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  1. Not hardly! I got it for under $20.00. But I would be willing to sell it for a bargain £300 and throw in free shipping to the lucky buyer!
  2. What a wonderful model you have made. I just picked up this kit off of an eBay auction. I only hope mine turns out half as well as yours. It really looks the part. I am very impressed with how well your James Bond figure turned out and how much you made him look like the man Sean Connery! Great build. Did you do a WIP?
  3. Thanks Iain. I am really enjoying this kit. I have had it for a number of years, probably the year it came out! I have just never gotten around to putting it together. It has just set under my workbench in the next in line to build for a very long time. Now, I am sad I didn't start it sooner.
  4. I don't know if this kit would win or the Airfix 1/24 Mosquito. I was amazed at how many ejection marks were on the rather new Airfix kit. If it wasn't ejection marks, it was mold seam lines. Of course, this kit has a few of the mold seam lines too. I have been comparing the AM Avenger kit to this one as I am working on it and I just think the level of detail out of the box on this kit is astounding. Why this kit isn't a bigger hit with the modeling community, I don't know. And, most of the time, the fit of parts and the way they are engineered to go together cannon be faulted; just the
  5. Further work update on bomb bay/cockpit floor. Some of the various parts of the bomb bay received detail and weathering. After the weathering and detail painting, some placards and dials were added for a bit more interest. Regarding the effects used on the leather pouch attached to the cockpit wall, I think I may have goofed it up. I like the way it looks, but I think I reversed the colors. The lightened highlights are along the top of the pouch following the closure strap as this is the area that would
  6. Cockpit innards update. With the pilot’s section of the aircraft done, construction now moves to the rest of the aircraft with some work on additions to the side walls and different electronic equipment. A section of the side wall with a control column and leather pouch is to be attached to the starboard wall. I attempted to glue it together, but a slight mishap occurred. What I built was this . . . All well and good, but some parts are missing. A rather small part shown in this diagram is supposed to be glued to the top of the part sticking away from the wall.
  7. I don't think so as I have seen your work and usually am very envious of how good it is! Thanks for the thoughts about Mattie.
  8. It’s about time for an update. Life has taken some interesting turns since my last update. A little over two months ago, at midnight, on a Saturday, I was trying to make it back home in time to meet my “favorite”, my sweet Mattie, who was coming home from a date. About 2 miles from the house, I came across an overturned pickup truck that had just rolled across the highway. When I got next to the truck and saw the front, black brush bumper, my stomach sickened as I knew it was Mattie’s truck. As I approached the truck, I was trying to think of how to tell her mother her little girl had die
  9. You are more than kind sir. Most of the credit has to be given to Eduard and how well they do their PE. The kit seat belts are so shoddy compared to the Eduard.
  10. Well, I am beginning the slow process of updating this thread. It took almost 5 hours to upload all of the photos to the new service (Flickr). What a beating. Apart from losing all of my photos, I had some personal matters to attend to. If you have been following my Gunthar Rall 109 build, you are aware of what happened to Mattie, whom I call "My Favorite". To sum it up, a little over two months ago, on a Saturday night, at midnight, I was trying to make it back home in time to meet my “favorite”, my sweet Mattie, who was coming home from a date. About 2 miles from the house, I came acro
  11. Small paint and photo update. I still have not done the seat belts. I must do them before I forget and permanently close the canopy. What I have done instead is finally complete uploading all the missing pictures in the original group thread (thank you Photobucket). The next step in finishing this kit should be seat belts, but, I started painting instead. I sprayed the base lower surface coats. When the base coat dried, it was quite evident more work was needed on some of the seams. So, putty, once more, was used on the underside seams and more sanding done. A second
  12. Baby update today. Not a lot accomplished, but that’s because canopy masking was involved; something I loathe to do and am slower than molasses in December doing masking. So here goes; the canopies got masked I also assembled the propeller and gave it its base coat. Trumpeter color call out for the propeller blades is dark black green which I can go for. However, the color call out for the propeller hub is also dark black green. I am debating between leaving the propeller hub the dark black green color or painting it Nato black. Any suggestions?
  13. Looks like a very youthful Terrry Thomas. Yes, soon she will have the delight of never being able to go through court houses and airports without a body scan. I do believe though, she might be able to get a card from her doctor that details the metal parts in her body to ease the security process. Glad to have you join the view, hopefully it won't be too boring.
  14. I'm glad you were not the trigger for diplomatic relations between Great Britain and the U. S. coming to a standstill by your disrobing in D.C. We prosthetic people need to stick together! Glad you are watching. So, am I wrong or did you change your profile picture?
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