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  1. Thanks CC very kind. The Beau is very nice, really pleased with it, just polished the wingtip lights so now can move onto paint . This one will be EDSG, DSG over Sky blue. Crikey yes page 100, wow, never done a thread this long before. Thanks Chris
  2. Stunning Wildcat Russ, looks fantastic in this scheme , love that gloss finish too. Cracking work. Chris
  3. Thanjs Keith very pleased with the Beaufighter, does look good with the Merline engines. The Seafire pit is coming on well now, I have drilled a hole in the seat back for the harness and cut the elevators and horizontal tailplanes as they were the older style ones. Thanks Roger, the Beau is lovely, have been sorting the wingtip lights so now can sand down to flush them and the polish them up. Then it's paint time. Will hopefully get my Dallachy thread started tomorrow. Thanjs guys Chris
  4. Thanks Alistair hopefully will get the Auster over the line this week. Thanks Roger, pleased with how this one is looking now. Chris
  5. Thanks Mark, that's very kind, really pleased with how the stripes look, very nearly finished this one just a wash and the wings can go on , fingers crossed. Chris
  6. Thanks Rob, yes they are resin engines from Air Graphic Models. I have drilled out the jet pipes and when cleaning up took a bit of the pipe out unfortunately so need to consider how to repair that🙄 Chris
  7. Hi Dennis So sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. The model looks great with the paint on looks quite sporty in the gloss finish, a what if overall Ferrari red example would look good too.. Great work and it's great to hear your ete op went well too. Chris
  8. Ooooooo yeah, looks fantastic Brian , loving the different shades, great work Chris
  9. Grest start on this. I know nothing of this aircraft. Hope you recover fully soon. Chris
  10. Hi all A bit more Done to the Auster with the decals on, rigging on the tailplane, and wheels on. Wing stripes painted on the undersides, tried to make them slightly messy, that is planned honest. Exhausts added from brass tube I also started this after the Basset got finished, but having looked at @rob Lyttle s thread I decided to leave to one side until the informal GB for the Dallachy Beaufighter is finished as there is some plastic surgery to do on the undercarriage bays. Thanks for looking in Chris
  11. Hi all More Beaufighter progress. Canopies fitted Small intakes hollowed out wingtip lights, landing lights and ailerons fitted. One coat of Colourcoats Sky blue painted underneath, thinned it out and impressed with the coverage for the first coat Seafire cockpit internals worked on Will get my Informal GB Beaufighter thread started tomorrow hopefully. Thanks for looking in Chris
  12. Nice job on the cockpit Mark, and great to see the wings and fuselage go together . Chris
  13. Great job on the window Rob , should look fantastic when all in nice and flush. Great info too, it's interesting to hear of the military and civil name differences. Chris
  14. Glazing and headlight looking great, good news that you can have your ops. Hope all goes well. Cracking job on the model Chris
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