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  1. Nice job with the pit and airframe so far. Keep it going on like that.
  2. A very subtle painting work on the upper surfaces Ray. Just the needed "touch" to make a model stand out. PS I finally could order one of these kits at my usual shopping place (second time they have 3 in stock, again all gone in less than two hours). It seems many people like the Bronco. And yours is particularly likeable.
  3. No sweat Bosse @Marlin, your food pictures are inspiring as are your builds.
  4. My thanks to Rich @trickyrich and all the participating members. It was very pleasurable to follow that many nice builds. Sorry I couldn't finish my only build for this GB. It now sits among the KUTA and I still intend to show a presentable Tunnan (I did damage the first coat of paint - scratches and chipping - when removing the masking for the other metal shades, so there is a good deal to repaint ). May 2022 be a happy (modelling) year for everyone. Pat.
  5. Your Nordic is fantastic. I particularly like the look of your NMF when compared with pictures of the real thing. Extremely well done, Bjorn.
  6. Hello Rich @trickyrich. About no modelling done over the past weeks. I tried but I'm not yet fully in the right frame of mind. I saw some people asking to move their unfinished build(s) to KUTA 2021. Could that be done for mine? Thanks. Pat.
  7. Wow, you did better with the shading than I ever did! Would you please consider going back to trucks to not further scratch my pride
  8. Nice result. Don't bother further with the greys. It seems all Air Forces now apply something similar to Henry Ford motto for the T model "a customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it's black". Else, you can do some pre or post shading to help break the uniformity.
  9. The one with the barbed wire, the armed guards and the huge black dogs? I thought it was an outbuilding of RAAF Richmond. Sorry, @trickyrich ... couldn't resist. Any build thread of your SH Viggen? And thanks for your insight.
  10. A perfect assembly. I never tasted an ICM kit but you make it look like it was a Tamigawa. Thanks for your detailed explanations, it will be very helpful ... when I'll finally be able to put my hands on one.
  11. My thanks to you, Dora and Homebee. Here goes a Dora Wings MS.230 on my shopping list for 2022, next to the MS.406.
  12. So it's an early MS.230 and not the later Belgian specific version (MS.236). At first look, the Belgian scheme and markings seem right. I'll check my references though, as I think there were differences between aircrafts (carburetor air intake, exhaust ...). Thanks Homebee.
  13. A nice collection of Vipers and Mirages, Bosse. The new Norwegian is a good looking addition to it. And also the Lansen is now painted the colour of "the green, green grass of home"
  14. It was well worth waiting. Not one of your best? Who are you trying to fool? Top notch, Rich. Happy New Year.
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