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  1. If they'd used the money spent changing the website to put up a full range of paint then they might stand a chance of me spending with them.
  2. I can't give the dimensions but the ICM tank is also longer than the one in the Airfix Vb kit.ICM on the left here.
  3. G'day again Chums,a few more little bits to show. Col,thanks old chum.With this being a metal finish I'm trying to make as smooth and blemish free a surface as possible. Craig,thanks old fruit.Sorry to read that you've contracted The Bug,hope it doesn't give you any real gyp.I was wondering what the fruit of such an unholy union would be and came to this conclusion,photo from the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada . The wings were glued on last night.There are gaps between them and the fuselage but careful aligning made sure that ther
  4. I've just added a post to my Interceptors GB thread using Imgur and had no problems.I had noticed yesterday and today some threads with Imgur photos were either slow showing the images or at at all but I think that it was just their server not letting stuff out,other hosts photos were loading up quite happily.
  5. Hello again Chums,a bit more bench time today. Col,thanks for chipping in old fruit.I was composing this post when you did and I pressed the show reply tit and thought I'd lost it .Thankfully not however. The mounting holes in the front wheels are slightly bigger than the axles. This was cured by putting a couple of slivers of 10 thou plastic card card in the holes and then gluing it all together.The wheels were then rotated so that they sat evenly. Having painted the mainwheel brake discs I needed to remove the paint
  6. G'day again Chums,a spot of glassware this time. Matt,thanks for looking in old fruit.I hope you're enjoying this one as much as I'm enjoying your 747 build,your workmanship is something to aspire to. Craig,thanks old chum.If I can remove all of my fingerprints from the canopy I hope it comes back to its original clarity. I've masked the inside ready to paint the white of the canopy sealant.Offered up to the frame it sits slightly proud at the front end.This was the same on both sides. I took a bit of the back end using a wide flat f
  7. The nearest photo I can find is this one of 885 NAS in 1942 which shows a mixture of dark and light spinners.It might be a flight leader marking.I'll agree with you on the FAA keeping on top of paintwork for corrosion reasons.This might be @Troy Smith territory. Spiffing paint job by the way,I said it'd be worth the effort .
  8. Alex Gordon

    ICM kits

    Klear usually does the job but it would be preferable not to have to.
  9. Alex Gordon

    ICM kits

    Have ICM's decals improved? Last time I used them they fell apart on contact with water and that has put me off them ever since which is a shame because they have some very appealing subjects in their catalogue.
  10. Hello again Chums,yet more to show. Craig,thanks old fruit.So far that's the only bit that hasn't fallen into place.Hopefully this build is giving you a decent heads up so that your go at it causes a little less headscratching. Do you remember me muttering something about sitting the cockpit tub nice and square? Miles out.There is a hole where the top of the rear bulkhead should be and that area didn't look too convincing so I decided to make a new bulkhead further forward and closing up the gap.I did this in three bits,a central rectangle and t
  11. That's looking rather tidy old fruit .
  12. G'day again Chums, Col,wrestle is the word.I've nearly got it straight though. The green bits are the inserts for the nosewheel bay.My mix of Humbrols 30 and 154 has dried glossy but I don't think it matters too much.The detail on the insides of the mainwheel and leg well doors is rather good.From photography it would seem that the mainwheel well doors can be either open or shut on the ground so mine will be closed thus avoiding the fun and games of trying to hinge them to hang properly.The nosewheels have some subtle detail on them that I'm hoping to bring out with som
  13. Hello again Chums,some more to show. Andwil,thanks for looking in old fruit.There's some splendid moulding in this one just begging for attention,it's a pleasure to see it especially since this kit was tooled in 1990 and can still stand up amongst more recent manufacturers output. Col,thanks old chum.Apart from the belly the kit just seems to fall together. The cockpit tub was positioned and given a drop of glue and then,while still on the move,the underside was dryfitted into place and left while the glue set.This will prevent the tub from coming adrift due
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