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  1. "Alclad alc 123" Thanks Dan Always happy to see the rest of your work. Manu
  2. Superb interpretation of this Fiat 806. Congratulations on your work. The patina is superb and the original decor suits it well.
  3. Wouaa, what a pleasure to follow your work, to discover your tricks...I watch with great attention every time I see you working with the metal lathe. Everything is perfectly done. I really like the colour of your exhaust manifolds, can you tell me what colour you use, thank you. Note: in another subject you were talking about a jeweller's saw, I've had one for a few days, I can tell you that it's a pity I didn't have it before Manu
  4. I very much appreciate the comments. On the domed grille, I had corrected and placed the hole on the side. Indeed it doesn't touch the frame but it's too late, my radiator is finished and fully welded...considering its size at 1/6, the work was huge and sorry I won't do it again. Manu
  5. Hello guys A small precision, I often remake parts because I make mistakes but also because I have a better mastery of my tools, for example the metal lathe I got at the beginning of the year (I didn't know how to use it)... but I also want to move my car forward because for me it is a first experience and I would like to make another one but with a different approach. I will never be able to do everything over again in my Fiat, so at some point I have to validate my work and move forward. I don't want to get discouraged and let it go on for too long. The screws will be ordered this week
  6. Ah ok, I’m going to order, I found in one of your subjects a store
  7. Hello Manufacture of the steering column (these are old photos, the steering wheel has been redone since)
  8. Hello Olivier It’s really nice work you do, what patience and thoroughness...the result will be fabulous, I do not doubt for a second. Manu
  9. Wouaaaa great work. Sometimes I like to take a picture with a coin, it sets the record straight (as they say in France). The kit is really good quality, I didn't know. Manu
  10. Thanks Trevor. The candles are modified and connected. I wanted a driver in my car, so I had to make him a bonnet and glasses.
  11. Thanks Dan What a wonderful job!! By the way, do you know the recent film "Le Mans 66" with precisely the birth of the GT40 to counter Ferrari. If you don't know it, it's a great film, directed by, actors.... Manu
  12. Hello Roy I hope that everything will work out for the best but it must be a real misfortune, I sympathize. Being recently on the forum I discover your topic. I just flew over the manufacture of candles...your work is fabulous. I will read all this carefully, there are so many photos and videos that it is extraordinary. I think I’m gonna learn a lot. Thanks for sharing, that’s great. Manu
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