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  1. G'day Chums, I'd like to join in with this one if I may. This boxful came my way for not a lot of pennies a few years ago from the good offices of Matthew Bacon of this parish.Here's what's in the box. This kit shares components with the Airfix highback IX/XVI which in turn had bits for the Vc/Seafire III on some of the frames. There's going to be a little help from Eduard,ICM and Hornby Airfix 'cos I have the bits in the spares box. I'm undecided which way to take this one,the kit decals for TE 199 were the choice until I saw a photo of JF 299 but I don't have any prototype P markings.Let's see what happens as we go. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  2. This one Col? https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f-5e/tigerusaf.shtml Looking good so far old chum .
  3. G'day again Chums, At last we're back on air.My apologies for absence,the forum update stopped all progress updates. Robert,thanks old fruit.The hose was made by chucking two bits of wire into the pin vice and gently turning using a fingertip to keep it from riding over and the occasional tweak with the tweezers to keep it pushed together.The thick wire is 0.4mm copper,the silver stuff is 0.17mm plated copper. To get to this one needs the touch of a midwife. The harness was jerried up from masking tape and thin wire,the silver stuff in the above piccie shaped and then flattened using pliers. The HUD glass was fitted and the edges given a hairy stickful of clear green paint.The windscreen was glued on with slightly diluted PVA wood glue. I started to mask the cockpit.A bit of polythene bag went in first to stop the masking sticking to anything that I'm going to vent pointed Anglo Saxon rhetoric about. Masking tape was fitted and cut to shape. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  4. Hello again Chums,some big bits this time. Robert,cheers old chum.Apart from the odd bit of touching in it's had all the paint I intend to throw at it. Craig,thanks old lad.I've got the bits,I might as well use them.I'm not sure what to do with all the stuff that will be left over,the spares box is nearly full and I don't like throwing stuff away. Bill,thanks for dropping by old fruit.There's a lot going on in there,I'd certainly be interested to see how you approached it. James,thanks old bean. The fuselage has been put together.This wasn't hugely problematic and the cleaning up of joints wasn't a major exercise. A spot of fillery required underneath. The wiring loom bundles were made of thin copper wire superglued together and painted white.The oxygen hose was thin copper wire wrapped around slightly thicker copper wire using a pin vice and the touch of a midwife. The exhaust is a tad on the basic side,it looks fine from outside but there's nothing inside. The fit will take a bit of work too. A bag cover would go a long way to hiding all of that,besides I haven't found a decent photo to work from and I would like to finish this one sooner rather than later.PVA and bog roll to the rescue,it's a start. The wiring bundles and hoses have been fitted into the cockpit.The black lines are the lining from the edge of a decal sheet to represent the cable ties that hold the bundles together.The PE HUD frame has been fitted too. Fillery has been committed under the wing.This is where I started to consider where the mainlegs are supposed to go. The fin has been glued into place.There's a slight gap on this side but the other side hasn't. The map is clear about which legs and struts go where but is less distinct as to where actually is. @Ol' Scrapiron to the rescue with this photo which can be found in the Reference Thread,thanks ol' buddy. The relevant bits are tacked in place using Maskol while the glue holding them together sets. Thanks again for looking in Chums,more soon.
  5. You can do a lot with a lump of rock and a wire coathanger.
  6. I like the idea.I've a 1/144 Hurricane canopy that I'd like to do something about and this method might just do it.
  7. Oooh! Shiny thing... If I use that wing with this fuselage... Well I might as well use up the rest of that decal sheet. That box is just the right size to stop the stack in the stash cupboard falling over again. They always look better in pairs.
  8. G'day again Chums,a little progress to show. Jack,Craig,James,Robert,thanks chaps it's much appreciated. The intake trunking had a coat of grey paint,the only reference I could find to the colour was here http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/205865-f-5ef-intake-colour/ .The engine fronts have been glued in with no real struggles. The canopy seems to be happy,just a spot of joint concealment to be done. The AFV Club front arch frame has been fixed into place using a drop of Klear.It falls a touch short but nothing serious. The gun troughs were painted silver,it seemed like a good thing to do but guess who's subsequently realised that the whole area is going to be the matt black anti glare panel . The gun barrels were de-part lined and the ends drilled out.These were then glued into place in the fuselage. I've done all the structural stuff that I'm going to do on the cockpit area.It's a minefield of boxes and electrical gubbins that I don't have any clear photos of so it's more of a look busy exercise really. After a squirt of paint it looks better than I thought.There are still the bundles of the wiring loom to go in but that can all be done after the fuselage has been put together.Some more of the Eduard brassware has gone in and has made a splendid difference to the appearance. The cockpit has been fitted into the upper fuselage.There didn't seem to be a lot of contact area at the sides so a frame number tag was cut up and glued in to give a bit more purchase. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  9. All ist klar Johan,mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale.
