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  1. Off the top of my head I think the underwing roundel came in during August 1940,the Sky band and spinner in October 1940.The wire antenna would have been fitted to your subject,gen here .The mast remained the same after the change from long wire antenna to VHF antenna,only the attachment point was removed. I'm not sure about the IFF antenna fit which was a wire from the tips of both tailplanes to a point in the roundel on both fuselage sides.The headrest was deleted from the Mk IX onwards so your machine would have been built with it. The late Edgar Brooks was very forthcoming on the subject of the Spitfire,some of his output,which you may find useful, has been collated here . Hope this helps.
  2. G'day Chris,this is @Troy Smith territory but is this the one you have in mind?
  3. G'day again Chums,just a small update this time. We're as ready as we're going to be for putting the fuselage together.More soon
  4. That's absolutely spot on.It reminds me of my days as a quarryman,but without the liberal distribution of scrap iron,welding and cutting slag and the accumulation of dust,grease and general sxxt everywhere.Top marks for this one old chum .Have a few of these too,they're free .
  5. Hello again Chums,a little more to show. Dennis,thanks for chipping in.The propellor isn't really that bad,I'm just going to town on it for the sake of it.The kit itself is very buildable with a bit of care but it does have a few things that,if corrected,will gild the lily.I'm going to attempt a few of those on this build just to see if I can because I like the kit.Here's the two that I've built so far,this piccie was taken seven years or so ago. Anyway,to business.Fairly pertinent to this effort is the window that he camera looks through.A spot of compare and contrast with the photo in the last post and my available drill bits let me settle on 4.5mm as being nicely proportioned for the hole. My ever trusty leather punch provided a disc of clear sheet just slightly larger than the hole but it needs to sit just inside the outer skin to look anything like.A light pondering was followed by countersinking the hole from the inside with a 6mm drill bit between the fingertips meaning less danger of overdoing it. This left the next question of how to secure the glassware.I didn't fancy using superglue due to the possibility of fogging and the likelihood of the disc dropping into a closed up fuselage somewhere near completion.What to do.I looked again at my leather punch.If I was to make a collar from plastic card using the size smaller than the disc and stretch it over the round end of the 4.5mm drill that would give me something nice and solid as a fixing.This seemed crazy enough to work. Hopefully a drop of Klear will hide the scratches that I've only seen when looking at the photo. The exhausts look a touch on the weedy side.The only spares I have to hand are the tubular ones from the Hasegawa kit so I thought I'd have a go at modifying those.I started by drilling them all out as deeply as I could. They are supposed to look like this I put a diddy brushful of EMA Plasticweld down each hole,waited a moment and then tried to manipulate the stubs with tweezers.The desired effect wasn't happening.I'll make a tool to do the job thought I.The big box of odd bits of wire yielded some decent thickness copper wire.A short length was cut off and the end of it flattened with pliers.The now flat end was then shaped with a file and the corners rounded off.This was chucked in to the pin vice and manipulation was attempted.A little light fettling and a coat of paint will do the job for me. The propellor blades have had all the attention that they are going to receive.Seen here with the Eduard item that was used as a reference the blades were longer and wider than they should be.A mil or so was cut off the tips and both edges were filed back to nearly match.They're not quite identical but they look a lot happier than when they started out. There's not a lot of grey plastic left on them now. The spinner is going to be the next victim.It is shorter and narrower than the Eduard item by sufficiently much that just using it as a former for plunge moulding isn't going to do it. Moe soon chums,thanks for looking in.
