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  1. Thanks for the update. Two unopened Airfix kits waiting on the shelf all ready to be hacked up! Atb, Steve.
  2. triumphfan

    Phantom FG1

    Majority of the FG.1 parts are on sprue J of the Hasegawa kit which is not in any of the 5 Revell kits I purchased recently (all current reissue) When I say majority I mean the difficult to alter parts, tail plane and nose leg. Pretty sure the non RWR fin top is in the Revell boxing though. Atb, Steve.
  3. It's a good little kit, as a lot of the Airfix 1/32 series were. But, that is simply the best model I have ever seen from the TR4 kit, well done. Atb, Steve.
  4. That is looking very nice and quick work too. I think, once you have experienced a few CA kits, you know what to expect and work through it quicker. I got a NF.14 conversion set for the Airfix kit recently, looking to start on that pretty soon. Looking forward to seeing the paint stages on your model. Atb, Steve.
  5. Lovely model Andrew, gorgeous details and painting. I recall reading somewhere that this finish was how the F-4J's came over to the UK. Later they were painted in Barley Grey, etc. Atb, Steve.
  6. Never heard of the Spears but the Javelin would be a welcome re-release .....
  7. Thanks for the paint colour info Bjorn. I'll go with the same as they look good to me too. Atb, Steve.
  8. Great looking Jaguar, well done. Love the details you have added, looks like just enough from the pics. I have one in the stash and also the Model Alliance 'Special Schemes' decal sheet. Can you tell me which Gunze paint numbers you used as I have become a bit confused with this. Atb, Steve.
  9. triumphfan

    Stash storage

    My house was built in the late 70's so does have the membrane but it is still very cold in Winter and hot in Summer. I keep most of my stash in the loft but the decals are kept in my modelling room (spare bedroom) in sealed plastic bags, stored flat in a folder. So far, there has been no evidence of any plastic or resin warpage. I would definitely not keep decals up there though. All my spraying/airbrushing is done in the loft as it's floor boards, wired for power sockets and fully lit. It's easier to spray up there in the winter and I have an electric heater to just take the tang off the cold temp, it's also handy for warming spray cans on! Atb, Steve.
  10. Oops, sadly not Jon. I ran out of wheel rim on the fifth hole. Still, I will be doing several more so practice will make perfect. (plus using a slightly smaller drill bit, lol) Atb, Steve.
  11. It has been mentioned that the front wheel is devoid of detail (spokes) Yes, it would have been nice if Airfix had done this but I've just drilled five holes in the rim with a micro drill and it looks much better now. Pretty easy fix for any modellers wishing to save a few quid going aftermarket. I think the main wheels are super, any differing opinions? Atb, Steve.
  12. If the brush emits air constantly then your air valve is stuck open. Single action means you will get air and paint as soon as you depress the trigger. Double action means you get air when the trigger is depressed but have to pull the trigger back to get paint (two actions) I would recommend polishing the needle with fine wet or dry paper as these cheap clones often are not finished to the high levels of machining that the premium manufacturers use. Also, when you get the brush working properly, try turning up the air pressure slightly and controlling the paint more carefully. This often helps prevent spatter. Atb, Steve.
  13. Thanks for posting this. I wasn't aware of the conversion until now. Going to give this serious consideration, from the pics on the listing it looks well within my capability. Just concerned about the casting quality. Atb, Steve.
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