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  1. I recently completed one of these kits. It builds ok, typical short run, the instructions should only be used for assembly guidance as there are horrific errors with the colour and decal directions. Worth looking carefully at refs before painting and decalling. Wholeheartedly agree with the comments about the finish on the review build. Atb, Steve.
  2. Absolutely stunning. Well done. Atb, Steve.
  3. Making great progress there Renek. It's a lovely car and, as you say, there is plenty of scope for modelling fun in the box I built one earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Like Jorgen, I chose to purchase the wired wheels from Fernando Pinto, not cheap but they do make a huge difference to the finished model. It is also a huge time saver. I laced the spokes on my Italeri FIAT 806 and it took me 3 weeks of modelling time. I would urge you not to use the screws to attach the bodywork to the chassis. This is done after paint in most modellers plans and the way the chassis has been designed makes it very likely that paint damage will occur. The body fits beautifully on the chassis. I just used a couple of dabs of epoxy. Enjoy it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your progress. Atb, Steve.
  4. The only reference material I had was a photo in a book loaned to me by a friend. I think all the pics I had seen at the time DXT appeared to be midnight blue. I have not read or heard about a colour change.
  5. Really enjoying this build, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more of the progress, it is very inspiring and informative. I am a big fan of the Moth and intend to build another Matchbox kit to represent the one I had a trial flight in at Duxford. (50th B'day present from my lovely wife) Incidentally, the model above, pictured at the Newark show, is mine. Hard to believe that was 12 years ago. She's still in the loft but the homemade decals have peeled off the wing and need replacing. Must get around to that one of these days. Atb, Steve.
  6. Great progress and logical thought process going on, loving this thread. One concern though, with all the lead in the nose cone, where are you going to put the scratchbuilt AN/APQ-94 Radar ? Atb, Steve.
  7. This depends on what you want from the model in the end. Joy of modelling and a delight to build? Accuracy? I have built both and enjoyed both the builds. I did use a resin replacement cowl on the Airfix kit but the fix is apparently quite easy. I have read that the Airfix offering has the edge over Trumpeter on accuracy. Side by side, I prefer the look of the Trumpy model as I like the rivet detail, it seems to catch the eye more than the Airfix version. Atb, Steve. PS I think the Airfix kit would be a lot cheaper too??
  8. Nigel, first of all, good choice of car and kit. There are literally thousands of colour combos you can choose from if you don't want to go with factory? Remember also, not all Coopers came out of the Longbridge factory with a contrasting roof. If you do go with this option, the masking can be tricky to paint the roof edge in body colour. Make sure you really burnish the tape down into the edge. Either that or use liquid mask carefully. Out of the box, the rear suspension set up brings the rear wheels very close to the sills. It isn't really a big problem and the wheels do fill the arches well. Could be worth sanding the rear edge of the swing arm slightly to allow a bit of rearward movement, It is difficult to do this with the wheels and hubs due to the design of the kit parts. We are only talking 1mm max here but it does stop the rear tyres rubbing on the sill finisher. The little round raised disc on the sill finisher was a rubber bung to fill the grease nipple access hole so paint it satin black. The only other thing I can think of is, the oil cooler in front of the engine is glued in before the body and chassis are put together, this whole area is tight so be prepared for the cooler to get knocked off, unless you are very careful. Great kit overall, even though it's a bit long in the tooth now. I'm sure you will have fun with it. That usually starts with picking the colour scheme. Atb, Steve.
  9. The seats, along with all other additions, were scratch. I don't think there is anything commercially available for the old gal? As mentioned in my post of 2012(iirc) the other club member which built the kit did a detailed wingfold. This looked awesome and I highly recommend the option, I think it would suit your skill-set. Atb, Steve.
  10. Following this build. I do like your build threads and built this model several years ago. Went down a similar route with open nose hatches, engine detail, etc. Be nice to see what you come up with. Really impressive work on the seats so far, well done. Atb, Steve.
  11. Very nice to see this completed Andi. It really has come together very well and would easily be mistaken for the real thing, the 'look' I know you were trying to achieve. Love the colour choice and, as usual, there is so much depth in the build, it's possible to spot gems every time you look. Particularly like the exhaust effects at the moment, probably because I am at that point in my current build Hopefully I will be able to see the Harley up close and personal before too long. All the best Andi bloke.
  12. Hi, yes it's a late MkIII in signal red. Just going into 16th year of ownership. She's more like a family member than a car now Atb, Steve.
  13. Superb build of an iconic car, really well done. The photography set up is perhaps the best I have ever seen. Atb, Steve. PS. Love your spitty too
  14. triumphfan

    Telford 2019

    Does anyone remember if any traders accept Euros? I have 30 Euros left over from a recent trip to Spain, more interested in paint and tools really. Cheers, Steve.
  15. If you are thinking of 1/48 or 1/72 I think there are already decent kits available so no surgery necessary. Atb, Steve.
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