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  1. for sure this is one of the best in the past few years. just a perfect work. would have loved to see a WIP
  2. get your machine runnin and get us tons of screen printed decals for that one (thinking about classic delta, united, american etc. )
  3. second that. In case some zvezda guy reads it, disregard all above and go for the 727... haha so unlikely, but dreaming is allowed isnt it...
  4. Both engines, two wheel types and winglet option as well. All you can dream of... i guess this could be the new big cheese in the hood!
  5. awesome model, mate! looks really good considering all the trouble you had with it. maybe next time some PE to avoid those nasty molded pitots?
  6. Came a bit forward in terms of painting. The etihad base color was quite a tough one. I did somw attempts to find the right color. As you can see, i composed it with a lot of different colors. The holiday airlines livery was easier, allthough the masking of cheatlines was difficult. The result is quite ok. I think the blue part of the cheatline may be a bit too dark, but i m ok with it. Only 5 photos exist of TC-GAA. Next step is decaling. I decided to paint the orange bits, cause usually yellow/orange laser printed decals are not true to color. The etihad decals come from
  7. So today in the process of prepairing the 320s for white paint, i felt the urge to start "riveting" , allthough these are screws, the rivets are not visible on modern aircraft. Good that i still have A320 walkarounds with lots of pictures from its belly, so i was able to depict the real thing as good as possible. I am quite happy with these actually...but it took me a few hours and i really felt exhausted afterwards. Never the less i must say, it is worth the effort. First picture is the final version. the others were made in the process. They are so fine that i am afraid
  8. A lot of steps were done in the past few weeks. All details are done on the wing box. I added a scratchbuilt RAT case, fuel pumps, Landing lights, 3d printed Pack outlets, Landing gear stiffener plates and some etchparts for the wheel well (next time they will be 3d printed as well). APU intakes have been installed, cockpit and all other major parts glued in place and i am quite happy the way the cockpit clear part turned out. I copied the zvezda part and added some emerald dye to the clear resin, so there is the typical solar protective color in the windows. Worked reall
  9. hey dave, it seems they stopped doing ultimate kits due to the relative high cost and the issues you mentioned. i love their A321, but as you said its a painful job if you want to build it clean and have to assemble all the wing parts. AFAIK their A320 NEO will still have it cause they just use their existing A320 model. No idea about the engine version, but i assume it would have at least the RR, as the most common engine on the 757. i could also imagine the PW engines will be included, as they also did both engines on their 320s. But you never know, if it is only the RR vers
  10. hey dave, the odd story is true indeed. i cant remember the exact year, but i think it may has been 2016 or so, when a friend from russia told me that one of his friends is one of the CAD designers at zvezda, and he also likes the 757. The guy started to work on this in his free time and the plan basically was to finish it and offer a "ready to mold" design to the management. Therefore he asked me, if i could make a photo walkaround for the guy as reference material. So back then when i was flying for airberlin my turnarounds were usually about 50-60 minutes and where ever i w
  11. by far the biggest shame in 2021. something like this in a scale no one needs...
  12. F-DCALs are pretty thick, so to level it you need a decent layer of clear coat to sand/polish. Btw. i would drill tiny holes into the lights before you install them, so you can simulate the bulbs. quite big stuff on the 27, so should be good to practice!
  13. thx so much for your kind words! i have seen some great stuff here, also i am learning from others while maybe others can learn something from me. this is the nice thing with this forum...
  14. thanx man, always a pleasure! check my other threads, there is some new stuff in there, if you are interested
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