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  1. great work. I love all the details you added. Talking about the grinder. Every place I've worked in had the grinder mounted on a pedestal. We never had it mounted on the bench. But your garage seems to run out of floor space so it better stay on the bench
  2. You are right. I still don't know when to paint what when building a F1 car. I have built two of those and have two more in the stash. An old kit but still a nice one. You're off on a good start on it.
  3. I'm in with these even if one might say that they drop bombs. But they are not precision bombers like sea gulls.
  4. Scalemates show the Hasegawa 1/144 kit to be the Revell one. Didn't the Fujimi kit have large holes in the fuselage to show the interior?
  5. Kits are meant to be built
  6. Standing and seated: https://www.rebell.com/svenskt/aviation-related.html?___store=eu&manufacturer=978&___from_store=international
  7. They start looking like planes with some wings on. Very simple interiors were made. For the Metal Moth a new landing gear has been started.
  8. As I think that I secured decals for one of the green kits I added wings to it. The Frog kit has got a start for a raised spine. I also started to work on the engine hood. Now I need to do some work on the cockpit.
  9. Orso

    WingNut Wing CORRECTION

    Searching for corrections (with an s in the end) gave two pages while searching for correction (without the s) gave four pages.
  10. I found five Frog/Novo bagged Gipsy Moth kits in a box so I decided to try an convert one into a "Metal Moth" Plastic strips was added to the fuselage and to the wing tips where I needed to move some ribs. With some filler and sanding it get a bit smoother.
  11. Look closely. He starts by looking at the Tamiya kit. It has a separate engine cover. Later he brings out the Fujimi fuselage. Probably to compare them but I didn't look further at the video.
  12. I had a look at my kit and the verdict is that I need to paint it. First there are some sink marks that need to be filled. Second is that I think that decals don't adhere well enough to unpainted plastic. Unpainted plastic will look as plastic. I remember when my brother built his first kit when he was around five. He didn't want to paint the car as it was white already but he painted it in the end. After that he always painted his models as he liked it better than the plastic look.
  13. Preiser has some that are 3D. Personally I don't like the etched figures like Eduard's. I find them to flat, even in 1/400 https://www.preiserfiguren.de/download.php?file=PK 27 Seite 343.pdf
  14. Monogram 1/24 Bugatti 35B Tamiya 1/20 Ferrari SF70H
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