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  1. I've got the Airfix III sat next to it in the stash as well Love the Meteor, it must have looked so futuristic in it's day after all the Spitfires and Hurricanes etc. Ian
  2. Nearly start time just the Lightning to finish in the trainers GB Looking forward to this one, haven't built in 72nd for a long time as 48th seems kinder on the old eyes Going to make a start with a Grumman A6A intruder, then if time permits there's a Frog boxed Meteor IV and Novo boxed Hunter and Lightning in the stash, but no promises Ian
  3. Great stuff, very nice work I'm near to finishing a Sword T5 in 48th scale and learning about painting NMF as I go along, I agree that the Sword kits being short run are lacking in location points for a lot of things and you need patience Think there's something that makes the T birds look right though Ian
  4. The voting must be using the same voting system as Brexit rules, 17 members have voted and 24 votes have been cast
  5. I'm finding some topics that I'm giving up on unread, as they never seem to load for me no matter how long you seem to wait or go back to, I thought it was just me, but apparently not On long running posts I can go back to the old content straight away, but the new content in the same posts you either get flashing grey boxes, the lines where pictures should be or occasionally grey boxes with an X in the top left corner that won't download at all I've had the same issue on my laptop, phone and works PC so browser shouldn't be an issue as they are all different in fact the whole site seems slower to me in general It's quite nostalgic at times, just like the old dial up days of internet Ian
  6. I've had it as well All the older images on the posts load up fine, but the newer images from the last week or so just seem to flash for ages before loading, never had the issue with the old server, they always loaded up straight away Ian
  7. Redstaff

    RIP Niki Lauda

    Just heard it on the radio, a true legend of the motor sport world lost, Rest In Peace Niki, thanks for the memories
  8. Let's have a little comparison of how we speak where we live. These are partly based on a linguistic study undertaken in the US, but with a few of my own additions. 1. What do you call the small arthropod that lives in wet conditions, often under decaying leaves or rocks that rolls up into a little ball when startled? Wood louse 2. What do you call the small freshwater crustacean that resembles a small lobster? Crayfish 3. What term do you use to describe the weather phenomenon where rain falls while the sun is simultaneously shining? Shower 4. What do you call a public water dispensing device you can take a cool drink from? Water fountain 5. What do you call the person who cuts your hair?  Barber 6. Does the kinship term for your mother's sister sound the same as the word ant? No, pronounced same as can't 7. What do you call a knit closely fitting winter hat? Benny hat (As in Benny from Crossroads, a TV soap in the '70s who used to wear such a hat) 8. What term do you use for shoes used in athletic activity like running or basketball? Trainers 9. What term do you use for a long narrow sandwich? Torpedo with bacon etc, sub with salad stuff Settee for couch Koo pon and cup ola (as in cup of tea) Raised in the Black country in England, and no I'm not a Brummie Ian
  9. Me too, all I get is what is copied and pasted below Ian Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forums/index.php on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  10. I've misted over the dark aluminium bits with aluminium (the main airframe colour) and it seems to have toned it down nicely I'll try and post some pics tomorrow as it was too late tonight by the time i finished. Hope to try and break the back of it over the weekend and get ready for the Frog gb Ian
  11. Must admit I'm struggling to load emojis and pictures since the change over, some load ok some just hang up and have a flickering grey box, it's just a lottery I'm on windows 10 with Google chrome Ian
  12. Knowing my luck, I'd buy one just before the Chinese buy the moulds and flood the market selling them all for a tenner
  13. Well I masked a few bits off and tried a few different tones, the nose ring in Chrome looks ok, the panels by the exhausts in duraluminium look ok, but the spine and leading edge of the tail plane in dark aluminium looks too dark I think maybe mist a bit of aluminium over to knock it back a bit, or will a wash and decals tone it down a bit? Need to mull it over a while, need to touch up the white a touch as well
  14. Redstaff


    Sometimes it's a fair bit longer with me and it's for each emoji as well, you can't just click it twice like you used to and get 2, you have to wait each time for the grey boxes to disappear Ian
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