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  1. No, thanks. I usually step aside when I see a hornets nest.
  2. An unexpected flight incident could rekindle the fight between DC Comics and Marvel (Part II) Further developments to watch at SHN : Tim : Hello, Susan. Any news from Superman or Black Widow ? Susan : Alas no. They can’t be found anywhere. Even if, as could be expected, this UFO became viral very fast and we’d like to have their reactions Tim : UFO? Susan : Unrestrained Flying Object Tim : There certainly is some heating up between fans on the Net. Susan : Oh yes. Putting aside what’s offensive to the parties, you find anything from « Supercrash or sup
  3. Warning! A rather (self made) naughty one. Moderators feel free to erase, after you stop laughing I hope. An unexpected flight incident could rekindle the fight between DC Comics and Marvel Here is what our reporters at SHN (Super Heroes News) have just found out : Susan : We have just received a report about the rather unusual flight incident that happened yesterday at Palm Beach Tim : The one involving Superman? Susan : Yes. As you already know, he was taking some vacation but being the superhero he is, he couldn’t resist making a low oversight pass alo
  4. You indeed need the right tool for each job, being ready for conflicts that ask for "counter-insurgency" weapons as well as for an opponent with well prepared, equipped and organized modern armed forces. What's annoying me is that the F-35 appears to be "sold" - and quite well - to public opinion in a way that makes it look as sort of a "Wunderwaffe" that will win any game by itself. On the contrary it's a tool that should - and has been intended as to - be put to use in coop with other assets where it will contribute to a controlled combat environment and be most able to use and a
  5. I remember of a training exercise in Germany during 1982 (I was just a called-up, no pro). This Warthog was flying circles low and slow and darn, I think the pilot looked at me right into the eyes as I was crouching into low bushes. Scary sight when playing the reds but how reassuring it must be to see them when being a blue. The F-35 certainly isn't on par for this close kind of job (but I suppose it has been meant to do it with standoff guided weapons, not a Gatling or unguided bombs/rockets). Still, if I was lying in the mud, I think I'd prefer to have an A-10 roaming close and longer
  6. It sure wasn't an issue at the time but with the Rafale, the French aimed at a replacement of all their planes (either Air Force or Navy) in all their capabilities. Their famous "omnirole" concept. And that, Dassault and it's partners couldn't deliver before a long time. OK, not only their "fault", as costs, and thereby funding and politics were also widely responsible for the delays and because of the fact that a certain amount of stealthiness (discretion as they call it) was added to the requirements after the project was started. Still, it has been like the F-35, long to come to fruiti
  7. I certainly do agree with the part "I'm all for giving the troops......". Let's first say I'm no F-35 supporter - at least in the actual state of things. But why? I'm a Belgian taxpayer and not satisfied with the F-35 being selected for our Air Component (as they now name our Air Force). Not directly because of its costs, but because - the concept of the F-35 relies on it working with a dedicated air superiority fighter we Europeans don't have (the F-22). So, IMHO, the F-35 is not the "Jack of all trades" we need - it is maintenance heavy (what of the men on t
  8. If I was a F-35 pilot, what I would most fear would not be to shoot wide but to see this on my wide-area display: PS bad joke on an old thread but I couldn't resist .........
  9. Wow, super nice tiny and tidy detailing. Where can I find bionic eyes like yours? (if available, a pair of steadier replacement hands would also be useful).
  10. They're certainly more than good enough and not just for the ceiling. Trouble with overdue unmasking .... you sure don't have to feel lonely thereupon. The lights on the Airfix ... I remember I had quite some sanding done on mine. Very good job done with all three. Cheers. Pat.
  11. Yup, should have added "..... until it's too late"
  12. In space no xenomorph can hear you meow ....
  13. Good news, or so it seems. He's saying that the new formula has less coverage power. Also we don't know how long he let it cure. I'd like to see if the result is the same with alcohol based thinners. Worth a try, still.
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