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  2. Well I did think that was probably the idea, but didn't know why the dog chose to live there rather than go home....!! Or is it the guy living in the tank that the lady wants to go home?? And tbh, to me the 'smoke' is the least convincing part of the model, which otherwise is a fantastic bit of work!! Keith
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  4. The stacks are too wide to fit, so now I am filing and sanding them down to size. Is this a common fault of the kit or just me? Richard P.S.: The "500" messages are fun, too
  5. You're a lucky man to have this to do with your daughter. Mine is 22 and married now but we used to watch rugby together all the time. Now not so much but we still share a love for the game. It looks like you and your daughter have a whale of a time together... long may it last.
  6. Thank you guys, I really appreciate your comments. All the best. P.S. I'm painting PZ III in DAK paints now, in couple of weeks I'll finish it and publish photos, so stay sharp
  7. It's coming on nicely. Good detail work. John.
  8. That's turning out really well. I like the rusty fuel cell. John.
  9. I decided to go with a 1938. It really doesn’t matter, it is for a wargaming model and the stats don’t differentiate anyway - a 1938 and a 1939 are identical in terms of gameplay. It was just my OCD kicking in. I decided, in my mind, that at the time of the invasion, the 1938 would have been much more numerous, with 1939 being built to replace the losses. Cheers, Nigel
  10. When you say 1mm is that the size of the star or the scale. Can’t imagine it would be the scale because you would need a microscope to see it but you never know. If the size is that diameter of the circle that the points of the star would sit on? And assume you mean a star on its own, not with a circle around it (AVF style). Give Tumbling Dice a call, they don’t show any on their website but I know they hold a stock - they may have something to suit. http://www.tumblingdiceuk.com/product-category/1600 Or would any of these work https://www.minibits.net/i-94-decals/american/ Cheers, Nigel
  11. well now, there ya go, it is a 12v system. It must have been a military requirement as any pre-WW2 Austin I know is 6v
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  13. The ‘Tiger’ under the Schumacher signed ruined building is actually Russian armour too! Its dressed as a German Tiger tank for film purposes
  14. Great Redcoat 2966.superlative weathering not overdone! Can you please explain your way to paint and sanding the tyres? Very realistic. Ciao Filippo
  15. I'm running out of superlatives. Superb!
  16. Absolutely couldn't resist this one and picked up a couple of the CSM Figures to act as crew. A brilliant kit from Copper State Models. So much so, I have 2 more. Completed 21st April 2019
  17. Having already done the Conqueror Mk.1 previously I couldn't face the Dragon kit so waited for Amuzings next release. Vehicle depicted on exercise on the mudhole called Soltau, Germany and thought I'd have a little fun with it. Completed on 28th February 2019
  18. Ukraine KrAZ-6322 "Solider" Cargo Truck 1/35 HOBBYBOSS via Creative Models KrAZ is a Ukrainian company which produces trucks and other specialist vehicles based in Kremenchuk in the Ukraine. The 6322 is an 6x6 truck designed for off road use and in extreme conditions making it ideal for military use. Like many trucks is comes with a wide variety of body types, the "Solider" version being the general cargo truck type. It is powered by a V8 turbocharged diesel engine giving it a top speed of 75 mph. The Kit This is a new kit from HobbyBoss of the 6322. The kit looks good on the sprues with lots of detail parts. Moulding is first rate. and the kit looks comprehensive, with PE parts, window masks, and rubber tyres.Construction starts with the V8 engine. This has quite a lot of detailed parts, in fact the first 3 pages of the instruction booklet detail mainly with its construction. The gearbox is also built up and then attached to the engine. Transmission boxes are constructed at this stage for later placement in the chassis. The chassis is then built up from two major side rails with some cross components, the engine/gear box is added along with the main transmission box with a shaft linking it to the gearbox. A chassis mounted winch is then built up and added to the chassis along with its PTO shaft. Rear light mounts are added at the rear while at the front the main bumper is assembled and added. The exhaust is also then added. Next up we move to the rest of the transmission and suspension components. The front axle is made up and added (the leaf springs being moulded onto the chassis rails), the transmission shaft then connects this to the main transmission. Shocks are then added and the wheel hubs can then be made up and added. The steering box and connector shafts are then added. The two rear axles share a common mounting to the chassis and leaf springs are added for this. The individual axles are added to this and the transmission components added and connected up with their drive shafts. The fuel tanks, battery box, air