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  1. I built another plane from the Tintin comics. I started with a 1/72 scale 109B and 109F from Heller I wasn't happy with the result so it ended up half built for a long time. Partly because my Alps printer died so I couldn't make the decals for it. But when I bought a Cameo cutting machine I thought that this would make a suitable experiment of making masks for painting so I brought it out of sleep and finished the build.
  2. I miised this issue of the kit. Does it still have those horrible vinyl tyres that crack?
  3. It is the same kit as the Frog. Even though Hasegawa keep releasing it with new decals, the only thing that can be built with the kit is one of the first three prototypes. So for a production version the only thing that can be used in a Hasegawa kit might be the decals.
  4. Yes, I agree. It look good. I am now convinced that I should get a kit. It would be fun displaying it with the tiny Hajen sub that I'm building. When I have been looking at pictures of unpainted plastic I thought that the tile pattern stood out to much but painted it wasn't so bad and your paint job made it even better.
  5. When I visited the Maritime museum in Stockholm and was looking at a model of the first Swedish submarine "Hajen" (the Shark) I realised that the shape of the hull looked very much like a drop tank from an aircraft. Back at home I had a look at the spare part box and found some tanks from a 1/72 scale F-84 from Academy that looked to be of the right shape. They turned out not only to be in the right shape. They also were perfect in size for a 1/350 submarine so I had no choice. I had to start a build. I sanded off the surface details and started adding plastic card instead. It is strange. Once again a model is changing scale while I'm building. I will build one as the 1904 initial version and a 1916 version that was modified. The basic shape is set It was later was renamed Ub No.1 so I will call my build of the modified submarine that. I had a feeling that the ring that protects the propeller would be the element that will guide the build. It will set the size for the fins and rudders and also make things more rigid. I was lucky to find some rings for 1/72 scale bombs that I could use. The "large" (well not on the model) cork hump had to be removed as it had been placed slightly wrong. Filling and sanding became easier and I will reshape the hump as I wasn't happy with it I added a match for a size compare.
  6. Right click on them and open in a new window/tab
  7. I just read an article from 1944 about the conversion and it say that the conversion moved the center of gravity rearward so the nose was lengthened and made into a cargo bay carrying 400 kg to adjust this.
  8. Worth it or not? Only you can decide this. Read the WIP's for it and make your decision. I have read some of the posts and decided it is not worth it for me. Why? There was some aspects to consider. 1. Is it interesting enough for me to tackle a lousy kit. The answer was maybe, it is a rather cool looking aircraft. 2. Do I have the place to display it. Here the answer was no. It would at once have been put in a box in my basement ( if I would finish it) Since none of the questions gave a clear yes, I decided that it was not worth it for me. I'm not afraid of tackle a bad kit if the subject is right but here it clearly wasn't. So only you can say if it is worth it for you.
  9. I had a car body destroyed by boiling water. But on the other hand it had no metal attached to it.
  10. I have converted a 1/72 scale Fiat 621 from First To Fight in to a Scania Vabis 324. I marked it as a civilian truck pressed in to military service. As I mentioned earlier it is not a 100 % correct truck but at least I got something that look like a Scania Vabis 324.
  11. The Scania Vabis 324 is finished. More of it here:
  12. I have a set of Attack Viggen. From the wooden mock-up, all seven prototypes and the first operative production plane.
  13. Here are some old threads: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/42833-junkers-52-lufthansa/ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998277-lufthansa-ju-52-silver-or-light-grey/ Having looked at old pictures I am leaning to what has been said that they were painted grey before switching to silver. Some pictures there are a metallic sheen on them while other look grey. There were one the showed a very gloss finish but no metallic sheen at all. I have a Lufthansa machine planned and I will go for grey on it while my Swedish planes will be silver.
  14. Painting of the Scania Vabis 325 didn't work. To much over spray. I think that I need a new nozzle for the airbrush.
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