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  1. Finally got round to getting one of these as I've seen the great reviews of the kit. Made even better as it was a bargain from MJR Plenty of aftermarket decal options as well to choose if you don't fancy the silver
  2. Hear hear Dave Do we really need to have a poll as choosing one winner out of all of the great entries would be an impossible task As you have stated, they are all winners, as fighting these 40+ odd year old kits into a state where you let others view them is a feat in itself It's been a great GB and I've enjoyed the banter as we've gone along, it's a shame from my side that time ended up being the limiting factor and I struggled to get one kit finished in the end Big thanks to @Rabbit Leader and @JOCKNEY for herding us along and keeping order
  3. Hi BS I'll see what I can do next weekend when I'm next over the railway This site may give you some of the answers and pictures as well to be going on with as a lot of tenders were interchangeable Halls usually ran with the Collett 3500 or 4000 gallon ones, but a lot of features were the same http://www.gwr.org.uk/no-tenders.html Ian
  4. Hi Steve I'll see what I can do next time I'm over and take a few pics for you The tender on ours is a Hawksworth straight sided one rather than the flared top Collett one that Olton hall has, but I'll see what I can do Ian
  5. Nice to see a steam engine being built especially by a younger member and I'm following with interest and advice if I can The halls were a great class of locomotives and always looked the part My interest in them is in a different scale though, 12" to the foot scale, as I'm a volunteer at a preserved railway and am part of an owning/restoration group responsible for restoring and maintaining 3 locos and steam driver I've had the good fortune to drive 2 halls during my time and think of the old, if it looks right it is right adage, and they do look right The only thing is your plans say it is a 4-6-6 where it is classified as a 4-6-0 as the tender wheels aren't counted Good luck and looking forward to seeing more progress Any questions I can hopefully help with as we have an operational hall on strength at present and another on test after restoration
  6. Grumman A-6A Intruder 149479 VA-42 Virginia circa 1964 Once upon a time in an age long ago I started this build Anyway, it's finally finished. It wasn't the best kit and the fit was awful in places, but it's a 40 year old kit. Not my best model ever but I'm happy enough to show the rest of you. Also it was the only one being built in this GB so I couldn't give up and leave a gap could I Although I had fun along the way at times building it, i now realise why I haven't built in 72nd for a long while as everything is small and fiddly and I've got old Painted with modelair ,and the decals apart from the kits stars and bars were kindly given to me by @FIGHTS ON thank you
  7. Will do Pat It was a bit dark and dull yesterday to get some half decent pics, will try later and get some in the gallery Ian
  8. Thanks for the comments The canopy was a complete pain and I couldn't hide it, so I thought, it is what it is for a 40 odd year old kit Love the shape of the Intruder though, might make a 48th scale one at some point @PeterB who's Bob, by the way? Ian
  9. Finally I can put this one to bed and call it finished. The decals pulled down and got rid of the wrinkles eventually, but I decided against putting a clear coat on as I didn't know how they would react. The eagle eyed will think they can see blutac under the front wheels and think that I've forgotten to put nose weight in, but I couldn't possibly own up to that Not my best model, but it's another to add to the GB tally Hopefully more free time will be delivered soon as I've had it on order for ages, then I can get some modelling done
  10. Update as promised Decals now on,waiting for the setting solution to pull them down. Pity the kit ones I had to use are yellowed, but big thanks to @FIGHTS ON who baled me out with the other markings, but the stars are the kit ones. Just a number 2 to put on the tail fin when the green paint that I forgot to paint has dried Just got to fix on the easily snapped off bits (undercarriage, aerials etc) on Monday as I'm out all weekend playing trains, then I think I can call it done
  11. Hi Pat No I haven't finished yet, but I've got tomorrow and Monday off work as I've got some floating days to use up, so watch this space I have done a little bit more, but not worth an update Just decals, fit undercarriage and canopy left to do from what I remember Ian
  12. Seeing as they were on offer on Ebay from a dealer at £11.92 each including P&P it would have been rude of me not to get a couple, I think I'll build one in white as with kit decals and get some Total decals and do a silver one at some point
  13. At the end of the day it's your choice and you know your time constraints Pat. I'd love to see the Reznan built, but if it's going to be too much work go with the avenger Either one is another towards the end count Made in Japan GB sounds interesting though Ian
  14. That's a bonus I was going to be rushing to finish by next week, but now I've got a bit more time to waste before I need to rush
  15. Managed to get some top coats on yesterday, so another step forward Just need to paint the bombs and detailing then decals Grey looks a bit dark in pics, but not that bad in real life so I'm not worrying
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