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  1. Blimey that was quick, still everything is quick compared to my glacial speed!!! Looking damn fine Steve. Great work All the best Chris
  2. They are cracking boxes and the dramatic artwork looks great. Good luck with the builds. All the best Chris
  3. Some very nice mods there great work and scribing looking good. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  4. Very nice indeed. All the best Chris
  5. Hi 825 Wow this is looking very nice now the Top wing and struts in place. I have wicked in CA too and on one or two had to mix up some CA and Talcum powder especially on the strut used for the floats I used in the wing to make the flared attachment point . It just shows different strokes for different folks. Great work and lucky that you were able to deprive the carpet monster of the rudder, as they are greedy buggers at the best of times. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  6. The model looks absolutely stunning. Great work and glad the nose is on the mend. Great model. All the best Chris
  7. Looking Very nice indeed John, coming on very well. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  8. Good to see it with wings on. Crikey that is a lot of blades to work on. Great work. All the best Chris
  9. Thanks Steve,wow that is very kind of you, although I would recommend looking at AdrianMF's model which is lovely and also Serge's model too which is also lovely. Both builds have been inspirational to me doing this model. I have painted the struts and U/C legs etc tonight and just need to do some tidying up before drilling the rigging holes and adding the little bits on top of the fuselage before the Top wing is added. Happy days. All the best Chris
  10. Thanks Johnson very kind of you. Biplanes need not be scary. Look at the lovely Airfix kits such as the Tigermoth, Gladiator, Swordfish etc as all the struts are either set or there is a jig such as on the BE2c. Give one a go and you will be well chuffed with what you can achieve. Thanks 825 glad you are getting there. Yes the inner wing struts and brace to the outer struts are able to be put in place first and as such set the location of the wing , then the interplane struts could be set. If you set the inner wing struts you could then use elastic bands to hold the top wing in place whilst you set the interplane struts. Keep up the good work Thanks and all the best Chris
  11. Thanks Steve, yes got over my gitters and worked through it. Glad to have got that bit done. Will hopefully get the struts painted later. All the best Chris
  12. Looking good Pete, the decals have gone on over the rivets okay, fuselage looks great. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  13. Hi all Wahoo finally getting somewhere with this one. After not very successful attempts with the cardboard jig as previously shown I thought I would set the inner wing struts in place as they have the single Brace struts going to the bas of the outer wing struts. so I joined the Top wing sections and took away the interplane struts from the fuselage and set the wing struts this locates the wing positively (although a lot of clean up of each strut was required and I also enlarged all the holes that receive struts). This worked and so I was able to tape down the top wing and then set the interplane struts again. I had to take off some of the locating pips of the strut tops and file the tops to sit in the right place against the top wing. but I have success. Please see above as some pips removed from 3 of the strut tops from the interplane struts . I also have to make up the bottom of the single brace strut on the starboard side as mine was missing so this is one of the struts for the floats. Undercarriage legs/struts and braces in place Getting there now. I hope this may help the others building this kit although I imagine you are probably more accomplished modeller than me so will probably not need it. Thanks for looking in All the best Chris
  14. Wow Steve the Wessex looks absolutely lovely, despite all the bad luck that's befallen the model. Great perseverance on your part fella. Great work. All the best Chris
  15. Ooooooooo the Cranberry looks stunning Dave, all that work you have put in has paid dividends. What a lovely job and a great thumbs up for The old Humbrol paints too. Top work fella. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
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