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  1. Crikey Mike that definitely wouldn't go in a Polo. That is one heck of a garage wall trophy !!! All the best Chris
  2. Hi Mike Crikey it is very hard selling any dubs as after all they are members of the family that live in the garage!!! When I sold my bus, my then 5 yr old son put his arms out at the front of the bus as if to hug her before she drove off. I have changed my Avatar to reflect the current ride. Great work on the model so far. I like the cotton bud tube idea and will register that in the old memory bank for future use. The superglue and Talc filler Troy mentioned is brilliant as it sands back easily and is also easily scribed when reinstating panel lines etc. The more talc you use the easier to sculpt and sand, although it also dries quicker too. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  3. Hi John I see what you mean and after all the wonderful RJ Mitchell did design boats that fly.
  4. Wow great work she's a beauty alright. The lead wire use on the internal tube frames is fantastic, I will have to nick ahem, use that idea . Thanks for sharing. All the best Chris
  5. Nice choice Heather, not seen one of these kits built yet and you have to love a Beau so will watch with interest. Great work so far. All the best Chris
  6. Looking very nice indeed, great work. I have one of these which got promoted near the top of the stash earlier today. All the best Chris
  7. You are right Dennis, I realised the Camel seat I had seen was for a 32nd model. Sorry fella. There is a Photo etch set though and different decals, do I might have to look at those myself as mine are missing. All the best Chris
  8. Hi Neil, just caught up, great progress fella, that cockpit interior looks absolutely fantastic as well as the bomb bay . This is an absolutely stunning model. All the best Chris
  9. Hi Dennis Great work on the tailplane so far. I think that Copper state models also do a seat for this kit too ? The engine kit looks nice. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  10. Oh wow, looking stunning, great paint work.
  11. Hi It's good to see the fuselage together. Interior looking great what with the tank and wiring too, great work. Good luck with your house move.
  12. Hi Jim Wow what a beauty. You have created an absolutely stunning model of a stunning aircraft. Great work. All the best Chris
  13. Hi Rob Great work fella, I like this and will bookmark the thread to assist me when I do mine. The foil work and engine work you have done are fantastic. Can't wait to see how it works out. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  14. Wow you have created a real beauty there. I love the paint and weathering, it looks fantastic. I would love to build this machine but don't think, as a brush painter, I could accomplish such a finish, so have always shyed away from it so have the RAAF boxing instead. Great work All the best Chris
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