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  1. the only thing i really dont like is the picture quality, looks like a badly compressed jpeg. Dont know if you can do something about this...
  2. really like it, great livery, great ac type, great model kit and a great crafting.
  3. thx piotr! it was the first time for me and i also had to practice a lot...
  4. Sooooo...long time no posts here, but i was not pausing. After demasking the cabin windows the edges were crap, i was cleaning it up a bit and the silver frames were really doing its job and giving the windows its final touch. Decaling was painful, too many stencils and the cartograf stuff is not as good as i thought. especially when it comes to large decals... no fun here. After applying the clear coat i found out that my silly technique of getting the great etihad metallic paint worked as exactly the way i wanted (though hard to see on the pics). I now have a metallic paint w
  5. noooo dont say that, i m definetly not. i promise you will see a lot of fails in my WIP videos series for the 737. Yes, i noticed the nav lights, looks really good, well done... allthough i really did not have in mind you were doing this by the video - kind of forgot about it haha. Yes, i have seen your 744! looks great, it was a revell kit, right? so thats even harder to make it look good though i must say, i prefer older planes like the 727, DC9 or DC10 in these colors...also i like the 320. i had a desktop model a few decades back and i will definetly build one in 144 scale one d
  6. really nicely done mate! i prefer the later scheme, allthough my favorite is the bowling shoe. great theme as well... what a weird mysterious story it is until today. hope to see more from your bench soon ...
  7. dude, this is next level. respect. please dont start building airliners, cause then all of mine would look like crap
  8. yes, will take care of that. sorry, was completely busy finishing a small 738
  9. just for your info, the guy keeps selling his virtual kits on his website. no word about kits not being physically available or still in progress what so ever. why should someone create even more mess by pretending to sell an available product!? anyway, he got 72$ from me only for shipping last june and that was when he stopped replying on emails. teach me better, but i think this thing is done and explains why he doesnt give any lifesign.
  10. can't believe i missed this topic!! my top three are: DC8 AVIACO, DC9 ATI, 737 Westjet. really great stuff man, hope to see something new from you soon...
  11. as usual a great crafted model! personally i prefer landor over negus but not so much on the caledonian scheme, but i guess english people have a different view on that subject anyways, that doesnt impair my view. it really looks great and it looks like a proper 757. the only thing i noticed , and please correct me, if i'm wrong, is the cabin window line seems a tiny bit too high maybe?! or is the the photo angle? best regards
  12. really well built! keep on sharing, great stuff like your models are always appreciated!
  13. i also would like to see it from you, and the A300 as well.
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