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  1. Steady on Pat,lets not get all heated about it...
  2. G'day again Chums,a spot of fettling this time. Wez,thanks old chum. The intake blanks are going to need something to sit on.I cut some number tabs off the frame,they have a tapered edge that will work with the shape of the outer intake lip. Some slivers were cut and glued just inside the the lip and then the intake halves were glued together.Once set these were offered up to the fuselage on a spot of blu-tack to see how they were going to sit. Not good is the answer. The intake blanks will need some reshaping but nothing too drastic. I decided to work on the hard to reach joint first.Insulating tape was stuck to the fuselage. Some Milliput was made up and placed on the intake contact faces. The intake assemblies were then positioned and squashed down to the point of the outside edges sitting flush with the fuselage. These will be left to set and then removed for tidying up.The cockpit coaming was gobbed into place with a drop of Maskol.The instrument panel was then offered in to see what needed to be removed from the brassware.Once that had been sorted out the rest of the brass was superglued to the panel and tidied up. A bit of detail painting and this bit will be finished.More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  3. Hello again Chums,just a little bit this time. Black Knight,thanks for dropping in.You're right about the hooves,they do need attention.I was going to paint the shoes on the basis that when they've a covering of mud they'll not really be visible but I do like your idea.The straps and leatherwork are all going to be painted masking tape.They've already been made up and are just waiting for me to get to that bit of the build.Good work on your horse,that looks very tidy. Troy,thanks old fruit.If one of my pillows hadn't been shedding neither would I. Stix,thanks old chum. There has been Milliput. All that for this little bit.Once set there will be painting.More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  4. I finally finished one earlier this year,RFI here.Once again Massimo Tessitori was unknowingly very helpful with this website page https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/pe2/pe2camo/pe2camo.htm .Graham Boak had some useful insight into it as well. I hope your build goes easier than mine did.
  5. Given your known abilities with your cutting machine you'll ace it.In fact you'll probably make it more accurate.Offer still stands,I won't be starting the kit for a good while yet.
  6. Would measurements of the Airfix 1/48th kit be of any use?
  7. Hello again Chums,lamp suitably repaired and we can see what we're doing.My photography is still not up to much though. Werner,thanks for the link old chum it was well worth a look. The instrument panel has had a bit more attention.The blue could have been a tad thinner but it doesn't look too bad and does the job for me.The brass will need to be filed back to the shape of the panel though,it overhangs most of the way round. There is some wing warpage to sort out,not a huge snag but there is a washout to take into account and I'll put a pound to a pinch of spider that I can't find a head on photo that shows it. There are a couple of cheek plates just aft of the intakes to be fitted. The shape is complex and it takes a bit of pushing and shoving to get them to sit flush with their surround.It's a nearly fit and I've had to go for a best fit for minimum sanding.Once they have set the wings can be glued. The tailcone halves that were removed from the fin have been glued in. The texture on the wheels doesn't seem to be too prominent so I'll give them another slathering of paint and use them. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  8. It should come off with a drop of water,either that or claim that one of the lineys walked into something sharp
  9. Superb paint job there old fruit.The wire around the tailplane and rudder was there to prevent the towing cable from tangling up in the tail and control surfaces.I haven't found a photo but I'm not sure if the wire should go over the tip of the rudder instead of just below the mass balance as you have it.I could well be wrong on that bit.
  10. Like a lot of these things it probably seemed like a good idea at the time.The etch in my Rafale build came with the kit,there's not much of it will be used because it doesn't really bring a great deal to the party.There is some out there,and the Quinta Studio stuff,that looks phenomenally good and would be worth the investment. I look forward to seeing what you do with this one,if it's anything like their Ventura kit you're in for a treat.
  11. If you paint the high spots first and then the back colour once dry the tip of a cocktail stick will take away any wobbles and the job's a good'un.
  12. Give the kit one a go,it looks a lot less flat than the etch one and it's not too tricky to do.
  13. And not so far away are Labour In Vain Drove (Billinghay) and No Mans' Friend.
  14. G'day again Chums,some more wrestling to show. John,the lamp has done about seven years solid service so far and I can't really complain about bits wearing out.I can echo the glacial pace of some builds,I've a Dynavector Javelin near the bench which has been on the go since around 1997 and might cross the line sometime this decade.Or maybe the next. Once the back end had set I wrangled the nose together.I had to spread the centre fuselage to make it line up properly. Once that had set the centre section could be aligned and glued.While I was at it the upper wing panels were glued at the roots so that the joint was fettle free.There is a good lot of warping on the lower wings so that will have to be a separate setup. The rudder had a saw cut along the length of the joint to remove a lot of the thickness. This left me with two nice thin edges which I tried to take a piccie of but it came out even worse than usual so I haven't used it.The joint was re-glued and the whole lot taped down to a sheet of glass to keep it straight. The instrument panel has had some paint.The dark grey is part of the attempt to replicate the screens and will be covered by the transparent blue acetate before the etch goes on the top. We're soon going to need the wheels.There's not much to choose between the plastic and the metal ones,they are the same diameter.I'm going to try the metal ones because there is a decent tread on them but if the texture shows up when painted then the plastic ones it will be. Thanks for looking in Chums,more soon.
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