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  1. Just sticking my head in to say there has been no progress lately due to holiday, work, nice weather and a total lack of modelling mojo to be honest ☚ī¸ Every time I go in the back bedroom and see it on the bench, I just look and can't be a**ed to do anything to it Hopefully I'll get it finished before the end as there isn't much more to do, but I need that initial burst of enthusiasm to kick start me off again, my modelling always tails off a bit in the summer as it gets too hot in the back bedroom and there always seems to be other jobs and things to do while the sun is shining Ian
  2. Hi I can't see why that wouldn't work, I usually use Tamiya fine white primer then 2K or MrHobby GX112 on top rather than painting it white again. This is Tamiya primer and Zero 2K
  3. Very nice I have now gathered together all of the bits to do one of these Escorts as the Roger Clark car in the Cossack scheme Must admit that it's a kit that I know is going to take a while and give plenty of grief along the way, but you've shown that a good result can be had Ian
  4. Now you're talking with the Stratos, one of my fave rally cars along with the quattros Absolutely gorgeous car, I've built a couple in the past. Just a quick heads up though, if you haven't got the kit yet, get hold of one of the Hasegawa kits as they're far superior in fit and detail than the Italeri ones, I've built both The Italeri one is very very basic Ian
  5. I'm liking the look of this I think cars of this era were so nice looking, and all different looking Much more so than all the F1 cars today that basically look the same with a different coat of paint I wish some mainstream manufacturer would do some in 1/20th to go with the Tamiya / Fujimi cars to show the evolution of the F1 car, but there's probably not enough interest to make them viable unfortunately 😒 Will follow along with this, you've got a lot of flash to remove though, better have a nice new set of needle files to hand Ian
  6. After the heavy reading lately, I started something a bit more lighthearted while we were away last week "Shunt" The story of James Hunt, by Tom Rubython, who also wrote the excellent "Fatal Weekend" and "The life of Senna" books Very good up to yet, just got to the part where he meets Lord Hesketh Ian
  7. Nice job I've often thought about getting one of these, but always been put off by people saying it's a pig of a kit to build, but you've nailed it, especially the lighting Ian
  8. Really nice build Rich Nice job on the weathering as well, really looks the part Well done Ian
  9. Nice kit I've built a couple of these over the years, plus some other Tamiya Scoobies Kit goes together really well, but some of the yellow swoosh decals are challenging, plenty of microsol/set, patience and a hairdrier is the way to go Ian
  10. Hi @CliffB Thanks, it's quite a nice kit, but overly detailed in places in this scale for me tbh. Some things are that fine that they're hard to get off the sprue and clean the flash off without destroying them. Dont get me wrong, i am enjoying it, but im used to working 1/24, 1/20 and 1/12, so I'm finding it awkward with my sausage fingers. But some people may find it easier. It is turning into a nice end result though Ian 😀
  11. Quick progress pic as promised. Bodywork assembled and in primer, floorboards done (under masking tape) seat and setback done in leather look. Mudguards in black primer and radiator fitted, just need to paint filler cap. Ian 😀
  12. Cheers Col I have got the radiator painted and mounted now and the cab and body made and in primer ready for top coat, but it's too warm at the minute in the back bedroom (mancave) I'll try and take a few pics and put them up Ian
  13. It does look like surface contamination to me as well Give the parts a wash in soapy water and a little rub over with some fine wet and dry and try again Ian
  14. After finishing "The End of Glory: War & Peace in HMS Hood 1916-1941" by Bruce Taylor (an excellent book into Life and ultimately death on the Hood, by the way) I've started to re-read "The Quintinshill conspiracy" by Jack Richards and Adrian Searle, about Britain's worst rail disaster in 1915 near Gretna Green I read it when it first came out, but was tidying up in the back bedroom and picked it up and started reading (seemed like a better plan than tidying anyway) Ian
  15. Only a little bit of progress last night, managed to get the radiator done and the bulkhead to the cab floor The detail on the radiator is another bit of miniart overkill, there are 16 pieces to get to this stage and another 2 still to be fitted to mount it Even the little wingnut on the radiator filler cap is a separate piece 😮 The bulkhead/floor is only 4 pieces however which includes the 2 bits of PE for the lamp mounts 😅
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