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  1. Hi Guys Just thought I'd let you know, I asked on the manufacturers forum on BM about any possible date of release and Petr mentioned sometime in 2020 as they don't want to rush as that would not be good. I am happy with this as I am sure that this will be a cracker when released, it's a shame granted, that it's not going to be imminent, but we can wait a while longer can't we??? All the best Chris
  2. Hi Petr no worries thank you for replying. Yes agreed better not to rush, I am really looking forward to having a great Whirlwind in this scale. All the best Chris
  3. Wow Tony, Annie looks bloomin gorgeous with the roundels, I can't wait to see the canopy masking removed. Spuds look great too, hmmm. All the best Chris
  4. Cracking progress BB, glad you have the wing issue sorted and the engines together. I have a stalled Rosen 72nd Bristol F2b and is being built with an exposed engine, it is very fiddly indeed, I was thinking of doing the HT leads but not sure now, this is what caused the stall. Keep up your great work. All the best Chris
  5. John that is a lovely idea, it's also great to see a model I have dreamed of getting in the hangar. Absolutely cracking diorama and models. All the best Chris
  6. Great work so far Remi, got one in the stash too and your build is helping others (read me) to avoid the potential pitfalls. Thank you All the best Chris
  7. Great work Tony your paintwork is superb. Loving the shiny and dull contrasts . Top job fella. All the best Chris
  8. Hi Paul What are your thoughts on the engine? Engines and things do an Armstrong Siddeley Tiger engine in 1/72 if that's any help. All the best Chris
  9. Hi Charlie, good to see you in the GB . This will be good. Good luck with your build fella. All the best Chris
  10. Ooooooooo looking forward to seeing this one Pat. Hope you are able to get the missing bit sorted. Good luck with your build. All the best Chris
  11. Very nice choice and very colourful option John. Good luck with your. All the best Chris
  12. Hi Jaime Great work so far. I like the Idea for the windows, I have never thought of using the conacta glue before, that's very interesting. I have used Krystal Klear with success on a model aircraft kit and a model locomotive too. Also Cyano can be used. It will go dull but polishes up very well, just check out some of @Martian Hale builds , he has had some great results with it. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  13. Thi looks like a fascinating build and what a lovely looking machine. The videos are great too. Will watch with interest. Good luck with your build. All the best Chris
  14. Ooooooooo yes, this will be great Paul. Can't wait to see this one progress. This is an interesting variant and colourful. Great little kit and a lot of parts too. Good luck with your build. All the best Chris
  15. This looks an interesting machine John, will watch with interest. @JWM Suggestion is a good one, I did the same on a recent build of the Frog Blackburn Shark as the cockpit was empty apart from the two seats, it was really worth the effort as it made such a difference. Good luck with your build. All the best Chris
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