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  1. thx, found it! i hope they will really do it - cause their A319 project seems to be withdrawn or at least postponed. this 757 will be an expensive adventure for me in any scale. they could only make things worse by doing a 727
  2. i understand this as a question, i dont see any confirmed statement about a 72nd scale 757 from BPK itself. pretty sure, they are not that far.
  3. as much as i like the idea, it doesnt make any sense if you think commercially. many people already said its too big for them, the price of the kit will also be beyond many modeller's budget, and normally i get more than one kit, but for this one i m also going for single one. i'd rather appreciate the A32X series, or a nice 727, 757 or 767 , actually almost anything else than a 777 - but hey, the want it that way. in the history many manufacturers made wrong decisions not listening to their customers and it often was a financial desaster. just my 2 cents
  4. the geometry is completely wrong, it is so off the real thing, i still cant believe it, not even the AN-12 has this windshield, which is the platform. if you are not too deep into these things, count the windows of the real thing (6) and then check the number on the model - and laugh
  5. not really and the shape of the decals still remains wrong.
  6. the window geometry of the cockpit is an insult to any 1:144 modeller
  7. silver frames are quite the standard in airliner decals. what really surprises me is that they got the shape wrong in 72nd scale. it is quite a bit rounder than these squary windows
  8. awesome job and nice choice! really well done that tomcat, especially because it is one that is not overweathered!
  9. thx man! i didnt know the center gear rotates along with the weight, i just thought it makes sense to first level the main tires and then see what the center wheels do. it worked out! i will post some pics of the finished model soon, but that will be a new thread in the "ready for inspection" section
  10. final steps! - scratch built some beacon lights - add antennas - add pitots - landing gear doors - wheel well oil wash - purple paint touch ups - slat connection plates -
  11. true, but touching it means glueing it again
  12. Mr.Surfacer 1200 , sorry for my late answer i think meanwhile they also offer this stuff in white
  13. you are welcome. i think your technique works fine before painting. mine only works on grey wings, allthough i think mr surfacer is also available in white. thank you so much for your kind words! sadly airliners are not the favorite choice for modellers, thus i was more or less entertaining my self and a couple of you guys in this thread but i m fine with it as long as there are others enjoying it...i also learned a lot in this build. so, "ALYSSA" as fedex calls her, stood on her own legs for the first time this morning. For this big step i had to prepare the gear big time. flatening tires, leveling all main gear for the same height, adjusting the links for "running" straight, and some other things. i started with the L+R main gears and left out initially the center gear.
  14. in generell the fit of this kit is not really tamiya like. to my great surprise the fit of the stabilizer was almost perfect. Angle and alignment was just the way it should be. not so with the engines. i expected something like this, and i hate gaps/clearances where there are none on the real aircraft ...thats why i never prefered the "paint wings before attachment" technique. but every modeller has his own expectations and views on an aircraft/model. So there was the big gap, the with right angle you could see the light through the pylon joint. i thought on how to fix it as a smart repair and specially to avoid painting again. So here i found a method that is really working well on a grey wing. the finished picture here doesnt really represent the improvement, but it is huge. i will do this again in the future... 1. mask it with tamiyas flexi tape - must be very accurate, the pylon seal is something like 0.3mm or so 2. apply Mr.Surfacer 500 , be generous but dont flood it 3. take off the masking tape as long as it is fluid 4. watch how the seal form it self into the gap the color is a bit darker than the wing grey, so it looks like there is still a shadow of the gap, but its not
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