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  1. Looks absolutely stunning Steve, great to see it standing on it's own three wheels. Great work Chris
  2. Enjoy the Christmas special, it was good. Yes the raffle ticket will only work very occasionally. They remember!!! Chris
  3. My word another fantastic update, great progress, the fabric over the rib effects are wonderful. It will be a fitting tribute ti the pilots. Great work Chris
  4. It's no good Mark, I am going to have to arrange a ghosts night with the family now. Yes we all have to sneak some in now and again, also the raffle ticket scheme is a good one on the very odd occasion!!! Chris
  5. It's always the way Richie, when someone scratches a model of a type, you can bet your bottom dollar that a manufacturer will announce one!!! Chris
  6. Lovely bright Mustang Paul, great job. Chris
  7. Great work on the wings and cockpit details. Yes had to do my chores in the garden today too. Chris
  8. I love the old see through props and to see it on this gorgeous Tempest is a real treat. Great work on this old kit. Chris
  9. Thanks Mike , very kind , yes I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I had always worried about painting yellow by brush but this definitely has put that to rest. I used to feel the same about painting the prop tips too. Thanks F-32, very kind. Wow thank you Markus for your very generous comments. I am very pleased to think it has inspired someone to have a go. I never got into airbrushing due to the locations of my work bench and even though I have been lucky enough to now have a mancave to model in after a lot of hard work I find brush painting relax
  10. Nice Trio, be good to these progress. Chris
  11. A great sheet CC. Phew I thought you were going to say you had chopped it up and cooked it and ate it!!! Chris
  12. That looks great. Thanks for the information I will definitely try and remember when u get round to the Tiggie eventually!!! Infact I will right a note on the instructions to remember. Thanks Chris
  13. Hi Roger, I would carry on fella as it will be quite a while with my current projects and have a GB commitment at somepoint too. Although the second choice is intriguing Chris
  14. Thanks Dave, very kind of you. I used Tamiya masking tape and burnished it down well for what seemed like ages, I then used a thinned out humbrol satin black 85 but, take most of the paint off the brush to almost Drybrush the bit next to the tape then infill the centre with the normal thinned paint. Leave to dry for at least 12 to 24 hrs then do the same again. Once the two thinned edges are done I pull the tape off and hand paint almost to the edges, similar to your method but the ridge is very minor and when the coats of klear and after decalling the satin varnish go on then there is pre
  15. You might be waiting a while my building pace is somewhat Glacial.
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