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  1. Great job on preparing the parts and the seat and IP look awesome. Cracking work. It will be interesting to see this progress. Chris
  2. Ooooooo looking forward to this , as you know I like a yellow Anson which I was able to finish thanks to you kindly sending the replacement nose glazing. Thanks again Max. I will tag along, got this kit in the stash too. Chris
  3. Looks absolutely stunning Max,great work on this beauty. Chris
  4. Definitely beyond help CC nice to get another one and did Mrs CC argue as she had discovered this kit being snuck in ??? Looks a great kit, hmm maybe one day Good progress . Chris
  5. Me too looks great, love the tonal variation and think it looks fab. I use watered down (about 40%), Johnsons Klear to apply decals to not so glossy surfaces, but can sometimes still get a slight silvering here and there. Great work Chris
  6. Great work on the air conditioning ducting and the screen does look good . Chris
  7. Such a fantastic looking machine. Keen to see what this goes together like. Great start Mike Chris
  8. Nice job Johnny, I had never thought I would ever see a DE and DG Firefly, but it certainly looks fantastic. Great build with all your 3D extras too. Chris
  9. Wow saw that first photo and thought it was a reference shot you'd used. Great work on this cracking kit. Looks absolutely fantastic. Chris
  10. Ooooooo, I like it, what a great job on this small kit and conversion. I am awaiting the Air Graphics wasp kit myself. I will be pleased if it looks anything like yours. Cracking wasp. Chris
  11. Thanks Mark, very kind Thanks Keith, very kind too. Thanks Roger, they are the Revell kit decals they settled well for Revell Decals Thanks Andy, I have seen them cut apart completely before, but thought I would cut them in two and apply that way and it worked, phew!!! Thanks Alistair, getting there now. Thanks Ian Cheers guys for your kind comments Chris
  12. Nice rib work, crikey there's a lot of work there. Great job Chris
  13. Ooooooo good to see the EDSG go on Andy looking forward to the effects for variation in shade etc. It's a shame it's not 48th scale as I have lots of FAW.1 decals left over from my build I could have sent you, but nothing in 72nd scale as far as I am aware. The videos were great to watch, thanks for posting too. Cracking work Chris
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