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  1. Today
  2. Silly, silly, me! I saw the post go up but the 1/72nd tag put me off having a look (I was under time pressure and so only looked at the latest 1/35th offerings!) Well, no time pressure today, so I had a look, and I'm glad I did! What a superb diorama! Absolutely fantastic! The 'theme' isn't particularly original - I've seen similar - but yours is by far the best 'collapsed bridge' I've ever seen, in ANY scale! The bridge appears to have collapsed correctly, or at least, in a believable way, which is good. I wouldn't worry that the Famo is the heavier of the two components... the Famo weakened the bridge and the gun was the straw that broke the camel's back. BTW, that water looks lovely. What product did you use and has it dried solid and hard like glass or is it more rubbery? Again, a superb diorama. I almost don't believe it's in 1/72nd! Rearguards, Badder
  3. Kiwikitbasher

    Revell M60A3 (1/72)

    I've done the initial camo for a Greek machine, and made a bit a of a mess of it. Part of the problem is my PD affects my smooth flowing hand control (I can't write my signature for example), plus tonight, try as I might, I couldn't get the paint viscosity/airflow right. Hopefully, the final coat of matte varnish will hide a lot of sins, plus of course weathering. Not to worry, I'm on a learning curve with this AFV-lark and having a ball. Normally, I make about one vehicle every 18-24 months as a break from aircraft, but this is my third in a row over the past 5 weeks, and I have already lined up the next two I'll probably build.
  4. Old pro

    1/72 T-90s - accurate + easyish build?

    Me too, and yet I still went the route of modifying a kit turret, that was a year or more ago and they have been sat in the half done box ever since
  5. Bullbasket

    AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    Those weapons look really good. Great job with the weathering. John.
  6. Bullbasket

    4 fists for Takom, M47 Patton

    Tracks look fine to me, as does the rest of the build. Nice one. John.
  7. Ripaman

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Hi Rich, This will be another very enjoyable ride will look forward to all your progress Regards Richard

    Ukrania Russia in Krimea 1/72

    Man that's one as scarse as an honest politician. I tried to get one for a long time even if I was mentally willing to pay US$50.00 for it never was able to touch one so later I got a cheap metal one and that's if for my collection
  9. Yesterday
  10. Jim Wasley

    1/35 88mm Pak-43

    Thanks Pete,yes it looks a bit that way,Cheers.
  11. Whaddya fancy? There's some smashing stuff in this scale, PST are kind of middle of the road, taking into account the extremes, but they do look the part once they're done.....Maybe take a look at Flyhawk's limited, but excellent range? http://henk.fox3000.com/flyhawkmodel.htm
  12. Many thanks Sarge. I really do enjoy the figure painting although think I need some new glasses as this one seemed harder than usual despite having treated myself to some really food brushes a little while back. The kit was ok to build, a bit of cleaning up here and there but not too bad. It's a fairly soft casting so some of the details are not that sharp. Might just be my copy but there seemed to be a fair bit missing as there was no horn, central headlight, pipe on the right of the glacis plate or the brackets for the tow cable. I added these from a mix of scratch built parts and some donated from an esci panzer I that was in the scrap box. Think there might a tow hitch missing as well but I won't tell if you don't Do rather like my early war panzers as this joins a munitionspanzer 38t on the shelf and there's the munitions version of the 35t in the stash. All the best Ben
  13. Great to see you back at the workbench Dan, looking forward to seeing more of the build as it progresses.
  14. Badder

    Panther Ausf.A Late - Meng 1/35

    Typically lovely work Andy. You sure have patience and more importantly nimble fingers when it comes to those tracks! Rearguards, Badder
  15. Thanks for your patience and for popping back to have another look Pete! I'm pretty sure it was a glitch with IMGUR. Rearguards, Badder
  16. BlackMax12

    Takom Panther A Mid-Late w/zimmerit

    Thanks Soeren Now that you mention it I am starting to regret building all of the interior also. Probably should have only built what's visible through the hatches and the turret ring and forgot the rest. It's fine to do a complete interior in 1/16 scale like the King Tiger I built but in 1/35 it is just too much and a waste as it's mostly hidden anyways. The Merkava isn't nearly as big as a Leopard or an Abrams, those two are monsters. Thanks Mick Good start maybe but went too far on the interior and now it's going to be a challenge to paint. Take care, Lloyd
  17. Bullbasket

    IDF M50 Super Sherman

    It turned out really well, despite the problems with the resin conversion. Nice on. John.
  18. I never used the Mig colours but they look as if they would be a good match.
  19. Soeren

    Trumpeter E-75

    The initial embedding link will show the video on this board.
  20. Bullbasket

    A30 Challenger.

    Thanks Troy. That's the clearest evidence that I've seen yet with regards to disruptive cammo on an A30. The argument for the Polish A30's though, is less convincing. Some opinion is that it is purely shadows. Some further digging required. Thanks for the photos. John.
  21. Last week
  22. James77

    Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. F/G

    Sorry for the lack of updates, been a busy month and a holiday to attend. Pretty much every thing built now, just the lights to go on at the front. Some dry brush scratches around the edges, some more to do on the lower hull. Probably gloss coat next and then decals. A few errors, the desert color seemed to scratch easily after airbrushing and putting the turret on has scratched the hull. I rushed a few paint details when painting with a smaller brush and made a few errors.
  23. Redcoat2966

    TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    Thanks Kris.. First time experiment. I like it as a technique for light coloured vehicles. I'm going to try and crack it on darker coloured one as soon as I have the right subject. I might try it on the Wespe I'm working on in Panzer Grey. Simon
  24. BlackMax12

    Dragon 1/35 Stug Ausf.G III complete

    Looking good Tim. Gotta love that ATAK zimmerit as it looks the part and fits well and easy to install. I like Stugs and especially like what you've done with the weathered white wash. The camo peeking through looks just right. Those side armour plates look great and the beat-up markings really enhance them. I didn't use an electron microscope but the mistakes and inaccuracies sure aren't obvious. Take care, Lloyd
  25. Hewy

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Very nice uniform job on those tracks etienne, they look like the go to track, for the sherman at least, looking good
  26. Dads203

    Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf D

    Starting to really come together now Roger, keep it up fella
  27. Redcoat2966

    1/35 Mirror Models T-20 Komsomolet

    I agree with Hamden, very interesting little AFV.....and yes as Kris said, not something I'd have wanted to dropped into......has the look of a more up-armoured Universal Carrier with the open backed seating. I'll look forward to following it along your build Rob. Simon.
  28. Soeren

    Taigen Panther G 1:16

    Thanks Simon. I am just trying. But at least after watching a 15min tutorial for Windows Movie Maker one is at least able to get a slide show going. Not yet as far as doing a real filmed video. We will see how much use one can get out of it :D
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