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  1. G'day Chums,I thought I'd give one of these a go.I bought this boxful of 3 for £20 back in 2018 so I reckon one of them comes in just under £7.These kits are well regarded by anyone who's ever built one,me included with my French Legionnaire which I did last year. Here's what's in the box. In my ongoing quest to actually complete a kit in the manufacturer recommended sequence I started with the horse. While I was in the mood for snipping bits off the frame I picked off the main bits for the rider.
  2. Hello again Chums,a bit more engine this time. dnl42,thanks old chum.I did think about decal stripes as an option.I don't have any decal sheet of any description for custom painting but I do have some solid colour sheet hidden somewhere but I don't recall which colours.I've also been eyeing the edging on various kit sheets in the spares bag and the stash,but I don't think that there's enough length on any one sheet to do the lot and look the same.It's not a race,I'll think of something. Tim,many thanks old fruit. The heads have had suitable holes drilled in
  3. I use a leather punch quite a lot. It works well but it is a bit limited in respect of the sizes available and the need to use something sacrificial behind the item being cut so that a clean cut can be made and then removing the item afterwards.I use a length of suitably deburred bicycle spoke to do this,access is restricted to the business end of the opposite tool to the one in use so the pushing out tool has to be narrow enough to go through that.The tool ends could do to be sharper too,most of the ones on mine are flat edged which doesn't make reliable cutting easy.
  4. G'day again Chums,not much to show this time.Having finished up my Mustang rework I've come back to this one and embarked on the pinstriping.First I tried freehanding it.There was a time,many moons ago when my eyesight was better and my hand steadier,when I could have done this well enough to get away with it. So I tried to mask it using tape cut by me.I'm going to be fed up with this by the time I reach the end of the second mudguard so I need to have a rethink about how I'm going to do this.The finished item would look very bland without it so I see the pinstriping a
  5. Many thanks for the likes and comments Chums,it's much appreciated. Some Mustangs had an abrasion strip fitted to the wheelbay doors to stop rotating mainwheels eating into the doors themselves.Finding a clear period photo of this hasn't been easy,I'll just post this as a link 'cos it's not my photo and it is rather large.I've put the strips on the doors to cover up the monstrous bodge I made of tarting them up all those years ago when I first built it.I could have closed the doors of course but where would be the fun in that?Thanks for asking old fruit .
  6. Problematic or not that shiny looks phenomenal.Cracking work so far old fruit .
  7. G'day Chums,this was meant to be a quick repaint of the first Airfix 1/48th scale Mustang venture from 2003 or so.Three goes at the paint job later (I'm not doing too well with paint just lately) and a mixture of spares box and hairy sticked markings we are here.It's a bit ragged in places but I was starting to lose the will to live.Enjoy. It'll look alright at the back of the shelf.Thanks fo
  8. Bumbling - Shiny fings for ones posterior.
  9. Hello again Chums,twiddly bits and grinding dust this time. Loren,thanks for popping in.I'd never heard of that series either until you mentioned it.Glad you're enjoying this one. Dennis,G'day old fruit. dnl42,thanks for looking in.I vaguely remember Alias Smith and Jones being out there but I don't think that I ever saw an episode. PattheCat,cheers old chum. Jeroen,G'day old bean. Dashboard time.I'm not entirely sure that I'm happy with the paint job on this bit,we'll see what it looks like with a satin varnish on to tone
  10. What he said,sharp drill bit and go gently with the touch of a midwife.
  11. G'day again Chums,twiddly bits and paint this time. One of these days I'll get the hang of the light levels on this camera.The front of the engine has the cooling fan mounted on a solid lump,photos show this to be a frame so this needs to be hollowed out. Like this. Painting has been started on the rest of the engine components. The errant wheel has had some flanges of plastic card fitted into slots cut into the centre of the rim to hold the tyre in place. A quick cobble together to
  12. Fine by me old chum,all of my online WIPs have been in the group build department,probably the easiest way to find any of them is through the topics option in my profile,but only if you're morbidly curious and want to see what rough and ready really looks like.Adrian's works are well worth a look and knock my puny efforts into a cocked hat.
  13. Cheers Troy,what did you want to borrow? Mark old fruit,cracking work so far.I haven't worked a set of 1/72nd exhausts for years but I did this on a 1/48 Spitfire in last years Spitfire/Seafire GB. Keep up the good work .
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