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  1. triumphfan

    Porsche 993 GT2 "Naked"

    The Porsche looks great naked !! I think this was a great concept and well executed to boot, well done. Atb, Steve.
  2. triumphfan

    Honda S600

    Nice work, glad to see your bonnet issue was resolved easily. I wouldn't worry about Tamiya tyres melting the wheels. The only problem I have seen with Tamiya tyres has been on the older issue 1/12 racing car kits. With those the tyres seemed to shrink and disintegrate but I've not seen any melt styrene on the way to their demise as yet. Looking forward to seeing this come together. There are a lot of classic Japanese cars that I like and the little Honda's are amongst them. Atb, Steve.
  3. Very nice build Scott. I have heard there are a few 'challenging' steps with this kit, yours has turned out beautifully though. Looking forward to building the one in my stash later this year, will be Navy though. Atb, Steve.
  4. triumphfan

    Phantom XT864 public unveiling

    Wow, that is just beautiful. Atb, Steve.
  5. Looking good. Well done on scratching up the missing cockpit parts, great save. Pity these kits are so rare, I would love to get hold of another one to do as a Suez aircraft. Atb, Steve.
  6. triumphfan

    FIAT 806 - Test Flickr account.

    Hi Colin, although it looks to be OOB, there are quite a few changes. Wheels are laced with fishing line to give correct number of spokes at a more scale thickness, seat is made from balsa and filler, body louvres remade, ignition wiring replaced, steering wheel 'roped' with cotton thread, plus many other minor improvements. Atb, Steve.
  7. triumphfan

    Tamiya Porsche 959

    Looks lovely, especially the pic in natural sunlight. I usually glue and fill things like the rear spoiler to avoid the join lines. Paint coverage is not a problem (think about how overspray seems to find any weakness in your masking!) Try to get paint in the undercuts first. Look over the bodywork and apply paint to the difficult areas first, think about undercuts, arches, sills, etc. I'm not sure how experienced you are but, if you got this finish from a rattle can and polishing, you are not going far wrong Atb, Steve.
  8. Hopefully this should be an image of my recently completed Italeri FIAT. Nothing from me since Photobucket changed their T's&C's. If this works I can look forward to taking part again? IMG_20180408_213929200 by Steve Abbott, on Flickr
  9. triumphfan

    1/48 Kitty Hawk F2H-2 Banshee

    That is fabulous, well done. Love the figure too, really adds to the scene. Are the open panels and wingfold in the box? I do FAA mainly but could stretch to USN....... Atb, Steve.
  10. triumphfan

    airfix 1/48 ee lightning f.1 kit

    If you search the forum, there are quite a few Lightning builds. A lot of them cover questions similar to those you are asking. Plus, the pics are great eye candy too !! Atb, Steve.
  11. triumphfan

    Tamiya Lotus 78

    Looks very nice to me. Good build of a (now) very old kit. If you are looking to tone down the wet look appearance a bit, 2K clear is very hard wearing when fully cured and responds well to a wet sand with very fine wet or dry. (around 3200 grit) Polish back to gloss with T cut and wax polish to finish. This leaves a lovely shiny finish but tones down the 'super gloss' of 2 pack. I like your staining on the exhaust, you will soon be ready for that big Williams. Atb, Steve.
  12. triumphfan

    Sea Fury Cowling

    That looks nice. Is anyone doing anything about the awful spinner?
  13. I have displayed both my NF.21 and F.20 Sea Hornets (used two kits to build the F.20) at many shows. Both are Trumpeter kits built almost OOB. I did fill the flying surfaces flush though. Interesting to note that many people ask which kit I used and are still complementary after the awful truth is revealed. Atb, Steve.
  14. triumphfan

    Mini Cooper Mk.1, 1:24 Tamiya

    Nice job. Is this based on a real car? It looks to have mods commonly seen like the MG Metro rocker cover, etc. Engine bay work is really good. Atb, Steve.
  15. The facebook page actually states that the 2018 range is being launched on the 10th. No mention of any new tools, etc ?? I'll bet they are all existing kits with new schemes or re-releases.