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  1. Hello folks. Sorry to say it but I made a bit of a mess while touching up the white paint. Paint overflow and overspray. Some sanding and repainting in order, nothing special but slowing me down. If it doesn't make it to the GB Gallery, I'll post the result in the RFI section. Still, I'll do my best to be in time, so please keep an eye on this thread and thanks for following. Cheers. Pat.
  2. Good evening. The temperatures ramped up these last days but I got the white painted on. I tried for the first time to use "kitchen" cling film for masking. Never again! The metal colors I use never ever lifted when masked with tape. Removing the film left a sticky residue in places (on the metallizers and on the black but nothing on the white?) and even lifted the metallic colors added over the silver. As Vallejo metal colors get very easily removed when rubbing with a cotton bud and water, I sanded the affected areas with a 3600 grit sanding cloth. The fuselage's central seam is too large but after breaking it three times I decided to leave it alone. The masking tape lifted so the front and rear curves need a tad of correction (jagged line and overspray) So just a bit more tydying up than expected but I consider myself very lucky as the silver and white are undamaged. Then I just have to paint the wingtip fuel tanks and the cockpit window pillars and it will be ready for gloss clear and decals. Have a nice week-end and happy modelling time. Pat.
  3. A neat save. The wife is always right. Well, at least in this case as I concur with her choice of a colourful scheme (yellow being my favourite colour).
  4. Hello Bjorn, I'd also like a FB5 either to make a Swedish J28 or a blue French Aeronavale bird. I don't know a thing concerning the Vampire so I'm asking myself if it's possible with this boxing? , Well, best is certainly to first carefully (re)read this topic. Regards. Pat
  5. First time I participate to a group build, but I never thought the hardest part would be to keep on with following all these wonderful achievements. Congrats for this cracking build.
  6. I missed quite a lot, it seems. So a bit late to say it but nevertheless a very good save with the skirt I have to say.
  7. The only FineMolds kit I have built is their 1/48 A5M4 Claude. I was really impressed with this kit, one of the best (if not the best) global experiences I ever had considering engineering, fit and detail. Well, OK it's a simple plane but still. Nice choice and nice job so far. Eager to see the result.
  8. A good afternoon to all Britmodellers. Yesterday was a a day devoted to modelling. I guess you expect the white paint to have been applied. Sorry, but I decided to paint "details" on the wings instead. The goal is to minimize handling after the white will be on. Lots of masking, which I really don't like. Why does masking tape stick better to fingers than on the model? One of a modeller life's great mysteries.,. but very neat results so it was worth it. Some very small touch-ups needed, but that's for later, before decals. According to the instructions, the area behing the exhausts and cowling flaps should be painted "mouse grey". I find it quite doubtful as on all pics of planes dating back to the fifties this seems either a sort of natural metal or very dark. So I used burnt iron as for the exhauts. The small darker area on the wing is steel paint. The aileron's underside and part of the wing above received dull aluminium which is more of a light metallic grey to my eyes (Revell calls for a 75/25 mix of aluminium and flat light grey) Then the leading edges received a coat of flat black for the de-icing zones. I forgot to paint the de-icers on the tailplanes before masking for white paint! Ready for the white. As I'm often unlucky with glossy whitish colors (time to cure, if they even do) I'll go for a plain Tamiya flat white. The finishing clear coat shall take care of that. Still not sure if I'll apply a final gloss or semi-gloss clear coat but It will be easier to decide what I like most when it will have received the gloss varnish before decalling. So far, so good but If you'd be so kind as to cross fingers - and maybe toes too - for when I'll apply the white, my thanks in advance. Have a very nice day. Pat.
  9. Build a wall to conceal the 7 new Airfix ones from the Missuz sight, perhaps? Inadequate, tactless, scrapped but ...... you still could gift them to people you don't like (as it's a beast of a kit, I heard). Why, I'm bad, I know.
  10. Hello Madman33 and welcome back to the hobby. Just like you and many here I left the hobby at about 20 and fell back into it in my fifties. After some years just looking, I joined here and found it to be the homiest of modelling sites on the web. Expect no chuckles about your builds, but there are dedicated topics to jokes, cats ... so many occasions to have a laugh. You'll find help and support aplenty. Having left the hobby because I had problems with solvent fumes, it's acrylics all the way now (paints and primer). You've got the choice: solvent (as smelly as enamels/lacquers), alcohol (far better but IPA is quite smelly too) or water based, the water based being obviously odourless and easiest to clean. I've mostly got Gunze, and Tamiya but Revell, Vallejo also because I sometimes prefer one brand over another for a particular or unavailable colour. Just pick some of each brand to find what suits YOU best. Have fun. Cheers. Pat
  11. I promised on another topic to spray some of these metal colors side by side to show what they look like and how their compare with eachother. But in the meantime I found it's already been done more than once for all the range so my intended input becomes superfluous. You can have a look - a.o. - at: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/73712-my-personal-tests-with-vallejo-metal-air-paint/ http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/346964-vallejo-metal-color-range/
  12. An excellent conversion and build. It looks just great. But, hey, every scheme suits the beautiful Connie , doesn't it?. Cheers. Pat
  13. Thanks a lot, guys. Comments much appreciated. I wouldn't call this kit a beast but it sure requires more care and work than I thought it would when I dry fitted the main parts. Dorsal seam cracked three times! I'd advise to strenghten the attachment with a plastic strip. If Revell would reissue this kit I'd buy at least one. Just one doubt, looking at pictures of the real thing I think the wings should have more dihedral. Ajmm, please could you give me a link to pics of your builds?
  14. Good morning, my friends. Some time devoted to modelling since sunday so some progress too. The dorsal seam cracked again so more than a "final" tidying up before paint was needed. Most of the surface received a coat of flat black primer (over the grey) prior to spraying silver (Vallejo Metal Color). Areas like the junction of the clear part with the fuselage and the carburetor intakes were revisited, as were different seams and panel lines on the belly. I didn't want a too shiny look but with a flat black base, the color is maybe not "reflective" enough. I spray two or three very light misty coats before a wet coat. One more light wet coat should help. I'm really happy with the result (as usual with these paints). Have an excellent day. Bye. Pat.
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