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  1. oh dear, thats gonna be expensive quantitywise haha
  2. oh dear christ, he is back great choice of a bomber, well built, the usual quality standards delivered and maintained thx for sharing
  3. yes me too, it remains to be seen, if they really stay with iceland air, cause they sometimes change liveries prior release. My advice: minicraft to the bin or ebay.
  4. 757, FINALLY at least it seemed to help i sent a photo walkaround of an iceland air 757 to a zvezda designer
  5. Well, Easyjet also claims themself as a Standard Airbus SOP operator, in fact they are not and deviating from the standard, which i think every airline does to their own needs. Even airberlin said it is operating standard airbus from 2014 on... and yes they were, but in the 3rd Level of FCOM there were company SOPs and of course company call outs. I remember when we asked a technician why this Bleed duct procedure came up, and he said it is to protect older planes from suffering bleed duct overheat, and that this is basically not necessary for newer MSNs, but obviously the company wanted us to
  6. yep, same here. i hope that they finally listen to all those airliner modellers out there...allthough i guess i know the answer already
  7. at etihad it is standard. I remember doing this a few times before this procedure was made redundant. I was basically useless, because its intention was to avoid a bleed duct overheat ECAM, which only older aircraft were prone to and air berlin had not that many... a few times the fueler refused to drive under the wing... so we had to retract them on stand, which again ment you had to clear the whole area and so on... not a practical thing when ground services are not used to this ( even in PMI). As soon as you go further down, like egypt or UAE where they have temperatures well above 40 degre
  8. Hi Glen, thanks for your input, allthough i disagree. At air berlin we had that procedure as well to cool down the bleed ducts ( we did it every time required and some Fuel suppliers went mad), but it was canceled after a few years and only kept on the 330 fleet. Easyjet for example does not have it all, as airbus does not make this SOP mandatory anymore. I dont know about aer lingus, but also i can't remember we ever did this SOP after the last flight of the day, it was more a thing in turnarounds, so there was always someone on the flightdeck. i think it is requirement a
  9. hey paul, i always build for myself, as most of us do, i guess. My problem is simply that i love so many types and schemes that it is hard to decide. when it comes to a final idea it usually is the most stupid, boring or weird one. thats why i was asking for input... i also thought of a delta 717, but i think that DC-9 idea is great. I used to fly on these as a boy a lot...unforgetable experience I think a DC9 brings up a whole new level of challenges...
  10. The ouflow valve regulates the cabin pressure altitude. Every aircfraft with a pressurized cabin has one, 747s have two of them. thx for your kind words Miguel. the pebeo stuff is terrible, i used it as well for my first experiments and after 2 years it was so yellowed thx Eamonn, i'm doing my best, lets see how these work out. Its a bit annoying that even the zvezda kit has many flaws
  11. Oh Dave, i thought i was alone here awesome that you are joining the party today i had time to install the flightdeck with the nose gear wheelwell. Nice idea from zvezda to glue it first to the bottom of the cockpit area - sadly this is not gonna work, and i guessed so before. So instead i put the flightdeck in place and once dried i glued in the wheelwell avoiding nasty gaps between the fuselage and the wheelwell... there might be no contact to the cockpit tub but at least it is flush with the fuselage gear opening. Also i managed to scratch build the bloody outflow
  12. All resins are mostly PU. I havent found any clear resin with a 1:1 ratio in 10 years, it seems to be chemically impossible with that different structure, so its not a matter of preference, its just given. Even normal resins have different formulas, one has a pouring time of 3-4 minutes, the other one has 9-10 minutes - depends on what you want to do with it. Small amounts cure slower than huge amounts, thats a basic rule with resins. Have a look on ebay, i got mine from a german local producer on ebay. Usually it is widely available. Dont worry about the thread, no one e
  13. PU = polyurethane normal resins have pouring times between 3-9 minutes, depending on the sort. Clear resin has a different composition, the ratio between the two components is 1:2 Have a look on ebay, you should be able to find clear resin there, almost all of them have long pouring times.
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