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  1. Great work fella, the engine and engine bay is looking gorgeous and it's good to see the rest of the airframe coming together. Great work on your cover for the lovely pew be too. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  2. Wow Tony a lovely physical model to run around the garden making jet engine noises, you do have form for that it I recall a previous thread. Great, nay outstanding result from your research and design. Keep up the good work Chris
  3. Great work Rob I do like the foil work on your models. I will try and keep up and watch although very busy with work, family and the house, so struggling for time really. I have one of these in the stash along with a CA Hudson. The Hudson will be a PRU machine and not sure about the Ventura yet, thought about an Operation Polar Bear Canadian machine but can't find the decals at the moment. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  4. Thanks Rob getting excited now my first night of modelling in there. Got a few on the go but thought I would celebrate buy starting something big. FRADU Hunter possibly, not sure yet. You stay safe too. All the best Chris
  5. Hi Dennis, we are all fine here, still working but have been able to get the mancave useable if not quite finished. So will be trying it out tonight finally and may get some more modelling time over the weekend too, wahoo. Yes definitely don't stop, you will have a lot of disappointed modellers if you were to be distracted. Keep up the great work on your fantastic Camel. Stay safe and all the best Chris
  6. Hi Dennis, the engine looks great fella and that tail skid too, fantastic. Thanks for putting up the links they are very interesting and to see one being covered too. I have added your thread to favourites so I can use for reference in the future. Hope you are keeping well. All the best Chris
  7. Good news, I have located the Gee Bee Z decals. They had slipped out of one of the flap ends of the box and were under the wardrobe, so phew. The P35 decals I have been able to replace with a set from Hannants. Thanks for your assistance all. All the best Chris
  8. Thanks Orso that is a shame, understandable but a shame. All the best Chris
  9. Thanks for the info too. When I finish work I will take a look. All the best Chris
  10. Ooooooooo thanks John, I will check this out thank you. All the best Chris
  11. Apologies if in the wrong area but both kits I have are interwar types. Please can anyone advise if the company is still going. I have a couple of their kits and one has very cracked decals (Seversky P35) and the other is missing decals (Gee Bee Z Super Sportster). I am wondering if they are still going and can sell replacement decal sheets? But couldn't find a direct contact. Thanks in advance Chris
  12. What a cracking idea, thanks for sharing. Will use that. All the best Chris
  13. Glad you decided to carry on with this, good recovery, it is looking lovely. Great work. All the best Chris
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