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  1. Hi Mark. Honoured that you thinks so interesting article, thanks for sharing cheers B.
  2. Very nice and weathering well balanced! Good to see one already built. Cheers B.
  3. Hello folks, it has been a while since my last topic posting. Here I'm back with the Silver Spitfire, Mk. IX kit from AZ Scale 1:72 Paints: AK Chrome, MRP Super Silver (for the rudders) The kit was so so, a bit a pain to build, especially the wing-fuselage joint - but I guess one gets spoiled after building Eduard's Mk.IX Decals also from the box, quite good. All in all happy how it turned out and to have it on display in my vitrina now Ready to move on to the next project - Airfix Victor! Hope you like it too Cheers Ben
  4. Well…always excited when I see a « Navy Bird » rollout. I know before opening that it’s gonna be awsome I really really like your (Boeing…) SH and it’s not too worn look. and re Boeing vs MDD I will never get used to it. for me, those birds will always remain MDD. or how does it sound to you: Boeing F-15 Eagle?…come on :) Great job Bill. Looking forward to the Demon. btw: why emhar and not sword? Cheers Ben
  5. That's a HUGE matchbox! Really great job on that tiny helicopter! Cheers b.
  6. Happy fools day?! I really thought this was the real thing and I was wondering who did such a great job bringing the black/white pictures alive. Superb!
  7. Absolutely stunning! Your perseverance was worth every bit. I'm sure your friend would be very proud of you and your model. Ben
  8. a great looking model of a great machine. cheers b.
  9. Superb piece of modeling. The truck is the "little extra" that takes it further. B.
  10. Very well done! This shouts for a little diorama, showing that Tomcat between the palm trees, no? Cheers B.
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