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  1. Got the rest of the decals on today and did a bit of sub assembly work, ie the cockpit, wheels and grill. Decals have followed curves quite well, but I think there will be a little re-touching once they are dry, especially on the bears on the doors, but hopefully not too much I'm loving this kit and can recommend it as one of Tamiyas finest, Nigel ( @wimbledon99 ) stop hovering and buy one you know you want to ......... I will get another at some point as there are so many decal options available Will leave it now till the weekend to clear coat Ian
  2. Had an hour spare tonight, so I thought I'd start laying the decals down so I can clear coat and leave to dry. I must admit I'm impressed with the SK decals Hopefully I can get a bit more done tomorrow
  3. Hi @wimbledon99 They're from ebma https://www.ebmahobby.co.uk/ Cheers Ian
  4. For this build I thought I'd try the MRP high gloss black that I got a while ago, someone said it was good. I painted it yesterday, but having never used it before, I must have put it on a bit heavy as the primer had crazed in a couple of places, anyway, this morning I wetsanded back to smooth out the imperfections and gave it light coats this afternoon. It seems to have worked, but you need a lot of light coats to cover it fully as it seems very watery. I wouldn't call it high gloss though, more of a satin finish, but I'm going to 2K it anyway and it looks smooth enough to lay the decals
  5. Finally finished my GB for another site and managed to get a bit of bench time today to make a start for this GB Snipped a lot of stuff from the sprues, dressed and got into primer coat ready, then I ran out of space for drying, so I decided a beer in the back garden was needed Might get some more done tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be typical Bank holiday issue, ie rain followed by more rain
  6. Hi Pat @JOCKNEY I may well join in with this one as I'm sure I've got a couple of old Matchbox kits in the loft. I think Lightnings F6 and T55 for sure and maybe more, keep meaning to have a sort out but always find something better to do I've gone off building wingy things at the minute, but I love the nostalgia builds, so I'll be up for a quick OOB build to join in as the banter and reminisces from all those years ago is great fun, so add me to the list please Cheers Ian
  7. Very nice Ron I like that a lot The meshes really set it off nicely Ian
  8. Right I'll throw my hat in the ring with this one then It was a charity shop find for £9-50, but gave the the tenner because that's the kind of high roller I am I've only ever built 1 bike before and it didn't go well, so this could be entertaining
  9. I've finally decided that this GB is the time to complete this one. All I have done is added the bumpers and scoops and glued the spoiler together. I've spoken to @Brad and he's happy that this falls well under the 25% rule, I thought I'd primed it at first glance, but it's grey plastic I didn't want the box top scheme, so it's going to be one of the Haribo sponsored ones
  10. Thanks for the reminder I'm still going for the charity shop 1/12 Tamiya Suzuki Katana that I picked up for £9.50 I'm doing a car in the unarmed gb as well, so building a bike and car at the same time I shouldn't get the parts mixed up Ian
  11. Not sure what I'm going to build at the minute, but it will either be a rally car or an F1 Just finishing off a GB for another group then I'll pick the next victim and make a post Ian
  12. Looking good Ron That cockpit detailing is superb and you've made a great recovery with the steering column Every time I manage to get time to browse there is so much progress made and tips to learn from Ian
  13. Just an update of what arrived in the post the last month or so I'm nearly finishing my first kit of the year, so the ratio is a bit one sided at the minute
  14. That is a stunning model CC, I think it is still one of the best looking Mercedes ever built and you have done a great representation of it Well done for sticking with the PE wiper blades, I have tried a couple of times, given up and used the kit ones, you must have a lot more patience and nimble fingers than I have Looking forward to seeing the other one next to it in another 9 months or hopefully a bit quicker Ian
  15. Thanks, that's a great tip, I'll try that next time As the paint hadn't hardened fully I managed to get it with Tamiya x20 acrylic thinners, cocktail sticks and cotton buds
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