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  1. Hi Dennis Now you've expanded to wheely things as well, I've got an Airfix 1/12 1930s 4 1/2 litre Bentley in the stash if you'll have me Ian
  2. Bit more progress tonight filling and smoothing joins and getting things ready for the primer stage over the next couple of days so I can get body colour on and hardening while I plod on with the chassis and engine bits
  3. On the subject of aftermarket and kit decals, in my experience, pick one and stick to it. When I did my 97T a few months ago I had to use some kit decals and some aftermarket (Indycals) due to circumstances and as you can see from the picture they both dried a different shade of gold to each other after the clearcoat was applied. They looked exactly the same colour on the sheets before the clearcoat was applied. It's not really that different, but from certain angles it really shows like on the top and sides of the front wing. Once the model is built I think either will look ok, but just a heads up to sticking to one sheet Ian
  4. Managed to get some of the main assemblies put together ready for filling and painting. Doesn't look much progress, but swmbo has managed to find me stuff to do after work every day up to yet. Intakes for the side pods are added as well but after I took photo and the join lines have been filled awaiting sanding. Every little step is a step forwards though
  5. Wow I can't believe it, all those choices and nothing I fancy Looks like I might be having a quiet year GB wise, unless something else makes it through Ian
  6. Looking good I've got some of the 2 part paint for the F60 I'm building, was dreading trying it, but it does look good and you've given me a bit of confidence now Ian
  7. I think it was one of the first car plastic kits I ever made all those years ago, so it's going to be a nostalgia build for me as well, hopefully it'll come out better this time as I've got (a little) more patience Ian
  8. Go on then @Col., you know I've got a load of F1 cars with V configured engines in the back waiting patiently to be built, Ian
  9. Looking at my Ferrari F60 F1 build for this GB I have realised that there is going to be a lot of time waiting for paint and decals to dry, so I thought I'd add another build in to keep me occupied. I've chosen an iconic rally car as I don't think even I can get parts mixed up between these 2, but let's see as they're both red Had the kit for a while now off @Anteater and I'm finally going to get round to making a start So this is my place marker for the 1967 Monte Carlo winning Mini Cooper S Busy weekend ahead playing trains at the GCR, but hope to make a start on both builds Monday
  10. I'm hoping to get to this one as it's only 20 mins down the road Ian
  11. Hi Pretty sure that you can ride up to a 125cc up to 11kw (used to be 13bhp I think) but only provisionally on L plates for 2 years or until you pass your test, but you have to take a CBT first (Compulsory Basic Training) before you can ride anything on the road even though you have a full car licence. www.gov.uk/motorcycle-cbt Best bet is get in touch with a local bike training outfit and have a chat Ian
  12. Here's a few of my previous builds to get started. Can't wait til after the weekend when I get some free time to make a start
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