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  1. I built two back in 2017 and recognise the problems with the engines and window. I did the same with my windows and added 0,4 mm plastic card between the engine halfs to make them fit. You have done a very good job on your model.
  2. OK. I am convinced. I need to find drawings so I can build one in 1/600 scale. This build is very impressing. Looking forward to see it finished.
  3. Looking at the nose on the old kit it look more like an old Hawker Demon or the Kestrel-engined Heinkel 70
  4. Thaks for showing this. The last time I saw one build was when I build one as a kid. No paint, no rigging back then.
  5. I forgot to mention that the dinghy packs were from Alley Cat. I have started on a third ASR plane now (or fourth if one shall count the P-47 that I built ages ago).
  6. I bought the new tool Defiant from Airfix to build an ASR plane but just had to build the old one to compare them. There are some small things that I didn't like with the kit. The plastic is much too soft. One antenna broke when I was cutting it off the sprue, but that didn't matter as it had to be cut down anyway when gear is down.The other antenna broke while trying to mount it, and the pitot tube also was damaged.The other thing I didn't like was that the gun barrels wasn't separate pieces that could be attached at the end of the build. Now they went on early
  7. I have built three A7V kits earlier: https://baecklund.eu/scalemodels/72/a7v.html and have now bought five more kits. When finished they will all be different, not only in colours, so I need to keep the models apart and follow my notes for each one. I want to mount the chassis after the hull has been put together so I cut them in half. First one on the way. #561, A 2'nd lot tank. Female front that was converted to a male. The grills on the hull top has been reduced to 9 from the original 45. It became a bit boring in the end. Door hinges
  8. Thanks for showing it. I started on a conversion many years ago but never finished it. Your is looking good.
  9. I am also using a H0 railroad interior on mine: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/dc-3-interior-t491594.html
  10. For the two that has been in production lately: https://www.indycals.net/parts/f1parts/49talbotlago.html https://www.indycals.net/parts/f1parts/50alfa158.html https://www.facebook.com/fernandopintomodels/posts/hand-laced-wire-wheels-for-the-talbotwheels-have-72-spokes-specialy-developed-fo/1526862310881132/
  11. Yes I did my own decals for it. It is a very small plane. I was going too look at it to see if I ever did the wires on it but could not find the model. I found it when I realized that the small plane on a shelf wasn't a 1/72 plane but the 1/48 I was looking for. (I never did the wires)
  12. In the club we had a Fokker challenge. Build the Eduard 1/48 Fokker DR1. I don't build in 1/48 but I got myself an Revell boxing of the kit and dived in to the unknown. This plane was used by DLR in mail runs between January 1919 and February 1923 but for some reason it didn't get scrapped with the rest of the warplanes after the Versailles treaty. 28/17 was displayed at the Deutsches Luftfahrt Museum in the 1930's. Now repainted to look like Manfred von Richthofen's plane. It was later used in the 1938 movie Pour le Mérite and it is rumour
  13. That is good news as my Heller SAAB's are next on my list to finish and the Vampire is masked and ready for paint.
  14. That is sad. But as the grey on different decal sheets are all over the place it is impossible to know how to avoid this. One don't know before the decals goes on and then it is to late.
  15. Nice o see a Viggen here but isn't it missing the national markings on the wings?
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