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Alex Gordon

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    Not quite the full Ed Reardon.

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  1. G'day old fruit,you will have to PM @Mike to negotiate your way into that neck of the woods.Good luck,you'll be fine. Edited to add http://flyingleathernecksmodels.com/
  2. Ask the motor insurance companies.
  3. We called ours Woodbine.We used to take him for a drag.
  4. Have you awarded the well earned brownie points to SWMBO yet?This may involve breakfast in bed and other misdemeanours.
  5. I seem to think that the dog biscuit is "Bonio" Given that the man has adopted the name it will be the only occasion that he has omitted the I
  6. I do hope that she's going to take a step forward before she falls over.
  7. Sunny Lincolnshire. I hope this is of some use
  8. Once in a while there is something that astounds me. Today you have done that,thank you. and for good measure here's a handful of these
  9. Draining the pond worked for me last time.
  10. Well done old fruit.In my diseased opinion you have made a good solid interpretation of the sparse available gen. Have a few of these too
  11. Alex Gordon

    Village Photos.

    Just uploaded this with no snags
  12. Once in a while there is a photograph that makes me stop all other things in my world and look.And keep looking.Today,old chum,this photo has done that. Corking job with the model Thank you for taking that photo.
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