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  1. Looking good Stix, I use that same technical way of holding the fuselage and wings together. Great to see it coming together and progressing well. Nice work. Chris
  2. Good to see this back on CC and good to see it buttoned up. Great job fella. Chris
  3. No worries Keith, Ruby Red yes a lovely shade, my mate has a cracking , ratty 1962 bug in that colour, looks great all lowered but he is changing to more of a Rally style now. I saw the Mini and thought of you. There was a black Mk2 Escort van there today, no pics as there were too many to get round in the time we had today, but he followed us out and when he got the chance overtook, and this thing flew past us with phenomenal acceleration, curious when engine it had, looked good with flared arches and chromed mini lites. Chris
  4. Will be interesting to see if they do this or if it is just another tactic to placate and stall. Will give my replacement copy a few days and then will be asking for pro rata refund for my not received subscription issues. Any good will and understanding has now gone.
  5. Yes it is lovely. There were three or four there today they all looked great but this one was by far the nicest. Chris
  6. Please Airfix if you are reading this, could we have a 24th scale Tigermoth ? Thanks Chris
  7. Hi all possibly the last visit to Headcorn for a retros meet this year, although may be one more. A great turn out with lots of vehicles today. Not only that, two other Type 3s turned up too. A 1965 Notchback next to my Fastback 1972 Fastback 1955 Chevy Racey Mk1 I have not seen one of these for years a Fiat 128 I was really taken with this Pontiac Tempest it looked very original One for Keith Lovely Cortina Nice Mk2 A nice 500 A great morning with cars and planes, no Spitfires and Hurricanes today unfortunately though. Hope you enjoy the pics Chris
  8. Very nice indeed, lovely paint and weathering. A lovely model. Chris
  9. Very nice work, they look lovely, it's a nice little kit for the money. Chris
  10. Lovely, looks such a cracking shaped Aircraft. Great work Chris
  11. Nice start, looks good and quick too, got one in the stash for a Royal Navy machine. Great work Chris
  12. Cracking work Alan this is a real beauty, Airfix do some cracking kits . You have done a superb job on this. Great work fella. Chris
  13. Great to see some paint going on, great job on the Bomb bay doors too. Chris
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