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  1. Hello to all! Does anybody know if the kit is available outside the UK? Can't find it in a EU mail order.
  2. Eduard Spitfire Vc in 1/48,painted with Greek AF markings,during late forties. This particular aircraft was built as Vb and converted to Vc. It came in Greece during 1946. The model was painted with Alclad and Xtracolor. I used custom made masks to paint the markings. Decals used only for serial numbers. Elevators are from Mark Ix Spitfire.
  3. I mainly use Tamiya X-4 or Xtracolor RAF Roundel Blue.
  4. Xtradecal announced a 4 part decal sheet,including a Greek Anson. Unfortunately they omitted the underwing roundels of it.
  5. Extras:Aires resin cockpit and wheel bays,Quikboost exhausts,CMK wheels,Squadron vacuform canopies,scratchbuild radar antennas, AML resin no-dihedral tail,painted codes,Xtradecal serial numbers.Painted with Xtracolor. RAF 89 Squadron,Abu Seir Egypt 1942.
  6. Hello to everyone! Are there any photos of Fairey Swordfish on floats before the start of WW2? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello to all. Can anyone identify the serial and codes for this aircraft?
  8. Hello to all. Can anyone identify the serial and codes for this aircraft?
  9. Many thanks to all for your comments! Glad you liked it.
  10. The drawings in the photos came from the old but reliable Camouflage and markings book series.
  11. Some more photos of the finished model.
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