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  1. A pity about the plane and thankfully everbody walked away safe which is a small wonder, he managed to avoid the swimmers that he flew over as he clearly pulled the stick to keep it airborne a little longer...it looked like a perfect ditch! The plane seemed to have an engine failure of some kind as drew a smoke trail and you could hear some bangs at one point in certain footage I have seen. Anyway the plane was just in the air for a more as a year as it flew for the first time after a restoration period 18 years in januari 2020. It is painted in the colors of the leader of the I’ll
  2. Thank you for that, it would be nice if you could find out something. As I once wrote the guys at the Special Kay organisation and they told that every part was C -119 and therefore a came up wit the hypothesis of being those parts being replaced by an easier to get set (C119) in the late seventies as the firebomber company’s flew several C-119’s at Greybull Wyoming were also the former owner of Special Kay had it its Counter invader based. This can be a logical thing as it didn’t carried the bomp loads that it used too in Congo and Vietnam. The man at the Special Kay also mentioned
  3. Nice story.. by the way on a further note regarding these tyres and rims I certainly do have another hypothesis and that is the following.. 1: the aircraft was indeed redesigned as told with C135 rims and brakeset and delivered with such but still with those C-119 tyres. 2: the Special Kay Counter Invader did flew a period after it’s USAF service with an airtanker operator but just for fun, that given the DC-4’s from aero Union had on their last days with that company a wheel type that looked exactly the same as those on the last type C-119’s so a retrofit with that type of brakeset
  4. Nice project and just in the year the IL76 turned 50...25th of March 1971 ...can’t wait to see how this one turns out, have fun... cheers, Jan
  5. Looking nice Julian and a lovely subject as well cheers, Jan
  6. Joining that site isn’t possible as one of the moderators who does the registration has a full mailbox.....for two years allready ...at least that is how long I have been trying to become a member...
  7. The intakes are okay I think as the rest of the exterior...only I hope that they address the control yokes as they are incorrect..but that’s it I think. I would certainly buy it and build it out of the box when looking at those cad’s extra news when I opened my Facebook as I mentioned this at ICM and the below was their reply!! —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ICM plastic model kits Hi Jan! Thank you for your appreciation and mentioned corrections with materials. I will send this information to our design department. —————————————
  8. The new kit seems to have the correct wheels and as far as I know these wheels are late C119 sets ( so not the early ones) according to one of the men highly involved in restoring Special Kay says it has C119 reference partnumbers.... They also measured the real C-135 wheel/tyre combination and that would not fit their Counter Invader So we/they don’t know were the reference come from that they should be C-135 Wheels. The only thing that could have happened is that those wheels/rims albeit with a different type of rubber tyre are the same as on the C-135 but that doesn’t explain why t
  9. I like what I see and they have even the right engine fronts.....looking good and ready to spent some money cheers, Jan
  10. Simply lovely ....that’s all brother.. cheers, Jan
  11. What a lovely sight to see this one being build....got one on the shelve myself and it was partly build and after seeing this one I do like to finish it! Thank you for the inspiration cheers, Jan
  12. That is a pity to hear.. Take the BPK ..I have one and it does look very good, it has all goody’s like a masking set and and photoetch and it is injection molded for the ease of construction..personally I don’t like the shape of the cockpit section on the Welsh 737.. cheers, Jan
  13. C-GTPO still fly’s as well with Buffalo, so they have two C-46s active..
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