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  1. Hi Pat I've got the black one with the Haribo decals on the bench at the minute. I fancied something different to the box decals. All I have done to date is glue and prep the body ready for primer Might plod on tomorrow before the F1
  2. I really like the look of that, well done I'd love to build one as my grandfathers were both miners and one of my great grandfathers was as well, but 1/35th is the wrong scale for me, lets hope for one in 1/24th The scheme whether ficticious or not, suits it down to the ground. There must have been a multitude of coal merchants around the period all working from collieries and coal yards at railway stations
  3. Looking good Spiny Must admit I hate the roll cage fitting myself, never had one that fitted perfectly yet and that I haven't had to manipulate to get something else to fit Looking forward to the end result
  4. Great work and detailing as usual Paul The tape on the seats is a great idea that I'll be using in the future no doubt, is it just medical tape? I thought you'd been quiet lately as there was no progress reports Been the same myself, busy at work and no time for important stuff Finally beat the 442 into submission and I'm in the process of choosing the next project which needs to be a mojo builder and doesn't fight back too much Ian
  5. Thanks Spiny It does look good with 20/20 vision (driving past at 20MPH at 20 yards) TBH it doesn't look too bad, but started with a lot more promise then petered out as it went along I'm not overly impressed with AMT to be honest, but apparently some are better than others tooling wise It's going on the shelf and I may revisit at some point in the future for the chrome, but I just want to choose and get on with a mojo booster at the minute
  6. I like that a lot, you've done a great job and the colour suits it well Looks like the glass was a nightmare to fit though as the glass curves don't quite fit the body curves, seems the norm for American car kits, but you fought them and got them sorted Ian
  7. Well, I'm calling this one done as far as I'm concerned I know modelling is a challenge some times and we are all used to the Tamiya location points etc. but during the final assembly of this it nearly got launched through the open french doors a couple of times The front screen was a challenge as it was just about the same size as the hole, which ended up with CA on the glass The body sat too far forward and too low on the chassis which meant cutting away a lot of the bulkhead and making up the height with blutac and gluing little bits at a time until it was attached/ Then putting in the headlights, one of the lenses snapped in half I'm not putting anymore effort into the chrome strips around the bodyline and doors as I'll probably cock that up as well Just a quick piccy then I'll dust and polish it and take some pics outside
  8. Great looking model Had a test ride on one years ago and although it did everything really well, I found it was lacking a bit of character and went down the Kawasaki route with a ZRX1200r (tried the ZZR1400 but decided I'd lose my licence fairly rapidly) The ZRX keeps reminding you of the speed limit with the little bikini fairings lack of wind protection Ian
  9. Nor me Never seen one of those before, look forward to seeing it built
  10. A productive weekend in the rally stash after a socially distanced meet up with @Anteater who kindly let me have the mini at the right price Then on fathers day my son got me a bottle of wine and a Lego quattro S1 to go on display next to the beemax one I already have. I know it's not a scale model kit, but it looks like great fun and no doubt will bring back many happy memories of both group B and lego
  11. Well that's been a challenging couple of hours Got the decals on the body, easy. Got the rear window in, easy. Front screen was a different matter, no real land to fit it, gaps in places then it slipped and ended up with CA on it Finally got it in place and filled gaps with PVA and is now drying, managed to polish out most of it, but it still shows, will try again tomorrow, but wine for now to calm down If the 2 screens hadn't been on the same sprue I'd have said they were from different kits.........thought this hobby was supposed to be relaxing
  12. Aah, I read it as it was going to be wiped before the 15th, but had a look and found all the old posts still there and wasn't sure what was still current Thanks for clearing it up Mike
  13. I thought the slate was going to be wiped clean and started from scratch, but there are still a lot of old posts showing
  14. Hi mate All's ok thanks, it's just being back at work I need weekends to catch up with other stuff as well as modelling Will be ok when I get used to having a normal routine again
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