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  1. So do I - exactly my thoughts when I first saw it. This is an outstanding model. Congrats. Ben
  2. Thanks a lot, much appreciated. Soon another one to come (Eduard MkXVI) Cheers B.
  3. bearmatt

    Academy MK XIV Spitfire 1/72

    What a stunner, Pierre! Spot on painting and weathering Looking forward to see it in real. Cheers B.
  4. bearmatt

    F106 Trumpeter 87°FIS 1/72

    Superbe Joel! What a paintjob Cheers Ben
  5. Simply outstanding, congrats! B.
  6. Best rendering I've seen so far of this livery. Fantastic job! Cheers b.
  7. Great result, I'd not guess that this was made out of plastic! Very convincing look Very good choice. Looking much better than "boring" plain black Overall a superb looking model, congrats. Cheers B.
  8. Beautiful Sea Flanker!
  9. bearmatt

    P 80 C MODÈLE TCHÈQUE 1/32

    Great rendition of that jet classic. What scale is it? Cheers b.
  10. For me, your top-shot so far Beautiful all around! Cheers B.
  11. Thank you very much for your kind comments! Absolutely agree with that! Must have busted the other competitors with this one. Thank you. Honestly, the kit itself looks really ok, nice details overall - but the fit was really nowhere close to a Tamiya... it might have been also about me (since a friend didn't experience the cockpit problem I've encountered) but I had to use the dremel to fit it in! Ey, not so sure about that. Silver ones can look very pleasant too and IMHO I think they are way more tricky to paint, so there's something going on and they do not look too dull. This brand is indeed not very well known and as far as I know, they discontinued the line, unfortunately... I really like these paints, because they come in handy bottles and the color tones seem to be spot on, much better than other brands. If I'm not mistaken, there might be some hope, because those paints must be nothing other than Vallejo (bottles says produced in Spain..) Maybe somebody here knows more about it?? If you're interested in them, spruebrothers still do have some in stock Yes, pilot is from the kit and is excellent. Cheers Ben
  12. Hello folks, 2018 - Celebrating 100years RAF and looking forward to our local show where we will have a dedicated table about that topic. So this is my first contribution to it: short wip sum-up Kit: Airfix Scale: 1/72 Aftermarket: Exhausts from Quickboost & Masks from Eduard Colors: Ocean Gray (The Color of Eagles (Aircraft Colors) Medium Sea Gray (The Color of Eagles (Aircraft Colors) Dark Green (The Color of Eagles (Aircraft Colors) Sky (for Spinner) (The Color of Eagles (Aircraft Colors) Engine Cover Red (for the fuselage band) MRP Colors Weathering: Oil Colors
  13. bearmatt

    Su-27 Flanker - FINALLY DONE!

    That is a lot of work, a lot! And it is beautiful in every single detail. Congrats Cheers b.