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  1. https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q="AN/AAQ-33%20Sniper"%201:72&fkSECTION[]=Kits#
  2. I got the Alley Cat decal sheet at bought a bunch of second hand kits cheap thinking of doing one of each colour. I haven't decided if I shall go out of the box or add the longer tail wheels and antenna's. At the moment five Hasegawa kits are more or less built but not painted and some Academy and Eduard kits are waiting to be built. I need to study pictures of the real planes before I decide on what to do.
  3. My thought too but using the same number on two planes at the same time is a bit odd. I am building a couple of drones but was thinking of building at least one in the all over blue paint but when I noticed this one I might opt for it.
  4. As the #7 and 8 had tails their numbers were black. There is a pic with those two parked together with a third white tailed plane that has no number at all. #15 had black numbers while #16 had white. Just to add to the confusion. In a line up there is a single plane that is all over dark blue with white #11, in that line is also the yellow tail 11.
  5. Orso

    Panther Question.

    Don't know if the link will work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130556552@N02/16655312373/in/photostream/lightbox/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/130556552@N02/17275534785/in/photostream/lightbox/
  6. Airfix are useless for a Swedish setting. Almost all of them has gas-masks and none look remotely like Swedish soldiers. Personally I don't see a use for them in any aircraft settings in any country's. The poses are strange. What are the mechanic's supposed to be doing?
  7. Nice to see this up and running again. I would probably paint the wing registrations as I did on my Ju52 SE-ADR https://baecklund.eu/scalemodels/72/ju52.html even though I messed up somewhat on my single engined Ford Trimotor.
  8. Orso


    It is the initial Airfix kit with the short nose and tail that the two prototypes had. Before you decide to build the 1/72 kit read the in the works here first. I have dropped the thought of build one after doing this. There seems to be to much pain just to getting it together.
  9. That's an idea. I have been thinking on how to do it.
  10. Good work on the wings. Will you add the change of pattern in the triangles in the wingfold at the trailing edge of the wings?
  11. Ahhhh. My kind of modelling. But What is the history of the Kestrel vs, Harrier?
  12. You could try to run this through Google Translate: https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=8242
  13. The Swedish helicopter is an early civilian prototype that was bought to replace a lost one. It had been used for different tests and the longer tail had been added during it's prototype life. It still remains at the Swedish Air Force museum. https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/hkp-4b-04064-pa-flygvapenmuseum/
  14. It is a bit funny that I have to build the extended tail on mine as I'm doing a Swedish Navy helo. I used this kit as I already had it in the stash.
  15. https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=vertol*&fkSCALE[]="1:72"&fkTYPEGROUP[]="Boeing H-46 Sea Knight" Classic Plane and Silver Fox Decals I started on a conversion but I used the old Airfix Vertol 107-II as Airfix modified the tail in the later issues of the kit.
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