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  1. This is one I need to add to my list, totally unique looming compared to the others
  2. Another late night Ebay trawl has proved successful again, slowly but surely getting the F1 collection together This was one of the cars that I remember vividly from the Turbo era. Either from winning or blowing up Been after one for ages, but mega high prices has always made me think twice, but this one at £35 buy it now was too good to be true
  3. Hi Not sure about the primer, but Vallejo do a white aluminium in their metal colour range that might be ok for the callipers
  4. Great stuff Ron Worth the effort Ian
  5. That's a really nice build, well done Love the paint job, the black really suits it Ian
  6. At the minute it looks like I'll be having a quiet year on the GB front as there's only a couple that float my boat plus the Matchbox one That's always assuming the couple I fancy get through the bunfight I might have to choose a model myself out of the stash without having to worry if it fits the criteria Ian
  7. I know what you mean about insurance quotes. In 1986 when I was 21 I was going to buy a Capri 3.0S from a mate at work, can't remember the price he wanted but the insurance quote for me then was £1200 which was nearly as much as I could have had the car for
  8. I must admit I was never a fan of the Ford Sierra My dad had a new 1.6 GL in the mid 80's with the 5 speed gearbox and aerodynamic claims of high fuel efficiency etc and I had a MK5 '82 Cortina crusader 2.0 with a 4 speed box driven by a snotty teenager with a heavy right foot that always did more to the gallon than my dads Sierra which was driven by him in his slow and steady manner The cortina with a 5 speed box and a bit of a facelift would have been a lot better car
  9. It just goes to prove that occasionally bargains are still to be had on Ebay Stumbled across this kit to add to the F1 collection at a good price anyway, and with a fiver off for Nectar points it was delivered to my door for under £30 All sealed in the bags and in as new condition
  10. When I got back into modelling a few years ago, this was the first car I built. Spotting a bargain on ebay I thought I'd get one to give it another bash now I have a few more skills that I have picked up I was going to strip and rebuild the one I first did, but this was too cheap to say no, anyway, you can't have too many Colin McCrae cars
  11. I've used Mr Color SLT with Tamiya LP paints with no issues
  12. Afternoon fellow modellers I have just bought an ultrasonic cleaner to give my airbrushes an overhaul as a lot of people recommend them. Couple of questions if I may 1, Do you totally strip the brush down or just remove needle and nozzle etc? 2, What's the best fluid to use? I'm sure I read somewhere that premixed car screen wash was a good choice, but I don't know where I read this, or even if I did read it Many thanks Ian
  13. I'll have to check, but I'm pretty sure the driveshafts aren't in the brake set, but for a few quid more they should have been in the engine set I agree
  14. The air funnels were an earlier set so they are all ready available Driveshafts are new though
  15. Nice save Ron I agree with the other comments though, I've decalled, glossed and polished before and thought, "Wow, I'm a great painter, best ever" kind of reactions, then I've took pics for the gallery etc and thought "I need to go to specsavers" as the photos show every little flaw in greater detail Amazing how the clear coat will smooth out the slight orange peel though
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