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  1. I came for the cuties but will stay for the sub.
  2. "And I'll keep doing it until you set up MY OWN helter-skelter with MY OWN favourite plush cushion at the bottom"..." and don't forget EVERYTHING here is MY OWN, your back is no exception"
  3. Knowing you, I'm convinced you'll find a solution. Good luck.
  4. What acracking job! I do like the weathering as seen on your pics.
  5. Good afternoon, I decided to drill out the holes in the seat's backrest and did a little wash with darkened H58 on the cockpit floor. Detail painting and weathering of the cockpit parts now done. Decals and fabric seatbelts still to be added. Not happy yet with the sidewalls. So still a bit of work before buttoning up the fuselage. I wish everyone a good week ending and weekend. Pat.
  6. Great! Now that I've seen yours, the question is: is it worth to continue with my A6M2b? Congrats. Pat.
  7. The SE.5a is 1/48 scale, so less "intimidating" than my other biplane kits that are all 1/72. Seems we are both worried about rigging. What's more I am a serial parts breaker, which doesn't help when coming to struts and the like. Maybe I should worry less and build more Thanks for your comforting answer, I feel less alone. Cheers. Pat
  8. It really looks great. What a nice job you did here with that oldie! If I ever dare to embark on a biplane build (Eduard's SE.5a waiting in the stash for 4 years b.o.) I now know who to bother for help and advice Congrats. Pat
  9. Hello everybody, I chose Lt. Saburo Shindo's plane, He was one of the squadron leaders of the second wave againt Pearl Harbor, taking off from the lead aircraft carrier Akagi. My main reason for this choice is that I have read that before that he also had been leading Zeros of 12th Kokutai escorting bombers over China on 13 september 1940. This mission lead to the first encounter of this aircraft with Chinese fighters (I-15 and I-16) . It's said that the Japanese, outnoumbered two to one, shot down all Chinese planes without a single loss. So I consider him as a figure deeply involved with the history and myth of the Zero, even if he wasn't a famous ace. After reading quite controversial "debates" about IJN colours it became clear that aviationofjapan.com and j-aircraft.com are the best documented and reliable sources (as far at it can go when talking about "real" WWII colours, an always open subject). I also took a look at Eduard's 1/48 kit instructions as it's the newest rendition of the A6M2b. They seem to have done their homework better than Tamiya who mentions black for the cowling, Aotake for the wheel wells .... Let's say that I'll take into account that it's an early Misubishi built plane and try to stay reasonably in line with the info available in the above said sites but will still made some choices according to my taste(s). Also looking at the pics taken at the time (b&w and bad quality, I admit), the aircrafts look very clean. Thus I'll go for a pristine machine, with just some exhaust and maybe gun stains, also a light bit of weathering in the pit. A pic or two as proof that the build is under way. More has been done but the pics were unusable. Gunze H63 Aotake is very nice for a brand nex Aotake (more blue than green) but I felt it as too solid appearance for the coating that it in fact was. I mixed it with gloss varnish, but didn't obtain a much better looking result than the original .... I'll try with more varnish or mixing (with a) clear paint(s) next time - probably green (becoming greener when ageing/weathered ). I used Stynylrez metal primer (metal colour, not special for use on metal) for the first time, intending it as a better base for Aotake and an easy way for a light weathering of the cockpit and engine, by scratching paint off. First head scratching, which cockpit green? I put aside Tamiya XF71 for a more olive colour but was not happy with my mix(es) - brownish and thus better suited for a Nakajima built plane - and finally settled for Gunze H58. Choice based on early Mitsubishi interiors said to have been dark (olive) green and close to FS 34151 (?) US interior green before grey-green was adopted as an IJN standard . BTW that's what Eduard mentions. I painted one side over and cleaned the other one to compare the mix painted over with H58 with the colour straight from the jar. I scratched some paint off the black on the engine to break uniformity . The cowling was painted with a mix of semi-gloss black and clear blue to obtain a blueish cast in the black. It appears very black. So less black in the mix next time. The backside of the prop has been painted a (very) dark red brown mix based upon one in Pearl Harbor museum but I read somewhere that the spinner was not polished aluminium like the blades but painted. Maybe coat it with a semi-gloss clear tinted with light grey? When I say next time, it's because I bought another of these nice little kits and also have a 1/48 A6M3 in the stash, so more Zeros to come (when? ... no promise) Don't worry too much about my colour choices though, there will be no pink Zero with a mauve cowling .... for now. It could be the object of a later WHIF build named "IJN's present to her Majesty the Empress of Japan" Have a nice weekend. Pat.
  10. Happy to see you back on track with the Scania. Cheers. Pat.
  11. I'll leave aside any further comment over the camo as Steben @Steben does it extremely well, with accurate info, attention to detail and very good pictures. + 1 for the nose cone and fuel tanks painting, also clearly noticeable on many F-104s.
  12. Same feeling as you, Steben and I'd also say it has to do with the lighting/exposure. Indeed, I used H340 "recently" for the cockpit of my Tunnan, and it looks not like a so vibrant colour as in the above pic of Enzo's paint test (painted over a grey priming coat), WIP here:
  13. All preflight checks performed. Cleared for take off. Some more info can never hurt, here are the best walkaround pics I know of: http://www.sbap.be/aircraft/f104g/f104g.htm Ready to release the brakes and have some fun?
  14. Thank you Jeroen. I don't like trucks but YOUR trucks.
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