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  1. G'day again Chums,there has been paint. Cliff,thanks old chum. Troy,thanks for the mention in Nicks' thread.That's quite something to live up to,I'll do what I can. I've been digging through some of the photos that I've acquired along the line and found some that I'd forgotten about but may be of interest.This one is of the inside of the vertical camera ports I presume on a PR XIX but I would think that it is very similar on the XVIII. I've no idea where this one was found but it is a general arrangement drawing for the XVIII which,among other things,shows the location of the Signal Discharger in the aft fuselage just forward of the fin. I don't have any gen on the exit method from the fuselage. There has been green paint.The pilots notes contains three not very distinct photos of the cockpit which,in the absence of anything else,I'm using as a guide to adding in a few odd bits.The port side is going to have the bomb selector control panel,the mount for the gun camera film indicator and the radio pushbutton controller. The starboard side will have the identification light switch box,the recognition light selector switch and the gunsight dimmer unit for a start. There will be a few more bits too,all made from runner,plastic card and copper wire,to the limit of my boredom threshold and the will to live. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  2. G'day old fruit,in answer to your question in the GB chat thread I've found this image here https://www.flickr.com/photos/27862259@N02/6102932459 which shows both IFR probes so for my money leave them both on. This next photo was found here https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/Museum-Exhibits/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/196087/interdiction-tightening-the-noose/. This link might be worth a moment of your time too https://www.flickr.com/photos/27862259@N02/6102932459 The thing I would like to know is when I was putting my first one together why didn't any of these photos show up in the seemingly decades of Googling I engaged with. She's looking superb so far old lad,glad the nose decal went on with no problems.
  3. Crumbs! I don't think mine cost me above three quid! I've still got these if you need them Col and my instructions were printed in blue as well.
  4. I built that one thirty years ago,it might be rose tinted memories but I seem to remember it was a pleasant build and came up rather well.Enjoy old chum .
  5. Hello again Chums,some more done. Toryu,Dennis,thanks chaps.The IPs are all down to Cartograf,all I've done is slap a bit of paint on and place the decals. When you know what to look for things turn up. https://benitz.com/Watt/WattPercyM1906_Photos.html was found while looking for Charles E. Brown images which contains these two photos Anyway I thought the cockpit still looked a bit bare after a coat of green paint. Yet another photo,the origin of which I didn't make a note of when I found it,gave me a bit of an idea of what to add. A few bits of plastic card and runner later followed by a drop of paint gave me this. The instrument panels went in with no problems. The fuselage halves have been glued together and taped up tightly to make sure the gaps were closed up properly.The fit is good but needs a little assistance.The clamp at the aft end is to stop the slight up/down displacement that it seemed to want to do. Finding photos of how the propellor looked took a bit of doing.I eventually ended up here https://www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/de-havilland-dh60giii---moth-major where I found this photo which gave me a bit of a clue.Then the Percy Watt page above turned up a decent size photo which was just what was required. Thanks for looking in Chums,more soon.
  6. Hello again Chums,a bit more done. Linescriber,thanks for dropping by old fruit. The exhausts have been cleaned up,hollowed out and painted. The fuselage identification lamp has been glued in and will have a coat of the shiniest silver I can muster. The glassware for the downward facing camera ports has been made from thick clear sprue and the usual succession of ever finer grades of Micromesh.A drop of Klear will finish them off once in place. The underwing lamp reflectors have been made by trapping a blob of Milliput between the wing halves and then pushing the rounded end of a length of runner through the hole. Most of the interior bits are now mounted on sticks ready for paint so construction can start in the near future.Thanks all for looking in,more soon.
