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  1. because no mask on top of the window is as sharp as the window it self. i mask the inner pane to avoid contact between the resin and the paint and it actually worked out exactly the way i intended it. part 3 is coming up next week. exactly and looks better... thx
  2. APU intake Pack outlets Fuel pumps Gear stiffener plates A320 windows wrong in shape and size heavy sinkmarks outer upper wing surface wheel wells without any detail RAT missing and so on... check this:
  3. just a couple of pics i made a few weeks ago, nothing special, but it gives a bit of an impression. I am building a diorama platform for it, then i would present it in another thread.
  4. Indeed, thats a but weird, but i know for sure that the updated version of the house color kit definetly has sharklets, like they changed on for the A32N kit. So pretty sure the Condor version also has this update... but that is by far the tinest problem haha... the kit is very nice on the first look, but lacking a lot of details on the second!
  5. the new kit has the condor decals plus sharklets, as they introduced this on thei house colors kit as well not so long ago. same item Nr, only a new box design indicated that. previous kits only had the wingtips.
  6. if you allow, i can only recommend one pain, which is MR.PAINT stuff...best airbrush ready paint on the market, you will be delighted, i can promise that, using this stuff ONLY for 2 years now. You will however most likely have to mix the BA blue... but no issues like the one you have on this one...
  7. thx disraeligears thank you dave, video 3 is about to be finished in the next few days. hmm...that sounds excellent i do have a walkaround i made in FRA, but sometimes tech stuff is a bit better thanks Matt following all your builds silently as well thx Don, i was not sure if a video is better than the usual photo story, i thought i just try it. indeed, this windows solution is the most complicated one, but as you said, i think the results are better than any decal.
  8. Hey Civil modellers i started a WIP on zvezda's B757-200 in EL AL colors. For the first time i thought youtube videos might be something interesting and new... hope you like it...
  9. so the 146-300 arrived yesterday. i checked all the parts and let me write a few words as a general impression: The castin quality is mostly ok, the wings are sadly casted from the trailing edge on, on my copy the casting block broke off and took a few bits out of the trailing edge... For my taste the panel lines are way too deep and you can see that most of it is hand drawn, here and there it is not always straight. The cabin windows are horrible, almost every window is unique in its size and shape. The cockpit clear part also is horrible, first because of the wrong geometry and second because it is milky and has bubbles in the glas - so basically unusable. The level of detail is ok, but then if you look at the wheels, it is not comprehensible why someone would not 3d design, print and resincopy them. The rims are not even round, no tire profile. The flightdeck is pretty basic, but at least it is there. some PE parts for the air brake, thats great, a metal landing gear...but then again no detail in the wheel well. i know this sounds a bit depressing, but it is just my view on this. i know i cant expect anything tamigawa like, but for a 72nd scale airliner of this size i expect a little bit more. Dont get me wrong, it is absolutely possible to build a nice model out of it, but it will take some effort. I am pretty sure other modellers wont see it that critical, which i am fine with - just my 2 cents. best regards
  10. i must have something with my eyes then...cause this looks like a fan from a totally different engine to me cant say that about the RR in addition the PW fan is not really fixable, compared to some other things like missing panel lines etc
  11. it looks like they have some quality issues on the kit, i guess at some point they realized how many people are waiting for this kit. It seems one MLG leg is short shot on almost every kit, there are bubbles in the clear windscreen, panel lines missing, PW fandisk completely off. Lets see what else we will find... anyway still happy to have this kit. All issues are only minor things so far...
  12. stupid me had only landor planes in mind, i think those are reduced to 2 AC with this engine?! I also recall there were a lot union jack 75s with the long bypass cover, but only very few in landor...
  13. have seen your post on insta (airlinermodelspro144 here) and yes, same issue here.
  14. i got one on ebay, seems like the same prices. but jesus christ... i paid more than 200€ incl. customs, which really is a lot. one thing i noticed is that the casting changed, and sadly now the fan is integrated into the engine inlet
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