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  1. really excited about that one. they also added air inlets, which is great. i really like the decal choice...hopefully available soon for a reasonable price.
  2. haha thanks Bertie. i love these cockpit details, allthough in the end it is only possible to see it with a torch...
  3. thx Matt, alltough i personally think the el al 757 came out a bit better. thx lewis thank you! glad you like it. yes, and i also did not hit the color tone a 100% its quite hard to actually match it. very good, i also improve myself with inputs from other modellers. thx kenny, surprised that someone actually digged out this thread very true... in the 80ies and 90ies it was even better...
  4. SUM / slava ukraini models what a great thing, and if the kit is not as pricey as EE kits and the availability is like BPK, that would be awesome. Really appreciate it. stay strong!
  5. looks great, especially in terms of the decal drama. i can feel your pain...
  6. nice job and welcome! i guess that 767 was mandatory as you went for MFF with that rating wish i could have flown one of them...
  7. i absolutely see your point, thats why i always stayed away from ANZ liveries
  8. looks great, by far the best concorde scheme! i'd be happy to see more, maybe next time with proper lighting on the photos?
  9. absolutely not a fan of window decals, so as you said i also would have loved to see clear windows on that from you , but despite it is really nice shiny model and an authentic replica. the one and only minor critique point maybe is that the real thing doesnt have a silver frame around the cockpit windows.
  10. great choice and a well built 757, keep it going!
  11. thanks for watching the videos if help is needed with the clear windows, just contact me! happy to help all the best and by the way, excellent choice of a model!
  12. haha yes we kept them clean most of the time...more or less. I tried to not overdo it thanks! its also one of my favorite schemes thanks Daniel! yes, indeed. It was really a very sad time, but you cant change it.
  13. Haha thank you, that's great! i absolutely feel with you, if the model is well made, it doesn't matter too much what it is. If you are interested, check out the 757. It is my last model and personally i would say it is better than the Etihad 320. haha thanks Dave, allthough i must say it is not my personal number one. Btw the DC8 will be LH cargo. thank you! i always found it important to replicate the visible parts on the flight deck...and sometimes not so visible parts haha thank you! thanks to everyone for your nice comments!
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