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  1. Excellent, although all my bug wipers were great, the bay had good ones but wind was great at blowing off water straight away when driving, worst ones are my current 67 Fastback, althoughlove the car. Would love a cabriolet bug, an Oval cabrio will never happen unless I win the lottery!!! Great work on he rack additions. Chris
  2. Oh my word, this looks amzing the details are fantastic. Chris
  3. Looking good, great recovery an good idea to lock the shed when drunk. Can I just ask is that recess in the port fuselage for the sliding part of the canopy? Never seen that before on a model. Chris
  4. This looks lovely, great paint finish, great work Chris
  5. Sorry to have missed this Tony, great work as ot looks fab, the yellow wingtips adding further interest too. Great job Chris
  6. Crikey what a cracking model, finish is superb as is the weathering. Great work. Chris
  7. Getting there Bill, Looking good fella Chris
  8. Looking good, although I have to confess, I wouldn't like to take it for an MOT!!! Re the interior would some paper be good to recreate tears in the vinyl or cover in something to represent a blanket covering ripped sears for example. Great work Chris
  9. Looks cool love the rack with the gear and net over, is fantastic, splitty wipers are very crude and harked back to the early designs and were pretty useless to be fair!!! I think your bus looks great, also in the better climates wipers wouldn't be a necessity like over here. Great work. Chris
  10. Great updates Rob, some fantastic work, I was thinking I should say something about doing all the legwork after seeing your fantastic modified U/C but thought better of it!!! Great work Chris
  11. IA day trip to Lidl, like it, yes some interesting weathering prospects.
  12. This looks fantastic, great extra detailing and rockets look great. Interesting backround info too, they got a bit of a shock when that happened, crikey. Great work Chris
  13. Yes crikey. I am glad you did, this is a great reference thread thank you. Chris
  14. In the backround of the bottom image posted previously is a small Model which is a diversion/ Mojo keeper upper build. I like to have a few on the go at a time so if the old mojo gets stuck I can work on another, in this case a diversion from brush-painting acres of trainer yellow. I started this as a simple build and it really is quite a lovely little kit. It's the KP 72nd scale Piper Pawnee. I wasn't going to show this apart from with an RFI however I am quite pleased with it so far and so decided to add some further enhancements. Fuselage halves go together well after
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