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  1. Knowing a little about your work and your way of doing things, the "just acceptable" must be transformed into the "exceptional" for the common man. We will soon be entitled to a new car, I hope.
  2. Hello guys Thank you for your many messages. Since I made myself a dividing chuck, it was the opportunity to test it by making the numerous notches on the steering wheel hub. It is now "spectacular".
  3. Hello It's been a little while since I took pictures of my "finished" car so I have to present them to you. "Finished" in the sense that for the moment I'm going to present it like this (without the bodywork). The feedback I've had is that it's nice to be able to look at all the details and I also agree. For the moment I haven't done anything new on the bodywork. I made a hydraulic press a few months back and then I did a quick test to make the ventilation holes. It's a quick test, nothing is calibrated or wedged. Still in my manufacturing, I also made a very small dividing mandrel
  4. Hello Dan I enjoy myself as I do every time... to the point of viewing your entire subject again. When I look at one of your photos, my brain doesn't say "it's well done" but it gets hotter and hotter to tell me "how should I do this"? And that's great!!!! Keep on regaling us ;o) Manu
  5. Hello Lots of minutiae, nice tricks, a beautiful achievement. Bravo, I am looking forward to the next step. Manu
  6. Hello Pascal, your work is magnificent, what a pleasure to follow it. Oops no bowl for the gear lever, but indeed you can't see anything once the bucket seat is in place.
  7. Hello Dan, very nice work as usual. The chrome rendering is superb. Manu
  8. Yes, you did well to remove that chrome. I find the result really better. Edit: Ah ah ah, I didn't see that I was very late in answering, but it doesn't matter.
  9. Hello Before I post you the pictures of my car that I consider finished for the moment, a little wink. When you start such a project without knowing how to do it, you can only progress. So I have made and redone...some parts. As the months go by, what is interesting is that you think differently to do certain things. For example, I see that now to make certain pieces, I tell myself that I'm going to do them with the lathe, whereas 10 months ago I wouldn't even have thought about it. After a while you also have to know how to say stop, otherwise you would never finish what you started
  10. Good evening As much as I know the milliput, which is widely used for figurine work, I don't know the PET (trademark?), but what is it? Thank you
  11. Hello Pascal Your work is always so clean and meticulous. What do I like about the Formula 1s of that time...the other day I came across a photo of the Matra ms11...and the idea starts to trouble my mind to do it in scratch with 1/8 (or 1/6 like my Fiat) !!! Manu
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