  6. G'day Chums,it's been a good few years since I built an ICM Spitfire and,being as I've a handful in the stash,I thought why not.I was inspired by @Corsairfoxfouruncle Dennis' effort with his Dicer IX so that's what I'd like to do.This kit came to me pre-owned for not a lot of pennies from @trickydicky210 so if you're looking in Rich I hope you'll enjoy this one.I cracked into this a couple of weeks ago.First off the kit as it came to me. With all the bits I'm not going to need weeded out.It's a little less formidable looking. The previous owner evidently had grand plans for this one. Let's start with something easy thought I.The cannon bulges are acknowledged as being on the undernourished side of anorexic. I had a dig into the spares box for likely candidates.I used my Hasegawa IX as a rough guide to the size,laid a few out and selected a pair nearest in height and length. These were then cut away from their panels,no easy feat because the panels are curved and my saw blade wanted to go straight for a change,and sanded for height. The same was done to the kit panels,good thing I had a couple of spares of those,which I managed to make a mess of twice.These panels were slightly larger than their destination apertures making fettling to make a spot on fit a lot easier. I did a bit of image searching and came up with the usual suspects for pink Spitfires including this one. White V aircraft letter,5 spoke wheels,torpedo external fuel tank.This one'll do for me. The kit wheels are not the best.To be fair this particular pair are worse than usual,the other ICMs in the stash aren't as bad as these.The replacements are from Airfix,the backs are the wheels up tapered option from the new tool Vb and the 5 spoke fronts are probably from the XII but I'm not certain. The propellor blades are...erm...representative. The first thing to do was address the sink holes.The ends of a few bits of runner were heated and pushed into the holes and allowed to cool.Liquid glue was then applied and allowed to set. In comparison to the Eduard blades I happen to have the leading edges were in need of a little extending.Some more runner was stretched and glued into place.These were then put aside to set. The cockpit components as supplied. The seat is in need of some modification.It has little resemblance to the Airfix PR XIX seat which I used as a pattern The various bits after fettling. The seat had the sides chopped off,a reshape,new sides and front edge from thin plastic card and a backpad from thicker card. The control column had a new spade grip from guitar string,a gun button from shaped copper wire,a brake lever from thin wire and a slice of its insulation and the hoses down the front from thin copper wire. Replacement armour plate A start on the instrument panel and the pipe that joins the two air bottles. Of course all of this will be practically invisible to the naked eye once fitted.More soon chums,stay safe.
  7. G'day Chums,for your delectation I present something I started back in 2014.The build thread is here .I dug it out the other day,found that the white had gone yellow so decided on a repaint.This is the result And here with my Airfix XII from 2015. Thanks for looking in Chums,stay safe.
  8. As far as I'm aware they started to appear when Bomber Command started daylight raids after D Day,August 1944 comes to mind but I stand to be corrected on this.
  9. That method works a treat as long as you let the glue set properly.I still haven't finished mine yet.Good luck with the build,I'll keep looking in.
  10. G'day Dennis,thanks for chipping in.The markings are those of 278 squadron whose role was Air Sea Rescue.I think that the black stripe was an identifier for that role.I'm not certain whether it was for the Navy's benefit or that of the poor unfortunate soul in the briny.
  11. Hello again Chums,for your perusal here's my other build Hasegawa's Mk IX from the Revell boxing. The build thread is here Thanks for looking in.
  12. Hello again Chums,the last update for this build. The undercarriage components were fettled and made ready to assemble. The decals went on without a hitch,Klear being the setting goop of choice as usual.Vallejo matt varnish was hairy sticked all over and that was about it.I'm calling this one finished.Just before I took these piccies one of my lamp bulbs finally demised so these are a little austere in the illumination department. Both GB entries together. Thanks to all who looked in and my thanks to @TEMPESTMK5 and @Enzo Matrix for doing the donkey work running this GB.Stay safe and be good.
  13. G'day Chums,for your delectation here's what I did to my Airfix 1/48 Vb. I've enjoyed this GB,thanks to all who looked in to the build thread.
  14. G'day again Chums,we're on the last leg of this trip.The exhausts had a bit of attention.They had a coat of Humbrol 118 as a base and,once dry,a rub over with powdered pencil lead.Right one done,left one halfway. Must clean my hairy sticks a little more thoroughly,they seem to be moulting.Next up the maingear legs. I drilled a hole down the centre of each leg and also through both mountings into the inside surface of the wing.I then inserted a length of appropriate diameter wire and fettled for length before committing to superglue.You can just see the pin going from the inside end of the mounting to the inside of the wing in this piccie.For my money this will take some of the load off the mounting. The decals were applied on to a blob of Klear and all settled down a treat with no problems at all. Just out of curiosity I put the kit external fuel tank next to the ICM offering of the same capacity,ICM left kit right Hmmm.The propellor was the final bit of construction to undertake. I like this idea and it works very well. There has been a flurry of nitpicking and tweaking and a final coat of Vallejo matt varnish.I'm calling this one finished. Thanks for looking in chums,my thanks to @TEMPESTMK5 , @Enzo Matrix for their hard work organising this whole caper. And remember folks Stay safe everyone.
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