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  1. Bit of Ferrari theme here, but a couple more gaps in the F1 stash filled
  2. Little bit more progress Hopefully paint at the weekend
  3. Some more sub assemblies built and primed ready for some painting over the weekend hopefully Then it'll be my attempt at the wooden floor Starting to come together nicely now
  4. Wow You have been a busy boy haven't you Ron The amount of detail is absolutely superb as usual, I think the painting and weathering of the engine is excellent Ian
  5. Hi Deano I've used the tamiya polishing compound on vehicle bodies before without water. Just be careful on curves etc that you don't get carried away and break through to the primer Ian
  6. Looking good, I've got one of these on the shelf for some point In the past I've had success in removing paint with brake fluid, don't leave it in too long though as I found out when I left a manta bodyshell in over the weekend as I forgot My go to now is 99% IPA, fetches all the paints off that I have found up to yet and doesn't soften the plastic I know the camera/displays etc can be misleading, but that green looks a bit light from my monitor, maybe it's different in the flesh so to speak Will follow along with you on this one Ian
  7. That's lucky then as I've ordered some 0.2mm Basswood off Amazon, should be here tomorrow Thanks for all the suggestions and replies gents, much appreciated Ian
  8. Looking at that pic has reminded me that I need to sort something out for the rocker cover breather cap that disapeared across the room and got eaten by the carpet monster while I was cutting it off the sprue Ian
  9. Hi Mike @bootneck This is what I did with the leads, it's probably not 100% accurate, but it was close enough for me to be happy I've used Tamiya 0.65mm black cable, just needs a little touching up with black to cover the superglue that has dried a white colour The one to the coil, I couldn't get behind where I wanted it, so it went underneath Ian
  10. Cheers Mike I'll try and take a pic later Ian
  11. Frame extensions and wheels now painted and added, starting to come along nicely. The wheels are Tamiya LP Italian red, seems a decent match for the BRS scheme I'm going for, (British Road Services befoe I confuse anyone) I've also added a set of leads to the engine for a bit of detailing.
  12. Cheers BK I was going to go home via Hobbycraft and see what they had got, I've also seen it on Amazon down to 0.2mm I need a quick measure of what I need Ian
  13. Hi @F1Fan Glad you've finally made the first step from lurking to posting It's nice to have lorry in the WIP, especially one that has sentimental value as well I prefer the older lorries as they seem to have a charm about them, not like todays huge things Any chance of some pictures please Ian
  14. Thanks BK TBH I'd thought of real wood, but dismissed it as being too thick, I need to find some balsa then
  15. Question for all the lorry builders out there. As you may be aware I'm building the Bedford dropside for the big and British GB. I'm after advice on how to make the deck look like wood, dashboards I can do with the correct shade of brown and clear orange over the top to give a nice polished veneer effect, but how do I go about replicating planking? Any tips gladly received Ian
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