  10. I did one using the spare wing from the Seafire XVII. The incomplete build thread is here and the several years later RFI is here.
  11. Hello again Chums,a little progress to show. Craig,thanks old chum. CT7567,thanks for chipping in.I'm starting to come to the same conclusion.The photos I've seen of airframes either side of 71-1417 are in silver and I see no reason for Northrop to change that for one machine. Wings Unlevel,thanks for dropping by.I wouldn't call that a thread drift,it's making the most of an image in the best way possible.Feel free to continue old fruit. John,thanks old bean. I have a choice of two joysticks,the AFV Club item looked a little closer in shape so that's the one that will be used. A couple of notches have been cut out to take the replacement lift rig. The search for something to make the engine fronts out of led me to a pair of 1/48th Revell Mosquito wheel hubs which just happen to have the right size centres. The real thing should look like this I dug out the cordless drill and a length of runner. With the addition of some tiny slips of 5 thou plastic card I came up with these. The cockpit needed some additional closing up of gaps that shouldn't be there. The engine fronts have been painted silver,I'm not doing any more to them being as they are going to live at the dark end of an unlit tunnel.I'm still quite pleased with how they've turned out being as they were set out by eye. Underneath all that tape is a canopy and its frame.The glassware was masked off before adding it to the framing and the masking peeled back so that it didn't drag any glue underneath.The whole lot was taped to a flat piece of wood to press it all together for glueing. Thanks all for looking in,more soon.
  12. G'day Chums,may I present my attempt at the Monogram 1/48th scale F100 Super Sabre,the build thread is here. My thanks to Enzo,Steve and Dennis for all making this GB happen and to all who looked in and commented.
  13. G'day again Chums,the vinegar stroke this time. Jinxman,thanks old fruit. The pitot probe has been reworked.The needle from a Revell Contacta bottle was just right for the job.This has been made to be removable so a length of copper wire has been fixed into the tube and a tail left protruding so that when it is inserted into the blind hole drilled into the permanently fixed bit under the nose the whole item will be the right length. The underwing decals have sorted themselves out a treat. Some gentle slicing meant that no ripping or cursing occurred and the unwanted bits came off without any snags. The tail bumper should have a full length recess to lay in.I just fitted it with the aid of yet more copper wire,a hole drilled to take it and a drop of superglue,I really didn't fancy chopping dirty great holes into a somewhat delicate paint job at this late stage.Besides,I've no idea what the inside of the recess looks like. Some red painted strips of masking tape provided the straps for the exhaust cover. There has been the usual flurry of touching in of paint and general tweaking so I'm calling this one done. I nearly got it right. My thanks to Dennis and Steve for dong their bit,Enzo for herding cats and to all who looked in and chipped in.I'm off to concentrate on my F5E in the F5 GB,see you all soon.
  14. Hello again Chums,there has been decalling. Steve,cheers old chum.The silver paint is Revell 90 enamel thinned with white spirit.It's a bit snot like in the tin and it doesn't respond well to the Terebene that I usually thin with. Spot the deliberate mistake.I was not going to remove the pylons so I had to think of a different method. I started by finding the outer end of where the star 'n' bar and the USAF markings were supposed to go and then placed a length of masking tape across it.A piece of plastic card was then cut to give me the angle of the pylon relative to the long axis of the decal. That gave me a template to cut the relevant decal.Making sure I was working on the correct item and the right way up I set up a straight edge and gently sliced using a new blade.The decal was cut slightly long allowing for the thickness of the pylon. While the decal was soaking off masking tape was wrapped around the pylon. Well that bit worked. The decal was bedded on a drop of Klear and positioned appropriately.The other end was positioned and aligned with the first bit,pressing down with a wad of bog roll and pushing tight into the corners followed,the masking tape on the wing was removed and all was left to dry. The No Step and Walkway markings are all on a continuous carrier film which I didn't notice until I came to use them,good job I had that new blade to hand. The canopy doesn't have anything in the way of positive location to mount it open. Some 0.6mm copper wire and a spot of hole drilling took care of that. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
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