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  1. Thanks for the information. Now I have some options to consider.
  2. I have restarted on the deck that I had forgot. But there is something that don't look right in my eyes. Maybe I figure it out or I'll just leave it like this.
  3. I agree about not being light green but I doubt it to be the same as the hull colour. looking at temporary colour charts it seems that green in different shades was popular so I might go with that.
  4. Anybody want to take a guess of the colour of the lower part of the walls in the third class promenade? https://www.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/rmgc-object-20549 I'm leaning toward painting them in a light greenish colour.
  5. I scrachbuilt a canopy for a Ju52 out of clear palstic card: https://baecklund.eu/scalemodels/72/se-adr.html and added the frames afterward
  6. Mine to and as the kit came from the US I built it as an USAAF-plane https://www.baecklund.eu/scalemodels/72/c79.html
  7. I never liked Dragons tracks. I didn't like the old black "rubber" tracks and I liked the DS-tracks even less. The DS-tracks snapped directly I added glue to them No matter super glue or plastic glue. On a big tank with large tracks like a Tiger or a Panther the track links sag between the sprocket wheels. Link and length tracks are mostly frustrating to build but I prefer them to vinyl tracks. I wish more would be length and length like the Fujimi Type 61: https://www.super-hobby.se/products/JGSDF-Type-61-Middle-Tank.html
  8. I have started on a Lancia. This is the only one in 1/72 from CSM. It is a great kit and makes you hope that they will make more in this scale.
  9. The protective screen is done. Now I must remove the wheels and fix the front fenders
  10. https://www.destinationsjourney.com/historical-military-photographs/arado-ar-196-in-norwegian-service/ I have built this plane but in the two different civilian liveries it had in Sweden. It was in RAF before it became Norwegian
  11. The main parts are now in place so it is time to start with details. I tried to build a frame for the protective mesh of the radiator. I will use the mesh from a tea bag. The Fordson had a larger radiator so I had to enlarge the doors in front of it. If I manage to build the mesh screen I want these doors open so I tried to detail the insides of them. All the time I have been building it I never got the feeling that it is a Fordson. Something in the look of it didn't match the pictures in my head. Today I finally could see a Fordson on the table.
  12. The funny thing is when I was a kid everything went together without problems. I have later built the same kit again (not reruns) and part doesn't fit. Either I was a better builder as a kid or one didn't care back then. The overuse of tube glue fixed most problems. 😁
  13. I had a conversation with Kassia St Clair who wrote the book about the colour. She told me that she contacted the museum in Turin. They told her that they also heard the roumur that it was originally red so they tested the paint all the way down to the metalwork. What they discovered was that the paint was grey all the way down. So I don't believe the talk of it being repainted after a dip an the harbour. As Barzini wrote it was grey . Looking at the photos it sure look like the text was painted in white but repainted in black somewhere along the race.
  14. I haven't read “The Race to the Future” but the book of Barzini who was on the trip and wrote a book where he mention it to be grey several times, and the pictures in the book indicate that the plank fenders was removed early. Another thing is that the text Peeking Paris wasn't added to the car until Irkutsk where a sign painter added it in large white letters so there are options in how to build it. The German issue of the book has many pictures: https://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/47798/pg47798-images.html
  15. I am building boxes for my car. Also work on the spare wheels have been done. On pictures I've seen that they often carried a bowl of some kind in the spare wheel so I drilled out holes in the wheel that might perhaps be a little visible behind the bowl. The other wheel that will be visible got the rim from Airfix
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