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  1. janneman36

    Airfix F-35B anyone ?

    Or they are temped to bring us a model of Sea Biscuit...in their 1/12 range..
  2. If i bought that one my girlfriend would probably ask why i need to compensate..... I like the looks of it ...the B24 is one of my alltime favorites..
  3. janneman36

    Hallo All

    Hello Darek i would love to see your builds over here, welcome aboard!! Cheers, Jan
  4. janneman36

    Model collection auctioned

    Nice, but the auction was already in august!! Cheers, Jan
  5. janneman36

    New model from WnW; the H-P 0/400!

    Wow that is a big kit!! For what i can see from those pics it looks very well detailed...great subject to do!
  6. I remember that post of yours and i thought that you where going bonkers and then it all just happened... And @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbieseven outside the UK people do love Vulcans, i even went on a pelgrimage to see one in 1991 ....Vulcans rule... But do i need a new one, no not really at moment with theold one already started.. Nevertheless Airfix kept us really tied up with this one, now we can start a thread about what is to come in the rest of the 2019 program...
  7. Great news it is, i heard from a friend of mine today!! Thank you for posting these pictures....
  8. I will buy just one instead of two 48'ers maybe as a FAA colors or a version with engine grey and yellow wings.. Do need to do some pondering about that and even wich ones to sell again from the beloved stash... Still they kept their lips tightend at Airfix about that new Hercules and the 1/24 Comet Racer...
  9. Certainly a big surprise for me this Hellcat and looking at those CADS ands preproduction kit it simply looks great!! Very nice too see a revival of those big kits especially with this kind of detail and subject....hats off Airfix
  10. Again!! They are stubborn aren't they ....
  11. janneman36

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    I use the same method and it works for me, using their luftwaffe colors at the moment and i love these .. Drying time takes a little longer then the old ones from yesteryear but that time is almost the same as the Xtracolor paint but that also depends on how thick/wet you spray it in case of airbrushing... Cheers, Jan
  12. janneman36

    Options for 1/48 Wright J-6-5 Whirlwind?

    I have this one for you to buy if you like, it is an aeroclub Armstrong Siddeley Genet 5 cylinder (E401)and looks the same as the one in video, It goes with a two blade prop... Just PM me if you need it.. Cheers, Jan
  13. janneman36

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    How is the Avro York doing? Or is this project cancelled because of the release of the Mach 2 kit? I am not buying the Mach2 version anyway as yours looks truly great on those cads. Cheers, Jan
  14. janneman36

    Handley Page Hampden restoration

    Small note.. I had contact with mister Priday who is in charge of the project and he had send me some pics of the ventral position when they sorted out all of its components a few years ago.. At that moment they hoped for some extra info surfacing during it's progress. They restore it in it's TB configuration and there is a cutout in the ventral to acommodate the torpedo. On the other side they also don't have or had enough information info then about the exact layout of the interns of that ventral position other then its shape.. But it is always welcome too have some extra pics at it's current state as you never know what has surfaced in the last few years. Cheers, Jan