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  1. I've had the runs attack me on a couple of projects too, annoying when it happens. I'd have to back up Pascal's advise. With the Micromesh, I'd start very carefully with the 4000grit until you have it somewhere near smooth. You'll need to be careful with that lip as already said. If you start seeing colour, stop and give it another coat of clear. When it's close to smooth, you can move onto the 6000 through to 12,000 grits then the polishing compounds will give a good finish. If I'm honest I've never completely got rid of runs for fear of causing more damage if I sand too far, but I have at le
  2. Today, an absolutely hideous Bentley Bentayga. As if the normal thing isn't bad enough, someone had added a full-on body kit including a massive rear diffuser. I will have it on the dashcam, but have managed to leave that at work (fortunately for anyone reading this). Anyway, just imagine a matt black version of this, and consider that it looked even more horrible in the flesh: https://ag-spots-2019.o.auroraobjects.eu/2019/05/20/other/2880-1800-crop-bentley-bentayga-onyx-concept-gtx-c708520052019202610_1.jpg (I've just put the link in as I don't know the copyright statu
  3. They look pretty good, don't think you need to bother with the kit seat belts if they drive you mad. I know the Fiesta ones were a challenge, even with fine tweezers and magnifying headset so would imagine they'd be tricky on this too. That interior is coming together well - keep it up. Surprised that the pipes were moulded in the soft rubbery stuff. At least your paint is staying on - I had a lot of trouble with paint flaking off that material on mine.
  4. Thanks. I think putting it right underneath the desk lamp has made the silver look better than it is, but I do think the Revell Aqua Silver is a good paint - this is brush painted and even allowing for the camera making it look better than reality it has still come out ok.
  5. Last night I looked to see if there was a Renault 11 kit (View to a Kill) anywhere - not sure why as it's a rubbish car and not that iconic a Bond car. Then today I thought of Fujimi (I think) making a BMW 7-Series (I think) out of Tomorrow Never Dies - about the only film BMW got their product placement money's worth I'm sure @Alan R is in the middle of making one???
  6. Absolutely superb, this one is a real work of art and it's been good to watch the thread as it came together.
  7. I have lots of practice at seeing mixed bits... on my own models . Very neat bit of chroming for the repair - I can't manage that without masking tape.
  8. Feels like I've spent most of the weekend waiting for paint to dry, especially the grey on the chassis 'fins' which will eventually be part of the interior - I think I may have overdone the thinner on that particular paint. But the good news is that by this afternoon I was finally ready to get out the glue again. I decided it would be a good idea to use the chassis as a jog for the side parts for the engine compartment so set the engine in place, then glued the sides onto the engine making sure to get the pegs in the right place. I think it's worked, there may be about half a milli
  9. Is it the chrome strip between black and tan on the doors? If so, I hope you can get it sorted without too much fuss as the interior is looking very well done.
  10. Sorry, didn't mean to put a downer on it. It was more that the body just didn't look right on the examples I saw (can't remember whose they were) rather than anything which suggested a particularly awful build process. That's what I'm crossing my fingers on, and after the Europa was announced about two weeks after I got one off eBay I figured that if I did get hold of one Tamiya would reannounce it soon after. And as the stash is big enough as it is I thought I wouldn't tempt fate...
  11. Saw that Jag on ebay too, and it took a lot of effort to pull myself away without bidding. Good couple of buys for you with those first two - not yet seen a 250SWB which doesn't look off so will be interested to see how yours turns out.
  12. More than not too bad, it's looking very good here. Worst case if you can't get the door to fit quite correctly you have two options - 1: Display it with the door open, or 2: Blame it on '60's Italian build quality.
  13. I was always under the impression this was a terrible kit, but it doesn't look it from the photos. I presume this is a reflection of the quality of your build, even if it was quick as it looks good in the pics.
  14. That's a pity as it was looking so good. I guess that's the problem with vents - very good for letting air in also means very good for letting spray paint in too. Will you be able to get away with just respraying the white? At the very least you've given me a lesson on what to be careful of if I ever get around to rebuilding the Newman version of this car I have.
  15. It's annoying me now, but further down the line there's a grille to go across there so you shouldn't be able to see it. Unfortunately it also means that the lights won't be that visible either One of the downsides of using the city section of the paper to protect the desk...
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