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  1. The easiest thing to see is that Titanic's forward section of her A-Deck Promenade was enclosed with windows; Olympic's A-Deck Promenade was left was open to the elements. There was an conversion for the 1/350 scale kit once. I have the Revell 1/700 Olympic that I bought once to have a look at the differences in "3D" This page has more information https://www.reddit.com/r/titanicfacts/comments/9jq053/visible_differences_between_rms_titanic_and_rms/
  2. Are there any upgrade sets in this scale? I have the Academy 1/600 Titanic that I want to build as the Olympic but I also having problems on how to address the windows.
  3. Are there any ocean liners left beside the QM2? The rest are cruise ships as I can recall. nice to see the Falkland QE2 built. I planned to do one in the past, perhaps I even started on it. Well adding helicopter platforms to it didn't improve the look of the ship. But I like the look of QE2. I even built the 1/1200 kit while crossing the Atlantic on her.
  4. I used Vallejo white aluminium (https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/product/hobby/metal-color-en/white-aluminium-77706/) on my Viggen I think it look close to the museum pic above
  5. On my laptop the screen resolution are 1920x1080 and I usually have the bookmark panel visible on the side of the screen. I have noticed that in this site when I post my pictures that are 1200 pxl wide they fit inside the page exactly. I doubt that a 1280 pic would fit without it being resized. I have sometime clicked on a picture and found it to be very large and with my bad internet connection takes ages to open so it is not wort it to try to watch the post.. So I'm happy with the smaller sizes here.
  6. It is funny. It is always said that earlier issues isbetter as th moulds wear but my kit one from 1960-70 clearly was worse than yours. The riveting was a quick "dirty" fix. I just rolled the wheel along the old panel lines and sanded them down after that.
  7. The Heron was the first kit I ever built. I built the same one (Shell livery) a couple of years ago just for nostalgia. I can say that the canopy was a little bit off. But I think it worked out not to bad in the end: https://www.baecklund.eu/scalemodels/72/heron.html
  8. For 1/72 scale you can do a search here: http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Periods.aspx It has many pics of the figures
  9. After finishing seven Swedish WW2 tanks I started on some guns. We got the Flak30 that became 20 mm lvakan m/39 in Sweden First To Fight made a kit and they were built straight out of the box. As it contained two guns I decided to leave one on the carriage. Next was the Pak35/36. We got them in two batches. I used some kits from military UM technics for these. I wasn't to happy with all the etch in the kit as it made things complicated to build. The first batch was the standard gun with rubber wheels. It became the 37 mm pvkan m/39-43 in Sweden. The second batch had wooden wheels and was apparently intended for Turkey but ended up as a 37 mm pvkan m/40/43 instead. For this build I combined a modified gun from the Pak41 with the Soviet 45 mm Anti-tank gun as it was a development of the Pak 35/36. I read that the AT-guns were delivered in grey on which the camo colours were added. The only pic that I've seen of the Swedish Flak30 is museum pieces that are green but I opted for the same paint as on my AT-guns.
  10. Here are some ads with candlesticks that look like yours. https://www.warrelics.eu/forum/imperial-germany-austro-hungary/cargo-submarine-u-deutschland-artifacts-model-129044/?s=4ed9f42988911e4f669c73ccfde0ad77
  11. I found a page with lots of pictures from the museum: https://pbase.com/ssanneru/vasaskipet It saved me a trip there as I needed a pic of a missing part of the Airfix Vasa: https://pbase.com/ssanneru/image/69670025 The forecastle railing was missing on the ship and I guess that the one that they made for it wasn't built when Airfix made the kit.
  12. I am surprised that I didn't break the engine cover earlier considering that it has became so thin. But of course it was bound to happen and so it did when I was almost finished. Well the new bulges are in place and the damage has been fixed. Sadly the cover doesn't fit as good as before but it will probably work. Now I need to build some Weber carburettors before I can continue bur finding out the size of them are problematic. Anyone here that have some basic measurements of the DCNL-4 Type 38?
  13. Paul, you asked for some pictures of my old build but as I don't want to flood this thread I have put them in the Ready for Inspection section
  14. Paul who is building this kit over in the WIP section asked for some pictures of my kit. It is a kit that I built as a teenager. Airfix 1/144 scale. I remember that I struggled to get it finished before a set date. I managed to finish it very late December 1978. 350 years after it went to the bottom. The model has survived surprisingly well. For a long time it was in a box in the basement and parts of the rigging has came loose just hanging in the threads but now it is collecting dust high up on a shelf. I have bought a second kit a couple years ago that I intend to build some time.
  15. I have built most of the Hasegawa egg planes Inspired by these I tried to build some of my own If you managed to come to the end. Happy Easter.
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