tanks, and drivers steps are all then assembled and added onto the chassis. All of the wheels and tyres are then put together and added. This now completes the chassis. We now move onto the vehicle cab, The seats are made up and added to the cab floor and the floor mounted controls added. The dashboard, steering column, and wheel are mounted to the cab front and the front glazing is added. This sub assembly is then mounted to the floor. The back of the cab with its glazing is then added, along with the doors which can be open or shut as required. Lastly the roof is put on with its lights being added. The font wings are added with the grill then going on as well. The bonnet is added and the air cleaner made up and mounted to the side. Last up the mirrors and wipers are added to the cab, The cab is then mounted to the chassis. At the rear of the cab an equipment locker and spare wheel carrier are made up and added along with the spare wheel. Last up for construction is the rear cargo body. The underside stiffeners are added then four sides can be added to the main floor. Seats familiar to every military truck are then added to the sides, these can be raised or lowered as needed, Back on the underside the mounting points and mud flaps are added, The body can then be added to the chassis. If wanted a large one part moulded rear cargo body canvas cover is provide. Your truck is now complete. Decals Decals are provided for for one Ukrainian truck and one Russian one Conclusion This is a great looking kit from HobbyBoss and their attention to detail is to be commended, the only downside is the one part cover for the back, it looks too toy like, and there are no seperate supporting frames for the back to display the kit with the rear cover off. It is thought good to see more military softskin vehicles being kitted. Overall Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  19. Are you talking about the original British Matilda from the 70s or the ‘new’ British Matilda from 2009? Those kits are world’s apart so if you are seeing a price difference with the original then I am not surprised However, if you are seeing a big difference between the the Russian one and the 2009 British Matilda then that is more puzzling as I doubt there is much difference. Someone mentioned the old one had rubber tracks only - true of the 70s version but not the 2009 version, that comes with both rubber (which are pretty good) and ‘link and length’. If there is a big price difference with the 2009 version then maybe it is just that the Russian one has come out at the Tamiya new kit high price. Cheers, Nigel
  20. Indeed. He also thought a Shack has 32 prop-tips
  21. German Train Station Staff 1930-40s (38010) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd Railway stations take more staff to run them than you'd probably imagine (unless you work in one too), and this was more true back in the days when porters were a thing and service was more important than profits. In WWII when the men were being conscripted to fight, women were drafted in to replace them in non-protected jobs where physical strength wasn't an issue. Older workers were also conscripted back into the workforce where their experience was useful. This set is a perfect accompaniment to your railway diorama, and contains four figures as depicted on the front of the shrink-wrapped figure box. Inside are six sprues of varying sizes in grey styrene, the largest containing the figures of two female conductors/platform staff, a male porter of advancing age sporting one of those attractive short moustaches that were popular in the early 40s, but not so much now (can't imagine why), and finally a Wehrmacht soldier that seems resigned to his fate. The rest of the sprues contain the ancillaries including a full sprue of army equipment such as helmets, bags, water bottles and entrenching tools – maybe a little much for one guy, but that leaves plenty of spares for another project. Two of the remaining sprues contain the porter's trolley and sundry railway equipment such as lights, oil cans, lamps etc., with the last two sprues holding lots of luggage options for the trolley and passengers. The instructions are on the rear of the box along with the colour guide, showing the parts for each figure, plus a few of the more complex suitcases and the trolley. Paint codes are given corresponding to Vallejo, Mr. Color, LifeColor, Tamiya, AK, Mission Models, Hataka, colour swatches and the colour names in English and Ukrainian. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  22. MickE

    Stormer tracks

    That's great, many thanks for your help.
  23. Your more than welcome. Have used Bison/Star decals in the past and they are really good. Regards Steve
  24. Hi Soeren, and thanks for the comments. The foliage is something that I didn't get around to doing when I first built it, but after looking at the photo of the real tank realised that it was missing. I also added a new bow MG as somehow, the original had dropped off (you can see that it's missing in the WIP). That's why the ball mount is a slightly different shade of green. John.
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