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  1. Mike, If you put Fordson Sussex into google you will get some other variants of British right hand drive vehicles. Don
  2. Don, I am wondering if you mean that the army had the Austin Champs replacing the Jeep. Didn’t the RAF replace the jeep with the series 1 Land Rover?
  3. There were numerous oxygen tanks on Boston aircraft under seats and 2 in the rear fuselage. Undercarriage oleo need compressed gas so that is an option compressed air and accumulators in hydraulic systems to damp out initial pressure. What I can’t say for certain is if they would be using compressed nitrogen at that time because it is not flammable. Hope this helps.
  4. If you have a look on the web site http://www.usafpolice.org/base-patrol-vehicles.htmlyou will find a Sherpa pickup in the picture named 78 Plymouth Volare' RAF Welford, UK These were purchased for use USAF wide..part of the Chrysler bailout in '77 I have been told that they also used Marina pickups but I have no evidence.
  5. Phil, Is this the vehicle you are meaning? Have a look at these links it is rescuing a Gladiator. http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=4991&page=4 http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/commonwealth_walter.htm If you put N5821a in google search and there is another picture. Regards, Don
  6. I don't think the vehicle in the picture is a Matador it looks more like a Crossley. I unfortunately have no idea what a Brownhall prime mover is, could it be a RAF slang for a Russian vehicle that no one could pronounce, so called a 'Brownhaul'? Hopefully the answer is out there some where!
  7. Tony, This looks like the right place to ask the question, the horizontal tank is the Bedford's engine fuel. If you are meaning a round vertically mounted tank that is a filter there should be two. The three booms would all be for fuel it is unlikely they would mix it just in case a mechanic put the wrong fluid in the wrong place. But as always he could be looking at something completely different than I am referring too. If you look at the Accurate Armour K48003 that shows the fuel tank behind the cab and K48007 shows the filters and the fuel tank has moved, hope this helps. Don
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