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  1. Great to see the rigging almost done, always brings a smile and a great feeling of accomplishment when eyeing up the model, great work. Thanks for your kind comments re my build too. Chris
  2. Lovely looking Nimrod, great work, looks good with its Hawker bretherin too. It certainly does have very graceful lines. Chris
  3. Looking very nice indeed Johnny, both doing very well and oh so close now. I appreciate the tiny size of those windscreens, just done mine, I go around the edges and the tabs with a Sharpie so hopefully they will go in the slot, but ic not I shall be also taking the tab off too!!! It's a great feeling when the rigging starts to take shape. Sounds like you deserve a few more of those IPAs after you'd work candidates work around the house!!! Great work Chris
  4. Great work on those parts Alistair, like the dusty tyres, wheels look good too. Good grief nights to earlies!!! My goodness that does sound dreadful, hope you get a good kip. I used to worry about waking up at 0420 hrs for the first early shift and one night I woke up feeling really tired with my eyes stinging, made a cuppa on auto pilot and got in the shower, when I got out and sat in the lounge to drink my tea , I glanced at the clock and saw it was 0030 hrs !!! I can only think my missus must have rolled over and kicked me in her sleep and I got up thinking it was time for work. I was very relieved and got straight back into bed!!! Great worn fella Chris
  5. Nice start Alistair, details look lovely for the scale, crikey the second one too, looking forward to both progressing. Chris
  6. You'll be giving @corsaircorp ideas Alistair
  7. Looking fantastic with the railings done and covered too, the gun looks fab too. Great work Mark. Re the portholes I wondered if you were painting and adding a dab of gloss or if a wash would do the same at the end? Chris
  8. Oh wow she's got legs and she knows how to use them!!! Great job the Vixen looks wonderful. Chris
  9. Oh mate , thanks I am glad to be able to follow along with this one in the meantime. You're doing a cracking job too. Chris
  10. Oh wow what great progress Roger and so good to know that the fit is so good, getting excited to see more and finding it harder to resist picking up mine!!! Great work fella, looking forward to seeing the painting stage. Chris
  11. He will have to distract Mrs CC again to sneak them in!!! Get that book of raffle tickets ready and he can say look what I won !!! May just work You certainly will like the ICM kits CC.
  12. Thanks Mark , I am going to reverse the numbers now so I don't feel old!!! Thanks Johnny, good to have you along , I just have so many FAA subjects I wanted to build so thought I would do one long thread. Still got loads to do!!! I do love Tigermoths and have a few to do, the Photo Etch is quite good although I don't use all. The Walrus is a lovely kit and you will certainly enjoy that one. The Sea Venom is a great kit Matchbox did a great job in giving us that. Very pleased with it so far and I am thankful that I was able to tag along with your Sea Venom build which was excellent and very inspiring otherwise I may have still had it sat in the stash!!! Thanks for your kind comments Chris
  13. Hi Johnny, yes now carrying on on my FAA thread, amongst my others on the go . Chris
  14. I am not so sure CC, I am just starting to paint some bits but need to get the PE bits out too. Long long way to go!!! Your cabin is looking great CC, the bottle and bacon sandwich look fabulous fella. Chris
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