreesModelling @JohnTI do tend to believe that this is the old and revised Airfix edition from their first iteration as the details match with those on the following site! The site shows you two versions the one without the rivets(the first one) and the one with the rivets(the second). All your fuselage detail like the recessed lines match the ones shown here to my eye! http://www.aviationofjapan.com/2008/04/kit-trivia-veteran-zero.html cheers, Jan
  2. Look here if you want one …. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/martin-pbm5-mariner-pbm5a-also-possible-minicraft-mc11684-vliegtuig-modelbouw/product/?action=prodinfo&art=134121 cheers, Jan
  3. And me so all fine and thank you for sharing
  4. That’s a well done application of those big decals cheers, Jan
  5. And another stunner……well done as your airliners make me happy cheers, Jan
  6. And that is why you are the sinnerboy go get them
  7. All that time wasted waiting and still saved no extra’s for “THE MOMENT”! Sell the old things on evil bay to someone not nowingly ….believe me it still can work out for you!
  8. For a tenner I will or am I being cheeky…
  9. When you have ‘‘em that will be quite understandable….the price is pretty steep but I would love an S2B in the future ! It also gives me the time to save a little hard cash to buy one
  10. Great stuff from Airfix again..I love it a mainstream Annie
  11. That is a real stunner and no one saw it coming…this will be a big seller! Good choice to make the IX available in 1/24 cheers, Jan
  12. Thank you for sharing , you had a great day i think! The silver Dakota is in fact a C-41A with registration N341A. There were just two C-41’s. link to the story https://www.tuttosulvolo.it/reportage/an-adventure-in-the-history-with-a-douglas-c41-dakota/ The same plane landing at Caen airport in 2019 for the 75 years D-day commemorations. A little better looking then .. cheers, Jan
  13. By the way, I can still order it in the Netherlands as well and I was also in the belief of being it only banned in inks .. cheers, Jan
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