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  1. Hello, i build it almost OOB adding only the seatbelts and pitot tube. Painted with Xtracolor colors.
  2. Nice Heinkel! Did H-4's took part in BoB?
  3. Yes i know it.Great site and very usefull!
  4. Hello to all, can anyone help for these two interwar types? I only have some very usefull plans from Aviation News series from a forum friend and i'm more interested for a cutaway especially for London and for the Aeroplane Monthly articles for Overstrand. Regards
  5. Hello, the model depicts an aircraft from 105Squadron around 1941. I used a lot of aftermarket sets,such as: -Aires and Eduard parts for the cockpit. -Ultracast resin wheels,exhausts covers and mud pliers. -Cutting Edge moving surfaces. -CMK Merlin engine. -Aires wheel bays. -Code numbers and serial numbers from Xtradecal. -Aviaeology stencils.
  6. The instructions at Eduard site show the 'Bat Out Of Hell' with red spinners,not yellow. Which is correct?
  7. That was the idea behind this build.To catch that image and atmosphere at that particular time.
  8. Yep,that's the photo that i used for reference. That's a marvelous photo series.It makes me wanna build another one with 2-blade propeller!
  9. Thanks for your comments and points. I know the story about that crowbar thing,but for some unknown reason i wanted to paint it red. Nevertheless it's an easy thing to fix it. About the elevators you're right.A little drop down would be perfect,but i wanted to build it straight OOB,and to concentrate more to paint,weathering and markings. Regards from Greece!
  10. Hello, the kit is Tamiya's new tool Spitfire,along with Eduard Big Sin set for cockpit,wheels and exhausts. Codes and serial number came from Xtradecal and painted the markings using vinyl masks from Pmask range. It is a Spitfire MkI K9907,flown by Squadron Leader "Des" Cooke,65 Squadron RAF Kirton In Lindsey May 1940.
  11. Well done! What are the colours you used?
  12. Thanks. I made the upper and the side parts of the canopy from clear plastic. Easy to make and add more realism.
  13. The kit is from Airfix and i adde the next aftermarket sets: -Eduard BigEd set -Vector resin engine -Quikboost position lights -Xtradecal decals -Neomega resin catapult It depicts an aircraft of 712 Naval Air Squadron,FAA,aboard HMS Southampton. Hope you like it
  14. Thanks for your comment. I used Eduard TFace mask for the exterior and interior painting. From the photos is difficult to see but i have painted and the interior canopy frames. I love all the bombers with such a big glasshouse!
  15. Hello to all. Here are some photos of my finished kit of Bristol Blenheim MkIF from Airfix in 1/48 scale. I used the following aftermarket sets: -Eduard sets for flaps,cockpit,wheel bay,etc -CMK resin wheels -SBS resin engines and cowlings (wondefull set!) I scratchbuilt many of the fuselage interior parts and the camera. I paint it with Xtracolor.I also paint the roundels and squadron codes,using mainly Montex masks. It depicts an aircraft of 248 Squadron in early 1940. RR
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