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  1. I have been thinking about the Batplanes and such. I don't really think that Bruce Wayne could or would spend all that money to develop a plane for Batman. It would take lots of money that have to be hidden what the purpose of the spending is for and also a large bunch of constructors that would keep it secret. But after the fall of the Soviet Union a MIL Mi-24 Hind bought on the black market could be an option. I was for a while planning on a Yak-38 as a Batplane build.
  2. Temporarily closed: https://www.facebook.com/wmbros/
  3. I think that the hard part is to figure out the door and windows configuration
  4. I built this kit twice. The first out of the box and the second with resin engines: https://baecklund.eu/scalemodels/tiny/stratocruiser.html
  5. I am sure that I still have some SAAB-planes left in the stash when the GB starts so I am aiming to do one.
  6. A pic of the seats: https://www.sffsto.se/JunkersF13farluftundervingarnaigen.htm
  7. IIRC they should be two different sizes to fit on the fin. I think that the larger goes on the left side and the smaller on the right.
  8. I like the conversion of the car but you might take a moment and change the angle of the rear door window and the window behind the door before you start painting it. That sloping window frame together with the grill are something that differ it from the Ford.
  9. Isn't the Airfix kit a Rolls Royce engined plane?
  10. I guess that the PJ seats at least will fit in the cockpit. I have problems with after market seats. Here are the Italeri seat with a metal seat from Aeroclub and a resin seat from Pavla (I think). They need to be cut down much for the canopy to fit. I'm not sure that any of these will look good. I might try to find the PJ seats to see if they look better in the plane.
  11. This kit was released while there was much secrecy around the Gripen so it isn't good shape wise. I've read that Revell was even given information that was slightly off by SAAB. I have built the Revell prototype kit as well as the later Italeri kit. I will not flood your post with pictures but add links to them. http://baecklund.eu/bilder/Flyg/SAAB/39/39-1_02.JPG http://baecklund.eu/bilder/Flyg/SAAB/39/39-1_04.JPG http://baecklund.eu/bilder/Flyg/SAAB/39/39-1_05.JPG http://baecklund.eu/bilder/Flyg/SAAB/39/39-1_06.JPG Little bit like the famous red P-51 from Revell. You can see what it is but not correct. The Revell kit is smaller so that is why I needed three decal sheets from it on my Italeri kit. Part from the heavy panel lines I think that the landing gear stands out as very heavy.
  12. Orso

    Nordic GB Chat

    One should mention that the Rb stands for Robot and Rowingboat in Swedish is roddbåt and those word sound similar. Listen to them at google translate: https://tinyurl.com/y8htvu76
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