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  1. In the past I've found if you wet some kitchen roll and lay that on the surface it stops the water from evaporating and keeps the decal wet Ian
  2. Hi @klr That's great thank you Hopefully there will be a price tag on it still when I get in the loft and that will confirm it I know the smaller Airfix kits were around 4 to 5 GBP then, so the Stirling would have been 9 ish in my reckoning Ian
  3. That's sorted it Nice pics and nice detail work, looking good Ian
  4. Would I I know I've got various small 1/72 stuff that's eligible definitely, but I know I got an Airfix Short Stirling in the early '90s and I'm hoping that still has a tag on it as I reckon that would have been around a tenner way back then Not eligible for this GB but I know I've got a 1/48 Tamiya Lanc from the mid '80s with a tag on of £17 odd Ian
  5. I will follow along with this I have built a few F1 cars over the years, but always Tamiya or Fujimi as they are 1/20th not the Revell 1/24th scale I have built Revell aircraft and I don't know if it's just me, but they always seem to fight you every step of the way with bad tool design where seams and ejector pins are most visible and hard to work. Looks like the cars are no different, will they ever learn, and don't start me on the end opening boxes........... Looks like you're winning the fight though Ian
  6. Was that the one by the Ramada? That was a great toy / model shop, we had one in Tamworth as well, always popped in when down town and always came out with a bargain Hope my kits in the loft still have price tags on Ian
  7. Thanks for clarifying wez at least I know now. It will get built at some point TBH this is the only Heller kit I have and I got this on a whim to go alongside the Tamiya 205 rally turbo 16, nothing else ever took my fancy in their range In fact I don't think I've ever made a Heller kit as they were never that obtainable in the UK when I was younger. Airfix and Matchbox were my fall back kits until I could afford the Tamiya, Hasegawa offerings Ian
  8. Quick progress report Major parts glued together, superb fit of parts as I think it should be a snap together kit All in primer now, so more pics tomorrow hopefully once it's all dry Quick pic of main assembly with pilot testing for size
  9. What a cracking idea Put me down for a spot please I must have something somewhere in the stash from years ago Ian
  10. All these yolks coming out of the woodwork are quite eggstruciating, however the yolk will be on them when I finish it Hope it turns out ok, otherwise I'll end up with egg on my face if I don't crack on when I get home Ian
  11. As I've finished "Missouri Armada" with a bit of time to spare before the Lancaster STGB I thought of killing the time with the egg plane I bought on a whim a few years ago Should be a nice quick build and a bit of fun at the end If I don't do it now it will probably sit there untouched for more years Ian
  12. I've finished with time to spare for a change, most unusual I've even tried my hand at a few weathering techniques, not brilliant but I'm learning a bit more every time. The invasion stripes are wrong, some of the decals have wrinkled (probably too heavy with the first clearcoat) and the kill markings are out of register, but it's not the end of the world. I'll take some better pics with better lighting once "Dennis" has blown itself out and put I'll them in the gallery Enjoyable GB as usual, thanks to all concerned for the organising and advice Ian
  13. Think there's a lot of us that fall into that category Keith Ian
  14. Already got one thanks, the wife went to town so I got her to pick me one up
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