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  1. The Super Tweet was a very welcome sight when hostiles were a bit too hostile in your area. It flew in low, slow, was very accurate (more attributable to the fine pilots who risked all the ground fire to save our scruffy behinds). One of these aircraft came to the rescue more than once and provided needed support to complete a bright light mission. I preferred them as air support rather than the Skyraider (but I owe my life to a Skyraider pilot and the aircraft holds a special place in my heart.). You did a great job detailing this kit and finishing it with minimal weathering. It looks nice and menacing. Thanks for sharing.
  2. The shark mouth really brings out the boxy mouth of this aircraft as it just looks rugged and imposing. There is nothing subtle about this bird. The finish is great. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Lovely finish on this kit. The weathering you did really makes the finish stand out and it looks like a war weary veteran. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Good looking P-40 you have made. I like the unique decals that make this stand out from other P-40 builds. Thanks for sharing.
  5. This is a great diorama you have created. It really tells a story and shows just how well you can build and paint the various models necessary to complete the story. So well done. Thanks for sharing.
  6. You don't often see a Spitfire in a shiny, silver finish. It gives it a completely different look. Thanks for sharing this.
  7. Good luck with the Valom kit. They are sorta hit or miss when it comes to fit. Will watch with great interest.
  8. Just looked at the finished 1/48 version of this aircraft in another RFI. This one is done just as nice, but in the finished colors. From the pictures of both finished kits, there is not a whole lot of difference, other than the paint schemes between the looks of the finished model. Well done on both fronts and equally well done on yours as this is a much smaller canvas to work with. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Nice build of the Buffalo. However, does look like there might be an issue with the undercarriage, or it might just be the angle of the photograph. Thanks for sharing.
  10. You cannot tell this is an easy build kit that makes some sacrifices to create the "easy" build. Looks just like a regular, well built and beautifully finished mainstream kit. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I have never heard of this aircraft before and just clicked on this RFI to see what it was. I am very glad I did as this is just a tremendously wonderfully build kit with a very unique and well done paint and finish. It just looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  12. The two Tempests look great and two really different liveries done so well. And the bonus Spitfire is built and finished just as well. Thanks for sharing all of them.
  13. If you can afford the Tamiya kit, you will not be disappointed. It is a really nice kit and is a bit less complex in build than the 1/32 Mustang, Spitfire and Zero kits.
  14. Wow. Take a great kit with a superb build and what you have presented to us is what you get. Just a fine piece of workmanship in the build process and the finish. The Spit looks great. Thanks for sharing. So just out of curiosity, what are the rules with the red crowbar? Sometimes it shows up and other times the use of it seems like I just started giggling during a funeral service.
  15. I've checked out your website and seen the very pristine, slightly weathered aircraft you have built. I personally think being able to put a very clean aircraft on display with minimal weathering is harder to do than a kit with extreme weathering to hide all the flaws from the building process. (Not that I would ever use weathering to hide my many flaws, big guffaw.) You do good work and it looks like you are more than capable at building these funny little plastic kits into quite good and representative models. I think I will stick with my claim of "knowing what you are doing".
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