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  1. That looks good, despite there being those issues which you mention. I can't help with most of your points, but I got some cheap cotton gloves to handle my models after they've been polished and waxed for exactly the reason you mention (fingerprints).
  2. Excellent Just in case you haven't already found it:
  3. I think we all have the problem of eyes not being up to the scale in this hobby. Nonetheless, that looks a good result to me - if the camera can't find much in the way of faults as here that's usually a good indication that it's a pretty good build.
  4. If the times when I tested it with the body sat over just the wheels is anything to go by, it would look a bit rubbish lowered. That said, that was without the side skirts and rear bumper, so it might look better than that had suggested. The wheels are actually quite large at 20", but the SSR is very large by European standards so it could probably handle bigger than that.
  5. Looks like you;ve made a very good start to this one. I think we've all been there with something bad happening to a nice wet coat of paint like you had with your bonnet. For me, it was an unexpected sneeze which came out of nowhere and blasted the side of my 959...
  6. Might not be a lot of progress, but it is some progress which is always good. I don't know how you cope with so many kits on the go at once though - one is about all my attention can cope with (apart from various bodies which get sprayed when the weather is right).
  7. Got admit that I can't see where the shiny bits didn't play ball. It's times like this where we can be our own worst enemy as that certainly doesn't look bad at all - from the evidence of the photos it doesn't deserve to be shut away in a box.
  8. Another excellent build. If you're still in the mood for Mustangs, there is a group build due to start on 10th July, I'll be delighted if I can get close to this standard with mine.
  9. That's a lovely build of a kit which keeps tempting me. The paintwork in particular is excellent, and the photography isn't half bad either
  10. It's the first time I've tried it, and I was surprised how much better it felt, let alone worked. None of that feeling the tension in the decal and crossing fingers I've always had with long decals before. No raised mouldings here, it's a flat surface (as in the real car). The photo above was taken before I added the Microsol, now I have added it it looks much better I'm pleased to say.
  11. There is something so completely lacking in taste about that Porsche that you almost have to admire it. Note the use of the word 'almost'...
  12. Good work on this. I must admit that the Polo has always underwhelmed me as a rally car, but you've done a nice job on this, I'd imagine that the decalling was quite hard work, but you've got them down superbly.
  13. I guess that's a testament to the quality of the finish there Shame you're going to cover it up now...
  14. I went through that process with the Belkits Fiesta - much needed for the front decal on that one! But I never seem to get things properly aligned. However, I've worked out (a bit slowly, but I got there in the end) that it's better to slide a long decal sideways off the backing paper rather than lengthwise - it was trying to pull so much decal and the resistance it had to the backing paper which was snapping them in most cases. Still doesn't mean I like long decals though, so many times you get one part aligned right only to realise that you've knocked another section out of line.
  15. That's a really quick start, and a very good finish stright off the bat. This is another of those kits which always catch my eye and requires me to look away before I drop more money on another stash resident, so I will be interested ot see how it ends up. However, much as I hate to ask this, but it looks from the 3rd photo from the bottom as though the paint on the bonnet may be starting to crack. Is this (hopefully) just an optical illusion from the camera?
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