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  1. Spiny

    1/20 Tamiya F189

    It seems good F189 buildss are like buses - you don't see one for ages then two turn up at once. Between you and Redstaff you have a team made up. If that's your first model rather than just first car (and indeed if it is your first car this applies too), you are starting from a very high standard which can only bode well for the future.
  2. I think it's fair to say that it's not looking like a total failure, it's looking great so far. That R8 engine looks huge in there, but at least you should have enough weight over the rear wheels to assist with traction...
  3. Spiny

    Ferrari F189 Mansell

    Looks great, way better than mine (although I think it was 1991 when I built mine so I'm going to use that as an excuse). The engine in particular looks very strong. As you say, the top of the body not fitting does seem to be a kit issue - mine has exactly the same problem only even more so.
  4. Spiny

    Revell '68 Dodge Charger

    I wouldn't worry too much about taking too long - I'm in the same boat as you in that work means I only get to work weekends, and if something else comes along that will take priority over the workbench. So I'm on car number 6 now and have been going 2 years. And that car has been on the go for near enough 5 months now. I'll definitely look forward to this one as this is another of those kits which keeps tempting me once I get through those 'must have' kits we all have on our list. As Jeroen said, any questions just ask - there always seems to be someone who has come across a similar issue before, And finally, two pieces of advice: 1 - As you've already said above, patience is key. No need to rush, the model isn't going anywhere. 2 - Don't worry about getting perfection. Tempting as it is to aim high with all the excellent models around, you will get much more satisfaction trying to get the best model you can with your current skill set. Next time around, you'll realise how you've improved and what felt hard will feel easier, those things you notice on your first model will be addressed on the second before you come across them and without realising it you'll have moved on a stage.
  5. Spiny

    Fujimi Fiat 500 (C)

    Those seats are looking really good now, well worth the time and effort in creating them. And I have to agree with you about the Optivisors (or equivalent) - I really couldn't add as much detail without them.
  6. Spiny

    Scrap Yard Aston Martins & Lagondas

    I'm conflicted - I've 'sadded' the post because it's such a shame to see such beautiful cars left to rot, but I like the post as it is a slice of history, both in terms of the cars in there and indeed the photos themselves. Thanks for sharing all of the scrapyard pics over the past few days.
  7. Spiny

    Revell Trabant Universal

    Funnily enough, I do have something orange and wedge-shaped in the pipeline, probably not until the end of the year though. And it does have 4 wheels! Thanks for the idea, that's something I will give a go at on the next model. To be honest, I've needed a lot of layers with the Revell Clear Red whether it's on the inside of the 'glass' or the outside, but a single layer around the edge of the rear fog light on the Trabi did tint the clear sufficiently to get rid of that 'fake' look. I'm thinking it could be worth a try with a single layer on the outside as you suggested then build up the layers on the inside until I have sufficient tint. I'm glad you've enjoyed reading it. Like you, I'm still fairly new at this (this is only the second build I've documented here) so it's great to hear that you like the thread. I've always wondered whether I was being a bit too basic, particularly given how amazing many of the models on here are. But, when I got back into the hobby and was building the first car, I had a good look around to pick up some tips and hoped I could apply them to my builds. It was even better if I could find threads relating to a kit I was building as they often showed up some of the potential pitfalls to look out for - that was one of the reasons why this one may appear a bit basic at times in the description of what I'm doing, but it's the sort of thread I look for when starting a build so I figured if I want to see it, there's a reasonable chance someone else does too. This one is my 6th model, and while I can't necessarily see an improvement when I look from one to the next (say 1st to 2nd), if I look at one three ahead (i.e. compare 1st to 4th or 2nd to 5th) I can see that I have got better - probably moved from beginner to novice level I hope. As for progress on the Trabant, no photos this weekend I'm afraid. That's mainly down to not having lots of time this weekend, and also due to the fact that all the work I have managed to get in is just getting paint onto the remaining parts. The only new bit on the car is the rear wiper... so it doesn' really look any different to the pics above.
  8. Spiny

    Moving Time Again

    That would make two of us that needed the thread to prompt us into donating then! One of those things I'd been meaning to do and didn't get around to until reading this thread last weekend.
  9. Spiny

    Revell Trabant Universal

    Thank you, I'm delighted to have swayed attention towards this kit as it really is a good one - now to get Revell onto kitting the Reliant Robin
  10. Very sorry to hear about your nephew, 38 is no age and while there isn't a good time for something like that, around Christmas just makes it worse. Best wishes going forward, the model can wait as real life is always more important.
  11. Spiny

    Revell Trabant Universal

    Thank you, and at the risk of pride going before a fall (since I haven't finished it yet), I am pleased with how this is turning out. A large part of the credit must go to Revell though - this is a beautifully designed kit and I can't think of any design flaws on it. Sure it needed quite a bit of cleaning up on the A-sprue and there are a few issues with the instructions at times, but the kit itself is a 10 out of 10 job - I definitely wouldn't hesitate it to anyone that wants to build the polar opposite of a muscle car or piece of Italian exotica.
  12. Not wanting to put warped thoughts into your mind, especially as it sounds as though you've settled on the R8 drivetrain, but a few years ago I did come across a VW van with a Viper engine in it... It'll be interesting to see how your build goes.
  13. Spiny

    427 Cobra Competition

    This is one of those kits I keep looking at buying then getting distracted by something else. Judging by your results, it's a kit worth buying - great job,
  14. Spiny

    Fujimi Fiat 500 (C)

    Very true, but often it's the details which complete the picture. And from the looks of it the work on the seats will pay off in the finished product- looks very good. That 0.2mm piping could be interesting - you'll probably find the paint is thicker than the wire when it comes to fitting!
  15. Spiny

    Revell Trabant Universal

    Thanks, glad you like it. This was the first time I've tried clear-coating a matt finish, and generally I'm pleased with how it's turned out - even more than the photos show, it really give the impression of that 1950's grey which manages to look dull even when polished up to a shine - just what I was aiming for. I'm hoping that the next update on this one will be completion.