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  1. If all worked well a small pebble was added to the building. Now we all will have to be called Austin Powers (in Goldmember). Time to build a Jag or a Mini. Thanks to Mike and the "invisible" but invaluable people dedicated to give us such a fine meeting place.
  2. Congrats for the build, camo AND particularly the weathering. Got the F6F-3 on the bench just now and I keep breaking small bits into smaller ones (control stick, rudder pedals, aileron hinges .....) so maybe it will also be two years before it comes under the spotlights. Don't think I'm able to get such a nice result as you, though.
  3. Like the IAF "hi-vis" marked planes, it stands out nicely over the camo. Great build.
  4. So you're out of practice? Wish I some day will near what you've left then .... I really like this "faded" olive drab. How did you achieve it?
  5. Nice job. Your paint/weathering perfectly represents a T-bird that's had a long and prosperous life.
  6. Your Hurricane is hitting all the right spots, certainly better than mine especially considering I used the Airfix new tool one (and I am quite proud of it: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP11T9Igb8OhsCdECqwk1YFk8VtKd2buSopTwcakZ96Phunzd5YxhOvpMG2MiLDmg?key=VjV1Q3ZMRXhHN0FDQU9aWGdiT2xoVnNSWloyUXFB)
  7. You're welcome. Graphicair still does: https://www.graphicair.co.uk/product/benchvent-bv300s-d-airbrush-spray-booth/ 11.5 kg but ... ..... it has a carrying handle.
  8. I hope they'll downscale it to 1/48, like they did teaming up with Eduard for the Tempest. Nothing against large scale kits, just no room to place one with such wingspan .....
  9. Well, I gave the numbers and you gave the sound advice ..... Same with compressor and airbrush .... We can't give more effective help, I think.
  10. Problem is that nearly all spray booths you'll find, like the one on Amazon, are all the same chinese model. Look here, https://www.paascheairbrush.com/product/hb-16-13/, it's sold by Paasche and still is the generic model with an axial fan and they mention "not intended for use with flammable materials". They announce a 3 to 4 cubic meters airflow per minute with a motor power of 17 or 25w and speak of a noise level of 40 to 45 Db. If you look at the Sparmax specs, 65 watt motor for just over 60 cubic feet per minute (2 cubic meters per minute). The recommended airflow to work without a mask is 105 cubic feet per minute. Also 62 db is real noisy. So why did I consider the Sparmax as the best of the "bad" ones"? Because it's the only one I saw with a centrifugal motor and I think it's a renowned brand that sells good products and therefore I've more confidence in the numbers they provide. Aside of the Sparmax I also selected an Aircom that's sturdier (the 38 watt model) but couldn't find any information about the motor/fan, so I didn't know if it was safe. Also it's just 40 cm wide. That said, I chose a Graphicair Benchvent BV300S-D because at the time I could get it for about 270 pounds and Sparmax mentioned that it's model was not suitable for solvent based paints, a remark I don't find anymore even if the model doesn't seem to have changed. Also, I think that even a Sparmax (sold around 135 £) is just worth half it's price. Better to pay 299 £ for a Benchvent BV300S-D and to pay by installments (Graphicair proposes 6 x 50£). But there you have my opinion that doesn't necessary fit your needs and my spray booth has been sitting unused back in its box for years. And, I'm no shareholder of Sparmax or Graphicair ..... I'm just the kind of guy that roams the internet for specs and reviews and opinions before buying, even if I have to wait longer to afford what I consider suitable.
  11. Be aware that most cheap spray booths aren't really safe to use with enamel or lacquers because their electric connections are not properly isolated/encased contrary to Graphicair and the like. Alcohol fumes are also flammable but the problem seems less preoccupying (don't ask me why). I know many people build their own with computer fans or kitchen hood vents, but ... better safe than sorry.. Still, these cheap ones work without problem with X20A and so on as it' already thinned with water, But, know that these cheap booths are not very powerful and you'll still have to wear a mask, not the case wit Graphicair and the like. And they're small! Check size! Don't know what models you will build but I should not look for something less than 20 inches broad. What you must look at is that the motor is not placed directly in the outgoing air flux (as with a computer fan, what most cheap booths use) but best look for one with a centrifugal fan on the side (former Tamiya model, not available anymore) or at the rear of where the exhaust duct is placed (Sparmax SB88). Another option is a second-hand Graphicair/Benchvent. A proper build: https://vent-works.com/blogs/the-ventilation-blog/15945741-diy-hobby-spray-booth?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=Social How do I know? Some years ago, as I used lacquers and enamels, I did my search and finally bought a Benchvent/Graphicair. Now I use acrylics (Tamiya, Gunze) and work with a mask and open window directly at my side. Silly me, lost investment but I hope to have a new den soon where to place the booth.
  12. If the mask is referenced as at least ipp3 it's already one that filters liquid particles suspended in the air. They have limits though and above certain concentrations of fumes, let's say with your nose just above the thinner bottle, you will sometimes smell the fumes a tiny little bit but it comes more from face fit than through the filters. But full etancheity is only to find with industrial painting face masks, like the ones for painting cars inside a closed booth. That's overkill. The model Square shows is very much like my 3M 6000 series. So YOU'll be Ok. Problem with alcohol based paints is that IPA/thinner is dangerous for the nervous system, evaporates and spreads real fast so for the sake of others close the door to other rooms and ventilate the one you work in. Remember all chemicals, even odourless, are toxic. The nice smelling spray you use in your toilets is toxic. So be very careful but don't get paranoid. BTW I prefer to use Tamiya X20A to Gunze proprietary thinner to thin Gunze acrylics.
  13. Great result, especially knowing the surgery it has undergone.
  14. Wow, it came out real nice! Congrats. Sorry I had you waste your time with the paper masks. Did you try it with blu-tac?
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