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  1. PattheCat


    Remembers me of my term in a paramedic unit, back in 1982. We had one Willy's still running and it was still unbeatable as an all-terrain vehicle, also! I take a seat for the show. Cheers. Pat.
  2. The decal sheet mentions 2006. According to Scalemetes this is the first boxing of a newly tooled kit - 2007 (?) Speaking of decals, these seem quite thick with much carrier film. I hope they'll be cooperative.
  3. Hi Rob. The Lufthansa markings are indeed in the box. I decided on the TWA scheme just because I prefer the "long nose" version. Also, I'll build it in an in flight configuration to keep it as clean and slight as possible (meaning I'll just put it on a stand ). Cheers. Pat.
  4. Oops. I guess I started a (bon)fire? Sort of a Connie mini STGB? You started straight away without a warmup, guys. Where are the brakes? Well now I'm cornered, so I must give the Connie a go. TWA (red) markings, I think.
  5. Found another candidate atop the stash, so close to the ceiling It had fallen out of sight . Now again not knowing what I'll do, Spirit of St Louis or Super Constellation - my forever favourite airliner.
  6. Hello Steve, You seem to build each an every plane I like. So, you made me a pleasure again with a great build of one of my favourites. Maybe you'll be interested to know that Airfix has begun work on a new tool Tempest kit: Aeroscale - Airfix Tempest Me, I should decidedly take one of my Eduard's (1/48 new tooling) kits out of the stash.
  7. A lovely He-111. Also, thanks for showing your soooo nice Luftwaffe bombers collection.
  8. I have also pondered "which 1/72 P-38" for some time and decided to grab an Italeri (reboxed Academy) P-38J seeing how fast they disappear from the shelves. It came in yesterday together with an Eduard PE fret for the pit. It looks real nice with sharp details and finely engraved panel lines, no flash or sink marks I could see.. Nice decals too for 4 schemes ( with color profiles printed in the instructions booklet): 2 bare metal (one with invasion stripes), one olive drab over grey and one blue over black. IMHO I'd put it on par with something like Tamiya 1/72 Mossie.
  9. Happy to see you got it to fit. I had the same problem with the 1/72 kit.
  10. Wow. A great winter camo, not the usual P-40 also.
  11. French deltas are sooo sexy. Great job.
  12. Beware! With such an exact reproduction you could have author rights to pay. What a true to life rendition. Just stunning.
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