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  1. I really ruined a Tamiya Mustang but still plan to do a Tuskegee Airmen bird (with an Airfix or Eduard kit). All the great work I saw here is quite an incentive even if I'm not capable of a tenth of what you did. A splendid warhorse.
  2. Looking at the box art picture at Airfix, the glove vanes seem present. So I assume their Top Gun F-14 shall not be based on Academy's new tooling. Also the price seems too low. Should have been nice, though. Just my two cent, I'm certainly no specialist.
  3. I followed your WIP and was expecting something great. My expectations are exceeded. Museum quality, no less. Congrats and a Happy New Year. Pat
  4. I was planning to buy the F6, a set of decals and search for a conversion, and now Airfix delivers an almost ready-cooked Belgian F4. Happy me. Now tempted to buy the F6, decals (for a F6) AND a F4. Or two F4/F5/J34 boxings, as I like Swedish markings
  5. The GWH retails for 50 - 55 € in France/Belgium. Still nothing about the Academy kit, but preorder in the Netherlands is possible for nearly 30 € (about 33 € normal price). So it's a bit more than the preorder price at Hannants (23.39 £)
  6. If you pay attention to the lyrics of Metal Machine, you'll  notice these are references to many songs but the ones from Iron Maiden hits comme first.

    Plastic first, Metal second... or is it the opposite? Don't ask me to choose.

    1. The Spadgent

      The Spadgent

      Ha! Yes. There was a homage to sabbath, kiss and priest that I could hear.  Brilliant stuff. 🤘

  7. Not Scorpions, but quite appropriate don't you think (but I don't know if you like Sabaton) Or I could say your work is of a "Aces High" quality (if not Sabaton, Iron Maiden maybe?)
  8. Same question. Is there other photoetch than the fret included in the standard boxing? Preorder price is the same as for the original kit at my usual shop.
  9. So basically you first build, then disassemble such a kit for painting. Very different of aircraft and armor modelling, indeed. Nice job. Which metallic paints do you use?
  10. A subject I usually have no interest in. But, hey, here comes the Spadgent, so I'll take a seat.
  11. Sorry, I don't use Vallejo primer but Stynylrez so I can't tell for sure. For Vallejo metal colors and Model air I use Vallejo's proprietary airbrush thinner (ref. 71161/71361 the only difference being the bottle's size).
  12. Also waiting for the RFI! Still, I'm somewhat sad because it was such a pleasure to follow this build. You almost succeed to make me like a hurri more than a spit ...almost. What's next? Pat
  13. It seems there is a misunderstanding. I was only talking about the clarity of the instruction sheet versus these of Tamiya, absolutely not comparing the kits nor saying the AMK kit is too complex (or the Tam too simplified). IMHO they just could easily have added a a step or two in the build process. BTW I think the detailing of the AMK makes it more appealing, offering more possibilities. Also the simplicity of Tamiya's may be considered as a quality. So everyone now has a choice fitting his tastes.
  14. A bit too crowded for my taste. They seem to need some lessons from Tamiya.
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