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  1. Matchbox He115 floats and the Italeri Ju52 floats The Heinkel floats are 5 mm shorter.
  2. Put the curser on the name of the user and a pop up widow appear were you can click on the Ignore user
  3. I had bought these just for a fun out of the box build but never got around to build them. After have seen several Sherman's built I felt like doing something different to it. I had a spare 1/72 hull top and removed plastic at three points as I needed a different angle at the front and rear and it needed to be shorter. Lots of scars but I will be able to hide many of them. Wooden planks on the hull sides and 1/35 scale track links on the turret. As one of the rubber band tracks broke I decided to use the resin tracks instead. The other one I had bought was a T-34/76 My first thought was to make a T-34/85 from it then I thought about a SU-100 but in the end I decided to go out of the box.
  4. The Italeri kit has a flat spot just after the wing while Heller has corrugation there The 1/48 scale kit has the corrugation there and so has this plane: http://www.ajbs.fr/wp-content/gallery/meeting-aerien-2013_1/ju-52-hb-hot-et-ju-52-ajbs_08.jpg
  5. B.t.w. Your doing a good job on the conversion. Will you add the missing corrugation under the fuselage? The windows issue is strange. I didn't recognise it from the kit I built so I had a look at it and it doesn't have the gun port in the windows. Then I looked at the build that has been stalled for years and the same there. No gun ports. Then I had a look in the four boxes of unbuilt kits, all of them has the gun ports, very irritating.
  6. Not poor research, just a way to get some extra money from the moulds with a minimum of investment. This happens all the time. Revell has sold their 1958 SAAB Draken with new decals that can't be used on the kit version, Hasegawa has done the same with their prototype SAAB Viggen. It is sad that there is no pre war civilian Ju52 in 1/72 and the same goes for the DC-3. Airfix has a chance to do good if they decide on a new Ju52 but I have no hope on this. The sad thing building civilian planes is that we are lucky if they provide civilian decals to a military plane. If they change the moulds as much as they did with the Ju52 it is almost a miracle. Are there any good quality kits of airliners in 1/72 scale? I can't think of any.
  7. Not bogus. Look at the one Lufthansa operated until recently. It got that configuration in Norway after the war. But it is irritating that no civilian versions of the Ju52 is available in 1/72. I am getting tired of converting the Italeri kit.
  8. And so are every 1/72 Vimy kit out there: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/frog-f163-vickers-vimy--134827
  9. I bought the Roden 1/72 scale kit when I found it at a very nice price. For a long time I wanted a 1914 version of it but as the Roden kit is a 1920 version I have to convert it. As it isn't much use cutting the plastic if I can't get some spoked wheels for it I decided to start with the wheels. I am not aware of any wheels suitable, so I have to improvise. I started by adding the diameter of a plastic tube with thin plastic strips and cut pieces for tires from it. The shape was sanded, and putty will be brushed on to get a smooth finish. I wasn't happy with the result, so I looked at the spare part boxes even though I had little hope of finding any WW1 aircraft wheels that I could use. Needing eight wheels doesn't make it easier but I found three sets from the Junkers F13 that I can use, and I have another kit that will be built with floats, so I’ll get the missing wheels there. Eduard etched spokes added. I think it will work. But what about the turret in the Roden kit? It is hard to tell in this scale, but I think it is the higher 1920's model. I don't trust the drawings I have, they show the same turret on both the 1914 and 1920's cars.
  10. To have the early DC-3 landing gear it seems that the Esci kit is best suited as the Italeri landing gears are stubs so the they can't be rebuilt to the forged type. I need at least two planes with these landing gears. Iv'e done it once in 1/48 but now I'm back to my normal 1/72. I have moved the passenger door to the right side on the first plane and added seats from a H0 railroad wagon so that one is ready to assembly. It is good to know that the new Airfix kit is a late C-47. That might be right for a 1950's airliner that I have planned. About a C-53. did they get the later landing gears or did they have the early tubular gear?
  11. In a list of Swedish aircraft's I have this: #4017 SE-ADR 3m ci #5440 SE-AER 3m nai sold to England #5518 SE-AES 3m nai sold to England #5614 SE-AFA 3m nai/ge #5620 SE-AFB 3m nai/ge #5633 SE-AFC 3m nai/ge #5646 SE-AFD 3m sai This contradicts that the mci was not built. SE-AFA/B/C was delivered with the standard Junkers wings with BMW engines but later got new wings with the parallell mounted P&W engines.
  12. I would say that the Heller instrument panel is to advanced for this plane. Have a look at page 17 in the brochure. The Y-column is interesting. I wonder how many planes had it? Early three engine planes had this type were the wheel could swing over to the other seat. I know that Ju52 No 4017 had it.
  13. One of the Swedish planes: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ABA's_Ju_52.jpg .The Swedish planes had P&W Wasp engines
  14. I guess that it is one of the South African Airways Ju52 with the same engine setup as the Swedish AB Aerotransport planes. Nice Ju86. I have been thinking of modelling a SAAF Ju86 for a while. This is the first time I've seen it modelled.
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