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  1. Wow Tony, the bits you have done look flippin amazing. The exposed engine is a work of art and so is the framing. Great work fella. All the best Chris
  2. Very nice indeed, great work so far. This is s big beastie too looking at the size of the bulkhead compared to the bottle behind it in the third picture. Keep up the good work. All the best Chris
  3. Great detailing work and your rescribing looks wonderful. I have one of these in the stash and look forward to tackling it one day soon. Would love to be able to rescribe as well as you. Great work. All the best Chris
  4. Looking great Tony, great work. Tony, I am no expert at all but if using black at all on an aircraft I mix some Humbrol Matt black and the same company's cockpit grey green and it can make a convincing night black colour. Just putting it up incase it's of any use. All the best Chris
  5. Absolutely lovely Neil, great work. This is is going to be a very informative thread. All the best Chris
  6. Six. I also would be very interested in purchasing a set, as they do look lovely
  7. Great work Moa, The interior looks fantastic. Coming together nicely. She's a very big beastie. Keep up the good work. All the best Chris
  8. Great work Tony, I have seen two lots of Paint on your model today, you are really spoiling us. Alright I know you did the black a couple of days ago, but I only caught up today !!! Keep up the great work All the best Chris
  9. Hi Martian Just caught up again, you crazy peoples. Great work on the interior, it looks thoroughly amazing. Keep up the great work All the best Chris
  10. Wow Tony Wow great no amazing work. Getting very excited now the paint work is started. Keep up the good work. All the best Chris
  11. Wow, great work on the resin seats and engines etc. I Will watch with much interest as I have one to build. I am doing a Royal Navy machine using S&M decals. Keep up the good work. All the best Chris
  12. The model looks stunning great paint work and like others said it looked real in some pictures. Wow. All the best Chris
  13. Thanks Murdo, yes definitely great value for money. All the best Chris
  14. Thanks Kapam Thanks Steve, it's a nice kit, the Camouflage scheme looks good. Thanks and all the best Chris
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