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  1. I know exactly what you mean, I change my mind all the time too when it comes to choosing a subject to model. Glad it's not just me then!!! Chris
  2. Thanks Tony, that's good to know , I have the HAS.3 boxingbon the way. Brian is kindly sending the HMS Endurance decals so will be able to build one . Very pleased. Chris
  3. This is looking Great Andy, a nicely weathered airframe fella. I like it. You should be on target to finish this week, what's the next one? Apologies if you said before, I an getting on a bit !!! Chris
  4. Oooo here we go with your trademark weathering really looking forward to this progressing now. Great job on the roundels etc, looks sweet. Chris
  5. Thanks for keeping the secret , ooooo yes if no good to you I would love to take them off your hands if okay, I can trade or pay some beer tokens. Thanks Chris
  6. Don't tell SWMBO, but I now have the HAS.3 boxing coming my way Chris
  7. No worries, the gap will be easy to sort. I am going to look at these on Ebay now. I have a 48th scale kit and an HAS 3 conversion but it's for Gulf war HAS 3 and I always fancied doing the HMS Endurance machine, could not get hold of that option though so might look at a 72nd kit ??? Chris
  8. Oh wow this looks really nice indeed. Glad the transparencies went on okay the HAS 2 and 3 are the favourites for me and this is looking great. Cracking work Chris
  9. Hi Roger I don't know anything about the collector rings, I did see an image, I think it was on here a few years ago with one at night and the collector rings glowing, looked quite impressive if I recall, but no good over enemy territory!!! Looking forward to seeing the turrets and it's great to see that stunning Beau again with your cracking pain effects on those collector rings. Chris
  10. Not seen one of these built before so am keen to see how it progresses, good luck with your build. Chris
  11. Looking forward to seeing this one. I only had the Jaguar SS100 and never got to the others. They're a bit pricey now so will enjoy through all the builds on here. Good luck with your build. Chris
  12. Great job on the cockpit Greg, looks good fella. Chris
  13. I am looking forward to this one, great start on this. I got given one on my 5th Birthday assembled it very badly in an afternoon and so this was my first kit really, little did I know that it would be the start f a lifetime Hobby. Going through and seeing these builds has got me thinking about doing this again so ordered one which arrived yesterday, will give it a good look over tomorrow. Great work on yours Chris
  14. This looks good and they are going together well. The two crew members look like they are dancing in those poses!!! Great work Chris
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