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  1. exactly. But at least what they do now, just makes sense for them. They designed it in a way, that a landing gear requires a seperate sprue, you could probably use on the A321 as well ( allthough the 321 tyres are bigger), but i think revell doesnt care haha. Anyway, personally i think their idea of this design is not so bad, at least aftermarket can add a landing gear and they can reissue the kit with it once in a while...
  2. now, whats really intersting, everything on this kit seems to be prepared for a landing gear, all gear doors and wheelwells molded.
  3. wow, awesome! what a nice build, and best choice for liverie and kit!!! will this bird geht a dirty washing? i think every iran air plane can have a bit of wahsing on it
  4. lets wait until revell themselves comes up with their 2019 kits. Everything from Ipms (which i was a member of) to kitsreviewonline is not a reliable source in my point of view. I'll wait for it... i remember the A320 without gear was annonced some time ago and suddenly disappeared from all lists... so you never know what revell does in the end.
  5. i'm german, so i dont need a translator point is, they also list the 767, which is at the moment not an official listing anymore. further the site seems to have some knowledge, but still i dont trust them a 100%. Anyway, we ll get some NEO kits. thats good
  6. How do you know? That was revells plan some time ago, and they change plans. The Skill level doesnt tell anything about this, since their present A320 is Level 3 as well.
  7. what a waste of resources. that 225 in my mind is just big, thats it. its a borring big thing that will cost a fortune, i would be more pleased for a TU-154 in 72 scale. but as usual there are other people thinking different, and modelsvit counts on an majority, not a single opinion.
  8. Hi! I was reading here for years, so this is the first time i am posting a WIP report. I added landing lights in the wing body fairing. Did them with clear resin and Nav lights were modelled as well. So, one really big thing was implementing the RCI clear cockpit. It is designed to fit in the revell 330/340, so i didnt need the whole nose section, just the clear part and the cockpit. Had to sand and fill a lot, but in the end it really looks nice. Decals to come on this one are from f-dcal. Havent used these,...so i m preparing for some surprises. Anyway... almost everything is put together primed with tamiya primer. Good stuff, but as most primers, it creates a dust layer, but no problem to work with. And here we go...
  9. Got the 2 kits, and I must say, I like it! There maybe some little ones inaccuracies, but the overall impression looks like a great improvement to the airfix kit to me. and BOTH KITS INCLUDE WINGFENCE PE!!!
  10. so great we got 2 different models of the 748...now you can build Lufthansa and ehh....what was the other customer? ahhh air china...great, now you can build both of them without using the same kit. perfect example of how to spend time, money and a lot of research for a model, the market does not need, at least with 2 molds.
  11. RCI

    Revell kits

    yeeaahaaaaaaaa :-) finally my airline :-)
  12. i dont know how often we have heard this "i do it for 20 years" ... well, now i will tell you something new, in fact i expected you to know this, but as i see you dont. Did you ever think about revell's choice to do a 748 LH? They are hardly producing new airliner kits and they do this one, not because we want it and they dont care about zvezda's 748. No - they do it, because there is a commercial market for beginners and people who possibly flew with this aircraft, just wanting to build it and Kids of course. Whats the conclusion? Revell's intended customer is more or less a beginner, not a pro working with putty, sanding paper, super glue, airbrush, decal softener etc. - and no putty, no closed windows. That was allways Revell's philosophy, and if you take a closer look to commercial photographs from revell, you will find parents with kids building a model in there flat. so in this case someones shooting himself...
  13. RCI


    also voting for the 757. dont know why the T7 is so appreciated, together with the 330 one of the most borring...
  14. RCI


    sorry mate, but this livery remains ugly... i dont know why new liveries always produce eyecancer (Austrian, Tui, etc.)
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