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  1. Allow me to disagree James. I like the scratched paint effects. Maybe a bit too much here but looking right to me "in shape". Excellent paint job overall. Cheers. Pat.
  2. After weathering an aircraft kit, here comes watering it. A mighty fine and impressive work you're doing here sir!
  3. Hi Werner, Already took a look at Bjorn's excellent build but that doesn't mean I won't follow yours with extreme interest. Have fun. Cheers. Pat
  4. An extremely nice build. Good to know the kit's quality is on par with their former ones. Thin decals, great. The roundels for the Tunnan were rather thick and really, it was the only very small "downside" of a wonderful kit. This SK 60 is definitely on my Christmas wishlist. I wonder what small wonders Claes holds in his sleeve for next time, later versions I'd bet.
  5. Apologies. I didn't want to remind you of a sad event. I feel sorry for your loss. Well let we think he joined our strongly missed Sacha in cats paradise. Regards. Pat
  6. sigh of relief. Nice to see the "hand made" Matchbox NF alongside. How does the cat fare? Cheers. Pat PS The kit is finally available in Belgium since yesterday (not at my LHS sadly). I decided to order it straight away from my fav "almost local" webshop who offers 10% discount on new releases (got it for less than 21€). I did well. None available anymore today! I hope the clear parts will be OK.
  7. Thanks Adrian @AdrianMF. You mean something like this About any high-wing plane appeals to me. Deciding to build them, that's another story. You pointed right at what scares me. Regards. Pat
  8. Hi, As the GB dates for 2023 are now set, so is my mind. Still an aircraft but it shall be my first attempt at a short-run kit. It's AZUR Ffrom 1/72 Renard R-31, a recon airplane designed and built in Belgium in the 30's. Used at the outbreak of WWII, it was already obsolete (uderpowered, slow, unarmored) and not much liked by its crews. I had to dust the box off before taking the picture. You know, it's (one of) these poor kits that you push into the deepest crannies of the stash. Just because it forces you to confront the ugly truth. You're weak. You can't leave your LHS with no kit in hand, even if you know from the start that you'll probably never build it. Let's thank @AdrianMF who out of his great goodness gives us the opportunity to repent of our faults. The box: Decidely too much cardboard for what's inside (instructions, about 30 plastic parts and a small PE fret, decals for 3 aircraft - all for Belgian Air Force planes, the only user): A nice evening to all. Pat
  9. Many thanks to the accountants and voters. I use to vote but it's the first time I followed a bunfight and it was tense but fun. Now one full year to wait until we can again declare our love to smell napalm in the morning bunfight. Pat
  10. Still couldn't find the kit at my usual shopping places (local or even abroad in Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland). Quite unusual as my LHS often is amongst the first to receive Airfix novelties.
  11. I spent my career in a large public company. During half of it, my main task was to find a suitable job for workers (from and inside that same company) who couldn't go further with their usual one due to medical decisions. It was an almost everyday's fight. I sincerely hope surgery will make it easier for you. Friendly regards. Pat
  12. Isn't it also our position relative to the event horizon having a prismatic effect on our perception of pyroplastics opposed to kittum physics results? Or maybe it's just a (temporary, I hope) disruption in my positronic brain due to the heavy magnetic and gravitational waves attracting us to the bunfight hole?
  13. Not in but supporter of. Steeling myself for next year's fight.
  14. No need to apologize, the usual delay between each of my "build progress" posts is 2 weeks (at best) . Good additions for a nicer tub.
  15. It's really looking great Dennis, deftly weathered. I hope your health is OK, or if sadly it's else than that it will get better soonest.
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