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  1. Sorry I missed this the first time, what a cracking WIF and Backround , I have to say amazing work on both, some cracking names in the back round too. Brilliant Chris
  2. Oooooo I like this, what a cracking Spitfire, great work, your paint finish and weathering is fantastic. Chris
  3. Wow what a lovely pair of models, you have done a cracking job on both of these old kits. I am amazed how good they'll. Great work and interesting back round info too. Chris
  4. Crikey Moa you don't hang about, they look great. There is something very enchanting about the large lettering above and below the wings on these old machines. Great work. Chris
  5. A wonderful and graceful looking machine and you have done a cracking job on the model Moa, another masterpiece, great work and cracking photos too. Chris
  6. Thanks Moa, that means a lot thank you. I need to get some photos in good light and on a base so hopefully will get those done and RFI'd Friday or Saturday. Your Shaloin/Jedi mind waves have influenced me through the Force!!! Thank you Chris
  7. Excellent new Moa. Can't wait to see these. I have literally finished mine tonight too. There is a photo on the last page of my thread. Will have to do an RFI at the weekend as need to get some proper photos first. Onto another civil build too, I know, what is happening . This is your Jedi mind tricks isn't it??? Chris
  8. Hi Roger That is good if they listened and changed it. I have had a busy week so far, I am off for the rest of the week now so some decorating to be done and some bench time will be had, wahoo. Chris
  9. I'm calling this one done now, very pleased with the way this has turned out. Wouldn't mind another the Gypsy Moth perhaps. Thanks for looking. Chris
  10. Looking great what a cracking project. Shame about the dust you mentioned in the canopy, is there any way to blow it out in there? It's very frustrating. Once you have finished the build might be worth a gentle few taps in the canopy area affected to disloge and it will fall away at least whilst on display. Obviously it will return if you start flying the model around the room making engine noises though!!! Chris
  11. Ah yes I know what you mean there and feel your pain, the Cirrus moth I have just finished tonight, folded up on me when I got the lower wing and fuselage struts on. It nearly got stowed away but fortunately kept my dummy in my moth and just got straight back on with it. Glad I did I am very chuffed with it. Keep up the good work fella Chris
  12. Oh mate that's a cracking way to display the gorgeous Walrus Tony. Looks fantastic. Can't wait to see the Walrus too. Chris
  13. A nice project And future projects Rob , good luck with your build. Chris
  14. Crikey Tony, hope you are okay and make a speedy recovery fella. Chris
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