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  1. Hi Keith I got mine from MJR off the Facebook group model kits for less, pre ordered it a couple of months ago and they got them end of last week Looks a cracking kit Ian
  2. Just got the Peugeot 306 Maxi rally car delivered with the detail set Glad SWMBO was out when the courier arrived with it, it saves explaining why I needed another model kit to sit on the shelf in a box for months/years
  3. Great news that it's going ahead, plenty of time to get something to build now I'm leaning towards the Tamiya GT4 as it should sit nicely alongside the AMG GT3 Merc I have on the go Just need to see if there is anything different to the grey box artwork as I think grey cars just look like they have glossed over the primer Ian
  4. Bloody hell Ron, I've been rewiring the kitchen over the last week ready for the new one to go in and I've not been on the site much and I come back to this news I'm gutted for you that you didn't get to finish it as I've really enjoyed the build and have learnt a lot of useful tips, I hope you get something sorted soon and show us some more Ian
  5. Absolutely stunning Ron I hadn't seen any updates for a week or so as real life got in the way, the work on the suspension parts and tthe scratchbuilding of the bits is unreal, well done Ian
  6. Stunning execution of the half and half, well done
  7. Ok, must admit I've built plenty of aircraft and still have a load in the stash, but I've lost interest in them at present, but have never built or fancied AFVs for some reason, must have a follow of your build and see what it's all about Ian
  8. Very nice Andy mate Hope you're not away from cars for long as I enjoy your builds I'm intrigued to what is next, planes, AFVs, Sci-Fi? Ian
  9. It would be good to get any car subject in the group build section, count me in I haven't got a mustang kit, but I'm sure I can find one easily enough when the time is right Ian
  10. Thanks Ron I have got a set of those and they are so much easier than the micro jobber type drills and a pin vice that I used to use Cheers Ian
  11. Thanks Ron You're a mine of information Cheers Ian
  12. If it's 1/72 aircraft then count me out please I shall still watch with interest though Good luck Ian
  13. Thanks Ron I'll have a browse through when I get a minute Ian
  14. Thanks, never thought of sharpies to be honest, might be easier than masking on the little ones
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