  7. G'day again Chums,a little more to show. Marvinneko,Robert,thanks for popping by.The biggest snag I have with drilling is the magnifier lamp that I can't do tiny stuff without.Its fixed focus lens invariably positions it just that fraction too close to whatever I'm working on which means that when I try to wield a paintbrush or use a pin vice I end up knocking into it with the usual consequences.That and the fact that PCB drills tend to have an aggressive bite which draws them through the work until they bottom out before rounding the hole off and can be difficult to withdraw without giving that slight sideways twitch which,on a 0.3mm bit,is usually fatal. Jean,glad you got the PM.It was only after I pressed send that it occurred to me that Amazon might not be an entity in your neck of the woods. To assuage curiosity https://www.amazon.co.uk/sourcing-map-Tungsten-Carbide-Engraving/dp/B07ZVRV33N https://www.amazon.co.uk/WayinTop-Carbide-0-3mm-1-2mm-Circuit-Engraving/dp/B07S82M2GM I thought I'd have a look at the propellor.The spinner is a tiny little thing that looks like it might be fun to position. There is a choice of three propellors,the one in the middle is appropriate a 1930's aircraft. The gates look formidable but aren't difficult to clean up if cut through carefully. In the 1930's wooden propellors on military aircraft weren't painted black https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235125186-1930s-tiger-moth-propellers-painted-black-or-not/ .I gave the centre of mine a coat of Humbrol 119 Light Earth.Once dry I started the process of masking and painting the darker laminations with 29 Dark Earth. The instrument panels have been painted and the decals applied. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  8. Hello again Chums,some twiddly bits. Jean,thank you very much old chum.Those photos didn't show up on any search I did and they are exactly what I was hoping to find. The photos linked to above originate from the RAF Museum collection and were taken by Charles E Brown.They are trying to sell copies of these so I'd better put a link here.https://www.rafmuseumphotos.com/royal-air-force/display-teams/tiger-moth-i-aircraft-central-flying-school-1768743.html https://www.rafmuseumphotos.com/royal-air-force/display-teams/havilland-tiger-moth-aircraft-central-flying-1329420.html I can't make out the front windscreen framing on any of the aircraft so I will agree with Jean that they were not fitted. The exhaust pipe has been painted with Humbrol 119 Light Earth and then rubbed over with pencil lead dust. The first of the rigging anchor plates have been superglued on. Some of these are tricky to make. I'm starting to panic about the number of 0.3mm drill bits I'm going through on this caper. Thanks all for looking in Chums,more soon.
  9. G'day again Chums,a little more done. Jean,thanks for popping in old fruit.Your build does look good,it's a bit odd how the interest can wane when something is going well.I don't doubt you but is it possible that the aircraft were supplied with a cover for the front cockpit when not in use? Photo found here https://www.expressandstar.com/news/Features/2021/10/29/moth-mystery-to-test-aviation-experts/ Photo found here https://www.bbc.co.uk/cambridgeshire/content/image_galleries/tiger_moths_gallery.shtml?13 I've enough walkaround photos to be going on with but if you've any images of K 2585 from its life between 1931 and 1938 I'd like to have a look because I haven't found one yet.I'm quite happy if you pass me a link to any,it'll save all that fussing about uploading and so on. I must admit this kit does have a feel about it that is good,there's a lot that has been well thought out and makes life easy for cleanup and painting. The struts will have a spot of Milliput around where they have been mounted. The pushrod tubes and cooling duct will be painted before bits are glued together.The map shows them being pushed into the far port side of the duct. I haven't tried the fit yet but it should look like this,yet another photo I didn't make a note of where I found it,apologies to the owner. The cylinders look well enough for how visible they are going to be. I saw the exhaust tube and thought it was going to be a right game,there's this huge great big gate right on the most visible bit which,once I'd put a thin saw through it, turned out to be the tiniest attachment point I've seen in a while and didn't take much cleaning up at all. I was going to glue the oil tank on until I remembered that I've got to paint behind it first.I might have to add the filler tube to it too,much easier when you can get at it and nothing's in the way. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  10. G'day again Chums,a little more to show. Troy,thanks old chum.I bought a set of three hinge drills from Screwfix (it's not a dating site) for not a lot of pennies a few years ago and they've got me out of trouble more times than I'd care to count. The exhausts are going to need a bit of attention,from the few photos I've seen the tubular ones seem to be the thing. A pair of torque links have been made from thin plastic card and fitted into slots cut into the mainlegs.Once again a little refinement will finish them off. The outer wing recognition lamps have been drilled out to the same diameter as the central fuselage one.There's something niggling in the back of my mind that the fuselage lamp should be moved aft but that might just have been the VIII and I haven't found any photos to support that one.Anyway I think the wing modifications are all done. A couple of tubes have been turned in the cordless drill for the downward pointing camera ports and fixed in place with some sprue goop to give them half a chance of not falling off. The carb air intake should look like this,from the BM walkaround department so I've filled the visible bits of the joints and made the shutter from a couple of bits of plastic card. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  11. She's looking rather spiffing so far old fruit .The decal around the nose doesn't fit at all which is a bit frustrating because the rest of them are about spot on.
  12. No worries old fruit.I had another thought,if you've the smaller LERX to hand it's not a huge leap to build them up from there Click on these links for the big images https://bg-so-1.zippyimage.com/2024/04/01/8dd96d026dc406dede7328feb853e15a.jpg https://bg-so-1.zippyimage.com/2024/04/01/e1a6105dfcd8f15c03b0c6cc3e78e511.jpg
  13. As Troy said open in new tab,right click,copy image link,paste into thread. If you are doing multiple links they can be pasted into Notepad first so that you've got them all in sequence and together.They can be copied and pasted en masse so that you're not shuttling from one tab to another and back again which I find confusing at times.The link to your image above is https://images2.imgbox.com/6a/2c/N8txgNIf_o.jpg .
  14. Cocktail sticks,Blu-Tack,Superglue,masking tape and a coin do most of it at this end.
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