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  1. Thanks Roger, yes you are right I remember he mentioned that now, will try and remember that!!! Chris
  2. Great job on the Lovely Lancaster, this will look very impressive in your display case. Chris
  3. Looks great Paul great job with this and its great to think it's all from spares Chris
  4. Hi CC Good work, on the cowling ring CC. I will have to start mine soon so taking notes. Chris
  5. Oooooo that's looking gorgeous Roger. I have never got on with the Flory washes that well, I just seem to drag it out of the panel lines, I think it's because I brush paint and too much paint is in the panel lines perhaps ??? Great work fella. Chris
  6. I think it looks good with the panel line wash on, it doesn't look over powering at all. GreT job on the markings too. Looks lovely. Chris
  7. Thanks Alan, that's very interesting, I have to say it looked very impressive too. Chris
  8. Pete yes the Fury was awesome, yes the lace is laid over the roof and sprayed through this. I did that on my Beetle and is a cracking and very cheap way of getting a great effect.
  9. The lady who owns the Dianne is a French lady living in the UK with her Hubby and she restored the car. She's great and sometimes bakes cakes for the meets.
  10. Great to see this progress, starting to look like a B25 now, great work on this, are you going to add some rivets to the filled rear gunners area? Cracking work Chris
  11. Nice cockpit work Alistair, glad that the fuselage closes okay I had to chop little bits from my interior, I presume builder error not model!!! Chris
  12. That's why this site is so good for all sorts of issues and info, great knowledge to call upon when needed, great job Pascal. Glad it will help with your issue Ron so we can see this fantastic project continue. Chris
  13. A few spots from me , visited the local Romney Retros meet at the Pilot,Dungeness. Some cracking vehicles Our local VW contingent Elctric Beetle cabrio Citroën Dianne Lovely Model T Star of the day for me was this Plymouth Fury III low rider, awesome car with wonderful pinstripes and laced roof Stunning car. Whilst we were there the lifeboat brought in a load of migrants and their dingey and got a wicked video of it beaching itself to come ashore driving up the beach at speed, awesome machine, I don't know how to show here and don't know if the link will work https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/b78L8pdePyug Thanks Chris
  14. Thanks Roger, that is kind of you, I have some big scale builds to do soon(ish). Once you have done this one, I think another 32nd scaler will see if you have the bug!!! Chris
  15. Its too late you are being converted now!!! There are lots of cracking 32nd scale kits, even ghe older ones with some work can turn out really well. My Tiggie w had lots added but still would have built up nicely OOB. I have quite a few large scale ones now and have considered selling off some of the smaller scale ones, but not quite ready to let go yet!!! Great job on this Roger. Chris
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