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Alex Gordon

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  1. Alex Gordon

    Tamiya 1/48 Bf109 E4

    Once in a while there is a photograph that makes me stop all other things in my world and look.And keep looking.Today,old chum,this photo has done that. Corking job with the model Thank you for taking that photo.
  2. Alex Gordon


    That's a hairdo isn't it?
  3. Alex Gordon


    I will stand corrected on both counts,the man in the piccie is nearly a double for Bob though. Lord Riot,my apologies for hijacking your thread
  4. Alex Gordon


    To be fair to Bob he was a Sootie not a Fairy. The man himself. Edit...Actually not as you,dear reader, are about to find out. As found in this U bend video
  5. Alex Gordon


    Nope,not lens trickery.I found this photo on Pprune,I don't know whose it is. I seem to remember reading that the starboard shoulder pylon is plumbed for fuel.One of the RAF yearbooks I think,probably the Granby edition. Edited to add Pprune thread link And another one Found here
  6. Alex Gordon


    If I remember what my mate Bob (Grolsch the Stumpy Sumpy) told me it is the outside air temparature sensor.
  7. Alex Gordon


    I found this photo in the walkaround department The back upper edge of the intake is just visible.
  8. Alex Gordon


    They're unpacking the jackhammer.
  9. I have only one question,how does he get the rope back out?
  10. Alex Gordon

    The end of days?

    Would sir prefer the long answer or the short answer? Happy birthday,by the way
  11. Alex Gordon

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    I had an identical snag a few weeks ago with a Hobbyboss Spitfire.A wipe down with IPA did nothing so I tried White Spirit which worked a treat.
  12. Alex Gordon

    Ford Trimotor nav light color?

    https://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-photo-cosford-shropshire-uk-march-british-aerospace-experimental-aircraft-programme-eap-1095627290.jpg Well spotted,full marks and a .
  13. Alex Gordon

    The Shepherd

    There's this radio adaptation on the BBC Radio 3 website https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b0858nv3
  14. Alex Gordon

    Tis the season for damage to packaging during transit

    From what I've seen of your packaging you'll have no problems.
  15. Alex Gordon

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    Now that you have them all held captive what do you intend to request as a ransom?