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  1. the next video is coming soon, but there are still a few things on the to do list. I finished decaling, and applied the final finish. I thought some of you might be interested in some pictures of progress. i almost forgot the APU exhaust... took a plastic rod of 2mm and drilled a whole. will be painted in polished aluminum soon.
  2. thx Nick! there will be more new posts in the future.
  3. yes, i read about the problem, but i wouldnt use decals anyways. so no problem for me. but this kit is quite far away on my to do list. after the 757 comes a 787 and then lets see... what about your next projects?
  4. mine was build with 26Decals (Boa print) and they were the pure catastrophe. i ripped some of them, when i masked the plane and that caused tons of work. You went the better way... i also have the amodel kit and if i will ever build it then most likely Syrian current c/s or Interflug.
  5. allthough i prefer the aviogenex colors from kenny on it, yours also looks amazing. great job, well done!
  6. awesome, mate! looks really nice, good crafting and of course a great choice, in fact one of my favorite paintjobs on the 134. i built the same in th small scale, but its appearance in 72nd is mighty!! well done
  7. allthough not being a fan of the authentic 3d decals for many reasons, i really like your air UK fleet. i'm a big fan of those vintage 90s liveries and your crafting is solid as usual.
  8. Here is the newest video. Engines are done... only 3 videos remaining and then the model is finished
  9. thx Matt! they really kept me busy for quite some time... more to come in the video soon. yeah...but actually it is not that bad, is it? I didnt know BA was also doing PT offers in times of corona or have you been on PT before?!
  10. Engines are done and soon the youtube video will follow. It took quite some hours to achieve these results At least now on part time and with a heavy cold i have some time to video edit the stuff
  11. thank you so much for your kind words, matt! i try to improve myself with every new model, there's still so much to learn. Btw did you see my question on one of your models? i was asking for the printer you use for your great designs...
  12. here i am again with my nightly monologue just finished the 4th video and painting this thing.
  13. very impressive artwork! the colors really look bright - what printer did you use? best regards
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