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  1. Thanks, mate but believe it or not ..... I got an immediate answer! Théy'll send the parts ..... with only postage to pay! Dear, I never saw such outstanding service even from Eduard who are real good. And it being my fault moreover. I'm positively flabbergasted.
  2. Bad news my friends. While glueing weights into the front belly subassembly my gloves stuck and I overturned the CA jar. All the parts are well damaged . I sent an email to pilot replicas to see if I could buy relacement sprues, crossing fingers now. Pat.
  3. Nothing done wrong methinks. I also apply well thinned layers with that colour and let it dry overnight before the final one(s).
  4. Hi. Did you use Gunze aqueous RLM04 (H413 - semi-gloss)? I never had a problem with that one if applied over a white base.
  5. Connie has fifty suitors now! Poor girl, how will she choose? I certainly knew I wasn't the only one to love her, but i'm quite jealous now .
  6. My thanks. The lady has very nice legs too, so she's still plenty beautiful when she shows them. I couldn't skirt to say it (pun intended).
  7. Thanks, I've got Mr. Color levelling thinner. I'll give it a try.
  8. Hello. The question is in the title, but more precisely my problem lies with Mr. Surfacer 500 and Perfect plastic putty. They are less than a year old. Jar/tube always closed after use. - Mr. Surfacer is thickening and now takes a longer time to fully harden - PPP is not completely dry but not fluid anymore, It's now behaving like slightly wet sand aggregates. On the other hand I've got a tube of Vallejo plastic putty and Tamiya White putty that are still behaving as new well after over a year. Any idea what "thinner" I could use to make these still usable? Thanks in advance. Pat.
  9. Eduard masks are not cheap but that's indeed the way to go when you can't or don't want to make your own out of tape.
  10. Good morning. As the only part lacking (mentioned in nearly every build of this kit) is the exhaust nozzle, I decided to try to impove it. Some scratch build was in order, done yesterday. Exhaust nozzle thinned from inside (a bit too much as a half broke between my fingers and it's not perfectly round anymore ) and bottom removed. I then used the burner cans of a revell 1/72 Rafale. One used as is, the other shortened. Then glued together and the end of the burner tube wall sanded to be half rounded (my reference is the Aires replacement set). Not accurate but looking somewhat better than the thick and shallow kit part IMHO. What do you think? Good day to all.
  11. Yup. You could rebox it as Eduard and nobody would observe that it isn't their own tooling, except for the softer plastic.
  12. This is a most stunning scheme. I like the even shine of the black. Beautifully done! Pat.
  13. Good morning to all. The kit is now on the bench. First, I read the instructions and did some dry-fitting. Fit is extremely precise, the inserts on the fuselage sides are spot on. panel lines between fuselage halves join perfectly, surface detail is gorgeous BUT I find this kit to be quite fiddly: sparse and tiny locating pins/tabs. Not a problem but It's easier to test fit when it's more "solid". To test fit the fuselage consisting of six parts, I first glued the front wheel well to one of the chin halves (as per instructions), let it set and added the other half the next day. I was in for a surpise .... When putting the halves together I got a gap, maybe 0.3 mm wide, all along the center seam and the assembly wouldn't set in the rear fuselage. There are thin aligment ridges on both sides of the wheel well but no grooves in the fuselage so I cut one for the second half then glued the halves together. I should just have debonded the wheel well and cut BOTH ridges before glueing it because now the bay is slightly off center. Just three pics so that you can appreciate the fit and surface detail and see what I mean with the wheel bay. With the ridge inserted. Without Have a sunny sunday. Bye. Pat.
  14. I want something, I don't know what but YOU should know! Come on, I'm waiting!
  15. Really nice painting and subtle pre shading. I like it in green!
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