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  1. As the only stipulation now is big and British, I'll add to the variation with a Dapol 9f Evening Star loco if I may Seems a good enough excuse to finally build it
  2. Another Ebay find at the right price to add to the F1 collection, just need to get round to building something now
  3. Go on then I've got plenty of F1 and rally cars to go at
  4. Put me down for this please I know I have kits in the loft that I brought when I lived at home with my parents and I left home and got married 30 years ago So there must be something
  5. Sounds like a plan to me, I've got some bikes and cars in the stash that would fit in nicely Add me to the list please Rich
  6. Just catching up with a few posts, must have missed this at the start of the WIP Absolutely stunning detail Pascal, I had to go back and check that it was 1/20th as I convinced myself I must have misread and it was 1/12th scale, this makes it even more impressive Ian
  7. No pics I'm afraid from my Christmas visit from Santa as Flickr just doesn't seem to want to play ball at the minute But SWMBO got me 3 kits (surprisingly, as apparently I already have enough according to her ) Anyway, I got the Tamiya Mustang GT4 (great for the upcoming STGB), Tamiya Toyota Corolla WRC in Castrol colours and a Tamiya Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec2 R34 she must have had a little help from our eldest as the choices are rather good I also got some of the excellent EBMA modular storage bits to try and keep my work area tidy So all in all a happy b
  8. Absolutely brilliant mate Love the sales patter as well, great stuff Ian
  9. Nice little touches there Ron that add more detail, excellent tips Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you Ian
  10. Hi You can get a Haynes manual for the MP4/4, I got mine from the Works for £6 a few months ago. There are plenty of photo refs online as well Ian
  11. Well that's my choice made for me then, Santa must have been reading my posts as he left me one of the Tamiya GT4 Mustangs under the tree His handwriting is very similar to the wife's as well, but I know it couldn't have been from her as she keeps telling me I have enough kits already
  12. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this one It's one of the gaps in my stash I need to fill (among others) but I have just got hold of a 102D at the right price Ian
  13. Another Ebay find at the right price to fill another one of the gaps in my F1 collection
  14. Was browsing the web the other day while watching the F1, and ended up on Ebay, as you do, looking at a couple of models I had been watching that had rocketed up to silly money as usual. Then I stumbled across this sat with 1 bid at a fiver. Yes it had been started, but from the pics it was complete and didn't look like a glue bomb that had been painted with a stick. So I put a bid on and got it for another 50p. It came today and the sub assemblies painted have been done well and with very little glue used to get things apart if needed. The decals look a little suspect, but Indycals do a set i
  15. Hi Ron Glad your back up and running so to speak, the attention to detail is amazing as usual Ian
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