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  1. I was led to understand that Poppycock was a Rememberance Day bunk up...
  2. Finn beat me to it.Some were reworked into a relatively normal configuration and reissued to squadrons for further use,a few were maintained as supplied and used form time to time for training use,and ultimately for disposing of surplus Upkeep mines after the war.
  3. A spot of light digging has unearthed this which gives some gen on aircraft delivery dates.Deliveries of the Chastise aircraft began in April,about a month before the raid.
  4. Probably a choice of two things; You've read everything and there have been no new replies to any topic, You've pressed the Mark Forum As Read button and there are no new replies to any topic.
  5. https://www.gov.uk/honours If no-one nominates anyone then recognition won't happen.
  6. If you peruse your copy of Hugh's Hugh...
  7. Isn't your island the place folks head for in the hope of being forgotten?
  8. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Sod+Hall,+Stocksfield+NE43+7TS/@54.9548403,-1.9376694,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487ddaaf8f737b3d:0x6be8bd494fa8c04d!8m2!3d54.9548403!4d-1.9354807
  9. G'day old chum, The reviews department has always been the preserve of the Gaffership thus avoiding less than measured observation of any given item.The walkaround department,for much the same reason,holds the idea of not descending into chaos.The Manufacturer News department is the sole preserve of those makers of goodies who have checked in with the Gaffership first. I did read your post in the Chat department and I do agree that there was the place to place it in the absence of your open privilege to post where you thought appropriate. Please don't knock Julien,I've dealt with him in the past and he's a spot on wallah.
  10. Any news on the new tool 1/72 Metal Wing Hurricane?
  11. That might explain a few things.
  12. On the subject of scam calls and text messages from hijacked phone numbers many moons ago I received a scam text from100.In the UK this is the number for Operator Services.I fail to recall the content but it wasn't related to Orange,my mobile phone provider of choice who also did something similar to Operator Services using the same number. Nowadays Orange has been absorbed by EE.This stands for Everything Everywhere according to the call centre bod who gave me a go a couple of years ago.My handset is on Pay As You Go and if I need to know how much credit I have available at 10:30 at night I've poo-poo out because the automated customer services for a balance enquiry closes at 20:00 and doesn't re-open until 07:00. I'm not going to get onto the subject of the once reliable 80%signal that is so no longer despite the fact that my location and those of the relevant repeaters haven't altered since they used to work adequately.
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